WATCH: This Supreme Court Justice just destroyed Cory Booker

Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) was posturing himself for the 2020 Democrat Presidential Primary at Kavanaugh’s hearings.

At one point he boasted he was having an, “I am Spartacus,” moment leading his phony rebellion against Kavanaugh.

But what this Supreme Court Justice had to say about it left Booker looking pathetic.

Senator Cory Booker was determined to make a name for himself at the Kavanaugh hearings to get a leg up in the 2020 Democrat Presidential Primary.

He decided he would go about doing so by releasing documents from Kavanaugh’s time in the Bush administration marked “committee confidential.”

In his defiance of Senate rules Booker proudly declared:

”This is about the closest I’ll probably ever have in my life to an ‘I am Spartacus’ moment.”

Booker’s lack of humility was on display for all to see.

But Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas had an incredible response.

Justice Clarence Thomas appeared on C-SPAN during a speech at the Federalist Society.

He was asked to give his opinion about what will preserve the legitimacy of the Supreme Court.

Justice Thomas calmly replied:

I think what preserves all of our legitimacy… that we do our jobs honestly, we do it with integrity, we do it with an ethical foundation, a moral foundation. We follow the law, we live up to the oaths that we take. And I think brick by brick, we build a structure and fabric of a society.

He went on to say:

… How many people can you use in leadership positions today, the word that I used… Honorable. Not the Honorable. Honorable. If we could use that word about more people who are in public life, people who actually ask the questions at confirmation hearings, instead of “Spartacus”…

The crowd laughed approvingly.


What’s even more embarrassing about what Booker said is that The New York Times reported that William Burck, a lawyer working for former President George W. Bush, informed them that they had already cleared the documents to be used publicly.

The New York Times quoted Burck:

”We cleared the documents last night shortly after Senator Booker’s staff asked us to” Mr. Burck said. “We were surprised to learn about Senator Bookers histrionics this morning because we had already told him he could use the documents publicly.”

Booker is just another example of a Democrat that is obsessed with trying to object to anything that Donald Trump does.

Democrats have turned the historically bipartisan confirmation of Supreme Court Justices into another partisan sideshow in Washington, D.C.

It will be up to voters to hold them accountable for it in November.



  1. Corey Booker is delusional. Does he really think this country would elect him to be President? Uh, oh, they elected Barack Obama.

      • In his imagination he also compares himself to Spartacus, a gladiator hero. If he wants to be like Spartacus, he should be provided with his death wish!!

        • What a fake he is! Making ng a supposed remark about being Spartacus because he was putting his job on the line but he was lying the whole time; he knew these documents were released as he had asked they be so, the night before his historonics in the Senate Judiciary meeting.
          S H A M E ON HIM!!!
          I think the public circus atmosphere could have been avoided. Senator Grassley should have kept better control of the hearings!

    • It was extremely obvious every time Booker spoke, he was campaigning, and his comment about being a “SPARTACUS” has become the funniest and stupidest statement yet! I hear him lecturing every time he speaks, and seems to be following the BIG ZERO in every dialogue he delivers. GOD HELP US!!! PLEASE!!!!

  2. TO: Steel Magnolia…LOVE that flick…multi-faceted FEISTY women! Your comment herein about the corrupt Clinton Foundation. Curious, id’n’it?…that a whistleblower set to testify about the (alleged) Haiti earthquake relief is found DEAD in his hotel room (Florida, if I recall correctly). And someone ELSE most recently set to testify against Clinton on another matter…found DEAD in HIS NYC hotel room! And let us NEVER forget DNC staffer Seth Rich! HE had the goods on Lyin’ Hillary and got SHOT DEAD IN THE BACK for it! Podestas John and Tony lobbying with The Ukraine! Mophead Debbie Wasserman-Schultz with her Pakistani aide and HIS extended family! NSA Clapper! CIA Brennan! PROVEN LIARS! Comey BFF Mueller BFF Rosenstein! KERRY breaking bread and shooting off HIS most INappropriate mouth with the terrorist mullah regime in Iran! PIZZAGATE?…gonna do some diggin’! STAY ON IT, Steel Magnolia!

    • VOTE RED NOV 2018…………If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

    • Well then, include the 2 podestas ‘home’ ‘over seas’ & rented. Then
      young woman to ‘blow the whistle’ = GONE. Was Reported. & Buried___

      • Foxy phoenix. Am Already Waaay Past, ie Stay 0n ‘it’. hmm.
        ‘know’ Way too much Already. E’0ne Else NEEDS to
        ‘kecthup’. ___ har har.
        don’t me make ‘talk’ to much___ hmm.
        – knock-knock. who’s there. Answer: Show ID. & Get TF0
        of here.

          • Bingo. haha. ‘doppleganger(s)’. uh – try ‘triplets’/& ‘quads’.
            Yikes – ‘steel’ scooches the ‘snark’ Sharks.
            > Be Aware -‘clues’ Are E’where in the VeryWhere.

          • ps. pottymouth has to ‘zip the lip’ Sometimes. 0u eee.
            hey. let’s have a cup o’ java, together
            w/ M. &Dan.T & Brenda etc. Where ???
            ps. maybe new name, ‘doppleganger’. Haaa.

