What someone heard coming from Jeffrey Epstein’s jail cell just changed everything

The known facts surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged suicide continue to puzzle Americans.

Americans are demanding to know how the highest profile prisoner in America could wind up dead.

And what someone heard coming from Jeffrey Epstein’s jail cell just changed everything.

The mystery surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s death just deepened.

CBS News reported a source “familiar with the situation” told the network that there was shrieking coming from Epstein’s jail cell.

CBS News reports:

On the morning of Jeffrey Epstein’s death there was shouting and shrieking from his jail cell, a source familiar with the situation told CBS News. Corrections officers attempted to revive him while saying “breathe, Epstein, breathe.”

Congress is the latest to start investigating Epstein’s apparent suicide over the weekend, with new reports raising questions about the federal jail where he was being held. One of Epstein’s guards at the Metropolitan Correctional Center on the night he died was reportedly not a regular corrections officer.

On Monday, Attorney General William Barr criticized the detention center where the disgraced financier was held. “We will get to the bottom of what happened and there will be accountability,” Barr said. “I was appalled and frankly angry to learn of the MCC’s failure to adequately secure this prisoner.”

Government investigators raided the alleged sex trafficker’s private island in the Virgin Islands Monday.

Epstein supposedly hanged himself while kneeling using a bed sheet.
Who was doing the shrieking?

Was it the guards?

Until these questions are answered, Americans will continue to doubt the official story surrounding Epstein’s death.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. The reason we care who dunnit is that others enabled him and some will get away with their abuse because they can not now be identified. Those people are likely involved in his death.

  2. I doubt it Obumer visit Epstein looking for young girls. Obumer will be more interested in young menif he ever went to any of Epstein locations.

  3. I doubt it Obumer visit Epstein looking for young girls. Obumer will be more interested in young menif he ever went to any of Epstein locations.

  4. I read the same thing. Also, the picture of the live Epstein & the “dead Epstein?” do NOT match. The nose & ears are different. I hope the Clintons didn’t get him, we need him to testify.

  5. We desperately need a DNA test to determine who the dead guy is. They must have Epstein’s DNA from his earlier trial and in minutes they can have the dead guys DNA. If it does not match, and my money is on that outcome, Epstein is still alive.

  6. There is more than A Clinton behind the death of Epstein, A DIRT BAG LIKE Epstein,would gather evidence against the other DIRT BAGS he supplied with young girls for BLACK MAIL REASONS,Thats’ why he got away from prosecution for so long,HE HAS PROOF THAT SOME VERY IMPORTANT MEN, SOME DEMOCRATS,WHO WERE ALSO PEDOPHILES!!!

  7. yes, but did they do a DNA test? I saw some pictures ( I think it was on DCclothesline.com
    that showed his nose and ear were distinctly different than the dead Epstein. The dead Epstein’s nose had a hook to it, and his ear was shaped diferently. Not hard for witness protection to go on the morgues list from around the country and find a look-a-like. Then, just bring in the body, and swap out Jeffery for the fake.

  8. This man is not dead, He has bought his way out again! Will made 2 days before his fictitious death of which particulars will never be known…lawyer left him in good spirits…last words said were “See you on Sunday”!…not to mention the guards not being the normal personnel and removing the cell mate along with suicide watch being removed and setting that narrative up to begin with the week prior. Way too many coincidences in my humble opinion. All set up for him to disappear with his riches to continue his disgusting lifestyle.

  9. Deep State Hit:
    1.Suicide watch canceled
    2.Cellmate removed just in time.
    3.No 30 Minute Check
    4.Camera not working
    5.Guards Asleep??
    6.Paper sheet used for noose.
    7.Screaming and shrieking from his cell
    8.Falsifying log records

  10. He had no reason to kill himself but someone wanted him dead. We do not know who that someone is.

  11. i agree. the method he used with the towel would probably not have broken the bone in his neck. when they do an autopsy, if they see that bone broken, the almost automatically suspect strangulation.

  12. Redman a hunter , hell , he’d starve to death without his food stamps and he knows that’s the truth of the matter , right Sambo

  13. We care about who is responsible because he has reduced his sentence by co-operating with the authorities by telling who else is involved in this massive pedo ring…and now he is dead all then others are off the hook potentially…perhaps you think that is nothing to get riled up over…but normal people do!

