What Ilhan Omar said to Donald Trump will make your blood boil

Ilhan Omar keeps digging her hole even deeper.

The controversial Congresswoman cannot get out from under the crisis created by her anti-Semitic statements.

And what she just said to Donald Trump will make your blood boil.

Democrats were forced to condemn Omar after she tweeted a conspiracy theory that secret Jewish money manipulates U.S. politicians.

She offered a halfhearted apology that everyone could see was fake.

Donald Trump called her apology “lame” and said she should resign from Congress.

Omar compounded her problems by firing back at the President.

The Minnesota Democrat tweeted out a fake news conspiracy theory pushed by many in the so-called “mainstream” media that Trump was a racist and claimed that she learned from Jewish members of Congress confronting her about her anti-Semitism.

Both counts are false.

No one who knows Trump for any length of time believes the nonsense that he is a racist.

Even Trump haters like MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough concede that point.

And it’s clear Omar has not learned anything from this situation.

If she did, she would not have tweeted out a fake apology that ended with her claims that attacking Jewish lobbying organizations is legitimate criticism.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I hear you Beth about all that you said. I agree with muslims being sent back to where their from. They are murderous,raping animals that are making Sweden horrible and they are getting away with every crime there is as they are in America and all of Europe.

  2. You’ve got Obozo to thank for that. He brought thousands of them here. That’s the only way those two could get elected. Now that they’re here they’ll breed like flies and spread faster than cancer. It’s how they take over.If the Sharia law crap has already started they’re well on their way. Get ready for the killing to start.

  3. They have taken over…like rats in a tenement…Dearborn Michigan…and spreading quickly. They wiggled their way into the politics of the city, police force, judges, all Islam. When something happens there…you are guilty till proven innocent. If your crime involved another Islam person…even a car accident..YOU WILL NOT PREVAIL! My brother lives in the south west section of the state. Everyone is on pins and needles as their state follows sharia Law.

  4. With millions of them already here we’ll be fighting both Muslims and Democrats in the Second Civil War. You know they’ll team up, but if we lose, we’ll have to be content knowing the Muzzies will kill the Libtards.

  5. I think we need to find out how the 75,000 Somalians and the total 1.3 Muslims got here. Traitor Obama decided they were refugees. However, the Christians that were being slaughtered all over the Middle East were not. This is one of the many investigations that SHOULD be conducted in lieu of the Collusion dellusion.

  6. Omar is the one brought up with hate. Omar is the one that needs to be removed from congress. She needs to be sent back to her hate ridden country. Wake up America. Even liberals must know these people are not friends, these people are here to take over our country, kill EVERYONE that doesn’t agree with them. Turn our country into a 3rd world. Dont believe me read the news see what is happening in Europe. Raping pillaging, murder, they lie whatever they can do to infiltrate governments, then they take over with violence. Wake up librals, democrats, republicans, Jews, Christians, atheist, gays, transgender, these people HATE EVERYONE.

  7. The dumbocraps already elected the first muslim president, named obama. He started the muslim take over of the U S by bringing in muzzies & spreading them all over the country.

  8. Sharon,I googled 5 ways Islam takes over a country. (Was it you that suggested it?). I was amazed. I also googled muslims in America. It said that muslims increased by 100,000 each year. Sounds like an invasion to me.

  9. Jake, Clinton said Trump supporters was a basket full of deplorables. I am a deplorable and proud of it. This witch can not be a deplorable she’s not good enough.

  10. She is s con artist, and boss Nancy knows it, but she Nancy is scare of her. In my opinion that isis agent should be put in jail for life.

  11. This idiot represents the other 75,000 Somalians that, for whatever reason, ended up living in Minneapolis. This country has become so insane regarding “sensitivity’ is afraid of its own shadow. Our strength was the “assimilation” of all immigrants. That ending was precipitated by the telephone…”Dial 1 for Spanish, etc. We no longer do that, and this is what we are going to get more of!!!

  12. Our constitution give us the right to speak as we feel. We can talk hate if we wish, as does Ilhan. We can talk about anything we want. You are the one who does not understand the constitution of the US and should leave the country. Perhaps you should go to Afghanistan. I m sure you will be delighted to rape infidel women or be raped yourself if you are an infidel. Maybe they’ll convert you and strap a bomb to your wretched body. Perhaps they’ll just behead you because you are an infidel.
    Freedom of speech is about protecting uncomfortable speech you or I might not agree with. Who needs freedom of speech if all we are allowed to utter is government-approved pablum. That is what Europe is about today.

  13. Unfortunately, high schools and universities are brainwashing our children into thinking the speech should be limited…. They are teaching our children that only certain views are allowable and up for discussion.

  14. Yes,Dems.need to get rid of her cause she is bringing them down more then they are.Get rid of Alien and Cortez too worst Dems ever.