          • LLL>MMM>AAA>OOO!!! You GO, girl! ADD RosyPalms to your repertoire of CRA-ZEE monikers! Clues ARE everywhere! Here’s to YOU, my friend! 🍻🍻🍻 Foxy!

          • You know what Foxy Phoenix, I ‘oughtta’ ‘smack’ U upside the head,
            ‘Italian style’ for that’rosyp’ remark. WTF. LOL (sic) ♥U.

        • Gak, RosyPalms ??? Geez, u gonna make melook this up ??? 0k.
          ps. Here’s to You, Foxy ‘Hop’pin Suds, from the ‘Grapes’ of Wrath.
          ♥ SAVEUSA (from the morons).

          • POTTYMOUTH & FOXY, Lord help me, I don’t know how but I understand your hyraglyphics! I don’t know the meaning or how you are using some words. Does that mean we are of the same tribe? Ya got me some libation, may be my turn to buy?

  3. Indulge me…

    Bless the beasts and children,
    All creatures great and small,
    All things wise and wonderful,
    The Lord God made them all. James Herriot

    To our 🇺🇸AMERICAN🇺🇸 brothers and sisters of whatever political persuasion, their pets, abandoned dogs and cats, farm animals, the wildlife…may your journey in The Carolinas in the aftermath of ‘Florence’ be blessed with happy endings! I remain 💔💔💔…

      • Thank you, Zee! Just had to take a moment and disconnect from all this INSANITY…and think about the victims, their strength and endurance, during and after this most epic act of Mother Nature 😥

        • And if anyone cares to debate me on the POLITICS of global warming and climate change causing hurricanes, BRING IT ON! Trump is not the causal factor, EITHER! But for the moment, have ♥ and remember the victims…

          • Righto! In All ♥ / ‘Prayer’. ~j~ .
            &&& For ANY ‘POLITICAL’ debate re climate/global warming etc.
            Please contact Neanderthal/ Cro-Magnon etc. + zee.scootchie.Steel.foxLady & Al Gore!!! Bring IT 0N___
            Bwar har har. ps. Do i Have To ‘waste’ MY Time on this
            subject matter ???

    • Hey zee and NOWFOXYLADY,
      What is wrong with Google today? I just sent the “nicest” comment ever and it was censored! FOUL PLAY! Conservatives are due same first amendment right of free speech given to liberals!
      Trying again: Every so often a little of the real “us” escapes for all the world to see. Nice comment FOXY. Thanks for sharing. (now what is wrong with that subject matter or the words used)

        • Dan T., NOWFOXYLADY is a sport. “Thinks quick on her feet!” That is a real old saying I have not thought of in a long time. She speaks right up and lays out there what she has on her mind, that is a very good thing! It’s quiet on here this p.m. guess everyone is busy elsewhere. I was going to take a lazy Sunday afternoon nap but failed miserably. 🙂

        • Googie Google Sux. Period. GOOGLE Made Their
          Statement. Did U See/Hear the 1 hr vid?
          They Are Totally Dem. & (hillary et al).
          > Well, don’t Waste your time, i did.
          (in transcript form). googie Google like a
          Coin. Heads -Good, Tails, Bad.

      • THANK you, M! My name MEANS ‘always kind’. But if anyone bullies and demeans me, is condescending and disrespectful?…I WILL meet fire with fire because NO ONE has that right! “She trusted > she believed > she gave generously > she loved fearlessly.” THAT is what people will say…but not for at LEAST another 50 and counting! They can THINK it in the meantime! And all this discord and dishonesty…the GAMES played…send me into ORBIT! Now we have this ‘psychology’ person (51) with her ‘coming out’ party to defame and slander Kavanaugh!…after 40 YEARS?…while in their TEENS? To what END? What MOTIVATES her? My GOD…get a f*ckin’ LIFE…take ownership…EVOLVE! She must know NOTHING about listening to Spirit and trusting her intuition…VERY sad, indeed. No saint HERE but the Left HAS lost its moral compass since it LOST in 2016! No END to its depravity and pure selfishness. NO end! And I will NOT be a silent shrinking violet!

        • FOXY, I would say YES to your comment points. Dem libs are counting on conservatives being bullied and intimidated by them, well NOT! We must stand our ground if we want our
          Constitution, our freedom and a multi
          party system. The Dems are not
          “joking’ here! They fully intend for us to
          be a one party system. Scarey, huh?
          Re: Kavanaugh , this is a repeat of what
          the Dems tried to do with Judge Clarence
          Thomas. Anita Hill accused him of
          harassing her of which there was no
          proof and he was confirmed. Judge
          Kavanaugh will be confirmed as well. I
          am so happy that 65 women wrote
          letters stating they went to school with
          him and what a fine person he was in
          school, they never heard anything bad
          about him during school or since and
          what a fine person he has been all his
          life. That was rambling but, you get the
          jest of the message. It is hard to
          comphrend the level of deceit and dirty tactics people will stoop to.

