What Barack Obama did to the police will have you red with rage

Barack Obama’s disastrous legacy continues to damage American culture.

But one of Obama’s sins is unforgivable.

And what Barack Obama did to the police will have you red with rage.

Ever since Barack Obama embraced the controversial Black Lives Matter movement, anti-police sentiment has been on the rise in the modern day Left.

Americans were sickened to see videos of New York City residents throwing water on police as the cops tried to perform their routine duties.

Recently in Philadelphia, a violent thug shot and wounded wounding six police officers during a standoff.

But the cop hatred escalated to a sickening new level when local CBS Philadelphia reporter Alexandria Hoff witnessed a crowd of protesters taunting police and laughing at them as a gunmen wounded six of their fellow officers.

The Daily Caller reports:

Video captured a Philadelphia crowd taunting police officers Wednesday even as a standoff that had already wounded six officers continued nearby.

Local CBS reporter Alexandria Hoff was on the scene to cover the shooting and noted her disappointment at seeing officers harassed while they attempted to do their jobs. “I mentioned this at 10 and since I was harassed during that live shot, I’ll mention it here too. A major moment of disappointment this evening was watching a crowd of people taunt police officers, laughing and yelling at them in the midst of the gunfire,” she tweeted.

One woman told CBS that it felt like a war zone — for several hours, gunfire was exchanged between the suspect and police. “When they started dumping with the firepower and stuff like that, they did it in front of the day care, the babies were out and everything, that’s crazy. I’m a discharged veteran. I thought I was in a DMZ zone. It’s triggering PTSD, all types of things, all of this needs to be resolved. It’s senseless, seriously senseless,” she said.

No matter what anyone thinks of the police or the job they have to do, no one should celebrate another human being’s life being put in danger.

This type of behavior almost never occurred before Obama mainstreamed hating police and thinking cops were a group of white supremacists out hunting innocent black men for sport.

But now it is spreading across America’s biggest cities.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Barrack is a punk negro. He knows he gets more votes from the bought and paid for negro communities than the police. Shame trash like this gets considered to be placed in a position but who am I, I’m not one of the billionaires who bought the Whitehouse for a black man so they could control the purse strings. All the cops in America have to do is just slow down a notch when a gang shooting happens or bullets start flying in the ghetto like they did after Baltimore tried screwing them over and see how it worked out for them. Too bad Obami lies about this, he had a chance to stand up for what is right instead of the lip thumping, clinch fist bullshit theyve been spreading for years. What do blacks want? Don’t say to be treated equal cause that’s a lie or they wouldn’t except special privileges when it comes to military, college entrance and gov jobs. What do they want? They want to keep their excuse! Then the rich Jews bought the Whitehouse for a black man to show it can be done and out goes the frigging democracy. Not that a black man shouldn’t be president. We have several good candidates that don’t make a living off of 59 year old rhetoric to make a living. The Iran deal and Hillary proved Obama didn’t know how to run a country and should have never been in office. The non observant Jews as they call themselves want Israel wiped out. They were kicked out by Judah after the fall of Jezebel and feel their God Baal is the real God. They think like Syrians.

    • He is a rotten sack o shit like his husband Michael. Nothing but a damn flunky being told what to do. Not enough sense of his own to keep from pissing on his pants. He took the money and did what the gd Clinton’s and sorry scum like them told him to do.

  2. Hello, finally someone at least said it. We can argue this one until hell freezes over but the negro did cause law enforcement officers to be targeted and murdered. Police are correcting this wrong as we speak especially in higher crime rate areas. They’ve figured out now it doesn’t matter and they couldn’t give a crap and get paid the same.

  3. The Obama support for the “hands up don’t shoot” case for Michael Brown, later proven false, and the Trayvon Martin situation, later proven justified, has weakened the public support for law and order. Obama support for the Black Lives Matter movement, based on the above lies, has also added to anti-police sentiment. Obama contributed to breakdown of the American cultural identity in many ways.
    I do not know why George Soros is disappointed in Obama. Obama did a good job of damaging America. Soros should be happy.

