WATCH: Trey Gowdy turned D.C. upside down by revealing this Democrat plan to impeach Trump

Trey Gowdy may not be in Congress anymore.

But that doesn’t mean he gave up on exposing the Left’s schemes to bring down the President.

And Gowdy just turned D.C. upside down by revealing this Democrat plan to impeach Donald Trump.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is determined to destroy the President.

Schiff recently announced plans to perform a financial MRI on Trump in order to try and smear Trump and make his life miserable.

But that isn’t all he’s up to.

In fact, Gowdy revealed on Fox News that Schiff’s number one goal is undoing the results of the 2016 election.

RealClearPolitics reports Gowdy stating:

“I just wish Adam would be intimidated by the facts,” Gowdy told FNC’s Martha MacCallum. “The two years that I worked with him on the Russia probe, Adam was wrong about collusion. Remember, he said he had evidence that was more than circumstantial but not quite direct that the president colluded with Russia.”

“He was wrong about Donald Trump Jr. and who he called before and after the meeting at Trump Tower. Adam has also leaked incorrect information to media outlets,” Gowdy said Wednesday.

“I wish Adam were serious about oversight,” the former Congressman said. “There’s a lot that needs to be done in the intelligence community about leaks, about FISA, he is not interested in that. He is interested in undoing the 2016 election results. And he needs facts for that and so far his intimidation has only been by that.”

Schiff is one the least honest and trustworthy members of Congress.

All of his conspiracy theories about Russian collusion collapsed and have been debunked.

So now he is moving to a hoax about money laundering.

And he will not stop until he can frame Donald Trump for a crime he did not commit.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

You can watch Trey Gowdy on Fox news below:


  1. Jude 4 NIV. “For certain men whose condemnation was written about long ago have secretly slipped in among you. They are godless men, who change the grace of our God into a lisense for immortality and deny Jesus Christ our only Sovereign and Lord “

  2. I 100% agree with your statement and we will probably have the chance to stand by Trump cause he is the only President I’ve ever in my years remember him keeping to his promises. He is so patriotic to this again Great USA. We are winning at the cost of him and his family. He is one strong man has he has his faith where it belongs. Without faith there is no purpose to living.

  3. We The People should demand Schiff & all the rest of these TRAITOR’s be TRIED for TREASON!!! Enough of the BS!!!!!

  4. GARY, I agree. Actually Schiff should be held for Treason and some others also.
    Wish people would look up the
    meaning of Treason and they would know what I am talking about. THIS IS SERIOUS

  5. Little Adam, proves INCEST must be prosecuted, he is clearly a mental defective and should be required to submit to a mental health evaluation, He is clearly a danger to himself and others.

  6. Maryann Bowman, How did I get in your comment? I am a conservative patriot and think you were replying to someone else?????? If you are half the conservative I am, we are new best friends!

  7. Of course, The Real M, you are referring to BO. He should have been thrown back to Iraq long ago. GO PRESIDENT TRUMP. MAGA!!!!!

  8. Hey RenewedRight turn off your
    BIAS gauge!
    I’m sharing this EVIDENCE!
    And calling BS!

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

    I tried this with
    the word TRUMP, and
    it wasn’t shown.

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

  10. You keep praying sister….I’m up for making them want to pray. Pray they never started all this bull. Pray for mercy that will never come. Pray they can run to another country that will save their miserable hides. I’m sick and tired of all of them and pray they meet their maker before too long!!

  11. I’ve had the same situation happen to many of my posts. So, I put Renewed Right into my junk mail. Recently, I decided to try it again and now realize nothing has changed. So, it’s back to junk mail. Only this time it’s for good.

  12. Freedom Rules, Don’t let that PAID TROLL Betty get under your skin! “It” is just a pain in the butt and of no consequence!

  13. Tobydog1, It is google censoring conservatives, TRUE! Their software picks up certain words, phrases, profane or vulgar words, and they throw out a lot of what conservatives write. Happen to me and a lot of others. I just change phrases, words, etc. and it usually takes it. Don’t give up!

  14. MsSally, I hope and pray this gay guy does file suit, has proof and lives long enough for it to get in the court system! That would take care of the evil one, “rat face” Shifty Schiff!

  15. Muslims are not even allowed in this country. They all need to be deported or we will be facing Mecca five times a day to pray. But libs are fine with that. They hate this country as much as the Muslims do. All are very dangerous to our freedom.

  16. Connie, Unfortunately Trey Gowdy said he had all of D.C. he could take and retired in January. He went back to the law firm he was at in South Carolina as a full partner. He has recently been hired as a news consultant/contributor at Fox News and you can see him there pretty often, have seen him on with Martha McCallum at 7:00 p.m. ET.

  17. Mr. Gowdy needs to start an intense investigation of Mr. Schiff, both congressional, business, and personal. Turn his life upside down and give him something to worry about instead of impeaching Trump.

