What Joe Biden just called Trump supporters will disgust you

Joe Biden is suffering from a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

He recently gave a speech at a black-tie event in support of a pro-LGBT group.

And you won’t believe how this 2020 hopeful described Trump supporters.

The radical pro-LGBT Human Rights Campaign invited Joe Biden to speak at their annual dinner.

During his speech he described Trump supporters as “the dregs of society.”

He said:

”Despite losing in the courts, and in the court of opinion, these forces of intolerance remain determined to undermine and roll back the progress you all have made. This time they have an ally – not you – they have an ally in the White House. They’re a small percentage of the American People – virulent people, some of them the dregs of society.”

Joe Biden is trying to paint Trump supporters as racist and homophobic.

It’s the same failed talking point that Hillary Clinton used on the campaign trail in 2016.

Hillary Clinton referred to Trump supporters as “deplorables” in 2016.

But that backfired on her because many Trump supporters saw that as a personal attack.

Biden, along with many other Democrats, are never clear on exactly how supporters of President Trump are “dregs” or “deplorables”.

They just concoct wild accusations at millions of Americans without considering the consequences.

He went on to criticize President Trump even more saying:

”Instead of using the full might of the executive branch, to secure justice, dignity, safety for all, the president uses the White House as the literal – literal – bully pulpit, callously – callously – exerting his power over those who have little or none.”

In reality, It was the Obama-Biden administration that used their authority to impose their radical views on the American people.

ObamaCare as it was originally written would have forced employers to pay for abortions.

Thankfully, that aspect of ObamaCare was struck down in the Burwell v. Hobby Lobby decision.

Biden is rumored to be in the mix for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination.

So he is trying to appeal to the most radical left-wing Democrat base voters.

But that plan is sure to blow up in his face.

Do you think that Biden and the left are the true dregs of society?

Sound off in the comments.


  1. Coming from a pedophile, he should look in the mirror and then take a gun and shoot himself. This guy is a class A Democratic moron and imbecile, as well as, a dirty old man who touches women wihtout their consent!

  2. A creep is always a creep. Protecting our little girls from the likes of him is worst sin. Why isn’t he behinds bars? Get him out of there. Now that is despicable.

  3. I watched a video of different clips of Biden around little girls that made me sick to my stomach. One of the father’s snatched his daughter away from him and placed her away from Biden and that said it all! He gives me the creeps so bad. One of those father’s should beat the sh** out of him!

  4. I read somewhere he was “bought and paid for” by Soros a long time ago.
    He is worse than useless: he’s a disappointment and a disgrace.

  5. Biden, You have a very corrupted party ! We the republicans will kick YOUR ASS !!!!!!!!!!! Just wait and see what happens in the MIDTERMS !!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Richard crook pull your head out of your assistance and go hide somewhere because God is going to pour out his wrath on the demoturds and I do mean all of you!!!

  8. FBI investigation on Clinton’s rapes, blow job, Benghazi, Booker on groping. What his name for lying about Vietnam. Arrest demonstrator and find out who sent them and where are they from

  9. If anyone would know who are the dregs of Society it would be a man like Joe who loves to grope little girls and women but he really loves to do little girls and if you can stomach watching him do so where he can get to a child and you can see just how sick he is. The younger the girl thecmore he likes groping then.

  10. Exactly…..nothing but a loudmouthed cowardly punk who hides behind a podium and the guns of others to run his mouth. never comes out in public face to face to do it.

  11. Joe Biden – that low-IQ far-left bloviating gasbag – has opened his Marxist mouth and the stench of utter stupidity spread around.

  12. joe who? not even worth talking about. Johnny Carson had abetter #2 man with Ed. Most Americans flush #2 and forget about it. That’s Biden sometimes hoping to float back up to the top.

  13. Yes,Tom M. – biden ‘blundering’ all his life.
    IT IS ‘the Stufff’ Capish,no? Get ‘savvy’.
    i already ‘spilled the beans’ Elsewhere. Did
    you 0r Any0ne Else “>Notice<" (ahem).

  14. President Donald Trump was chosen by God most high Jesus Christ and by majority
    of American people.
    God is with President Trump always to give him strength, wisdom, guidance and courage to overcome all obstacles and difficulties so that he can make America Great again. Pray for America and President Trump daily.

  15. Joe.. you need to stay out of politics just like Obama… the more you open your mouth the most ignorant you become. Yes, I am deplorable and irredeemable, but I believe in President Trump. He has done more in 2 years than Obama did in 8 and Bush did in 8. After 16 years, we have a president that believes in and loves America…. Thank the Lord. My prayers are with you Mr. President.