  14. Apparently no Kavanaugh or Trump in Epstein’s flight logs,but both Clintons are, along with numerous other big Democrat donors. My, my, what will become of the party if all their best donors wind up in prison?

  15. I missed ‘the wheelchair’ ink. hmm.
    Seriously doubt at Guantanamo.
    If he IS Alive, he IS ‘Protected’.
    & Most LIKELY OUT of USA.
    I saw ink, of a ‘flight path’ Straight
    into “elite Base” in Antarctica. i dunno,
    But seems Totally plausible.
    >Also take note: Ghislaine Maxwell is nowhere
    to be found. She ‘ditched’ as soon as epstein
    ‘arrested’. ‘They LET her, get Gone. i suspect
    she IS OUT of USA as well.

  16. I love how trump university semi grads make up non werds. HAMBERDERS! DIVERSARY! and the latest- LAWMURKERS!And why do people keep mentioning kool aid? No one will explain the relevance. Makes no cents.Explain kool aid.
    Trump sucks Putins kielbasa- very fine!

  17. Danny, are you experiencing dementia or just male menopause? You can’t even seem to get the names right. You need some Prevagen?

  18. Was Judge Kavanaugh on the island also? I mean he is a drunk and a sexual assaulter, but I did not know he knew Epstein. All I have read is that Donald Trump and Bill Clinton went to Epstein’s parties.

  19. Amen again, MJ. The republicans don’t even get along with each other – – I have seen lists of “RINO traitors” because anyone who does not drink the right wingnut Kool Aid and votes their way 100% of the time is considered a traitor. Since that is true within the GOP, it is even worse outside of it. Moscow Mitch is a source of many of the problems and has two standards of actions – – – for the Dems you are blocked, and for Trump it gets a pass. Moscow Mitch is a sell out, and helped remove sanctions to get a Russia aluminum plant in his district. That is not even mentioning his corrupt wife.

  20. That is NOT true, JB, so let me give you some economic facts. The budget was in the black (surplus) when Clinton left office, W. Bush drove it up by a tax break and two wars plus taking regulations off Wall Street . . . this caused the Great Recession of 2008. When Obama took over, the Dow was at 7600, and the down was three times that by the time Obama left office. Obama reduced the federal deficit from 9.8 percent of GDP in 2009 to 3.2 percent in 2016. It was only Trump that has moved deficits up past the $1 Trillion mark! There are signs of a depression coming.

  21. EXACTLY Fay! Very wealthy men, like Epstein (est. is $500 million) have so many resources and lawyers to make many of the victims go through MORE misery and lose. Epstein and his people LOOKED and cultivated underage girls that are vulnerable. Part of it is also the “cooling of the mark” tactics used upon the victim plus their lack of maturity and information.

  22. you are so right about the two levels of justice! In my hometown in South Carolina, a rich kid was speeding in his car with some of his rich friends aboard and came upon a railroad underpass that was divided. They thought it would be funny to go through the wrong way of the underpass but did not see the man walking there. They killed the man and the local courts determined that “the trauma was so intense for these fine young kids that they surely have suffered enough”.
    They were let go free and to this day, nothing more has been mentioned about it.

  23. You just used the operative word, “Estranged”.
    His brother was probably threatened if he talked.
    Epstein was a man with a trail of money and blackmail that lead to every rich freak in government.
    After seeing the oil painting of Clinton in a dress and red heels hanging in Epstein’s home, anything is possible.

  24. The hollering was for effect. They knew that other ears could hear so they put on an act. I read where he was wheeled out in a wheelchair to an awaiting van containing a man in military uniform. My guess, he is now a resident of Guantanamo Bay.

  25. Then who is the poor soul who was strangled with such force as to break his neck bones in Epstein’s cell? His estranged brother identified his body.

  26. Women like the ones Epstein victimized are not really able to fend for themselves. He had money and influence – they had nothing but their youth and innocence. They had to grow up befoe they could even thingk of fighting back. Stop blaming the victims.

  27. KrAAp 1 liners fed to msm e’day now.
    > Worse than JFK ‘Warren’ Report.
    .Man on gurney WAS NOT ‘epstein’___
    >Photos ‘busted’ as soon as NY Post
    showed 2 photos. A Tell ALL.

