WATCH: Mitch McConnell just ruthlessly mocked Senate Democrats on the Senate floor

Senate Democrats have lost their minds over the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Their hyperbolic rhetoric opposing Judge Kavanaugh has reached epic proportions.

So when Mitch McConnell took to the Senate floor to ruthlessly mock some of their most outrageous ones he could hardly contain his amusement.

Democrats are taking to quoting scripture to oppose Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the U.S. Supreme Court.

Senator Cory Booker said of the nomination, “We’re walking through the valley of the shadow of death.” He continued, “You are either complicit in the evil, you are either contributing to the wrong, or you are fighting against it.”

Taking to the Senate floor, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell read some of the most outlandish comments before ruthlessly mocking them.


“For those keeping score at home, Democrats want you to believe that Judge Kavanaugh is ‘your worst nightmare,’ will put the American people in the ‘valley of the shadow of death,’ and ‘destroy the Constitution.’ All by himself!

“Oh, and don’t forget, anyone who doesn’t agree with them ‘is complicit in the evil.’

“Who do they expect to believe this stuff?”

“It’s hard to keep a straight face when you hear this hysteria,” the Majority Leader added.


It’s more than a bit ironic to hear Democrats quoting scripture to make a political point when they’re usually the ones championing the supposed “wall of separation” between Church and State.

After all, this is the party that voted to remove God from their platform in 2012, and loudly booed when the convention chair reinserted the phrase “God-given potential.”

What are your thoughts on the outlandish comments Democrats have made attacking Judge Brett Kavanaugh?

Do you approve of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court?

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  1. It’s ridiculous that you would call “Trump cronies” comments both “stupid” and “ridiculous”, without citing anything specific as an example. And you even spelled “rediculous” wrong. Even worse, you say they are “evil and nuts”, without citing examples. You wind up sounding foolish and dumb, and an obvious Trump hater, which, in itself, is foolish and dumb.

  2. So the democrats think they are so clean and wholesome that they qualify to judge this man. It’s simply another dirty, nasty, demo trick to stop, or delay, a decent man the right to hold this office. A bunch of sore losers.

  3. You know the says in the last days good would be called evil and evil would be called good. What the Democrats want is very bad. Watch them and they have acted like unruly and like children throwing tamper tantrums. They are acting crazy. And they paid the protesters to act out their scheme.. Sorry do disagree with you!

  4. I’m no fan of McConnell but he hit this one out of the park. The DEMWITS have once again taken a page straight out of “Rules For Radicals”… look In the mirror and accuse your opposition of every single thing you are yourself guilty of! The DEMWITS have taken this teaching by Alinsky one step further, they not only accuse the opposition of what they’re guilty of THEY ALSO ARE GUILTY OF MAKING UP LIES TO ACCUSE THEIR OPPOSITION OF.

  5. Please don’t give this monster to us. He’s yours! KEEP him! We don’t want Mitch!
    And Jane: I have been a Christian all of my life (in fact, a preacher too)! Religion plays an important role in my life! Stop putting religion and guns together! However, we continue to pray for you that somehow you will receive a much needed enlightenment. Perhaps an epiphany!

  6. These stupid posts by the Trump cronies are utterly rediculous! Just read them. Who sounds more evil and nuts than they? Trump represents them! How foolish! Dumb?

  7. The devil quoted Scripture, too, when tempting Jesus Christ, but not accurately. Jesus sw right through those statements because He KNEW thw Bible, and its author. He recognized misquotes.

  8. Actually you can cut it down to California as a whole. Trump, though he
    won the electoral college vote, lost the popular vote by 2 million votes.
    He lost the popular vote by 3 million votes in California. So, those that
    complain about him losing the popular vote must want California alone to elect
    our Presidents. I hope n oone is that stupid.

  9. yes If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

  10. Booker is a typical DemoRat liar and scum bag. He is more than likely a satanist and pedophile. Why else would he try to defeat a Great candidate for SCOTUS. He has said Outrages Lies when there is a camera on his disgusting face of corruption. Time to Vote Republican. Keep morons like him out of office.

