What Bill Clinton did to this woman just came back to bite the Democrats

Bill Clinton’s history of allegations of sexual abuse continues to haunt the Democrats.

His past scandals flared up once again.

And what Bill Clinton did to one woman just came back to bite the Democrats.

RINO Senator Lindsey Graham is no favorite of conservatives.

He supports amnesty, endless war and voted to confirm Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nominees.

It’s no secret that conservatives can’t trust him.

But he shocked a left-wing audience when he threw Bill clinton’s scandals back in their face.

President Trump spoke at a rally in Mississippi where he went through all of the things Christine Blasey Ford could not remember.

The media claimed he “mocked” her.

But all Trump did was factually state all the holes in her story.

Graham noted it was nothing like when Kathleen Wiley claimed the Clinton family threatened her cat after she accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault.

The Daily Caller reports:

When asked for comment on Trump’s remarks, Graham called it a “factual rendition that [he] didn’t particularly like,” saying, “I would tell [Trump] to knock it off … But it can be worse.”

Graham continued, “You can actually kill somebody’s cat and puncture their tires to get them to shut up, so, you know.”

Graham was referencing the allegations against the Clinton’s by Kathleen Willey, who accused President Clinton of sexual assault against her and said the Clinton family threatened her family and pet cat in retaliation for telling her story.

The interviewer said to Graham, “I don’t even understand what that means.”

“Well, you don’t remember Kathleen Willey and Juanita Broaddrick?” Graham snapped back.

The liberal hypocrisy in the Kavanaugh confirmation fight is off the charts.

Each day the left reaches a new low.

That’s why polls are showing Republicans erasing the Democrats enthusiasm gap right before the midterm elections.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. KilLIARy still can’t put up a Christmas tree because bill chases anything with a skirt around it and one reason she gets so upset with bill is they constantly fight over the same woman.

  2. Hide your cats!!!! Don’t have cat, is my puppies safe? Weeelll ya they are, my puppies would bite. Clinton’s hot dog off!!!

  3. Now my thought is this, If I were married to Hillary would I do what Bill does? Maybe. How would you like to sit across the breakfast table from Hillary every morning? Just saying

  4. I believe the same is true. And as Web’s daughter she and her children would not suffer the rest of their lives as they will with Bill. She needs to think long term.

  5. And now Bill and Hillary are going on a 13 state mission. This should be called the F-ing Rapist and the F-ing Murderer tour. Bill who did anything that moved and was corrupt even as the Arkansas AG, and Hillary letting four Americans get slaughtered in Benghazi without lifting a finger, and then having the stupidity to say to Congress, “What difference does it make anyway”. WTF? Why is she still breathing air.

  6. Kara, your statement is truly misleading. It the Republican defending themselves against the false accusations of the Democratic party. Which anyone of us as human will do. If someone starts going against your family and you know it qring, would you not defend them? As far as name calling and lack of intelligent, please re read your statement. Do as I say not as I do!

  7. As goes the current, so go the pebbles. I will NEVER understand what keeps some people from understanding what is directly in front of them! Anyone that watched the DEMOCRAPS at work during the JUSTICE KAVANAUGH hearings, that can still vote for a DEMOCRAP, leaves me wondering if we are on the same planet?! The fact alone that Ms. FEINSTEIN BETRAYED Dr. FORD, and DOUBLED DOWN by FORCING HER TO APPEAR in front of the COMMITTEE, and TRIPLED DOWN by NOT INFORMING HER THAT SHE COULD BE INTERVIEWED IN HER HOME, AND WOULD NOT HAVE HAD TO APPEAR IN PERSON, shows me exactly what I need to know for a decision on which way to vote!!! I don’t think that I have EVER felt so sympathetic towards ANYONE, EVER IN MY LIFE than I felt for JUSTICE KAVANAUGH, and the truly satisfying and COMPLETE EVALUATION given by SENATOR COLLINS, was, in my estimation nearly equivalent to Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. WE NEED MORE PEOPLE LIKE HER SERVING, and HOPE that others can rise above the TERRIBLE STATURE OF THE DEMOCRAPS at this place in time! I AM A “NEVER AGAIN DEMOCRAP VOTER”!!!

  8. I agree we can Hammer all day long but only in PRIVATE conversations since NO DESPICAME “RAG” or NETWORK NOR CNN/BSNBC will ever report the TRUTH !!! However if Eric the Holder would want to KICK me…I’d SQUASH this MORON like the Crawling WORM he is …Oo Rah !

