What happened right before Jeffrey Epstein died caused all hell to break loose

The mysterious circumstances surrounding accused pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s death continues to trouble the American people.

Every hour, more disturbing facts come to light.

And what happened right before Jeffrey Epstein died caused all hell to break loose.

When Epstein allegedly killed himself in a Manhattan jail cell, he was by himself and not being checked on by the guards.

The day before Epstein allegedly committed suicide, a prisoner was supposed to be transferred into his cell.

That prisoner transfer never took place, and Epstein was dead the next day.

The Washington Post reports:

Corrections officers had not checked in on financier and registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein for “several” hours before he was found hanging in his cell Saturday, a person familiar with the matter said, just one in a series of missteps in the hours leading up to his death.

Officers should have been checking on Epstein, who was being held in a special housing unit of the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City, every 30 minutes, and, under normal circumstances, he also should have had a cellmate, according to the person familiar with the matter and union officials representing facility employees.

But a person who had been assigned to share a cell with Epstein was transferred on Friday, and — for reasons that investigators are still exploring — he did not receive a new cellmate, the person familiar with the matter said Sunday night. That left Epstein, who had previously been placed on suicide watch, alone and unmonitored — at least in the hours before his death — by even those officers assigned to guard him.

Even with Epstein’s connections to the rich and powerful, and the fact he could have implicate some of them in his crimes, many Americans still cannot understand how this was allowed to happen and that proper procedure was not followed given the high profile of the case.

Until the American people get real and believable answers about how Epstein died conspiracy theories will continue to flourish.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. The Clinton’s had him killed. How many does this make? 56,57? Won’t nothing happen. They’re above the law.

  2. The Deep State existed before the Clinton’s, but it was not the murderous organization that it became under them. They were connected to cocaine gangsters and Bill Clinton was hooked on cocaine – he couldn’t have sex without it. Bill and Hillary grew to hate each other but kept that undercover. I have researched those two people for a few years, and they are truly horrible people who had many good people murdered. By Whom you ask? By some of the drug kingpins who operated from South of our border and below that. I have written an account of Hillary that lays it all out. She is a lesbian who is hateful and she had many people murdered to silence them. There is a special place in HELL waiting for her.

  3. & NOW, Next ‘playbook’ Line.
    > mysterious woman visitas’ epstein.
    >Soon, NO MORE ‘playbook lines’.
    > Then what. Forgotten.
    > & ‘Evile’ Remains ‘Unchecked’.

  4. 0ne sentence at a time.(Complete BUUL) Feeding msm \’Fodder’etc.
    Now – ‘they Say ‘Broken neck Bones?
    >Scrambling for a ‘story’.
    ‘Truth’ in (outdated term: ‘conspiracy’)
    Is ALWAYS, Step #1: RIDICULED.

  5. Nothing will ever be done to any person involved in the murder of Epstein. The FBI and CIA, the deep state, the whole lot of them are totally corrupt. The kidnapping of underaged girls for sex trafficking by Epstein and his cohorts had been going on for decades and the FBI knew about it and they did absolutely nothing. They knew about pedophile island and never conducted raids to save any of those sex trafficking victims. I have absolutely no trust in our government anymore. All the filthy rich elites in government and Hollywood that associated with Epstein will get away Scott free. The clinton’s, the obama’s, all of them, guilty as sin and nothing will be done about it. All this evil was going on under their watch and they either turned a blind eye to it or participated in it. If the witnesses can’t be bought then they’re killed. I wonder who’s next on the deep states hit list.

  6. To Brian. A ‘hanging’ does Not Necessarily
    Mean ‘height’. Review: some ‘twist’ stuff
    around neck. No ‘height’.
    epstein = ‘Heist’. See comm’s Above.
    NY POST ‘bust’ Photos, Prove/ ‘difficult’ Info.

  7. Yes, Hillary and her Muslim girlfriend Huma Abedin went to Epstein’s island a few times and had sex with young girls (as well as with each other). Epstein played that game with many people of means and then blackmailed them. So lots of people wanted him dead. Even the Duke of Windsor went there. But Hillary was most effective. People who knew something on her wound up dead. Epstein is in that category.

  8. I need to correct a typographical error:
    Hillary’s work-mate HUBBELL looks exactly, AND I MEAN EXACTLY, LIKE XXXXXXXX Hillary’s daughter (I have pictures of both of them).

