What one CNN reporter said about Brett Kavanaugh will leave you speechless

CNN hates Donald Trump.

So they are out to destroy Brett Kavanaugh.

But what one CNN reporter said about Brett Kavanaugh will leave you speechless.

Brett Kavanaugh has strongly denied all allegations that he sexually abused women.

All of his accusers have no credibility and their stories are falling apart.

Kavanugh’s experience highlights a major danger in America.

Liberals can weaponize the Me Too movement to take out their opponents by producing women to accuse conservatives of decades old allegations that are unprovable.

In today’s culture, the media demands you “believe the women” even if – like Christine Blasey Ford – they make clearly baseless allegations.

CNN’s legal correspondent Jeffrey Toobin mocked the idea that you are innocent until proven guilty.

He even attacked Kavanaugh for being a white man.

Breitbart reports:

Tuesday on CNN’s “New Day,” network legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin reacted to a clip of Donald Trump Jr. discussing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexual assault allegations and his fear of such claims becoming weaponized.

Toobin mocked the idea of “white men” fearing they can be falsely accused.

“Every night, I cry myself to sleep over the fate of white men in America,” Toobin stated. “White men have no power, white men — I mean, it’s such garbage.”

He added, “You know what? If you sexually assault someone in high school, your life should be ruined, your life should be pursued. The idea that this is somehow unjust — remember, this all started with accusations of sexual assault. How about the lives of the women who were sexually assaulted in high school? How about 15-year-old Ms. Blasey, she wasn’t Ms. Blasey Ford in those days, how about her life? All this whining about the poor plight of white men is ridiculous.”

But there’s one more problem – Toobin is a total hypocrite.

Toobin had an affair with a young woman who he got pregnant in 2008.

He allegedly offered to pay for her to have an abortion. But when she refused he threatened her.

Toobin took a paternity test that ultimately proved he was the father.

Both Donald Trump and Donald Trump, Jr. have said this is a scary time for men in American.

Women can come out of the woodwork and ruin careers and lives with false allegations.

Do you think that is what these women are trying to do to Brett Kavanaugh?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. To BSdr]jd. Just More Left wing
    >Are Kav’s emails MIXED IN W/ Hillary’s
    33,000+ ??? Come 0UT W/it, pooch.

  2. KEEP ON, BUTCHY. You Will get thru.
    &&& Keep in ‘mind’ this BSdrjd IS
    ‘Plastic Shade’?. Left wing Chump shots.

  3. Don’t forget to add the most criminal of them all, Donnie Dufus Trump to that cell! Guys been violating laws since he was a kid and is a compulsive LIAR and sexual assaulter.

  4. All these democrat reporters and others may want to watch what they are saying as someone just might be checking into their life actions all the way back to their grade school days. Can you remember everything you did as far back as your school days? Just saying. Usually the ones doing the accusing are the ones that are doing the same thing.

  5. I would say that MIGHT be one thing we all share and that should be anti-corruption and zero tolerance for corrupt politicians. I think they often get off with their crimes and yet, given the damage that they do, I believe their penalties should be HIGHER than those who have not held public office.

  6. I am not a conservative and I join you in that prayer, Sandra. If Dr. Christine Ford is lying, or Judge Kavanaugh is lying, I also pray each reaps what they sow – – terrible damage on each side. I also pray the same things about all corrupt politicians — and that includes of my own party (there is one ultra-corrupt Democrat in Georgia who is running while in prison!). One cannot overlook corruption of say Trump or Clinton by pointing to the other side and whining. If Trump is corrupt and Clinton is corrupt, we should all pray both of them get what they deserve . . . I would normally say the SAME prison cell, but that would be “cruel and unusual punishment,” which is forbidden by the constitution. ha!