  28. Jim, Thank you. You speak the truth and I could not have said it any better.
    Most people have no idea that what we have in the US is a two tiered justice system, one for the rich and one for the poor. The “deep” state or those with money and power most always get away with anything and the corruption goes all the way up to the top so one can’t rely on any appeals court or the supreme court for that matter. Money talks and the majority, be it the police, attorneys or whoever, when they see what is happening, will most always turn a blind eye to it. be it out of fear of retaliation or backlash with them then putting their job in jeopardy with possibility of them then losing their pensions, or otherwise, if they expose it. And so the corruption goes on and on. they should not call it the justice system for there is no justice. I believe what goes around comes around so yes, their time will come when they will have to answer for their ways.

  29. Justice is corrupted. No more honor. Integrity or moral fiber in the justice system. It is now the JUST US system. They have always proudly stated that they take care of their own. That is the only thing they spout that is truthful. They all think they are better then us. I hear people say they serve us. It’s supposed to be that way. But they are agents of the state. They ONLY serve their MASTERS. But as Ted stated. They will be standing in front of the great judge. No more corrupt So called politicians. Cops. Attorney’s. Or laughable courtrooms filled with evil judges. I pity them. I pity everyone who rebels against our heavenly father. And our Lord and Savior.

  30. It would just be natural if a person were kneeling when they were struggling for breath they would stop themselves. I don’t believe you would continue to not try to get your breath. If he was just kneeling how did he get all the broken bones in his neck.

  31. Tony God’s judgement is coming. Read Revelation chapter 20 about the small and great standing before the great white throne for judgement. They are getting away with nothing. My Bible holds the true outcome for people like them. They could be saved If and only if they trusted the resurrected Christ.

  32. Laura, I voted FOR President Trump to get a Constitutional judge on the Supreme Court. There is too much political pandering on that court. I may not be happy with Preaident Trump’s personality, but I totally agree with his policies.

  33. We don’t mention it, Scott because Clinton denied being on the Lolita Express more than 4 or 5 times yet the pilots’ logs showed well over 20. How many times was President Trump on the Express?

  34. The screaming was done by the murderers to hide the commotion. What guard would have called him “Epstein” rather than pervert or dirt bag?

  35. A commiecrat is a Democrat whom expects us to take global positions with other countries. Believe that our money isn’t our money. That it belongs to the government. They believe in open borders, freebies for everyone. That they set the agenda for how we teach and train our children. Murdering babies. That it’s ok for men to marry men. Women marring women. Squashing free speech. They believe that armed defense is not a right and work to kill the 2nd amendment. Yes,it’s been discussed. And commiecrats are too stupid to realize that If we think medical care is expensive, wait until it’s “free “. The list goes on. And the idiots think they are doing a good job running our large cities. Just look up Marxism and you will learn the rest. And ask yourself, do I want to live that way?

  36. Well T. Bel. It WAS PROBABLY that So Called! Make Believe Correctional Officer! Probably him that Killed Epstein for The Clinton Family! And Obama okayed it.

  37. Hey Moe, it’s Tony from Nevada, and couldn’t agree with you More! Over the Years with the clintons being in the White (Sad) House and them controlling things Government or their home state? It Wouldn’t be The Only Time That Someone or Person of interest WAS KILLED or Rubbed Out! Because they were connected To The Clinton Family. Clintons need to be Locked Up & Key thrown away. Even their Own Daughter Chelsea. Must be nice to have the Golden Spoon in You Mouth. Power abuse!

  38. This is all part of the plan. Go to the X22 reports on the collapse of the dollar, the Economic Reset and what OUR President plans to do about it????.
    Here’s a question: What’s happening to the Central Banks and the Fed?

  39. Shepherd Jeffrey Epstein is fine! He’s alive and under Witness Protection. Anything else is unwitting ignorance, always following the official narrative. The Patriots have it all!

  40. That’s entirely possible, Rastus. A white liberal troll…Now that’s one conspiracy theory I can believe..

  41. Redman; and who ruined Baltimore? The last I heard, Elija Cummings was a black man. Why don’t you ask him where the 16 billion dollars went that he was supposed to use for the city?

  42. The problem is guys like Bill Clinton get away with more crimes by wiping out witnesses, not a question as if Epstein deserved death, but a rich person should not be his trail and jury to protect their own criminal ass. Having the FBI who investigated Clinton investigate this is about as funny as it gets.

