WATCH: Donald Trump just destroyed Nancy Pelosi with these three words

Nancy Pelosi is sparring with Donald Trump.

But she’s no match for the President.

And Trump just destroyed Pelosi with these three lines.

“She’s a mess.”

“She’s lost it.”

“Crazy Nancy.”

Those were just a few of the ways President Trump responded to Nancy Pelosi’s claim that President Trump’s family needed to stage an “intervention.”


RealClearPolitics provides the transcript:

“I saw her read it perfectly, just the way she said it. Sort of a nasty type statement. But I will say this: She said I walked into the room next door yesterday and walked in and started screaming and yelling. Just the opposite, just the opposite. Because I know that they will always say that, it happened once before. I walked out, I was so calm. You saw me minutes later at the news conference, I was extremely calm. I was probably even more so in that room. So I walked into the cabinet room, and you had the group. Cryin’ Chuck, Crazy Nancy.”

“I have been watching her for a long period of time,” he said about Pelosi. “She’s not the same person. She’s lost it… I think she’s got a lot of problems.”

“The whole Democrat party is very messed up,” Trump also said. “They have not recovered from the great election of 2016… Nancy Pelosi was not happy about it and she is a mess.”

But far from the claims of hysterics spread by Democrats, White House staff insist President Trump was perfectly calm during the meeting.

Kellyanne Conway says that Pelosi’s claim was “just a lie.”

What are your thoughts? Has Nancy Pelosi lost it?

Let us know in the comments below.



  1. Those outside the US only get CNN. They and the liberal media show Trump with the worst expression on his race they can find to give the impression that he is what he is not. Other countries have been fed this. What else do you think they will think with such a portrayal of our president. The media in this way have tried to fool the US citizens also, and have been successful with the gullible. Wake up and watch if you have not caught on to what is happening.Maybe your eyes have not been glued shut to the point you cannot open them and see what is happening.

  2. Pelosi is nuts, she can not string seven words together to make a coherent statement. She never has been able to. And the hate that consumes her will be her down fall.

  3. I think it may be time for Trump to invite the Press (all of them) into the room for every meeting with these lying scumbags. Just like he did in the oval office when Nancy was begging to take the meeting in private and Trump made her and Chuck look like absolute fools. They get away with this BS because there is no film, Nancy loves the camera so much, let’s have one all the time when there are no top secret or security issues going on. End their childish games.

  4. Even on Trumps craziest days he’s more sane then these dummys Rhino’s and USA HATERS and the want-a-be demi-gods

  5. Nancy I am sure use to be a wonderful person, but what I am seeing not for the first time is Nancy is showing signs of Dementia or Senility. It is her time you know being of that age when you really start to show it. Watch her and you will see the signs of stammering, losing her place in a speech, and other signs and it is getting worse. Watch her. She is way over her time to be Speaker of the House. These people also get stubborn in their actions.

  6. It best not reply to that two bit idiot who describes him/herself as “guns nuts of america” I call him numnuts of america as he is mentally unstable with his continual cheap shots of Donald Trump.

  7. nanny needs to grow up! She knows right from wrong, but is choosing to go with the flow, even though it is going over a waterfall. All this crap is stupid and needs to stop! Any legacy she may have had is going down the tubes fast! She is becoming the lead clown in the circus just to “what?????” Making a complete fool of yourself for a losing cause is dumb!

    • Hey Liberator, Please go back and read what you wrote. It makes no sense. Please redo it so we know what you are talking about. Thank you.

  8. Pelosi kicked his fat ass during the shutdown and again when Trump bolted out of the room in seconds. It was so bad he lined up flunkies to “vouch” for his calmness and the right wingers slowed down the audio to make it sound like Pelosi was drunk. There is no end to the dirty tricks the right wing conservatives will do, they are bad as Hitler’s Goebbels.

      • Nancy Pelosi lost it a long time ago and she is a liar. She doesn’t know what prayer

    • Keep putting your faith in Pelosi. She can barely put enough words together to create a clear, meaningful sentence. You have so many liberal jerks in important offices. Now they want to put another idiot (touchy, feely Biden) in the WH. Of course, maybe one of the other 23 eligible “candidates” will beat him out.

    • Rich, you asswagon! What planet do you live on? HOW do you know your foolish claims are true? Do you have a spy somewhere? Get rid of your illegal drugs! On the other hand…it’s probably too late for you.

