WATCH: This Democrat Senator just embarrassed herself in the worst way

Democrat Senator Mazie Hirono expected to have a viral video moment during her questioning of an ICE official on Tuesday.

And sure enough, when the cameras were on, she did.

But it didn’t turn out at all like she expected.

ICE official Matthew Albence took Democrat Senator Mazie Hirono (HI) to school during a hearing on Capitol Hill.

Hirono tried to put Albence on the spot when she asked, “would you send your child to [the Family Residential Centers]?”

But that’s when things started to go wrong for Hirono.


The Daily Caller describes the exchange:

Albence appeared to be losing his patience with the senator’s line of questioning and perceived lack of understanding of the issue, saying, “Again, I think we’re missing the point. These individuals are there because they have broken a law. There has to be a process.”

The senator, not liking where Albence’s answer was leading, interjected: “They have broken a law only as deemed so by the president,” she said.

“No, ma’am. They’re there for violation of Title 8 of the immigration of the U.S. and Nationality Act. OK? They’re 8 USC 1325 — that’s illegal entry — is both a criminal and civil violation,” Albence retorted. “They are in those FRCs pending the outcome of that civil immigration process. They have broken the law,” he concluded.

Hirono, now visibly both flustered and frustrated, tried to draw a distinction between civil and criminal proceedings, but was again quickly shot down by the ICE representative.

“There were criminal proceedings when the border patrol prosecuted them, but at the conclusion of that process, once the individual came into ICE custody, they would go through administrative proceedings,” Albence told the Senator.

That’s when it was clear Hirono was completely lost, and she paused for a moment before saying, “I’m confused.”

Imagine a U.S. Senator being confused that illegally crossing the border is a crime.

All those years of Obama’s Orwellian doublespeak and the fake news media referring to illegal aliens as “undocumented immigrants” must’ve caused Hirono to lose sight of that simple fact.

What do you think about Trump’s zero-tolerance immigration enforcement?

Too much? Or is it about time? Let us know in the comments below!



    • Reckon she thinks Trump wrote all the laws on the books between getting nominated & elected. We should not even take them into custody, just give them water, MRE’s & point them back where they came from. That would cut our spending by enough to pay for the wall. If they are not here, the Liberal/Leftists will nothing to cry about.

      These people do not give a damn about kids. Their stunts @ Kavanaugh’s hearing today in front of his daughters proves that. Wonder how Judge Kavanaugh explained the situation tonight to his daughters.

      Hirono is just one of the nut cases. I can’t wait to see how that no brain 28 year old performs, will have to be a bucket of laughs

    • She sho is confused. How in the world people like this are running our government is crazy. 20 trillion in debt. Here is one reason why. People with very little mind for business making business decisions. Here is a senator making criminal and civil decisions and don’t even know the difference.

    • I am shocked at how ignorant so many of our Senators and Representatives are concerning the law and policy. Maybe they were elected to warm a seat or throw spinach at witnesses?

  1. that’s when the sargent of the guard should have pulled a baton and whipped that women senseless and made her leave the building she is too stupid to be there!

  2. Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil liberal demoncrat Commie Nazi’s party at work here!Don’t forget the RINOs(Ryan, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams etc) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp, Pres Trump!

    • What an idiot! Speaks volumes of libtards! Liberalism is a mental deranged disorder and Pelosi, The pope, Acosta, Behar, Hillary, Comey, Whoopi, Baldwin, Beck, Waters, mcShame and Griffin are the poster girls!!!Just more liberal useful idiots on display !

      • Just a bunch of NAZI commie liberals (deep state, academia, fake news, Hollywood, RINOs, etc ) that are bringing this country down the path of destruction!Supported by the useful idiots (snowflakes)! The Democrats are the true Russian colluders that want to transform this country into a commie state.

  3. The more i read of comments by our politicians the more i believe we need some rules for anyone running for public office from county government up. I- must be a US citizen of at least 31 years old showing an original birth certificate and transparent background check 2- must have an IQ over 80 3- must pass a test on the different forms of government 5- must pass a test on American history 6- must pass a test on the constitution 7- must pass a psychiatrist test etc. etc.

    • Very good Anthony and I think you might have the perfect test as required for a government job. And as we all know that is what everyone serving in Washington needs to remember, it is nothing more than a JOB they just had to gets votes to get it and your idea might make them shake in their shoes. Good for you. Have a great day.