  7. Yours is the best idea I’ve heard in a very long time. Some years ago I googled William Jefferson Clinton and found a site that went back to his high school days. He was suspected of being a serial rapist, leading to his leaving the country to travel in foreign countries (identified by Bill as his time being a Rhodes Scholar). It was at this time that a young female accused Clinton of rape, in which she became pregnant. He denied knowing her. For some strange reason this young college student suddenly decided to commit suicide when she was 7 months pregnant by shooting herself in the back of the head. I imagine that could be believable but the fact that she shot herself in the back of the head twice leaves me wondering just how she could have done that since the first bullet was deadly. Think back to the history of the Clintons. Shot in the back of the head ,with no weapon by their side. Stabbing in the chest with many, many stab wounds. I do not find that normal. However, there is an even stranger suicide that came about years into his and Hillary’s political career’s. A friend of Hilary, was difficult to identify when they found the young man’s decapitated body on a hill top. I found the investigation to be WAY OFF base when it was ruled to be a suicide. Exactly how does one cut off their own head and then hide the weapon used to decapitate himself? No weapon was ever found and his families questions were never answered. There were then well over 150 such incidents which are very suspicious but has there ever been the suggestion that those or the more recent ones be investigated by the FBI? NOPE!!!!

  8. The libs did a piss poor job of selecting accusers; although Kavanaugh is obviously slimy, he will skate because the lefties learned NOTHING from the 2016 circus!

  9. But Tina the demoncrats are ubstructiinist. President Trump has kept his campaign promises. People have jobs! Other countries are respecting us again. Taxes are lower. What have the demoncrats done. Obama tried to bring us down to a 3rd world country. The dems lie so much they can’t remember what they said ie C. Ford. She did get a nice payment from Soros though.
    700,000 into her account.

  10. Actually Jeffrey Toobin is absolutely right. Let’s go back a few years (a decade or more) and round up Bill Clinton and make an example of him. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.
    Bill Clinton’s punishment? All his money seized and twenty years in prison with only one cell mate named Hillary.

  11. ok look back at the hearing parents and family for ford did anyone see them where were they. ford daddy worked for our govt true?
    we in our family is 7 sons. i am concerned.
    is not the law for all.
    everyone is accountable .. should not they be
    just a thought

  12. I would also like to join truthistruth in calling for “jug” to substantiate those vile allegations against Dr. Ford. As truth said, many of you have written about how awful it was for Dr. Ford to make what you consider as “false allegations” against Judge Kavanaugh. NONE OF US, EXCEPT THE PEOPLE IN THAT ROOM, REALLY KNOW WHAT HAPPENED OR DID NOT HAPPEN. But many of you have done a real HATCHET JOB WITH YOUR ALLEGATIONS ABOUT DR. CHRISTINE FORD. Since you have made such allegations about Dr. Ford, where is YOUR substantiation to call her a nympho or tramp or promiscuous, or someone who should be locked up or a liar who took a bribe or other vile and vulgar allegations that you have made.

    For people who clamor and raise such a fuss about allegations and their effect on Judge K and his family, you sure show ZERO concern about your God awful allegations some of you have made about her. I am not talking whether you believe her . . . but many of you make allegations about her intent. Excuse me, but if some of you lived ten lifetimes, you could only hope to reach the accomplishments of a top-notched scholar like Dr. Ford.

  13. Many of you have made the point about how damaging what you perceive as false allegations have been on Judge K and his family. So, jug, time for you to prove your point on your slander against Dr. Christine Ford. Where is your corroboration for making such claims – – where is your EVIDENCE? Oh, evidence is not just some other right wingnut claimed it to be true – -substantiated EVIDENCE. I think you are a LIAR and spreading false stories. Prove me wrong.

  14. If he gets approved, Man from Grey, do you really think it will be all over? Because I would bet you a substantial amount of money, the press will keep digging until they find evidence of the crimes/perjury of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

  15. Leslie, let me give you that corroboration. Kavanaugh on 9-27 lied about the drinking age in Maryland (he was not legal), lied about boofing, lied about Devil’s Triangle, lied about them not dating with females from Dr. Ford’s school, lied continually about the amount of his drinking. Here are some very serious ones before that date:
    1. Between 2004 and 2006, Kavanaugh was asked over 100 times and repeatedly Testified under oath that he knew nothing about sources stolen from two Democratic Senators. Emails that have recently surfaced that shows Kavanaugh lied and had this information.
    2. In 2004, in hearing for Court of Appeals, Kavanaugh lied in a Senate hearing about knowing and working with a nominee named Pryor, yet emails that have surfaced show he nominated Pryor and participated with a working group to get him nominated.
    3. Kavanaugh misled the Senate about other controversial nominations, including with those who helped develop Bush interrogation techniques.
    4. Misleading the Senate with denying any involvement with some of the legal Work involved in Bush’s” rendition treatment of prisoners.