  15. Yes,Dems.need to get rid of her cause she is bringing them down more then they are.Get rid of Alien and Cortez too worst Dems ever.

  16. How did this deplorable, despicable, bigot get into office? A better question is how do we throw her out?

  17. There are five stages of Islam, they adventually take over every country, it’s happening in Europe, they get in our military, they get into our schools, they start taking over small towns and city’s, they elect people into office, they become Mayor’s, governors, congressman, senators, before long, another town gets taken over, another city gets taken over, this is how they do it. The democrats have already said they plan on voting in the first MUSLIM PRESIDENT. They are very ignorant to Islam. They think by excepting them and making them part of us they will do no harm. And anyone that knows the true meaning of this religion, knows better. Their Koran says “Plant your feet among the gentiles,when the time comes, slaughter everyone of them”. Syria IA the oldest Christian country, they opened their hearts to Muslim refugees, only to be slaughtered at the hand of Islam in the millions! Don’t think it won’t happen here, because it will. It may take a 100 years but they will adventually take over every state one by one by one. But of the Democrats get their way and flood our country with them it will be in less than 20.obama already let millions in.

  18. John Decker,let’s see if this goes through. This is for everyone on this site. GOOGLE: The 5 ways Islamic law takes over a country! I googled Omar every way I can think of. The only thing I could find that was provable is her confession that she was married to two men under Islamic law at the same time. According to Islamic law a woman can not have more than one husband at the same time.So why is she not punished by Islamic law. Maybe they put her there to bring down our country. I have a question. Why did she have to file for a divorce with the state of Missouri if she was only married under Islamic law? And why did she wait until her divorce came through before marrying her now husband? There are more questions than answers when it comes to her. Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. She has one big web.

  19. James, I am 100% on your side. I completely agree with everything you’ve said. BUT, when I attempted to leave a comment about how the Muslims take over a non-Muslim country, and the tactics they use, my comment was deep sixed to nowhere. I can only conclude this site is run by Muslim collaborators.

  20. ABSOLUTELY John! Another crusade is exactly what we need. These savage muslims are far more dangerous than the Mexican drug cartels. I would go so far as to say, we should have a “nuclear” crusade. We certainly should exterminate all of them infesting our nation, and NONE of the evil cockroaches should ever be allowed within a thousand miles of our borders.

  21. …AND their seed…..another “crusade”. THIS time, FINISH them with “extreme malice”- No Geneva Convention, collateral damage should be applauded – these vermin are programmed to be “sick”, even before they can talk.

  22. You’ve got that right James C Green, but somehow these commiecrats and all their idiot followers think that by kissing muslim ass everything will be sunshine and rainbows and we’ll all be happy brothers and sisters. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. The evil sand rats want us all dead or converted to their satanic religion. Hell, they don’t even get along with their own kind. When they run out of “infidels” to kill they happily kill each other. They are nothing but evil, murderous savages that need to be exterminated, right along with their communist enablers.

  23. I was an airline pilot and was home in Manhattan on 9/11/2001 and personally witnessed the collapse of the Twin Towers. Then shared in the horror of the tragic loss of life that occurred at the hands of radical Islam. We vowed we would “Never Forget!” But… now we have Muslims in our Congress! We have obviously already forgotten! That must change! We simply cannot allow people who cannot even pledge allegiance to our Constitution or Republic to serve in US public office. They must be voted out as soon as possible and no other Muslims should ever be elected again! Not ever! They are a very serious threat!

  24. Dan Tyree,I do not appreciate your unconventional manners.I think someone tied something pretty tight around that lump on your shoulders. I do not get where you believe you are so very intelligent that it gives you some special favorable ruling to condemn people? Have you enough central level amount of intelligence to understand we are not impressed with or by, you? You are a want to be a controller. You aren’t. At least not by my standards. And, learn how to spell,”STUPID” prior to referring one to that. P.S. I do not think Nate is stupid. You are in question……………………….????????????????????????

  25. Illhan Omar, followers are yet to appear. There is it seems something to fear with this out of our world person. I do believe the stage has not been set as of to date. My question is, How many votes did she get? And why did the people vote for this person in, Minnesota? With her mannerism,and mind boggled ideas she should be under surveillance 24/7/365. Get her out before there is fie regrets.

  26. Snark, If she did in this country. Other countries share that belief. While,several other countries may not marry their siblings or relatives they marry many different times. Some men have as many as 100 wives. And, many, many children. Here it is called bigamy.Our governmental system would not withstand the burden on the internal revenue service system. Our regulations do not conform but, condemns this practice as a crime against our laws.

  27. Virginia,
    You are out of your mind.Did you take your pills today.Whats your say of extreme muslims that want to kill you, your a infidel so its allowed.Israel contributes to this world in medicine tecnology agriculture and helping other countries in need.See Israli inventions.Why don’t you speak about the billions of dollars given to these muslem murderers who use the money for terrorism instead of helping their people.Jewish people are brought up with love, these murderous extremists are brough up with hate and death.