      • SORRY! I meant my comments to respond to “Gun Nuts!” No offense meant, Rich! We’re on the same side!

        • I am so tired of this Monoply game
          I think when they land on jail we should lock them all in a cell.
          Same goes for the Republicans.

          Let’s start a new game. Poor. Mid class. Rich.

    • Seriously?! what freaking Rock have you been living under? Nancy has been slurring her words, going blank, repeating herself, unable to remember her lines, not even able to count to three for a few years now. He only called the people to counter her and Chucks lies. So the best way to fix this, Have Cameras In the Room at all Times. (When it is not top-secret of course, but then Nan shouldn’t be there in her senile state.)
      Gotta love how blind and easily led the Dimwit Dems are.

    • Democrats are getting out of hand someone needs to tell them to start doing there Jobs or get the He’ll Out of the White House and we can find someone else to do the Job…Just about anyone else’s would have lost there Jobs if they did not do what they are supposed to Do I gess we can Vote Them Out America they Damn sure not any better than anyone else far as I’m concerned Yall????????????????????

      • Woodrow Howell. I agree with your comment. The RATS do not act professional nor do they do the jobs that they are suppose to do. What have they done for the American citizens of this country??? What have they accomplished? Nancy Pelosi is off the wall on some drugs or just a plain alcoholic. She has bottled up so much HATE and defiance for our POTUS that she does not act normal and I think she is way to old for the position she holds. She does not act professional nor does the job she is suppose to do. She constantly acts rattled, SPACED OUT and doesn’t seem to know what the hell she is saying or doing, BUT getting a big FAT paycheck for doing absolutely NOTHING. Time for NANCY TO MOVE TO THE RETIREMENT/CONVALESCENT HOME.

  9. They are ” shedding the constitution” ? How so by trying to enforce the laws that were passed by Congress, by trying to keep our country from being invaded? You want open boarders so bad how many of the illegals ( whether you like it or not, when they cross the border illegally they have broken the law and by all rights are criminals) are you willing to let move into your home with your family, how about a few M-13 thrown in for good measure. Bet you’d be the first to say heck no they can’t move in here. Also how’s your bank account ? If the Democrats have their way you wont have one, as someone has to pay for all the freebies they want to give away, and guess who will be paying for it, every hard working legal American that’s who. From the way you act maybe your a illegal also.

    • Check out how much you owe on the “National Debt”, only $440,000! Plus another $250,000 for the “Unfunded Items”! That’s $690,000 for each taxpayer.
      No wonder the “Liberals” that don’t pay income taxes want”MORE FREEBIES”!
      With over half the people not paying income tax, how the hell are we supposed to get out of debt? The idiots that think all they have to do is BUY their kids a college degree just don’t know how the world really works. Most college grads that have worked at companies I’ve worked at don’t make it thru their probation period! When let go, they say, “But I’m entitled to a good paying job, I’ve got a college degree!”. Right, most can’t even get to work on time! Then expect to be on the phone half the time.

      • Well, guess we know how Obama with a self-proclaimed C average in Colombia managed to transfer to Harvard right?!

        The only question is which rich guy paid for it Bill Ayers may have helped but he didn’t have the funds…

  10. Betty you are an unstable retard and you should be confined to a mental institution as your tweets here are scary and we hope that those men in their clean white coats comes and gets you as you just might hurt someone.


  12. Batty Betty and your buddy scotch tape 27 are two sub-humans and should be treated as such. As I said before, you and that two bit communist bitch should hold a rally and preach your anti-Trump sh*** to the refugees from Venezuela as see what kind of reception that you’d get but i don’t think you’d want to do that as you might end up in a local hospital

    • What this he/she/it named Betty is just inviting an assassination by all of her spewing of evil. Just ignore him/her/it because he/she/it is just a liberal miserable troll.

  13. d. trump calling himself a “Stable Genuis”? on live TV for every American Nationwide to see & hear is the Most Laughable Joke Ever concerning that Oval Office “JOKE” in (HUMAN)? Form! with His SICK MIND & DISEASED BRAIN!

  14. It’s d.trump AKA CRAZY donald Who Is A Total Sick Minded MESS in Every Way a Human can be & What America needs to do is to Lose that Oval Office Walking, Talking Pile of CONCEITED CRAP though Formal IMPEACHMENT PROCESS!