  11. Our worst enemy are the DemoRats. Vote Republican. Keep America out of the hands of the Criminal DemoRats.

  12. Kentucky is my long time, and adopted home. I hope EVERY Conservative Republican has been CALLING his office, and telling him to ‘GET WITH TRUMP’S PROGRAM!” And if not, do it TODAY! Melt his phone lines! Call! And remember to VOTE in November like the life and freedoms of the country are at stake! Because that’s EXACTLY what’s on the line! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! 1-202-224-3121 CALL TODAY! CALL TOMORROW! CALL THE NEXT DAY! Just CALL!

  13. You forgot Kampala Harris…these are power hungry wolves who don’t care for the American citizen…just the publicity it’s

  14. booker is a Evil troll who is complicit in wickedness and murder of unborn children may God have mercy on your soul booker.

  15. Most all Democrats are criminal Democrats pure garbage TERM LIMITS AND VOTE THESE PIGS OUT OF OFFICE.

  16. These Demorats should all be arrested and charged with high treason. Then pout against the wall and shot dead.

  17. It is crystal clear it is time for the Republicans to use the: Nuclear Option! Nuclear Option! Nuclear Option!

  18. All that is needed is a simple majority to approve the new judge so unless some of the RINOs vote against the Left has nothing that they can really do.

  19. The majority of the time the liberal progressives do everything they can to denigrate religion in all its form (except, of course, for Islam). We all remember how the former president and their beloved icon, Obama, vilified people of faith by claiming they “cling to their religion and their guns….). However, when they become desperate, as they now appear to be, they will latch onto anything they think will further their agenda, even to pulling verses from the Bible and spewing them in an effort to make us thing they are sincere. Sorry, but that’s not going to work. We’re not going to blindly swallow your disingenuous liberal progressive pill anymore. You’ve become quite pathetic in your efforts to build up your arsenal of weapons against the conservative movement in this country.

  20. AMEN TO THAT LARRY…………..Bet that muslim reads the Quran every day and has at least 10 prayer rugs in his house……..

  21. Shadow you are as crazy as Peggy. The rat party is widening the divide in this country Only fools believe they can be reasoned with.

  22. Because Barrack was an obvious Communist, he is clearly the worst thing that has ever happened to this great country. History will not be kind to him as he was the most Evil President this country has seen.

  23. There is more brain matter in my dog’s stool than is in that pinhead Corey Booker; he is an idiot!

  24. My husband was so amused with me laughing my heart out. I can’t believe that that Senator Booker will apply a verse from the Bible on his Walking thru the valley of the shadow of Death. Deciding for a Republican candidate to be a member of the Supreme Court is definitely not walking thru the valley of the shadow of death. That is just too gloomy. I approve of Kavanaugh.

  25. Can you imagine those two stranded together? It would be a hoot to see who be kicked off the island first.
    I have a great island they can get banished to, Cuba, I think Gitmo has plenty of empty cells and they would feel right at home in a commie country.

  26. McConnell is just trying to pretend to be for We the People. He doesn’t want to be removed from his POWERFUL Senate chair. He has suppressed conservative issues for years. He sees the American people voting for transparency, smaller government, reduced taxation, illegal aliens deportation, respect for the law, DRAINING THE SWAMP,
    & power and returning this country to our legal citizens. Our great President is leading us all the way!

  27. That was probably the best speech that the man has ever given. He was right
    on target. Was entertaining and even funny when he read some of the Democrat
    observations and he was genuinely sincere and honest in his opinion and thoughts.
    As they said at one time. “That’s one for the gipper Zombo

  28. I agree with you. I, at one time admired Booker, however, I now think he has lost his mind. He has let the far left get into his brain and now is out to lunch with second grade comments.

  29. Cory Booker is an absolute idiot, and this has nothing to do with him being black, I originally wanted Dr. Carson, then he said Trump would listen. He is an EVIL man because he sold his soul to the DEVIL.

  30. The answer to that is simple vote the clown Nelson out of office. Then push the convention of States to take away the FULL PAY THESE CLOWNS GET AFTER BEING UNELECTED BY THE PEOPLE!

  31. Peggy and James,

    What you are failing to see is the total aggravation the majority of Americans are feeling because of your party.

    Your party staunchly opposes ANYTHING that was/is not their idea. They immediately go running to the completely biased media screaming “THE SKY IS FALLING, THE SKY IS FALLING!!” as proven by this article. Your party supports many things that are not good for this nation and, to you, that is acceptable. A few examples; Antifa, illegal immigration, suppression of free speech, tax cuts, acts of sedition and much more.

