What Democrats are promising to do next will make your blood boil

Democrats are not taking their defeat well.

They are already regrouping and plotting revenge against Brett Kavanaugh.

And one top Democrat announced how they will use the 2018 election end Kavanaugh’s career.

New York Democrat Jerry Nadler is the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee.

If the Democrats win control of the House, he will become the chairman.

Nadler is already promising to launch an investigation into Brett Kavanaugh for sexual misconduct and perjury.

The New York Times reports:

House Democrats will open an investigation into accusations of sexual misconduct and perjury against Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh if they win control of the House in November, Representative Jerrold Nadler, the New York Democrat in line to be the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, said on Friday.

Speaking on the eve of Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation vote this weekend, Mr. Nadler said that there was evidence that Senate Republicans and the F.B.I. had overseen a “whitewash” investigation of the allegations and that the legitimacy of the Supreme Court was at stake. He sidestepped the issue of impeachment.

“It is not something we are eager to do,” Mr. Nadler said in an interview. “But the Senate having failed to do its proper constitutionally mandated job of advise and consent, we are going to have to do something to provide a check and balance, to protect the rule of law and to protect the legitimacy of one of our most important institutions.”

Mr. Nadler’s comments resembled those of Senate Democrats who pushed aggressively for an F.B.I. investigation into allegations by three women — Christine Blasey Ford, Deborah Ramirez and Julie Swetnick — that Judge Kavanaugh had engaged in sexual assault or misconduct. Democrats said the resulting investigation fell far short of legitimacy. And they have questioned whether Judge Kavanaugh was truthful in his testimony about a number of issues, including his drinking habits, before the Judiciary Committee.

The FBI conducted a thorough background investigation of Kavanaugh.

They found no corroborating evidence.

That isn’t good enough for Democrats.

They want to stage another show trial where they drag all of Kavanaugh’s left-wing classmates from high school and college before Congress so they can tell wild tales and spread hearsay.

Democrats are also convinced Kavanaugh lied under oath about his drinking.

This is fake news.

Kavanaugh testified that he liked beer.

He also testified sometimes he drank too much.

But this episode already proved Democrats don’t care about the truth.

They just want to exact their pound of political flesh.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


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  2. I hope the devil takes care of the democrats. It is so sad that they are so evil. I hope
    God steps in. It breaks my heart to know they are so evil.

  3. Schumer is so sure they will win and I know that GOD will not let them win when they are promising to go after Justice Kavanaugh. They are the party to commit revenge on anybody and everybody if possible. The DEMS are living with EVIL and the HOUSE OF SATAN is in control of them. EVIL will only take them so far and I think the end is near. Lets all pray that they meet the end of their reign.

  4. Schumer is so sure they will win and I know that GOD will not let them win when they are promising to go after Justice Kavanaugh. They are the party to commit revenge on anybody and everybody if possible. The DEMS are living with EVIL and the HOUSE OF SATAN is in control of them. EVIL will only take them so far and I think the end is near. Lets all pray that they meet the end of their reign.

  5. please tell me what criminal action has President Trump committed. It seems to me that the DNC has committed quite a few crimes, beginning with manipulating a primary election, and they even admit it. it is Mad Max screaming for violence, and Clinton and Holder. It is your Antifa that does allow free speech. look at Berkley for that instances. Your side approves the murdering of children. Your side that is behaving like Nazi and Communists trying to take our guns away when we want to protect ourselves from your tyranny. Increase Taxes so that there will be no middle class. The elite politicians continuing to exploit their positions of trust to make themselves richer. Yes President Trump holds dialog with Russia, China and N. Korea. It is better to talk to them than to be firing nuclear missiles at us. He isn’t the one that sold 20% of our Uranium to the Russians.
    So take a real look at the democrats and their lies.

  6. Nadler like all other Democraps is TOO STUPID for anyone’s good. He like the rest of them support Nutsy Pelousy and we know How SENILE She is.

  7. Randy. Must learn ‘code’ & short speak.
    (especially, IF you haven’t been reading
    All posts, to ‘connect dots’).

