What one CNN reporter said about Brett Kavanaugh will leave you speechless

CNN hates Donald Trump.

So they are out to destroy Brett Kavanaugh.

But what one CNN reporter said about Brett Kavanaugh will leave you speechless.

Brett Kavanaugh has strongly denied all allegations that he sexually abused women.

All of his accusers have no credibility and their stories are falling apart.

Kavanugh’s experience highlights a major danger in America.

Liberals can weaponize the Me Too movement to take out their opponents by producing women to accuse conservatives of decades old allegations that are unprovable.

In today’s culture, the media demands you “believe the women” even if – like Christine Blasey Ford – they make clearly baseless allegations.

CNN’s legal correspondent Jeffrey Toobin mocked the idea that you are innocent until proven guilty.

He even attacked Kavanaugh for being a white man.

Breitbart reports:

Tuesday on CNN’s “New Day,” network legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin reacted to a clip of Donald Trump Jr. discussing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexual assault allegations and his fear of such claims becoming weaponized.

Toobin mocked the idea of “white men” fearing they can be falsely accused.

“Every night, I cry myself to sleep over the fate of white men in America,” Toobin stated. “White men have no power, white men — I mean, it’s such garbage.”

He added, “You know what? If you sexually assault someone in high school, your life should be ruined, your life should be pursued. The idea that this is somehow unjust — remember, this all started with accusations of sexual assault. How about the lives of the women who were sexually assaulted in high school? How about 15-year-old Ms. Blasey, she wasn’t Ms. Blasey Ford in those days, how about her life? All this whining about the poor plight of white men is ridiculous.”

But there’s one more problem – Toobin is a total hypocrite.

Toobin had an affair with a young woman who he got pregnant in 2008.

He allegedly offered to pay for her to have an abortion. But when she refused he threatened her.

Toobin took a paternity test that ultimately proved he was the father.

Both Donald Trump and Donald Trump, Jr. have said this is a scary time for men in American.

Women can come out of the woodwork and ruin careers and lives with false allegations.

Do you think that is what these women are trying to do to Brett Kavanaugh?

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