    • Impeach and this nation will implode. Go ahead open pandora box. The libs are trying to form a totalitarian satanic nation.

    • I have to say Betty, you fit “Talking Pile of CONCEITED CRAP” to a tee. Go back to you safe place and cry yourself to sleep little one. Oh and try not to howl at the moon little one.

    • BETTY, or whoever you really are, why don’t you just keep your NEGATIVE remarks about our POTUS to yourself. Nobody really cares to hear your DEMENTED SHIT or COMMENTS about our President. People like you that are absorb in HATE really have a problem in our society and you should really seek some help. It is not healthy or normal. You must be hell to live or work with? You NEVER comment anything POSITIVE. You really have problems.

  15. the democrat party no long represent the American people they represent the bastard illegals end the criminals MS13 gang , , look on tv they show how many illegals jump the fence, lots illegals bringuing virUS into the USA, END THE DEMOCRATS CARE LESS ABUNT, THEY SOLD OUT AMERICA FOR VOTES.

    • Am I better off than I was before Trump came into the Oval Office. The answer is yes. I and my senior neighbor’s are still working. There are more working now that any other time in history. Liberal cities seem to becoming tent cities. The republicans have become the party of the working man and women. Most people know you need to work for what you need. Freebies are not free. I have learned over my 70 years that there is no free lunch. In short, the democRATS LIED and Obama Spied. The republICANS want to provide opportunities instead of handouts. We have more opportunities under Trump. Wages are up, we have more jobs than people to fill the jobs. Now give Trump the chance to curb homelessness and the immigration problem. Help Trump build that wall. No collusion and no obstruction. God bless America, God bless our troops and go bless on siblings in blue.

  16. You could and should have seen that for a while. She has been out of touch for at least the last 20yrs. She needs to realize that she can’t do what she thinks she knows how to do. So do a lot of other people in both houses. And I’m not just talkin about one party.

  17. And meanwhile we have a so-called president who retweets doctored video tape that is not real. How low has this man taken this nation; and apparently the majority of you here have followed right along to the depths. We are mocked around the world. Again, how low has he taken this once-great nation.

        • Why is it so many of you immediately jump to juvenile name calling; and reading through these comments, apparently comic book characters are big as well. This kind of low-level, childish and blind following is a big reason why this nation is spiraling downward. Willful ignorance.

    • Obama sure made it so we were a laughingstock to many other countries!! You need to get out of your bubble. President Trump is making America Great again. You democraps just cant stand out.

      • You can believe that if you like, Lisa, but it’s just not real; it’s not accurate. Have you ever traveled outside of this country? I have. Extensively. The US is commonly ridiculed for having elected such a buffoon.

        • That may be true, but it isn’t due to him bey a buffoon. It’s because they fear him as a powerful leader, something this country has not had in generations. When people don’t know how to step up to the plate to counteract a strong leader, they try to cut him down so as to appear not to fear him, but they do. Trump is a strong leader type who doesn’t turn and run, or hide on a golf course when the going gets tough like Obama did. Time will tell the real stirring.

    • Scott27, HE has not taken us to any depths. It statements like yours that is making this country laughable. Other countries say what the Democrats are doing to America is far from laughable, it’s a shame, It has been proven that Democrats are trying to bring this country to its knees. Why don’t you and the rest of your cult leave the USA if you don’t like it here? You do understand that the Dem cult will NOT win, don’t you? Sad very sad that as our leaders in Congress are so selfish

    • So why not move to a nation that is better dear? After all, you and your Dem ilk think this is such a terrible country and so many others are better- so pick one and go. I would even approve President Trump using his pen and phone to get funds for it. You Dems are pathetic, you have not gotten over the loss of 2016 (maybe we should have made your candidate sign a paper saying she and her sheeple followers would) I can’t wait to see you all self implode when he wins in a landslide in 2020.
      Stay in the dark dear, you and all like you, keep thinking your ideas are the best and “most” people actually think like you- it’s one of the ways Hillary lost. Blin Arrogance is the Dems best gift to the RNC.

  18. Please understand that this is a progression for the Dems. They have been following a playbook for fifty years. They thought that they had gained absolute power with the 2016 election. Now they have to devalue everything about this administration to get their program back on track. Taking our guns as killary was supposed to do would have given them total control of our country. Notice that with the start of their new campaigns for president that the poll leaders are not putting guns in the front line of their campaigns. Communist everyone.