    • And One more test that they should have to take to prove they at least have some is somehow their understanding of what Common Sense is and whether or not they have any that might be A tough test to come up with because it seems that common sense is working it’s way closer and closer to the top spot on the Endangered Species List.

    • Yeah-If they are gonna help make laws that will affect the continuing history of this United States they certainly should know the prior history so that they will understand why certain rules were written and then voted on – if for no other reason that to avoid redundancy.
      In sports you have to to know the game inside out before you are allowed to be a reff. Why should politics be any different?

    • If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

        • “meet me at the poles” Poles? WTF is that? Shows how dumb Dem’s are. You plan on playing tether ball or what? Go back to school and get an education. Then maybe,
          just maybe, you will understand what is really going on.

      • You must have been a cheerleader in your past life and a good one. As a Texan myself I do believe Clappers confession was nothing more than FAKE. So you did good in your delivery but you need to keep it up. Make sure you fact check yourself.

  4. There is no need to insult all Japanese people for the stupidity of a few. Name calling is low class and just makes you look ignorant.

  5. wOW can the (D) anarchy party produce bigger morons for us to view like Durbin, Blumenthal, Hirono, Markey, schmuck the clown… this all they got???? or is MAXI the beast their Standard bearing FOOL???

    • This has to be one for the books, someone on the bench who doesn’t even know the law. She is suppose to make legal decisions that effect this nations laws.

    • Typical liberal politician, she’s confused & admits it now that is a rarity. Libs are all for open borders & accepting of illegals into our country & give them the right to vote. They’re rebuilding their party on illegals to assure them of their DNC political office.

    • How did this demo convince Hawians to vote for her? I would hate to bring in education into this, but when making sound fact filled decisions,we must do background checks to include education and understandin of our great and Awesome Constitution. Being from a foeign country and not educating self will always produce erronious voided statements if not well informed. Hawaill, we know you can do better.

  6. Democrats are going to have to get their heads nout of their buitts and join the rest of the nation. Stop supporting the lying leadership of their party and try being a human American instead of a fool.

  7. Mazie, you really don’t have an illegal alien invasion of people from Mexico, Central and South America coming to Hawaii, do you? Mr. Albence cited the Federal Law, 8 USC 1325, for you; it was passed by the U.S. Congress. Look it up. あなたわ売国の歴史知りないです。あなたわばかです。

  8. Proof positive not all Japs are intelligent, LOL! This imbecile should be running a fruit & vegetable stand or handing out chopsticks and hot towels. So many who are commenting wonder how this cretin became a US Senator? It’s called identity politics, she’s a dumb liberal nip and Hawaii is full of them.

      • this is what we have in DC. they don’t think they come unprepared in they don’t know the laws. she tried to blame TRUMP. why don’t they listen it’s easy. they broke our laws. not democrats laws. our laws. if they didn’t come here illegally they wouldn’t be detained.

    • Are there that many totally stupid people in the 50th state may be it is time to with draw statehood or do as the japs did and bomb the he’ll out of the islands but only the parts that Are not MILITARY installations.

      • In South Africa, a POLITICIAN got up ND SAID,
        “half of the people in this parliament are stupid”
        The speaker asked to apologiZe, which he did. Then said “half of the people in this parliament are not stupid”
        The speaker did not know what to saY.

      • Ms. Hirono aspires to the level of Hawaii’s well respected Senator Dan Inouye, whose reputation is unquestionable not only as a injured war hero but a true patriot. Unfortunately, she has grasped onto the tail coats of Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Schumer in her quest to reach that height and simply reiterates their views. Indeed it was ignorant of her to even involve herself in this issue as it is of no benefit to her constituents but as it turned out, a negative impression befalling all Asians and Hawaiians. But your prejudicial words and comments (like Carlos) simply demonstrates your ignorance. Asians don’t hate ‘whites’ because of Pelosi or Shumer or latinos for their idiotic statements. Just because one White, Black, Asian, Latino, etc does something stupid doesn’t mean ‘all’ of that ethnic group are the same. Both of you need to look at yourselves in the mirror more closely.