  16. I was hoping the US AG was more like Judge Pirro….. instead Sessions has been more disappointing to me….. He may be good in Alabama, but not effective in the big league like US AG. Hope Trump fires Rosenstein and Sessions…

  17. Biden is suffering from far more than Trump derangement syndrome, I believe he has contracted the dreaded ultra liberal disease and that makes him an enemy of the United States!

  18. Joe Biden is the comedy act of Washington. He’s a loser, he’s nothing short of an idiot, he must’ve had a hair plug go too deep when he had that hair transplant. So glad he’s in the DemocRAT Party, such an embarrassment to those bufoons. They truly deserve that nimrod.

  19. Jeff Sessions has been such a disappointment. I thought he would be a great AG but instead, he’s obviously an agent of the Deep State being in the Senate all the years he served there.
    I wish the President would send him back to Mobile today. He’s useless.

  20. post words ‘dropped’. I SAID in short: after ‘WE’ MUST<<
    BEAT them DOWN,No Matter What 'it' Takes.re Agenda.

  21. ps. &&& B/cuz of ‘The Stufff’, biden et al ILK ETC. Does Not
    ‘KNOW’ SHAME / GUILT &/or CONSCIENCE. &&& ‘WE’ MUST<< heavy verboten Agenda___

  22. FOXYLADY, RR is ‘dropping post’ re some crucial
    Info i let out. will try later. In short: uncle joe
    Age IS Not the problemmo. IT IS ‘the Stufff’. Capish,no?
    i hinted on another blog. Go to voat.co

  23. hmm. i don’t think his brain is ‘too old’.
    He may be on ‘the stufff’ & ‘partakes’__
    > Get ‘savvy’. Capish,no?

  24. Amen.We have a leader who has seen the corruption and is calling it out. Democrats have led that corruption for years and will fight to the death to preserve it. So Sad.

  25. Oh La La …Mr Biden ? His brain is too old to say that. I feel sorry for this guy, very bad. Do not say anything that should show your stupid brain ? Biden, just calm down, go home, relax, just talk to your 3 year old grand kids, they’ll teach you lot of good things for you to speak out..

  26. Oh La La …Mr Biden ? His brain is too old to say that. I feel sorry for this guy, very bad. Do not say anything that should show your stupid brain ? Biden, just calm down, go home, relax, just talk to your 3 year old grand kids, they’ll teach you lot of good things for you to speak out..

  27. you are so right. he is a pedophile.
    why the HELL should he be President.
    He is another EVIL LYING democrat.

  28. I agree with you Shirley. I also am a Trump Deplorable and damn proud of it. All deplorables need to vote this November.

  29. You fail to grasp the concept that GOLF is the GREAT EQUALIZER in the LAND OF NEGOTIATIONS! Trump WORKS those 18 holes! Obama had his basketball court…NON-negotiation. Slick Willy had his jogging trail…NON-negotiation. I would gladly CADDIE for Trump…ANY percent of the time!

  30. Mona Wood you and I are on the same page when it comes to GOOD OLEk UNCLE JOE the preditor. He makes me sick and he is a total Jackass. This comes from one of our President Trumps Deplorables and I’m proud of my President. Biden doesn’t know what GOOD LEADERSHIP is.

  31. Remember when Joe Biden plagiarized a speech while running for president? The vice president was forced to withdraw from the presidential race after Maureen Dowd of the New York Times exposed his plagiarized speech. Allegations followed that Biden lifted parts of other speeches from Hubert Humphrey, Robert Kennedy, and JFK.

  32. First Hilary called Republicans Deplorable, then Obama said we’re irredeemable, and now Dregs, sure seems like bullying to me! And Joe you couldn’t keep your hands to yourself. Remember the old saying point a finger and 3 point back!!!

  33. Guess I am a proud dreg. Maybe it takes a dreg to recognize a dreg. In Bidens case he probably needed to consult with a helper to think and/or spell dreg. What a looser.

  34. Old Joe Biden is a groper and dirty old man. Can’t trust him at all. Obama was the worse president ever had.

  35. The whole family is screwed up. One son was shacking up with the other sons wife and when that son died he divorced his wife to marry the dead sons wife. And poor ole Joe, he was hugging her to console her she thought, while all the while he was feeling her up. He lives in La La land and I would not trust him with my dog. He is always grouping some poor woman that thinks he is just great and has no idea he is just feeling her up. He needs to crawl under the rock he escaped from

  36. BIDEN, LOOK WHO’S CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK, YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. You, like Obummer are only fighting for money and power BUT your to stupid and that just won’t ever happen!

  37. Joe Biden was always a charmer, big smile,full of Malarkey, wrong on every vote he made a loser,a flunky, a fake, a groper. He has passed himself off as a good guy but now he has gone rogue because he is basically a dumb fox. Joe give up the ghost, you are done, capute, finished, history. Let Bloomberg give it a try, he is so much better than you and has no A to kiss, though you are so experienced at it. Bloomberg has experience and money, you are one of the DC problems for years. Get out,let someone better than you lead, beside you and the Face of the Party Max Waters won’t win.