  9. Billary is the gift that just keeps,on giving. Bill screws anything that moves, consensual or not, and the Old Hag keeps trying to thread the head of a needle that has no hole. The Dimocrats just get dimmer and dimmer and no one has the guts to tell the Clintons to go away. Chelsea seems as diseased as her parents, by being enthusiastic about the “economic benefits” of late term abortions. Imagine if the Clintons had produced more kids. I guess Bill couldn’t stomach the process with the Queen of kankles.

  10. We as good Republications must hammer home all the bad things that the DEMS do daily until election day to show everyone the best reasons not to vote for the DEMS. They are the most poorest of people to represent the US. There having no class means they are not smart enough to be electable. Let’s all get to the poles and vote.

  11. Watchful Eyes 0n All ‘levels’ per Senator L. Graham.
    Let’s ‘hope’ he Has Turned Into an USA Patriot.
    .Time will tell.

  12. RUTH is dead.. BRAIN Dead and nothing more than a hater of the American Constitution not to mention a baby killer.. yet that is what the demonrats have scum to these days. OLD hag needs to go!

    Oath Keeper III My oath never expires…

  13. It is definitely time to turn back to God! The true God and Father of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. We need to turn away from “political correctness” and start using our good sense again!

  14. Thank God for Senator Collins!!! Her Total recitation regarding the reason she voted FOR Judge Kavanaugh was, in my estimation, one of the finest since Lincoln’s Inageration Address! Her speech took each particle of Dr. Ford’s statement and recited exactly what each statement meant, and the reason that it could NOT be used against Judge Kavanaugh! Piece by piece it was explained exactly why the evidence did NOT face up to scrutiny as valid evidence against Judge Kavanaugh, and was totally understandable why she came to an AYE vote! I, along with anyone that heard her speech, was riveted to every word she spoke, and I am not ordinarily impressed by political speeches. GOD BLESS SENATOR COLLINS, GOD BLESS JUSTICE KAVANAUGH, GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP, AND GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!! (PRAYERS DO GET ANSWERED!)

  15. This Payton Place just gets better.
    So ol Billy Bob blows it again.
    And he probably kept his mouth shut this time.

    it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

  17. Am I hearing you right? It sounds like you’ve lost hope in America’s higher education system. Isn’t sexual awareness an important thing to learn. All they had to do was remove history and economics from their programs. They are now offering degrees in political correctness. And real wisdom of the world is learned best sitting in transgender bathrooms.

  18. Ford,PhD., Is not a Psycologist. I you have to process a license in the State of California. She in her opening statement said she was a Psychologist. R&D doesn’t afford a California State License to practice as aPsycologist. Therefore. Her initial statement was an outright lie, SOooo. Whose has committed what here?

  19. I would say they do. She did not take the little rag and wipe that computer down. The disc are in a safety deposit box and multiple copies stored elsewhere. At a “Young Democrat “ gathering at LBJ ranch when ask the secret of his political success he replied keepy a little black book on all the dirt on every politician regardless to what party they belong to. it will become the most valuable thing you ownn.

  20. I don’t know, the Democrats have a lot of dead people still voting for them. It’s pretty bad when some counties vote solid Democratic with absolutely no Republican votes and other counties that have more votes than actually live in the county.

  21. She’s the female version of a weekend at Bernie’s….they have been propping that corpse up for months.

  22. well if your a democrat i guess it’s expected of you to be a criminal , that’s why i want to doj to investigate them

  23. They are pedophiles both of them yet the Democrats tried accusing Brett of both not just being a rapist but being turned on by the thought of sex with minors.

  24. No… she, too, is a lying hyprocrite! Being raised with a silver spoon in her mouth! Raised by two outragous liars and money that they have “raised” for their efforts!

  25. So John was a big time lech, if I had a social status climbing wife as Jackie I would have cheated as well, old lady Kennedy, JFK’s and RFK’s mother had to play hostess to many White House social events Jackie thought herself to good for the task.

    John was considering bringing our troops home, abolishing that criminal organization known as the Federal Reserve, and against their criminal father’s advice to let organized crime go unchecked Robert as AG went after them hard, if you want to talk about completely vile that was the actions of LBJ.