  9. In my 85 years on this planet as a citizen of the U.S.A. I have finally came to the conclusion that there are hundreds of legislators with zero IQ’s. The number 5 might be the combined total for DC, President Trump excluded, he also demonstrates “common sense” which is also a missing element of the swamp. MAGA

  10. Senator from Hawaii is not the most stupid Senator. Remember the fellow that was worried that to much weight on one side of a island would make it tip over into the ocean. Now that’s stupid!

    • I am curious if we got rid of the stupid congress persons exactly how many in the housed and senate would still be on board? It is time for congresspersons to become better acquainted with the laws of our land

      • They should all have to pass an IQ test, before running for office. I cannot believe the morons and criminal officials in Congress. They should also have an age & term limit, especially in the Supreme Court. Ginsburg just falls asleep,and she doesn’t know what she is voting for.

    • Let’s face it. To call yourself a liberal in today’s climate, you are one dumb pos. They have the common sense of a two year old. Whine, cry, scream at the sky if they don’t get their way. Oh, and believe every word said on tv.

  11. This kind of junk is what we get for allowing FOREIGNERS in our Congress. Before some liberal begins hollering about Hawaii is a state, let me remind you that there were no Hawaiians in Independence Hall when the Declaration of Independence was signed and no Hawaiian names to the Constitution.

  12. This is what happens when FOREIGNERS serve in our Congress. And before some libturd begins hollering about Hawaii being a state, THERE WERE NO DAMN HAWAIIANS WHO WROTE THE CONSTITUTION OR DECLARATION.

  13. WE no longer have stateamen nor state persons running our country. All they can do is snitch on each other looking for the worse in their nest, commit crimes against society and humanity. How sad all this politically correct is. They are loosing their own knowledge of what they are there to do. That being to follow the law of the land. In this case they didn’t even know it!

    • Amen 🙏🏽! We still NEED to get out and VOTE in this mid-term election! Otherwise, We the American People, who put President Trump in Office in 2016, will end up being the ‘Silent Majority’ again! We will end up becoming a third-world nation, with the Globalist-Elitists in power again!

  14. “ … Elizaveta Shuvalova, a Russian citizen who became a U.S. citizen only last year, was registered as an eligible voter in 2012 and added to the San Francisco voter rolls, the Washington Times reported.

    She was perplexed to find herself in the voter rolls, saying she wasn’t an American citizen and didn’t even register to vote.

    “I’ve never registered for anything in my entire life,” Shuvalova told the paper. “This is news to me.”

    The woman’s voter log shows that she signed up as a Democrat in July 2012. In 2016, her registration was canceled after she informed election authorities that she wasn’t eligible to vote because she wasn’t yet a U.S. citizen. … “

    Well, we have voter fraud lurking everywhere in the U.S.

    We definitely need the voter ID.

    • Congress MUST enhance the integrity of our voting and they can do this bvy mandating Voter ID. If it does not do such, then the governors of the states should call for a constitutional convention.

    • We definitely need voter ID and a law passed that says if you knowingly vote illegally you will lose any chance of becoming a U.S. citizen and be deported immediately.

    • Which is why they will take back the house and Senate this year. They’re going to cheat like never before. Their very existence depends upon this. If they lose, the dems party is done. And they know this. That’s why they have abandoned the blacks and are hot for the illegals. They don’t care how they get it. Just to get there.

    • It has always been my understanding that we do have voter ID Laws. It just became unpopular or feared that it might be seen as discriminatory to ask for ID so now we have this problem of run amuck voter fraud. Our State just reported that over 5600 illegals were registered to vote since last year, but they have no solution or plans to stop those persons from voting. Now as for me, a life-long resident here how do I know that my effort to go vote will not be negated by one of the 5600 illegals they know about already? When I go to the pool I am required to show my Drivers License for Photo ID, State voter ID card and/or a utility bill which can serve as proof of residence. How are people with no form of ID or POR allowed to vote? Why do they just follow the laws we already have on the books? Our entire state voted for Trump except for 3 tiny precincts in the middle of the state which voted for Hillary Clinton, giving our state to her. How is this fair to everyone else in our state. Since everyone from the Governor down are Democrats that will lie to Jesus rather than risk losing an election to a Republican, what can we do to make them obey the laws? It is very discouraging.

      • Hold your Senator,Congress rep accountable by forcing them to recognize this crime been committed and force them to take action. One problem i see here is lazyness and fear set in which is false doctrine against the true American believer. Stop it,stand up and be counted.

