What one top Democrat said about impeaching Brett Kavanaugh will leave you speechless

Democrats are once again drumming up support to remove Brett Kavanaugh from the U.S. Supreme Court.

And thanks to one new book, Democrats believe they have the smoking gun.

And what one top Democrat said about impeaching Brett Kavanaugh will leave you speechless.

Top Democrat presidential contenders like Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris quickly seized on a fake news story in The New York Times about Brett Kavanaugh exposing himself to a woman at a party when he was in college.

The story collapsed when friends of the woman said that she had no memory of the incident.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler worked to quell the hopeless Kavanaugh impeachment push by claiming in a local New York City radio interview his committee was too busy with impeaching President Trump.

Politico reports:

The House Judiciary Committee is too tied up with “impeaching the president” to take immediate action on a potential investigation into sexual misconduct allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler said Monday.

“We have our hands full with impeaching the president right now and that’s going to take up our limited resources and time for a while,” Nadler said on WNYC when pressed by host Brian Lehrer.

It’s a significant comment that comes even as advocates for formal impeachment proceedings against Trump have argued the Judiciary Committee is capable of juggling its Trump-focused investigations with other issues in its broad jurisdiction — including immigration and criminal justice policies.

Nadler’s interview comes amid calls from some Senate Democrats and presidential candidates to impeach Kavanaugh after a New York Times story over the weekend reported a new allegation of sexual misconduct against the justice from his time as a student at Yale.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham already came out and said there was zero chance of impeaching Kavanaugh based on these ridiculous allegations.

Nadler knows a lost cause when he sees one.

And Nadler threw in the towel before the rush to impeach Kavanaugh overwhelmed the party and dragged the Democrats in a losing fight.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Patricia Overby, Oh good, Patricia! I want MJ to hear from me today because, I live for making MJ sick!
    Hey MJ, you had better be headed for the bathroom because, I see a lot of us “on the right side of history” Repubs have jumped on here just for you. Now don’t regurgitate on yourself! Nah, on second thought do! 🙂

  2. Lyudmila, You are exactly right!
    However, the point I was making was that the most recent charges against Justice Kavanaugh were so “bad” even Nadler said to forget it!
    Nadler was not getting praise as moral authority, rather how stupid the charge against Justice K. was if someone like Nadler said “forget it”!
    Nadler is almost but not quite as loathsome as Adam Schit!

  3. when kavanaugh is old and grey and in a nursing home, will nadler and his dimwit followers try to impeach kavanaugh out of his room?let’s just impeach all of America…and be done with it!!then we could take up the case of biden and his “brat”!!!

  4. Obama lost the house and the senate under his watch.
    He lost 12 senate seats and 64 house seats while in office.
    That didn’t happen because most people thought he was doing a good job.
    The only reason he won a second term is because all the Rs could come up with was pathetic Romney.
    Obama endorsed Hillary for president promising a continuation of his policies and she lost because of it.
    She lost to a thin skinned game show host.
    The democrats should have done their homework and proper vetting before they put the first black man in office.

  5. Old pencil neck used up his eraser and he lost his memory. He forgot he met and planned the whistle blower’s testimony to the IG. Schiff is a disgusting liar and now he may have to testify as a witness. I’m really surprised he’s still in office.

  6. Exactly! Billy was impeached for having sex while on duty, and lying under oath. Trump did all his nasty stuff before he was president. Can’t impeach him for something he did before he was president. Nadler was against impeaching Billy. Go figure.

  7. Get informed Nadler – a Sitting Justice CANNOT be impeached for a Past occurrence – One may be impeached only if committing a wrong doing while on the Bench !!

  8. Julio–You need to brush up on your grammar and understanding of English. Your statement is jiberish with out any meaning to it. If you do not like the politics in the USA perhaps you should do research for some other place to claim asylum. If you think all Americans are so stupid–How could you lower your brilliant self to even live among and OFF OF US???

  9. More than likely demomarxists. Jerry does not want to impeach Kavanaugh because he is too busy impeaching our President.. I do believe that Jerry wants to turn his seat in congress into a lifelong impeachment job.. I sure hope someone will primary the He!! out of Jerry and I hope someone will take his Big Wide-aZZed seat in Congress.

  10. And blacks sold other blacks into slavery. Muslims sold people into slavery too. Don’t believe a word the democrats say. White people do not have a monopoly on evil.
    And it was the democrats in the south that owned the plantations.

  11. Nobody is going to be impeached. It’s too difficult because it needs a super-majority in congress which will never happen. All this nonsense talk about impeachment is just carrots for the rabid left. I think some people on the left are so stupid they actually believe if Trump were impeached Hillary would become president, and if Kavanaugh were impeached Pelosi would get to chose his replacement.

  12. That is so correct, they were slautering their own for years and years but nothing is said about that, and now the Indians what all of their land and rights back, good luck with that, not going to happen.

  13. All the dems gave lip service to border security and cracking down on illegal immigration when Obama was in office but now they’re all against it. The dems are capable of doing only one thing, and that’s play politics. Don’t expect anything else from that party.

  14. I hate to admit this about you redman but making America great again, also involves you.
    You don’t realize all that you do is American.
    So when you criticize us, you criticize yourself.
    So smoke that anyway you want.
    :Brought to by the people of America:
    Abolishing the democrats is our goal.