          • And therein lies the rub, M…how CAN anybody of sound mind even BEGIN to comprehend the level of deceit and dirty tactics? Am I NAIVE? Just WHEN did deceit and dirty tactics become the NORM for so MANY? The Left will stop at NOTHING! No holds BARRED! Game ON! And 🇺🇸America🇺🇸 as we KNOW her, LOVE her, will SACRIFICE our LIVES for her…GONE TO HELL IN A HAND BASKET! When did THAT cease to MATTER? I ‘served’ at the heels of a father…Colonel, U.S. Army (WWII) who HIMSELF served with honor and distinction! And I honored HIM by flying 🇺🇸 over the U.S. Capitol Building for Father’s Day 1995! I SALUTE that 🇺🇸 to this DAY! I cannot sing our National Anthem without tearing up! WHAT WENT SO SIDEWAYS? SO…WRONG???

        • M and Foxy Lady that’s what I’ve been saying. We can disagree and be civil. But it seems it’s going past that. I feel like libs can be dangerous. Again I say lock and load. People are being attacked because of supporting conservatives.

          • Dan T., Civil is wonderful but, I am not finding liberals who want civility. I try and when a liberal wants war, they have got it. I have seen you dial it back time and again with diane/dr.j.d., etc. they kick you in the gut and the battle is on.
            I will give you an A for effort. Liberals have declared conservatives their enemies and they want to fight. The ones we have here are nothing compared to the really bad dudes out in the streets, you know what I mean. Am being careful with words so this won’t be censored. Those are the ones we need to be concerned about and where conservatives may at some point have to takes steps to take of protect ourselves if no other alternative.

      • M. Just keep on. Shorten message, whatever.
        i’ve had 4x out !!! haha & don’t care, Then
        the ‘brief goodie’ gets thru . Sometimes i
        don’t care re block/drop, Depending Upon
        the Subject matter & To Whom.

        • M our great country is being torn apart. I’m not paranoid , but it’s going past political differences. Someone on the left will light the fuse someday. I have several acres that’s easy to defend. My family and I have plans. Not to go to them. If they come to us it’s game on.

  4. TO: Pottymouth >> The SAME ‘Doctor’ (air quotes! wink wink!) JD who I suggested hails from the halls of narcissistic personality disorder (Mister NPD!)?! BEHAVIORAL SCIENTIST by his own admission?! LMAO! Now it’s ALL coming together! Dogs > lie down > FLEAS! He comes across like his very quasi-subjects/clients/patients! His ‘302s’ are his PLAYBOOK! I KNEW IT! A psycho-socio mental midget harboring a superiority complex! And probably a sick twisted experi-MENTAL with a white lab coat who tortures and abuses small animals while compiling his case studies in BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE! DemonRAT SEE DemonRAT DO! I LOVE it when a plan comes together >> The A-Team! THANKS, Pottymouth! Hear THAT, M?! We are locked and loaded NOW!!! Always good to know EXACTLY who your enemies are!!!

    • Wow! Clarance Thomas ranting about honor. This is the creep that assaulted Anita Hill and, with the support of the republican party, still got elected to the highest court in the land FOR LIFE. If he had an ounce of honor he would have taken is soiled name and reputation out of contention. The conclusion is that the Republican Party is as corrupt now as it was back when Thomas was seated.

      • Trumpty Dumpty, You are deceitful and biased and full of crap. First of all if Judge Thomas has “assaulted” Anita Hill he would have been prosecuted. He was accused of harassing her. There was no proof and was done as an eleventh hour tactic just like D. Feinstein is trying to do to Judge Kavnaugh. Liberals will do anything, I repeat anything to obstruct and delay in an attempt to control everything. I could say so much more.

      • Leftists cannot see the lies they are told, just eat up whatever is fed to them by the party of Demons. The Demons will do WHATEVER they need to do to keep power. They lie, cheat and steal and it has been going on since the sixties.

    • Ewww, Dr. Barbara! Be vewy vewy caweful about using ALL CAPS! Was mocked and critiqued myself by some idiot libtard for doing just THAT!

    • Ethics Committee HAS no ethics…a JOKE! $Settlements$ from sexual harassment claims coined as SHUSH MONEY were paid out over the years from taxpayer dollars that taxpayers never even KNEW about! We do NOW! $Millions$ over the years! Maybe since THAT was exposed, the committee WILL act and…CENSURE (?)

      • POTUS Needs to ‘try’ & SHUT that “SHUSH $$” 0UT !
        > Nasty ‘stuff’ Foxyphoenix. 0N My $ & Yours & E’0ne’s $.
        (including ‘santimonious libs’ on this site) of which Do
        NOT have ‘a clue’ of what they ‘support’. whew.
        > “SHUSH” Includes some of ‘the stuff’ that is inked below.

    • He should have ethics charges brought against him, as should Diane Feinstein, and Maxine Waters, but I’m not going to hold my breath waiting to see what should be done happen! Note that they are all demonrats!