  15. It looks like the Democrats want to make the law to suit their position. Get real Senator. This is America and we as citizens {including Democratic Senators} need to obey our laws.

    • That’s a typical opinion of liberal they interpret everything to fit their agenda. That’s what has happen to this country the constitution does not mean nothing to them look at the “constitutional attorney Obama” that never went to classes but got a passing grade because a big donor from Saudi Arabia donated millions of dollars to Harvard and paid for Obama worthless law degree. They call Harvard elite “elite s__t” Money talks at Harvard. Just ask any classmate of she/he Obama about him and they will tell you the whole story.

    • She is a college educatated Senator who cant comprehend that crossing a countries borders are illegal.
      If someone breaks into her house do you think she would think it is illegal and would call the police

    • Quickest way for her to understand is instead of deporting them back to their country designate Hawaii as the place for the illegals to be housed until their hearings. Her constituents will make her understand right away.

      • Hawaii probably wouldn’t be large enough for ALL ILLEGALS.. Use California too. They will be WELCOME with open arms!

  16. It is obvious that the previous administration and the Democratic leaders only think laws apply to the Republicans and they can do whatever they want. It is again obvious that the Democratic Leadership believes they are above the law by their actions which would take hours to write all of their violations. This senator only wants to ignore the law so the Democrats can have more ILLIEGAL voters.

  17. I have read the comments and I agree that this has gone on long enough …. we can not raise the standards of another country by lowering ours. The Democrats seem to think that America has unlimited resources. We in America have plenty of our own problems that need to be addressed financially.
    I promise that if an American citizen breaks the law, that is severe enough to be incarcerated and no one is there to care for your children, yes that’s right, into the system they go and you go to court to get them back…. why should it be any different for an illegal trying to sneak into our country.
    It was mentioned that we should turn them all back when caught and let Mexico deal with them. That is the fairest way if you won’t prosecute…

  18. President Trump’s policy is spot on!!!! We have laws in this country. If people come here illegally they should be prosecuted. Mr. President, build that wall and continue supporting our border agents.

  19. President Trump, if the Dumbos and the back-stabbing Establishment RINO’s refuse to fund the Wall, don’t balk, shut down this secret dealing self-serving government. Put them through the hoops, take no prisoners, we want the country back, we want the wall! The government will continue functioning, we have been through this before. Now the time is ripe to make the move, you have the majority of the country behind you and your next 2020 Term.

  20. Perhaps Democrat Senator Mazie Hirono would understand the point better if we use an analogy that she could understand. Ms. Hirono….think of it this way – if a man with a child breaks into your house (without your permission which would be a crime) and you call the cops, what would the cops do with the child? Do you let the man go because he has the child? ….or do you put the child in a safe place when the man goes to prison? ….. or do you ?????
    Illegal aliens with their kids are different than the man with the child who breaks into your house…..Our COUNTRY IS our HOUSE !

    • It is about time our Country put the stop to this. Most of us have past relatives that have entered this Country legally; have worked hard and have been very proud to be an American. Why has this stopped – we know the left needs votes. They can easily use coercion on these illegals. It is a crime and in a a weird sense a form of treason on our Constitution and our citizens.

  21. When I was young my grandfather told me that anyone could become a congressman, senator or even president. Now after seeing what the left is electing…I think he was right.

  22. Just another dumbass democrap with no idea what they are talking about, just lashing out against any and everything Trump does. These illegals broke the law, stop making excuses and send them the hell back and out of here. Go TRUMP!!

  23. When she said that she was confused he should have said that that is obvious.maybe I should come over there and help you pull your head out of your confused ugly ass.

  24. The Senator is easily confused. Many Democrats are easily confused. Maybe before they run for Congress they should get a good education in government, and law. It wouldn’t hurt to have a little common sense.

  25. Not enforcing our immigration laws causes more people to cross a very dangerous area with some criminal activity and even death. The Democrats are responsible for this situation with their no borders hope and actions. They are using people for political reasons and endangering them. One of their political talking points was a picture of children in cages but that was taken during the Obama administration not Trumps.

  26. He should have asked her why do you have a front and back door to your house or why do you have a security system in your home and car, or if I punch you in the mouth and break your teeth out do think I am right for doing so and should not have to go to jail or pay your medical bills for assaulting you? Yet that is exactly what these Illegals are doing to all of us and representatives like yourself are the reason why (Dip Stick)

  27. Stop all the BS. Send them All back. Build the wall and support President Trump. Stop the left, this is out of hand. STAND UP ALL TRUE AMERICANS.

