What Democrats plan to do next to Kavanaugh will make you sick

Democrats hate Judge Kavanaugh almost as much as they hate President Trump.

But their smears have failed to stop his confirmation.

And what they plan to do next will make you sick.

Democrats are realizing their smears aren’t working.

They have realized that Judge Kavanaugh may be confirmed to the Supreme Court by the slimmest of margins.

So they are switching tactics.

Democrats have promised to impeach Judge Kavanaugh if they take control of Congress in the Midterm Elections.

Democrats think they can rile up their base ahead of the November midterms and be swept into office.

Axios reports:

In a foreshadowing of how much uglier U.S. politics could get, top Democratic operatives are already talking about impeachment of Brett Kavanaugh as a 2020 campaign issue if he gets confirmed to the Supreme Court.

The impeachment talk reflects the conclusion of Democrats and Republicans close to the Senate Judiciary Committee that Kavanaugh’s confirmation is more likely than not — and certainly more likely than it was 24 hours ago.

Democrats disgraced themselves by using the atrocity of rape as a political tool.

But the ploy blew up in their faces.

And their tails are between their legs.

They know there is no stopping Kavanaugh from being on the Supreme Court.

So they are planning on a campaign to impeach him so they can continue to violate the constitution without fear.

But Democrats already tried this tactic on President Trump.

Maxine Waters (D-CA) and other high-ranking Democrat Congressional members have been calling for Trump’s impeachment for months.

They want to remove President Trump’s White House from the history books if they win the Midterm Elections.

Do you think the Democrats have a shot at impeachment?

Sound off in the comments!


  1. Where does Maxine Waters want to be buried. In DC or in L.A with her 4.5 million dollar home? The people living around her, voting for her are the real trash of this country?

    FAST & FURIOUS. HOVERING in ‘Mid-Space.
    Side to Side, Up & Down.
    >NoBumpZone__ a ‘Lone’ DragonFly Flew
    Around me the other day, while feeding
    ‘the birds, critters’. HA haaa.

  3. Keep Checking Back, on important blogs,
    no matter the date. AHa dragonFly, You Did,
    & #metoo. yowza. I NEED DAN T. that’s rite.
    >Dan T. etal = ‘precious gems’ to USA
    >0k, here’s more re BS (behavioral scientist)
    ‘Plastic Shade’ drjd. HE in ‘old school’ of
    quote “brain deterioration”. WRONGO LONGO.
    ‘New School’ Says REGENERATION W/ RITE ‘stuff’
    ( & NOT jellyfish Prevagen per jd) Prevagen ‘may’ ‘awaken’
    some brain, Also ‘may awaken’ DARK Dangerous ‘venues’. (of
    which he seems to be, in Beating DOWN USA. ♥U. Ciao. Later.
    >ps. I am in ‘Q’ line. ‘Pick ^Up Says: EaglesFly/JackHandy (clean-up).
    > POTUS ‘KNOWS’ (big time).

  4. Perish the thought, Dan T >> Dante’s INFERNO! We ♥ you…zee and me! Smarter than the average bear! Smarter than commiecrats!

  5. “WhoFlungPoo” ??? I did not.
    & Now,I, You, Dan.M. B. LF &
    All the GOOD PPL Patriots ETC
    Have To ‘Clean it up^^^. not
    to mention POTUS etal.

  6. 0nly the DIRT that comes 0ut of His 0wn(labcoat)Mouth.
    per quotes. Thinks No 0ne ‘gets it’.and/or Watching___
    BS ‘PLASTIC SHADE’ jd should
    ‘think again’. Gloves 0N.

  7. Yo, steely mags! Been citing your ‘whatdoesitmean.com’! Total WHOA! Got some dirt on ‘labcoat’? Pathetic MORON! KEEP IT LATEX!!!

  8. ps. Collins came thru
    Manchin came thru,0nly to Save his
    Seat (as in Save Ass) for Re-Elect
    in W.Va. Dude Better Straighten ^UP.
    .Murkowski, A Dis-Grace.

  9. Will Take YOUR >Word. 0nly read
    a ‘snippet’. Collins HAS MUCH to
    Answere’ for in past.
    > ‘ Shame 0n Maine ‘ __ (WTFU)

  10. Post it. MORE. Save for further Reference
    (when needed). Know to ‘identify’
    *anchurian cadidates in future (when
    Dems ‘parade victims’.
    .Hollywood FILLED W/ Project Monarch.
    .All ‘connected’.
    >Ford co-ops papers re ‘self hypnosis’.
    .’labcoat’ = ‘Plastic Shade’. Did he read
    ‘papers’? as work in BS(scuse me’ behavioral
    scientist’, W /quote he has ” highest degrees”)
    . More ‘tidbits later re BSdrjd ‘labcoat’ W/
    Direct quotes.
    .JackHandy wear Latex ie ‘Dangerous Clean 0p.’

  11. Really ? Collins? wow, ok.
    i Needto ‘check this out’ when i have ‘time’.
    ab55, will take your word, (do to previous posts.)

  12. Well, i Don’t ‘Know’ per se’ WHO ABUSED her.
    > But saying (more than probable)she WAS ABUSED.
    & NOT by Kav).
    Perhaps Father ABUSE WAS/IS Subjecting her to CIA
    Mind Control Programs. ie MKULTRA/ Project Monarch etc.
    Ford was taught & versed in ‘self hypnosis’.
    Did you read Prolific article: “Daughter of CIA Paymaster”
    (her father,Paymaster) http://www.whatdoesitmean.com Go to archive
    link, as in more ‘here’. All documented. Ford was a ‘quasi select
    *anchurian candidate, Thru the Dems, ie Feinstein,Schumer etc,
    they deceived, lied & trashed her. ‘ate their own’.
    >> Kav Approved___

  13. McConnell, Graham, and Collins were sleeping TIGERS! Or so the DemonRATS thought! Kavanaugh went straight from the VOTE to his SWEARING IN! WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE NOW! GET PUMPED AND ????????VOTE????????VOTE????????VOTE????????????????????????

  14. Dragonfly – what is your source for the ludicrous claim that 89% of the UK does not like Trump.

    I have both family and friends in the UK (all successful people who work for a living) and they say Trump is extremely popular with those they know.

    The UK has their own number of fake news outlets. Looks like you have tapped in to one of those.

  15. Trump doesn’t NEED ‘diplomacy’! The days of mamzie-pamzie APOLOGIES are OVER! PEACE THRU STRENGTH! Our STRENGTH is RESONATING throughout the WORLD…and we are RESPECTED! truthHURTS!

  16. Yo, Zee! Ford’s own FATHER abused her??? Been saying that MYSELF all along! Either a rape ‘fantasy’ or father abuse! REALLY??? Pat myself on the back! CONFIRM!!!

  17. The Democrat Party , the party of slavery , Jim Crow, and the KKK, apparently believe that they did not lose the U.S. Civil War. Constitutional amendment 13 sought to end slavery. Yet slavery continues with the doctored elections ( think Soros ), as the wealthy are taxed and the poor are not. The poor relative to the poor in other countries, live the Life of Riley .Yes, the Democrat Party is the deadly enemy of our Constitutional Republic, freedom and Liberty !!!!

  18. The DEMS will fail at everything going forward. They will smear until they stink like pigs rolling around in a mud pit. Right now everyone has seen right through them and what there up to. So now going forward they can go and join the dark state and in sure Hillary and Obama would love that but they better watch for what the President might have in store for them. As long as we live well and have our faith we will be the winners in all this.

  19. If conservatives give the liberals a chance they would not hesitate to impeach all conservative judges, I believe.

  20. All I have to say is Susan Collins just made the Best speech of the year in support of Kavanaugh. Cheers ! to Susan Collins

  21. The leaders AKA liars of the democrat party are communists dedicated to bringing America down. People with just half a brain would never vote for these fools.

  22. You left out the rest of the crazies, here are a few more:Kamala Harris (D) Cal, Boxer (D) Cal, Elizabeeth Warren (D) Mass, JOe Crazy Biden (D) MD, Diane Feinstein (D) Cal, Claie McCaskill (D) MO, and Mazie Hireno (D) HI. With all these crazy women in Washington it makes you wonder how they got the right to vote in the first place as a good share of them think with their crotch.

  23. Democrats have become the party of Lying Crazies, EX: Pelosi Schummer, Waters, just to name a few, Oh Yeah, let’s not exclude the Clintons…..How could anyone believe what they say or take anything they say seriously….

  24. 0k DanMonMAN. had a ‘brainflash’ 0u.
    In viewing Many photos of Fords NECK.
    > Fords NECK IS ‘bazaar’. Include ‘voice’.
    > wouldn’t be surprised > ‘tranny’ ???
    > 0K -There, i Said’it’. hmmm. & You
    know who, – who else, for 8 Long Yrs.
    ok, that’s it, i’m done.
    >>> ‘G’ BLESS. SAVEUSA.

    IS TOTALLY Beyond me.
    >Thank you. whew___. i’m done(for now -lol, & gak.)

  26. Welll, Thank you ab55, For Elaborating. & You were sharp
    using certan words ie. “allegedly” & ??? marks.
    > However, [seems] ahem, cough,cough – All True.
    > & Too Much LYING N0W E’Where. You SAW the Documentation,
    as Did I & MANY. Those Doc’s have been ‘captured/displayed’.
    > Savage HAS Single – Handedly EXPOSED ‘the Real Deal’__
    >ALL PPL NEED to KNOW, Not to mention The Entire Congress
    (just in case, some remain asleep for lackof ‘time’.
    > This Entire ‘scenario’ introducing a *anchurian Candidate
    IS Deeply Disturbing & Will probably be used by the Left
    HeretoFore & TO ANYONE.
    > Feinstein DECEIVED a ‘Dem’ (one of her own).
    >I suspect Feinstein released (by some means) To DISTRACT &&&
    ‘COVER her ARSE’ AWAY from her ‘chinese guy’, Which Should BE
    Thoroughly Investigated. Including MORE than 1 or 2 Alterior
    > THNX Again.

  27. Fords CIA connections:
    ‘Crissy’ Ford is not just a leftist professor in California & a leftist activist; she’s also, allegedly, deeply tied to the Central Intelligence Agency. He presented 3 strange ‘Coincidences’ to prove his point & to illuminate her relationship to the clandestine group.

    She’s also tied to the CIA in a number of ways.
    Firstly, she’s allegedly the head of the CIA undergraduate internship program at Stanford University, which allows people w/ appropriate grades, background & course of study to work for the Gov’t agency in some small way.