    • I love it. Booker is twiddle dumb to his other half, Kamala Harris who is twiddle dee. The ethics commission better not drop the ball on this scum bag. I actually heard that he did release secure papers after his stupid stunt so he may be kicked out of the senate all together. Sure hope so. We do not need people like him as senators

  5. Booker is desperate to appear relevant. He & Kamala looked like complete idiots as they tried to get one up on the nominee Kavanaugh. Personally, i think their loser moves will make for great GOP campaign ads in 2020 campaign! These morons really think they matter.

    • Both of them are rude and crude upstarts, desperate to gain fame – instead the gained notoriety. California is noted for these bottom feeders. We need honorable Senators and congressman.

  6. Same subject >> Kavanaugh hearings. Did anybody catch the interview with Ruth Bader GEE?! OMG! Slumped over…head practically on her KNEES! Even the interviewer hesitated…like…is she gonna CROAK RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW?! When finally raising her head just a tad, even SHE condemned Booker’s I AM SPARTICUS antics! Moving right along…HER vacay will be Trump’s NEXT nominee!

  7. Booker is just another wannabe. Look what happened the last time a nice looking literate black was elected to the White House. If America falls and history survives to tell the tale, the beginning of the end will be earmarked by the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama.

  8. Ginsberg even shot these libocrat/ fascists down when she said maybe unwittingly ; ‘this is a very partisan hearing’;; no one but dumocraps are making it partisan.

  9. I can’t figure out if Diane is now going by Richard or by doggybiscuits..but all 3 think that Sherlock Holmes is a new housing development!!?And mueller will be fired shirtly,right after this hurricane leaves.

  10. The letter that went to the FBI, is in my opinion, a dead end and should be ignored because just an allegation, with no other evidence, means little. But what is MOST crucial is the way Kavanaugh has lied, UNDER OATH TO THE SENATE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE.
    Here is a list of these lies and falsehoods:
    Kavanaugh LIES and misleading Senate, under oath:
    1.Between 2004 and 2006, Kavanaugh was asked over 100 times and repeatedly
    Testified under oath that he knew nothing about sources stolen from two
    Deocratic Senators. Emails that have recently surfaced that shows Kavanaugh
    Lied and had this information.
    2. In 2004, in hearing for Court of Appeals, Kavanaugh lied in a Senate hearing
    About knowing and working with a nominee named Pryor, yet emails that have
    surfaced show he nominated Pryor and participated with a working group to get
    him nominated.
    3. Kavanaugh misled the Senate about other controversial nominations, including
    with those who helped develop Bush interrogation techniques.
    4. Misleading the Senate with denying any involvement with some of the legal
    Work involved in Bush’s” rendition treatment of prisoners.

    May be more since the Senate Judiciary Committee has vetted only 7% of the White House record, there fore there has been a huge cover-up of information by Trump and the Republicans. Why not pick a better nominee to SCOTUS, since it is a lifetime appointment? Trump has a list, and should pick someone else who does not have these concerns about being trustworthy?

  11. Hey Butchy, think again obama is making his come back…you see the idiot everywhere…obamas are like the clintons they never go away…I wish they would but to many idiots out there that like them.

    • Dr. J.D. also known as Diane and Scott27 should prove the alligations. People of the world are tired of Democrat alligations and smear campaigns against good honest honorable people who
      want nothing more than to serve our
      Country and make it a better place.
      Democrats/liberals have reached the
      lowest level of degradation in our
      Country’s history. There is absolutely
      nowhere they will not go to be in power.
      It is useless to try to reason with them,
      they are far beyond that.
      Corey Booker, as radical as he is, unfortunately is no worse than any in
      Democrat leadership and the deaf dumb
      blind puppets in their party who without any questions follow. Sad state of affairs, don’t you think?

      • First, M, I laid out the claims about Kavanaugh’s misleading, under OATH, the Senate Judiciary Committee and pretty exactly under what conditions. You, on the other hand, have laid out nothing, except nothing but your weird and disturbed paranoia that I am both Diane and some other person called So=cott27. Pretty much shows your mind has atrophied with too much Faux News and Limbaugh propaganda, and don’t know what you are talking about.

        Your technique is simplistic and an old one — just declare the other point of view comes from liars or degraded – -it is called “poisoning the well,” just another “below-the-belt” way to excuse the fact you have no evidence to back up your points. In a strange way, you are just showing you are a blind puppy, a cult follower that only listens when you hear what your cult leaders says.

        • ‘Doctor’ JD aka MISTER ‘NPD’…go soak your head in formaldehyde for future dissection and anal-y-sis of that THING you call a BRAIN!

          • > Quote from another site.(re Chelsea C.)
            >>> FROM ‘the drJD: ” This is some of the sickest stuff I have read in my life, and I have spent over 40 years as a behavioral scientist. Get some help, read healthy things, breathe fresh air, and if need be, take your meds.” &&& i Said my ‘piece’.