    • Yes I absolutely agree. Democrats don’t want to build the wall for just one reason, president Trump promised to build the wall and if this happen all the people of the states will surely love him more.

  28. These ILLEGAL MIGRANTS basic crime is CRIMINAL TRESPASS and their supporters are
    guilty of AIDING and ABETTING their crime. They should ALL be charged, prosecuted
    and sent home or to prison whichever is appropriate. Both?
    The illegals are criminals who have NO American Constitutional Rights.

  29. It is about time that the law is enforced, and those in office re educate themselves as to what our U.S. Constitution says, and what the law on the books say. She listens to to much fake news and thinks democrats still run the country which they do not. OBAMA made his own laws allowed terrorist, illegals DACA into our country even allow many to be citizens without following protocol; also allowed prisoner’s from Cuba and other countries to enter the USA so that the democrats would gain votes. He is very sly and crooked just like Hillary, both should be up for being a traitor, and also for causing treason against our Nation and her people. The judges also have to be re educated, they are suppose to up hold the law, not have to sets of laws one for republican’s and one for democrats. Time to ENFORCE it. Our President Trump is following the LAW our nation was founded on and is enforcing it, He is the only President in nearly 40 plus years to do so and it doesn’t matter to him which party you belong to the punishment is the same for all. Thank You President Trump for making America great again. You have my vote in 2020

    • Very well said Merride. If all those senators and judges were, as well, “in the know” as you are…things would go much smoother in our country!


  30. Of course she’s confused. How much illegal immigration does Hawaii have to deal with? LA alone probably has more illegals than Hawaii’s entire population of 1.4M. FYI…there are 120K Hispanic or Latino’s (8%) on the islands.

  31. Now that this senator has publicly admitted she is confused about immigration law maybe someone can explain the law to the rest of her liberal friends starting with Pelosi and Shumer. Murder is illegal as is speeding and dui. And a LOT of other things. An American citizen will be prosecuted for breaking the law but an undocumented immigrant who illegally enters our country isn’t? I am a proud veteran who fought for Americans. Not for criminals who continue to drain our tax payer funded welfare programs. Keep it up Chuck and Nancy and the rest of your liberal friends. You are guaranteeing President Trump another term. But then that’s a good thing.

  32. Senator Hirono comes from Hawaii. They don’t have a South America illegal problem because the illegals can’t walk across the water into Hawaii. That’s why she knows nothing and is confused. MAGA.

  33. Why are Democrats allowed to reproduce???
    They support Murder of children (abortion)
    I suggest neutering them to prevent their

  34. The Congress shows themselves to be some of the Dumbest people in the country. They really show themselves in Congressional hearings.

  35. In order to become a legislator in the US you should have to at least pass some test to determine if you got a brain larger than a pea. Most democrats would not pass the test. The party of morons.

  36. It is about time. Illegal immigrants are hurting hard working, responsible, educated, and law abiding people who desire to immigrate legally to the United States. Why illegal immigrants be rewarded with amnesty while legal immigrants wait years and spend thousand of dollars to do it right. So unfair.


  38. There should be no detention, anyone who comes into this nation illegally should be immediately sent back, there is no debate this topic they broke the law and for doing so they should instantaneously be sent back to Mexico, if the Mexican Government allowed them as Citizens from one of the Central American countries to pass through Mexico on their way here then let the Mexican Government deal with them.

    • but you see that is what its all abnout .these people do not know the laws of this country .along with most young people they do not know because the commies do not teach what this country is about .the history is not taught .the proper funtion of what we are about is lost amont the people .that is a big problem .people are mis informed . .OLD VET

      • When I went to High School we had US History our junior year. If you did not pass US History you did not graduate your senior year. TEACH OUR KIDS ABOUT THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. Get rid of SOROS AND HIS SONS. They are the ones funding most of this BS going on today.

        • PaulNam67 They have already changed a lot of the old history so don’t know how much true history is still there to teach about.