  43. These are facts about the tariffs..But as Biden said..democrats believe in “truth” and not facts ???,,,,The trade imbalance has gone from 900 billion to roughly 500 billion. China is feeling the effects of this. their currency is suffering. They, like other countries have been playing us for suckers since the end of WWII…. Trump is putting a stop to it…Over 900 companies have come back to the United States because of less regulations, lower corporate taxes and the tariffs. it will no longer be profitable to do business in China.

  44. Must have really freaked out Epstein, knowing at the end that he was being murdered at the order of his friends. Well, he deserved it. Good riddance to bad garbage.

  45. isn’t funny how all these women waited 20, 30 years before coming out , my bet they got paid well, and now want to cash in some more , it’s good that only rich men have to worry about these kinds of charges , you don’t see them going after poor men , it must be the money

  46. MJ the commiecrats has caused the dept. stopping wet backs from getting green cards and living off the government is a big start.

  47. If anyone wanted Trump to lose, and Hillary to win, it was the CHI-COMS..They could buy Hillary..Trump can’t be bought…

  48. our debt has been over a trillion for many years try doing your home work before making a dumb ass remark like that.

  49. There is no “Bi-partisanship” when you are dealing with democrats…It’s the democrats way, or the highway. that’s a fact, Jack..

  50. Don’t talk obstruction by the current congress let’s see under your man the debt is over a trillion dollars this year I see how tRUMP and his gang were so concerned about the deficit. A lot of good they accomplished how are you going to feel when the economy tanks and it will in the run up to the next election.

  51. Bill and killery might have ran out of luck this time. We have an AG that’s not afraid of them. Too late. Bill’s dress picture has been found. Epstein was probably packing his fudge. Or killery trying out a new strap-on.

  52. Murder is the name of the game. Only the murderers will say the suicide word. A common Clintontonian excuse.

  53. Either way they are worm. Speaking of the guards. They might as well squeal. The only thing is I would like to have seen some convictions on Epstein’s testimony. We need to know who all was involved. I would love to see Barr go after them with everything he’s got. The law has to be obeyed. That is partly what is wrong lawlessness has taken over. Restore the rule of law & our God given rights. The only time we go against it is if goes against God.


  55. Rose a group of bipartisan senators tried but the hard right wouldn’t agree to anything mainly the tea party. That is a fact check it out.

  56. Rose a group of bipartisan senators tried but the hard right wouldn’t agree to anything mainly the tea party. That is a fact check it out.

  57. Red man, you mean the Jim Crow laws that the DEMOCRATS put in place just like the INDIAN REMOVAL ACT? Lol has nothing to do with skin color, just the fascism ideology that seems to follow Dems around.

  58. It was, in fact, the muslim-in-chief Obama that bowed and kissed the ring of the Saudi prince, and you useless idiots owned by China, after trying to bully and control Trump for the past three years, should know by now that no one controls him

  59. Trump did it !!!!!! Might as well say it. The commiecrats will get around to it. He had the redman doing a lap dance on the guards while a Trump thug came in and offed the pervert. Or maybe Betty turned tricks to keep them distracted. Or maybe redman’s slut mammy. It will probably come out that Ruth Ginsberg was there with her dentures removed.

  60. Amy you can’t be for real with that this EPSTEIN DOUCHEBAG was a LIABILITY he had to die too many people’s lives are going to be ruined I pray that CLINTON is involved both of these mutts need jail time.

  61. So no one has stopped to consider that a sex addict may have died from auto-erotic death?…(sexual gratification from lack of oxygen from NEAR hanging that went too far?)

  62. Is there a public viewing of his wake??? Didn’t think so. I just wonder why no one is claiming Witness Protection Programs. The guy is a Rat!!!!

  63. Stop it with the racism…this is disgraceful that u want to showboat when there is a death that has happened!! It matters not what color the man was that died, or what color the possible killers are…what matters is we find out the truth & hold the so called “Elites” responsible for such a heinous act!! It’s the truth & the death of this man that matters & all that matters here! May God forgive for ur sinful act of disrespect & racial bias
    that stands in the way of justice & human decency!!

  64. Laura, we need someone who loves this country and our Constitution and will do a lot of good for us. That would be Trump. The dems hate this country and our Constitution and their goal is to have total control of our government and us. But guess that is what you want.