    Internships generally count for some amount of college credit, look good on any resume (especially & internship at such a ‘respected’ organization), & give a person & introduction to the very entry-level tasks of a business or Gov’t agency.
    They also make it much more likely that a person would be hired by the CIA if they wanted to work for them after graduating w/ their 4-yr degree.

    Ralph III, Ford’s brother, used to work for & international law firm known as Baker Hostetler.

    Allegedly, that firm was the one responsible for the creation of the infamous organization ‘Fusion GPS,’ who helped to ‘produce’ the ‘Trump Russia’ dossier w/ the help of a British intelligence agent.

    Eventually, Fusion GPS admitted that the dossier they had partially produced, along w/ financial backing from George Soros, the Hillary Clinton campaign & the Democrat National Committee, was little more than a series of unverified ‘field interviews.’

    He said that Baker Hostetler was located in the same building as three CIA ‘dummy’ businesses, which R named ‘Red Coats Inc.,’ ‘Datawatch,’ & ‘Admiral Security Systems.’

    Perhaps most interesting, he also claimed that those businesses were all operated by none other than Ralph Blasey II, the presumed father of Ralph Blasey III & Christine Blasey Ford.

    Still, the alleged ties go deeper.
    The conservative personality said that Dr. Ford & Ralph Blasey III’s grandfather is none other than Nicholas Deak.

    Mr. Nicholas Deak, who died in 1985, was well-known for his service to the United States & its Intelligence Operations.
    Deak worked for the United States Gov’t in Thailand, Burma, Egypt, & Malaya during the 2nd World War.
    Perhaps most interesting of all about Deak was the way he died. On November 18, 1985, & allegedly mentally unstable homeless person who claimed that she had suffered some injustice at the hands of Deaks’ companies, shot & killed his receptionist & the ‘Former’ Intelligence Agent.

    Rumors have swirled around that killing for yrs, saying that Lois Lang (the shooter) could have been used to assassinate the man, whether she knew Y or not.

    There’s & interesting connection between & accusation that became little more than a Political football & an organization known for its clandestine manipulations.

    Perhaps Ford could even be part of the ‘Deep State’ plan to undermine Donald Trump???


  28. Some one who has the like for such should use whatever to take care of Nancy before we get started again. Maybe kidnapping her and locking her in a closet till the Mid Terms are over. She needs time to reflect on all the EVIL she has caused and she needs a trip to see just how it would be for her to visit the House of Satan. Maybe she should take her friends with her Chuck, Maxine, Kamala, Cory Booker and any others she might like to have with her. I know its fantasy but we can hope.

  29. I don’t think it would be a civil war. I think when the bubble bursts it will be we the people against the Deep State

  30. frTom, i missed that,
    re “tesch her”.
    Did you mean ‘Test her’ ??? (if So, I AGREE)
    > i thought perhaps i didn’t know that word.
    > & Do Know the ‘English Language’ + etymology.
    > WORDS Mean ‘thangs’ ___ you know. (You do).

  31. LF. This Expose’ of Info Couldn’t BEMore Disturbing
    in the ‘take Down’ of USA thru *anchurian Candidates.
    >m. Savage(radio) has been All 0ver it since last wk.
    > & whose to Say, More ‘victims’ thru Dems/dark ci*programs Will
    Not Continue. That IS How BAD this is. &&& WHY ALL MUST
    VOTE ‘RED’ in Nov.No Matter what.
    > Her own dad +Dems
    ‘ate her up’. Pitiful. & Kav In the ‘crossfire’.
    > I Thank you for posting. ( & ‘back up’) for what i’ve revealed
    in earlier posts.
    >This link & referenced article NEEDS/SHOULD be Sent to All Your
    Congress PPL to Let them know THAT ‘WE KNOW the Truth’. POTUS does.
    So Does Lindsey Graham/ Feinstein/Pelosi/ Schumer +. I could 0n, but will
    stop now. But, will reveal More ‘segments’ later, wherever, If i can
    get thru. You do the Same. ‘G’ Bless SAVE USA.

  32. Don’t you understand that the ‘lie detector test’ was planned very carefully so that it had next to no chance of failure and merely checked a box to unknowledgeable, gullible people.

    There was never an intent to do a legitimate lie detector test. Guaranteed she would refuse one if the FBI offered it.

  33. But the Lie Detector Test had only two questions to be answered and I’m not sure that either question was relevant to the matter at hand, but regardless, whatever those two questions were, surely couldn’t be two questions that make or break this asinine case. Further, I don’t believe that you can incriminate or indict anyone who fails a Lie Detector Test simply because they have not been proved to be totally accurate in either direction. Some people have deliberately taken those tests ad beat them because they learned how to totally relax themselves when being tested and thus the signals that the body sends out were totally inaccurate. So be it as to the PHONY LIE DETECTOR TEST. It neither helped nor proved anyone’s innocence or guilt.

  34. Dan, this woman Ford IS a ‘ select victim’ ( Kav in ‘crossfire’).
    @ her own
    Dad/Dems & have Abused her. We ARE looking at
    (the *anchurian Candidtate( get it?)She 0versees a ‘recruiting’
    program for C*IA undergrad interns At Stanford. BTW –
    Stanford has taken website Down per her etc. that’s all.
    > Let’s see if this gets thru. ♥U/ ALL USA PATRIOTS.

  35. It’s ok Dan, there is always a ‘way’ to circumvent.
    Did you Go To Website listed? A Must.
    Find aricle in (more) re “Daughter of c*IA Paymaster” etc.
    >Are we looking at ‘Manchur**n Candidates’ ??? This IS V. V.
    Baaad ‘stuff’. M.savage (radio)IS All 0ver this.
    >Hang in MonMan.(my new name 4 U) Hey, I NEED ‘Infrastructure Work’.
    ( BSjd better be careful, when he needs ‘Infrastructure work’]]] his
    BS ‘drugs’ will not help. Ha Haaa. & ‘that’ is a sick remark, but true.

  36. It also seems that the Democrats are so busy with all the crazy-making, they have no time to actually do what their constituents sent them to WDC to do.

    October 1, 2018 at 12:39 pm

    Wanna know all about “Dr ford” go to
    http://www.whatdoesitmean.com , this woman & family have ties to cia, mainly mind control programs…she supposedly trains interns in these methods, no wonder she “passed” the lie detector test.

  38. zee
    October 1, 2018 at 5:13 pm

    Hey Dan. RR is bad, bad ,bad __
    > Can no longer copy/paste/ Save 0r
    Re-issue posts for further review.
    > Furthermore, when i attempt a ‘copy
    of message’ in Reply Box, what shows
    up, IS WHERE i Was Previously. Uh-oh__
    > Well, perhaps RR Going to Learn about
    More ‘Stufff’. wow.
    >Read SteelMag posts Real Good. PPL MUST KNOW.
    >Hope you see this. hmmm

  39. Agree. The blue wave will be a yellow stream down the pantlegs of the dummycrats.

    They have T’d off the silent majority. We just need to get them all to the polls on 6 November and there will be a RED SUNAMI bigger than the one in 2016.



    THEN, SCOTUS seats will be filled with Constitutional judges.


    Then we can deal with the RINOs.

    Vote as your life depends on it. IT DOES.

  40. Hey Dan. RR is bad, bad ,bad __
    > Can no longer copy/paste/ Save 0r
    Re-issue posts for further review.
    > Furthermore, when i attempt a ‘copy
    of message’ in Reply Box, what shows
    up, IS WHERE i was Previously. Uh-oh__
    >Hope you see this. hmmm

  41. This is the same idiotic s#it that they did to President Trump. He was elected, but BEFORE he was sworn in, started with the IMPEACHMENT BS. What the hell is wrong with the democratic party. Did they not get little red wagons when they were kids? Have they been eating to many lead paint chips? WTF? There has been NO type of investigation for sexual misconduct, domestic abuse, accepting money from foreign governments, misuse of Foundation money, etc…by the democrats! I could state that Diane Feinstein was working as a CHINESE spy along with her driver. NO EVIDENCE but I WANT THE FBI TO INVESTIGATE HER. Throw her out for TREASON! This is the type of left s#it that we are putting up with. And you think that there is going to be a BLUE WAVE. hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaha………..

  42. The Democrat Party is a left wing hate group populated with anti-Christian bigots. The are unfit to serve. They should be brought up on charges!

  43. To Marlene

    Well said Interesting that Conservatives are much more likely to be prepared for an emergency.

    That inevitable emergency will, perhaps, change the mindset of the survivors.

  44. They don’t have the first clue. They think they call the police (largely conservatives). Then they’d call the military (guess which side they are on).

    Of course, they have no guns, but have hired security which also happens to be conservatue,

    They wouldn’t even know what to do if the lights failed to come on one day and stayed off. About the 3rd day, they’d head for the now empty grocery stores.

    They would be the first casualties in a major power failure.

    Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to have a weeklong power failure.

  45. I also live in Washington State and have often told my clients that I will move the offices East of Seattle if Eastern WA is successful in seceding. Western WA has a small upper percentage of liberal idiots like most coastal cities have. Full of people who want something for nothing.

    Interesting how so many people are mentioning civil war. The unfair treatment of Kavanaugh could be a real catalyst to violence as people respond to the violence of the left.

    Wonder if the libtards have any idea of just how ugly it could get if the people who actually know how to use weapons decide that he veneer of civilization has worn too thin and decide they are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore

  46. Awww…Di, you my dear are completely delusional. The dimms do not have a snowballs chance in hell of impeachment. Get ready for the red tidal wave, it is going to deluge the blue ripple.
    Heaven help us all if these insane, old, demented commies ever regain power again.

  47. Diane- the Dems picked the wrong time to take on the republicans. You may need to wait a long time to recover from this mistake.
    You plan to use Dr.?????Ford as your shinning example to prove you point? Bad mistake.

  48. Hey Diane, do you mean like it was in 2016. Too bad you didn’t know when to climb back in your closet.! How can you claim to be an American when you support the those who have offered no solutions and ignore the accomplishments of this President. All because he chooses to speak plainly and not “politically correct”. He is the only President I can remember who went this far to put America first.!

  49. The GOP has to get out there and have all of the Republicans to vote in the Mid-Terms – they do not want the Democrats to take over the House & Senate.

    GOP don’t lose control of what you have now…..

  50. It seems the democrats want to overthrow the government of United States.. Sounds like Treason, Smells like Treason, looks like Treason…It must be Treason.!!

  51. We have to pray big time, and in the mean time make sure the friends you have are going to vote red. We cannot have the demons in control of the government. Pelosi and maxine are old w that are probably not married and if they are their husbands kiss their feet because they like the money. I have known one or 2 like them in my lifetime and if you give in once, then you will have to keep giving in because they are sure you are doing something bad. Just pray and convince the friends to vote for the elephant, not the jackass.

