Watch Roger Goodell Get Ruthlessly Booed at Super Bowl

The New England Patriots completed the most epic comeback in Super Bowl history by defeating the Atlanta Falcons 34-28.

At one point in the third quarter, the Patriots were down by 25 points. The largest previous comeback in Super Bowl history way just 10 points.

After Tom Brady’s four-game suspension, this win was especially sweet for Patriots fans who’ve identified NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell as enemy number one.

That fact was not lost on the Patriots’ fans. Watch as they ruthlessly booed the NFL Commissioner:

After the confetti fell, the Patriots got even more congratulatory messages as President Trump tweeted:

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  1. This is considered treason in some countries, are we now resorting to the dark ages? Insults Americans who stand for a better way of life. Trump was elected fair & square, get over it. This revolting by paid rioters is not helping anyone…..remember the sun shines on the righteous & leftist alike. You people are not above the LAW OF THE LAND< you will suffer along with all the people who died to keep America free. Shame on her. Where do you think you have more power than God? He was a miracle winner. God is still in control. Remember who is the creator.

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