  28. Snark,
    Heard it before then saw it on oan news.Why are they not ivestagating this the American people want to know.
    So we could throw her out for fraud.Anybody hear anything new? Also Rasheda never lived in the area she was elected in which is against the law.

  29. Decker. PPH = Evile Disaster, recycling
    ‘babie’ (see HEK etc) Along w/ NY ruling/
    w Va Northam (kill After born/ make comfy’
    ALL parts USED for vacc’s/Food/soda(pepsi)
    & REVOLT.
    & Perhaps Adjust Diet.

  30. YES PAT. ‘Sleeper’ IN CONGRESS . boom.
    Add RashidaTlaib/ ocasio, ALL IN
    & Waiting’.

    FEBRUARY 15, 2019 AT 9:33 PM
    This Omar is a sleeper cell along with the other
    Terrorist her mission is to disrupt and cause as
    Much trouble as possible yet no one has the
    Balls to call her out just a couple of years ago she
    Was living in a hut now she’s in Congress
    How the hell can this POS get elected
    Wake up

  31. Planned Parenthood should put signs on all their “clinics” like White Castle Hamburgers does. 60,000,000 dead and counting.

  32. Not only does she need to go but stop paying her. That’s right, our tax dollars are paying her probably 174k per year. With her pay check, she purchases stale chicken soup, pours that all over themselves then sends the rest to their home land to finance another terrorist plot. Vote these s.o.b’s out of office!

  33. Let’s face some facts. The muslums hate us and anyone voting for them is on their side which makes no sense. Why support a people that wants to convert us and take away our rights.
    They are the anti Christ. The anti life.
    Wake the hell up people before the rape your family.
    And they are absolute liars.
    It’s not rocket science. It’s the way these people are treated by other muslums slapping and kicking them.
    I am sure it is much worse than that in reality.

  34. In 2008, I didn’t, but enough morons elected one President and then the dumb asses elected him for a 2nd term. Thank GOD Hillary didn’t get in or a 3td term may have turned this country upside down beyond repair?

  35. Obama-another jihad. Send pallets of money in unmarked bills to Iran (A Terrorist Training Camp and Funding Agent of Terror).

  36. The democrats are in the process of implotion with no interest America only a childish reaction to not getting their way in the last presidential election when they ran one of the most selfserving individuals in American politics

  37. The mudslimes bath boi obonobo “littered” Minnesota with his seed – probably in an attempt to gain forgiveness….to keep from being “thrown off a roof”!

  38. Great point! Just as a President Takes Oath Of Office, don’t these congressmen and women along with The Senate/House take equivocal oaths? If so, they/some have violated that oath and then should be impeached.

  39. Bravo!
    You go, woman.
    Let’s have more of the same.
    You have the curmudgeons on their heels; time for the K blow!

  40. The answer is illhan Omar is an invading muslim who’ll play the religion card against everyone. Pelosi the traitorous coward is afraid of her because she’s muslim. (Notice that she had no problem slamming stupid jackass AOC in her place). Strip her of her illegal citizenship and send that invader back to Somlia ASAP. Air drop with a parachute. She doesn’t have to use it. I don’t care one way or the other.

  41. She has falsified info and needs to go. She is a muslim that is going to cause our country problems let alone bring all her riff-raft here illegally. Ship her out fast.

  42. What has happened to the state of Minnesota? They have 2 mussie congresswomen? Everyone should order a copy of Michael Youseff’s book, “The Third Jihad” to see what’s in store for us if we are not alert.

  43. What the hell is going on here?? At a small luncheon here in the Twin Cities (which attendees said they paid $50 for a chintzy pre-made sandwich meal (sp?) Omar was asked if she “preferred to seek guidance from Nancy Pelosi, or Schumer?”

    Her answer was not very proper to some of us…especially when some said she began her reply with: “Well, Chuck is a bit useless fatty, so I do like Nancy better as a leader…”

    My questions are “Just who is in charge of our party?”…and “why would a junior member of the party get away with that kind of abuse of a top Democrat who is a decent Senator?”

  44. Do they have community in Minnesota like they have in Dearborn, Michigan ? Big, lots of Muslims, Sharia Law and state and local law enforcement is afraid to go there ?

  45. You are ABSOLUTELY right….. They come here then try to make our wonderful country into what they just left….. We will never let that happen….. I pray she is sent back, God bless our country

  46. Here’s what you need to know about Islam. Their god is Allah. What Allah wants is to be the only god for all of the Earth. Here’s how it works. Muslims come into your country, and while they are few in number, they are your nicest neighbor. More come, and when they feel they have enough of them, they start preaching and try to convince anyone that will listen to convert to Islam. Many will do so. When they have enough converts, they stop asking and start demanding that people convert. When they feel no more will convert, and the locals are pushing back, the killing starts, because the central focus for them is you must be Muslim or be killed. Allah gives them permission to lie, steal, or kill, whatever is needed to make you Muslim. That is why there are so many of them, because other people have two choices, convert or die. If you listen to Omar or Tlaib, this explains why the say the things they do. To them, or any other Muslim, you are not a human being until you embrace Islam.