  18. I do believe the president needs to charge and arrest all those committing purgery, slander and inciting riots. They need to be locked up for treason against our president and citizens of our country.

  19. I just wish Pres. Trump would declare marshal law and start arresting all the ones that have broken our laws both democrats and republicans. We have a good place for them GITMO and then hell. If the Pres. Does not do this it will be left up to the patriots just like when we freed ourselves from the Brits.

  20. Tobydog1
    It’s happening to me too….
    If you say anything about the Democrats that’s true it will be taken down
    This is run by the Liberal democrats so you have to watch how your word things
    We on the other side will figure it out
    There’s no 1st Amendment here….
    You can’t post your thoughts or feelings on here when it comes to The Democrat party

  21. Instead of bashing our President’s opposition, let our united
    powerful prayers sequester them out of the offices they were
    elected to represent.
    We must continue to uphold our 45th in prayer
    to the office
    that the people of these United States elected him to
    serve. Our country needed a change outside of the DC swamp,
    political rhetoric, divisiveness began 10 years ago, long before
    Mr. Trump ever made the DC circuit. MAGA, keep her great
    always with the protection of our beloved freedoms and 2A!
    God continue to bless the USA!

  22. Toby:
    I think Discus has a new wrinkle too. They just leave you hanging while the announement comes out about Discus taking a long time and would you like to reload ? You can reload till hell freezes over and nothing ever changes.

  23. I saw a story earlier tonight online about this Schitt guy… Picture of a black fellow that had the living crap beaten out of him… The guy stated that he was Schitts gay lover and that Schitt pimped him out to others… Supposedly he’s starting some law suit against schitt trying to get his crap exposed

  24. Shut Your Fu*king Communist Mouth, You Should Burn In Hell With The Rest Of The Luciferians In The Communist DemonRAT pArty !!!!

  25. Dear Betty:
    Sounds like you could use
    an AA meeting ////
    Tame the hate ////
    It’s not worth it ////

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

  26. //// Mr President ////
    Keep up the good work
    Thank you for devoting
    part of your life for us!
    Best wishes to you and yours

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California


  28. Betty give it up they have been trying for over 2 years and they have nothing to impeach the president for.. get a grip on your life

  29. Testing.

    Blew my two comments here already.

    Adam Schiff is certifiably crazy. Obviously he still has the same old fixation on Trump that he will not stop at anything until he gets him impeached. Psycho.

  30. All your comments here are leaving out the main point about scumbag Schiff, Pelosi etal. They are traitors!! TRAITORS. They need to be arrested, indicted and tried for treason and if found guilty, hung by the neck until dead, which is what this country does to traitors. They are filth.

  31. Hey Betty Boop: I think that there’s something wrong with anyone who continues to bash someone that they supposedly hate which means that either they are jealous or resentfully envious of that person. We concervatives will NOT be swayed by your rantings. The best thing to do is for you to away and drown in your communist liberal s**t.

  32. I just had my comments deleted and it’s happened before. I’ll just say this, you folks don’t represent or, even know what the American People care about! Stick it!!!

  33. Maybe for the very same reason an Oval Office INSANE IDIOT hasn’t been kicked out on the grounds of His Sick Minded Stupidity

  34. Adam Schiff is one of if not the most dangerous Democrat today. He has family ties to George Soros which means Schiff has all the financial support he needs. He has demonstrated he cannot be trusted to serve on a committee as demonstrated by him lying, leaking classified information to the press (while they were on breaks during the committee meetings no less). He thought he would throw enough poop on the wall and surely something would stick so he could take down President Trump. And now, the Democrats are in charge and he is the Chairman of the committee! Instead of being the Chairman he should be a convicted prisoner. He has dead eyes and a frozen smirk on his mouth and looks like a big file tail rat. He is a disgrace to all patriots in America! Is it obvious yet that I despise Adam Schiff and am sure he is using good oxygen!

  35. I am so disgusted with the worthless democrazy, Nancy P. She is the most irritating human alive. Why can’t she be voted out on grounds of acute stupidity?

  36. Schiff is the same as Maxine and Pelosi and will not be able to do a thing cause he is in a hurry to do this and he is not smart enough to quit trip over his own feet. He surly is a liar and he might got elected but do a job out in the general public he could not stand up to. I bet he sit around at night and cries gallons of tears to his gay partner cause he can’t get Trump impeached. He will spend the next two years trying and President Trump will get re-elected and the only way he can get Trump gone will be if he take him out. Time will tell but I just bet he has meltdowns and he sure doesn’t look to heathy.