          • That’s Rite – ‘lab coat’. GAK.
            Wow, he blew his ‘sanctimonious’ cover.
            What a ‘snoid’. & this Richard ‘piece’. Piece of What__
            POS, that’s what.___

  12. cory is nothing more than another slick puppet from the ghetto, dressed and scripted by a corrupt white guy Soros
    We are still trying to clean up DC after the last corrupt ghetto trash muslim

  13. Corey doesn’t have what it takes to be our Commander in Chief-President of the USA, he is dishonest, out for self, and another typical democrat out to boost his own ego, time for people like dhim to be put before a firing squad as our tax money has paid enough for democrats crimes. The democrats have walked on us for ears, tried to control is and most have sat by quietly thing it would change with the next President, but it has gotten worse over the last forty yrs or so. American’s it is now to stand up and use our strength and voices and vote for the ones that obey the law, honor their oath and take their job seriously and will work for the good of the people and our nation and that is the REPUBLICANS time to vote them all into office that are running, and vote these deceitful fraudulent democrats out of office, and arrest them all for the crimes they have committed and blames someone else for never taking responsible for their own crimes nor have they ever been held accountable for the lack of doing their jobs. They are over paid criminals, who get away with pay to play sexual encounters, pay protesters to cause separation and chaos at rally’s, and in our court dur interviews, these democrats are the scum of the earth and follow their leader the puppet master who pulls the strings to get something done in removing the republicans from the white House, senate and house and even court system, it is treason they are committing, shot them all. VOTE Republican IN NOvEmemBER help make America strong agian

    • God help us. You are the poster child of todays republican party and every disgusting thing you say about democrats is evidence that you have your head up your ass. The hate that you spew is clearly born of ignorance and stupidity that is encouraged every day by the right wing nut cases that broadcast their self serving bullshit on media such as FoxNews, Rush Limbaugh and many others whose view of the world centers around an “every man for himself” mentality……and “”don’t use my tax dollars for social services, education, health care, cleaning up the environment, maintaining national parks, etc. YOU EXHIBIT THE WORST IN HUMAN NATURE: GREED, IMMORALITY, WINNER TAKE ALL, BIGOTRY, CRUELTY, AND HATE. Once the country has everything your way you will have a country you will not be welcome in because the wealthy will want no part of low class scum unless you are happy to be doing their bidding and dirty work.
      Open your eyes and when you finally wake up repeat after me: DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE OTHERS DO UNTO YOU. Live by these words and spread them to your far right cronies; doing so may be your only contribution to
      our country’s survival but at least you’ll be doing something worthwhile instead of blathering the rot you post on this site.

      • Oh my GOODNESS, Trumpty Dumpty! Everything you say about REPUBLICANS is exactly what the DEMOCRATS are guilty of! Incapable of carrying that burden? It’s called…transference! Take the mean bad rabid monkey off the backs of DEMOCRATS and put it on the backs of REPUBLICANS! Clever! Exactly what Obama and Kerry are doing NOW! Never ENDS with you guys! SHAMEFUL! Tsk-tsk…GRRRR! Hope somebody puts your HEAD back together!

        • NOW FOXYLADY, You are spot on! The Dem libs are accusing Republicans of their own sins! You saw that’s what troll Dryane did to me. Ignored that I asked for proof of her (or it) alligations and wanted proof from me on my response, called us blind followers did not respond to my having said that about Dems, did not express anything regarding what I said about Booker! Just plain empty headed words on paper, no wonder, they have nothing credible to say. Goodbye is what they should say to
          everybody! Stay after them NOWFOXYLADY!

  14. Hey Eric, do you know the definition of ignorant? Don’t know if you are black or white or liberal or Republican doesn’t matter but why would you say he is a token n…what you mean is an “Uncle Tom”, because he made something of himself? Because he doesn’t sit around telling the world my family was slaves you owe me something. No, you have it all wrong. Anyone in America can be anything. I am so sick of someone using the color of someone’s skin to make them less of a human being. Clarence Thomas is a well educated man, a family man, a Christian a man that follows the constitution. I am proud he is an American. And if you don’t like him because of Anita Hill you’re wrong there also. Anytime a conservative comes up for an election or re-election or an appointment the liberals drag out some woman that tells the world the man is a pig he tried to seduce me, he said I look nice today in my new dress. Whoopie! And believe me I will never take a woman, man or child being hurt by harrassement or rape lightly because I was raped by 2 or more men after being drugged. Just don’t parade a woman out to hurt someone. Now, go get a dictionary and look up the definition of ignorant then look up Clarance Thomas and say your sorry for being so cruel. And while you are looking up the definition of ignorant look up the definition of the “n” word also…it actually means someone beneath someone else in class…you know how the clintons and obama’s treat the one’s that break their backs to put food on the table…you know the American people that voted President Trump into office. It has different spellings and meanings. And believe me Clarence Thomas does not fall under any of those definitions. There I said my peace…now go read a book or 2 or 3 and when you can write something with some intelligence get back to us! By the way, I am White, Christian, Veteran, Conservative, Proud American just incase someone wants know.God Bless America!🇺🇸

    • DSC, I am so proud of you! Thank you for you thoughtful and accurate commment. And, thank you for your service and sacrifice for this great Country we both love, blessings and long life to you and yours.

  15. Cory farticus should be tied between two chariots going in opposite directions. Send the horses on their way. He doesn’t deserve to be called Senator much less President.

    • The one that does not deserve to be called a president is Trump for is non honorable behavior. The lies that Kavanaugh tells are just over looked. Which is sad. All of the documents were not released as President Bush wanted.