  47. Here’s what you need to know about Islam. Their god is Allah. What Allah wants is to be the only god for all of the Earth. Here’s how it works. Muslims come into your country, and while they are few in number, they are your nicest neighbor. More come, and when they feel they have enough of them, they start preaching and try to convince anyone that will listen to convert to Islam. Many will do so. When they have enough converts, they stop asking and start demanding that people convert. When they feel no more will convert, and the locals are pushing back, the killing starts, because the central focus for them is you must be Muslim or be killed. Allah gives them permission to lie, steal, or kill, whatever is needed to make you Muslim. That is why there are so many of them, because other people have two choices, convert or die. If you listen to Omar or Tlaib, this explains why the say the things they do. To them, or any other Muslim, you are not a human being until you embrace Islam.

  48. She used fraud and lies,many lies to get into this country.now she spews blatant racist rants and lies,anti American and anti Semitic lies to stir the pot.im sure by now our great president trump has instructed his people to investigate all her lies and hate speech.i feel it will not be long before she is charged and convicted and deported.

  49. She should be arrested on grounds of ‘psychological ISIS activity’ which could easily escalate into actual terrorism.

  50. She is a typical minority narcissist. This is Why the Mideast has issues with stability. They have NO RESPECT for governance.

  51. You have left us with a great comment of re-thinking (for all)consideration of this good man who,overwhelmly, won this election by, electoral votes as, many have “before”. When all is said”, and, done “the best” will supercede as we can see. When the drugs are out of their system and the smoke has cleared things become more clear.

  52. I don’t believe that she was legally voted in. People in the US are not that stupid. I still want to know, how she can serve in Congress, without pledging allegiance to our country.

  53. Rep. Omar, you are a snot picker, a dinckle berry ass finger picker when hunger for Hajj El-Husseni Amins prayer hate that killed jews in Hebron, the decade that started the holocaust.

  54. You’re absolutely right. Americans should study the Koran, the Hadith, and Sharia law because only then will they understand that Islam is straight from the pit of Hell.

  55. What never surprises me about some who flee to The United States for a better life or to avoid religious persecution, you name the reason why those from another country should enter and become citizens of this Nation? The reasons they give for wanting to leave there home-land country has changed so dramatically that the United States appeals so much to them and once here, they want/wish to change the very things within this country that dramatically changed theirs to a point for which they wanted to leave in the first place! Keep those problems there and do not bring your problems here.

  56. The Muslims are doing exactly what their intended mission is. That is to move into every city and state to establish a large Muslim population and then vote themselves into political offices. They can then start their own laws and subject every American citizen to their laws and and imprision, torture, kill as they wish to each infindel that does not submit to their way of thinking and believes.

  57. According to one Minnesota citizen, yes she is representative of Minnesota. She not just spoke like this but did worse when she was in the State Congress in MN. She attacks Jews, then she pretents to defend jews and say Jews & others that Trump is racist against them. So stupid to try to pretend that she defends Jews instantly after her comments earlier. So stupid she is that Trump just moved our Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jeruselum as Isreal wanted as well as most Americans. She just showed one thing right there that she did in MN Congress but even worse and allot of that the guy said in his comment.

  58. Ilhan Omar is a disgusting bigot who should never have been elected to Congress. I do not believe that her racist, Muslim-backed bigotry is representative of America. Is it representative of Minnesota?

  59. Hey Mittens, according to the demonRATS freedom of speech is allowed ONLY if you agree with the fascist/communist demonRATS. So by their own criteria, ALL demonRATS need to pack their bags and head for the communist country of their choice. You demonRATS DO NOT honor the Constitution. You assh-les only invoke the Constitution in order to make your lies and propaganda seem legitimate. You morons are about to get a rude awakening from real AMERICANS. No give me one of your stupid snappy comebacks.

  60. Hi Larry, Sorry to inform you but you missed it. This year the wimpy cowards in DC changed the law so that the rag heads can where their rags because the rag heads demanded it. That is disgraceful.

  61. Hmmm, effing good point!
    I was about to “volunteer” to pack her ‘chute- packed my own, many times. Oopsie! Gettin’ old….. forgot to, uh. Hmmm.

  62. She is a Muslim whore, bought and paid for by her husband and terrorists s
    he works for.b Needs to be gotten rid of now.

  63. Hmm, so you’re either mudslime or raised kkk. Sick, either way.
    I was told by a “dog brother” that was kkk – that Catholics were #1 hated group, followed by Jews, followed by Blacks.
    Tell me I’m wrong.