      • So when the police only respond to about 50% of the calls or the number of black thugs doubles them will Obami be kissing the police officers asses to get them to work 100%? Everyone saw what happened in Baltimore. Won’t be long now since the MSM keep spreading the Kenyan/ Obami must back the voters.

    • All I know is that all of these people who give cops crap, from throwing water on them to taunting and harassing would crap their pants if one day the cops were nowhere to be seen. Let crime run rabid for a few days and watch those loudmouth beg for cops on the beat again.

      But they know that the cops not doing their jobs is not an option. However, there is currently a sharp decline in new police recruits. So the police already on the job are going to retire someday. And with the way cops are treated,no one wants to sign up for that shit. So as there will be fewer cops, what areas do they suppose the police will be assigned to? Sure as hell is not going to be the shitholes.

  4. obomas legacy ,hate, perverts criminals and terrorists rule , but all the laws in the world won’t stop the gun violence , want to stop the gun violence you better look at the real cause, blacks , gangs , drug dealers , and no politician will ever say the problem in the black communitties is a result of 50 years letting blacks get away with crimes , want to stop the violence put them in prison for a very long time , and death sentence for murderers

    • Yes they need very long sentences with no parole. Anyone who damages property should be locked up for a very long time with no parole.

  5. Part of that is a statement from a woman claiming to be a “discharged veteran” that said it seemed like a “DMZ zone” who lacked the understanding of what DMZ stands for… DeMiliterized Zone. That shoots a lot of holes in the credibility of that supposed witness.

  6. Under obamawamadama’s administration we see the personification of hatred for everything good that America Stands for. His muSLIME background spells out the hatred taught by the koran. This is not a religion it is a cult of misguided misfits that are nothing but terrorists.

  7. This lowlife that ambushed the Pilly PD is a drug dealing lowlife like the rest of the s–mbag lowlifes who assailed the PD. Now the PD needs to bulldoze that entire infested neighborhood. Preserve the good people who live there and want law and order and a at least decent quality of life. This same garbage is ruling the streets of NYC. They need to be eradicated.

  8. We should send illegals home.
    But we should get rid of AMERICANS who act like illegals until AMERICA can
    Bite the bullet and start getting
    rid or our garbage our country is
    always going to be in an unlawful position. This country was wrong at the end of the last election.i will never understand why idols still think
    GUNS commit crimes people commit crimes. I don’t think we will ever correct this country until we can quickly lock the up the criminals and get rid of the garbage (Problem people) Dem Or Rep.

  9. We should send illegals home.
    But we should get rid of AMERICANS who act like illegals until AMERICA can
    Bite the bullet and start getting
    rid or our garbage our country is
    always going to be in an unlawful position. This country was wrong at the end of the last election.i will never understand why idols still think
    GUNS commit crimes people commit crimes. I don’t think we will ever correct this country until we can quickly lock the up the criminals and get rid of the garbage (Problem people) Dem Or Rep.

  10. Obama is responsible for all the discontent with police today. His disrespect, his support of Black lives matter started all the now disrespect and total disgusting treatment of police. They are out there every day risking there life protecting and supporting and have to put up with this crap. Sorry Michael Brown was a dam thug and fought with that officer to steal his gun He was NOT a good kid. He had just also attacked a store owner. This is what the problem is, people have no idea what their kids are into and stick up for them no matter what. Yes if my child is right I will stick up for them, but when they are wrong they are wrong and will suffer the consequences. Obama ruined this country big time



      • I disagree with your statement that Obama is a weak man. He has a LOT of gall!
        We allowed Obama to mess up our country. NO one did anything about Obama doing the crap he did. We have no one to blame but ourselves. Trump is doing his best to straighten out the mess that Obama left.

        • Yes, he was just smart enough to use the race card without “appearing” to use it, and everyone was scared shi*less to call him on it. Wouldn’t want to be called RACIST, ya know.

