Watch the left lose its mind over ObamaCare repeal efforts

Republicans only recently began their repeal efforts when the House passed its version of ObamaCare repeal last week.

The Senate isn’t expected to take up the House bill in its current form and likely won’t begin working on a bill before Memorial Day.


  1. Tucker Carlson: I agree with your logic. These kids also don’t realize how important guns are to americans. They stop enemy countries from thoughts of invading our country based on the number of guns owned by our citizens. This as well as security for our families and power to stop hateful politicians from directing national policy, etc.

  2. For the people with pre-existing conditions, just start a fund called “Aid to persons with pre-existing conditions(APPC). All interested parties can donate. No government involvement. Problem solved.

  3. Isn’t it interesting that the same people that “relied on the stupidity of the American people” to pass the bill that “you have to vote for to see what’s in it”, and rushed it through for that same reason, and even lied to their own people to get enough votes (Bart Stupak & company) are complaining the loudest about the Republicans repealing it?

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