  9. Epstein was NOT A GUY WHO COULD HARM HIMSELF. He had always gotten off with deals with the sheriffs and police. It appears that others wanted him dead, especially the Clinton’s: he provided Hillary with young girls (she would not have sex with Bill and she actually hated him). Hillary was known by many to be a lesbian: her roommate for 4 years at Wellesly was a lesbian from a famous political family, and they were essentially a married couple there. But yes, Hillary did have sex a few times with men: one was a lawyer in Arkansas (Hubbell) with whom she worked late at night many weeks. Bill was infertile. Hillary’s work-mate HUBBELL looks exactly, AND I MEAN EXACTLY, LIKE HUBBELL (I have pictures of both of them).
    C’est la vie!

  10. You got that right. Epstein had invited Hillary and her girlfriend Huma Abedin (they both went to girl’s colleges, which is a clue) to his island several times, where they had sex with teenage girls (Epstein’s specialty). Bill Clinton went to Epstein’s island about 20 times (Hillary didn’t give him any sex – she preferred girls and women). Epstein brought in some girls from Europe who were 12 years old to have sex with his clients from the U.S. and Europe. He also had some local girls about 16 year old. He figured he could always buy his way out of any criminal charges, and did that for several years with local law officers in Florida. He was NOT the type who could kill himself – he always got away from prison sentences with money and special deals (one was that he spent the nights in jail in Florida but was free during the day, and at times when he flew on his private 727 airplane to other countries with special guests and lots of girls (Bill Clinton was on some of those). Cheers.

  11. Hillary has had several people killed. Whenever someone has knowledge of her crimes, they are no long for this world. Seth was one such person, and so was his friend (they both died just at the time they were about to expose Hillary’s cheating on the primary election so Hillary would beat Sanders. There is lots more, but wait until my book comes out that fully exposes Hillary.

  12. This was a carefully set up murder. There are lots of people who wanted to kill this guy (Jeff Epstein). He had been selling sex with teenage girl to many famous and wealthy people, including diplomats, for years. He brought in some girls from Europe who were only 12 years old and used them for sex. WHY??? Simple. Once they went to his island and had sex with girls, he had the goods on them and they paid lots of cash to keep him quiet. It was only a matter of time until someone had him taken out. Money was no object, so lots of cash was used to get it done. But the law officers who know who had it done will have deadly accidents in the future. Come on, you know this stuff has been going on for a long time: people whom Hillary wanted dead wound up dead. Hillary and her Muslim girlfriend Huma Abedin went to Epstein’s orgy island more multiple times and had sex with young girls. So did lots of famous wealthy people, including a British Duke. A sordid story is waiting to be told. I have it documented. If anything happens to me, it will be released to the FBI.

  13. IE: ‘epstein’ __HEIST’.
    3hrs NO Cam. ‘gurney’ photo
    > ASK 4 More info.

  14. ‘Heist’ MAJOR LEAGUE. Capish___
    Current Info/Photos
    ‘Busted’. > Mission Accomplished. ___
    per SDNY etc.
    >Waste NOT Your ‘time’.

  15. One of these days some doctor is going tell a PATRIOT that he or she is sick and they have maybe six months to live that person will react in a manner we have not seen before, they will decide to take action before the check out.
    They will be single, otherwise they would save the funds for their family. However as a single person they will choose to select some COMMIECRAT loud mouth and track them until the target is within their reach and take them out. The person that does this will not take their own life after the action…. they will have no fear of the federal death penalty… at the rate the government moves the person will be lucky to survive the trial let alone be put to death, which by that time may be a blessing. They will think they have the served the nation at least once in their life.

  16. The single only good thing about the likes of now dead JE, is the ego and desire to get even with ANYONE who wants, tries, or attempts to harm him. I would bet there are tapes, journals, and other media PRELOAD packaged and given to someone he trusted and paid to hold the material until he asked for it back…. or something happened to him…. then release the stuff in a manner that CANNOT STOP IT FROM BEING IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN!!!! Try posting it on the INTERNET IN A DOZEN PLACES SO IT CANNOT BE TAKEN DOWN FAST ENOUGH. The person has been paid and they do as they agreed they should be safe… if however the try to PROFIT from the material… they will be in the same boat with JE , dead by the hand of wealth enforcement. BYE BYE.