  65. The Clintons are right in the middle of this. They have been involved in corruption and murder since their days in Arkansas. Anyone who gets in their way winds up dead. They think they are untouchable, but Jesus will be their judge.

  66. redidiot…your racism is very sick. If you hate white people so much, please get off your computer or whatever else you are using. It was invented by white people. Get rid of everything you own. It all came from white people. Go live in a mud hut with nothing but a bow and arrow and a couple of buffalo to hunt.

  67. redidiot…take a good look in your mirror to see who is no good. And if you think we ruined America (which is a lie), you are free to move somewhere else.

  68. Mike…the left has started numerous rumors about anyone they do not agree with. They live on lies and hate and have no credibility.

  69. Yes, the Clintons not only have the power, they have been involved in many murders since their days in Arkansas. And NO ONE controls the Trumps, fool.

  70. Bill Clinton hired some big & strong man to kill Epstein. Someone was given some $ to bribe the guards to cut the power to the CCTV and go on break while he strangles (that’s when the shrieks and shouting is heard) Epstein and tie some sheets around his dead neck to make it appear to be “suicide”.

  71. No good white-folks ruined america. It matters not if they are democrat, or repubs. No good white-folks are the same white-folks everywhere, Demons in pink skin. hahahahhahahahahha

  72. Idiot. It was MBS. The Saudis control the Trumps. If the Clintons had the power to murder, the Con-in-Chief would be long gone

  73. Surprise!!!! One of Epstein’s victims, now a grown woman, swore under oath that Bill Clinton visited orgy island. Bill said no way. Watch the commiecrats circle the wagons around him. Remember Judge Kavanagh?

  74. Of course the two guards weren’t regular full time guards. They were brought in to do a specific job and were then released after said duty was performed. The warden was only reassigned. REASSIGNED?? At least one of these three will probably have to take the dirt nap, maybe all three. This all of course is just my opinion as I have no first hand knowledge. BTW a man charged with killing a carjacking victim at a bank in Hillsborough County Fl. Was being held in Hillsborough County Jail and tried to hang himself but was unsuccessful because a guard was doing his job. HIS WAS NOT A HIGH PROFILE CASE AND HE WAS RESCUED. HMMMMMM!?!?

  75. A person walked into the doctors office and told the doctor, “I hurt all over”. The doctor said, “show me”. The patient touched their elbow and screamed, touched their knee and screamed, and touched their forehead and screamed. The doctor asked, “are you a liberal?” The patient said, “yes I am, why do you ask?” The doctor replied, “it’s your finger that is broke”.

  76. No…these are facts. It is your Dem Party who all have blinders on. Can’t see the forest for the trees. Dems are such hypocrites and only see the specks in others eyes while they have logs in their own. They care about the children and babies at the border, but it is just fine to kill babies in the US born alive….or never getting a chance to be born (the innocents). They used to gripe about the problems with immigration, yet never lifted a finger to remedy it. And now that we have a President with the guts to actually implement solutions…they obstruct (because it isn’t their party who would get the credit for doing it.) I could go on and on…it is pretty scary really, to see how sorry these people really are. Strange lot…but I will pray they will know the Lord and follow HIS ways….which will truly make America Great Again.

  77. You mean Deep State???? Lots going on there…but of course Fake Media stays with zero coverage of the investigations. All they care about is trying to make mountains out of mole hills when it comes to our President. A shame we can’t trust them! Communism is alive and well, apparently in the USA. That’s what it sounds like to me! But doesn’t seem to be an issue with the Dems!

  78. I agree!! The sooner they get to the bottom of this, the better! We have other fish to fry…mainly being the Deep State crimes.

  79. lola!!! We love that fabulous trump guy why do you insist on say crumble stockade meaningful unnatural upper tone notes.
    That we supposed to text back and coga nighttime meals.

  80. No…he did not BRAG about it….he knew him from his golf resort in Florida….and he was ousted from there for trying to solicit young ladies.

  81. Also people do not commit suicide when their attorney says that he recently spoke to him and Epstein was in good spirits. People who are in good spirits don’t commit suicide. Sounds to me like it was done to him “accidentally on purpose”. Like so many more cover ups we have seen in the past.

  82. I say again I don’t expect any swamp draining out of this . Maybe a guard will get fired but no deserving pedophiles are going down . Mission accomplished.

  83. What about lie detectors? They seem to work At least you may find something.
    Place all people of the Dep State under lie detectors You will be amazed.