  38. Mr. Biden when a person become the President of the United States he places his hand on the Bible. Before you do this I would suggest that you read it and maybe you will find that the ideas you want are totally against GODs laws and you are speaking for a small amount of people.

  39. It will indeed be a cold day in that evil place below before rational humans will vote for Joe Biden. He has his statistics completely backwards-it is a small minority who are LGBT supporters and who are making the most noise. They should all go quietly into the night and leave the rest of us alone. Napolean said of China “that is the sleeping bear and we must not wake it.” If the LGBT people continue to “poke” us, we will poke back and it won’t be pretty.

  40. CORKSCREWED! More he keeps going, HARDBALL questions will be hurled at him! GOOSE (pun INTENDED!) > GANDER! BYE-den WILL not get off calling US virilent DREGS of society!

  41. The VILLAGE IDIOT speaks again.And this is the person they speculate will run against President Trump.He wouldn’t make a pimple on anyone’s ass any day of the week.

  42. Can’t stand Biden. His son Hunter was screwing his sons wife that was dying. Hunter’s brother was dying of brain cancer and Hunter was screwing his brother’s wife that was dying. If Biden can’t control his own family…how the hell is he going to control the country. This guy is a real nut case,. His wife Jill should stay out of politics. She sounded as bad as Joe the other day talking. Hope, he runs so Trump can knock him off the plank.

  43. Richard his retardness much be contagious. I’m proud to be bollocked by that old fool. It means I’m on the right side.

  44. What old Joe says don’t hurt us cause it shows he hasn’t a clue to just who we are and will kick their asses.

  45. Joe Biden couldn’t think himself out of a broken glass bottle. He talks but never says anything worth hearing, probably because he KNOWS NOTHING about ANYTHING. Personally I think he is as stupid as they come.

  46. Comet pingpong Pizza Parlor in DC, a part of
    ‘Conspiracy? Theory ???. Debunked??? 0h 0k. Rite.
    The Silence is

  47. PEDO joe Is Luciferian Satanic Evile Slime.
    Oh, & ‘smell’ the little girl ‘hair’.
    > Ever listen to the audios of what he says???
    > The little girls Want to get AWAY from him,
    Their Senses ‘tell’ them, it is NOT a ‘comfortable’

  48. PEDO ‘uncle joe’ talking re Trump supporters as “the dregs of society.”
    Really. a PEDO in ‘black tie’ speaking to LGBT.
    > & can’t keep his hands 0FF little girls, & Does so 0penly.
    > Videos are E’where. PEDO ‘joe’ Is Luciferian Satanic Evile Slime.

  49. http://howmanydayshastrumpbeeninoffice.com/
    From the above site, Trump has been in office 655 days. If he has spent a third of his time at his resort(s), he has spent 218.3 days.
    The figures RicB presented suggest that Trump has golfed 25% of 218, not 25% of 655.
    I did see that Obama golfed once in his first 100 days; Trump golfed 19 times in his first 100.

  50. Referencing PIZZAGATE, M…Google it…sick twisted ‘conspiracy theory’ that was debunked by DemonRATS…ABOUT DemonRATS! Nobody FORGETS, tho! Remember the Maine! Remember the Alamo! Remember the Holocaust! Remember PIZZAGATE!!!

  51. Agree. What you sow…so shall you reap. Things have a way of coming full circle. DO BETTER! BE BETTER! And you will be rewarded!

  52. Joe Biden can’t walk his talk. Actually some of his family members are the real dregs.

    Read: http://www.americanlibertyreport.com/articles/joe-bidens-penchant-for-plagiarism-and-criminal-family-come-to-light/

    Joe liked to grab married women while the husbands showed a bit concerned. I have seen some of these photos. It was … embarrassing.

    People not familiar with his history need to know the real Joe. He, edpecially Hillary and Bill, needs to go away out of the national spotlight.

    By the way, don’t worry that he may run for the presidency in 2020. Too old. It’s true. Age do matter, especially at the age of 78 in year 2020.

    Let go forward for MAGA! Trump 2020!

  53. You fail to grasp the concept! Golf is the ‘great equalizer’ in the Land of Negotiations! Trump is WORKING that 25%…chipping away and making deals to ????????MAGA???????? ! Obama put on the full court press… non-negotiable. Slick Willy built a jogging trail at the White House…non-negotiable. ‘Eagles’ ANY day! AMERICAN EAGLES!!! I’ll be Trump’s CADDIE 25% of the time!