  17. Who cares what happened to Epstein. Another non observant Jew from the northern tribes, the same as I’ve been preaching for a year. He assumed he was untouchable by the friends he kept but found out that the media can manipulate things enough to whereas truth is worthless then those friends want no part. The current stock market drops are the same thing. Create speculation enough and it drops, keep constant speculation then the market is to unstable to read and it drops. Speculation rules the day, not market. Raises people with billions like to destabilize it as much as possible by law so they can buy for penny’s on the dollar. I’ll sum it up! The MSM has been outright corrupt for the past 3 months or longer. Then the market continues to drop. Buy goods or sale good at you locations and get filthy rich.

  18. “Even with Epstein’s connections to the rich and powerful, and the fact he could have implicate some of them in his crimes, many Americans still cannot understand how this was allowed to happen and that proper procedure was not followed given the high profile of the case.”
    Contrary to what the writer of this article says, many Americans know that Epstein did not commit suicide. He has always bought his way out of trouble before and there is no reason to believe he did not still believe he could do so again. Many more people that were “on the inside” of Epstein’s life are still in danger. Yes, Hillary Clinton is the most likely candidate to have had a witness killed, and she has done so 47 times in the past (that we are aware of), perhaps more. There are other powerful people that had a lot to lose had this prosecution followed its normal course. So, Hillary may have had help. Besides, Hillary is an absolutely evil person and I think she just plain likes to kill people. I don’t think Bill did it. He is just a sex crazed doofus that is along for the ride.

  19. Racist is not the correct word. It appears that most folks, when criticizing a person of a different race, gets on that old, tired difference. Our public problems are due to cultural and moral differences. Let’s follow the law, and ethics and morals. Let’s get out of what we know is evil doings and walk in a value system of mutual respect.

  20. Brian Downey – apparently, he held his 6′, approx 200 lb frame up with a paper sheet attached to the top of a bunkbed. Are we sure he wasn’t some sort of genius. You could take the paper sheet shred, braid – get on the top bunk, tie your legs to your waist, wrap other end around neck, somehow hook the part between your neck and knees to the bunk and then sort of roll off – dedicated suicide for sure – but possible. WHY? We will call it the purse hanging – he was most likely murdered for what he knew about toooo many too important people to fail.

  21. I was in jail for a five day sentence several years ago. They let me keep my belt and shoe laces. But my charge was misdemeanor littering. They should let all the perverts keep theirs. And no protected custody. Just keep them from escaping. If they fall down stairs, slip on soap, or drop the soap who cares?

  22. So much talk about checking in on Epstein. My question: when he was found dead, did he had a rope (or something) around his neck.You can’t just find him on the floor after hanging without something attached to him? Why is this not asked and answered? And finally, if a rope, what was it tied to, and where did he get it. When you are in a jail cell, they take your belt and even shoelaces.??????

  23. I need to keep reminding people about Extortion 17, it is to easy to forget – I have no involvement, but remember. rumor has it, obomination did not want the seals to kill osama, probably not jarrett, nor jeh, nor huma, probably hill didn’t care. The Seal Team 6 that had killed Osama were placed in a slow moving helicopter – Extortion 17 – not their usual quick in and out type. supposedly o had to placate his friends so his friends arranged for their side to be miles away at this site and the seals were sent to the same hot spot – MURDER. research Extortion 17

  24. In my opinion, Epstein was a contract murder. I also believe former President Clinton was somehow involved. There are been too many accidental and suicidal deaths that are too closely related to the former President. In the historical array of deaths, there is even a pregnant woman who “committed suicide” by a gunshot wound to the back of the head. (Really?) Clinton has already represented a limited number of encounters with Epstein, the number of which were misrepresented. I, for one, think the Clintons are evil and should be incarcerated for many crimes. We will never see justice on this level, however.

  25. he might have been tied into intelligence, the Mosad, blackmail, the mysterious ‘they’ that protect hill and others did it. I say as there are angels that do for those that believe, there are demons that do for those that bow. GOD gave us President Trump, satan gave many safety until ‘they’ find a way to make his diary disappear too.

  26. Once again the list of potential witnesses that could expose the depth of powerful deep state criminals, has gone. Not even in the federal prison system is witnesses safe. The swamp must be drained congressional criminals exposed, Wall Street criminals exposed , executive criminals exposed and all prosecuted

  27. What did Epstein know about DiBlasio and his pedophile inclinations…
    Enough that Epstein had a short lifespan once Epstein wound up in DiBlasio’s jail system… No coincidence that DiBlasio and Clinton are great friends and have similar interests, from money raising to politics to recreational activities, that both had something to fear from Epstein’s testimonies… Will DiBlasio ever let the truth come out about what happened… a Democrat scandal in a Democrat town… yea, right…The Day after Hell freezes over…

  28. Yeah! We wanted to know who all were involved. The people could have caused enough stir. We could have possibly got some people convicted. Never thought about that did you.