  84. Laura we are voting against someone. Whom ever of the commiecrats gets the nomination so we can save our republic. That party got taken over by communism years ago.

  85. I posted a few days ago about playing my fiddle on a street corner to raise money for Trump. Getting good results. People like my Trump cap.

  86. Not 15 yrs.You retard,He knew him 15 yrs.ago and that is a fact and it is also true that the Clintons put out a lot of Politicians.judges etc.that get in their way.

  87. We all know Benghazi was started with a video produced by a guy in California too…”yeah”; that’s why four officers are dead, a video….

  88. I have actually been expecting it, Mike, since it is their typical MO. Give it time, though, they will find a way to work it in with all the other problems of the world they’ve been blaming him for ever since their queen got beat.

  89. The depth of DISTRUST AND CYNICISM Americans now have in our legal system is the lowest in a century.

    If Attorney General Barr is interested In restoring our confidence, he can start NOW with perp walks of Deep State.

    If not, there is a more than reasonable possibility that Civil War 2.0 is coming soon.

    Mr. Barr, it’s up to you. Nobody else can do it.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  90. No Robert, I and many, also wonder why the delay? Did they have to wait for His Death or Demise for Entry onto Island? Was it being fought in Court?…and now…No One to fight it?? Things that make you go Hmmmm.

  91. Conspiracy fables? Like the one about Trump being perp walked out of the oval office and thrown in jail we’ve been hearing for the past three years? Bwahahaha, you’re funny.

  92. Scott 27, I would be Happy to “mention”…Of COURSE President Trump knew & knew of…Epstein, as President Trump was a Top Notch New York Developer & knew all the ‘movers & shakers’, the ‘elected’ of NY, the generational/inherited ‘wealth’ of NY!! Etc. Many parties, Many paths crossed Etc. He had Epstein to a ‘function’ at “Mar-A-Lago”…he came out that Epstein raped one of the ‘workers/caterers’ Daughters! Epstein was thus ‘Banned’ from not only Mar-A-Lago, BUT, All Trump’s Dealings & Functions, Etc. The Truth is Out There, Most would rather believe the lies & hatred & rhetoric, than investigate the Truth for themselves!! If THIS ‘Lies Narrative” is what you Choose to believe…Then You’re Freakin’Head is Going to Explode at the Massive Indictments & Treasonous Behaviors Exposed Coming YOUR Way!! Buckle Up because America Rocks!

  93. That’s Dan’s MO, MJ…. some are just not worth trying to reason with, unless it’s for entertainment. Amazing what they will say.

  94. Clean out the fascists and all those who too old, like Trump, Biden and Sanders. We need a person with full mental capacity, not a person who forgets where shootings took place. Every time that Trump thinks he is inciting his base, he makes more enemies. And people vote against others (like Hillary) more than they vote for someone!

  95. Ditto Lisa. But AG Barr and the victims I don’t think are going to let this drop. Hence the raid on Epstien’s island and the removal of the warden. Plus both of those on duty were placed on Administrative leave.
    As for being overworked, how many hours a week were they putting in? I worked 84 hour weeks for months on end in a noisy safety related environment without a day off in the 80s and 90s. 3 months straight during one summer. Try working 3500 hours in a year sometime in an environment where it is noisy ( 108db ), hot ( or cold on a winter night ), and vibrations in the building when operating the equipment.

  96. And it probably was Lord Voldemort with the dementors. The Dementors made Epstein scream or shriek, and then Voldemort took him out is what Alex Jones, famous conspiracy freak from infoWars said! And he should know, because he worked hard to invent several other right wing conspiracy fables.

  97. So simplistic – – all bad is on the other side, and we are the ones with the [iure white hats, huh Dan? Well, two people last week were right wingnuts – – the guy in El Paso and the guy they caught who had bomb-making equipment and illegal firearms. And, Nazis and commies don’t get along – – they were natural enemies in WWII and still are now. When are you going to get past all those simplistic and anachronistic labels?

  98. Yes Lisa the distraction is he quietly back down on Chinese tariffs today. Why because China will not back down they play the long game not the short game.

    Like it or not they are about to be the next Superpower. I say that not because I like the Chinese but it is a fact study history. When one empire declines another rises to fill the vacuum. History never repeats but it does rhyme.