  8. WOW MaryNav. YOU Are Awesome &&& UNDERSTAND
    ‘the Real Deal’. (Are U for ‘Real’ ??? Say YES!)
    PLEASE Help All your Fam,’friends’
    IF NeedBe. You Are 30 yrs my ‘junior’ & ‘Get ‘it’.
    > God Bless U somuch. SAVEUSA.

  9. > PLOP xyz. ie. (problemmatic) ‘0ld school’ edu’ __
    Need JackHandy etal for ‘clean up 0perations’.

  10. robert. what you just commented, is called
    ‘Marxism’ ie “Accuse of what you do “. __
    V.V .0bvious, what IS ‘going on’ __
    #SAVEUSA. & GodBlessYou/Fam/Friends.
    & Yes, robert, Many here Are Aware. Butwe
    have ‘dissenter’ Infiltration W/ twisted,
    convoluted ‘smack’. Stay Strong. TGIF !

  11. Has anyone noticed that everything the democrats have been and are continuing to accuse the Republicans of, are exactly what the democrats have been and are doing themselves?

  12. Schumer= liar POS scum bag
    nothing more than that
    He and his minions should ALL BE UNDER FBI AND IRS INVESTISTAGATION and see who the real criminals are.

  13. Hey dragonFly, My nephew escaped
    Tyndall AirForce Base(due to Instructions)
    per ‘Michael Cat Storm’.
    >Tyndall flew ‘Planes to Mi on Monday.

  14. Chuck Schumer, minority leader! Hey Chuck, just take the “leader” off the end. You are not, nor ever have been, a leader! You are like the general in the army who sends everyone else out to get shot while he hides in a safe and secure bunker in his back yard. Time is running out “crying Chuck” as soon as your party takes historic losses during the mid-terms, the democratic party will have as much use for you as extremely soiled toilet paper. Bye, Bye, Chuck. We’ll miss you, but you just can’t keep up with Alexandria Ocacio Cortez, the smartest democrat on the planet! LOL

  15. Mostly true! There are a couple of caveats. Not all impeachments result in removal from office, i.e. Bill Clinton. Secondly, to impeach a supreme court justice, would mean that justice has to have done whatever you are accusing him or her of, after they took office on the supreme court. No one has ever been impeached for actions as a minor. Even if Judge Kavanaugh were guilty of everything Nadler accuses him of, there are no grounds for impeachment. Nadler knows it, he is pandering to the far left loons of the democratic party. He desperately wants to keep his job. It’s just another move of desperation.

  16. No worries, after the midterm losses they are about to suffer, the democratic party will dump them like used toilet paper. Both are trying to remain relevant while they watch the extreme lefties take over the party. Schumer and Feinstein see it all fading before their very eyes. They feel they have to become extremely far left to remain viable. It’s all a sham, and they know it. They are fighting for their very political lives in an era where they are way out of step!

  17. Ginsburg says she will serve till she is 90. Well, Ruthie baby, you may die very soon. Presuming you will live long just to be spite-filled is a huge presumption you have no control over. Your days are numbered, just as the hairs on your head. Luke 12:7. Don’t be presumptuous of God’s grace.

  18. Excellent comments. I agree whole-heartedly. No abortionists or homosexual lovers get my vote. I was in a restaurant in Oregon the other day, and right in the very front of the restaurant were two lesbians, situated where every person in the restaurant could see them, (intentional). They were kissing, hugging, feeling each other up, and making quite a show. I wanted to yell out, “Get a room, you creeps!” Sexual perversion should be secret, not flaunted in public. I wondered, what would they think if I decided to have sex with my wife on the counter they were sitting at? All sexual encounters belong in a room, and in private! Call me old-fashioned if you like! Sexual activities is not a group sport.