  29. Anyone who wants justice gives a darn. His victims give a darn. There are more evil people involved and they should all pay.

  30. That is only true for liberal blacks. Conservative blacks are much more intelligent and won’t murder anyone. They are no different from us. But just go ahead and let your racism show.

  31. redidiot…Your hate, ignorance and racism are very sick. And if you hate white people so much we would gladly leave you on your own with NOTHING that we gave you…just a mud hut and a couple of buffalo. EVERYTHING you use came from white people. So PLEASE give it back to us.

  32. redidiot…..That is a lie. But that is all you know how to do…lie and hate. You are a very sad excuse for a human being.

  33. It is amazing that someone who could make a mess of the status quo against the powerful people in our government again commits suicide. And sadly we seem powerless to make a real change.

  34. Will NEVER EVER, Know the ‘Truth’.
    Discuss ‘it’ All you want.
    Have 0nly 1 comm . The NY Post photos
    of ‘man on gurney’ Has been ‘busted’ BIG TIME,
    (by sharpshooters w/ forensic software)..

  35. Who gives darn about who or what were the circumstances of Jeffery Epstein’s death. That he did die was what a person like him deserved. Good riddance.

  36. geez- does anyone actually believe that Epstein is dead????? The question is, who got him out of there- the pedophiles or the court system? The FBI, the CIA or HRC?? Is he being “made over” into someone else or is he on some island partying with all of the scumbags?

  37. But you’re talking about kids in a room full of things. This is a prisoner on suicide watch and alone in his cell. On suicide watch in jail you have nothing, and I mean nothing, that can be used in any way to harm yourself or anyone else. Many times they even take your clothing.
    Now, how can you commit suicide with nothing but air?

  38. The circumstances sound very similar to the mysterious death of Vince Foster back in the 70’s. Just before telling all he is dead? And his testimony would have placed both Bill and Hitlery in prison.
    Sound familiar anyone?

  39. you said it all I believe there is a list of dead bodies belonging to clintons and Epstein is the 48th when when will the law get them or will we all be killed!

  40. That’ll right!!!! They told us that. Damn. There goes that conspiracy theory. Lol. Bill didn’t have sex with monaca, we could keep our doctor.


  42. I don’t think he was assisted to escape to parts unknown. There would be far too many loose ends that would have needed attention. Way too many! Someone would have squealed one day and he would have been found out. No, he got wasted in his cell by the big guys who had a lot to lose (which would include many high ranking members of governments as well as industry). There are many questions that demand answers that we will never know the answers to. I will never believe that the guards in that prison, from the top down, could be so stupid or incompetent to allow a guy of that high a profile and who had attempted suicide only last month (so they say) not to have been under 24/7 constant scrutiny, not just a suicide watch which was taken off him after only several days, and placed in a cell alone for several hours and allowed to commit suicide again! It just doesn’t make any sense, and I have no doubt that it didn’t happen that way! Somebody got to the prison officials who then made it convenient that Epstein would be put in a situation that would support a scenario of possible suicide while either guards or another inmate were let into his cell and did him in? Most likely, the FBI, or CIA, did it and doctored the hall videos so as not to show anyone entering the cell. Some very important people went to Pedifile Island and this theory could have a lot of truth to it? Makes more sense than what they are telling us!

  43. Epstein got ‘Hillary’d’ no doubt about it! Anybody who gets in the way of the ClintonCrimeCartel meets an untimely demise under quite suspicious circumstances! Add yet another carcass to the Clinton body count! That INCLUDES DNC staffer Seth Rich whose gunshot in the BACK on the streets of DC in the wee hours was NOT a robbery attempt! It was MURDER! WAKE UP! Seth Rich was about to expose John Podesta and HRC! Never had the chance! Like Epstein never had the chance to expose Slick Willy and other high-ranking DEMOCRATS for sex with under-aged girls!

  44. To me, suicide seems plausible. Whether or not it occurred can probably be determined by the physical dimensions of the cell and the (lanyard?) used in the act. Was it even possible? Epstein seemed to be a fairly large man who normally would have put up a struggle if he were murdered. He seemed to live a life of personal gratification without ever facing consequences. I’m sure he did not experience normal guilt but the idea of “having to pay the piper” may have caused him to seek another easy way out. I’m open to both views. Now go ahead and shower me with criticism but I am being objective. Dwayne

  45. It is to bad the King of Poontang is not alive to rat on Bill Clinton and a slew of others waiting for the shoe to drop. He never got the chance to meet big Bubba in prison and never fart the same.

