What Nancy Pelosi said about Trump supporters will leave you speechless

Politicians usually avoid attacking voters.

But Nancy Pelosi couldn’t help herself.

And what Nancy Pelosi said about Trump supporters will leave you speechless.

Democrats rerun the January 6 hoax 

With little good news in the way of fundraising or the polls, Democrats are left with running a misinformation campaign about January 6 as their central electoral strategy.

In the telling of Democrats and the media, Donald Trump incited a deadly insurrection where his terrorist mob of supporters attempted to overthrow the United States government and end the entire concept of democracy.

Nancy Pelosi and Anderson Cooper were only all too happy to amplify this falsehood during Cooper’s CNN show.

Cooper asked Pelosi about Trump’s promise to pardon January 6 defendants.

“I have to ask you about what the former president has been saying about January 6. The former president has referred to people who’ve been prosecuted due to the actions they took in January 6, attacking police officers, breaking into the Capitol, he’s referred to them as hostages,” Cooper began.

“He’s called them political prisoners. At a recent rally in Las Vegas. He called them warriors I mean, do you do you think if he’s reelected, he will try to pardon January 6 defendants, but but when you hear him use those terms as somebody who was there and had to flee, I mean what does that, what do you think of that?” Cooper added.

Pelosi calls Trump voters stupid 

Nancy Pelosi went there and basically called Trump voters idiot rubes for believing what Trump said.

Pelosi claimed defeating Trump was an existential endeavor that would determine if America would continue to exist.

“Well, I think it’s very sick. You know, I always like to quote our National Anthem that we have to ‘Prove through the night that our flag is still there,’ and we have to prove through all this difficulty of all the misrepresentations that he is putting forth,” Pelosi claimed.

“It’s really sad that people even fall for that but the fact is we have to prove are flag is still there by showing the difference. We talk about honoring our first responders are men and women in uniform. Yes let’s do that. Let’s not praise and call warriors, people who attacked them. Well over 100 law enforcement people were injured that day, some died because of that,” Pelosi concluded.

Republicans no longer buy into the January 6 hoax because they saw how Democrat prosecutors and the Biden administration wield the justice system as both a sword and a shield.

The Biden administration launched the largest manhunt in history to round up every Trump supporter who walked in the vicinity of the Capitol on January 6.

There is no such federal manhunt for the anti-Semites who beat Jews outside a Los Angeles synagogue, which is a federal crime punishable up to 10 years in prison.

And Alvin Bragg dropped all criminal charges against 30 pro-Palestinian demonstrators at Columbia University after they stormed and took over an administration building while prosecuting Donald Trump on made up crimes.

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