What Brett Kavanugh’s accuser just did will make you sick

Christine Blasey Ford came forward with what many believed to be false allegations against Brett Kavanaugh.

She worked to derail his nomination.

But what her lawyers just did will make you sick.

The Senate voted 51-49 to advance Kavanaugh’s nomination to a final vote.

Liberals howled in outrage.

Ford and her lawyers threw one last desperate Hail Mary pass to try and block his confirmation.

They slammed the Senate Judiciary Committee for not going along with their demands for an open ended fishing expedition against Kavanaugh.

They also produced a sworn statement from one of Ford’s friends who claimed she told her that Kavanaugh was her attacker days after Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement.

Politico reports:

Later Friday evening, Ford’s attorneys released a statement from her close friend, Keith Koegler, who claims in a sworn statement that Ford wrote to him via email that her attacker was Kavanaugh just two days after Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement, triggering the search for his replacement. Koegler added he was not interviewed by the FBI.

The statement also said that a fear of flying had no effect on the timing of her testimony, and that despite Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley saying at the Senate hearing that he would have flown personally to California to interview her, that had not been an option presented initially by committee staff.

A spokesman for the majority of the Senate Judiciary Committee did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Of course this proves nothing.

It does not change the fact that Ford did not say a word about this supposed attack until 2012.

She mentioned nothing at the time.

And all the people she claimed were witnesses denied any knowledge of the party where the attack took place.

The American people heard Ford.

But they – as well as the Senate – judged her not to be credible.

They did not believe she told the truth.

For her lawyers to try and throw one final monkey wrench into the Kavanaugh confirmation proves this was not about giving survivors of sexual assault a chance to be heard.

It was about partisan politics.


  1. Ford just sent me a letter saying that: the football team at her & high School & the football team at 3 other Schools forced her to have sex with them all. An her friend good ole Julie St.Sweatnick both were abused by the Ugly one’s and the cute one’s. Which made them file charges against the Ugly one’s. Hillary said they should be believed.

  2. There is no Truth… Ms. Ford was a Democrat used by the party. There was no real testimony…it was all done by the lawyers and exactly as they planned. Ford was so transparent it was unreal and sickening to watch. Her acting ability is very limited.

  3. Yes,G, You Are ‘syck’. & found your way here.
    Another ‘surname’ ???. lol – u R ‘busted’. haha.
    >NO ONE Will ‘respond’ to your remark (except me)
    IF u come backfor a ‘looky’. WAKEUP G. SAVEUSA.
    You & Your ‘loved ones'(Do You have Any? )Live Here.!

  4. Recently there was a video of Christine Ford on line in which she was demonstrating and screaming “Stop Trump” well before the Cavanaugh hearings. That pretty much says it all.

  5. The D’s are far better than the republiSCUMS of today.
    The republiSCUMS are unfit to hold any office, appointed or elected.

  6. Hey Randy, the ‘D’s were much better during the jfk yrs, to
    some degree. & Now ‘Returning’ to what they truly Were,
    way back when. PPL really NEED to ‘know this stuff’.
    >The ‘D’s are 0penly ‘promoting’ 0utright Violence.
    > How can Any0ne w/ common sense, Support a ‘D’ ???

  7. FloridaJim. THNX.!!! + Am familiar w/D’Souza.
    PPL NEED to know ‘this ‘Stuff’. D’Souza
    IS V. Valuable IN ‘teaching/relaying History.
    True USA History. Should be ‘taught’ In
    All schools per Real History.
    >POTUS ‘knows’ therefore ‘issued’ Pardon, &&&
    Rightly So. The ‘diff’ tween What the ‘D’s DID
    vs the ‘R’s back then, IS/WAS IMMENSE. PPL NEED
    edu. & Get 0FF msm. THNX Again. (for the record)

    it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

  9. Are you people crazy? You just say these lies and hope some undereducated person reads it and believes it? Well, my bad. Because you do do this and sadly many of your followers do believe it. Is this the dumbing down of America Trump promised?

  10. I totally agree! Or better yet, just arrest him confiscate all his assets and turn both him and his sons over to the Russians, as they have an International warrant out for his arrest!! Use all hsi illegal money to pay off our national debt!

  11. Democrats owned every single slave in america in 1860 they needed them for their pljantations or else they would have to work. Democrats are liars and have never changed and never will. Ask your Democrat about this. Listen to Dinesh D’Souza excoriate democrats with indisputable facts , something democrats cower from.

  12. time to do full investigation on her and her attorney, both are in contempt of court, she lied under oath, and he grabbed the mic from her and answered three questions of hers and no one stopped him. he was paid big fat envelope from congress woman after Ford was through testifying.

  13. Why has she not filed a criminal complaint against Kavanaugh to this day? Because her story is not true. This is a criminal conspiracy against the government of the United States. Let’s have a full criminal investigation and prosecution of the conspirators. Let’s get to the truth.

  14. Warren: You have outlined a whole range of conspiracy theories – which have not been proven. I do not deny that eventually some information may come to light that will substantiate some of the interesting conspiracy theories that you outlined. However, until such information comes to light – I treat conspiracies theories as only theories and not as facts on which I base my conclusions or views.

  15. Civil war?…I hope it doesn’t come to that. Reaching out to the elites? They will no more listen to us than we will listen to them. Most have been brainwashed (in our high schools/colleges) and the rest of us go on common sense gut instinct. I believe in common sense and gut instinct which are God given. I trust God who has gifted me with these emotions. As the saying goes, “follow the money.” I am convinced, down to my very soul, that the Hollywood elite believe that they will continue to live in their luxury lifestyle and to hell with the rest of us. They are being used, it’s as simple as that.

  16. Rxtek. YES, Soros IS ‘Wanted’___
    > & Somehow(Ahem – cough,cough)
    granted refuge/ ‘protected’
    In USA. (which IS Total BS).

  17. Darell Maynard: Although I differ with many of the people on this site and agree with those who think like I do, I still do want all people to come together. I respect people with contrary views (although not those that resort to insults, profanity or refuse to have a mutually respectful dialogue). I do see some merits in the views of others, though on balance I may differ with them. When I differ with the views of others, I do not become “sick”. This is why I reject heated exaggerated rhetoric on this site and generally whether such rhetoric comes from the right or the left. I do especially abhor calls for violence and do wish to see people discuss issues on the basis of their merits.

  18. Yes, Mike W. GO W/’it’. re SUBUD.
    > ‘Trash n’ Smash’ HAS NO PLACE here
    on RR by ‘dissenters’.
    > INFO ‘shared’ BY ‘WE’ the ‘Thinking edu.PPL’
    Are of Immense Value.
    > Not E’0ne Can Read/Think re E’Thing All the ‘Time’.
    >& ‘Thaat’ IS Why ‘WE’Have Each 0ther. SAVEUSA.

  19. Tell ‘IT’ Warren. Tell ‘it’ Like ‘it IS’ & WAS.
    > the Dems of jfk era Are Looong GONE. &&&
    the NWO Establishment ‘R’s are in ‘disguise’.
    > WE the ‘Thinking’ PPL ARE/& WILL WEED ‘them’ 0UT !
    > POTUS KNOWS / Taking 0ne Step at a Time___ &
    Walks A V. Fine Line.___

  20. The A$$HOLE kisser is Bath House BarryOHOMO, the Brown Clown. The, “Apologist ” pres. was bending over and kissing the mullahs as well as sending ~$1.5 billion to the world’s greatest funder of terrorists.