  52. Those that are supplying the money to pay for all of these people to come forward will see that the money will continue to flow. I am concerned that we will see more detrimental characters come forward against Kavanaugh. I truly believe in this man’s character and innocence. I do believe that the Democrat’s are playing hard ball but I hope that as American’s we are smarter than that!!!! Our Senator’s need to listen to ALL of their constiguency as I have a feeling that the majority of male and FEMALE are for Kavanaugh! Most people can see through muddy water and that is what is going on in Washington right now with the Dems. WE MUST GET OUT AND VOTE AS WE SIMPLY CANNOT ALLOW THE DEMOCRATS TO REGAIN THE MAJORITY!!!

  53. TheDEMs, a really big gaggle of lowlifes, don’t have the collective horsepower to impeach Jack Squat. It ain’t gonna happen.

  54. The Demoncratic Party has already perfected the art of raising the dead, look how many dead people vote in elections.

  55. Everyone keep an eye on the voting. The commie maggots will utilize every illegal wet back and have double voting. They are probably already getting obituary information to get dead people out to vote. We should call them the zombie party. If Jesus redirected Lazuras from the dead in November the rat party would try to grab him for voting.

  56. Amen Karen….It makes me sick to my stomach too. I don’t understand their thinking at all. If they implement the things that Obama implemented they will suffer just as you and I will. What makes them not realize they are damning America and they will be included in the destruction. I can’t believe the ignorance the DemonicRats are and the EVIL they have become.

  57. The Real Terrorists are the Democratic Congressmen and women in Washington DC. They all should be put against the wall and executed for High Treason.

  58. The Deep State was terrified of the Clintons. It will be interesting to watch them fall now that their vaunted power is waning.

  59. Obama got the peace award before he took his first bath in thr White House and 8 years later he still did not deserve it

  60. I did not vote for a spiritual advisor i voted for someone who could get this country back on track. He has done a great job so far. If Democrats and Rhinos get out of his way he will do greater things

  61. I did not like the dictionary comment. But, i am sorry to say i think something is wrong with you. Stop watching so much fake news and listening to all that Democrat propaganda it might help

  62. I am shocked at how many women support her. They feel sorry for her, they claim the Judge was rude, their hearts are broken how how Republicans have treated her, she is the victim, etc.

    The Judge and his family are the victims.

  63. A lot of what happens are does not happen depends on who controls House and Senate. So Republicans better vote

  64. All of these politicial hacks, Rinos included, should start doing what they were hired ( elected ) to do. They should stop with their petty, political antics and get on with their real job. REPRESENT THE PEOPLE WHO ELECTED THEM.

  65. It’s more likely the mentally deranged, politically and morally bankrupt demo/commie will see prison time before they ever see their majority in Congress OR the White House – – EVER!!

  66. Oh,but it is Diane,the polls were all done by leftwing polling places and highly partisan mainstream (Democrat controlled)media.

  67. Those who speak of impeachment are delusional in their beliefs. First ,of no crimes have been committed by either President Trump or Kavanaugh. All this is stalling tacticss where they can plan their next move. No President has never had to face a criminal Democrat party as we have now. This is mostly been caused by the Carter, Clinton, and Barrys Obsma administration plus the Queen bee Hillary Clinton. I will tell all of you that the patriots of out nation will not allow this to happen. This behavior being done is a total embarrassment to the world view of our nation. We are sick and tired of the daily network news coverage and the leaders of the moronic Drmocrats. Do what u want we will put you down.

  68. Dan T. RR blocking 3x. Have to figure ‘out’
    the ‘trigger’ words. Keep looking this blog
    at top. Will get thru 1 way or another.
    > Working campaign in my State. Doesn’t look
    ‘good’ at all. Left Is Disaster. Rightside,
    (infiltrated &) No help. 0h god, yikes.
    ps.i bet this get thru. gak.

  69. Hey Dan mah MonMan (get it?) haha. Anyway,
    i will take Diane/jodie’s remarks ANYDAY to
    the BSjd. (riding on a ph.d calling dr. (&
    probably Not currently licensed)
    0U – talk about ‘high grade’
    (actually ‘low grade’) Left ‘twist’.
    >Gonna ‘ditch’ soon. No time for ‘infiltration’
    much less make a remark. Where’s ‘M’?

  70. zee
    September 30, 2018 at 7:08 pm

    Lindsey Graham Was Powerful.
    >In the past when he was ‘hooked’
    w/McCain, i never cared for him.
    > Have changed my mind.
    > (anyone here)
    ‘Hear’ Grahams post remarks ??? hmm.
    hint: re Judicial ‘Chair’.

  71. Lindsey Graham Was Powerful.
    >In the past when he was ‘hooked’
    w/McCain, i never cared for him.
    > Have changed my mind.

  72. Wow, Diane.

    You are totally delusional. Do you have any idea how much the rest of the country found the Democrats despicable behavior in the Kavanaugh hearings abhorrent? I know there are some big words here but you can look them up in the dictionary

  73. Diane. a V. Simple Solution for your ‘stomach’.
    > QUIT ‘hanging’ around Reading ‘old white men’.
    > WHY continue to upset yourself ???

  74. truthistruth: who really cares what the people of England think? Look at the mess they have made of their country! They are over-run with Muslims and Sharia Law! As for NATO, UN, G7, etc. the only thing they are po’d about is Trump called them out for not paying their fair share. Why should the US be financially underwriting other country’s military? Why should we hand out buckets of money to countries who hate us and wish us dead? We are not the world’d bank, babysitters nor their military.

    As for how we treat people in our homes, did you forget the infamous time NObama left Netanyahu alone standing in the WH and went off to his (NObama’s) dinner? Have you forgotten how disrespectful NObama was constantly to our friends in Israel? Or closer to home, NObama runs off to play golf ten minutes after making a teeny speech about the beheading of a journalist? Or the morning after the Benghazi incident, NObama jumps on Airforce One, headed to Las Vegas for a DemoRat fund raiser? We never did find out where NObama actually was while Benghazi was on fire and Americans bravely died.

    You, sir, have selective recall. If you don’t like living in the US, move somewhere else.

  75. You’re in a minority, dear. Sane people aren’t as ignorant as you folks. That’s why 45 approval rating is so low……you’re losing, women, POC, millennials and Independents. Can’t wait for the Midterms and then maybe you’ll go back into your closets and cry until you get defeated, again, in 2020.

  76. Vote Conservative to preserve OUR CONSTITUTION and OUR WAY OF LIFE.

    Vote Conservative for all the things that matter to Americans.

    Make America Great Again and keep on keepin’ on.

  77. The commie democrats are bucking for a civil war and if they keep up with their stupid tactics there will be one people are getting tired of the way they are doing they are wanting power instead of helping this country and the American people! There is at least 70 or more communist in congress and it beats me why people vote them in and they are so call democrats!

  78. Impeachment is a political, rather than a legal, act. Hence, no “justification” is required, just the requisite number of Representatives to impeach and the requisite number of Senators to convict.

  79. I must say it is a real pleasure to see so many women showing their common sense in this discussion.

    The left would have us believe that all women are overwhelmingly in favor of dropping all common sense and simply believing Ford.

    We have 4 grandsons and a new granddaughter. We do not want them to see them grow up in the world the left is espousing.

  80. Diane,

    I have to agree with the last comment directed you way.

    Are you even on the same planet as the rest of us?

  81. A, wake up man, we must impeach these misguided Republicans for respecting the constitution and running honest elections. We would not have to deal with Trump now if they would just learn to run our elections like the California Democrats.

  82. to Diane

    I ao agree that your heart is probably in the right place. Unfortunately, that is the problem with all too many do gooder liberals. They see the world as they would like it and refuse to recognize reality

    Well meaning sheep.

  83. Diane for her continued support for bomber in chief Obama. He dropped more bombs on 7 countries we were not at war with then were dropped in all the wars in history put together. Killed more innocent civilians then any other leader? in history. Created more refugees then all the wars in history.

  84. Ralf, it is all a matter of definition. To a Liberal, high crimes and felonies, means respecting our constitution and our bill of rights. We all know that Bret is guilty of this. If he and other conservatives are on the supreme court, it might be years before they could take away our constitutional rights.

  85. Daresay the FBI will be checking it out.

    And, if they check the 3rd strike one, they’ll likely check to see if she might have been dealing drugs at those 10 plus rape parties. Someone suggested that as a reason to keep going to rape parties. Gotta say, it makes sense.

  86. Come on Dan, you know Prof Ford would screw him and 3 of his best friends for a little booze and some good dope.

  87. Ford’s story is little more than “gossip” she has no police report – no date – day – location – she did not tell her parents – she would have probably been grounded – scorned – ridiculed – at least in lots of trouble – I believe she has been “used – set-up by Democrats” – seems like too much of a coincidence she knew Kavanaugh – her friends deny it – her yearbooks were removed to protect her reputation – they must show how reckless – partying – drinking – she was in high school – Kavanaugh should not be treated this way simply because he drinks beer – look what Bill Clinton did in White House office “under the desk” – look how much evidence was exposed – collected – Lewinsky’s Blue Dress – his admission of guilt – testimony – Yeah he was impeached – should have been arrested – tried as sex offender – convicted – Clinton should have went to jail – Ford’s story has too many holes – no corroboration – plus too much time has lapsed to give it any credibility – same as others – No police reports – no documentation – Swetnick claims “10” gang rape parties – She actually expects to be believed she went back all those times – never called police – never reported that she was raped – How stupid – dumb airhead – absolutely no credibility ! This entire thing is a “Sham” – Democrats know abortion is on the line – Every female in this country has control and choice of what to do with her body – multiple forms of birth control are available in every Dr. office and family clinic and every drug store in this country – taxpayers should not have to pay for “your abortion” because you suddenly hate “Him” for getting you pregnant – or you suddenly think “Gee, it’s moving in my belly – guess I need an abortion” – Yes, it’s “alive – growing – kicking – thriving” – You had the “CHOICE” to take a pill or think before you did “IT” – are you too stupid – dumb – totally out of your mind what could be result – if you have to pay for that abortion I bet you will be responsible – think about your “CHOICE” !

  88. Ever notice in any lawsuit the lawyers always walk away paid. They take their money in advance, and even the losing lawyer gets paid.?

  89. AMEN, Dan Tyree, you hit the nail square on the head, O possum couldn’t even buy a piece of a–. He is one ugly, stupid democrap and no decent person would wipe their a– on him!!!