  99. Jamie they take their polls in commie strongholds in large cities. Killery lost with the poll winds at her back.

  100. That is correct Scott. It should have said “was a visitor” as both Clintons flew on his plane there. Facts proven by the flight logs.
    As for Vince Foster, want to explain how someone can shoot themselves in the mouth and still have the firearm in their hands. Suicide my foot.

  101. The prison official and guards have been bought and paid. I say lock all of them up until the truth comes out

  102. Have you considered it just may be a suicide by a once-free-wheeling molester who was looking at life in prison? And if it was anything more, you are absolutely right, these people need to be stopped, which we can do next year with an election.

  103. Gary I don’t want to argue but what proof do you have. This conspiracy theory was put out the minute it was announced he was dead. Before you judge let’s get the facts.

  104. Surly you can come up with something better than name calling it will not solve anything. Social media is one of the things splitting this country up.

  105. if there is no need for distraction from your supreme leader, why is he constantly doing things to distract you? And seriously, the Clintons are old news. They wouldn’t have the same pull to accomplish such a deed, if indeed there was anything to it… however, your dear leader would have that pull.

  106. Gary… “reportedly a visitor”, “had one of his aids murdered”???? Where in the hell do you get this garbage? Did you get it from your third cousin twice removed who overheard it in a conversation at the tire store?? Stop spreading such steaming piles of BS. Unless you can prove it, then just be quiet. Trump bragged about his 15-year friendship with Epstein.. why do you folks never mention that?

  107. Lincoln…You Are Ridiculous!!!..and ‘Wish I Red’, Man is an Imbecile!! The “Difference”..missing Linc dude, IS…Soros WANTS Our Demise & Destruction, unlike the GOP ‘Billionaires’ who work for the Betterment of America!! America’s “Law Of The Land – The Constitution..Is NOT up for Debate or for the Demons to chip, chip, chip, away at!! If YOU or any of YOUNS do NOT like/love America…It Is Imperative…that you get the Freak Out Now! We’re Done. Listen well Demons…Light Exposes the DarK!

  108. People don’t yell and scream while hanging them selves. But we will never know the truth. Just like Vince Foster and many others.

  109. How would we like it? They already have but do. Even us Constitutionalist Democrats are “Deplorables” as Killary, Shrillary, HITLERY, so eloquently put it. What do you think they’ve been doing to Trump? Oh My! Lions and Tigers and Bears, OH MY!
    They’re hiding their crimes by spreading lies and committing murders, segregation, racism, sexism, and human trafficking.
    The ONLY reason they are allowing illegals in the country is because we don’t trust them anymore around our kids and watching them. So, they need the “unsuspecting ignorant immigrants” for that purpose, and the murderous criminals and terrorists to keep Epstein and any others who will expose them quiet.
    Those Dems Innocent? Not by a longshot!!!

  110. Lincoln, as a woman and every woman I know I would say 9 out of 10 women support Trump..the ones that don’t are illegal or stuck in the Demokkkrats plantation with the BS that they were raised with

  111. Lisa..it’s all good, we have enough and they are still going after 3 associates, they just raised his island and he had it WIRED for sight and sound..As Killary, Page, and Peter stRovak have all learned NOTHING ever is deleted. They have been watching the island until warrants came through, he died, probable cause was given, BUT, they were able to get plenty plenty plenty from his NY Mansion when he was arrested. He meticulously kept records..he died DAY AFTER records were unsealed naming high profile clients (Hollywood and Democrats mostly) Including Clintons

  112. Hey, Edward, keep hitting the submit button will not get it to work faster! My God, you people are just N U T S about Soros – – sure he has some influence, but there are many billionaires richer than him in the GOP and having as much influence or more. You guys just want a scapegoat to blame everyone else but yourselves. You are a dying party, and Trump has helped its future sink by alienation of minorities and women (ONLY 1 in 3 females support Trump).

  113. The guard crouching below RFK, from the angle of the fatal execution style bullet, also was a new hire. See JFK and the Warren Commission in gentileassociation.org showing why Bobby could never be allowed in the white house. Jacob Rubenstein (later known as Jack Ruby) also got extraordinary access to the police station to shoot the patsy, Oswald.