    • Our President is totally correct about these Illegal Aliens, Not undocumented immigrants!!! I’m amazed how many Senators & Congressmen are so misinformed. Even my Congressman didn’t know it was illegal to cross our Border when your Illegal?? Mr. Trump told them if they came across the Border they would be arrested! The Senate & Congress were wondering why their families can’t stay together? This was not a family picnic they are not allowed to stay together when your incarcerated no where in our Country! Not even California!

      • Those people were protecting the life of there children and family how is that a crime leave or die. Second children belong with their family and not in cages they are not animals they are kids. We let his family come from Germany and look what we got a dictator. We didn’t put him in a cage but should have as he shows no human decency.

    • No, you are quite mistaken and out of line about calling a party name,s Michael. For your myopic information, shame on you, and any American who thinks it is right to spend our billions of dollars and resources because of people like you and others deem we have no borders, we are not a sovereign nation. Under the Obama Administration, the percentage and volume of so-called children being held were significantly higher. There are many children being used in human trafficking and thought to be able to circumvent laws and our nation. Shame on you and those adults who cause these children to be here. What do you think they do in any central or South American country? They would not stand for this insanity and evil. But you put anyone but your own citizens ahead of Americans and excuse the previous POTUS and his party when they did far worse. What a biased bigoted coward you are.

      • Are you from another planet Brad we can’t focus on what is going on now we need to blame another administration not really knowing a dam thing about them other than it isn’t your choice and takes the focus off of the reality of what is going on in the world now at this moment. We can change now and make it a better America before their is no America

    • Seriously? Who said anything about that? Im a democrat and know that the law is broken willingly. These countries/people know how to take advantage of us.
      Please open your home and please pay more taxes from YOUR income to fund this mess. I rather have my taxes go to the elderly who are ripped out of their HOME after years of contributing to society because federal and state expenditure keeps going up with costs and services GIVEN to illegals.

    • Stupid is as stupid does. No one is saying the children are criminals, but the parents are! What I want to know is why these bleeding hearts arent upset by the thousands of children that are in the foster care system because thier citizen parent is in jail for committing a criminal act. Why should illegal aliens be treated less harshly than a person that belongs in this countr

    • You’re right … after the parents are arrested for committing the crime of illegally entering the country the children should just be released on to the streets to fend for themselves. Liberal A-holes seem to love having homeless people on the streets. (see California)

    • Michael, absolutely no one said “being a child is a crime”. Illegal-alien parents knew they were putting their child(ren) in harms way when they crossed the border illegally! Here in the States children are taken away from parents who endanger their children, hence foster-care children. You are one of the many leftist liberals who should live by the proverb it’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear a fool than to open it and speak which removes all doubt!

    • Hey moron take your worthless in American ass over to there country and make it good enough to where they don’t want to leave, they come here and live better than most American citizens for free off the citizens

    • Michael commit a felony (such as grand theft) here in the Good Old US and see if they will let you take your child with you when you are put in jail awaiting trial

    • Michael, you have to be a complete idiot. No one said anything about “being a child is a crime.” Those illegal aliens put their children in harms way when they brought them illegally into our Country. Being an illegal is a crime. All illegals should be sent back to their country, no matter who they are. If you crossed the border into Mexico ILLEGALLY, you would be put in prison. So, you idiots defending these criminals are criminals yourself.

  39. To Texas Michael. Yes I do remember. I grew up in the Bay Area, not far from Oakland. I was a young man at the time, and scared as hell! But look how that turned out for them!. If we of logical minds stand together, this too shall pass.


      • It’s about time
        The law is the law. Have these senators and congressmen go to other countries without papers see what happens.

    • Absolutely! If they are going to try and uphold the law, they should Know the law.
      This Family separation from illegal boarder crossers has been going on for 30 years.
      It is NOT Donald Trump”s doing. He is the only one with the gonads to UPHOLD the laws of this land.

    • This is what comes from years of ignoring the laws of the US. Ant representative that ignores the laws should be sanctioned and forced to leave. They are NOT listening to the legal citizens they represent.