  54. I remember Joe Biden during SCJ Clarence Thomas’ acceptance hearings. Joe was rude, arrogant, condescending and tried to play the comic relief role. I thought he was deliberately as obnoxious as possible.

  55. Joe Biden speaks the truth which sure and hell doesn’t come out of the low life in WASHINGTON, and the low life followers of the DICTATOR IN CHARGE.

  56. Here is the definition, fits old Joe to a tee

    Anencephaly is a condition that prevents the normal development of the brain and the bones of the skull. This condition results when a structure called the neural tube fails to close during the first few weeks of embryonic development. The neural tube is a layer of cells that ultimately develops into the brain and spinal cord.

  57. I’m proud to be deplorable and a dreg of society. We’ve been lectured by liberal idiots about name calling and called idiots,Loran’s, racists ect. You name it, they frame it.we need to get all whom want to put a stop to this bullying to get out and vote. Get people registered. The dems have already got their illegal Alaina lined up. They are searching the obituaries. Getting ready to cheat cheat cheat. Also get ready for voter intimidation. Threats. Anything!! Look out for each other when voting I’m ready. Are you? We might have to take names and kick asses to exercise our rights. The left is completely unhinged. Again I say, watch out.

  58. They go LOW > WE GO HIGHER! Sticks…THEIR words for more than HALF of America! STONES…OUR VOTES IN 2018!!! ????????????????????????

  59. How Nan any candiate especially for president of our great country forget that hevis not a citizen. That is such a big deal and then have the VP of that candiate be a touchy feely person of kids. That is disgraceful.

  60. Typical JACKASSinine response! DemonRATS hold the patent on Teflon! Teflon erodes over time and the pan gets trashed!

  61. The ‘phalys’ part, Nancy, rings a ????…guessing ‘phallis’ and by any other name a PENIS! SO…a FLACCID PENIS?! NO CAJONES?!

  62. ALL PATRIOTS regfasrdless of pollitical affiliation MUST keep in mind that the Democrats did dirty triciks using tghe FBI and DOJ and gthe only way they will be punished is to NOT vote for any Democreats. Hillary and the DNC paid for the dossier (false) used to obtain security records on US Citizens.

  63. Question ? How many of you people have family members that do not vote as you do , mother , father , brother , sister , ect. do you love these people , do you wish harm to come to them . You have not heard republican leaders say that if you do not vote as they do , you are virulent or dregs of society , but you are hearing it from democratic leaders , it seems all they preach is hate ,( WHY ) . Because it seems they have nothing else to run on . So if you have family members who vote republican , joe biden just call them , virulent and dregs of society . I truly hope people will not fall for all the hate the democrat leaders are calling half the people in this country . If you are a democrat voter , I truly hope you will not let hate and bias influence your vote for 2018 , most people want the same thing , a properous country for all people . ( life,liberty,and the pursuit of happeness )

  64. We will do what we did when Hillary said that we are deplorables, it makes them look like idiots. Biden always acted like an idiot the whole time he was VP, does anyone know anything that he did to accomplice anything while in office?

  65. Exactly!!’ Small percentage my a**!!! LIAR!! That’s why Trump attracted stadiums of people, and then some, while Crooked Hillary couldn’t even fill a high school gymnasium..LOL!!! Yeah right!!!! It’s what they want people to think!! Only the weak mentally challenged, disturbed would ever believe that WE THE PROPLE are the small percentage. It’s only because the media always gives the lowlife leftist a voice, but never the conservative a voice. Sorry Biden, you POS pervert, the small percentage of lowlifes are the ones who voted for Crooked Hillary. Our President not only won the electoral by a landslide, but we all know he he won the popular vote by a landslide, as well!!! Just subtract all the massive cheating by the Demwits, using illegals and the dead, we’ll see who the small percentage are!! I dare you to try us!!! What a dick!!!! Go f**k yourself Biden, you loser!! All the Obama administration including Holder, should all be in prison!!! Hope they all burn in Hell. They’d better not piss WE THE PEOPLE off!!! If we have to come out once and for all, they won’t be around long enough to see what even hit em. Go back into the holes from which you all came!! GO TRUMP!! Build that wall and show em who’s boss. God bless that man. No other man would’ve ever endured the abuse President Trump has, and still remains standing strong like he has. That ballerina that was in office for 8 long dragged out years, would’ve shriveled up and died in the first 4 months of office, if that!!! Shut up Biden. No one in their right minds respects anything you have to say!! Get lost!!

  66. I agree. He will get old if he lives long enough and I wonder what he will be saying then. Prople that think getting old means getting stupid do not realize how stupid they are right now. If what he says is true he will not be able wipe his you know what.

  67. I am coming up on 80 and I probably could out plan and find solutions better than most young people. Soros is old still raking in the money and causing trouble for countries and out maneuvering the YOUNG folks in Governments around the world.