    • Look at all the Democrat “Successes”, Detroit, Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, even California. That state is now over $3 Billion in debt! The land has sunk six feet in places as they pump so much water out of the aquifer! Bridges and roads buckling, and next they expect the Feds to “Bail them out”! To hell with California! It is ruined beyond repair! New Orleans is another example of the Dems management failure. Let there be a school shooting, and it is front page news. Yet you never hear about the thousands of people shot in Chicago. Last year there were 2,962 people shot! In 2017 “ONLY” 3,561 people shot! But the media now only reports the “Number shot per 100,000 of population”. Shows how well their “Gun Control” laws work!

  19. She has lost it very, very badly. She always looks and sounds drunk. She is simply too old,feeble and probably has has Alsheimer’s. She is not mentally or physically fit to hold any position of power because her ability to think and convey statements has literally disappeared!

    • And yet, Melody, you willfully turn a blind eye to the rambling juvenile incoherent ramblings of your Dear Leader.

    • Pelosi and all of the career Democrats they all need to retire and go to the nursing home everybody knows that the charges that the Democrats claim are nothing but fabricated lies

      • They are really just the “New World Order” propaganda lines. Go to the “Open Borders Foundation” website and read their goals. It was founded back in 1985 by Mr. George Soros. He has funded it to the tune of $40 Billion since.

    • Nancy Pelosi had”never gotten it” so it’s kind of hard for her to “lose it”! She has always been a mess but it keeps getting worse and worse. She’s no leader. She’s a trouble maker and an instigator and she needs to be ousted. She’s going “down the tubes” right along with the rest of the crazy

  20. Pelosi reminds me of the Dick Tracy character they called “mumbles”. Everybody ought to call her “Mumbles” Pelosi. Stumbling, bumbling, blathering, “Mumbles” Pelosi.

    • Do you remember “Gravel Girty” Couriggia? She was the white haired, bug eyed wife of the unkempt bearded skinny tobacco spitting guy always wearing a hat who called Dick Tracy “Macy”.

    • Drumpf has to respond with manipulated footage(I watched the LIVE broadcast. She didn’t stammer or stumble. She was quite clear in what she articulated.) because he is an incompetent “F…ing MORON” as Sec. Tillerson so adroitly put it. He knows no other way to respond, except with his very own FAKE NEWS.

  21. democrats are paranoid of the outcome of the
    William bar investigation. It’s a lot bigger than
    we think. The democrats knew from day one
    that hillary went ballistic when Donald Trump
    won the election.
    Orange jumpsuits, new democratic clothing line
    In prisons near you.

    • I’d say the “Correct” solution is trial for treason, followed the next day by a military firing squad. When found guilty. Problem with prison is the next time a democrat is elected president, they all get pardoned. Lawyers love for a murder to be given a “Life Sentence”, the make millions for the next twenty years appealing the sentence! Let them find one period where a comma should have been, and off to court they go! NUTS!

    • Well, Sharon, I guess you and Keith don’t really understand what’s going on. Ever hear of K Street in Washington? It’s where lobbyists tend to have their offices, and it is buzzing today like never before, largely because they know this current administration can be bought. We have lobbyists (not lobbiests) in several cabinet positions and the ones on K Street are having a heyday.

    • You didn’t know how much money Obama and Hillary got from Mr. George Soros I’d say.
      Barry Soetoro was put thru college, hired as a “Community Organizer” by the Chicago Democratic machine. Then handed a Senate position. Where did he get the money for his summer in the middle east after graduation? He couldn’t afford cigarettes in college, had to perform sex acts for cigarettes! Soros went to Hillary’s home and gave her one check for $8,000,000 to help her get elected!
      Soros “Bought” his “European Union” thru his 2,300 plus liberal groups. Did you ever read any election results where the EU won in all those countries???

  22. Nasty Pelosky and her party always plays the “race card” when dealing with Donald Trump to get votes from blacks and minorities as they have no proof that he is a racist only heresay from the communist media and her party also teaches people how to live off of other people’s money.

    • Thats why after the first open meeting the press and cameras they could not lie about what was beimg said. They can’t spin it to the press to make potus a liar. So with the close door no cameras or press they can come out and spin the mettimg to the press and public that the potus was unhinged sure hypocrites to lie to the public.