  90. You are not alone DP, old timers understand the sacrifices that have been made by millions of Americans tokeepAmerica Great. I ama Vietnam Nam Era U.S. Marine veteran and a pretty good shot myself! I hope that Liberal hate group makes the mistake of forcing the issue but they won’t because they are made up of traitors and cowards. God Bless America andPresident Trump.

  91. The problem is that you can believe her 1000% that she has been sexually assaulted.

    The problem is that she presents NO EVIDENCE. NADA, ZIP, ZERO, ZILCH.

    ok SO SHE WAS GROPED, RAPED, WHATEVER, but where is the evidence.

    All she has is memories. VERY INCOMPLETE MEMORIES, date, time, place, transportation to and fro. Nothing. totally blank. Sorry, you don’t get to hang anybody without some kind of evidence.

  92. First time I agree with you, Joe. And Dems want BOTH sides investigated. If Dr. Ford was not honest and deliberately lied, then file perjury charges. But the SAME should be true about Judge Kavanaugh – – if he lied, and I think he did on several occasions, then he should be subject to perjury charges, which will mean he will not be a judge even on the court of appeals.

  93. I believe her and most survivors of sexual abuse will believe her also. Wait until the polls come out – – I predict most women in America would agree with Diane. I think you, Joe, need some education about sexual assault.

  94. what in Hades does that have to do with the price of tea in China?!? I sure there are plenty of experts on sexual abuse that would tell you that what is most likely to happen is not always what happens – – remember the old Bell Shaped Curve?

  95. I am confused that no one is investigating medical reports about Ford. Look at timeline: In 2012, Kavanaugh appears on a list of potential SC candidates. Later, Ford has therapy. Even later, Ford is making accusations about Kavanaugh. She has Dem. lawyers. What happened during this “medical treatment?” Her pro Dem. activist lawyers refused to provide the “medical reports.” Someone must investigate these “medical reports!” Was she (Ford), during the “medical treatment” place under any king of hypnosis? She cannot remember details except Kavanaugh and laughter. There is something very wrong here.

  96. Wrong, Rob, you have several people testifying that Judge K has been this way. Dr. Ford was NOT allowed to bring witnesses that corroborated her story. And we have at least 2 other witnesses and classmates that said Kavanaugh was often drunk and sometimes he was a belligerent drunk/

  97. For all interested, I included a list of Kavanaugh’s untruths in a response to Dr. Wines. May I give you a “tell” that K gives about his problem areas? K got very nervous when questioned about his drinking. Poker players know that people automatically give “tells” in body reaction, depending on their cards. When K was questioned about his drinking to excess, he RESPONDED TO A QUESTION WITH A silly or inappropriate question to the panelist – – – ‘Senator – – do you like beer? and when asked if he had a drinking problem, he turned on the Democratic Senator as a response and said “Do YOU have a drinking problem?!?” He did that similar thing to another Democrat asking questions about his drinking and lied about “poofing” – – which came from his yearbook also.

  98. What is really scary with all of this is the number of supposedly sane, normal citizens that could be and would be called to sit on JURIES EVERYWHERE that are willing and EAGER to FIND ANYONE GUILTY based on not one scintilla of evidence.

    36 year old memory is not evidence. It’s not even guaranteed to be real.

  99. If these “commie rats” steal the election (that’s the only way they can win) in November, it will be “showtime” all right. It will be “showtime” for Civil War II.

  100. Nick, a logical question, and let me speak from the evidence about sexual assault studies. Most victims do not speak out, some burying it in the deep recesses of their minds, partially because they are afraid of the reaction they would get. That makes sense. Just look at some of the postings on this site alone that calls her “liar” and “whore” and much worse. The system is actually quite unfavorable to victims (female and male) and puts them on trial first before they will even consider the perp. I have seen many of these IGNORANT posts that call Dr. Ford as being mentally ill, when there is ZERO evidence of this. This some other sick people claim Dr. Ford was “paid off” by some conspiratorial BS in their heads (THAT makes NO sense in this case AT ALL).

    Let me give you an example – – the molestation cases of the R. Catholic church – -how many of those victims spoke out, and how was it received when a few did? Dr. Ford did not want to testify, but as she said in her testimony, she waited to notify until she saw Judge K was on the short list, then she did not want to bypass her civic duty and for us to end up with a lifetime appointment of a person who is a belligerent drunk and a sexual assaulter.

  101. living in washington state,i have a major problem with dem.s if the subject is repubs. and a democrap has his mouth open he is lying. the rabbid left has no common sense ,no shame and absolutely no LOVE OF COUNTRY.

  102. Rob, the 45 Diane mentioned referred to Trump as the 45th president, not to a number of people. The Democrats chose to oppose Kavanaugh for his extreme views like the president is not subject to the rule of law (our constitution was clearly framed to have three equal and powerful branches of government to avoid the concentration of power which leads to CORRUPTION) and the fact Judge K has written and fought in one case, the right of a 17-year old to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, which she was LEGALLY entitled to under the law. Trump picked an extreme judge with radical views, the rest came out later, including the evidence Judge K has a drinking problem.

  103. Impeachment would be justified if and only if it is found that he lied under oath. What should make all Americans sick is the fact that we now have a president who proudly bragged about his own sexual harassment of women.

  104. correct me if im wrong,but wasnt there a guy shot and killed on the white house lawn for treason.dont these people get it americans want there country back.

  105. Dr. Cate, I can help out in that endeavor. 1. Between 2004 and 2006, Kavanaugh was asked over 100 times and repeatedly testified under oath that he knew nothing about sources stolen from two Democratic Senators. Emails that have recently surfaced that shows Kavanaugh lied and had this information.
    2. In 2004, in hearing for Court of Appeals, Kavanaugh lied in a Senate hearing about knowing and working with a nominee named Pryor, yet emails that have surfaced show he nominated Pryor and participated with a working group to get him nominated.
    3. Kavanaugh misled the Senate about other controversial nominations, including with those who helped develop Bush interrogation techniques.
    4. Misleading the Senate with denying any involvement with some of the legal work involved in Bush’s” rendition treatment of prisoners.
    5. Kavanugh lied several times about his drinking in last Thursday’s hearings and about why Mark Judge was “too fragile” to testify (he does public speeches to sell his book). Judge K said “poofing” or some term like it mean letting out gas, but what it really meant was ingestion of alcohol though the anus. He continued to mislead and lie about his levels of drinking, and that he has a drinking problem where he often gets belligerent.

  106. stupidisstupid. you are the moron. if you are a child molester and someone comes to your home and says child molesters should be hanged then you are not going to like them. when trump tells these other countries that we are not going to support and defend them while they pay nothing then what kind of response do you expect? just stfu and pay attention to what is going on in the world. or are you a democrat?

  107. Impeachment is a process to remove a federal agent from office for high crimes and misdemeanors. What makes a crime or misdeamonor “high” is for acts committed while using the advantage of, or abusing, a high office. The constitutional presumption is that prior crimes before holding office are weighed in discretion of any appointment or election.

  108. Trump should send a treasury agent with each F.B.I.agent doing the investigation. just to make shure that no soros money gets over-looked and by the way do the same for feinstain and the crooks in the democrat group of traitors..

  109. 1, This WAS a trial by any definition of the term . The Demonrats were
    behaving like prosecutors in Nazi Germany.
    2. The Constitution applies every where.
    3. Bill Clinton IS a rapist (his wife is a traitor and murderer)
    4. You obviously feel that an accusation is proof of guilt (Hitler,Stalin,
    and Mao would love you).
    5. She said she was afraid to fly (I guess she swam to Hawaii )
    6. She can’t remember where it happened, how she got to the party, how she
    got home .
    7. The crime in question has no statute of limitation in Maryland ( where
    it supposedly occurred ) If Dr. Ford is convinced that Judge Kavanaugh
    is the one who assaulted her , all she needs to do is go to the Police
    and file a charge.
    8. She hasn’t done that. Why?
    9. The 4 “witnesses” who were supposed to be at this party say they don’t
    remember it occurring (her best friend says she never met Judge K. )
    10. Sexual predators in high school don’t stop when they get to college.
    Judge K.has no record of this type of behavior for the last 35 yrs.
    11. You are a pedophile.
    12 You have been accused.
    13. You are therefore guilty.
    14. This is the new “rule” of law. It will be known as the Kavanaugh Rule.

  110. Professors aren’t 100%. Remember they are victims of the liberal nonsense taking over the colleges and universities too.

    I can remember taking an economics course when NAFTA was on the table. I knew from just common sense that it would be terrible for the US. The instructor was totally in the bag for it. A paper had to be written. I could have played the game, written what the ‘teacher’ wanted and pulled an A. But, my integrity and values demanded the courage of convictions. So, I wrote the truth and took a lesser grade. I have no regrets. I was right and time has proven me right. There’s an excellent chance the case is the same with the ‘professor’ at Wharton. Sounds like the ‘professor’ is a dyed in the wool liberal who would never agree with a conservative no matter that the results were glaringly obvious.

    BTW There are plenty of IGNORANT professors. We see them in the news everyday.

  111. Pat, just when did America STOP being great?!? I mean we have been the #1 military and economic power in the world since WWII, we are the benchmark of success that other nations often imitate us, and many people of the world still want to come live in America. How are you going to make America GREAT AGAIN when it never stopped being great?!? And how are you going to do it – -by separating children from their parents, by insulting all our allies and doing the bidding of Vladimir Putin, or passing an economic package to make the rich richer and the deficit expand to over $800 BILLION A YEAR?

  112. The democraps have disgraced the very principles on which our nation was founded. They have refused justice to Judge Kavanaugh, the very principals they would seek if the shoe was on the other foot. They use the bible, fairness, emotion and the law to justify their causes them trample on them when it serves their purpose. They act like they care for children then fund the places where they are killed and support them. They support any cause that supports their narrative then kick to the curb any that don’t.

  113. Larry, how stupid. It happens all the time now, and happened all the time back then. Besides, this was not a party, just a gathering of friends and associates, maybe 6 people there. The idea that no parents would let their child go is erroneous, and it assumes they KNEW. If my parents knew half the things I did at age 15, I would have been locked away, not allowed to even get my license.

    And Larry, sadly, too many parents do NOT take an active role in the lives of their children. Too many kids get little to no attention . . . and many would love to have parents that actively concerned.