  21. Ronald, China has ‘designs’ re USA. They 0wn Muchly
    here. EX: Smithfields’ (porky pork), Land, Biz,
    HOLLYWOOD,Theaters. So much More. China WILL WALK
    UPON the USA, 1st chance they get. (ROGUE ‘party’
    IS Advancing their Agenda.) IF Any0ne here takes ‘offense’
    to ‘dems going Rogue’, I cannot help that. Perhaps
    #WalkAway & ‘switch’ parties. PPL NEED Get 0FF
    ‘Emotions’ & THINK. HARD in Reality W/ Proper Info.
    > RUSSIA Has NO Intention of ‘taking over’ the USA.
    > RUSSIA Wants to ‘Rebuild’ Their Land. They REFUSE
    Monsanto/GMO’s. W/exception of ‘certain pockets’
    they are Predominantly Christian.
    > Am somewhat versed in ‘foreign Affairs’. & Not Going
    to ‘spoon feed’ Info. Takes a Lot of Time, Absorbing
    International News 0n Many Levels, including various
    ‘other’ Sources. & that’s about it. God Bless, SAVE USA.

  22. This poor woman was led to the crossroad of greed and redemption and unfortunately took the wrong turn. May God have mercy on her soul.

  23. Skateboarding you’re too friggin stupid to have any name that starts with smart !! Get your head out of your stinking ass,MORON

  24. Poor asswipe Libturd MORON Betty.Please do remove your Libturd head out of your stinking ass and you’ll see more than just your hemmoriods!

  25. Absolutely – Ruthie is next – she is closer to dead than alive – they should just get the casket ready – did yo see her at swearing in ceremony at White House – she had gray gloves on – never clapped once as she sat there – totally ” out of it ” !!!!!

  26. I think she actually thought that her accusations – without evidence or corroboration – where was party – how did she get there – 8 – 10 miles away – or get home- no police reports – and without releasing her name – were going to derail the Supreme Court nomination – Feinstein and Democrats used her – releasing her name – then all her witnesses denied her claims – Kavanaugh was much more believable with his calendars – plus he was investigated six previous times by FBI – there would definitely have been evidence – documentation – police reports about ” 10 ” drugging gang rape parties in Washiington DC suburbs – and that girl said she went to them all before she was finally raped – surprised she did not claim “aliens from outer space” were there !

  27. I truly believe the truth about “OBOZO” will come out someday – History will not be kind to him – his most memorable achievement will be his election as the first Black President – as he is exposed as a fraud that should have never been elected but managed to deceive the entire establishment with his lies and deception .

  28. Just go away and spend that ‘newly found’million bucks,Ms. Ford.Your 15 minutes of WELL PAID fame diminishes you.

  29. Why is it you say you want us to come together but will only agree to people who act like you ? Lol you should ask yourself or better yet a psychiatrist why your version of inclusion only includes people who agree with you .

  30. With the approval of O’buckwheat, Commie (intended), Mueller, Congress and others.. May they all rot in HELL. The sooner the better.

  31. As with most democrats, Ford was “used” and then cast aside — similar to how the liberal left used Blacks to get votes, promised them the moon and then after the election conveniently forgot about them. That is typical of the democrats — they use, abuse, and confuse, then throw away.

    Do you actually think the Dems care about our Country or its people? They DO NOT! They only care about POWER and forcing their subcultures on to normal Americans. THAT IS their idea of what America is all about — giving it away to other Nationalities; creating and encouraging confused subcultures like transgenders and homosexuals; encouraging young females to murder and dissect their unborn because the baby is an inconvenience — ALL sick and twisted like the Democrat minds! All the spawns of the weak intellect of the democrats.

    However, these subcultures guarantee the Dems votes in elections, etc. until now. When Judge Kavanaugh was confirmed, the Dems discovered that they couldn’t convince people he was a SEXUAL predator. They tried to tarnish his excellent reputation. Too many lies, too many weak WITNESSES and too much desperation. They lost AGAIN!

    First was Trump winning the Presidential election, now a pro-life Constitutionalist on the Supreme Court. That’s 2/2. What is next?

    America would be better off if the Democrats were never born. Too bad their mothers didn’t know about abortion. Sad…

  32. Not exactly, he is wanted in his homeland and many other countries for crimes (multiple) His being allowed in this country was an EPIC mistake. I have no problem charging him for a one way ticket wishing to prosecute him.

  33. Name call much? God will be his judge as he will be mine and yours. Let’s just try to learn as we go , if I State “my” truth and can’t confirm it with my “own” witnesses why should anyone believe me? I try to love everyone but this is about “THE” truth and isn’t that what matters my prayers are for us to stop letting things keep us from going to heaven. God Bless you and have a great day .

  34. The Bilderberg Group CIA Secret Service CFR DNP DNC LBJ HW BUSH 41 all are involved in JFK Murder…!!! Lyndon Johnson not only participated in the Murder of Jack That Rat also Ordered the Sinking of a US Navy Ship the Victory by Israel during the six day War. Raids by Israel 2 waves of Fighters & Bombers 2 Torpedo Boats and a Submarine were not successful the Brave Crew kept the Ship afloat 34 Dead over a 100 wounded huge Hole in side from Torpedo even attacked by Napalm Aircraft were unmarked, only indication that Israel was the attacker was a Flag on one of the PT boats LBJ wanted to blame Egypt so that he could declare War another False Flag a repeat of The Gulf of Tonkin engineered by LBJ and McNamara allowing full out “Conflict” with Vietnam …!!!
    LBJ Ordered I want that Dam Ship to the bottom…!!! Treason giving a Foreign Country permission to sink one of our Ships so that he could declare War I believe there was a Crew of 365 that LBJ wanted deep six. Survivors were not allowed speak of this incident under threat of Prison…!!!
    Two Genuine RATS Johnson and McNamara…!!!

  35. Oh Betty! You just showed the entire blog your low I.Q. by disrespecting our President!!

    ✴✴You obviously are a Demonrat because they have NO RESPECT FOR ANYONE OR ANYTHING INCLUDING THEMSELVES!✴✴

    A decent person would always respect the Office of our President; but apparently, the demonrats do not carry that gene!

    FYI: Try taking an antidepressant and revisiting the world. You may see things are a lot different than what your clueless angry Demonrat leaders are screaming about and claiming FOUL!

  36. Oh Betty! You just showed the entire blog your low I.Q. by disrespecting our President!!

    ✴✴You obviously are a Demonrat because they have NO RESPECT FOR ANYONE OR ANYTHING INCLUDING THEMSELVES!✴✴

    A decent person would always respect the Office of our President; but apparently, the demonrats do not carry that gene!

    FYI: Try taking an antidepressant and revisiting the world. You may see things are a lot different than what your clueless angry Demonrat leaders are claiming!

  37. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was “The Last Democrat” and “The Greatest President” The Bilderberg Group CIA Secret Service CFR DNP DNC LBJ HW BUSH 41 all are involved in JFK Murder…!!! Lyndon Johnson not only participated in the Murder of Jack That Rat also Ordered the Sinking of a US Navy Ship the Victory by Israel during the six day War. Raids by Israel 2 waves of Fighters & Bombers 2 Torpedo Boats and a Submarine were not successful the Brave Crew kept the Ship afloat 34 Dead over a 100 wounded huge Hole in side from Torpedo even attacked by Napalm Aircraft were unmarked, only indication that Israel was the attacker was a Flag on one of the PT boats LBJ wanted to blame Egypt so that he could declare War another False Flag a repeat of The Gulf of Tonkin engineered by LBJ and McNamara allowing full out “Conflict” with Vietnam …!!!
    LBJ Ordered I want that Dam Ship to the bottom…!!! Treason giving a Foreign Country permission to sink one of our Ships so that he could declare War I believe there was a Crew of 365 that LBJ wanted deep six. Survivors were not allowed speak of this incident under threat of Prison…!!!
    Two Genuine RATS Johnson and McNamara…!!!

