What Joe Biden said about running for President will leave you speechless

Former Vice President Joe Biden is looked at as the Democrat establishment’s knight in shining armor for 2020.

Liberals think Biden is the one candidate who can take on Trump and win.

But what he said about running for President will leave you speechless.

Biden was heavily rumored to challenge Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Democrat primary.

He passed.

However, Biden thinks 2020 could be his year.

He actually declared himself the most qualified person in America to be President.

NBC News reports:

Former Vice President Joe Biden on Monday said his decision on whether to enter the 2020 presidential race will rest on a whether he and his family are “ready,” even as he argued that his strengths as a potential candidate far outweigh any perceived liabilities.

Biden’s comments came during a brief tour promoting the paperback release of his 2017 memoir, “Promise Me, Dad,” in which he details how the death of his eldest son, Beau, from brain cancer kept him out of the 2016 presidential race.

“I think I’m the most qualified person in the country to be president. The issues that we face as a country today are the issues that I’ve worked on my whole life — the plight of the middle class and foreign policy,” Biden told an audience in Montana, according to The Missoula Current. “But my family and I need to decide as a unit whether we’re ready — we do everything as a family.”

Biden ran for President twice before.

Both campaigns ended in embarrassment.

He withdrew from the 1988 race after it was found he plagiarized the speeches of a British politician.

His 2008 campaign never got off the ground and he quickly withdrew from the race after barely polling above one percent.

If Biden ran again he would face obstacles.

He is an old white man in a party that is obsessed with race and gender.

And past photos of him groping women – including getting handsy with some young girls – could prove problematic in the #MeToo era.

Biden will also have to overcome serving as Vice President in the failed Obama administration.

All of these obstacles make Biden a much weaker candidate than the fake news media suggests.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



    • Biden did absolutely nothing. Unless it’s time for Jesus to come back for us any democrat running will fail to get elected. When one does, watch out. You had better be ready.

  1. Evidently Biden has been an idiot since he was born. There are an awful lot of idiots in this country who will still vote for him, and an awful lot of cheating. lying, murderous traitors who will do whatever to get him “elected”.

  2. The most qualified person in America to be President? Old “foot in the mouth” Joe? There are nay number persons more qualified tan him. But none of them are democrats. However, he may be the best the democrats have to put forth. How pathetic is that?

  3. Joe is that why Obama put u in counseling? Because of the way u were acting in the white house and women? My god ,is this all the better we can vote for,give me a brake!

    • Barrack Obama said, the greatest political decision he ever made was to take Joe Biden out of political extinction and make him Vice-President. Mister f–k you man proved that. Now, Barack, make a new after President political decision and tell this sexual scumbag disease to stay away and retire!

    • The left is angry because Trump had an affair before he took office and the left wants a child molester as president? Why would they even consider him?

  4. Why can’t one simple, humble man or woman survive the excesses of electoral system and become a working, people centered man without the one characteristic that we are all tired of dealing with, extreme, narcissistic, arrogance. Clinton(s),Obama(super arrogance), Trump and now Joe Biden the proud, self centered and blind. Enough arrogant of arrogant jerks.

    • Jerry:

      Nice response. Finally one logical, sane, non-crass, non-name calling response. The rest of the dimwits on this thread would vote for a tree if it were called Republican. Thank you.


  5. Joe Biden was for many years known as the dimmest bulb in the Senate. He was a reliable vote for Delaware interests – banking and chemicals, and otherwise he was a reliable vote for Democrat Party instructions. The idea of him as even a Presidential Candidate is a bad joke. His greatest service to Obama was to provide a threat of horrible governance should Obama be impeached.

  6. Joe Biden is the most insignificant person in politics–He is an *sskissing sycophant who gets by with fondling and groping BECAUSE he is a dumbocrat–he is insipid, generic vanilla ice milk thawed and refrozen–there is NOTHING in his being that inspires anything but mild loathing, like an uninvited party crasher with BO exacerbated by not having bathed in days–

    Sanders, Beto, Clinton, Biden, Harris, the paucity of candidates is truly depressing–Were the Deep State (Vested Interests) not so intolerant of Trump (granted he threatens their assumed hegemony that they thought sacrosanct), the Party on the Left would be a shriveled skeleton

      • John Flynn, Oh how I wish she was not eligible to be POTUS! We must eliminate “the anchor baby” citizenship! All an illegal has to do is slip in, drop a baby and it is a automatic citizen and eligible to be POTUS. Does not matter whether either parent is legal or a citizen.
        Please go on Google or other search engine and search, “who is eligible to be President of USA” to verify my comment.

        • O’bama should have never been president because he was born in Kenya, at the time a British protectorate, his mother is American, his father Kenyan. Automatic disqualification. too many people didn’t pay attention.

  7. Well joie, you may THINK…. no, I take that back… liberals are not capable of actual THOUGHT PROCESSES.

    I have a minimum 60 IQ POINTS on you.

    I’m younger and Better Looking>

    I keep my hands to myself when around Females, regardless of age.

    I actually HAVE READ and UNDERSTAND the Constitution.

    I KNOW what the Federalist Papers are, and the HOW and WHY they came into being and what they mean to the Founding of this Nation.

    So, joseppie, sit down and shut up before I declare for the democrat party Presidential Nominee.