  114. Actually, Robert, you need more than that. Many times “common sense” can be wrong and things are much more complicated and different than they seem. I received my Ph.D. and have continued to update my knowledge – – and know how the environment works is quite complicated and we are constantly learning. It is much more important to know what the evidence says due to scientific research that what I think is true. The GOP has become alienated from scientific facts (like climate change, physical evolution, the different ways of life of different cultures and so forth) because they often do not want to hear that what they think is happening does not fit the evidence. In other words, they have made a choice to be ignorant and proud of it.

  115. Yeah, guess that’s why he was voted “most admired person” 10 years in a row, eh? You’re preaching to a bunch of idiots who will believe what you say but that’s NOT the majority of the nation.

  116. John Decker, you are right as rain about term limits. Have been preaching it for years. AND if anyone remembers…good ole john, war hero, mccain took that up in order to get reelected. As soon as he was, no more was said about term limits. Congress isn’t going to stand for that…you have to MAKE them take term limits by voting the sob’s OUT. Check feinstien, piglosi, schumer and all the top ranking dumbocrats and just where they got their wealth!!! They should lose every dime they have made off us and go back to working for a living!!! Cleaning toilets for a living!!!

  117. Bill, I have to partially agree with you .. . Trump is SOMEWHAT educated from Wharton, but even his professor at Wharton Bus. School (U. of Penn.) said many times that “Trump was the dumbest goddamn student I (he) had in 30 years!” The source of Trump’s ignorance is his arrogance and that he won’t LISTEN, even to experts. Trump does not read, he does not listen – -he wants to pretend that he is a “genius” and he is barely qualified to be considered educated. As pres-elect, he did not listen to Intell briefings, and has to have much of his staff simplify information to him. He is intellectually lazy.

    A college education is not the end of your learning . . . it is a step in the ladder that you climb for the rest of your life. If you spend just 4 years in college and then never continue the process, with the fact that over 50% of what you learn in college is outdated in 5 years, then one becomes IGNORANT. Just like some people don’t go to college, continue to learn, to read, to listen and learn – -and they are much smarter than someone shut off from learning because they THINK they know it all (they don’t).

  118. I think most of the democrats should be made to talk under oath about their activities
    and all the things they are doing. They would all be impeached!! Why hasn’t the FBI
    question Feinstein about the Chinese man that worked for her?? She is a fake senator!

  119. How can the liberals come to their senses? They have no conscience. They are hate filled and they don’t care who they hurt. They are all like spoiled rotten children who are throwing tantrums because they didn’t get their way. They should all be impeached. If a president or a supreme court justice can be impeached, so should congressmen and senators be impeached. I’m so sick of this evil and corruption.

  120. If you can’t vote for the GOP…does that mean you will vote for democraps…??? By just not getting off your butt? Get rid of RINO’s in the primaries!

  121. Before you call anyone a “fool” better check yourself and the fact you cannot even spell “RINOs” or Republicans In Name Only. Have you ever stopped to think that some of the republicans that you are criticizing might have made a smart more, one that is more like what bi-partisan politics used to be (like how Reagan worked with Top O’Neil and vice-versa), and you have become the hard-headed radicals, much like Maxine, but on the right?

  122. I am so disappointed in our Republican Majorities. They campaign on their support of core Conservative Principals, then they get elected, become a “majority” and forget their mission. Since Republicans attained “Majority” status in 2012, Government continues to grow, spending continues to grow, the deficit continues to grow, Obamacare hasn’t been repealed nor fixed, and they lack the necessary cohesiveness to confirm a highly qualified candidate to the Supreme Court.
    All of my concerns for a dreaded Democrat majority have been realized by the actual Republican majority. We need Republicans with principals not the current incumbents.

  123. That, again for the 100,000th time, is not true and President Obama provided proof for that, but you hard headed cultist right wingnuts WILL NOT LISTEN. President Obama provided his long form Hawaiian birth certificate on the Internet, AND the notice of his birth came out the day after in the Honolulu newspaper. Ask yourself, that if Trump knew this to be true, and with his billions could find proof (and who could not with that kind of $$$$ ?), he could have had Obama removed. Even Jared said that Don Sr. told him he never believed any of that, but used that to gain politically from ignorant conspiracy prone people.

  124. I am not sure Republicans are the good guys. Some of them are just as bad as the demonrats.

    having said that, the R’s as a whole are a LOT better than the d’s who care for nothing but power.

  125. Remember the saying, “Remember the Alamo!”?
    I believe the new battle cry for the midterms to turn out Republican votes should emphatically be, “Remember Kavanaugh!”
    After all Kavanaugh is the one who’s exposed these evil evil democrats for who and what they are! Tell your family, tell your friends, tell your acquaintances, tell your fellow workers!

  126. These Demoncraps who have helped in this smear campaign shpuld face the punishment of losing their pensions and their seats for spreading all of the lies and false charges brought by women who that they are most certianly paying to come forward.

  127. First, what you talked about only applies to criminal trials, and this is NOT a criminal trial. You see Kavanaugh on trial, and he is up for a job promotion. Second, hard to feel sorry for Kavanaugh since he participated in dragging Bill Clinton through the mud for FIVE years in the Ken Starr investigation, not finding evidence of wrongdoing on him. It is interesting your concerns only seem to go as far as Kavanaugh, not his alleged victimS. Yes, victims – – others who witnessed, like his classmates at Yale, that Kavanaugh not only often drank too much, but that he also became belligerent when he drank too much. Judge K lied several more times in the hearing, especially about his alcohol consumption and behavior – – and the fact his own words showed he had to “piece together” what he did the prior night, when he came home the next day and fell out of the bus. You will see more evidence soon. Oh, and BTW, Judge K lied about why Mark Fudge could not speak in public, because he does public speaking for his book sales.

  128. response to Bill. Total agreement. How can we vote Republican if they show such cowardice.

    We are closer and closer to an armed civil war.

    Wonder how the Libs will fare in such a case?

  129. Sure sounds good (to you) but does not fit the evidence. 89% of the people of England have an unfavorable view of Trump, not anything else in America. Trump goes to other places, like G-7 conference, NATO, UN and makes an ASS out of himself, and basically comes to their countries and puts them down. Now I challenge anyone to have a guest come to your house and basically verbally malign you – – how are you going to think about that guest? Trump knows virtually nothing about diplomacy, which is why former Sec. of State Tillerson called him a “f**king moron.”

  130. D.P. Agree with your comments and want to remind these snowflakes that we will not allow any more of their protests that could lead to civil war. Remember the Minutemen of the Revolution: Veterans stand by with our oils rifles and powder dry, waiting for some stupid dimwit to rile the wrong group! DOL,

  131. It is hard to believe that any SANE person could believe any thing that the demoncrats come up with,they are the dirt beneath your shoes

  132. You’ve made my day John, right on. Unfortunately you and I both know congress will never vote in term limits. It is going to take Americans to force state lesgislatures to convene a Article V Constitutional Convention to adapt term limits. Doing so would fix Washington and give more Americans the opportunity to serve. I am 71 and past my activist yearsbut we are so close, Donald Trump won 30 statesin 2016 and he’ll win more in 2020. Republicans hold 33 governor mansions and I think that will increase 2018-20. We are so close to the34 states needed to convene the convention I can only hope America steps up to save our republic. Thank you for listening.

  133. I remember a cry that was heard in another time, “Remember the Maine.” Now it is ” Remember Maxine.” That person is so out of touch with reality it is unbelievable.

  134. Thank you for your service, past, present, and future.

    We are part of the no longer silent majority.

    The loony left would be well advised to know WE ARE FED UP WITH THEIR BS AND NOT TAKING IT ANY MORE.



  135. Many of us “old soldiers” who have been part of the awakened “silent majority” are all ready locked and loaded. We’ve been expecting open warfare since groups like Antifa and BLM started being violent.

    What will happen will be that one of the liberal hate groups will mess up and attack the wrong people in the wrong place and conservative CCW holders will be forced to draw and fire. The “outrage” from the liberal MSM will use that as the new “shot heard around the world” and call for shutting down conservatives by any means possible. (Like Mad Maxine is doing during every speech she gives these days.)

    Many Millenials and hate group members are stockpiling the guns they so vehemently claim to oppose. The good news is that most of the trained gun owners, especially those with real combat experience, are conservatives and most law enforcement and present military are conservative also. Put me with my 3 tours in Vietnam and my many years in law enforcement against someone who got his/her training from playing video games and I can tell you who will walk away!

    As I say: I’m too old to fight, too fat to run, but I’m still an excellent shot!

  136. The real name of the democrat party is the democrat/communist party and they will not change the beliefs and tactics. They will lie, cheat, steal and cause violence in order to accomplish their evil agenda and they do not car who gets hurt in order to accomplish their communistic ant American agenda. Vote for the republican/conservative ticket and most importantly vote against every democrat that is running for office.

  137. The dems must not win.. I don’t care if you have to crawl to the voting booths to vote do it. No impeachment’s here. First of all they have nothing to impeach President Trump or Kavanaugh for. VOTE because the Dems will commit fraud in these election to win, so everyone has to Vote.

  138. Whatever happened to “INNOCENT TIL PROVEN GUILTY”? Judge Kavanaugh has been railroaded by Ms. WEINSTEIN in the most FLAGRANT ABUSE of her office and rank in the DEMOCRAPS party, and she now joins the ranks of WATERS, SCHIFF, PELOSI, SCHUMER, COMEY, LYNCH, BRENNAN, CLAPPER, and ALL of the DEMOCRAPS that are committing the UGLY, despicable, vicious, mean, and there are many more that can be included: Amy Klobuchar surprised me with her questioning and lack of even a smidgeon of understanding for the response that Judge Kavanaugh gave in his opening statement: Where was even a flicker of any attempt on her part to give Judge Kavanaugh ANY BENEFIT of DOUBT about the possibility of the charges being made erroneously? I, for one, hope that the Democrap party FALLS APART COMPLETELY OVER THIS!!! THEIR ASSAULT ON JUDGE KAVANAUGH WILL SHOW UP IN THE VOTING BOOTHS, AND I HOPE THEY ARE ALL LOST IN THE MALAY!!! THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NO THOUGHT OF THE GOLDEN RULE, THERE WAS NO CONSIDERATION GIVEN WHEN HER WITNESSES DIDN’T KNOW WHAT SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT, AND I WOULD CHALLENGE ANY AND ALL OF THE DEMOCRAPS TO PUT THEMSELVES IN THE POSITION THAT JUDGE KAVANAUGH WAS IN, AND SEARCH THEIR SOULS TO POSSIBLY FIND ONE IOTA OF EMPATHY FOR THIS FINE MAN AND THE FAMILY AND FRIENDS OF THIS MAN THAT IS JUST TOO NICE OF A PERSON TO DO THIS> Dr. Ford possibly was groped at a party sometime, and for that I can feel her pain and anguish, but for her to not even listen to the women that she said witnessed the “event” and understand that she could be blaming erroniously a man that is totally innocent. The picture of her standing with SOROS at a function seals her motives to me,,,,,DRAW YOUR OWN CONCLUSIONS!