  38. George Soros, ‘A Jew’ co-mingled with and supported the WW II Nazis. Came to the US and had to have lied on his documentation to acquire a Green Card or Naturalization.
    His STATUS SHOULD BE REVOKED and he should be returned to his native land,

  39. Hillary the “MAD COW” needs to be sent back to the “FARM” with the “REST OF THE COWS”- along with all her corruption – financial scandals – classified E-mail scandals and breaches of government protocol – she and “Obozo” should be held responsible for the deaths of four brave Americans at Benghazi – I cannot stop thinking about those brave guys fighting for their lives on that embassy rooftop – thinking “Help must be coming – They will not leave us behind” – as a Viet Nam Era Air Force Veteran – in basic training at Lackland Air Force Base , San Antonio, Texas, I remember every day – every flight commander – flight line supervisor – and technical instructor literally pounded into our heads every day – “We will never – ever leave you behind under any circumstances” – I know they were thinking – saying that to each other as they took their last breaths of life. I salute my flag every Memorial Day – Flag Day – Fourth of July – Veterans Day – in their memory !

  40. Will she ever go away? I would argue with the ones on Ford’s side but you can’t argue with ignorance or stupidity. She lied. She is a fake flake. Just another cheap attempt to smear a good man. You all probably believe Bill Clinton still never had SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH THAT WOMAN. How much money does she have now? Must not be enough!

  41. so where is the punishment for faulsely accusing someone ,it’s a crime to lie to a judge , the fbi and the senate , so why ain’t it a crime to lie about other things

  42. Ford and her attorney and the Democrats need a complete mental evaluation and also should be drug and alcohol tested. These are among the most evil people on this earth.

  43. Ronald Tucker. I agree with you that China is also a threat. Not only is it stealing Intellectual Property rights of others, but in recent years the communist government of China also has become more repressive, more dictatorial and is flexing its military muscle in the region.

  44. Well Dr. JD if that’s true, then they’ve gone soft in the squash. She was totally unbelievable! And has purgured herself.

  45. all of the demoncrats talk alike -at the so called lynching of kavanaugh the whole stinking rotting lot of them said and nothing but fbi fbi did not bother to ask questions or get real answers.

  46. And I presume you love Hillary – the rotund, angry, shreiking hyenna who has sold 10% of our uranium to the Russians, threatened the lives of Bill’s many girlfriends and allowed secure intelligence to be accessed due to illegal use of an outside server – that woman is your idol? After you wash your mouth out with soap, get caught up on all of the Clinton scandals. You are sad.

  47. EXCELLENT Cliffs Notes for DUMMIES, er, DUMMIECRATS, Mike W! I, too, am quite familiar with SUBUD and its shady workings! OBAMA IS A FRAUD!

  48. Dr Ford is a sick woman and for all her witnesses to deny her case is a loss and she needs to move on to get help for herself. She thought she found the DEMS that would make her case for her. The only problem with that is she picked a big group of people that did not have truth on their side. They made up stories that would not help her side. This was there rush to judgement without having a witness with truthful facts.

  49. Roman >> DoctorJD touts himself as a BEHAVIORAL SCIENTIST! And, yet, NEVER does he ‘grade’ the dastardly behavior of these ULT-CULT ANARCHISTS! Just throws all this so-called ‘scientific’ poll sh*t at us…driven by his narcissistic EGO! DO NOT BUY INTO IT!

  50. JUST CANT TRUST THESE GREAKEN (D) PARTY ANARCHISTS….MAKES me wonder how much is Dianne FREAKENSTAIN getting from SOROS to pay Dr(?) Ford to build FIVE moor DOORS on her FRONT Entrance to her house to LOCK HERSELF IN !! JUST TO KEEP FROM GOPING PUBLIC and …Well you know!

  51. This is a case of two attorneys looking to cash in on a failed accusation, with futility at the helm!!! They join the ranks of AVENETTI!

  52. She was telling the truth. Kavanaguah contacted Judge to lie for him as he did the college classmates for Ramirez before the public knew of Ramirez. The classmates have dated emails from Kavanaugh before Ramirez was in the news. The FBI was only told to investigate what Trump wanted to control and not a complete one. But the ABA will look into it and Trump cannot control them.

  53. If you have still never heard of a little cult called SUBUD – do look it up. For starters the Hawaiian official who certified Barry’s Hawaiian birth certificate – Loretta Fuddy – was a member of this cult. Stanley Ann Dunham was also a member of this cult. This little cult originated in Indonesia and has it’s U.S. headquarters in Chicago. Oprah Winfrey teaches SUBUD and George Soros has been funding SUBUD for decades. A lot of coincidence? Barry’s momma took him to Indonesia around the time of the cults beginnings. Indonesia was also communist at the time. Barry himself called Frank Marshall Davis his mentor – he claimed Davis was a famous poet. Davis was a well known communist – he also made some porno movies with Barry’s momma Stanley Ann Dunham. When she became pregnant Davis couldn’t marry her – he was already married with children – again – in Chicago. Enter Barack Obama Sr. – anyone with eyes that work can see that Barry looks absolutely nothing like Sr. Barry does favor Frank Marshall Davis though doesn’t he? Barry’s “brother” Malik Obama pointed out Davis and Barry have the same facial moles, ears nose and lips. When you look at the certified birth certificate Obama signed as Obama and Dunham signed as Dunham – they were NOT married. Obama couldn’t marry her either – he was already married with children back in Kenya. To date Barry who rode his “fathers” story thru two books and into the White House has NEVER put one red cent into the Barack H. Obama Sr. Foundation. He has never done a damned thing for his “family” in Kenya – ask them. When his aunt Zeituni Onyango wo lived and died in poverty in Boston died Barry refused to help his “family” get her body back to Kenya for her funeral/burial. He did have her to the White House though for photo ops. Finally Barry claims to have been born in Hawaii – that would make him the first president ever from that state right? So why is he building his presidential center in Chicago? the answer is simple he no longer needs Hawaii- so like everyone/everything else when he is done with them he kicks them to the curb.

  54. The DemonRATS HAVE GONE ROGUE, Roman! So far ROGUE that Obama top sheriff former AG Eric Holder is spewing “They go LOW…we KICK ’em!” Where is HIS civility??? He is INCITING TO RIOT!!!

  55. She was caught sucking guys off in the back room at a party. Guys were standing in line to get sucked-off.Now she acts so pure and innocent. What a whore.

  56. “NATO threat” means fair to Israel (the ONLY free country in mid-east). All the rest have NO elections, but rather dictators…..crown princes… sheikhs, whatever.
    China has been Stealing our industrial property since before computers…you don’t mention Mao Tar Tungs STILL Communist party.
    Read up.

  57. Go look at her yearbook lol lol .She was a partying drunk. That’s why it was scrubbed from internet. Now I seriously don’t believe a word she said.

  58. zee: I was making a general statement regarding extremist rhetoric being harmful. However, calling the “new Demo” party going rogue is pretty extreme in my view.
    i have never endorsed or supported calls for violence – in fact I strongly oppose such calls. As to Putin, it is clear to any informed person that he has invaded countries in pursuit of his imperialist agenda, violated numerous international treaties, his regime sponsors hacking, seriously violated human rights, kills dissidents in Russia and abroad, is challenging NATO and is perceived as a threat to NATO and world peace. So, please educate yourself about the reality of Putin’s heinous regime – unless you are a troll at the pay of the Kremlin who is just trying to spread misinformation in order to undermine the West’s support for sanctions that have been applied on Russia.

  59. According to Al Gore’s predict a Decade+ ago, We Are
    supposed to be dead by now w/ geo alterations.
    > Still here.