  16. Dan, appears to me you have very little education. In case you are interested, I have the highest degree given. Tina makes a very good point about Trump as reckless and endangering us. Did you know he tried to have the head of Syria killed and that is illegal to do? Did you know some of his aids had to stop him from other foolish international moves — just like the op-ed in the NYT said?

    The only ones I have seen talking up any use of arms or any “civil war” are the radical conservatives like many of you. Trump is a huge bully – – looks how he likes to MOCK people like disabled journalists or Dr. Christine Ford. Trump will pay for that mocking soon and will also pay for mocking the press. He is not very smart – – messing with the press, calling them the “enemy of the people,” only makes them MORE committed to digging up the facts on him. Take a look at the NYT has published its largest article on how Trump’s whole story about his money is a LIE, and basically he made bad business decisions and was continually rescued by “Daddy.”

  17. Oh, please stop whining and listen to ALL the news not only the news told to you bya women with short skirts.
    It just down on me why Fox looks familiar to me. I am Italian and when I was young there I used to watch, not much because my father din’t let me, Berlusconi’ Media Set.
    Beautiful women with short skits and plunging decolte’Something that Fox has not discovered yet! Fox is just a copy of Berlusconi’s Media Set (he had and still has quite a number. That’ how he made is billions!)

  18. Oh, please stop whining and listen to ALL the news not only the news told to you bya women with short skirts.
    It just down on me why Fox looks familiar to me. I am Italian and when I was young there I used to watch, not much because my father din’t let me, Berlusconi’ Media Set.
    Beautiful women with short skits and plunging decolte’Something that Fox has not discovered yet! Fox is just a copy of Berlusconi’s Media Set (he had and still has quite a number. That’ how he made is billions!)

  19. Another CNN idiot who spends the days sitting on their face (via Yoga) and the nights proving it!
    Never been on to say this before?????????

  20. CNN’s days are numbered! Promoting lies is not the way for a news network to increase or even keep their meager viewership.

  21. Another CNN idiot who doesn’t get it. Why does CNN keep getting poor ratings. This why and he is a perfect example. When you keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results. It’s called insanity idiots.

  22. The Democrats keep showing what sorry creatures they are. It has become disgusting that women think they can accuse a man and they are suppose to automatically believed because they are women. These women should be charged and sent to prison for falsely accusing a man. In lying, these women show how deep in the gutter they have sunk. The Democrats no longer care about laws or fairness. They are scum of the earth.

  23. To “Tina”, you poor little “D F C”! Hopefully the line is short for your brain transplant, as your’s is obviously in rapid decline.l hope the procedure works out successfully for you! Good Luck! I wish you well, as a whole new world of truth awaits you!

  24. you wrote “sue each and every person who knowingly participated in this farce.”. The key word is knowingly. If she believes she is telling the truth then she probably wont be prosecuted.

  25. Robert Taylor, although I agree with you, this was not a criminal trial. I think the same rules of false accusations should apply. Perhaps the left might be happy that it wasn’t a criminal trial. A lot of criminals would have been taken away in handcuffs and Kavanaugh would not have been one of them. This was the most atrocious joke of a fair hearing that that I have ever witnessed. The Dems should be ashamed but one has to have a conscience to be able to feel shame. I pray for the Kavanaugh family and I also pray for a speedy confirmation for Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

  26. The”Mens Me To Movement” suggets that those women who made false or unvarified accusations should be brought to trial per the law as its exists today.

  27. I’m not understanding where he gets off saying that Kavanaugh is on record for lying in front of Congress. Do you notice that when vague accusations fly around, there is absolutely no corroboration? I never saw or heard him lying. Trust me, if there was even an iota of a lie, the Dems would have been all over it by now. BTW to Eric, it still is innocent until proven guilty, even in a judicial committee hearing. If you lie before the committee, it’s a felony. If you lie before the FBI, it’s a felony. If you lie in a sworn statement, it’s a felony. If Kavanaugh had lied, he would have committed a felony and he would already be charged. No charges have been filed. It’s ready for the vote.

  28. That makes two of us and counting. But don’t hold your breath. Judge Kavanaugh is an honorable man with class and he probably will not sue anyone. Too bad. If he did, it would be an excellent lesson for those demrats for sure!