  15. Jerry Nadler, a very out of touch person with reality.
    He can’t except facts, or defeat.
    He’s has redirected into the twilight of despair.
    He’s probably more worried, about being prosecuted for shady past doings.
    President Trump has exposed all of this, and if it wasn’t for our President Donald J Trump there’s no telling when our next revolution would have started.

  16. Amen Jean you are right. They all look like a bunch of morons. They can’t even get along amongst themselves to pick someone capable of running against President Trump. How many are them now & all they talk about is bashing President Trump & each other. Laughing stock of the world. God bless America God bless President Trump Trump 2020.

  17. Aren’t you funny that a top democrat like Jerry Nadler, the first liar and hypocrite of the congress, is going to teach the morality of an honest person – Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh? And the Democrat Kamala Harris, whose “heroic” way to Congress went through the bed? And the Democrats Bill and Hilary Clinton, with their sexual experiences? and Democrat Jeffrey Epstein? I think the demons are a hotbed of the dirt of lies and hypocrisy

  18. Start flooding social media with fake news about Harris and Warren. Then they won’t have so much time trying to impeach everyone they do not like. Let them try self defense for awhile and see how they like it. Flood the social media as much as you can. Play their game.

  19. It’s becoming more and more obvious that the Democrats don’t have any time to do something helpful for the American people. They’re too busy trying to impeach someone.

  20. You must have chronic indigestion or as we call it “democrapitis”. Very painful. Not able to accept defeat. BTW you aint seen nothing yet.

  21. Your commie crowd murders innocent babies. So don’t talk about nazis to anyone. You lice infected white trash.

  22. Isn’t that what the Nazi’s wanted to do just euthanasia their political opponents. That sounds pretty fascist to me. Just saying.

  23. Isn’t that what the Nazi’s wanted to do just euthanasia to their political opponents. That sounds pretty fascist to me.

  24. There is no action undertaken by the obola outfit that was not inimical to the well being of The United States and her people.

  25. He’s just a drugged out, racist Pantyfa beta male trying to make people think he’s black with his stereotypical posts.

  26. RedMan why are you so stupid, hateful, angry and such a racist, did your mama missed the abortion appointment. What a lost soul, I am assuming you have one.

  27. All tbese fools who want to impeach our newest Supreme Court Judge Kavanaugh and our Great President Donald J. Trump need a psychological evaluation.

  28. Seems like they still haven’t ‘progressed’ beyond slavery and civil rights. And now with the medieval era diseases cropping up in California, they seem more regressive.

  29. Since they have been too busy with their impeachment fantasies to even take care of their constituents, unless those constituents are completely brain dead they should be out soon.

  30. Nadler’s remark on this Justice Kavanaugh accusation is correct! He knows this ship sank while still docked at the pier or he would be all over it!
    Dick Durbin said the Dems need to forget about this, or they, Dems, are going to be remembered as “the impeachment party”! One of the few intelligent things I have ever heard him say!
    A few were so quick to jump on the story and cry “impeach Justice Kavanaugh” before the ink on the NYT dried. They just HAD to be the first to call for impeachment! Don’t you know when the NYT had to retract the story, they wished they had every syllable of every word back in their nasty mouths! Presidential candidates who put themselves out there for this fake phony story hurt their credibility even more, provided they had any credibility left!
    We Americans are so tired of these fake, lying, phony, nocturnal creatures of darkness we want to throw up every time they open their racist bigoted mouths! 🙂

  31. More jumping to Judgement without regard for the facts (or what they assume are facts) by Elizabeth Warren. Thank your lucky stars the extent of her Native American heritage went public. Otherwise some Democrat (Biden) could have made her a Judge. Yikes!

  32. Nadler is a disgusting pos and should be removed from office. Nadler we get it you hate President Trump, but your job is to actually work not just harass Trump because you don’t like him at taxpayer expense.

  33. This impeachment crap is not going to stop. R’s need to start impeachment hearings on the female Supremes. A unverified source saw them at a hillary panty party. They throw their panties in a basket and take turns pulling out a pair. They then go off with the owner to Epsteins island. That’s what some people did something.

  34. The brain dead Dumbocrats should resign immediately. Their seats would be better filled by people chosen by lot at the nearest Walmart.

  35. Right redman, start with holder, obama, susan rice, comey, brennan, mccabe, clapper, lois lerner, hillary, bill, cummings. lewis, booker, waters, lee, jefferies, hirono,

  36. Every time I hear Dimocrats referred to a Progressive it reminds me the word should be set between quotation marks – “Progressive”

  37. Please stop breathing. And typing. Your comments are sophomoric, and your attempt at snarky humor is juvenile at best.

  38. When are these people going to start doing the job they were elected to do? Forget the party and serve the people and help our President make our country great again!

  39. What about the lasting affect Heels up Harris has on you folks , you don’t mention that big mouth! Also you dont’ mention the black on killings are far greater than whites doing them in

  40. You must be a hillbilly Democrat. Are all you Democrats stumped or just you .NO. NO. NO. . They are all brainwashed . You probably think that OBAMA was a good president . 0 K that said it all . Take some more drugs and go to bed . You are a sick puppy.

  41. The commiecrats are so obsessed with this crap it’s like a mental breakdown. Sure they have been beaten over the years, but they are constantly getting their asses kicked by a guy who had never held public office. It’s funny!!!

  42. FACTS-Kavanaugh’s PROVEN 100% clearance by the justice dept prior to his confirmation means zero to democrats. Just as the Mueller reports 100% vindication of Trump means nothing to Democrats. Power, Power. Power all the Democrats care about. Period.

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