  60. Al Gore’s ‘playbook’ over 10 yrs ago = IF scientific ev.
    holds, bla bla bla. Gore Makes Mega Millions on the Big >IF__
    > Meanwhile, Al Gore’s Mega Jet fuel residue over my area etc,
    totally pollutes the lower atmosphere,& BTW: Does Not Effect
    the Sun, remaining Planets.Much less the Kuiper.
    . am NOT Going to ‘spoon feed’ you info.

  61. You Are ‘Plastic Shade’ ph.d jd.
    Your edu. IsTotally ‘oldschool’. &&&
    ‘that’ IS Why a ‘problemmo’ Exists
    Today ___ Good news tho – PPL Are
    ‘Awakening’. Basically, You Are
    ‘moot’ on this site. PPL SEE(the
    twisted junk). Did you go to Ford’s
    school ? & Study her co-op papers?
    ie ‘self hypnosis’___ & load up on
    ‘jellyfish? in retirement. ( & you know
    what i’m talking about).
    Write to Congress. Get ‘something’ accomplished.

  62. Roman, NOT 1 of my comments on this blog Are Extreme.
    0nly in the ‘eye(mind?) of the beholder’.
    >Let me REPEAT to ‘dissenters’ here :
    The 1960’s jfk ‘dem’ party IS Looong Gone.
    > Yes, ‘work together’. Please convey your ‘work together’
    TO/ Maxine, Feinstein, Holder (recent speech, in Ga calling for violence),
    hillary (recent speech) ‘o’, schumer, booker, blumenthal, shall i go on ???
    You have bigge comm’s to send to list above re ‘working together’. Then come
    back to RR & tell all.
    > Re Putin: You are Way ‘lost’ on that one. Need MORE International edu.
    > Hanging tite w/ ‘Plastic Shade’ ph.d jd will get you No where.
    > Protecting USA IS BEST OPTION.

  63. Dr.J.D. Thank you for your message and compliments. I fully agree with what you have written. We are in a dangerous situation where fact do not matter, scientific findings of the overwhelming number of credible scientists are simply being dismissed – ideology, conspiracy theories, intolerance hatred and victimization are the rage. The dangers of global warming are being ignored by some in the US. I am, like you, depressed. However, I keep reminding myself that things can change for the better, even though they appear hopeless. At times, in world history, insanity, hatred where were widespread. Demagogues appealed to the rather uneducated uninformed and prejudiced people and won power. But, as a famous insightful Ukrainian poetess in the early 20th century said (way before Ukraine’s independence, before the horrors of the two World Wars and Ukraine’s genocidal artificial famine – the Holodomor), “out of hopelessness, we have to hope”. I keep reminding myself that we have to keep on doing the right thing and eventually logic, truth, common sense will prevail – and our views based on social justice, science, inclusiveness and compassion will prevail. We are in for difficult times, we must not be intimidated by hatred and prejudice.

  64. Dan, never expected you to believe reality or the polls, but I did hope that not all the readers are anti-truth and/or so bitter like you. I understand about you – -if there were video showing Kavanaugh assaulting others, you would not care since you are so sexist. But now we have a SCOTUS judge who is a proven liar and has a drinking problem. More proof is coming up – -that is why the rush to confirm was so adamant.
    I know you are not educated in the signs of an addict like Kavanaugh, but more stories are surfacing: Kavanaugh vandalizes a truck in drunken rage, according to a report by the owner. The Wall Street Journal, says that Truth and Courage members met twice weekly through senior year to hang out and drink. When “heavily drunk,” Mr. Kavanaugh, could turn “belligerent, offensive and even possibly criminal,” the statement says.

  65. Glenn, it is that sort of rhetoric that is at the cause of a lot of the world’s problems . . . and that includes the politics of SELFISHNESS. When America was TRULY GREATEST is when we worked together to fight the Great Depression and the evils of Nazi Germany and fascist Italy and Japan.

  66. Roman, I find what you have written very insightful and agree completely. If the scientific evidence holds, we only have about 12 years until the effects of global warming will do at least $54 TRILLION damage to the environment, eradicating coastal shorelines, producing severe droughts and demands for fresh and clean water, so the only thing that makes sense is to quit some of this nastiness and work together for ourselves, for our children, for our grandchildren.

    But, look at the response from dragonFLY and others – -they would rather nurture their victimization and enlarge their huge chip on their shoulders no matter what damage is done. I have tried just to get some of them to have a civil conversation as a start, and some of these people only relate to vulgarity and disrespect. If the planet is to be saved, I fear it will not be with many of these Trump followers that are anti-environment, like their cult leader, corrupt Trump.

  67. zee: extremist comments are never helpful. The overwhelming majority of Americans need to work together. As I pointed out, heated uncompromising disrespectful rhetoric is not healthy. Other than trying to find a middle ground and trying to bring Americans together – what is the alternative, Civil War? I believe only the real enemies of America, such as Putin, would like to see America descend into Civil War. The vast majority of Americans want to live and work together with other Americans, even though they may not share the same political viewpoint.

  68. Roman. The ‘jfk’ party of Dems IS
    Looong GONE. The ‘new Dem’ party
    = Completely Rogue. They turned on
    Ford & Will Turn on You etc.

  69. dragonFLY: Most definitely, both sides need to find some moderate common ground. It takes two to tangle – and two to tango. Moderate voices should be encouraged. Both sides need to cool the rhetoric and remember that only a united America can be a great America.

  70. You mentioned a judge who “During his time at the Department of Justice, Garland led the investigation and prosecution following the tragic bombing in Oklahoma City in 1995, which claimed the lives of 168 people.”
    You need to read this(google the title The Gunderson Report on the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building Oklahoma City, Oklahoma April 19th 1995.) You will find this man retired from the FBI (over 20 years) and this was a complete cover-up.

  71. Tell THAT to the DemonRATS, Roman! Even our CORE VALUES of the PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE and DUE PROCESS are DEAD to DemonRATS, as witnessed in the Kavanaugh hearings! Their thirst for POWER is INSATIABLE…and it will be their DOWNFALL!

  72. dragonFly: Yes, there is bitterness all around. When Obama was in power, the Republicans in Congress gave him a very hard time. Now, the shoe is on the other foot. Still, I believe, a House divided can not stand. There is a need for moderation, moderate voices, creative approaches, avoiding offensive extreme language, showing mutual respect – and acknowledging that the views and feelings of the other side have some merits. After all, all (Republicans and Democrats) are Americans, whose home is America, whose future is in America and who overwhelmingly actually want the best for America. Yes, it may be difficult, frustrating and upsetting at times – but, there is really no other way, if one wants to prevent the eventual possibility of a Civil War.

  73. dragonFly: Granted one will never reach utopia in this world. But, about 50% of the American population can not be ignored for long. They vote and participate the election process. They may even win in the elections of 2020 or 2024. One needs to deal with them. The only alternative is Civil War – which certainly would not Make America Great Again. Yes, one starts with a dream, then develops an action plan and then one may realize one’s dreams. That is how progress is made – and that is the only logical way ahead.

  74. Glenn: The so-called LiEberals are about 50% of the population. One needs to deal with them – and they can’t be just simply dismissed. They vote and use the political process and may eventually win the elections in 2020 or 2024. One needs to reach out to them and deal with them – what is the alternative – Civil War?

  75. Only anti-American LIEberals believe Ford. She took down her facebook page where she whined that nobody brought false sexual harassment charges against Gorsuch. She should be charged and prosecuted for her false, politically motivated claims.