    • Happy to see Manafort flipping. Fat Donnie and his family will be in deep dodo when Mueller is done with him. Fat Donnie can’t fire his way out of his legal troubles. The Russia investigation is no hoax and never has been. If a person is to grow he/she needs to examine facts with a critical mindset. If the facts don’t fit with what I want my beliefs evolve. That is how science works. What is disturbing the evangelicals are showing their hypocrisy by supporting a wanna be dictator just because of abortion.

      • Richard, fortunately for you America is tolerant else you would have been culled out a long time ago! Remember this proverb from here on: It is best to keep your mouth shut and appear a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.

        • Manafort has flipped??the russian investigation is not a hoax??wanna be dictator??take your head out of your ass stupid.where do people get this shit from?TDS is killing you

          • Butchy
            You are immune to facts. My suggestion is to stop cleaning you ear canals with an ice pick, your pushing it in too deep.

        • Dennis, that is what many of us have been saying in regards to Trump for TWO YEARS! Trump has sunk himself by several of his own announcements, interviews (1. with Lester Holt where he admitted he already decided to fire Comey “for the Russia probe” even before the Memo of Rosenstein came out, AND #2. the Fox interview recently where Trump admitted to working with Cohen on the two felonies that Cohen plead guilty of campaign violations, but worse, Trump said the payback to Cohen, which he lied about previously, went through his company, so he made his company and tax violatons a new part of it) and tweets have shown Trump and his family guilty of crimes. Great points Richard, clearly Dennis not only does not have an open mind, but, like most Trumpettes, just calls facts “stupid.”

        • Dennis
          You are typical of your ilk. I served my country and have a bachelors degree. I’m a student of history and am a member of the “Union of Concerned Scientists.” Did I mention rather wealthy. Soo, you truly believe Mueller’s investigation is a hoax. Time will tell dipshit.

          • Richard, the facts will tell, and those of us who operate knowing “truth will come out” rather than Giuliani’s “truth is not truth” will see it come to pass. We have been saying for a long time, that the label “witch hunt” is false and the evidence is showing that TRUE more each day.

      • Flipping? Sir Richard the people who are really fixing to flip are the obammer cronies who have either been fired or resigned in disgrace and what they will tell is going to chill you and your “kind” to the bone. Just bide your time. Manafort will tell NOTHING on President Trump because there is nothing to tell which mulleur and all the democrats knew from the beginning. They succeeded in convincing bone heads like you that it was all true. What a fool all you gullible nuts will look like with all the egg on your faces when the real truth is known.

        • Rob
          What is the real truth? Fat Donnie keeps changing his version of his truth. Let me know when he decides he’s done so he can tell us all what to believe. And you don’t have to be rude. Chances are if we were speaking face to face you would be more civil. It must be soo reassuring you have all the answers.

          • Richard, appreciate you joining the discussion. I am a member of the Union of Concerned Scientists also and agree with you 100% about what you said about climate change. For Trump and others to deny it shows their total ignorance, lack of knowledge of science, and cultist denial. Some people like Dan Tyree can’t match you on points or facts, so he and many others here just call you names like “you are a commie piece of shit.” They like to call people “commies” but have no answer for supporting a president who does the bidding and everything Putin desires — Trump is the ultimate commie puppet! If many of these people could not hurl dumb insults, they would have nothing to say.

      • You have no IDEA on whom Manafort is flipping! And HIS crimes have nothing whatsoever to do with Trump! Who knows? He may very well be flipping on Tony Podesta…brother of JOHN >> head of the DNC in 2016! You DO NOT know! And until you DO…? SAVE IT!

        • Clinton-connected superlobbyist Tony Podesta worked with Manafort on behalf of a Ukrainian politician yet FAILED to register as a foreign agent with the DoJ. And therein lies your FLIP! Tony > bro DNC John > Clinton dots are connecting. And Hillary is peein’ her pantsuit! But I’m SURE ‘Doctor’ JD will have his usual boorish, condescending, demeaning, self-righteous, superior-minded RETORT! Got his PhD in narcissistic personality disorder…ACED it!

          • In Mueller’s indictment against and subsequent plea deal with Manafort…a one Company B has been identified as Podesta Group, the firm that Tony founded with his brother John, chairman of Clinton’s campaign. And while the liberals are cheering Manafort’s fall from grace, they are conspicuously hush-hush about THIS! Go figure…

        • NowFoxyLady, you obviously do not pay attention to the REAL news. Manafort is working with the special prosecutor FULLY, which means he has all that information on the Trump Tower meeting. Most of us with some sense have realized that Trump as a businessman, never allowed even minor decisions not to be approved by him – – in essence, a micro-manager. . . therefore it was most likely Trump knew in advance and approved of the conspiracy with Russia in advance. It was also obvious to any chess player, Mueller had outmoved Trump several moves ago.

      • I would suggest that you not be so happy about Manafort talking to Mulehead. The person that has a lot to lose isn’t Trump but a Democrat by the name of Podesta. He will be facing charges the same as Manafort if Mueller is in any way honest.