  68. You have to ask for forgiveness and he had nit. You prefer. We say nothing and hide the problem. Prople need to know do they can go back and look at old video. It is not slander if it is true. He wants to be President so let him address the issue.

  69. All an impartial citizen would have to do to determine exactly who the evil Party is, would be to actually catalog which Party commits the most serious crimes, then attempts to cover them up. You don’t have to even look hard to note that the Democrat Party is full of treasonous traitors, thieves of taxpayer money, misuse of gov’t agencies, outright murder, and an “end justifies the means” attitude. They literally promote and side with violent protesters who do not believe in free speech. Tax evaders like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, etc. are among the common criminals in the Democrat Party. Anyone else would be in jail!

  70. It is hard for me to not to believe this man has a problem with little girls. He cannot keep his hands off them. The touching is it normal, too much rubbing involved and when he has them stand in front of him their back is touching his front. Maybe just s friendly old grandpa but too friendly to suit me.

  71. Wasn’t it little joey who made the comment aboiut blacks, well spoken…what a story??? amoung the many other somments joey has made, along with getting caught plagerizing….joey is a creep, a perv, a liar, and an ahole!!

  72. “Democrocs” can’t win anything, without lying, cheating and stealing. David Limbaugh sized them up, accurately, in his book “Bankrupt”, back in 2006. They are morally, mentally and politically “bankrupt”.

  73. No, you are spewing venom and hatred for Biden and Obama and Democrats and anyone else that disagrees with you. I don’t disagree with Biden that some members of Trump supporters are dregs, but so are some Democrats and Independents. Just be honest, with all the personal insults just on this edition of the blog. Personally, I don’t know why you let one speech by the very old Biden upset so many of you so much that you have to resort to this level of vitriol.


  75. I for one, could care less what Joe Biden thinks. I did graduate college and I did SERVE this nation honorably in the USAF, so take your BS and shove it. I’ll support President Trump until he leaves office. This isn’t your daddy’s democratic party and anyone that votes for any of them is just casting a vote to enslave their self to the NWO! Better find out what you are voting for before November, give them an inch and they will take a mile!

  76. So I guess that nullifies anything that Trump has done, right? And Jeffrey Dahmer killed people, dues that justify lesser crimes. A typical unwillingness to address the issue of your person is blaming others. No one made Trump do HIS behavior.

  77. Never had regard for the deplorable Joe Biden. He was an ineffective VP and is immoral and degenerate to boot. Whatever he has to say is not to be believed — like all liberals all he does is lie.

  78. The data is that he spends 1/3 of his days at a Trump Resort, he plays golf 25% of the time. Comes from Associated press.

  79. Yes, Tonja, I remain very puzzled at a group of people so involved with calling people the dreaded “commies” but seem to pay NO attention to the fact that the Trump campaign clearly conspired with Russia/Putin, that Trump watered down the RNC platform criticism of Russia, that Trump worked from Day 1 to get rid of the sanctions on Russia (but Congress stopped that), that Trump advocates for Putin and coming back into the G-7 even while Putin orders murders on people on British soil, and then in Helsinki, Trump defended Putin and Russia and placed the blame on America and our intelligence agencies. He also pushed to stop a bi-partisan bill that would have protected us from Russian interference in the 2018 elections.

  80. Grumpy kind of admits he is brainwashed and said “you are too, Tonjs.” You simpletons really think that Libitard, or demoncrats is clever, don’t you? I have had pets that are smarter.

  81. Sure sounds like you are talking about Trump there as being narcissistic, likes little girls (his best bud, a convicted pedophile used to go to parties with Donnie to be with underage girls) and he keeps the company of like minded, mean, lying, selfish, narcissistic, perverted individuals also. Maybe they are twins?

  82. B Taylor, Even for the worst of enemies of the people, your sentiment is rather terrifying! We should learn to recognize the shortcomings of our enemies and forgive them! Best to simply encourage our friends to collectively stand firm, get out and vote CONSERVATIVE to keep President Trump on a continuing road to success in bringing America back from the brink of Obama/Clinton ruination.

  83. Say Ric can you provide any facts to back up your 25% number. Just because he’s at one of his resort properties doesn’t mean he’s on the golf course. I have stayed at a lot of Resort properties that have golf courses, and never played a round in my life. Thanks

  84. I see Joe Bumbler is just as much a MORON as always! This idiot is going to run for the office of President of the United States? Wow, I wonder where the disappointment party will be?? Maybe someone can send them a bottle of CYANIDE for their drinks and help get them over their defeat!!!

  85. Comments similar to this one only make Republicans look and act as bad as Democrats. I’m not for Joe biden and most all of you commented as a Republican would, making you no better than them. Comments like this show that we only are as bad as the opposition is, meaning “Forgiveness” is right out the window here. Now you’re going to tell others that this is a “fake comment”. About right? Who are the haters now?