  29. These women have been handed “Power” by the Feminist Movement and, I’m sorry, but instead of defending themselves for NOT doing what the Feminists claim, the White men have opened the gates of Hell to suck in every innocent White man whether they are guilty or not.
    This is a mess, but it is the Feminist that have created this issue. Deal with them directly to end what is happening to the White Man.


  30. Toobun is an IDIOT as well as a FOOL. What Ford brought was weaponiamzed by Democraps but they ignore those who have actual FACTS against other Democraps like Ellison and Slick Willie. Rape is something no one forgets and for her to not be able to remember anything but that she had had a beer that night is not anywhere near believable. The other women are also in the same boat as far as believablity. The last one is utterly unbelievable. I mean how could she be forced to give oral sex to Kavanaugh while Mark Judge had his hand over her mouth so she could not Scream????

  31. John Gear…You did not have to repeat everything Fienstien said today about the investigation. Don’t you have a mind of your own?
    What you said was almost exactally what Fienstien and Chucky said today about the investigation. They asked for the one week investigation and it didn’t come out like they wanted so the FBI didn’t do it right. They were supposed to find something to prove Dr Ford’s testimony. One reason it was so hard for Ford to remember what happened, have you ever tried to remember something that never happened? I can’t do it. Maybe you can.
    Time to get realistic about the Democrats. Their only agenda id obstruction. Stop Trump from doing what he told us he would do and the reason we elected him President of The USA.

  32. Most likely a millennial – no substance to her “talking points”. They’re like parrots, just repeating what they were taught in their liberal schools. If you ask them why they feel this way, they can’t really answer coherently. They were taught to hate conservatives and Pres. Trump and anything that is different than the ideology that they were taught. Little robots.

  33. Let’s all remember that there is a little thing called the statute of limitations! This means that if you don’t report these activities within so much time they don’t exist and nothing can come of it. So 35 years is quite a while but wait. If not reported by a minor before they turn 28 in California than that is the statute of limitations. Sooooo Kavanugh is innocent no matter what wether he did it or not.

  34. I like your take on it! Seriously, that Toobin is a lawyer? He is the typical slimy shyster and a complete hypocrite!

  35. Toobin has been making “white priveleged men” and “white supremacy” comments lately. Uh, does he realize that he’s white? Where does that put him in the scheme of things? I have noticed this a lot with white celebs, MSM or protesters calling other white people racists, priveleged, etc. I have also noticed protesters calling black conservatives racists. I think they need to know what the words actually mean before they so carelessly start slinging them around. It really makes them look more stupid.

  36. well myself i think if you make a statement about being raped and you have no evidense or are proven to been lying then i thinbk you should have to be accountable and pay the other person and go to jail i think rape happens alot but i don’t think it happens everytime someone says it does …and i don’t believe kav. did anything i think it’s a dem paid slurry to get what they want go trump 2020 you made a good choice in app. kav.

  37. Not speechless because of anything from CNN. We’ve come to expect the lowest level of “news” reporting from CNN, from NYT, from Washington Post, from CNBC and the 3 network news programs. Like Ted Coppel said TO CNN ON CNN “…your ratings would be in the toilet if it wasn’t for Donald Trump.”

  38. J C F
    I couldn’t agree more! Bearing False Witness should not have to wait for God’s Punishment, we the people should DEMAND that our laws be enforced!

  39. Your statement “In today’s culture, the media demands you “believe the women” even if – like Christine Blasey Ford – they make clearly baseless allegations.” should have been In today’s culture, the media demands you “believe leftist women accusing conservative” even if – like Christine Blasey Ford – they make clearly baseless allegations; however, if a leftist is charged, then no amount of evidence is sufficient to believe.

  40. They are all lying skanks. PERIOD. The only witnesses that they have can only corroborate that they are all liars.

  41. Toobin from CNN is so typical of a sexual predator. He gets a young woman pregnant and when she won’t get an abortion he threatens her. Then, he gets all soft inside for Dr. Ford and her false accusations against Judge Kavanaugh. These evil-minded sex addicts need to be refuted for what they are, nor for what they say or think they are.

  42. …don’t forget that Mrs. Ford’s Daddy managed the CIA’s black-ops-bank for nearly two decades…and the poorly-performing Mrs. Ford runs a CIA internship program….for at least one university. I wouldn’t trust her to feed my cat.
    RJ O’Guillory

  43. I agree. She is NOT a whining disheveled little victim. I suspect she is a paid operative of the scumbag left. I CANNOT WAIT TO VOTE REPUBLICAN!