  76. Roman, concession speeches are the barometer! Once they got over the utter SHOCK, Obama and Hillary BOTH espoused well wishes to President-Elect Trump in hopes that he SUCCEED! Would do anything they COULD toward that end! Or so they SAID! AND THEY LIED!!! Nothing but DEEP STATE SHADOW GOVERNMENT obstruction and resistance ever SINCE!!! NOT TO BE TRUSTED!!! Obama with his HUBRIS did not even have the DECENCY to LEAVE D.C. as all FORMER Presidents but set up his ‘BLACK’ HOUSE in the environs of Embassy Row! Just had to keep the WHITE HOUSE in his sights! ‘BLACK’ as it relates to Trump Derangement Syndrome! Not a RACIST comment! John Kerry and he have done NOTHING but TRASH Trump on the world stage! Hillary? SAME GOES! Liberal MSM? SAME GOES! Just saying…

  77. dragonFly: Apology accepted and appreciated. You know, the US is deeply divided. The Kavanaugh hearings showed that about half of the population supported his nomination and half opposed it. There are many news sources – so are left-wing; some are right-wing. Both of these news sources disparage the other as”fake news” and show no respect for the views of the other side. My point is that heated rhetoric is not healthy, in fact, to the US. The consequences of such rhetoric is highly incendiary and deeply offensive to the other side. Let’s look at the consequences of such divisiveness and rhetoric. Do we want to see a Civil War in the US? Or, should we respectfully agree to disagree – and try to reach out to one another and find some sort of a formula that would encourage consensus building and cooperation? I would welcome your views, and those of others. We need to move forward and bring some sort of reconciliation in the US in order to reduce the existing hatreds.

  78. As usual, some of what you said in your article, is way wrong. You said the American people did not believe Dr. Ford but the OPPOSITE was true: A new a Quinnipiac poll showing changes to public opinion following the testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh last Thursday. Of those who changed their positions following the hearing, none were more affected than independent voters—and they believed Ford.
    The last nationwide Quinnipiac showed Kavanaugh with a 45–39 support among independents. That has now flipped to a 49–39 opposition. That number closely mirrors the 46–38 result among independents who say they believed Dr. Ford compared to those who believed Kavanaugh.
    You people are such liars and distort the truth over and over. When you do see some empirical evidence, you go into denial mode and say “fake News.”

  79. dragonFLY, as usual, what you are saying is not accurate. Rome lasted for centuries after a lifestyle of indulgent living . . . so if anything, the historical lesson is the opposite – – Rome controlled the masses in a large part of the western world, so far outlasting even the USA. You guys just make garbage up and regurgitate it out. Roman, don’t expect these people to show manners, civility or respect for anyone. The way some of these low lifes trashed Dr. Ford, a sexual abuse victim, shows they have zero class and whose goal is to be authoritarian bullies, like Trump.

  80. No,the democrats are never guilty of anything. They didn’t play partisan politics at all trying to villify Kavanaugh. Put you leftist propaganda on some other post board. We don’t want anything to to with turning our nation into a communist banana republic.

  81. Awww, Roman…who is the sensitive one NOW??? You have YET to suffer the backlash of Dan Tyree!!! We are ALL S-I-C-K of DemonRAT DIRTY TACTICS!!! HEADLINES??? CNN??? MSNBC??? There exists NO objectivity…only 99.9% DemonRAT TRASH!!! I do apologize, tho, for my alleged disrespect and lack of manners…for a statement made in CONTEXT!

  82. SOMEthing someHOW must REIN IN these ANARCHISTS!!! Simply being ARRESTED then RELEASED??? No REAL consequences!!!

  83. The Judiciary Act of 1789 established the number of members on SCOTUS at 6 >> 1 Chief 5 Associates. That number was increased by Congress to 7 in 1807. 1837 >> 9. 1863 >> 10. In 1866, Congress passed the Judicial Circuits Act that reduced the number back down to 7. And in 1869, Congress RAISED the number to 9 where it has stood ever since.

    In 1937, DemonRAT FDR wanted to create a “New Deal”-friendly SCOTUS and attempted to convince Congress to pass legislation that would allow UP TO 15 members! NO DEAL! And a CLEAR show of PARTISAN politics…attempting to fill the High Court with Justices to suit his AGENDA…rather than Justices of IMPARTIALITY who adhere to the Constitution in the SPIRIT in which it was WRITTEN!

    And THEN we have Obama’s Sotomayor with HER famous quote >> “I would hope that a wise LATINA WOMAN with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a WHITE MALE who has not lived that life!” A CLEAR show of RACISM by a DemonRAT!

    Ruth Bader oh-GEE is to have NO opinions and, yet, has publicly espoused her PRO #MeToo stance!

    And the younger woman on Trump’s short list…name escapes me…was told by DIE-anne not-so-FINEstein that “Your CATHOLICISM is an INGRAINED DOGMA!” BIGOTRY…by a DemonRAT!

    Kavanaugh? So it is written! Let it be DONE!

  84. sounds like sourer grapes to me , the democeats got checkmated against there forcing liberal views on the American people and THEY HAVE HAD ENOUGH , you got beat at your own game an you don’t like it , just suck on it for the next generation an hope your head collapsess

  85. There have been any NUMBER of Justices on SCOTUS in the course of its existence and the Senate was under NO obligation whatsoever to consider nominee Merrick Garland by lame duck Obama! And as I recall, GOP Senators petitioned their constituents to petition THEM not to consider the 8th year Obama reign pick. We PETITIONED! Senators LISTENED! Obama driven by HUBRIS was the main maladjustment at the time! He had ALREADY seated Associate Justices Sotomayor and Kagan…NEITHER of whom faced little if ANY full Senate GOP opposition…but “3s a charm” in his LAST year was NOT going to happen…NOT IN AN ELECTION YEAR!

  86. Pure patriot the insane left would probably resort to violence if that happens. Also the next nominee would probably be accused of sneaking in farms and raping sheep.

  87. try again. How would you feel – in events
    of numerous apprehensions of ‘d–pstate
    individuals, a ‘temp’martial-law court 0rder.

  88. dragonFly: Read my comments carefully. Please note that I complained about the exaggerated headline, as they undermine objectivity. I noted that people should not claim that they are getting “sick” because of opposing political the views. If they do, they should get medical or psychiatric help. Freedom of expression is guaranteed by the First Amendment. In your comment, you have insulted me – by telling me to shoot up heroin with fentanyl. I will no longer discuss political issues with you – until you show some respect and show manners.

  89. In reading re RU486, mentioned was, administering RU486
    For Depression & to MEN.
    .Kav stated Previously, when asked re Roe v Wade :
    ” it (Roe v Wade) Is Law “.
    > Dems et al MUST KEEP Abortion Active/Funded. FOR
    Babie parts,Blood, Stem Cells, Vacc’s & ADRENOCHROME.___
    . An Evile luciferian Agenda.

  90. The Deranged Dems are still trying to make a dent in Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh’s armor of Morality. Every pathetic attempt to dishonor or discredit Kavanaugh has backfired scattering more and more democrats from their flock of brain dead supporters. There is a group of EX-DEMOCRATS that is growing larger by the minute – some of them converting to Conservatives, some of them on the fence but definitely NOT voting democrat. The last figure I read was 300,000 plus and that was several weeks ago during the Confirmation fiasco. By now it is closer to 500,000 and climbing.
    The DELUDED Dems still don’t get that by doing this to Kavanaugh, they actually hung themselves as a political party! Pretty damn ignorant for a group who “thinks” they are smarter than everyone else! That Blue wave they keep talking about in November has become a pathetic sprinkle…no one is interested in any candidate supported by that despicable political party…no one!

  91. Grassley has asked for the doctors notes,how was Mrs Ford’s Letter leaked and how was Mrs Ford set up with Democratic operatives and activist lawyers pro bono three documented requests for documents. Imagine that document proof!!!!!

  92. Obama said it best there are consequences to elections and the senate was controlled by the Republicans. Under the same circumstances except Democrats ran the Senate I believe it is now called the Biden rule which said in and election year it should not vote on a opposition president. Democrats established the president and now want to change the rules to fit there needs. Don’t forget the Republicans had the majority and could have just as easily voted Garland down but that would probably ended Garlands future to join the court.