    When you ARE provided with FACTS that clearly verify these acts, you choose to ignore them, deflect them or discount them. You have members openly creating hate and discourse by promoting it (Mad Max Waters is just one). You and your party members said NOTHING about immigration when Obama was doing the exact same thing. People who opposed Obama never behaved as badly as members of your have for the past two years. When are you going to take your elected officials to task for their appalling behavior?

    If you really want to have civil discussions about issues, you must look at the true facts and be honest enough to admit when your party members are wrong. At this point in our history, your party is reaching below the gutter and crawling into the sewer with the way they are behaving.

    Do not completely believe CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX NEWS and others until you fact check. Until then, you are going to be the brunt of these angry responses.

  32. well , like the constitution the only time democrats have use for it , is when they need to hide behind it , how about we reserect hitler and put him on the scotus , then democrats will be happy

  33. Democrats are going to say nasty things about any Republican no matter what office they are running for. Or, office they already hold such as President of the USA who is doing an excellent job in Making America Great Again.

  34. Before Trump even pick a Judge, my senator Bill Nelson said he will vote against who ever Trump pick for the court. Democrats are afraid they will loose their liberal court for years. Judge’s are not to write laws like they been doing.

  35. McConnell’s words will have no effect on the liberal & rino Senators . They are psychopathic criminals that have no conscience in the first place , obviously !
    But it sounds like even McConnell is finally getting sick of them , instead of letting them get away with everything , like all the previous time .

  36. Think where the popular vote originated. Los Angeles and San Francisco (aka Sodom and Gomorrah) and of course, New York City. Three cities , over populated with liberals at the top. The Silent Majority made the difference.

  37. Think where the popular vote originated. Los Angeles and San Francisco (aka Sofom and Gomorrah) and of course, New York City. Three cities , over populated with liberals at the top. The Silent Mnajority made the difference.

  38. I think the DEMS should have Correy Booker and Maxine Waters on their ticket. They can toss a coin for who goes for President and who will be VP. There party is so over the hills with bad ideas and still do not have a platform. Every time they open their mouths they have changed there mind so this Mid Term for them will be all about the scattered voices and thoughts of once known DEMS. I think they are all on drugs and too much boozes.

  39. The democrats putting it back together? You mean like enacting Jim Crowe laws, creating and supporting the KKK, black lies matter and antifa, completely opposing the civil rights act and school integration, supporting illegal immigration, committing sedition, opposing tax cuts and much more.

    You’ve done a wonderful(?) job so far.

  40. Totally in agreement. How many laws were broken in judge scalia’s “MURDER “? There was no investigation. There was a cremation before an autopsy. An unwarranted decision by one who had no authority to order the cremation. Texas Laws were violated, as was federal laws. My other question, is the person who ordered the cremation still alive? He needs to be arrested and questioned before he is murdered, if he isn’t already dead.

  41. Booker has big plans for his future and that includes the Presidency! That will never happen since we know what a flaming Liberal he is! Obama hid it very well and got elected twice because he was more secretive about his ideology. Obama got elected on race so Booker can’t go for that, sorry!!

  42. Honest? you have to be kidding. He is the most dishonest person in the country. as a businessman he sucks. just check what most of the contractors that have worked for him have to say.

  43. You have got that right, every thing looks honky dory for a while. Then when everything falls apart, the Democrats have to put it back together again.been doing that for years.

  44. You’re right, James….they twist & turn things around to make everyone evil except themselves that endorse the killing of innocent babies, slander our beloved President who is keeping his promises to the American people, who endorse evil gay marriages that are a abomination to God Almighty; etc.

  45. Booker is an IDIOT. He has flipped off the rails. He should get a real job. What a nincompoop.

  46. For sure the left is doing all they can to tear down our morals. Our Constitution and all that America has stood for since the beginning of our nation. When they sense that a judge will stand by the Constitution instead of “interpreting”it to suit a moral ways,they will fight the good. So sorry to see what the Democrats have descended to.

  47. Again more proof that Democrats have no integrity,not even the slightest bit of common sense?
    A total lack of intelligence is displayed every time their lips move!

  48. Someone brutally killed Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and that murder yet unsolved, lies without progress into the political party that deals death to any one who gets in their way. I say bring some justice to his death. I realize the family must have been threatened with their own death if they allowed an autopsy but, surely, there is more to disclose about his murder!