  139. I pray that the liberals come to their senses. Chasing families out of restaurants, and these smear campaigns are so anti-God and anti-American! My heart is sickened by the behavior we have witnessed. Maxine Waters should be in prison for insighting riots where people are hurt. If they don’t like America, they are free to move somewhere else. So… Judge Kavanagh and his family are now the center of this insanity!!! To the Democrat Party, I say, “You are in danger of God’s judgement!!!! Be afraid!” Not for your party’s beliefs… but for committing HORRIBLE crimes and encouraging others to commit HORRIBLE crimes. You may not have run families with children out of restaurants, personally, or thrown things at them … or, even pulled the trigger… But, you ARE GUILTY!

  140. I believe Obama was trying to take down the USA and he nearly succeeded.
    He is a Muslim from Kenya. No Dem will tell the truth.

  141. How do you know that Judge is lying, we all know how much the liberals and their liberal media lies because they get caught all the time. I was told many years ago that ignorant people should not be allowed to vote, how true that statement is.

  142. I am convinced America is on the verge of another civil war. Too many NAZI’s/Communist in high places. Yes the swamp needs to be cleaned at what price.
    Quote Thomas Jefferson, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of tyrants and Patriots.”

  143. How about One American News, they also tell both sides of the story, then all you need is common sense and honesty to figure it out.

  144. And that’s not to mention some 60 million pre-born human babies murdered, many of them torn into pieces, since Roe V Wade. That’s more than twice as many murdered by Hitler and more than were murdered by Hitler and Stalin combined. This is the American Holocaust and you have DEMOCRATS to thank for it.

  145. All Americans need to stand up and recognize that the Democratic Party is nothing more than an organized crime ring. It should be identified as such and investigated, especially the 10 Democrats on the Judiciary Committee for conspiracy. I really hate far lefties!

  146. I wonder what you fools would have come up with if the nominee had been a woman . I truly feel sorry for sheep like you Diane, as you only spew what is in the media. You are nothing more than a trained parrot. Do yourself a favor and research and do do diligence before letting emotions engage your mouth without using your brain first. When you have some facts to call others liars and slimy then present them . Until then you only waste your time with unfounded rhetoric . As far as a 7th background check the first 6 were thoroughly vetted. I have also been subject to background checks. They start with the individuals you give them for references. Each of them give many more when they are contacted all the way back to grade school. You truly do not have a clue.

  147. I’d hate for anyone to go away empty handed from the latest display of how your government works, so think on this. TERM LIMITS. The longer they stay in office the more obsessed they become with their God like powers and wealth. FYI. Obama, after eight years at $400K a year, that’s $3.2 million gross, walked into an $8 million mansion in D.C. I could be mistaken, but I think it’s paid for. For Congress,the money is $174K a year, but some serve thirty or forty years. How much is your health care costing you? Theirs is free (to them) because you pay for both you, family, and both houses of Congress. They pretty much proved at the Kavanaugh hearings that they’re all, Democrat or Republican, complete idiots. Guilty until proven innocent. Spartacus my ass. Women tell the truth, you must believe any and everything they say. We need a sixth FBI investigation (guess who pays for that). Everyone sit up and listen. Not just men. Look up U.S. Term Limits online. Sign the petition, send them some money, whatever you can afford. And when they come to your area PARTICIPATE. We need to take our government back from the political class because they have stolen it from us.
    Politicians should serve two terms.One in office. One in prison. Now go get’em!

  148. WHAT, if ANYTHING, do THEY have to “impeach” ANYONE….??? NAZI TACTICS AREN’T going to work….THIS is STILL “AMERICA”, NOT ANCIENT ROME or NAZI GERMANY….They are ALL “CRIMINALS” and need to get LOCKED-UP in order to “SAVE US ALL FROM THEM” their CRIMINAL TACTICS….!!!! Or “LOCK THEM UP” to save THEM from THEMSELVES, RE-brain-WASH THEM while THEY are “doing TIME” behind BARS……!!!!!

  149. Is there no decency left in the Democrat Party? I guess not. First they ate crow with Trump winning the Presidency. Now they will eat crow again as Kavanaugh, an Anti-Abortion Judge, is confirmed. They can “try” to stir the liberal pot with who is left in their party, but many libs have fled that platform! For once, maybe the GOOD will win throughout the U.S.!

    ????????????????God Bless America!????????????????

  150. Diane…..100% Agree…Brett Kavanaugh Lied Under Oath and his Rampage at his Opening is Proof he doesn’t have the demeanor to hold Any Assignment of a Judge including a County Court Judge…Most on the Website Hate Truth and can’t handle that they made a HUGE Mistake in their support of the POS That Inhabits the WH….

  151. Diane You don’t know anything you just run off at the mouth before you engage your brain. To be fair what is good for the goose should be good for the gander. I believe Dr. fords recently acquired wealth from fools such as yourself and ilk like you – Soros followers. Stay on that path it will take you to a warm place . Dr. Ford needs to have her high school years put under a microscope and by her own bragging to her friends had dozens of consensual romps. She also admitted she was an alcohaulic then. Do your homework next time before judging anybody. Maybe you just hate men.

  152. There was a time when people of Congressional stature were presumed to be gentlemen and ladies and they addressed each other as such.

    The zero administration and the likes of Schmucky Schumer ended that. With those entries, the only ‘negotiation’ that was acceptable was COMPLETE AND TOTAL CAPITULATION. NO ONE ELSE MATTERED.

    When they cannot even show a modicum of respect for each other, they can expect everyone else will see that and join the disrespect.


    btw, Kavanaugh is being heavily criticized for losing his temper.


    And, if the liberal media thinks that is LOSING HIS TEMPER, they should pick up a newspaper and see how daily people that truly lose their temper behave.

    I think he was remarkably controlled given the attacks to everything he holds precious.

  153. Bonnie…..What Sites??? Sinclair Broadcasting Corporation (Fox) websites??? The Corporation that is Licensed for Entertainment Purposes Only….tRumpie Ego Boosting Company..LMAO Any Female that supports a Sexual Predator of Woman and CHILDREN are a DISGRACE to the Human Race..

  154. I believe the person was referring to a time when both party’s had respect for the other and worked together for the good of all. There needs to be checks and balances in everything.

  155. Sorry, you seem to be a deeply entrenched rat liar! I hear and have read her back ground! Sorry, she is a lying sick old lady. Being paid off big time. See the go fund me page, a sorta legal way of paying her off? Course you have to add sorass and the other filthy rich trump haters. No memories of any thing, but 100% sure it was him? NO ONE ELSE HAS BACKED UP HER LIES! Sorry dems, we are on to you all! SICK SICK Karma can be a B as they say!

    it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

  157. I was correct you are a Democrat judging all Republicans because of a few Rhinos like Flake and Ryan. Your just another troll. If you were a true Republican you would fight for them.. maybe you aught to look and see where your’s went.

  158. Hey Nick the answer is to send a letter to your rep stating that if he or she does not support your direction that you will vote for their removal from office ,it’s that easy

  159. Really – you are a fool – if you can’t see what President Trump has accomplished then I suggest you open your eyes. You most likely are a Democrat and just to ashamed to admit it. For that I can truly understand. President Trump needs more Honest to goodness Republicans to help him – not Rhinos –

  160. Nick,
    We all suffer with that. Too many RINOs. We are fighting it and need all the help we can get.

    Maybe a start is to just vote R and then weed them out as better candidates arise.

  161. The Democrats are working to kill America. Anyone that votes democrat is nothing more then a Islamic Muslim Murderer. Working to have Children raped and murdered or sold. Along with many at random a vote for a democrat makes you personally responsible for their pain and death

  162. Excellent points. And, it proves she’s got a rusty axe to grind.

    And, she’s more than a few fries short of a happy meal. An empty sack o s…

  163. Here is my conflict… how do I vote Republican when they wont put up a fight… they cave on everything….. how can I vote Democrat when they are horrible and despicable in their tactics and will ruin America… Sen Flake really disappointed me. I wish I could have my vote back.

  164. Here is my conflict… how do I vote Republican when they wont put up a fight… they cave on everything….. how can I vote Democrat when they are horrible and despicable in their tactics and will ruin America… Sen Flake really disappointed me. I wish I could have my vote back. If the Republicans would ask why they are not pursuing criminal charges against Kavanaugh…

  165. Diane, honest question. If you had been sexually assaulted and finally had courage to speak out… would want your attacker to only be prevented from getting his next job? Why is she not calling for him to be sent to prison? Why didn’t she go to the police and bring charges? Maryland does not have an statute of limitations for sexual assault cases

  166. And what will you say when the FBI exonerate him? Wait i know, you will say that the FBI are wrong and that the man id definitely guilty because your bloody mindedness cannot except the man might actually be innocent and air thief idiot dame is a nut job or just in it for the money.!! It is frightening that people like you are loose out there in the community. Certifiable!!

  167. I met some scum bags in my lifetime but DEMORATS are the worse I haven’t met one yet that I can have an honest open political conversation with they are just complete lost causes.

  168. When FBI came into this fracas, Ford’s yearbook has taken off internet and even the site was deleted but if you look you’ll find it and it’s really worth a little trouble to find out how low democrats stooped on this one. Kavanaugh’s yearbook was used to smear him, but not Ford’s because it paints a very ugly picture of rich girls running their parents and school. Real American’s that love their country need to get out and VOTE and rid America from these “sores” on it calling themselves democrats! Really Soros owned and paid for is what they are and always will be now! Vote for your freedom like we did in 2016!!

  169. Diane the 45 that caved where democraps, remember Diane these people said on TV that they will not I mean not vote for him no matter what and we would do everything and I’ll power to stop him this was before any accusations were brought out

  170. I like this idea of examining the records of these Dumbocrats! Tit for Tat! If they can’t take what they dish out, they should resign ASAP!!!

  171. Hey Diane wake up he had 6 FBI investigations that includes everything this will be his seventh investigation get your head out of the freaking liberals and Democrats butt and go by the facts not what they tell you

  172. Time to examine the high school/college records Of Feinstein, Maxine Waters, chuck Schummer, Nancy Pelosi and others, Else put a statue of limitations on what can be used against someone. this was sickening. Lets vote all the democrats out, Our grandparents democratic party is gone. It is now good vs evil and Socialiasm vs Freedom.

