What Hillary Clinton just said about 9/11 will leave you red with rage

America just observed the 21st Anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Democrats exploited the somber occasion for political gain.

And what Hillary Clinton just said about 9/11 will leave you red with rage.

Former Secretary of State and two-time failed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton used the occasion of the anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks to smear Republicans as dangerous domestic extremists.

Clinton told host Dana Bash that the lesson of 9/11 was to confront extremist ideology wherever it resides.

“We have also, I think, been reminded about how important it is to try to deal with extremism of any kind, especially when it uses violence to try to achieve political and ideological goals,” Clinton began. “So I’m one who thinks that there are lessons still to be learned from what happened to us on 9/11 that we should be very aware of during this time in our country and the world’s history.”

Clinton then praised Joe Biden’s widely criticized speech in Philadelphia where he slammed all 74 million Trump voters as a threat to the Republic.

“Well, I hope that it will be, and I give President Biden a lot of credit for trying to continue to reach out to people while still sounding the alarm about the threats to our democracy,” Clinton added.

Clinton then claimed Trump supporters were a small, angry minority committed to overthrowing the United States government.

“So we are in a funny position, Dana, because there’s a small, but very vocal, very powerful, very determined minority who wants to impose their views on all the rest of us,” Clinton continued. “And it’s time for everybody, regardless of Party to say, ‘No, that’s not who we are as America.’”

Clinton knows the perils of engaging in such rhetoric.

Back in 2016, Hillary Clinton helped cost herself the election by insulting half of all Trump voters as belonging to a “basket of deplorables.”

Clinton’s contempt for ordinary Americans ended up being one of the all-time political gaffes in history.

Fast forward to 2022 and Clinton stepped on this particular landmine for a second time.

Despite her denials, Hillary Clinton very much wants to run for President in 2024 in the event Joe Biden passes on re-election.

And the easiest way for Clinton to signal to the Democrat Party base that she shares their values is to repeat Joe Biden’s lie that Republicans threaten to end America as everyone knows it.

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