  19. Time is up! I’m almost thirty years old pro-life and pro-family relatively young woman and mother of six minors, six small children. I will never stay home on Election Day. I will go vote on this Election Day in November sixth too. I don’t vote pro-abortion and pro-homosexual Democrats and Republicans. I vote every election against these murders of the unborn children, sodomy, feminism, gender ideology and the Democratic Party. I’m going to vote and will vote only just pro-life and pro-family Republicans. The so-called Democratic Party is the extreme ultra-leftist Neomarxist party. The so-called Democratic Party wants ultra-left Neomarxist dictatorship in the USA! Politicians and supporters of the Democratic Party are Neomarxist extremists and the so-called Democratic Party is the extreme ultra-leftist Neomarxist party. Their pro-abortion and pro-sodomy agenda isn’t the agenda of the American people. This is agenda of the Democratic Communist Party U.S.A. and they will say or do anything to obstruct the Trump Administration. Remember this, a vote for a Democratic Party is a vote for ultra-leftist pro-abortion and pro-sodomy Communism.

  20. In your NIGHTMARES, TruthHURTS! We will win every battle AND the war! If you talk to mirrors, I bet even the MIRRORS are screaming back in AGONY at your MORONIC spews!

  21. Give an illegal a driver’s license…NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Illegal takes said driver’s license to voter registration…NO QUESTIONS ASKED! WHAT IS A VOTER ID IF NOT A DRIVER’S LICENSE???


  22. You HAVE no moderates, Doc behavioral scientist! Only GARBAGE befitting the local DUMP! ANGRY MOBS! STUDY THAT BEHAVIOR! You are the FOOL!

  23. DemonRAT MOB VIOLENCE! DemonRAT MOB RULE! MOB! MOB! MOB! MADE OF BULLSH*T! THINK MOB INCIVILITY WHEN YOU ????????VOTE???????? FOR RIGHT IS MIGHT AND CIVILITY!!! That stupid moronic broad pounding on the Supreme Court doors…INSANE & RABID! Jolly good show, you pathetic DemonRATS! MOTHERS OF ALL WALKS OF LIFE ARE WATCHING!

    See where JD now spells it out…DOCTOR! Narcissistic EGO doing battle with his ABBREVIATED version! PLASTIC SHADE! YO, zee!!!

  24. At 90 have seen three major threats to the US. 1-WW11 Axis,2-the
    Commies in the 50-60s where JFK made Nikita K blink first in Cuba,
    3-the biggest of all now with the Dems and Deep State threatening to
    divide and conquer with our own self-destruction with the power of
    their unlimited and untraceable wealth What arrogance on the left!

  25. Kamala Harris (D-CA) is already talking POWER. TAKE BACK THE POWER. Don’t hand it to ’em. ????????VOTE????????VOTE????????VOTE????????????????????????

  26. NavyPO! A girl in every port?! LMAO! Thank you for your ????????service???????? riding the waves of shinjng seas!

  27. Let the DemonRATS try…led by their Chuckie-n-Chief. Kavanaugh has a law clerk team of ALL WOMEN…including a BLACK woman. They clerk for one year. Only DemonRAT icon Ruth Bader Ginsberg has hired but ONE BLACK in her tenure. Did anybody catch her yesterday at the White House swearing in? Only move she made was to lift her head ever so slightly when her presence was announced. Her BLUE gloves…a statement?…matched nothing else and never clapped when the packed East Room clapped. She’s NEXT…sayonara!

  28. In my State, we have a very well qualified Republican challenging a lifetime Democrat politician, with many controversial issues that everyone in our state should be concerned with. The GOP challenger has ask that the Democrat Senator supply the names of all the Senate and Congress members who received a portion of the 17 million tax payer dollars to silence (one way or another) women that have filed claims of sexual assault/abuse over the past year. The Senator has not addressed the issue, maybe because his name might be on that list. The Senator also has not answered the peoples questions regarding his own sons participation in the Antifa gang of thugs that in my opinion are actually nothing less than “American Terrorist”.