  26. The Clinton’s must have a lot of dirt on just about everybody to be able to stay out of jail for all their crimes.Thats all I can think of.

  27. Weekend at Bernie’s has nothing on daily SCOTUS business day, Ruth is always propped up on a stick.

  28. Lindsey Graham behaving like a true patriotic Republican rather than a Rat is proof he is trying to do what he has done during his past terms side with his own party just enough to keep from getting impeached and sentenced for betraying the trust of his constituents, hopefully they will not fall for his tricks any longer, he does not care about the needs of true patriots.

  29. One of the most important things to come out of this mob rule is the American People are at last seeing the Demorats for who and what low lives they are! The myth of being the party of compassion, benevolence, and tolerance is at last being exposed! Sadly, as we see from the mobs, there are far too many brain dead idiots running loose in this nation. And they are apt to get even worse.

  30. Thank our Lord in Heaven for this nomination.
    God is on our side! Pray for a Red Wave in November!!
    Praise be to God!

  31. Graham acting like a tough conservative only means that he’s starting his 2020 re-election campaign.


  32. if there is one thing that Trump disappointed me on was his not seeking an investigation into the criminal Clinton family and their phony foundation

  33. AMEN! And obama should be in the prison cell right next to them. I have this wonderful visual of the 3 of them, maybe a few more dems, in orange polyester prison suits………

  34. Really, it seems to me Hillary confides in Joe Stalin all the time , and he has been dead for over 40 years. No telling how many witches , warlocks, and sorcerers Hillary has on the payroll.

  35. Very well put. The democrats are nothing but low life hypocrites and always wanting to change the facts!

  36. Just goes to show you all how not to vote and that means not to vote Democrat. The democratic party is the party of Criminals and child molesters.

  37. I can’t wait until both Bill & Hillary are in the dust bin of history, between them and growing up hearing about the Kennedy clan (all they got away with) I sick of both families.

  38. Slick willie the Rapist and his enabler wife should be locked up for treason and crimes against the American people.

  39. Sure he wants the people VOTE, but his DEAR friend (McCain) is NO longer around to INFLUENCE him to stick with the “other” side, so who knows, he has to make his OWN decisions ALL by himself NOW so MAYBE he will apply that “Common Sense” he used to have WITHOUT his DEAD friend whispering in his ear all the time……It’s hard to COLLUDE with a DEAD person….!!!!

  40. Lindsey Graham has come back to the right cuz november is coming and he wants vote. I do not trust ole Mr. Graham.As far as billy clinton being a rapist YES HE IS.Hey Republicans dont forget about keith ellison he likes beating his girlfriend and must be brought to justice.

  41. Easy, isn’t it? The Clinton family keep getting the karma paybacks after they sow all these curses they made on themselves over many years. When will Hillary ever wake up? Not until she’s behind the bars?

    Hillary, no one is above the law.

  42. Wouldn’t that be awesome to watch? I know that I’d love that. She & ‘little chelsea’. She’s almost as bad as her witch of a mother.

  43. Wouldn’t that be awesome to watch? I know that I’d love that. She & ‘little chelsea’. She’s almost as bad as her witch of a mother.

  44. The Journalist doing the interview was probably not alive or old enough to understand what Sick oh I mean Slick Willie did to women back then. Now since History has been altered by the LIBERAL IDIOTS RUINING all levels of Education the TRUTH about Democraps will NEVER see the light. I mean we have Byrd a great Democrap as well as being a member of theKKK till he died. There are many such examples of how LIBERALS have LIED about themselves. For a nearer time wise example of how they have altered the FACTS they call Hitlery and Democraps champions of Women yet every woman who has come to them for help have been ignored. Look at the ELLISON CASE there is a video and police report to prove Ellison abused his former girlfriend but everyone who claims to be pro women has turned their back on her. Yet they climb all over Kavanaugh and there is no evidence and the stories being told about him have no witnesses and more holes than this planet covered by Swiss cheese so that it bumped the moon.

  45. Graham was referencing the allegations against the Clinton’s by Kathleen Willey, who accused President Clinton of sexual assault against her and said the Clinton family threatened her family and pet cat in retaliation for telling her story.”
    Don’t forget Hillary Clinton also made threats against Juanita Broadderick too. Seems to be their M.O.. Make threats – “Arkancide”? Well they no longer have the clout to make threats – let the chips fall where they may.

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