  93. Article II of the U.S. Constitution states that the President “shall nominate, and by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, shall appoint judges of the Supreme Court.” Therefore, in 2016, President Obama was required to put forward a nominee to fill the Supreme Court vacancy, and the Senate had an obligation to quickly consider that nominee.

    Chief Judge Garland was a nominee with impeccable qualifications. A graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School, Judge Garland served since 1997 on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit. He previously clerked for Supreme Court Justice William Brennan and famed Judge Henry Friendly before serving as the Principal Associate Deputy Attorney General at the Department of Justice.

    During his time at the Department of Justice, Garland led the investigation and prosecution following the tragic bombing in Oklahoma City in 1995, which claimed the lives of 168 people. Chief Judge Garland has the disposition and the credentials to serve on the Court, and that he deserves a full review and hearing in the Judiciary Committee.

    Fourteen Supreme Court Justices have been confirmed in presidential election years, before the presidential election took place. Justice Anthony M. Kennedy was confirmed in 1988 during the final year of President Ronald Reagan’s term. Justice Clarence Thomas was confirmed in October 1991, after the presidential election campaign had begun that year.

    In both instances, the Senate had a majority of Democratic members, but still moved to confirm them to the high court. In fact, not since the Civil War, in 1862, has the Senate taken longer than a year to confirm a replacement for a Supreme Court vacancy.

    In addition, an eight-member court creates the potential for deadlock in important cases, which will create uncertainty in the law. In 2004, Justice Scalia wrote about the dangers of an eight-member Court. He stated that in cases of a tie vote, the Court “will find itself unable to resolve the significant legal issue presented by the case.” That means the law and constitutional protections could differ in different parts of the country, denying the full system of justice guaranteed by our Constitution. In fact, the Supreme Court was already deadlocked in two cases since Justice Scalia passed away.

    Republicans refused to meet with Garland nor give him a simple up or down vote!

    Prominent Republicans previously spoke favorably of Merrick Garland, a moderate. Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) said, “Obama could easily name Merrick Garland, who is a fine man.” Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) said, “I have nothing against the nominee. Mr. Garland seems to be well qualified and would probably make a good judge.” Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) similarly said, “I would feel comfortable supporting him.” And Rep. David Jolly (R-Florida) said Republicans should act on President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nominee in 2016. “I do think he should have a hearing and I would like to see a vote,” Jolly said. The Florida lawmaker also said if he were in the Senate now, he would meet with Obama’s pick, Merrick Garland. “Of course,” he said.

    Jolly didn’t say he’d vote for Garland. He said he’d vote against him, and cited concerns with his judicial record on the Second Amendment and labor unions. Nonetheless, he said the Senate’s job is to give nominees hearings and votes, and they should be doing it with Garland’s nomination. “That’s actually the proper exercise of the Senate’s Article I authority,” he said.

    It might not sound like a bold statement, but Jolly’s comments came as several GOP senators refused to even sit down with Obama’s nominee. That’s because Republican leaders settled on a strategy of denying Garland any attention and punting the Supreme Court nomination until 2017. And in 2018, the Republicans wanted to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court immediately without waiting until after the elections, and refused to release Kavanaugh’s entire record. It’s the Republicans playing partisan games, not the Democrats!

    The Democratic Party platform should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy. Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

  94. Tom Curry, I’m with you. Sounds perfectly logical to me. I also believe that she should be investigated vigorously and at a minimum be charged and prosecuted for perjury and libel.

  95. Dr. Ford was used by the Democrats and was all a SMEAR and all false. The democrats should be held accountable and charged along with Fodd and you can bet that Crooked Schumer knew all along this wa false.

  96. Are any of us surprised by this latest joke?? We know Soros is paying the bills and they will do whatever he tells them to do. I don’t know what, if anything, happened to Ford. I do know that she had no proof and that is what our justice system is built on. Proof beyond a reasonable doubt.
    We need to all make sure we get people out to vote on 11/6. Republicans MUST retain the majority or we’re all screwed.

  97. No DNA, no pregnancy, no infant but so much sexual encounters and no sexual diseases. Mrs Ford grew up in the best of times. Her doctor’s files would back up her story, and likely her parents.

  98. Richard: Thank you for your insightful comments. Like you, I am troubled by the divisiveness in America – the sheer hatred between the Republicans and Democrats. Things are not being evaluated on their merits, but on the basis of pure partisanship. There appear to be no moderates who are trying to bridge the gap, discover the merits of a case, find compromises and consensus. The downward spiral is truly frightening. People are not thinking where all this hatred will lead the country – what will be the consequences. Do we really want to see a civil war in America? Is that what will make America great again? Let’s avoid inflammatory rhetoric, stop insulting one another, show mutual respect and prevent issues from becoming partisan political football. Let’s look how other countries handle their Supreme Court nominations. They do not go through such a Circus as occurs in the US. Canada (a country in many respects similar to the US) , for example, promotes judges – all the way to the Supreme Court on the basis of their professionalism, experience and taking into account regional representation. The issue is not politicized and is non-partisan. There are no right-wing or left-wing judges in Canada’s Supreme Court, just competent, professional and impartial judges. If laws need to be changed (because of political pressures) then it is up to Parliament to do that – and not judges. Is that perhaps a model that the US should look at? Or, are Americans so tradition bound and self-absorbed that they can’t start thinking outside of the box and can’t consider making changes to their judicial processes and procedures – and will only exchange vitriolic venom against each other?

  99. What the person supposedly did to Dr. Ford back then did not constitute “Rape” which by definition entails penetration. That did not take place, even in Dr. Ford’s bogus story. The whole thing is a fraud.

  100. The point is not who did Dr. Ford tell anything to in 2018. The point is who did she say anything to sometime shortly after it happened 36 years ago. Too little, too late, democrats shot themselves in the foot. I guess they’re not as smart as they think they are in manipulating the public.

  101. Everyone that thinks this woman had been attacked sometime in her life are really being way to kind, for this woman never got attacked at all this whole thing was made up to stop this judge and that is just a fact!!! If the FBI looked into her history I am sure they would find her to be nothing but a slut and has laid down with many people!!! She should be investigated and if found guilty then prosecuted and serve no less than 20 years in prison!!!

  102. At the time in question for what Ford states occured, which was not rape, did have a 1 year statue of limitations.

  103. I will not deny that Dr. Ford was assaulted somewhere back in time. What I think s that the Doctor that she told is a big Demoncrap Donor and that he saw a openning to coax her into saying it was kavanaugh, knowing that he or her coud mannipulate her ito saying this . Somewhere everybody surroundng this claim is getting paid by someone to make this claim. It was purely Political for the word go or Diane Feinstein would not have held this back for two months.

  104. I don’t believe Ford,all a woman has to say she was raped,and a man spends all his life trying to show his innocents. The way some of these girls dress,are a disgrace to there gender and most of them do it to mess with men’s mind. I’am married an have not had sex in 20 years, these young girls make ashamed i’am part of the human race, I am ashamed of mother today, they just want their daughter gone because, because they are competition for them.

  105. Democrats are the lowest of the low and below contempt. For decades democrats have proved they care nothing about honor, truth or justice. Anyone who supports any democratic candidate or argument is plain unable to think for themselves and follows the story supported by years of brainwashing by evil people. Hopefully, intelligent people who think will vote for America and insure removal of every Democrat up for election at all levels of government. Being a democrat is admitting you condone evil, hate, and the rule of any law but nazism.

  106. It’s all about power! We the people have the right to instigate Citizen’s Marshall Law and ‘dethrone’ the liars. How ’bout we investigate Diane and ‘The Spy Who Chauffeured Her’huh…?

  107. YES! She is leading a dog and pony show.
    She a liar thru and thru! Everything in her life has been a lie. Read more! You will see.