  64. ilhan Omar was not born here. She was born in Somalia and she is married to her brother. She is an invading muslim. She needs her citizenship stripped and deported.
    Air drop her over Somalia, her home, with a parachute. It’s her choice if she want =s to use the chute or not. I bet she doesn’t because she is an infidel who will be beheaded because she failed in her objective to topple the U.S. If she succeeded she’d be a hero and can return to her home as a hero. Her reward will be to be an obedient muslim wife. that entails any beatings her husbands wants to give her and she has to bow to his every whim and never have a thought of her own. It goes down hill from there. That’s Islam.

  65. The grandfather of Donald Trump, Sr., was a Jew. So what does that make the Donald? You might also recall that, just a few days into his presidency, he sent $38 BILLION U.S. tax dollars to Israel? I grant you that Jews are raised to hate…especially Christians and whites.

  66. Lol, yeah – bath boi Barry was TRYING to “atone for his sins”, to try to escape being “thrown off a roof”!

  67. mit, of course we don’t have to go outside the U.S. border to find anti-American hate. Islamists are here. They need to go since they only want to annihilate us.
    ISIS is here also. ICE and the Border Agents can tell you that too!

  68. Well said. Democrats don’t know or even understand the truth.
    All they see is hate and reflect their hate on to some one else.
    One blogger here said if President Trump found a cure for Cancer, the democrats would criticize him for not being as doctor.

  69. She’s a prime example of why muslims and our way of life in the United States aren’t compatible, convert to islam or die is their way of fitting into any country they immigrate to!!

  70. So let me understand, Donald Trump hates Jews and immigrants among others. That’s why his son-in-law is Jewish, and his wife is an immigrant. Makes alot of sense you stupid bunch of democrats.

  71. Start my education ith? So, I looked up that case law. It does not mention Jews.
    Discrimination of Blacks yes. So I’ll give you that point.
    My point was, Omar criticizing President Trump for persecuting Jews, while Omar does the same thing. Duality if not hypocritical. I bet if someone dug deep in your past, they would come up with some unsavory details just as would be in my life as well. MY point is, DO NOT CRITISIZE ANYONE FOR ANYTHING YOU WOULD DO YOURSELF.
    Next on the Paul956 / Mit show, Mit gets pissed and starts calling Paul956 names. education, you should know better than to muddy the water by not reading what the subject is.

  72. 1973?? 36 years ago?? This is 2019!! Sounds like the same MO the democrats use
    when they have NOTHING!! Just like the Brett Kavenough circus!! This woman needs to be kicked out of Congress and shipped out of our country.

  73. Hey Dan, a friendly reminder. the half white/black on the white house was a muslim and he still is muslim. Everything he did was in favor of islam.

  74. That’s not a brain. Terrorists and their supporters don’t have one. They need to enforce the law that says you can’t wear a hat or covering on your head in the house of congress. This is the United States of America, not an Arab country.

  75. My comment wasn’t about President Trump. It was about the duality of her criticizing the President for persecuting Jews while persecuting them herself.

  76. So? What matters most is what version of the Koran Omar has, let alone any other Muslim in America. Debating on what version someone has is like picking pepper out of fly poop.

  77. You insult everything our Founders fought and died for.
    If you do not like our Constitution, get out of America.
    Your religious hate is not welcome here.

  78. Trump is a legally-documented racist.
    Omar is speaking the truth, the whole truth.
    Start your education with United States v. Trump, NY, 1973.

  79. One must earn respect.
    Trump is a legally-documented racist.
    The Office has my respect. Trump threw it away a long time ago. Start your education ith United States v. Trump, NY, 1973.

  80. seriously. She and that other newbie A.O.C. act like they can say anything to anyone.
    They have no respect for anyone and treat even the President like a subservient.

  81. I’m not up on the Quran to know for sure, but doesn’t it teach that women should be silent and not engage in “Men’s” affairs?
    If so, she surely isn’t a true Muslim. Even so, she is still an infiltrator.

  82. Hey Lady did u not get the MEMO This is the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA You are on your way back to the boat to your country where you would be killed for that mouth

  83. Mate, the Constitution is for U.S. citizens, not invaders or invaders posing as U.S. citizens. The Taliban and Islamic terrorists formed because the infidel muslims are associating with non-muslims. The koran says to kill infidels. That’s why they formed. They have been terror attacking their own islamic different branches because each branch considers the others as infidels who need to be killed. Non-islamists need to die also per koran decree. Islam is not peaceful. It is the creation of Satan. Allah is NOT God. Allah is Satan.
    Islamist converts will tell you that too.
    Deport Ilhan Omar and recall her stupid girlfriend Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

  84. Sorry, but I’m a little confused. Omar makes anti-Semitic statements then accuses President trump of: “You have trafficked in hate your whole life—against Jews, Muslims, Indigenous, immigrants, black people and more.”
    What does this ISIS sympathizer really mean?