          • 0u ph..nix,seriously, You Don’t ‘Know’??? Highly verboten ‘stuff’. Manaforts indictment Points to the Podesta bros all involved in the Ukraine activities, which in turn EXPOSES part of a HUGE Int’NationalPEDO ‘ring’/ human trafficking etc. Tony/John, hillary,bill,J.Epstein bomba, & Countless More (in Congress),
            Popey frank( & laughs re it). Anyway, Mueller/Comey,Clapper,Brennan
            KNOW FULL WELL What IS G0ING ON HERE, perpetuating the ‘activities’.
            >ALL of Mueller, Rosenstein, Schumer /Dems Continuous Dumping on POTUS is to DEFLECT their Activities & to Protect the Huge Scam of Clinton Foundation, RedCross. Soros, NGO’s, White Helments, PPH. oh god, make me stop. ( i gave M. a teeny bit of skinny.)
            > (Mattis NOT Ped0, Bolton IS ‘nasty’)
            > Wikileaks/ & Weiners pc Exposed John Podesta emails re Abramovitch & their ‘special dinners’ mentioned above. NYPD HAS ALL of it.
            > Look up ‘pizzagate’ in DC. 0h & btw: Did you hear the late Joan Rivers ‘infamous’ words to the paparazzi Before, SHE GOT Gone.
            > Do some DD. come back for PartII. It gets way Worse.

          • ps. ADD Disgusting, >0pen pedO Joe Biden w/ little girls.
            > Comet pingpong Pizza parlour Is pizzagate. hillary had some
            good ‘pizza’ parties there (fbi code words) ‘hot dogs/hamburgers’)
            obomba like ‘hot dogs’& play lots of ‘pingpong’ in WH basement.
            > WH had to be power-washed before next POTUS arrived.
            > POTUS KNOWS ALL this ‘stuffff’.(the
            Stormy Daniels krAAp) IS NOTHING Compared to this bunch (w/rituals,
            ‘partaking’/’ consumption’.) & she (daniels) IS
            slutty Bad Enough. 0h god, make me stop NOW__
            >maybe i’ll make a new name ‘teenySPILL’ GAK.

          • Googled it, ¡steel mag! Debunked by the po-po. According to GOOGLE, anyway. PAID FOR by the Clinton Crime Cartel, most likely. GOOGLE was a NO-SHOW at the last Congressional hearings…no rubby the elbows with Facebook F*ckerberg and Twitter who DID accept the invite. They don’t CENSOR Conservatives? Living proof HERE…

          • How in the World Can You Trust googie NOW ???
            & Googled WHAT ??? hmm. NONE of info above came from
            the gulag googie Google.
            >Did U check out Joan Rivers ‘Infamous’ words ???
            > Comet pingpong Pizza Parlour IS a Biggee. Good luck on that one.
            > 0k, teeny SPILL re Partll. ADRENOCHROME. of which these Evile
            Luciferian Satanic bastards ‘partake’. AFTER they ‘Traffick’/ &
            Capture humans, young humans, including PPH babie ‘stufff’.

  16. sorry folks there only one person i would vote into and that’s my dog, all you ask for is to rub his belly give him his food, but the best advantage is he loves everyone and for some reason everyone loves him. but he won’t lie, cause ridiculous scaddles or how much of an idiot they really are because there to stupid to think before they speak and sorry folks i side with whats right so leaves out 92% of the government and yes i am proud to be an american and will gladly fight for this country

  17. Justice Thomas hit the nail on the head. Sen. Spartacus will never see the inside of the white house unless he takes the tour. We tried an experiment in 2008 by electing another person who thinks just like Spartacus or Harris. That experiment failed big time…let’s not repeat history. Vote this November like your life depended on it because it does.

    • Your year was wrong, the year was 2016 for a person who thinks he knows everything and hires the smartest people. The lies never stoppedsince he has been in office. But I guess you just over look the lies, but God does not.

      • Doggy biscuits..what lies??anything like you can keep your dr??it won’t cost u an extra dime??benghazi was caused by a video??anything along those lines?

        • Glad you asked, Butchy. I also appreciate you not communicating through profanities. I think it is WaPo that keeps a list of Trump lies which have been found by neutral fact checkers – – Trump averages 4-6 a day. You can do an internet search because it is like over 4000. But let me give you a current example of one “pants on fire” whopper by Trump. Trump claimed yesterday (9-14) that close to 3000 people did not die in Puerto Rico due to the hurricane and poor job after the storm, and that Democrats inflated those numbers just to make Trump etc. look bad.” What a TOTAL LIE! These numbers same from a study commissioned by Puerto Rico with George Washington University’s Public Policy experts and had nothing to do with the Democrats. Trump knows it is a LIE, but will keep repeating it over and over and his cult followers will keep repeating the lie also, denying the truth. Puerto Rico relief was mismanaged from the beginning, and now, a year later, a lot of those supplies still remain on the dock, not give to the Puerto Rico people.