  86. I know, he is even older than Trump and Trump is continually showing atrophy or dementia of the brain. I am not sure anyone over 70 has any business trying to handle the strains of being president. Maybe when America was a simple nation, but not anymore. I mean Trump plays golf about 25% of the time, much more than the previous presidents.

  87. Joe Biden is the worse of the worse. I understand he likes little kids but not for any good reasons. He is the dreg not Trump supporters. He is hateful and a bad person he was vice president but has fell way down from then. Not sure but might have always been bad. I know he is now !!!

  88. If the democrats would try to do something to help the american people they may have a chance to serve there supporters.But all they do is spew crap and try to take down President Trump. The Republicans can not stay home and not go to polls in November. You better tell all you friends. family, or ememies that are Republicans to get out to vote.

  89. biden needs to jump on obummers coatails again and follow him to kenya neither belong in this country, they have damaged it enough.we have all had enough of your money grabbing politics.

  90. I have always known Biden was brain dead, and he has always been a propagandist with a degree in Propaganda Studies’ from DNC Univ., but I thought their current meme (one of them) was ‘Hate Speech’. Hypocrite ? Liar ? Moron ? Yes. Yes. Yes. Didn’t this imbecile learn anything from HRC’s ‘Basket of Deplorables’ drunken rant ? Does not help their Marxist goals.

  91. Uncle Joe is verging on Alzheimer’s or senile dementia so…forgive him his virulent dreg self. He will be 78 come 2020. AGE is a bigger problem!


  93. Hillary is out there again, I think she wants to make another run for the WH, she misses Putin’s arms around her. Bill misses the money Putin gave him. Putin wants more uranium and Hillary says wait till I get there. ROFLMAO

  94. I cannot imagine anyone voting for these people what has happen to their sense of position and who would want them running our country for all Americans not just those that think their way and thank God they don’t. They are so unprofessional.

  95. This coming from a man (crazy) that thinks it ok to swim naked in front of FEMALE FBI AGENTS that are assigned to protect him.The only thing they could possible save him from is his STUPID SELF. NOT THEIR JOB. Really this crazy old man has nothing to show for himself but a SERVANT to the public which he failed at on a major league scale.

  96. Joe the Molester Biden.” I do not pay attention to lowlifes like you because you are the number one child molester of Satans Black Mass.

  97. Old Crazy Uncle Joe just can’t open his mouth without sticking his foot in it. Demoncraps think that the American People are stupid and that since the Demoncraps seem to want open borders and care more about the ILLEGALS than they care about American Citizens. The Demoncraps just keep running their voting base off.

  98. Heck, the Dimms are going after Kavanaugh with an alleged assault from thirty-six yrs ago (funny how this leftie fanatic suddenly appeared – guess she got her Soros or Steyer payoff in the bank account through fellow leftie Katz?), yet here’s the epitome of a dirty old man who is constantly feeling up any female within reach on camera, no less! Where’s the Feinstein / #metoo outrage.

    This is the same old crap, whether it’s Anita Hill, Tawana Brawley, the Durham Hooker (and crooked prosecutor and Al “IRS” Sharpton) versus Duke Lacrosse players, or even the Steele dossier… follow the money and as we said in the 60s, “Question Authority.” It goes both ways and isn’t just for the squeaky wheels and their media enablers. One need look no further for dregs than the hasbeen denizens and lifetime politicos of the DC cesspool.

  99. Joe, it seems to me that you would be careful about what you call us. Seems to me that this woman was running for office and labeled us, i.e. deplorables, AND SHE LOST! Bad career move, Joe!

  100. Joe Biden is a despicable SOB himself. He swims nude in front of the Secret Service details when there are women on the team. He hits on women at his parties and those of others. He has no room to talk bad about anyone!

  101. They (the Left) gave him (Biden) a cute name so as to cover up his nature of erotically touch and Hair sniffing of little children… they call him “Crazy Uncle Joe”. He definitely is mentally defective but I don’t think he’s so crazy, I think he suffers from another type of mental disorder called pedophilia. He is a mean, selfish, lying, narcissistic, perverted individual. He keeps the company of like minded mean, lying, selfish, narcissistic, perverted individuals. Crazy Uncle Joe has fooled and robbed his constituents in Delaware blind… don’t believe me, read his record in the Senate… then draw your own conclusions. You don’t believe he’s a pedophile, well just take a peek at the photos and videos of him when children are near him. Eric Holder is the only AG to be held in contempt of Congress; he’s another winner. They both want to take away our Constitutional rights & as much of our hard earned money as possible through hurtful tax increases and stupid trade deals that only help them personally. How do I know this… they already did it when that failed individual, Obama, was president. We are not suffering now because a real man, Donald Trump is our President. Biden & Holders are phonetic liars… BEWARE of these people

  102. Biden just like Obama the are nothing but sore losers just like H Clinton thay will get know where ween the Justice Dept get three with there investigation of that bunch and thay get Indited forCrimes agenst America and the Republican Party thay won’t be able to run for Dog Catcher. Thay will be wiped out in anything thay do.