  37. I’ll be soooooooo happy if the new law that was just recently proposed in Congress to prosecute anyone who lies to Congress! The top of the list is Hillary Clinton, who I think is mentally off her rocker in being so hungry for power and thinks she is the anointed one to save the world. I think she thinks because of their education they are above the law and are exempt. We gutless Americans have allowed to continue for 40 years she is convinced we’re too dumb to catch her! The feathers are about to hit the fan.She is nothing but a lifelong crook(She and Bill Clinton) are political sleaze bags)They both belong in prison. I think the new nominee Barr for AG is off his rocker, if he believes his recent statement that we don’t do that (prison to people like them) in America! that is the absolute foundation of Democracy-equality under the law!

  38. The only reason Schiffty Schiff is so determined to take out Trump, is that Schiff has a lot of skeletons in his closet and the POTUS know it. Adam wants to get rid of Trump before he is indicted for pedophilia, his part in the death of the manager of the Standard Hotel on his district. A helicopter crashed into the hotel office and it killed her (please correct me if I wrong). Its been about a year or so ago. I also understand that the hotel in his district allows you to rent a room for 30 min or 5 hours so pedophiles can have their fun.
    Just look at the man… he looks crazy. I also think if he gets rid of Trump (not), then he will be a hero to the Dems and he could run for prez in 2020. He’s a “pants on fire” liar… every word that comes our his mouth is a lie.

  39. If a person claims to be a Catholic and does what Pelosi
    does, she’s just fooling herself- God will not be

  40. My reply was just deleted no foul language, but Hillary did meet with China Diplomat during campaign, journalist got a picture & I said I hope he’s still alive Seth was a hit, not botched robbery, Mueller is being investigated, second time for FISA abuse. Brennan is a self registered communist & Obama appointed him & we lost about 48 foreign agents after he got in. Schiff met with Christopher Steele in Colorado 2 yrs. ago, journalist got pic of them together talking.

  41. Adam Schiff is a little sleazy, slimy snake in the grass! He has nothing on our wonderful President Trump which is why he is grabbing at everything in mid air he can to find something…anything… wrong…and by doing so, makes himself look like the nerd he is! Many months ago he said he had evidence that Trump colluded with Russia…and now America has found out that he lied about that…so what else is he willing to lie about??? Maybe he thinks he’ll become famous by being on those lying t.v. channels!!! All he wants is publicizing himself since he’s not done the first good thing for America since he’s been in Washington, D.C. What a waste of money that our tax dollars pay those big salaries to the likes of him for doing nothing!!!

  42. Bravo Dan very wel said,I do not capitulate to the demorats or the left wing nuts,I say as u bring it bc real patriots know how to finish it! God bless u Dan.

  43. Oswald – Schitt should not only be removed but he should be imprisoned for sedition, treason, pedophilia. He needs to be brought up before a military tribunal. His days in DC are numbered.

  44. Rickster – I like the sound of that and we’re already headed in that direction. I believe in good dreams. The evil entities’ days are numbered.

  45. Adam Schiff, is a crook in congress along with a lot of the top so-called dems. They are Russia and have tried everything including 35 million or more for Mueller and after 2 years NOTHING!!!!

  46. The Democrats are satanic, that’s why they’re for anything that’s sick and perverted! Including the murdering of children! But God is going to take care of them!

  47. Adam Shiff is such a sleazy person, he makes up ridiculous stuff, releases it to the idiotic press that run with any story against President Trump without verifying anything. I don’t believe anything they say. Adam Shiff should be totally ignored for the idiot he is.

  48. I dreamed that Trump and Pence were going to get elected in Oct.2016 and drain the swamp. A swamp represents the dregs of society and in particular the anarchist behavior of the left. I liken them to the people in a book series called Left Behind. God put them in and you can’t get them out the swamp creatures are spinning their wheels along with their fake rhetoric. Nancy Pancy says she’s Catholic and supports abortion what an oxymoron! And they
    will lose in the end.

  49. Dan, You are right on, I have been saying the civil war will be since the elections because the democrats, if you could access their bank accounts you could see who is paying them to be such ^^^^^^^^’s, and you would not be too surprised. They all have walls around their houses, the Pope, who has no business whatsoever sticking his nose in USA business, lives behind a wall with a private police force, yet he says we do not need protection. EL CHAPO HAS BEEN FOUND GUILTY, TAKE HIS MONEY TO BUILD THE WALL.

  50. Trump will not be impeached. His out performing the commiecrats is pissing them off. Civil war will come if they did. The commies would be emboldened to come for us and get their asses kicked. Remember people, REFUSE TO DISARM no matter what. When the left makes the move, it’s live free or die. A movement is coming. Patriots stand ready. Let them start it , we will finish it.

  51. Today about 2pm I fell a sleep for about half a hour and saw in the spirit president trump being push down by a group of people men and woman toeing to take him out they where democrats and what come to me was these suckers that well tie better look out God put in me that God has anointed trump to be president four 2terns and the ones doing well be taken down Adam sflitt is one of them and I woke up so the Christian need to keep trump up in prayer those dam democrats

  52. A sitting president is IMMUNE to criminal prosecution in any legal manner…53 repubs in SENATE will not allow impeachment.

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