  8. Cant imagine anyone voting Biden in ! But dems are pretty stupid,, he has to many weird things about him! And yes hes creepy, the way he always looks at those young girls and his hands on them! And no way he wasn’t involved in Obama’s spy gate witch hunt! he’s to old and creepy and Trumps not cleaning house to give an open door to a democrap to screw everything up! Hes to easily influenced by deep state! Ran twice before with no votes! Dems are getting desperate for a guy to run! Maybe Soros will make another fake one like Obama for them! America no matter what!! Vote Republican!

    • Joe Biden don’t know the difference between the OVAL OFFICE, and the OVAL THRONE in the restroom!!! I wouldn’t trust him to change the trash bags in the trash cans!!!!

  9. I love Trump. He saved our Country from crooked Hillary. But he should not run in 2020. He’s done his job rescuing us from Obama’s boondoggles. I’m pulling for Nicky Haley. Pence would be great but this Country has fallen for the “hate whitey” propaganda especially men. Nothing more evil than a while male unless he is gay or transgender then he’s fine. Me, you don’t get more evil than me. I’m a white male Christian hetrosexual gun owner. The absolute worst!

    • I would not vote for Nicky Haley. I have never voted for her and never will. I hate she was South Carolina’s governor. I do not want Trump to pick her as a running mate. GOD help us.

    • Leif, I need to add an addendum to my comment to you. I strongly disagree with you about DJT not running in 2020.
      We must not give into people with the “hate white men” attitude. That is giving into the pc people and got us into where we are today. We must stand for what we feel is right and correct! “Politically correct” people have pushed the silent majority until we are sick and over it. There is just too much to say here about pc.
      Also, with what DJT has done in two years, think about what he can accomplish in eight years!

  10. We should be that lucky to have the head groper in chief run for the White House, that would put Trump in for the second term and save us all that campaign money for the good people in the GOP..

  11. I get sick every time I think about the video showing Biden touching all those young girls,fondling their hair, whispering to them and then one of the father’s grabbing his girl away from him. I just want to puke!

    • Biden, the one who told the old woman to just grab a shotgun and shoot, is a has-been who never was and never will be. He is as close to nothing as something can be and still be recognized as a non-entity!

  12. Democrats are the stupidest bunch of miscreants to ever infest this planet. They need to be eradicated for the greater good. And for the children. By any means necessary. How many leftist catch phrases did I leave out??

    • Biden will always be tied to the Obama administration. Forever a bad deal for the middle class foreign policy. It amazes me that the democrats rate experience in the washington two step dirty politics as qualifications in administration. God forbid Biden would ever dispense his lack of firearms safety knowledge again.

  13. I am confident that “Hoof & Mouth” diseased Joe Biden will have an adoring crowd, especially all of those young women he gropes and whispers his sweet nothings in their ears like a sexual pervert. I can’t erase from my mind every time I see his face his remark that “American people, given half a chance, have never ever, ever, ever let their country down. Even after the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.” And If these stupid words don’t turn you off we all recall his ignorant remark about the Stock Market Crash in 1929 saying, “Franklin Roosevelt went on television to speak to the nation,” the hideous aspect of this mouth full of ignorance was Herbert Hoover was president in 1929 and since television was barely invented there were less than 3,000 television set in the entire country…YES JOE, RUN IN 2020… IF YOU DON’T TRIP OVER YOUR OWN TONGUE!

  14. Nobody want’s that over the hill dirty pervert in the white house. Give him a bag of baby wipes and some porno and put him on the back porch.

  15. Yeah, go with that. It worked so well for the last person who tried it.

    But all joking aside, Biden is nothing more than an embarrassment to himself, his family, and the country. But, hey, if he wants to continue to embarrass himself, please run.

    • Aren’t almost all Demon-Craps an embarrassment to them selves and our country ? Seeing as how the demon-Crap Presidential Candidates pick a VP dumber than they are, that’s where he’s going to have a problem, not that there aren’t any but those may not want to run on a loosing ticket.

  16. Oh, puuuleeeeeaz! Imagine holding your breath waiting to see what gaffe will come from Joe’s mouth on worldwide TV. And, imagine whose wife or daughter he may “cop a feel” of on worldwide TV.
    Don’t need any DJT remarks here, Uncle Joe is on countless videos doing both things. You know it, yes you do, you little snowflakes!

  17. He is best described as a copycat. And a sexual predator. It was very embarrassing to see a vice president keep ogling after men’s wives.

    Really, we all have had enough of him.

    Joe, go away. Thanks!

    • I was a sexually molested child, and I remember the looks on the two faces that day, and Joe Biden is the spitting image of them. Every American citizen, especially with children, need to keep this guy away from this man.

  18. Joe Biden states he’s the most the most qualified person to run for president. What a joke. He was a pathetic secretary of state. He was considered a joke by every world leader who met with. He was also a lousy senator. Why don’t these old age liberals just retire? Nancy is included. If I had their money at their age I would just go deer hunting and fish for my remaining days.

  19. Biden running for the presidency will definitely start a civil war! And that amongst just the hypocritical racist liberals!

      • The liberals in this country have NO MORALS.. that’s why they hate trump. He’s a good person and that makes them sick. That’s why Hollywood is screaming. That cesspool can’t stand anyone with morals. That’s why they loved obammer …..rotten to the core……..just like Hollywood..

  20. IF – Joe Biden is the most qualified person in the U.S. to be president – we might as well open the borders, unlock the treasury – and turn off the lights – IT’s OVER.

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