  49. If it brothers the demo-crappers and lib-turds that Kavanuagh, has been selceted for the SUPREME COURT to be a JUSTICES, then I,am for him all that much more. And as for the BIGGEST LOSER, it is a 3 way tie, R,s mcconnell,mccain,flake, D,s booker,pelosi,schumer. scumbaggers both sides of the isle

  50. Peggy, please read what you wrote. “many free thinking Republicans to recoil from support of our President and buy our I mean everybody” It makes no sense at all. Quit trying to sound like an intellectual genius with all the answers….you are not pulling it off!

  51. Peggy you are absurd the democrats committed many many crimes and should be PUNISHED FOR THEM no one is above the law…. PRESIDENT TRUMP is the most honest promise keeping president in history…. no body is perfect but Trump has done more to uphold the law then anyone before him. AND IF YOU DENY THAT YOU DO NOT KNOW THE FACTS.

  52. Corey Booker must really know his people or he wouldn’t say such stupid things, yes who in the world would believe his tripe. Bet he is running for President,on the Communist ticket. America has been Dumbed Down for those who need it to get by with whatever.

  53. are you awake yet its 2018 not 2008-2016 under Obama look whats been done in 18 months that couldnot and wasnot done for 8 embarrassing years except diminish all A mericans status here and abroad you must be an entitlement person WAKE UP ,MORON

  54. By the way booker is a idiot and a murderer those that favor abortion are complicit in wickedness.

  55. It’s funny that the left is so hypocritical that they quote scripture when in fact they are the Evil ones.

  56. True Peggy. Let’s talk bulling, which I am not. Do not conservatives get mistreated in public? College campuses? Assaulted for supporting Trump? You people have no cred. Yes I get angry and react. The left is made up of bullies and wannabe tyrants. I didn’t leave the rat party in 1993. They left me.

  57. Peggy they were keeping an idiot off the court that wrongly believes the constition changes with time. It does not.

  58. Dan really? I have yet to see any comment of yours that I could show to my friends or my children. You sound like a bully on the playground. This does nothing to help lead the country forward, or unite people. Shame on you. Write something concrete to back up your statements and people may listen but as long as you use explicatives they will see that you have a limited intellectual capacity to be discussing anything political.

  59. KJ it’s our job to listen to the other side of the story we don’t have to agree with it but we do have to listen to it.

  60. Sharcat, I understand your angst. I think each and every one of us should be complicit in changing the party that we support. The problem being Trump has forced many free-thinking Republicans to recoil from support of our president and buy our I mean everybody in the United States. Trump is the president, no he didn’t win the popular vote, yes he did win the electoral college, and now he is accountable to every citizen. He should not advocate punishment for the candidate who ran against him. This is absurd. This is third world tactics. Basically, what I’m trying to say is that each and every individual is responsible for the political environment in which we live civility somewhere has to still be alive. but I think the one thing we all have to remember is that Putin hates democracy and would love to see it go away. All of us need to work at being better citizens of this country. We cannot belittle each other and expect respect.

  61. Ronnie, really Anarchy and suppression of thought. There is or should not be a liberal or conservative Supreme Court. It is a court that should uphold the law of the land as established by our constitution. The Supreme Court justices interpret the law independently as they determine the cases before them. They are never puppets to the political process other than when they are appointed for life. Lighten up.

  62. Yes they are because we blocked the Democratic appointee. Tit for Tat in politics. Should have been no surprise.

  63. If you think Booker seems to be odd, but keep in mind that many liberal sheep would listen to his fiery rhetoric. Remember that … no one has said anything on Antifa violence. That’s how bad they are. So naive and so willing …

    Yes, what he said is hysterically stupid but look at the sheep.

    MAGA for life.

  64. And you are stupid enough to agree with Cory Booker? When are you idiot liberals going to grow a brain?

  65. Hey Michael, I agree with you that McConnell is a loser. I’ll give you that there are loser Republicans… like Flake and McCain…BUT the Democrats surpass whatever LOSER ACCOLADES are to be given out.

  66. The SCOTUS should have a conservative nature to law, constitution, and judicial actions. Because liberal actions can be outrageously high or low. Anything from anarchy to suppression of individual independent thought if not agreeing with them.

  67. Anyone who can listen to these democrats’ insanity and then vote for them should be in a mental hospital.

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