  173. Diane!!!! You are nothing but a typical liberal Democrap, what proof do you have that this man did any wrong,all you have is the woman’s word which she’s entitled too, thank God we got a president that stands up for the rule of law

  174. Democrap, what proof do you have that this man did any wrong,all you have is the woman’s word which she’s entitled too, thank God we got a president that stands up for the rule of law

  175. Diane dingbat, Exactly where do you think Kavanaugh lied in his testimony?

    I think you are inserting what you want into what actually was said. I heard not hing even questionable in all he said.

    The questioners, now that’s another matter.

  176. Add to that the fact that she is not a psychologist under California law and misrepresented herself as such. Then take a look at who her father is. A CIA money man in charge of funding black ops programs and a member of the deep state. There much more going on here than meets the eye. What is the demented left really worried about? They’re fighting much too hard for this to be about anything they’ve been claiming. And if you think this is bad, wait until Ginsburg realizes she’s been dead for the last 10 years and President Trump gets to replace her.

  177. Actually I have seen where she has an association with the CIA through her work and a past relative who hates Trump! John Brennen for mer CIA head who also hate Trump! Hmmm.

  178. Democrap, what proof do you have that this man did any wrong,all you have is the woman’s word which she’s entitled too, thank God we got a president that stands up for the rule of law

  179. Already has from GoFundMe. This entire
    process should be enough for any Democrat to run to vote Republican. You need to be an American first.

  180. Of course its all bs. If it was real then the home owners or people havin the party would have heard from the police. Her father would have busted some legs if it was real, i would.
    Wait a seck, these kids are all preppy snots. I forgot. That splains it.

  181. The the character gang rape of one man and his family to the Demonocrats this will not end well! You have thrown out the rule of Law in its place you have put Presumed Guilty until proven innocent, but you have gone even further then that. You have Judged a man Guilty in spite of the evidence and let you Anti American Sentiments tack charge. Mark my words well Demonocrats you have sown the wind now reap the whirlwind. This Evil you have committed will comeback to haunt you, you have down the seeds of destruction not unity. Just remember what I said your SIN’S are greenhouses you did them not by accident but we’re premedatated too ruin a good mans reputation and Charecter! Now live with it the blood of many now rest on your heads Democrats!!!

  182. You are right. The dum dems have been self-inflicting their own wounds and descent into Hell and oblivion since day one of President Trumps Inauguration. I hope the continue their evil and despicable antics until mid-term elections.. Then we will be rid of the vermin for my Great Grandkids lifetime.

  183. You are nothing but a typical liberal Democrap, what proof do you have that this man did any wrong,all you have is the woman’s word which she’s entitled too, thank God we got a president that stands up for the rule of law

  184. I think Ford was lying because no parents would let a 15 year old daughter go to a party that was unsupervised and where there was going to be drinking.

  185. Diane, where is your proof that Kavanaugh lied. The proof is that the liberal Ford lied. She lied about being a phycologist, and the year she redone her house (license permit proves that) The woman wasn’t attacked by Kavanaugh or she would remember something. No witnesses. She even lied about witnesses. You must be a nut. Liars like her make it hard for REAL VICTIMS.

  186. You are a typical liberal Democrap accusing someone before the trial making false accusations, tell me what evidence do you have to accuse this man,Do you have any evidence of sexual behavior on this woman,all you have is her word what she’s entitled to, now prove it before you condemn an honest man. Thank God we’d live in a country with a strong-minded president that believes in Justice for all .
    God bless President Trump

  187. They don’t have a chance and they would not have a chance if they tried to blow him up. He is so protected as of all their threats against the Judge and his family. They should all burn in H*** for what they have don so far. But the Judge is a man with real GOD and FAITH and so the DEMS have made themselves out to be fool and idiots. Their day will come and soon and all they have left is their disgusting relationship with the DEVIL and that is because they live in the HOUSE of SATAN so they will burn down and the best way is to come out and vote and take their seats away from them. I have great faith in God that all will be revealed soon. Sit back cause as belivers in our heavenly Father we could get a long overdue reward. God please bless one and all.

  188. I am going to vote for Trump and hopefully Cavanaugh will get in as supreme justice I am praying for justice to be held in the United States courtroom pray pray pray for this country

  189. Folks, start calling Washington DC and demand that Judge Kavanaugh be confirmed with no further delays. Call everyday…..

    THE CAPITAL SWITCHBOARD (202) 224-3121

  190. i guess when all is said and done ford will be receiving a vey nice monetary residual from the dems ,she shold be investagated

  191. Yes, Clean the swamp, and be sure to look around the “cypress knees” and under the “lily pads” because that’s where the alligators hang out. They like to hide there until JUST THE RIGHT TIME and then surprise you as they come up and grab you with “FAKE ALLEGATIONS” and try to make you disappear. Feinstein had better watch out for those “alligator hunters”.

  192. Diane, you say Kavanaugh is too partisan to sit on the Supreme Court? What do you call all this BS the dems are doing, it sure isn’t bipartisan. And what about the, as you call it, attacks on democrats? The dems have been doing nothing but attacking every Republican they don’t want around. You, Diane, are the definitive description of hypocrisy!

  193. I can’t believe people are saying Brett is guilty, if the people vote Democrat they are sick people. Ford got plenty of money for this and still getting. This is Democrats doing this, they will do anything to stop Trump from getting his guy nominated. At first I thought someone might have did something to her, but I think not now, a school friend said she bragged about 54 sexual encounters in high school. Now that’s a bunch, I’m sure now she was not worried about getting raped by anyone. Bought off for sure.

  194. Raul, you seem to be as insane as the Democrats. No conscience, no character. They are so depraved that they don’t care what lies they tell or how much they hurt people. And they are too stupid and greedy that they don’t realize that they are making complete fools of themselves and a mockery of our freedoms and laws

  195. Raul, you seem to be as insane as the Democrats. No conscience, no character. They are so depraved that they don’t care what lies they tell or how much they hurt people. And they are too stupid and greedy that they don’t realize that they are making complete fools of themselves and a mockery of our freedoms and laws

  196. Diane – please cite for me what exactly Judge Kavanaugh’s lies were? And, as you thinking about that, remember, the person who lied right there at the hearing was, Dr Ford. She had said she could not fly, due to her fears, but then had to admit that she has flown extensively. C’mon, this is only ONE of her lies. She is an extremely troubled woman. It was all over her body language. Her little girl voice and her trying to appease her handlers showed just how much she had been coached during the time she spent in Delaware recently. Open your eyes! And, by the way, alleged accusations do not a criminal make in this country. However, if people with your like-mindedness get their way, we are headed for those beliefs!

  197. Hey Diane, FYI. The FBI will spend equal time on both the Judge and Ford. Be careful what you wish for. PS: Senator Di Fi is the villain for allowing her name to be leaked.

  198. Well then it is time to start calling for the IMPEACHMENT of or RESIGNATION , be it willingly or forced, Time for the BULLSCHITT, to stop. And the list is long, and includes some rinos. this is for the senate and congress.

  199. You have to drink one helluva lot of beer to get drunk enough to believe your BS, Diane! You need therapy if you think anyone believes you, little girl.

  200. Raul, I’m quite surprised with your horrible comment. With a name like that you must be from a third world country like Cuba or Venuzuelia. Guive it time Raul, your years of drinking the liberal cool aid and waterboarding will wear off and you will see how the majority of us will make America GREAT AGAIN.

  201. What the dumb ass Democrats don’t seem to realize is they are turning off moderate Democrats and will lose big in November.

  202. How do you know he’s slimy? Have you ever met him, talked to him or even been within 500 miles of him? I would say probably not. I don’t believe Miss Ford but I’m not going to bad mouth her or you either. Why not see what the FBI says before putting someone down?

  203. You liked those liars screaming at Sen. Flake that said they were assault victims, NOT. They are Soros paid operatives!

  204. Democrats are like scurrying rats! Get over it . The American people get it. Democrats Party is the party of demons who kill kill and kill! That party is not the party of your mom and dad. That’s why firmer Dems are flocking to the Republican Party, especially after seeing what they did to Kavanaugh. Put a fork in them you are done. We dare you to try anymore crap against Kavanaugh such as impeachment. We the people will FIGHT back, you wooded!!!!

  205. Dan, I totally agree with your comment. What we all have been watching during the hearing , was a typical Communist tactic to eliminate their opposition…. I now fear the Democrats as much as I feared the Communists during the WW2 era. Almost like re living life under the Communists.

  206. Flake and the democraps just finished digging their graves with this. It’s time we push them in and pile the dirt on!

  207. Back to where? heading to a Venuzuelan type of government with a bunch of misfits whose bible is the Political Correct? Wow my friend you need help!

  208. Back to where? heading to a Venuzuelan type of government with a bunch of misfits whose bible is the Political Correct? Wow my friend you need help!

  209. I am also wondering if they will be investigating Fords past 36 years as she is the one who started this investigation and if your going to investigate one FBI should be investigating both. She’s the one with so many blank statements

  210. When I applied for a federal position, I was vetted. Friends, family, my high school physics teacher, my undergrad microbiology professor AND MY PERSONAL PHYSICIAN let me know they had been contacted. One question was if I had a habit of criticizing the government in conversations.

  211. Diane: You criticize Donna for having no proof. Please share your proofs that Kavanaugh is 1) slimy; 2) a liar.

    Thank you.

  212. If we don’t defeat them commie maggots in November we will see an America we won’t recognize. It’s almost that way now. It’s showtime for freedom!!!

  213. how many beers did you have. DUHHH I ONLY HAD 1 HOW DID YOU GET HOME DUHHH I DON’T REMEMBER. HOW DID YOU GET THERE. DUHHH I DON’T NO.OH But you remembered walking down the stairs . you remember walking by everybody going out the door.I know !!! you opened the door and went down the YELLOW BRICK ROAD. SHE WENT DOWN THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD. Follow FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD. AND THEN SHE WAS HOME.BY THE WAY SHE DOES LOOK LIKE A DRUTTS SHE DOES NOT LOOK LIKE SHE IS ALL THERE.

  214. These Leftist lunatics need to be SMACKED DOWN and made to STOP their illigitamate schemes to derail people they oppose! They are breaking some laws and violating ethics behaviors at the very least. Our country was established on laws and respect for others. If we do not force a 180 degree turn around lawlessness will be the new norm! Wake up Conservatives and retake our Government from the lawless usurping authority in every realm! Unite with God to restore greatness to AMERICA!