  29. Barbara, you are SO…..very correct about Chuck-n-Cluck Schumer. I pray everyday that we can soon clean out the sewage that has filled the swamp in Washington DC. It can be done, I believe if we get enough people energized to get up, go out to vote, and even offer those without transportation a ride to the polls. We also must make sure that our precincts do not become victim to the traveling voters that are bused in from other states or parts of our own state, being paid for the number of fraudulent and illegal votes they can cast in one day, using names they gather from the local cemeteries. George Soros is behind this just as he has been since 2008. If the Democrats are allowed to steal this election, the United States of America will become America Divided, with death to those of us that will not sit down, shut up and obey. Our children will grow up under the Rule of Tyranny. I know this sounds very extreme but look at who is trying to take control of our government, what their policies are and how they have no solutions except to give the government “control” of everything. “Total Control” is the Agenda of the Democrats. We have 29 days to talk to everybody we can, to get people out to vote and to make sure only citizens are the only people casting a vote. And we must Pray that the lefty-loons, AKA Democrats, do not win even one seat.

  30. Nadler and Schumer are the one’s who should leave ! They are all nothing but a bunch of communist liars !!!!!!!!!! ford IS THE LIAR ! she LIED ABOUT NOT KNOWING WHAT A LIE DETECTOR TEST IS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It won’t be long, and she will be charged for PERJURY !

  31. I know what a circus the Democrats made out of it. I am so sick of Democrats behavior that I will never vote for any of them again as I have done in the past.

  32. I am praying to God that this Satan follower doesn’t win! Every day this miserable and unhappy Democrat gets more evil!

  33. There are ways to remove a sitting judge but it won’t be easy. “The impeachment process begins in the House of Representatives, with passage of articles of impeachment by a majority vote. The articles of impeachment state specific allegations of wrongdoing. The second step in the process is a trial in the U.S. Senate on the allegations. To convict someone who has been impeached, a two-thirds majority vote is required by the Senate. If convicted by the Senate, the accused is immediately removed from office.” That 2/3 rds majority will bite them.

  34. What wrong Schumer afraid you might be going to Gitmo.??? You try it Schumer and your career will be over in a heartbeat. Your a damn snake in the grass who throws a tantrum if you don’t get your way. Deal with it buster it is OVER. YOU LOST.!!!B THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE TAKING BACK OUR COUNTRY. AND WE ARE GOING TO DEEP 6 ALL YOU BREAKING THE LAW DEMS.!!!!!!!

  35. Since 90% of the crime in this country is black on black, and since blacks identify as Democrats, how is it you claim Republicans are responsible for the violence and killing in this country? Ignoring the truth is why Democrats need to be voted out. You refuse to see your the cause of most the problems you claim Americans have!!!

  36. Your list precisely why we need term limits. Some of these conmen have been in office for decades. By the way, leave your lifetime benefits at the door. Get a real job.

  37. DEMs and lefties, within the USA, have pretty much shown the world how imbecillic they are. They should now be ignored so we can continue with our work of MAGA. That’s what important. Not reporting on all these sewer rats…

  38. These millenail creampuffs are beginning to bore me to death. Not everyone in the real world wins….you’ve been handed a load of crap. Its not about Kavanaugh or Ford its about POWER AND MONEY and when you understand that you will get what congress has become. Instead of going through congress and get 535 votes for their bills they can go through an activist supreme court with five votes ie Obamacare and Roe V Wade. Democrats don’t like that they want to control the narrative and they are going nuts that they don’t. They did this to Bork, Thomas and Herman Cain. That is their modus operandi. They couldn’t sink Kavanaugh on his 300 decisions so they find a woman who will go along. I don’t know what happened to Ford but I would want to see those papers from her psychiatrist.

  39. The People of the United States would be very wise to keep the Republican Majority in the House and the Senate. If the Democrats were to get in Power, they would make the United States into a Welfare Country. The working Individuals would be taxed into Poverty and the individuals needing help to get back on their feet after a set back would began going Hungry. The Democrats in Congress are only there to Line their own Pockets. If they weren’t, they would have the same type of Health Care as other Americans and Retirement as other Americans. Maybe even our past Presidents should not get a Retirement after 4 or 8 years of being President.

  40. We’ve already seen what you liberal commies have in store for Americans. ALL LIBERAL COMMUNISTS ARE TERRORISTS AND ARE NOT AMERICANS. ALL SHOULD BE ERADICATED FROM AMERICAN SOCIETY.