  103. Dems bad mouthed Dan Quayle as being dumb. Creepy Joe makes anyone look smart. Get on out behind the gym and do what you do best and it is not kicking President Trump’s butt you old pervert.

  104. Not….trumpy is the one who loves Russia and N. Korea, who if you don’t know is so communist ..they are the picture perfect heroes of this president

  105. The lowlife democrats are the downfall of America. Those who support these immoral scum bags deserve what they get and their money gors to fatten their bank accounts and they get nothing in return.

  106. If anyone is the dreg of society……………………….it has to be you and all the other Democrats that hang with you. I have never seen such a bunch that are all in it together.

    Give it up: you are not smart enough to make the grade to be president of anything.

  107. Obviously, you have not kept up with the total corruption of the Democratic Party. They have zero goals other than to get rid if Trump. Obama, the Kenyan born Muslim, is back on the trail trying to take credit for Trump’s accomplishments. Hillary the liar and thief continues to run off at the mouth. If justice prevails both will be in prison one day. You best get your priorities straight and a little education before you attempt to debate on the virtues of the Democratic Party.

  108. I am a “deplorable” (according to Hillary) and now I am a “dreg”(according to Joe). I wear the slurs of the left with pride because I am also a “PATRIOT” .

  109. Right ! Coming from Joe with the wondering hands this is totally laughable . But then seeing as old Joey Touchy Feely was once in a fatal auto accident and had brain damage that required amputation of most of it so the body might live what are we to expect ? Typical for Leftist Dems to entertain a mental misfit . Joe a word of advice , sit down shut up . Or better yet bend over and stuff your head back up your butt and smell what you’re shoveling . Pervert !

  110. Joe. I have been a supporter of you for over 35 years. Now I am ashamed to have supported you and you are no longer Mr.Charm. Give it up you are through

  111. Yes, Mary. Me too. Favorite trick of the Democratic Party is to call everyone else exactly what they themselves are!

  112. Amen, Carlos, AMen…biden and the whole demoncrap cabal are the enemies of the USA and our Constitution

  113. Well, the Democratic Party is the Party of fornicators, baby killers and druggies so what can one expect? Satan must be so proud of them!

  114. You are obviously a stupid, dumb democrap, how do I know this, because you don’t have any common sense and you proved that beyond a doubt when you came out as an ignorant democrap. Your party will never go any where because you people are so full of hate, nasty remarks and just plain ignorance!! Don’t bother to reply to me because I won’t see it!! Ha Ha Ha

  115. Well YOU bring on the name calling, little man and I’ll show you what it is like. I’ve been called lots of offensive names and I’m still here, in this great country and just as strong was when I was born.

  116. He and all in his gang are very dangerous for America. They use some parts of the society in order to bring the comunist agenda up. They are the enemies of the freedom.

  117. Harlow, don’t bother to give the basement troll AKA Diane any attention. He is a child predator and posts disgusting pictures of himself in a wig and bikini. Not a pretty sight. I am just going to block him under each name he posts under.

  118. That was always my thought. Obama had Biden as VP to ensure he would serve his full term. Who would remove dumb and replace him with dumber.

  119. So true and so self center…. doesn’t donate to any except himself and family… such a disillusioned and foolish person may God have mercy on his sorry soul… he is no one to be held in any form of esteem… similar to teddy the childish kennedy… cut from the same cloth


  121. This coming from the single worst vice-president we have ever had in this country. And on top of that he’s a full-blown pedophile all all these years.

  122. Eric dumbass Granberg

    The smell you are smelling is from where you have your …so why dont you pull your head out and smell the roses.

  123. BAD CAREER MOVE, Joe. You’re already labeled as a misogynist and possibly pedophile (All of the videos speak to those issues). I don’t care what the LGBT community says, but the fathers who pull their children away from you says it all. You’re slick for sure. I would advise all voters, dregs or not, to stay away from this guy. He has evil written all over him. Bad, bad career move, Joe.

  124. Biden is such an irrelevant – nobody listens to him now or in the past. He’ll never be elected President or for that matter anything important. He can’t keep his hands to himself and is nothing more than a ‘dirty old man’

  125. does anyone really care what crazy joe has to say , he’s as useless as his 1/2 breed brother oboma , the only reason oboma had him around was to make himself look smart

  126. Repeating a failed approach for future elections shows THEY ARE THE DREGS! It is all because on the true side of the coin they can not compete against real success for the people brought about by the Trump Administration!