  85. This Omar is a sleeper cell along with the other
    Terrorist her mission is to disrupt and cause as
    Much trouble as possible yet no one has the
    Balls to call her out just a couple of years ago she
    Was living in a hut now she’s in Congress
    How the hell can this POS get elected
    Wake up

  86. Bud, muslims who have converted to Christianity have warned that there are 2 korans. The English koran is NOT the same as the Arabic koran. The English version is a lie for the Western infidel to convert with. That way real muslims, Arabic descent, can easily identify the infidel and kill them.
    Islam is NOT peaceful. You are either a muslim, infidel muslim convert or just duped.
    Wake up!

  87. Bud don’t know anything.ask him how long he’s known trump ask him if he grue up with trump Has he ever worked for or real close to trump. The only thing Bud knows is slander. Bud is just a know nouthing who just wants to be heard.people would listen to him if he knew what he was talking about. So pay no attention to him

  88. I haven’t heard a definitive answer yet on whether she’s naturalized.I assume she would have to take an oath to be sworn into Congress, so it really doesn’t matter. Her choice to be an antisemitic bigot live in Congress is obviously enough to break that oath. Since she insists her Muslim faith and her antisemitism override any oaths she has sworn, she is an apostate and should be treated as such under the rules of her own religion and nationality. I know how a Christian in a Muslim country would be treated for similar offenses, so she must be beheaded. She cannot serve in the American Congress under her country’s rules, so apply her rules in this instance. Remove her head. It is what the Muslims would do to one of their own under these circumstances.

  89. Well Jon Paul Lippsalot, your comment is certainly more stupid than any of the other comments I’ve read on this CONSERVATIVE site. If you love the sand rats so much and hate our president so much, there are plenty of nice sand box muslim countries that would take you in and teach you how to make love to camels and goats. You should jump on the first plane headed that way. You’ll be much happier and so will we. Now give me a snappy comeback so I can really put you in your place, which obviously isn’t here.

  90. There’s a town in Maine where Somalis roam the streets terrorizing the white Maine native population.
    “Bud” should be deported with this Somali piece of camel dung

  91. Which parts of our constitution does Omar and her terrorist Somalis respect?
    You pick up the Muslim propaganda real well. Have you got your ticket to Syria yet?

  92. I agree with almost everything you said, but your last sentence should have ended after the word allowed.

  93. She came here with her mother who should have had an abortion. Hey the democraps believe in late term abortions. Let’s ask Mario homo if it’s too late for Omar to be aborted. We can make her comfortable while we decide.Remember it was our first Muslim president that brought these disgusting Somalis here. Maybe mossad can send a visitor here to perform the abortion. To paraphrase general William tecumseh Sherman, the only good Muslim is “…………………………..

  94. She became a U.S. citizen when she was 17. But ALL dual citizens should NEVER be allowed to run for public office here in America! And that include the dual citizen Jews like Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi, etc. Their values are NOT are values, and their morals are NOT our morals.

  95. I agree 1000% I’m not prejudice, but the Muslims hate Christians. This is a Christian country, and thay have no business in any office.

  96. The Holy Koran is the best toilet paper I ever had at my cabin,cleans bacon sheet real well.Also use the Koran to wipe my pigs arses clean and then piss on the sheets

  97. Nate you don’t know much. You certainly know nothing about Muslims, and their culture. There were several specials on about it. Their long range plan is to make Islam the worlds religion. They do it by population. In case you didn’t notice, they breed like rabbits. They plan for a hundred years down the road! Before you shove your head in your ass again, put a light up there first!

  98. How is it every time the democrats point thare fingers at the republicans, the democrats are or where the one’s doing it. And how is it Thay can’t see that everyone else sees all of this. DAAAAAA.

  99. She didn’t lie 2 be in country using . Your line. Fake news She a United States citizen … just bcuz you say something stupid thats doesn’t mean you hate Jews. The president Says a lot of things liike. ..Good people on both side but hey what do I know

  100. However — what she said here is true: “attacking Jewish lobbying organizations is legitimate criticism.”
    AIPAC, like all liberals, are notorious liars!

  101. Fact check she was born in Somalia . Her family came here and brought her snd sister. They need to be sent back . We have no need for this type person in Congress . If she doesn’t like living here I have a one way ticket for her. She’s a radical like all those crazy. Her female mutilation must have went wrong. Try it again on her tongue.

  102. It’s not a religion, but an ideology masking as religion for the purpose of gaining access to Christians. Read your history of Thomas Jefferson. He warned us!

  103. You have a real problem with honesy and truth and trump is not it. He’s a liar and a real hater of america. Yellow belly graham and McConnell are just plain stupid idiots. It means a whole lot when individual states are opening law suits against trump. Lying about a national emergency. Nsa calls trumps claim a lie. Congress will stop him. Sean Hannity and the fake fox news needs to be shutdown. For creating an idiot goofball of a prez.