  41. Seeing it is the liberal communists that are trying to subvert justice, I think I might try another argument. After staging your circus in the Senate hearings with lies to delay the confirmation, you commie creatures continued to pile on the lies. Now Ford says she will not pursue charges. She doesn’t want to spend time in jail for her part.

  42. Your one way mirror is not working. The people can see both ways the Democrats are in for a really bit surprise in November. Senator Collins laid out the case for Kavanaugh in a very clear and precise way. Your party does not use logic just emotion. When you do not have a good rebuttal you resort to name calling and innuendo.
    Can you make your case on fact and not emotion?

  43. Dr. Ford was NEVER proven to be lying – -that was only your BS. There were over 60 witnesses the FBI was not allowed to take information. Congratulations on your victory in this round . . . . but did you REALLY think this would all be over with the vote, or just HOPE it would be. We are learning how to fight YOUR way and you can expect we will come back in future rounds.

  44. Look Schoommer and all the Dem.s that pursue this need to do there jobs doing for there constituents! they haven’t gotten anything notable done for their constituents because there to busy trying to take POTUS and anything he does down. These people should loose their seats for trying to ruin a good Judges reputation with out any collaborated evidence! We all have the presumption of innocents until proven guilty! There should be real world penalties for anyone who try’s this just to get power!

  45. This is but one of the reasons conservatives CANNOT be trusted. You claim to not like the hyperbole of the left, but no one mentions violence and killing like you do. You have NO respect for the rule of law and once in power, you abuse it profusely.

  46. This is a bunch of BS. If anyone should be investigated and sent to jail it would be the rapist Bill Clinton. He has a history of this going back to Arkansas with plenty of witnesses and evidence. Interesting the democrats don’t want to listen to the victims of his crimes. Hell if we want to do investigations, let’s look into all the crap the Clinton’s have done over the years. Oops this would be a democrat and Lord knows they have been truthful and honest. NOT. Leave our newest Supreme Court justice alone and do something that would help bring this country together rather than break it apart more than it is. Keep this crap up democrats and the other half of the country will come unhinged.

  47. They are still there . . . we don’t attack our moderates like you attack yours – – like Flake, McCain, Murchowski, Collins etc.. But you just made the Democratic moderates angry by your underhanded and corrupt ways and they are fed up with the obstructions of justice and the actions of Trump which are against the law.

  48. Bring it on idiots! There will be a RED WAVE next month at which time they can throw some more temper tantrums!!

  49. Here are the rules that that the Democrats follow.
    Saul Alinsky’s rules for Radicals. They ARE doing a good job of following them
    There are 8 levels of control that must be obtained before
    you are able to create a social state. The first is the
    most important.
    1) Healthcare –
    Control healthcare and you control the people
    2) Poverty –
    Increase the Poverty level as high as possible, poor people
    are easier to control and will not fight back if you are
    providing everything for them to live.
    3) Debt –
    Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are
    able to increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty.
    4) Gun Control –
    Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government.
    That way you are able to create a police state.
    5) Welfare –
    Take control of every aspect of their lives
    (Food, Housing, and Income)
    6) Education – Take control of what people read and listen to –
    take control of what children learn in school.
    7) Religion –
    Remove the belief in the God from the Government and schools.
    8) Class Warfare –
    Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. This will
    cause more discontent and it will be easier to take (Tax)
    the wealthy with the support of the poor.
    Any of this sound familiar??
    Vote RED!!!!!!!!

  50. Ford’s go me fund collected over $700,000 on her behalf. WOW!!! this must be a new business….. I’m sure it is taxable as it is considered income…. will she pay taxes on this money? Doubtful……

  51. Schumer, the Sewer Rat from NYC, will be using his last tiny bit of mental health to make another assault on Conservatism.

    Schumer, and other Demented-Dems, are living proof that TDS is a Terminal Mental Health issue . . . . . preparing them for the Rubber Rooms of life ????

  52. Please keep showing the clip of Obama admitting to heavy drinking illegally and doing illegal drugs when he was younger..guess with democrats its ok

  53. We must get out and vote in Nov even if you don’t like your republican senators or house just vote Republican so we can drain that swamp and let these people know we are not going to put up with this kind of crap.