    • I always said and still believe obama is a terrorist. He did nothing but tear this country apart and bring in Muslim terrorist. He has caused all this racial bs too

      • We didn’t hear about Muslim communities in America that was without law enforcement and enacted Shari law before barrack the mulatto got in office. Now they have their heavily armed compounds where law enforcement aren’t allowed in. It’s like they don’t have to go by the laws of America. These places are made up of Muslims that are radicalized. The law enforcement in their communities aren’t allowed to patrol in their areas, as they do in normal towns. Thank odumbass for that. His mission is to help with a hostile takeover by radical Islam.

  11. Just another of the many disasters that remain from the Obama Presidency, which included promoting immorality and dismissing religion.

    • The word “religion” is misused most of the time. “Religion” is something one DOES over and over and over. FAITH on the other hand is what one BELIEVES. You actually meant “faith.” Anything can be a religion, such as the Muslims’ religion. You have to admit that their religion is nothing good.

  12. Okenya will not be met by virgin’s. He will be met by Satan who will appear as himself because, that’s who he is. Satan on earth…

  13. You all know that all of those people that were laughing at the police while some were shot, and the gun fight was happening,are the very same people that will dial 911 when someone or something happens in their home or neighborhood that threatens their safety. Talk about a bunch of BIGOTS.

  14. Only thing that had people been falling for his many lies, it was his smile the people fill for, rather than figuring out the truth from what he wasn’t telling you while speaking his treasonous lies.

  15. Obama is responsible for the demise of America. The efforts of protecting career politicians at whatever cost has its affects. Voter fraud has placed an illegal illegitimate fraudulent occupant into the White House for eight years. This otherwise unknown came out of the shadows from Chicago dressed in sheep’s clothing only baring his fangs in darkness. All the while sugar coating sweet words while doing the exact opposite of what he said. We must have voter ID for our next election. States that do not meet federal standards should not be allowed to participate in federal elections. Paper voted should be kept for recounts, verifications and future audits. Voter fraud penalties should be stringent. Obama’s back ground and sealed documents including birth certificates, social security origins, and foreign student aid must be unsealed and made public. Violation of federal laws must be executed to the full extent of the law.

  16. The worst thing that Obama has done is that he took away the right of the police to protect us from criminals. Trump’s task is to regain respect for the police and the right to protect us.

  17. I think that our country has sunk to a new low when we have to witness our police being shot and laughed at. These men have families that they would like to get home to at night or in the morning whenever their shift is over and we are shooting them and killing them and they can’t even go home to see their families. Obama was the worst president this country ever had and he sure did take his opportunity to put down our policeman and our country. And this is what the left wants to go back to? GOD help us. I support the police and I appreciate the job they are doing and may GOD bless them and their families. And I also want to put in a word for President Trump. GO TRUMP AND TAKE 2020 AWAY FROM THE LEFT.

    • You are 100% correct.And we need a Republican in 2024. 2028 and beyond. These Liberal assh_ _ _es and equal DemoRats have got to be elected out of office. They are a bunch of clowns with idiotic proposals. They belong in a nut house. All you need to do is read or listen to these fools that are in this DemoRat primary. Spartacus Booker, Pocahontas Warren, Queer pete, sleepy Joe, Disgraceful Deblasio, O’Rourke who doesn’t know his first name, harris who doesn’t know her ethnicity. and the remainder of the circus.

      • Absolutely! And we need Republican for one other reason that most people don’t realize–the rise of oppressive China. If we don’t stop China, you will in future have to press 1 to speak Chinese, press 2 to speak English and press 3 to speak Spanish. That is why most China student learn everything but not English! When they take over, we will have to speak Chinese!!!