  215. If ONLY the charges of PERJURY against FALSE information received were applied here throughout this case, it would limit or zero out any charges against Judge Kavanaugh. This applies to any and all individuals within Congress, House and Senate etc.. verbal or written. Rules and laws are not made for one party, individual or case….they are made for all and must be followed by all. We can’t be conscious of nationality or race, gender or age. But, stand firm and be fair to all people involved, they deserve the chance to prove themselves. We are innocent UNTIL proven guilty in the U.S. of America. Let’s not ever forget our principles…stand by them.

  216. You are making a judgement call on a she said he said .you and I were not there so we cannot know what happened. Just because she is a woman does not mean she could not have been mistaken. This is a political game that is being played with no winners.

  217. Rose – Kavanaugh wasn’t honest in his testimony (he out and out lied) and he’s an alleged sexual assaulter. Where do you think he will bring honesty and decency back to Washington? He’s done everything to NOT have the FBI do further investigations which also questions your warped views of this man. He’s an entitled, rich white male that got caught and doesn’t have the temperament to sit on the highest court (or any court, in my book).

  218. Jeff Flake is another very biased lying Democrat. SO terrified of Kavanaugh’s confirmation bringing THE TRUTH, HONESTY & DECENCY back into the cesspool DC has been until President Trump won.

  219. Perhaps you are right but I believe if they even try there will be another civil war. They will not win that one. Do not think for a minute that the FBI is not already trying to dig up anything on him they can. They have been trying to do it to Trump for going on 2 years now. We the real people of America are getting tired of the BS, when they finally awaken the sleeping giant and we have had enough it is going to be a bad deal in this country

  220. Wonderful commentary, my sentiments exactly. I watched the entire circus and was sickened, Dr Ford may have multiple degrees but she appeared to be not with it and I don’t believe it was nerves, she was definitely being used.

  221. Robert, Agree on the thoroughness of the background check. I rec’d a TS in military. When my service job required a TS/Crypto, the FBI went back to my birth city and then went forward. Very thorough!

  222. Donna – You have no idea what was in that envelope…..who are you trying to kid? Another Soro’s asinine conspiracy that your right wingers LOVE so? Give it up, dear. Kavanaugh is a liar. He proved that yesterday. He’s also too partisan to sit on the Supreme Court. The attacks on Democrats on this committee were extremely unprofessional and showed zero respect to the Senators. I’m glad he’s going to be investigated again because he doesn’t want to be. He’s hiding something, but I’m confident it will come out.

  223. I beg to differ. Sorry you feel that way, but there has been no Supreme Court Justice nominee who has been so thoroughly vetted with six FBI investigations that turned up nothing. If there had been something in his past, they would have found it, I assure you. I have undergone the same evaluation to get into a sensitive unit in the Navy as an officer and I assure you they go back to your childhood. If something were there, they would have already found it. I assure you. So your comment smacks of prejudice and malice and you need to rethink what you wrote.

  224. Can we then have an investigation on the BLACK SENATOR FROM CALIFORNIA

  225. Thank you Jeff Flake for bringing sanity back to this committee! At least NOW there will be an FBI investigation into slimy, lying Kavanaugh.

  226. The Ford woman claimed to have been forever damaged. Her husband talked about knowing something was wrong. How many women who have been sexually assaulted would choose a sport like surfing as their hobby? In my experience as a therapist, working with a number of women who have been raped, a loss of confidence, fear of standing out or being singled out and obsession with safety of person are nearly universal.

    It was quite surprising to learn that Ford is a surfer.

  227. The Democrats should know that the voters will no longer stand for any more attacks on Kavanuagh. It has backfired on them and if the continue it will have a negative effect at the poles . Just get the vote out against this injustice.

  228. If Kavanaugh gets confirmed and the Democrats take over this next election, I’m sure they will impeach both trump and Kavanaugh, if we think some of these other countries are bad and oppressed, ours will be as bad as some of the worse nations in the world. Christians will be persecuted, and we won’t have the freedoms we once had this nation as we know it will be a thing of the past. God help
    this country, and open the hearts of the car left, the haters.

  229. One comment about that polygraph….she took it at BWI on her way from/to her randmothers funeral; consequently, her mental state was not in a good place, and as “experts” have indicated, it would give invalid readings.

  230. It was said that Ford took three polygraph tests. And they said that if you cry emotionally during the polygraph test, they would get inaccurate results.

    Hmm, since she is a clinical psychologist, she knew how it works.

    She is an evil liar. False witness. You know the tenth commandment of the Ten Commandments. It is a stern warning.

  231. After what the Nation witnessed in yesterday’s hearings by the sleazy DemoRATS (which was more like a witch-hunt or angry lynch mob) and their treatment Judge Kavanaugh, I think they ALL Need to be investigated by the FBI!! I bet each and everyone of them have some skeleton in their closets that may be allot more recent than 36 yrs ago as the ‘alleged incident’ this Flakey Ford filed against the Judge. But seems the SIX Times he already was investigated and cleared by the FBI wasn’t enough they want it done again – and no doubt at OUR expense as law abiding taxpayers. It’s Sickening….

  232. Takes a 2/3rds vote to convict. That means a majority of Republican Senators would have to vote for conviction. If they, the Republicans give in on this they will never ever be able to put in a judge on any court as the Dems will use the sex card every time regardless of the truth. They, the Dems, are without any morals.

  233. Ray, I watched Fienstein and other Democrats complaining about the decorum of Kavanaugh’s opening speech on Thursday. WTF did they expect?? These loones need a refresher course in defending you honor, which obviously none of them have experienced. When you accuse someone of a sex crime, our best be ready for a return salvo. If anyone votes for a democrat (lc) in November, they have themselves to blame for a return to the BS we experienced during Obama, and for me, that is NOT an option!

  234. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t…..If Judge Kavanaugh walked on water…. they’d (DemoCRAPS) say, see……. he can’t swim…………. This was nothing but a circus this week !!! and today also… Dems will NEVER BE HAPPY WITH OR VOTE FOR A TRUMP NOMINATION………… Let’s investigate the dems background and then vote them out !!!

  235. It really doesn’t matter what a conservative says or does, the left is going to vilify them no matter what. The dems are just use to weak kneed RINO’S who always fold like a cheap lawn chair. They can’t stand that there are people like Trump and Kavanaugh that will stand up and fight against their lies and won’t be intimidated by their tactics. If this nominee is guilty then by all means don’t confirm him, but if he isn’t them there is no way you can’t confirm him based on his job performance. Stand your ground gentlemen and just maybe others in our party will follow your example of standing up for yourself and for the American people. Old deplorable cultist AF vet!

  236. If the Dems regain control of the Senate, then it is certain that a party-line vote to impeach both Kavanaugh and Trump will pass, and they will be impeached. So it is very important that the Republican turnout in November is very high. But such an impeachment is only for show and to rile up the Dem vote. All impeachment is, is an indictment that must then be presented to the Senate for trial. For actual removal from the office you need a 2/3 vote of the Senate, and there is zero chance of that happening.

  237. I believe if President Trump and the Republicans let it be loudly known, each and every such claim against Judge Kavanaugh will be fully investigated, background, etc., and would be subject to perjury charges if there is any false information given.

  238. When this is all said and done, the blue wave is going to be solid red because the Dems are not only stupid they are color blind

  239. This Country was build upon the Will of God the Almighty! He has never stopped watching what He has done with His loving Hand! Judge Kavanaugh will be Confirmed and his foot print will be in our history!

  240. Everyone who has lied and supported or promoted this false accuser needs to be prosecuted and imprisoned! She needs to be charged with falsely accusing Kavanaugh!

  241. One site today is pushing the idea of Kavanaugh being unfit for the Court because he is too emotional! You’d think they’d praise him instead as being a “closet” lefty”

    The Progressives, the lefties, always push issues based on their feelings, their emotions. They paint conservatives, Republicans, as un-emotional monsters. Kavanaugh shows that conservatives also are real people, and can rage at such monstrous lies pushed by the lefties. We truly have facts on our side, which the lefties cannot refute.

    I tear up at the sound of the National Anthem. I tear up watching war movies where the hero dies. I teared up when each of my daughters was born. I cry at the 60+ million dead babies since Rowe v Wade. I tear up when I enter the voting booth, for rage at the illegals who vote in Democrat districts, and the many lefties who vote using voter cards of the dead.

    Judge Kavanaugh made a compelling case for “mistaken identity” in his confirmation testimony to the Senate on September 27. It gave the Dems and Ms Ford an easy out. Ms Ford can’t furnish any dates, confirm who drove her to the “party,” who drove he home, where the party was, but is “100% certain it was Kavanaugh.” Unfortunately, the Progressive rage at losing the Presidency keeps them pushing to block him, and if he gets confirmed, to impeach him.

    My wife is truly enraged: she is writing and texting to every woman she knows, regardless of party or political preference. She us reminding them that if they (1) love their grandfather(s); (2) love their fathers, and/or their uncles; (3) love their brothers and/or male cousins; (4) love their male children; and/or their nephews; and/or (5) love their male grandchildren, this kind of slime can hit any and all of their men. We must stop progressives in the mid-terms. We are agitated, emboldened, and will vote!

    We are contacting all our friends who we know are religious, encouraging them to talk this up in churches; and to the evangelicals who supported Trump wholeheartedly, wanting to stop the coarsening of our society, protesting the 60 million abortion since Rowe v Wade. The evangelicals will come out to vote against the Democrats IN DROVES!

    I am pushing all of this on my fellow atheists, for they are only safe as long as Christianity is the major religion of our country. Christianity if the most positive religion we have, encouraging good life habits, and a compassionate, conservative society.

  242. I think she stepped in it by falling for what the Dems have put her up to. She did
    help the Republicans by admitting she didn’t KNOW that they would have gone to California as some cockadoodle story that she couldn’t fly got out. Those honest
    Democrats just trying to help this poor sick little girl (?) wanted it IN THE SENATE
    FOR ALL THE PUBLICITY THEY COULD MUSTER. How does any police or FBI investigate when you
    don’t know where it happened, who was there and “you forgot” the main part. Dems
    are the ones who stepped in it big time for their tactic to delay and it still goes on. Today, we have a 2 hour delay like a Student Council group in High School and
    the Adult Teacher stepped out of the room…they are all so “out of it” and nobody
    knows what rules to follow and nobody wants to make a mistake that will take Kavanaugh
    away from his confirmation and FLAKE IS THE FALL GUY FOR THE DEMOCRATS AND ALWAYS
    WAS…yeah, you betcha, he’s going to vote for Kavanaugh..he’s looking for a way out!

  243. No evidence, proof, or coroberating testimony should not stop a VOTE. ACCUSATION is not convicting evidence.

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