  44. Advise and consent are the specific instructions to the senate. Nothing more than that. Innocent until proven guilty. This is our nation. Thank God we won the election and are now the growing majority electorate. These amoral senators actions are helpng us create the red tidal wave. Thx. Keep up the good work.

  45. Are there any women out there that will come forward saying that Jeffrey Toobin sexually assaulted them (wink,wink,wink)

  46. The only thing things is that nobody but the Democrats are basing the disqualification of anyone on accusations that are not proven to be true and a majority of them are saying that proof is not needed and only an accusation is good enough. So maybe it is just ok for me to sayu that you are a rapist and a murderer. You are also a pedophile and and practice incest too.

  47. Blasey Ford is a lying dog. A PAID lying dog. That makes her a wh0re. I hope the committee DOES refer them to the FBI for investigation and the Senate Judicial Committee moves to prosecute them in FEDERAL Court. The pain these leeches have caused the Kavanaugh family is beyond sadistic. Get ’em, and get ’em GOOD! GBA! GBDJT! GBBK!

  48. Does anyone know why the founders put that in the constitution Innocent until proven Guilty? Do you know why it was put in there. England today used what they did back then the exact opposite of that view point. You are guilty until proven innocent yet if you were in jail waiting for trial who is going to fight for you. They used this on the Serf for a long time for the elites controlled everything. This phase was put in the constitution to be fair to everyone including those who could not pay to protect themselves. It was put in there incase of the King who might have a made up case against you. It was put in there just in case you ticked off your master who owned the land that you worked. This was going on for a very long time in England and that is why they put that in our constitution. I am very glad they did.

  49. I want to start a men too group, not really kidding. We can start accusing women of the same. This me too is BS. Sexual assault is a serious charge & a man can go to jail for 5-10 years. To prove yourself innocent costs a fortune to defend yourself. Hey guys, lets band together against these radical women. Who wants them anyway.Bill Koch

  50. This is the oldest and dirtiest trick in the books. When it gets this much exposure via the media, it causes more damage than an atom bomb in the middle of town square. Guilty o eff innocent, the man gets an indelible stain on his life and the accuser only gets short term embarrassment/notariaty.
    Real victims get ignored or badgered into silence and a lifetime of trauma.

  51. Jeffrey Toobin is one of the worst attorney’s I have ever heard. He gives lawyers a bad name. That’s why CNN has such bad ratings. They have losers on that report. They don’t even report news…they don’t know how to be news reporters. Just all negative things as they have no clue what’s going on in our country. So, therefore, they can’t report the news. They all should be sent back to school to learn how to report. Awful, just awful reporters.

  52. Yes, Bob – I do still believe Obozo was not born in the US and that birth certificate he produced was a specifically orchestrated deception by him and his cohorts – History will someday reveal the truth – maybe when we are no longer here – I believe Obozo will only be documented and go down in History – as First Black US President elected thru his deception – a failure in every other aspect. Obozo and Hillary Clinton should be held responsible for the deaths of “4” brave Americans in Benghazi. Bob – US AIR FORCE Viet Nam Era Veteran !

  53. Nowadays it is so sad that women have almost zero self-respect, as well as respect for their bodies. It didn’t used to be that way. I was a virgin when I married, as was my husband. (This was in 1950) It makes your marriage so much more beautiful, and reinforces it. And what child wants to find out it was illegitimate when they can understand these things? And all the households without fathers? Fathers are VERY necessary for ALL children (and adults) So I hope that someday America will go back to being moral. I think that is helped exponentially by these people being stigmatized, like before. Sorry for them, but someone has to wake the country up!!!

  54. CNN why don’t you get a real job. Oh, that right you work for CNN and no one else will hire you. Too bad, why don’t your leave USA and travel and live in MEXICO maybe they will like your lies.

  55. You saw no such thing. Just another instance of a dimocrat blatantly lying and thinking that someone reading it will think it’s true.