  46. Question? How many inmates charge with child molestation were “removed”, died, murdered, or whatever in all the jails and prisons? He is so insignificant …but who accompanied him and benefited from his actions are not, and should join him in jail so the inmates can have a conversation with them about their children.

  47. I REALLY HOPE they find out who murdered him. I KNOW it was an inside job and MANY politicians are involved in killing him. The guards in the MCC are guilty and should also be prosecuted.

  48. He received what he deserved ! The Inmates with children have spoken…no attorney, judge, grand jury or whatever else, the facts were published and the inmates spoken to protect their children…a fathers duty.

  49. I’ve always said give every young black at the age of 12 years old a gun & a knife and in 25 years we want have a problem with them,they’ll kill each other off for us.

  50. I vote for murder. Good riddance to bad garbage in any event. I wonder what it is like, in your last moments, to know that you are being murdered at the order of your friends. lol

  51. Hate Whites? Don’t use medications and devices developed by White people. You’ll be lucky to last a day.

  52. Epstein’s bank records won’t lie, how much is missing as of late? agree those girls need hi security hope somebody is thinking about that and fast!

  53. Unknown numbers ….and names .. of many individuals at the handles of power in the american political inner circle are as least as unscrupulous and ruthless as the politburo of the erstwhile USSR .
    As expedients may demand – acts of orchestrated and camouflaged murder are the standard “solution” for anyone posing a threat to these malicious connivers .
    Nothing will change …One more candidate for an….”accident” ?…e.g.
    JULIAN ASSANGE … Held incommunicado while “choreographers ” optimize arrangements for his elimination ….
    Stalin’s KGB is alive , well and operating in the secret labrinths of Washington D.C….A reality with which we must live here in the land of the free…..

  54. The fellow from Cleveland, Ohio Ariel Castro, hung himself 3 weeks into his sentence. So if there’s a will, there’s a way. Today, next week, next month, if he wanted it, he could get ‘er done. 30 minutes is plenty of time to wrap an item around a neck and bed part, then lean over the edge of the bed ‘balanced’ & let the body weight do the rest. Children accidentally have that happen(curtain cords , hoodie ties caught on playground equipment)

  55. The Clintons are rats already, and always have been. When the ENTIRE documents are released, I don’t think anyone will be surprised.
    What disgusts me, is the child sex trafficking. And Clinton was at the top of that list.

  56. T.Bell It wouldn’t just be Bill he had Evidence on Hillary also Played in that field she like’s young Girls herself, So they had it done for themselves and all the Others they have Info on! Bill and Hillary keep Blackmail Info on everyone they have encounters with this is how they keep them under control….. Those young women better have some real good Security because each one of them will soon be “Committing Suicide” themselves.

  57. For some reason, I thought the same thing. I had a feeling that he paid off everyone, in jail, and also the coroner.
    Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s on some island, drink in hand, laughing how he pulled this off.
    One thing to check, investigate every person involved in this. From top to bottom.
    The money probably paid to them is hidden, most probably arranged by his lawyer and cronies.
    And if he really is dead, may he rot in hell.

  58. The Clintons are WAY too smart for that! That’s how they get away with things. But, one of these fine days, they’ll join Mr. Epstein, Hitler, & all the other bad guys in that lake of fire, where they’ll burn forever. I think the guards were paid off!

  59. Sad situation! But, IF he HAD gotten a cellmate, then there would’ve been TWO suicides! I don’t believe for ONE second that he killed himself! Just like I don’t believe that Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK. Never have, & never will. And, although she didn’t publically say so, Jackie ALWAYS believed that LBJ was behind the killing. And, that’s what I’ve always thought too. He was getting into things that the ‘elite’ didn’t want him to get into.

  60. Epstein was murdered. Oh, and the surveillance camera was on the fritz, too. These scumbags are all in bed together & the American public is onto all of you.

  61. initially you’d think this will make some scandalous movie, but then they’d either have to rewrite the whole thing to try to protect the elite names, or just bury the whole thing. Too bad.

  62. Burn in Hell Epstein. You sleazy bastard, I hope you get butt raped by satan. Say hello to Bill and Hillary when they get there.

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