  114. You are all a bunch of stepford cult members, bleeting like sheep. FOR YOU AND/OR TRUMP to make this crap up just shows the conspiratorial nature of the ignorant. Even some Republicans stated about the Mueller report: “a person is assumed to be innocent until proven guilty.” How would you like it if the left wing tried to start a rumor/conspiracy that it was Trump who had Epstein killed because they used to attend parties together with underage females used for sexual purposes?!?

  115. One of Epstein’s friends and reportedly a visitor and client was Teflon Bill Clinton. Records indicate he had traveled to Epstein’s Pleasure Island numerous times and a few without Secret Service protection. There is nothing the Clintons or any other wealthy leftist will no do to protect themselves and their rotten image. Clinton had one of his aids murdered in a Washington D.C. park with a 19th century black powder pistol, stolen from a museum. No charges or prosecution were initiated. Of course Billary scammed lots of people in
    Arkansas in a real estate deal, before they were elected to Washington. They never will be poor and will terminate anyone that messes with their criminal lives. Epstein presented a viable threat to their operations.

  116. kilary aun libtard no r werds uh ? Lik u cun trui tah spehl ef oo ga tu TroOmp university? YES! YES! Can you dig it? Shake yo money maker!

  117. You are Spot On Lisa! He surely knows what “shrieking” sounds like. His ‘Death’ will not STOP THE investigations!! The lists, videos, depositions, flight logs, money transfers, etc. et. al. ALL WILL be “Unsealed”; Revealed. His Death leaves No One to ‘tie up’ his Estate. The FBI have Already, TODAY, landed on His Island!!
    Information, Discovery, Evidence, will be exposed. ‘Everyday’ Americans Will be Shocked at the Indictments of the “Recognizable’, due to the Diabolical! I am Very Sorry the Children, Now Adults, will not be able to confront the ‘Main Dude”. But these other ‘Untouchables’ will be (FINALLY) not only held accountable for their insidious leanings, But, also their Treasonous, Traitorous actions against America!! Dark to Light.

  118. Not for long, Dan W. Not for long. Meuller day is coming soon. In court or by the same fate as Epstein. THAT will solidify the guilt of the Dirty Dems.

  119. We are demanding an investigation. And IM A CONSTITUTIINALIST DEMOCRAT!!! How’s that for demanding an investigation into the Deep State?

    TRUMP MAGA 2020!!!

  120. So prominent Democrats who had sex with under age children is a distraction? If it was Republicans I am certain you would be demanding an investigation.

  121. “MJ”, you can’t be serious! That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard since the Clinton’s were in office. Whatever credibility you may have thought you had, was just flushed down the drain. Good work my friend.

  122. They just keep going with story after story about prison overtiredness understaffed incompetent help with the guard issue and on and on. Spin city in full speed ahead. We all know this guy was on the list of dead men tell no tales.

  123. Congress is the latest to start investigating Epstein’s apparent suicide over the weekend, with new reports raising questions about the federal jail where he was being held. One of Epstein’s guards at the Metropolitan Correctional Center on the night he died was reportedly not a regular corrections officer.

    Does “Hit man” ring bells and raise more questions?

  124. I worry about the young girl being the next victim. The dead don’t talk. I hope she has protection.

  125. Somebody high up pulled strings. Amazing the lengths these pervs will go to in trying to avoid exposure. Hopefully this is not going to be another two week story that dries up and goes away. These people need to be stopped.

  126. Yes and we have George Soros with Billions of Dirty Money and he hates America as much as Hilary and Obama , How much was paid to some guard ?

  127. Yes and we have George Soros with Billions of Dirty Money and he hates America as much as Hilary and Obama , How much was paid to some guard ?

  128. Yes and we have George Soros with Billions of Dirty Money and he hates America as much as Hilary and Obama , How much was paid to some guard ?

  129. There isn’t any need for distraction from President Trump. You would like to use this to distract from the disgusting Clinton’s killing this pos. I don’t care that he’s dead, I care that all the information he had probably won’t come to light. You liberals are the most pathetic bunch of losers on the face of this earth.

  130. Multi millionaires do not commit suicide. They negotiate settlements through lawyers to make hundreds of people millionaires. AND STILL HAVE HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS TO SPEND.

  131. Does our government think that Epatein killed himself? Hell no. I said from day one he would be killed, as did a lot of other people. Our government needs to list all names of the POLITICIANS who sexually abused the young girl and they should be charged. No e of these crooked politicians are above the law, but they get by with EVERYTHING

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