  54. of Which the Dems are really good at. Wasting time and money!! In fact that is ALL they are good at. THE RED WAVE IS UPON US….. YAY

  55. “We the people will not be stupid enough to put democrats in office.” But, will the people be smart enough to get out and vote republican? That is the question.

  56. She is a trained liar, trained in deception, trained on how to fool a lie detector. Her PHD….a joke. She works for the CIA in deception who lets give her the credit she deserves, she flunked telling the truth. She is just a political hack who made a million dollars off this venture. It’s not like she blew it or anything else, everyone just saw through her lies, feeble attempt at diversion, and false testimony. She was well paid for her attempt to stop a Conservative SCOTUS candidate and now he is a sitting Judge.

  57. Amoral people (those with no moral authority) have not direction or accountability. Anything goes. What they do not realize however, is that they will be held accountable sooner or later.

  58. Charges against a sitting Supreme Court Justice? How about laying out charges against the people who tried to poison his appointment in the first place to include Ford and every lying witness, and lying and plotting political representative that supported such actions. They are the true criminals to include Chuck Schumer, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Boxer, Maxine Waters, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Crazy Biden, Diane Feninstein, Claire MC Caskill, Mazie Hireno, Beernie Sanders, Cory Booker, Amy Klobvchar, Kiasten Gillibrand, and Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama, Michele Obama, as well as George Soros. More than likely there are many more, lets put all their jobs and freedom on the line as well.

  59. INVESTIGATE FORD!!! I do not believe any of what she alleges. Her testimony came across as so phony I don’t see how any reasonable person cannot see through this. An independent investigator needs to look into Ford’s background and find out what has gone on between her and the democrats. And why did they delete all of her social media right before she came forward.

  60. how about we give democrats what they want , anarchy , then we can take matters into our own hands and start shooting politicians ,and there won’t be enough ss to protect them

  61. Unfortunately they are following some rules every day.
    It’s Rules For Radicals by Sol Alinsky. They have been following him since the 60s.Killery is one of his disciples.
    Just because real Americans follow different rules, outlined in the Constitution doesn’t mean they aren’t following their own rules.

  62. You are so correct …..When are they going to funnel some of their investigative energies into taking care of business and put Hildabeast in jail once and for all ? This smells like another Clinton clusterf..k. They are squirming…lets keep up the pressure….

  63. Let them fund this 8th investigation out of thier own pocket then don’t waste any more tax $$$$$ on their BS childish poor loser mentality

  64. We the people will not be stupid enough to put democrats in office. It’s the equivalent of walking around with a “KICK ME” sign on your back.

  65. Bill. I to have Democratic friends but I have learned one hard lesson. I am unable to talk politics with them because no matter how much common sense I tried to put forward they want to argue and get loud and scream. I just keep it to myself. I was once a Democrat to.


  67. My sentiments exactly. The people Democrats say are hurt by voter id’s, have to have id’s for welfare. The liberal/left is betting they have enough illegals lined up to vote to take House & Senate. A good thermometer of how pervasive liberal/ left dogma is the ABA.

    I will never be nominated for anything but if any group ever accused me of all the things the lib/left did to Kavanaugh, much less threatened my family, my demeanor would not be an issue, the body count would be a statement, numbers are real.

    I got no use for a judge on drugs or naturally apathetic. Kavanaugh was far more controlled than the average citizen would be. We are not appointing God but I bet 1000 to 1, them lib/left would have opposed Him.

    I already have vans leased, some w/ wheel chair lifts. I have a friend who owns a medical transport company w/ oxygen supplied vans who is in the game too. This is the most important midterm election in the history of America, will be the beginning of a short end to America’s experiment in a new way of government.

    When the lib/left wins, they may find they won their undoing. Trucks will stop rolling in 60 days or less, power about the same time, hopefully, power first so any food trucks are carrying to the big cities, spoils when it gets there. The sight of rotten food you cannot eat is worse than no food, the same as being in the ocean, thristy, knowing drinking the salt water will kill you.

  68. M we have to show ID to buy a gun, which is a constitutional right. Also to do many things in life. Why not for voting? The commiecrats are gearing up for some serious voter fraud now. Getting every illegal registered and checking the obituaries.