    • That’s what the black lives matter assholes want. Remember their chants of wanting dead cops? Odumbass always has supported the ghetto bastards. And they wonder why many white people doesn’t like them. It’s all in the way many of them act. I’m tired of dancing around the issue. I’m telling it like it is. Yes many go to jail. The ones that don’t act like hood rats don’t go to jail. The ones that threaten the police with deadly threats get shot. Those that don’t are not getting shot. Anyone not liking what I post? Good!!!! The police get tired of the thug attitude when they are only trying to protect their community.

      • No that what assholes like you want Tyred of your Shit. BLM and Antifa have killed no on, EVER, white supremacists right wingers like you killed 49 just last year in this country, many more this year. You are in the group that like a mobster and serial sexual assaulter as the country’s leader backed by the thugs like you and most of the writers on here and also the alt right, Nazis, KKK, biker gangs, militia groups. You are on the wrong side of history and good and evil.

        • Justice if you don’t like it stay off this site. Antifa has killed no one ? The weather underground, the group that supposedly kidnapped patty what’s her face in the 1970’s The list goes on. They killed people as part of unamerican leftist groups. It was antifa, just called by different names. Check your history your dumbass.

        • Well, I think that you are not only an A$$HOLE and you are infected with a chronic case of TDS, but that your IQ is even LOWER THAN MINUS 105, eh ?

  18. Just one of many reasons why obummer’s first move in office was to re-extend ex-presidential protection back to the ‘for life’ position.

  19. There needs to be a long hunting season on liberals with no limit. Those psychopaths don’t deserve to live in the country that I took an oath for!

  20. Huff later said 98% of the people were respectful, it was a few idiots that caused that sick harassment, you people want to blame Obama and Clinton while we have the most lawless person ever to occupy the White House, his cronies and cabinet have also shown to be corrupt and incompetent

        • Obama’s public disrespect for law enforcement began when he said “the police acted stupidly” in 2009 in arresting Henry Louis Gates in Boston. Henry Louis Gates was breaking into his own home, but oddly was arrested not for that but for disorderly conduct (i.e big chip on his shoulder). Obama’s private disrespect and disdain for law enforcement has been percolating for some time. Terrible President; Terrible man.

    • Justice For Trump. One thing you should know. 98% of the time, the police would prefer to use tasers, and they don’t fire live ammo unless fired upon. How many felonious criminal types do you see unarmed? How many drug dealers do you see go unarmed?
      The correct answer is none. And the guy which was shot opened fire near a day care center. Thankfully no children were harmed. And the MSM needs to report the WHOLE TRUTH AMD FACTS instead of omitting parts to make it look like something else!!!

    • Open your eyes the demorats have sold this country out and now we have to deal with the aftermath. These people must pay for this. The democrats have told people not to i at our laws and need badly to be Thrown in Prison

    • You stupid liberals are the ones who need to be put in prison. Your party is overwhelmed with corruption and anti American acts. Get a life, loser!

  21. Excuse me I make an opinion and you people of renewed rights don’t publish it BUT you have some idiot on here by the name of Redman who insults everyone that isn’t black or what ever. That is racist. Do something about him

  22. Bill Deblasio is also carrying the torch with his hateful speech about police shooting blacks en mass, when it isn’t true at all.

    • Preaching “hate” is the final step of Terminal TDS as they have run out of Bogus Inquisitions and mentally deranged activities to cause problems for Rational Americans.

      Hopefully Deserving-Leftist’s will end up living in a tent in Venezuela, their ideal Communist/Despot-Driven country.

    • Shame on you RedMan. I suggest you start looking at the heart of people. That is where the evil begins. No matter what race or color you are. I would lime to know what part you play in this hate game. Are you adding to it or trying to make our world better.

    • Ahh, here we go with The Redman whom from beneath the belly of an Omeoba can spew his constant and obvious racial ignorance with not a milligram of evidence or intellect.
      Such a waste and so much regression of someone so subhuman. Pity the Redman in that he may hath a clue.

  23. That POS did more to harm this country than terrorists & he is still doing it. He needs to be fired, as in firing squad after a 30 minute trial!!!

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