  56. Every person who is cheering about the FBI report needs to understand
    that the report is NOT complete (probably because trump limited the FBI) AND if Kavanaugh is approved it will violate provisions of the
    Also, Something that Trump supporters should remember is that if McConnell is allowed to ram Kavanaugh through;
    – Republicans are likely to take it in the shorts in upcoming elections because so many people are fed up.
    – And Democrats can play the same game that McConnell is playing
    – And get rid of McConnell when they get back in power.
    Bottom line – EVERY American, Republicans as well as Democrats, suffers because of this kind of thing.

  57. So, are we to assume that when and if Mr. Kavanaugh is found to be innocent of these charges he can sue her and feinstien for falsely accusing him and lying? I think it is only fair. Perhaps even criminal charges.

  58. If guilty before proven innocent is the way to go, then all devilcraps are guilty and should be out in jail because THEY ARE ALL LIARS AND GUILTY OF EVERYTHING EVIL. AMEN

  59. CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin does does have one redeeming value. He never leaves the toilet seat up. That’s because he never needs to lift it!

  60. If guilty before proven innocent is the way to go, then all devilcraps are guilty and should be out in jail because THEY ARE ALL LIARS AND GUILTY OF EVERYTHING EVIL. AMEN

  61. Tina, too bad you have no facts to back up your claims. You are just another follower with very little education.

  62. CNN = Hate Crime.
    “believe the women” = Really???. How many women in the Unite State was Virgin before they got married??? = NONE.
    Bunch of Bias = Democrats = Low Life = Still Taxpayers’ moneys and Raising TAX = NO JOBS Created.
    Toobin is a total hypocrite = Stupid man I never see.

  63. I agree with your whole comment BUT if a female is sexually assaulted at 15 y.o. and doesn’t bring it out into the open for 30 plus years she kind of loses for right to be protected and defended.

  64. A new a Quinnipiac poll showing changes to public opinion following the testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh last Thursday. Of those who changed their positions following the hearing, none were more affected than independent voters—and they believed Ford.
    The last nationwide Quinnipiac showed Kavanaugh with a 45–39 support among independents. That has now flipped to a 49–39 opposition. That number closely mirrors the 46–38 result among independents who say they believed Dr. Ford compared to those who believed Kavanaugh.

  65. Listen moron. You can’t be indicted or tried for a crime in the “court of public opinion.” And who filed any criminal complaint against him for sexual assault or lying to Congress? Nobody you idiot. The FBI, doesn’t have a case, the Maryland police don’t have a case, and you don’t have a clue. Just a delusional opinion based upon carefully orchestrated lies, that are being exposed and will exonerate Kavanaugh in the end. Seek professional help for that spiritually and intellectually lobotomized condition that seems to be infecting the majority of semi literate, leftists lemmings, that call themselves Democrats. More like Demoncraps!

  66. Demoncraps knew that they could not stop this nomination based on his record of Service or any of his decisions, so they have resorted to the lowest and cruelest thing they coud do. Line up a bunch of Liberal women that they have paid to come forward with false accusatuions of sexual assault, each won even ore disgusting the the one before. The Demoncraps jumpeed on him immediately claiming him GUILTY even though each woman has no evidence whatsoever to back up any of their claims and the people they claim are witnesses deny any such thing never happened.


    And Ford was a high school nympho!
    Sexually active since age 11!
    Bragged about having 54 partners before college!

    Kav likely TURNED HER DOWN!
    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

    Payback time in her sick mind!

  68. If we head for a war it’s not the Democrats fault and God is helping us because the president hasn’t gotten us killed by his reckless and stupid and selfish policies he is the type of person that you cannot tell anything and he tries to bully his way and that’s not gonna work and everything is not the Democrats fault remember the replublicans are in power now

  69. Young couple go on date. She is keen to continue to see the man – he declines.
    She immidiately contacts Metoo who fund her to complain of attempted rape.
    He is convicted because the accustaion MUST be true.
    Courts now deal with 3 possible verdicts.
    Not Guilty
    Guilty as rumoured

  70. I believe that women who have been assaulted have every right to come forward.

    I believe that women who have been assaulted should be protected and defended.

    But, I also believe that any man or woman, who falsely accuses someone, should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

    False accusations, even when completely refuted, can do permanent psychological damage, to the accused, and their family.

    In this particular case, I believe with all of my heart, that each of these stories was completely fabricated, by the left, to discredit Judge Kavanaugh, and to interfere with President Trumps agenda.