  69. Not so easy with all the voter fraud which dems are so good at. Why do you think they dont want voter ID? Why do you think all the lawsuits were filed by states when our President tried to have it investigated? That takes guts! They might as well say they’re doing it and don’t want it investigated!

  70. Yes! Every one of these democrat traitors should be arrested. They are not here for the good of our country! Something MUST BE DONE. The waste of time, money, etc is criminal!

  71. Man From Grey, You are so right about Voter ID, I can’t believe we don’t have it.
    We will have a dog fight to get that passed but we need that desperately, like NOW! We need to start promoting that so we will “know” who is voting. That will plug up some of the voter fraud holes.

  72. If we still retain the control of both House in November, it will be a few great years for the citizens. The midterm election are very important. We must vote. Drive your friends to the ballot booth. Each vote do matter. Think of the Democrat tactic that include dead people/alien votes.

    If we win, it is time to introduce the voter ID. Other countries practice it. No problem. Hardly a form of discrimination at all.


  73. Dan T., Hey buddy, hope all is going good for you. Have not been on here much lately. I like to do this on my phone but, it is so full RR is not working correctly and I am going to have to update to a newer version of my browser. So when I have to come to my big computer I don’t so much. Keep those libs in check until I see your comments again. 🙂

  74. The ANTI-AMERICAN DumboRATS do not care what AMERICANS WANT OR WHAT IS GOOD FOR AMERICANS. All they care about is what they want and if you do not agree with them then you are an disposable undesirable. With THEM in control the possibility of undesirables Retention Camps could be setup. History does repeat IF you do not remember the past. And in the past IT all started with gun control. Is there a difference between the “Brown shirts” of the 1930’s and Antifa? Republicans of today could be treated the same way as the Jews were treated then, UNDESIRABLES.

  75. I dont understand where we have come as a nation full of reasonable people ! As a Republican who once was a Democrat, as a young man I saw tow reasonable poitical parties who believed in two seperate philosophies. One believed in religious freedom but freeedom to practice ones religion or not to practice any religion bur in no case was it acceptable to challenge any ones religious beliefs no one slammed Christians for being Christians or same with Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Hindu etc not to slight any by not mentioning it here but we had toleration, I did and still do have Democrat friends but now we never mention politics it is too inflamatory. Why is that ? I blame wealthy outsiders who want political coverage for personal gain. They finance protests even violent actions all so they can take or keep their politics in charge. (I think the severe quest for power is to get control of the US Treasury, and to create a world government where the US would become the same as all other nations except the rest would bleed us to even out the wealth among all nations. This I do not believe, the US government system was designed so the harder one works and the more they achieve they more wealth they can acquire but not to have any more than any one else. So our two different political parties always used to present to the voters the platform listing the goals and achievements their party desired and the other their platform ! But not now why ? How can one party gain votes without a platform and with the only factor in their plan is to attack and resist the other parties plan That is NOT DEMOCRACY IT IS ANARCHY and that will spell civil war sooner or later ! This well end badly for both parties one is better armed with more better trained exmilitary members and with a heavy majority armed! The worst thing of all of this after we have completed the war some foreign power will come in and defeat the winner. . . .WE ALL LOSE ! So I ask please think of what you are espousing leaders of both parties and get back to our workable system following the lead of those who were elected to lead with the only focus how can all parties make a better nation for all inhabitants !

  76. These Democrats make me sick. They are all Anti-American, Anti-Christian and Pro-Islamic Terrorists. The Democratic Party is the Criminal Party. They should all be charged with High Treason.

  77. Trump is teaching the Republican party how to fight back! It appears that they are slowly catching on. As for us, we caught on three years ago!


  79. Let’s say they win the house and senate in November. And let’s say they file to impeach him in the house. Then they have to get 2/3 of the senators (67) to agree. Sounds like an uphill shove. Just more of the taxpayers money flushed down the toilet.

  80. DemoRats have lost mentally, who has been investigated more than Kavanaugh, 7 times, 7, the only one proven to be lying was Ford, get over it!!

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