          Trump continually lies about his job performance. he lied about the tax bill, claiming it was tax relief for most of us, when 90+% goes to the richest 10%. he lies about Nafta, because we are still in it, and while he has talked with Mexico, this is a THREE nation deal and Canada is still not part of it. Trump lied about his affairs with mistresses, then continually lied about the payoffs to these women. And, he criminally involved his son by giving him the LIE that the Trump Tower meeting was about “Russian adoptions!” He has finally admitted the meeting was about getting dirt on Hillary, and since it involves Russian, threw both Don. Jr. and Jared under the bus. Manafort was also at the meeting, so he may have some light to shed on that lie.

          • Good answer, “truth”, and I like your handle or name. When Giuliani said :truth is not truth”, and Trump said “don’t believe what you see and fear” – – I thought “we have reached a new low in America! I was trained as a scientist, and we were taught the importance of checking out theories with empirical reality. Unsupported theories and claims mean little. That is why I continually encourage Americans TO LOOK AT THE CLIMATE CHANGE RESEARCH, and you will see that the evidence is coming in to clearly show these ideas are solid and supported by like 98% of scientific experts.

          • Truthistruth
            Well said and accurate. The best thing about honesty, the story stays the same. Soo, if Fat Donnie is telling the truth why does the story keep changing?

            The most dangerous problem we have today is climate change (Fat Donnie is a major problem but he will be gone someday). Climate change is here now and will only get worse even if we never burn another gallon of gasoline. I’m a member of the “Union of Concerned Scientists”. I lose sleep knowing what is coming. I’m 67. I don’t worry for myself, I worry about humanity and wonder if we as a species deserve to survive. Approximately 46% of Americans believe in Noah’s Flood and god will save us. We are barely more intelligent than other apes. If we are soo bright why do so many people deny the obvious?

  18. Cory Booker is a sad representative of the people that voted for him. Hope they will get better representation in the next election. Good riddance if they do.

    • Well said. But the way I looked at Farticus Booker was he was showing of his outrageous and ridiculous
      self thinking of humiliating the nominee
      Judge. He was not even match to Judge
      Kavanaugh credentials. Farticus is
      just a bug sitting on top of an elephant
      that was how he think of himself that day
      So he is thinking to be the future US
      President? God help us.

          • Good one, Butchy. But it is partially due to Obama digging us out of the Great Recession caused by W. Bush’s deficit spending and removal of regulations. But part of the economic economy is due to Trump, got to give credit where credit is due. However, you conservatives have probably not taken economics and should be paying serious attention and concern about HOW the economy got stimulated!!!

            Trump is following the same economic MISTAKES of G. W. Bush. When Bush came in, we were paying down our debt. W. and Republicans give a big tax break, but then 9-11 occurred and soon we were adding an additional $10 BILLION a MONTH to the deficit. W. helped take off the regulations, and so the bankers and mortgage lenders went crazy, made millions in the short-term with bad loans plus derivatives (like gambling), and brought about the 2nd worst economic crisis in American history.

            So, the economy has been stimulated by Trump adding another $150 BILLION A YEAR to deficit spending, which stimulates the economy in the short-run but brings serious complications in the long run. Republicans USED TO BE fiscal conservatives, but Trump and W. were sure not.

  19. Booker is a asshole and a low life typical of the blacks who believe that they are owed Freebies at the expense of the patriots of this great country

  20. This “Spartacus” has his eyes set on the 2020 presidential race …

    Yeah, should you run for the presidency, , we will remind the voters … “Spartacus”!

    You could see a strange fanaticism glowing in his eyes when he preached: “ … though I walk through the shadow of death …”

    And then later he said “I am Spartacus”.

    What’s next? I hope he didn’t hypnotize his Trump Derangement Syndrome zombies to do something stupid.

  21. Cory “Farticus” Booker has had his three seconds of Fame, ant that more than he deserves. Let him live the rest of his days in anonymity, PLEASE!

  22. I agree with Justice Thomas. Spartacus just got slapped down. The Democrats claim they want Truth, Honesty. They should start first with themselves. Practice what they preach.

  23. What Justice Thomas said is true. I loved the shot at the politicians who all have “The Honorable” in front of their names when there is absolutely nothing honorable about them and probably couldn’t even tell you what “Honorable” means. The FBI and DOJ have been perverted by politics and have lost their way as a true and “Honorable” entity. The legal system is supposed to be blind – hear the facts and follow “OUR” laws – not play politics with them. Those people in the FBI and DOJ have not only disgraced themselves they have disgraced their families and the country. The Democrats love to call President Trump a racist – why is it then – that is is the Democrats who seek to impeach Justice Clarence Thomas – the only black justice on the Supreme Court?

  24. Shame on these phony hypocrites! All the more reason for the People to vote every one of them out of office. Time for the People to resist the “Resistors” and send them home or to jail where they really belong. It is a crime to be paying these people a salary, they should all be fined or jailed for the damage they are doing to our country. Enough is enough. Remember the cry of our Patriot forefathers: Don’t Tread On Me !!! They have trampled upon the rights and will of the People far too long. Rise up, fellow Americans, and use the power of your voices and your votes to put an end to the hatred and division that these self righteous hypocrites are creating and proliferating by voting them all out of office and voting in some real patriots who will do the will of the People.

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