    In my opinion, I believe that everyone involved, including any official on the left, or right, should be investigated for complicity, and they themselves should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

    I believe that since his personal life, his professional life, and his family life were impacted by false allegations, Judge Kavanaugh should be able to sue each and every person who knowingly participated in this farce.

    I believe that the FBI should investigate each and every person involved in this farce, in an effort to prove that they knowing participated in these false accusations.

    If the left wants an investigation so bad, give the FBI authorization to investigate BOTH sides of the equation, looking for anyone who knowingly supported a false accusation.

  71. CNN , I do believe those letters stand for “Completely Nutso News . Or perhaps Comedy News Network , not certain which . Once a bold and daring news network (back during the gulf war days) now a total joke with their biased reporting .


  73. You are right. All the Republicans need get out to vote. We will be in big trouble if they don’t. They are NAZI DEMS. They love what Hitler did to his people. The DEMS are evil and criminal people. They are playing right into the DEVILS hand. God help us all these days.

  74. Lets see how hard they are laughing in November. We the people Democrats, Republicans , Libertarians and Independents that believe in common Decency – need to get to the voting booth and support a candidate that will honor the peoples wishes not their own. America is only as great as the people that are it’s citizens. Lets eliminate the road blocks vote out all RHINOS and all troublemakers like Ryan, Flake, Pelosi, Schumer, Waters and Feinstein’s. Lets get back to doing the peoples business.

  75. CNN is not worthy of my Time, all Pres Trump haters who help the left in their campaign of total resistance. Be aware all you hypocrits, the time may come when a woman or man may decide to ruin your life with accusations of misconduct.

  76. cnn is a commy network. a bunch of morons to say the least. they want power they can never get. you have to be a lot smarter then they are to flush a toilet.

  77. Right wingers know so little. Innocent until proven guilty IN A COURT OF LAW. This is not a court of law.

    But Kavanaugh is on record lying in front of Congress. We all saw and heard it. If his case was adjudicated fairly and he appealed to the SCOTUS, they would uphold any conviction he received.

  78. Robert Taylor, you’re spot on,’know our Constition, oh, how the Dems must hate you for being an American!

  79. If Toobin would open his eyes and he would see that men have become the target for these mean, unreasonable, angry man-hating women who feel they have been persecuted for centuries and they are going to make the men pay! They will never be happy until they control the world.

  80. “The Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution affords criminal defendants seven discrete personal liberties: (1) the right to a Speedy Trial; (2) the right to a public trial; (3) the right to an impartial jury; (4) the right to be informed of pending charges; (5) the right to confront and to cross-examine adverse witnesses; (6) the right to compel favorable witnesses to testify at trial through the subpoena power of the judiciary; and (7) the right to legal counsel. Ratified in 1791,the Sixth Amendment originally applied only to criminal actions brought by the federal government.”
    ‘During the past century, all of the protections guaranteed by the Sixth Amendment have been made applicable to the state governments through the doctrine of selective incorporation. Under this doctrine, the Due Process and Equal Protection Clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment require each state to recognize certain fundamental liberties that are enumerated in the Bill of Rights because such liberties are deemed essential to the concepts of freedom and equality. Together with the Supremacy Clause of Article VI, the Fourteenth Amendment prohibits any state from providing less protection for a right conferred by the Sixth Amendment than is provided under the federal Constitution.”
    What is needed is a protection from false accusations in the same criminal court.

  81. I believe these women are out to get and do what damage they can for their party.
    And this guy..what can I say he’s a sleaze ball lawyer. If you’re a person looking do an attorney Look somewhere else.

  82. As long as “Killery’s (or Soros) money holds out to pay them, a NEW “whore” will show up every day to accuse Kavanaugh of Something!!!!! I’m sure Feinstein and her cronies are laughing their asses off!!! SAD SAD

  83. I hope for Kavanaugh to be admitted in the US Supreme Court. Once he is in, there will be many …. but first, he must be in. Stand by for further info.