    • They really don’t have any agenda to keep them afloat other than their ongoing hatred for President Trump. They care nothing about his accomplished campaign promises to help our country and its citizens. They care only about losing control of our gov’t. and the power and money it generates for them. The vows they take to serve America and it’s citizens are lip service only and forgotten the minute they are spoken.

  23. Pelousy’s daughter quoted that her mother would act poised and pleasant right before she slit a person’s throat. Looks to me like the only throat she is slitting is her own. She is terminally ill and needs to be committed.

    • Pelosi claims Trump was ranting and raving. She’s the one who gets in front of everyone doing what she accuses him of doing. She’s completely lost her mind. She needs to retire and have herself committed somewhere.

  24. A drunk and delusional as well. That’s what’s wrong the bunch of nuts, they still believe in the tooth fairy, I would say Easter bunny but they don’t believe in Christ.Change race and sex at their discretion. SICK LYING FREAKS

  25. It is time to see the Democratic party for what it really is. Come election time all Americans should vote out the left leaning Dems and get something done for the country. We will have four more years to Make American Great again. Hand those fouls defeat they will not forget.

    • At the speed at which this administration is shredding the Constitution, we simply won’t have a country in another four years.. at least it won’t be a strong, independent nation based on laws. There are no laws among these people. It’s a shame. And you lemmings are merrily, and ignorantly following along.

      • Isn’t it interesting how not only the self serving elected demorats lie about our patriotic president, but they’ve convinced their supporters of the lies! How sad Scott you accuse President Trumps supporters of what you are truly guilty of!!
        I do hope some day soon you will see the truth.

  26. Have you ever seen a spoilt child throw a fit because it didn’t get it’s way? That is what most of the Democrats in the govern system remind me of.

    • Thanks Darvin Snyder. My exact observation. Brats throw a fit when they don’t get their way. Recall Hillary Clinton and Stacy Abrams who failed to win. They both believe they are entitled to the positions for which they ran.

    • They all act like spoiled children. They’ve been acting that way ever since Trump won the Presidency. We need to send them all some pacifiers.

  27. Nancy and the rest of the democraps are nuts. No matter what truths there are if it doesn’t fit their agenda the or President is accused of ridiculous things. Do they really think we dont notice?!? All their lies!!!

  28. I like “Nutcase Nancy!” She is in dire need of a 72-hour involuntary commitment so that she can be professionally evaluated for her very transparent loss of mental capacity.

  29. The Lunatic Left is extremely frightened. As soon as they heard that Barr’s investigation of their Seditious and Treasonous behaviors will NOT be protected by any “secrecy” clauses, they wet themselves in FEAR! Soon now, Demonrats will be hoisted by their own Petard, and they WILL Hang for their CRIMES they’ve been committing since 2016…I think they should Publicly HANG each and every Demonrat found guilty of Treason/Sedition/Lying under Oath, and generally being the kind of SCUM they have accused all of us of being.
    I’m a bit concerned that these UNAmericans will attempt to start a Civil War to save their asses from Prison!

    • Al Dutton – How about the executions of those charged with treason and/or crimes against humanity be on pay-per-view. The proceeds can go towards finishing building the wall.

  30. Yep, she lost her marbles. She knows that there is nothing to impeach the President. Unlike what Obama did in his presidency, Trump follow the laws, in and out of the systems.

    Nancy choked … again. She keep losing her face. She reminded me of Diane and Joe the Plumber can poop anytime in her city of San Francisco. California … are killing the family life. No money at all.

    Nancy … Maxine … Adam … Swalwell … hellbent on Trump impeachment, but no evidence. Sad. They are not helping California. Vote them out for California sake. Whew. Bad.

  31. Schumer said that Trump planned it all. But the truth is just like always the democrats are always guilty of what they accuse others of doing. They planned to upset him. It did not work. They wanted to make it look like they showed up in good faith to to make him look bad. Democrats are very evil and deceiving.

    • Have you ever seen a spoilt child throw a fit because it didn’t get it’s way? That is what most of the Democrats in the govern system remind me of.

    • Art Vladimir Lenin told his communist followers to always accuse their enemies of what they are doing. Notice how the Democrats are following Lenin’s advice. Democrats abhor We the People, traditional America and Christianity.

    • Art – I had heard that Pelosi left her car running when she went into the meeting. She had no intention of staying for the meeting. That was planned by Pelosi and Schumer.


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