What Democrats plan to do next to Kavanaugh will make you sick

Democrats hate Judge Kavanaugh almost as much as they hate President Trump.

But their smears have failed to stop his confirmation.

And what they plan to do next will make you sick.

Democrats are realizing their smears aren’t working.

They have realized that Judge Kavanaugh may be confirmed to the Supreme Court by the slimmest of margins.

So they are switching tactics.

Democrats have promised to impeach Judge Kavanaugh if they take control of Congress in the Midterm Elections.

Democrats think they can rile up their base ahead of the November midterms and be swept into office.

Axios reports:

In a foreshadowing of how much uglier U.S. politics could get, top Democratic operatives are already talking about impeachment of Brett Kavanaugh as a 2020 campaign issue if he gets confirmed to the Supreme Court.

The impeachment talk reflects the conclusion of Democrats and Republicans close to the Senate Judiciary Committee that Kavanaugh’s confirmation is more likely than not — and certainly more likely than it was 24 hours ago.

Democrats disgraced themselves by using the atrocity of rape as a political tool.

But the ploy blew up in their faces.

And their tails are between their legs.

They know there is no stopping Kavanaugh from being on the Supreme Court.

So they are planning on a campaign to impeach him so they can continue to violate the constitution without fear.

But Democrats already tried this tactic on President Trump.

Maxine Waters (D-CA) and other high-ranking Democrat Congressional members have been calling for Trump’s impeachment for months.

They want to remove President Trump’s White House from the history books if they win the Midterm Elections.

Do you think the Democrats have a shot at impeachment?

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  1. Where does Maxine Waters want to be buried. In DC or in L.A with her 4.5 million dollar home? The people living around her, voting for her are the real trash of this country?

    FAST & FURIOUS. HOVERING in ‘Mid-Space.
    Side to Side, Up & Down.
    >NoBumpZone__ a ‘Lone’ DragonFly Flew
    Around me the other day, while feeding
    ‘the birds, critters’. HA haaa.

  3. Keep Checking Back, on important blogs,
    no matter the date. AHa dragonFly, You Did,
    & #metoo. yowza. I NEED DAN T. that’s rite.
    >Dan T. etal = ‘precious gems’ to USA
    >0k, here’s more re BS (behavioral scientist)
    ‘Plastic Shade’ drjd. HE in ‘old school’ of
    quote “brain deterioration”. WRONGO LONGO.
    ‘New School’ Says REGENERATION W/ RITE ‘stuff’
    ( & NOT jellyfish Prevagen per jd) Prevagen ‘may’ ‘awaken’
    some brain, Also ‘may awaken’ DARK Dangerous ‘venues’. (of
    which he seems to be, in Beating DOWN USA. ♥U. Ciao. Later.
    >ps. I am in ‘Q’ line. ‘Pick ^Up Says: EaglesFly/JackHandy (clean-up).
    > POTUS ‘KNOWS’ (big time).

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