  108. “Natural causes” >> Justice Antonin Scalia…in perfect health…found DEAD at his Texas ranch from an apparent heart attack! When poisonous BERRIES were found growing WILD in ABUNDANCE on his property! Would something ‘organic’ like THAT show up on a tox screen OR be naturally absorbed into his system??? PREMEDITATED MURDER IN THE FIRST!!!

  109. ROME was not built in a DAY, Roman, but FELL in a HEARTBEAT because of DEBAUCHERY and GREED by those who would DEIGN to control the masses! The DemonRAT Party is the modern day ROME! POWER is NOT within its grasp and never WILL be! ????????AMERICA???????? has WISED UP!!! Why don’t YOU shoot up some heroin laced with fentanyl since you’re so adept at prescribing to others?!

  110. Stanford apparently scrubbed its listing of the professor with a selective memory and her connection to the undergrad CIA intern program, although that program IS not fiction. There was also verification of Melges connection to Lang who despite being homeless and on the west coast managed to travel cross country to in fact murder Nick Deak, another fact. Whether or not Blasey the father was the paymaster may not be such a stretch of the imagination and Deak’s murder was CONVENIENT for his bank.

    Of course, the mainstream will kick in with its “conspiracy theory” response rather than denying the facts which do tie together quite well.

    JFK became a threat to the CIA and was assassinated; DJT is also a threat to the CIA. They have many means which are far more sophisticated and any autopsy would conclude “natural causes.”

    When one goes behind the curtain, one realizes The Wizard of Oz wasn’t fiction

  111. And WHY did DIE-anne sit on the Ford letter for 45 DAYS?…sharing it ONLY with DEMONRAT members of the Judiciary Committee! WITHHOLDING EXCULPATORY EVIDENCE!

    Something is VERY rotten in Denmark…but we already KNOW that!

    ????????VOTE????????VOTE????????VOTE????????!!! DRIVE YOUR NEIGHBORS IF YOU MUST!!!

  112. Chairman Grassley has something up his sleeve besides his arm! He would not disclose FOR GOOD REASON when asked after the Kavanaugh vote.

    In the meantime, a former AIDE to DIE-anne not-so-FINEstein has been ARRESTED for doxxing certain REPUBLICAN Members of Congress…releasing on social media names, addresses, everything private and sacred! Will DIE-anne be NEXT? WHO LEAKED THE FORD LETTER???


  114. Daughter Of CIA Assassin Paymaster Tries To Bring Down Trump Supreme Court Nominee Kavanaugh.

    By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

    An intriguing in-depth new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that a Stanford University Psychiatry Professor named Dr. Christine Blasey has become the latest centerpiece of a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) plot to harm President Trump w/ her last-minute allegation, just days prior to US Senate confirmation, that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh had attempted to sexually assault her over 30 years ago when they were teenage school children—while being kept from the American people about Dr. Blasey is that she currently oversees the CIA Undergraduate Internship Program Stanford University developed by the notorious CIA-connected Stanford University Psychiatric Professor Dr. Frederick T. Melges—who himself, in 1985, took into his care the homeless woman Lois Lang who Assassinated CIA paymaster Nick Deak—& that afterwards saw the CIA’s black operations monies being controlled by Ralph G. Blasey Jr.—who, not so mysteriously, just happens to be the father of Dr. Christine Blasey.
    Go to this site & read the rest of the story.

  115. There is no Statute of Limitations in Maryland where the rape FANTASY allegedly occurred! No solid evidence or corroboration 36 years later…NO CASE!

  116. The answer is in the psychologist records as to really WHY Ford and her husband were seeing the psychologist. They lamely said it had to do with ‘doors’. Nope. Not true. If you obtain those records you will see WHY the entire accusation was fabricated.

  117. Thank you, Old Sarge, for your ????????service???????? to our great country! As the proud daughter of a Colonel, U.S. Army (now deceased), I SALUTE you!

    I am SCARED! SCARED to put Republican election posters in my window! SCARED to wear a red MAGA cap and T-shirt! SCARED to attend a Trump rally with AntiFa thugs waiting outside! SCARED at the thought that Trump may very well be FORCED to declare MARSHALL LAW with all these NAZI SOROS-backed ANARCHISTS masquerading as 1st Amendment protesters!

    I have emailed Trump at the White House ad nauseum expressing my FEARS! ????????VOTE???????? November 6!!! RIGHT AND GOOD ALWAYS PREVAILS!!!

  118. There is nothing Democratic about the Democratic party, or anything American either since it s operation and unprincipled betrayal of every Founding principle and their sworn oaths to”defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States against all enemies Foreign and Domestic and not to become such,” are violated by someone in high position within that party every day. Dianne Feinstein is KNOWN for her Anti-2nd Amendment diatribes and she swears she will confiscate all assault rifles but has no such authority and does not even know what one is.She is not alone in her hatred for the very thought that incensed REAL AMERICANS might use the right to end their party for the utter lack of Constitutionality and their constant breaking or modification of every law that does not fit their twisted Marxist Agenda, and Agenda 21 of the U.N.’s New World Order; which they seek to implement to the enslavement of this country and in total VIOLATION OF THEIR OATHS OF OFFICE AND TO THE DETRIMENT OF EVERY TRUE AMERICAN CITIZEN. THERE IS MORE TRUTH IN THIS ALLEGATION THAN IN ALL THE ALLEGATIONS BY ANY OF THE COMPLAINANT ACCUSERS OF BRETT KAVANAUGH OR THE WITNESSES WHO WHEN QUERIED REFUSE TO TESTIFY UNDER OATH; AND TO SEE THE TRUTH OF ITS CONTENTION, ALL ONE NEED DO IS EXAMINE THE PERFORMANCE RECORD OF THESE DOLTS AND THE DENIAL OF DUE PROCESS IT ENTIRELY ENTAILS!

  119. She also works as Director of Biostatistics in the research department of Corcept Therapeutics who make an abortion pill called Mifepristone otherwise known as RU-486. They are a multibillion dollar company and the Democrats are afraid that the court will be tipped enough to overturn Roe/Wade.

  120. because 37 yrs gone , Statute of limitations ran out , no evidence , no police report at time of contact no rape ,just grabbing they would have laughed her out of the station,

  121. Right from the onset many of us said follow the money trail and that will tell you all you need to know about this scam. If it involves demoSCUM you can be 99.9% that the scumbag soros has his money in hand trying to accomplish — well — accomplish anything that will hurt the Repubs and PRESIDENT TRUMP !!!! Keep trying soros you scumbag — so far you have been a total failure.

  122. Why did Ford go to her congress person and not the police? That in itself is messed up. Use your imagination, the police would be the first place to be called. Ford is a f’kn liar and the conspiracy news media knows it.aa

  123. it is hard to comment on politics this rotten all i can say is some day these sorry democrats will have to face god

  124. Skip, You make a good point about Ford being paid off to present false evidence. An investigation of her own current bank account assets of two months ago and what it currently is now would be very interesting and a telling truth of what and who motivated her!

  125. Your comment is exactly what should happen – Impeach all of them for the Criminal Conduct that they demonstrated during the Judicial Confirmation Hearings… The7y are not FIT to be called Americans………

  126. Supposedly her social media, which is now taken down, suggested she took on all comers, as many as 20 per nite. Nice lady, and her present looks indicate a rough life for her age.

  127. Ford at this point, is not believable no matter what she says or has someone else saying. No credibility at all!

  128. Ford has Deep State connections and protection…the CIA, for one. Katz, her bull dyke attorney who was waiting in the wings to pounce, came highly recommended by DIE-anne not-so-FINEstein. The other?…bearded Brumwich…ALSO the attorney for FORMER Acting Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe who was FIRED for ‘lacking candor’ aka LYING. The puzzle just got BIGGER…more pieces…more DOTS. FOLLOW THE MONEY…Ford’s GoFundMe has now hit $1 million!