  104. Allah is a monster god. The word god comes from good in Latin. But this god wants to control and hurt.
    Wake the hell up America.
    But if you don’t like America you can move to the Middle East.
    Just wake up to the country that gave you everything including freedom. Go to the Middle East
    And see how you like that.

  105. If anyone has read the Koran? I have as it instructs “believers” to make friends with nonbelievers and pretend to like them, only to turn on them and kill them unless they become Muslims and show their complete allegiance to “Allah”. Islam has shown that it’s totally incompatible with our way of life and Muslims should not be allowed to seek political office for anything period!

  106. Dumb ass u sound like u don’t have much in the way of intelligence ur self!!????????????????????????
    Douche bag, I recommend u have a lobotomy I’d be doing us all a favor!!

  107. Bcuz she a muslim. ? She can’t and Don’t deserve to be in the government ? because of the comments like that and attitude like that …you are the reason why Taliban And Islamic terrorists Have no problem with recruiting I love how y’all just pick what part of the constitution your going to respect

  108. Why don’t you wake the hell up. All Muslims
    Are under oath to take us all down and control us.
    You should do the research before you open your mouth or else move to the Middle East. That’s a better idea.
    Just wake up.

  109. What a douche bag!!
    I thought Mulla Omar was killed in a airstrike last year!!
    Fuc’s her own brother cause no dog would b seen with her ugly Somali snatch!!
    May the fleas of a thousand Camel’s infest ur nasty ass!!

  110. NO Nate … she shouldn’t be here because she lied to gain entrance to the country… she hates America …. she hates those who are Jewish …. and those who are American citizens. THAT’S WHY SHE DOESN’T BELONG IN GOVERNMENT, NOT BECAUSE THERE IS A DIFFERENCE OF OPINION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAKE UP!!!

  111. Bud, you are sick. AOC.must leave congress. She is rude, crude and radical. Unamerican.
    You obviously don’t like President Trump. You can keep your thoughts of the Russian connection to your radical, Dem. Self. He has done more for USA in a short time while
    Obama went around Congress and gave a ton of $ to Iran!!!

  112. Exactly!!!! Bcuz most people on the site with those type of comments don’t want her or anyone like her here. … the real reason 4 the wall ..

  113. I am from Mn and am disgusted that people here voted for her in the first place. I do not want to be associated with people like her. And pray those who elected her will learn!

  114. What ? Just bcuz she has difference of opinion then you she shouldn’t be in this country No more needed l2 be said

  115. You folks’ anti-Minnesota voter comments are probably no more stupid than the rest of the drivel that passes for commentary on this site. That person known as the dumb ox, Thomas Aquinas got it correct when he spoke in terms of invincible ignorance. It describes you. All Muslims are not bad and telling off a hate-filled, womanizing, lying fraud is a good thing.

  116. You have the isis version of the Koran. Muslums themselves don’t believe in this version and they say this was a deception by Isis. Read the real one.

  117. if you would read history the Muslims have been killing Jews for two thousand years and the God of the old testament gave the lands of Israel for the Jewish people forever so your criticism of Israel is wrong because you will be fighting God too.

  118. The people from Minnesota should realize that accepting certain behavior from people with cultural differences without examining the facts can bring devastation to America. I don’t think it’s wise for immigrants to any country to be allowed to step in and try to influence that nations laws and customs as they may not be aware or accept our values. The following generations are more suited to our way of life and have a better chance to do so.. This woman clearly does not belong in America, She is actually violating the oath of allegiance she took when she became a citizen. (If she did become a citizen?

  119. Illham Omar is a destructive person. Where are these people that believe in nothing but themselves and their ultimate destruction. Send this uneducated degenerate packing checking her person and , suitcase as the nut is ran out of this country.

  120. Walt you took the words right out of my head. I so much agree with you. MUSLIMS DO NOT belong in our government. Our constitution extends to every AMERICAN, that loves our country. You can see the hate just spilling out from her. I’ve said it before and will continue to say it, until it sinks in. AMERICA NEEDS TO WAKE UP. It is a known Fact that in order to subvert our country, they MUST infiltrate from within, and that is EXACTLY what they are doing. WAKE UP AMERICA

  121. She is an example of the tyrannical ideology of her religion. According to Islam she cannot swear allegiance to anyone but Allah and the Quran.

  122. We can thank slick willie Clinton. He signed the immigration reformation act of 1996,allowing Islam to immigrate. NO MUSLIMS IN GOVERNMENT. NO MUSLIMS IN LAW ENFORCEMENT. NO MUSLIMS PERIOD. REMEMBER 911

  123. Is anyone here really going to deny that AIPAC has several Congresscritters in its hip pocket?
    Is there anyone here who will deny that even the slightest criticism of Israel by and Congresscritter will b\ring the long knives out in force?

