Watch Europe’s leaders squirm as Donald Trump calls them out in person

Donald Trump has never been one to mince words.

On the campaign trail, Trump called NATO “obsolete” and once elected continued chastising NATO member nations for not meeting their financial obligations to the organization.



  1. So basically if we pulled out of NATO they would be broke – and would still owe us a pile of money. I saw a bunch of them snickering at President Trump. I wonder how they snicker – especially Merkel – if President Trump put an embargo on products from their countries. I’ll bet the Germans would make Merkel unemployed very quickly.

  2. I agree with you, except if we have to be stuck with the U.N. we need to have them close at hand where we might be able to have more control. They have become threatening to us because of Trump’s stance on the funding issue; which I also firmly agree with Trump’s stance.

  3. It’s getting to be a very dangerous World out there now. The day is coming where one of these slackers are going to need our help. I hope that the President asks them to pay up before we send one set of boots out on their soil!! That should be the way it works!! These countries should be ashamed of themselves, when the other Countries, who scrape the money together, literally, to make the payment that they need to, to come up with their fair share, and these other Countries pay far less than their 2%, and act as if they’re too good to make the payment. I would think twice about having their Ambassadors in our Country, too!!

  4. I very much admire President Trump for his ability to get right to the crux of the matter. He doesn’t mince words, he just comes out with it! Personally, I believe that the United States should pull out of the U.N. or at the very least move the headquarters out of the U.S.!

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