  84. I see Hillary Clinton has made her remarks that the FBI should be investigating Kavanaugh lets hope they do as bad a job as when they investigated her, The accusations by all 4 women seem to be uncorroborated, but the charges against Old Hillary can and one day will put her in a federal prison .What saved her ass was she had the head of the FBI in her back pocket I pray that after Kavanaugh is confirmed Trump orders the DOJ and FBI to redo an investigation and put Gowdy and Jordan in charge maybe Justice can be served.Talk about DIFFERENT STANDARDS this is why the Democrats are so desperate to keep their power Keith Ellison is another example. The corruption of the Democrats is unbelievable,I did a #WALKAWAY and anyone who can’t see is as blind as Ms Justice

  85. I am really sorry of what happened to you. Unfortunately there are a lot of women who have no morals and integrity to tell the truth or leave the truth alone. This has got to stop. Prosecute the women or men who makes false claims when found guilty,

  86. I totally agree w/you Donna. Thank you for for stating it so well. Yes, the Repubs better stick together and get the confirmation done! And I might add, the Repubs better get and stick together or we are gonna lose the Midterms.

  87. Internet knowledge today tells us that Diane Feinstein’s husband is a Regent on
    the Board of where our poor little abused Dr. Ford teaches…quite a fact! Also,
    he is big in Chinese real estate…could have anything to do with little Di’s driver
    who is Chinese for 20 years. Inquiring minds would like to know if this is true…
    How about Diane Feinstein being investigated by the FBI and her dealings for
    all the years she has been fooling a nation? Pray that this country wakes up
    after the showing the hate displayed by the Democratic Senators and their deceit
    and anger and hate that they can blast this noble and intelligent man who wants
    to serve even more in our country. Pray for this nation…and vote intelligently…
    The Republicans had better wake up and get this vote done this week as McConnell
    says and get it done. Would you want those hateful Senators in charge of your
    life? They will be if we don’t get conservatives in our country we are headed
    for dire straits with a Democratic leadership in ANYTHING. PRAY, SEARCH YOUR

  88. Remember the mole from Kenya. That is where lying became a normal.the mole spent all his time sucking up to the media

  89. How sad that one’s accusations or testimony of innocence or guilt is determined by their politics. Such a travesty. My prayer is that God’s wrath falls on those who are lying, no matter who they are. Sometimes in life, we get what we deserve! I pray this happens here and now.

  90. This just shows how sick the liberals really are. They have sold thier pathetic souls to the devil.God be with us all if they ever get power again we will be ruled with a bunch of idiots with no soul,ruthless, corrupt, sadistic demons are what they are. Anyone that votes for that trash needs to have thier pathetic heads examined.Tgey all speak with fork tounges with lie after lie after lie.I really don’t know how they even sleep at night.If you can’t win a election. With the truth you sure as hell won’t win it with nothing but lies!And I can’t wait for KARMA to come back and bite them in the ass!

  91. What else would a Liberal lawyer say, except if it ever happened to him. What kind of Hypocrite who states to be a law abiding lawyer, can stand up and deny the rights of the accused to be innocent until proven guilty by a court of law? Anyone who like this guy needs to be deported, zero tolerance. These Communist are proving every day their contempt for the rule of law and our Constitution. I can not believe this is the goal of the Me too movement! If so they need to go too. THINK FOR A CHANGE. If it can happen to Mr K, then it can happen to you or I. White, black, green, brown, yellow, pink, you name it. Mr K should not be punished, these nuts who want to ignore our rights under the Constitution are the ones that should be punished. And can you believe it, they have been elected to protect our rights? They loose an election and call for resistance, defiance, obstruction, “not my President” and they call themselves leaders of democracy? What a Joke! It is no wonder good democrats are leaving this new Communist party.

  92. Do I think that the women coming forward to attack President Trumps Supreme Court nomination are fakers? We really don’t know. What we do know is that they are being pushed into the spotlight by demorats intent on pushing this nomination off track by any means necessary to achieve their goal. Mean spirited, under handed, falseifying testimony and dragging the hearings out for as long as possible are only part of the underhanded stunts being pulled on this nominee. I see as a citizen patriot only one way to change this immoral behavior. During the midterm Election cycle I can not see any path which would allow me to vote for a demorat. I suggest you consider doing likewise and hopefully the demorats will get the message loud and clear that the American citizens will not tolerate this type of behavior.

  93. So only white men commit sexual assault ? Look at the police reports. What does a black guy do for sax? 15 to 25.

  94. Yes! Yes! Yes! Communist News Network! Enough said!
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  95. I think Toobin is nuts, demented and nobody asked him about Bill Clinton! He is just another Demo Rat hick bigot hit man.

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