    Compliments of zee >> whatdoesitmean.com…Google it! Put on your Sherlock hat! You will NOT believe…

  129. There should be an investigation of the accusers bank records, cell phone, and travel records. I believe you will find all records will have been scrubbed clean, and an increase in their bank accounts. This last week is not the DNC playbook, but the books written by Karl Marx, and Adolf Hitler. Bring these people to justice, because if they are not stopped it can only get worse. I’m 77 years old, retired military, and was told that my “Trump hat was not to be worn in public”, to which I replied; “this is America, and I will do as I want”. Person was from California, and in a mom/pop cafe making these remarks, in Oklahoma. MAGA, GO FOR 2020!!!!

  130. She has more than $1 million in a go fund me account, provided by liberal whackos. Hows that for motivation to spin a tale???

  131. also, this same type of letter was sent to Diane fine to lie stine when the last GOP candidate was brought forth. wow and most likely will again. with the next one

  132. This woman Ford was paid and used by the communist democrat party to push lies about Kavanugh. Ford has proven herself to be a liar and very un American.

  133. I believe Ford was drunk, being they took down the yearbook pictures of drinking etc. she couldn’t remember anything. She got taken by the democrats. All they care about it power, not people. She was treated fairly by the republicans. He lawyers even lied to her.diseaseSo very sad

  134. It seems that the DEMOCRAPS are never going to put their pistols back in their holsters and stumble back to the CORRAL OF CRAP! The POOR LOSER crap is a damned poor excuse for acting the way they are now. In case they don’t realize it, the die is caste and there will be no change. They have embarrassed the DEMOCRAP party, and will continue to do so, til NOONE will vote for them again! I am amazed that the dummies do not realize that they are cutting off their noses to spite their faces!!!
    I have been glued to my TV, watching this whole debacle unfold, and was totally amazed at the way the DEMOCRAPS conducted themselves from day one! The LOUSY way that MS. FEINSTEIN “PROTECTED” Dr. Fords identity,,,,The fact that she had the letter for close to 10 weeks before she DUMPED it to the PRESS and forced Dr Ford to appear in public, is TOTALLY UNFORGIVABLE!!! I also do not doubt that Dr. Ford was molested at some time when she was younger, but her allegations against Judge Kavanaugh were totally not true, as witnessed by all who witnessed the hearings. After watching the way that Judge Kavanaugh was ATTACKED by the DEMOCRAPS,,,I was angrier than I have been for years! He was ridiculed for “responding badly” during his response to the ludicrous and totally false accusations, and still is today. I find it nearly impossible to believe that ANYONE ELSE THERE WOULD REACT IN A DIFFERENT MANNER, NO I CHALLENGE ANYONE TO SAY THAT THEY WOULD NOT BE TOTALLY HYSTERICAL, CUZ I SURE WOULD HAVE! FOR HIM TO BE ACCUSED AS FALSELY OF SO MANY INSANELY CRAZY UNFOUNDED THINGS IS CRIMINAL, AND SHOULD BE LEGALLY CHALLENGED ACCORDINGLY!!! NEVER A DEMOCRAP VOTE, EVER!!!!


  136. this girl was out to get one thing when she went to this party and she almost got it, DICK was what she wanted and now she is mad about it.

  137. Vote Republic and fire Nancy, Feinstein, and any and all democratic people. They are sick people, maybe they should go to ford’s office, would be a big bs session.

  138. I agree with most of what you said, but they only”” believe the survivor “”only if it’s a Republican. They didn’t believe the survivors of rapist Bill Clinton.

  139. I have lost so much respect in One half of America. To think that this is all you have to do to convict a man for rape in this Country
    Every single Man needs to be concerned in the direction we are headed, including the Democrats. This is not a Democrat or Republican problem. This is an assault against every Husband, Son, or Brother in America who now can be falsely accused of Sexual Assault. If these sexual assault accusations become between two females, which woman do we believe, both of them? If all that has to happen is a woman’s claim to make these sexual assault claims be true, we won’t need to build a wall. There will be no one that will step foot on this forsaken country. We have now become the laughing stock of the world. Not necessarily for what may of happened to Kavanaugh, but what the Democrats have demonstrated before the world and the Republicans that let this go this far with no consequences for those who used this technique to get their way. Folks, as you already know and Democrats should take notice, this is highly against the law and better not happen again without extreme consequences to follow. Mark my words, we are on a downward spiral. Someone better find an antibiotic for this serious infection.

  140. Man from Grey: Blasey Ford was under oath when she testified she had no prior knowledge or experience with polygraph and never gave anyone tips on how to take a polygraph. Anyone who earns a Ph.D. in Psychology has knowledge of polygraph design, purpose, techniques and consequences. Polygraph is explored in any Abnormal Psychology course. It gets explored in studies of the “criminal mind.”

    She should be charged with perjury.

    Feinstein has said the Dems will move for an impeachment and removal of Kavanaugh.

    Makes me ill!

  141. If many of them even have jobs. I think there are Democrats that are tired of the circus as well. It’s not about Ford; it’s about protecting the right to abortion. That and gay marriage like Kavanaugh is going to move to overturn both when he gets on the SC. He does not have the power to do that all by himself. Some of these protestors; these lawyers for Ford and the majority of the Senate Democrats have lost their collective minds. Like in 2016, they are sore losers. Heaven help us, if they win the House and/or Senate. They’re unhinged and I hope the Democrats like Alan Dershowitz, Dave Rubin, Joe Manchin, Joe Lieberman, Doug Schoen (who appears on Fox a lot and is not unhinged) can talk to some of their fellow party members and help them get a grip. God go with us all.

  142. Now Kavanaugh is in. The liberal media will devour every anti-Kavanaugh opportunity in an attempt to win the mid-elections.

    I’m sure that there are some dirt under Ford’s rug, for example, her closed social media accounts. Yeah, we need hard evidence to prosecute her. Evidently, we see many inconsistencies in her story, along with many protesters skipping their jobs to protest (I hope their bosses see them on TV and fire them all).

  143. I don’t know about others – but I certainly do not become sick when people say things with which I disagree. The exaggerated headline – creates an impression that the reporting/commentary is not objective.

  144. I have two questions for these LIARS oops I meant Lawyers. 1)Why not go after him in 2012 and 2) Why did this friend wait till after she was exposed as a LIAR??? Having known a survivor of a sexual assault I find it impossible to swallow the LIE of Ford’s she could not remember anything but how much she drank and who attacked her. See my friend said that despite counseling she could stuff not forget the attack and emwho attacked her. In other words she could not forget any part of the attack no matter how hard she tried. Ford from the first question she was asked LIED. She claimed Claustrophobia kept her from flying to the hearing yet she flew to Australia for a vacation and even flew home to the east coast months before this hearing. So she LIED about being Claustrophobic. The LIES went on and on. Even those she said were there said she was WRONG. This person who said she told him of the attack also proves she lied since she only told her therapist and Feinstein via a letter passed along via her state Rep.. Ford a Democrapic activist was bought and paid for by the DNC to tell her LIES and I bet the paid him as well. We know they bought Ford and her Lawyers from her testimony video.

  145. Women that I worked with that were raped remember the smell of the rapist hair, after shave/cologne, breath, time of day, location, color of clothing, color of room, where the room was located date, and year. Ms. Ford could not remember any of these things. ms. Ford should be charged with perjury/lying to Congress..

  146. Just more Donkey Crap coming from the left loony-toon cupcakes!
    Sorry for the cupcape…Vote in NOV straight Republican; then President Trump/Pence can continue to throw out the trash ! MAGA !!!

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