  127. If anyone is the dregs of society it is Biden and the Demorat Party! To be bad mouthed by this POS is a badge of honor! Up your “blank” Biden!

  128. I don’t know what the problem is. Trump said that if he were to run for President he would run as a Republican, because Republicans have the dumbest voters. That is fact. So whether you are deplorable, or the dumbest, or simply the dregs, doesn’t matter, since we can smell you from a mile away anyway.

  129. This from a man, who, on nation wide TV, was heard speaking to President Obummer and was heard saying mother f#%/*r. Real classy you moron.

  130. If Biden cannot keep his hands off of women, I wonder what he is doing with the LGBTers at the LGBT meeting? He is a true hypocrite. Frankly I don’t care what he thinks of me…. He is irrelevant.

  131. biden is irrelevant to the American people and sucked as vice president of the obama administration I’m glad you don’t matter anymore biden. Your pathetic excuse for a man your a predator of women and young girls.

  132. This must be the bad news that the queen of crying got, Crazy Uncle Joe wants her personal given job. Now she will have to go back to the woodlands. Personally, neither of them is worthy according to this deplorable. People will still vote for the best one–MAGA. RVN 68-69

  133. Haven’t heard him give such a speech outside the cloistered chambers of liberal/ Leftist venues. I am definitely deplorable & of the dregs of society & I have absolutely no patience w/ screaming, punks, getting in my face, blocking roads, trashing cities, looting stores, burning cars.

    I am just waiting for some group of antifas, blm, neo- nazis, or deranged women, to get the nerve to get in my face, try to take my hat. I don’t believe in bothering anyone & I am not about to put up w/ anyone bothering me or mine.

    I never have been a fan of fighting, taking prisoners. Dead people don’t come back for seconds.

  134. Mr. Biden, I am in no way shape or form a dredge of society. And I would remind you that no matter if I vote for you or not if you become President you will become my President as well.

  135. I am older than that idiot and disabled. I would love for that dead-beat to try and say that to my face. I know for sure I would slap the smile off his face. He was worthless in office and just as worthless now.

  136. In my opinion, it time for imbecilic, moronic Biden to “hang up his dancing shoes”! We, the American people have had enough of him!

  137. You only became VP because you were a yes man ,and easy to control .It sure was not your brain ,you idiot You could not even keep your hands off little girls you pig

  138. So what President Trump supporters have been calling Joe Biden a major douchebag for years. The ONLY reason he was ever vice-president was because Obama – or whoever the hell he really is – and Soros needed someone dumb enough not to realize what was going on at 1600 – they found their man in Biden.

  139. Joe Biden, I did not vote for you. I voted for Mr. Donald Trump. Now Mr. Donald Trump is not only my President but also President of American people.
    I support President Trump. You insulted me that mean you insulted American people.

  140. Joe Biden is a piece of s*** .
    He’s also a pussy . He hugs up do that gay Obama and his transvestite wife Michael . He makes me sick as do the other two faggets ! !

  141. Mr. Biden needs to mind his own Business, and let President Trump and his administration govern the world and let his and his staff get his agenda put forward.

    Biden will be as bad ad former Obama and his administration ever was.

    President Trump, knows exactly where his supporters stand with him. His supporters are going to be right there with him and his administration all the way, because, his supporters are better off now, with their paychecks every week, and there are more jobs for American citizens with President Trump in the White House, and he is actually bringing more jobs back to America.

    Biden, needs to just go and dig a whole and crawl in it, because, we do not need him in the White House, to finish what former Obama started with ruining the World and the American people. I wouldn’t trust Biden NO MORE than I trusted Obama. They are both corrupt and crooked AS HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  142. I agree, Don I am only 75 and I did not vote for Obama & Biden either time. After they won the first time, I hoped they would do well. They met my expectations and did not do well, neither terms. They sunk our country into its lowest state I had seen it in my 75 years of life. They are typical of Marxists, and accuse others of their misdeeds. They are helping the Chinese in their “100 Year Marathon” along with the dribble stream media. If you read the book “100 Year Marathon”, you will probably agree. What an eye opener!

  143. Yes. What about Biden and Kerry trip to China. Biden’s son and a Kerry associate got a billion dollar deal from China.

  144. A board upside his stupid head! The hell with being politically correct, he and Holder and the Kenyan just SUCK!

  145. Biden is a useless old Democrat Establishment waste. A poor excuse for an ex-VP.
    I remember when he was first elected VP with Obama and had to swear in the cabinet. On camera he didn’t know what to do and asked Obama who too didn’t know what to do. Obama said…do whatever you’re supposed to do…I don’t know…do it.

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