    If anyone does deny it, I have some oceanfront property in South Dakota that I will sell him or her at a REAL discount.

  124. Omar should be deported from the USA, She is a horrible Muslim that is out to out to do as much harm as possible to the POTUS and American people. She does not and should not be allowed in the US Government Office. The 1952 Act was written for the purpose of not allowing Muslims in our country and she needs to be deported ASAP

  125. The Koran.
    There is no such thing as “Peaceful Islam” or “Peaceful Muslims”, They have not progressed into the modern world.
    Koran 2:191 “slay the unbelievers wherever you find them”
    Koran 3:21 “Muslims must not take the infidels as friends”
    Koran 5:33 “Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticize Islam”
    Koran 8:12 “Terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Koran”
    Koran 8:60 ” Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorize the infidels”
    Koran 8:65 “The unbelievers are stupid, urge all Muslims to fight them”
    Koran 9:5 “When the opportunity arises, kill the infidels wherever you find them”
    Koran 9:123 “Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood”
    Koran 22:19 “Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water, melt their skin and bellies”
    Koran 47:4 “Do not hanker for peace with the infidels, behead them when you catch them”.
    Just the facts!

  126. Her problem is she is just not that SMART.She was thought of as a fool and then she opened her MOUTH and removed all doubt

  127. Minnesota has many Muslim people! I read that many white women lived in fear of coming out of their home because of radicals bulling them!

  128. you almost have to feel sorry for these idiot democrat women , if they had drains they would be dangerous ,as for the muslim omar , she looks like she was beaten in the face one to many times by a muslim man but then all democrats talk out both sides of their mouths , and it doesn’t matter witch side it is they are lying

  129. There was a time naturalized citizens valued the becoming an American. Omar became a citizen to spread anti American Islamism. Seems to me it can and should be revoked. She’s not only a racist and a would be subversive; she’s an ass.

  130. What they should do is fire the spy and send her back were ever she came from with her brother who she a married. Pres Trump is right in his word delete her from any office in the Congress. Or put her in jail.

  131. What time can we meet to achieve a full assault of the bacon. She needs to be hauled off and dropped in Canada maybe they can let her be there problem.

  132. Better yet, shoot some pigs blood in her veins that can’t be washed & she will forever be known as the swine she truly is…

  133. The so called Congresswoman is not a ligilitmate member of congress. She is nothing but a disgusting Muslim that needs to be sent back to that s**thole Country and subjected to the cruelty of Muslim women. She is not or will never be an American.

  134. Typical muslim! Cannot be trusted and taking her oath of office with her hand on a koran only amplifies that fact! It teaches them that lying to get what they want is encouraged!Watch as this muslim stabs this country in the back!

  135. Someone should ask her if she’s still married to her brother! Which she apparently did to sneak him into the U.S. NEWTS and TOADS coming out of her mouth Non-Stop. What liar.

  136. This woman is a liar and a racist and a scumbag liberal clown puppet who is irrelevant to the American people. She should resign from office.

  137. Who the HELL voted her into our government any way???????Surely not any sane AMERICAN citizen…Keep this lunacy up and the muss. will own this country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  138. Verbal an non-verbal signals/communication coming from that woman does not forbode well. She should be gotten rid of before she commits a big act of treason to our country

  139. Ilhan Omar, you have not learned a thing, and are coming across as an uneducated idiot who should have stayed in Somalia. No one in our gov’t should have been sworn in with the Qu’ran as we are not a Muslim nation, but a Christian nation. If you can’t assimilate, go back to your roots. You are not welcome anymore…

  140. That is a method of communication used. She probably did and her verbal tirades add to that. She needs to be stripped of her citizenship and deported. She is a traitor to our country.

  141. Omar’s clothes in the CBS interview brought back one memory for me in how the ISIS Jihadi John dressed when he cut peoples heads off. She looks like she is sending some kind of hidden message in her attire!


  143. Somalia is a failed “country” that shouldn’t even be called a country. A land of pirates, murderers and muslims. A land 500 years behind any civilized nation. A land of ignorance, stupidity and laziness. This is the stock that rotten muslim comes from. A rotten tree does not produce good fruit, and this kind of rotteness is invading and infecting our country. We have enough of our own rot, (demonRATS) we sure as hell don’t need to import more.

  144. More as a Somalian mind than American. Why is she here? Minnesotan voters are definitely stupid. Stupid as the constituents that voted for Ocasio-Cortez.

    Lack of education in American patriotism and US constitution. Grrr.

  145. Muslim intent since Mohammad is to rule the world & eliminate all other races….that’s you & me, brothers & sisters….

  146. ABSOLUTLEY Truckman! Strip her citizenship and airdrop her back in Somalia, her real home. The parachute use is her option.

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