    • If you don’t understand our laws then you shouldn’t be sitting up there asking questions that you don’t even know the answers to. You are a blithering idiot and if I or anyone else went to a meeting as important as that one was in the real world and displayed that kind of ignorance I would have been fired on the spot, which is what should have taken place there to you. But Noooooo. That is why our Government is in the condition that it is in. Everyone just keeps looking the other way when someone screws up and covers it up and lets them just keep on drawing a paycheck because they to play they same game as the others by looking the other way when they see the crooked dealing and corruption going on around them all the time. I Pray every night that some how, some way, God will expose all those crooks, cheaters, and liers who are lining their pockets with our hard earned Tax Dollars for not doing a damn thing for our COUNTRY, but instead are HURTING OUR COUNTRY by preventing OUR PRESIDENT, that WE THE PEOPLE, VOTED INTO OFFICE, FAIR AND SQUARE from conducting the things that need to be done that will help our COUNTRY. They are fanning flames that they know full well Trump had nothing whatsoever to do with. Those laws were put into place by Clinton, then Obama enforced them and nothing was ever said so someone needs to set those loud mouths straight. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND DONALD TRUMP KEEP ON KEEPING ON. YOU HAVE THE PEOPLE BEHIND YOU 100%. Just let them try to Impeach You

  41. According to a recent poll, more people prefer dumbocrats be in charge of congress than republicans. It seems that dumbocratism is spreading among the population. God help us if they take control of either house of congress. We are doomed!!!!!

    • I would like to know who conducted this poll. Seems to me that whoever does the poll will select the demographics to make the poll come out favorably for their cause. Every poll I have taken has The Donald winning by a landslide, and the Dem’s going down the toilet.

      • Randy Miller, just look and listen to the Democrats. They are the ones who are dragging them selves down the toilet. Common sense Mr. Miller.

        • My point exactly. Just hoping I can help awaken some others to the fear porn that the Dem’s spew out. Don’t get caught up in their rhetoric, do your research, and the REAL truth is evident. Get out and vote. Don’t let the likes of Antifa, BLM, Waters and her goons or anybody else stop you. Vote Republican all the way. Then we can go about weeding out the RINO’S.

          • Randy Miller do you remember when the Black Panthers blocked and intimidated voters by standing in their way with clubs night sticks have a feeling the same things going to happen so it’s time to break out the armory

          • Texas I remember them black bastards with their sticks. At my voting place, they would have gotten them sticks stuck up their asses. Would have looked like fudge sickles.

  42. If a senator is going to serve on a committee and question people on national TV, they should know what the heck they are talking about and what the laws regarding the issues are. I hope Republicans congressional members all see how foolish she looked and thank goodness she is a Democrat. It is a crying shame that I, who watch the D.C. stuff from my recliner, know more about what is going on than a member of Congress. And, they get a lot more salary from it than I ! KNOW YOUR JOB CONGRESS!!!


  43. It’s about time that our immigration laws have been put into place to protect the American citizens and our country.

    I am proud of President Trump putting our ” zero tolerance” policies in place and using them to help with stopping all of the illegal immigrants coming into our country.

    I support President Trump on his ” zero tolerance” policies 10,000%. I am pleased with seeing how he is getting our security fixed from former president Obama’s dumb stuff.

    President Trump, PLEASE continue the very good hard work that you are doing for every American citizen and our communities!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Trump did this! Trump did that!” all day loooooong. That’s it.

    It’s all about Trump. Yeah, Trump Derangement Syndrome again.

    It’s unbelievable that the liberals can’t see the fact that all the illegal aliens broke the law.

    The GOP must retain the control of House of Rep and Senate. We need to clean up the mess. It’s true that the Dems are stalling everything in hope to recapture one of the House thru the mid-elections.

    We MUST vote! Take your day off to vote!

    American citizens come FIRST. MAGA!

    • To man from grey…. they blame trump because the pu_ _ ies didn’t dare criticize Obama, whom after reading many things seemed to be someone wanting to bring this country down. They were afraid that they would be called racist. Based on what Im reading and researching, that man wasn’t a president for the people of the US but a go between for the anti christian society.

      I truly believe God allowed trump to become president! Just look at all he has overcome to get to there and how he is doing well in office. Kim Clement had prophesied this a few years ago!! Look it up and be amazed!

  45. Since when is there confusion about ILLEGAL. These ILLEGALS knew what would happen when they tried to enter our country. Send them straight back,that should stop it

  46. It is about time. Long over due. President Trump is the best we have had in many decades and yes he has my vote in 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dummycrats are stupid people with the exception of those whom are beginning to see the flaws in that party. I saw the light in 1993. You can only expect their leaders to say stupid things. Several of them have switched to republican. Let’s hope it’s going to be enough. The conservatives rigid side is right for this great country.

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