What someone on MSNBC said about the American flag will have your jaw on the ground

Anti-American former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick ignited a new national controversy.

Kaepernick convinced Nike to yank patriotic-themed sneakers with Betsy Ross’s Revolutionary War era American flag on them because he said the flag was racist.

And what someone on MSNBC said about the American flag will have your jaw on the ground.

The Fake News Media as well as prominent Democrats rallied around Kaepernick’s contention that the American flag is a symbol of slavery and oppression.

Presidential hopefuls Beto O’Rourke and Julian Castro applauded Nike’s decision and echoed Kaepernick’s smears about the flag.

On MSNBC, left-wing Georgetown University Sociology professor – and fake intellectual – Michael Eric Dyson – also rushed to Kaepernick’s side.

Dyson compared the image of the American flag to a Nazi swastika or the Klu Klux Klan burning a cross.

Breitbart reports:

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Live,” Georgetown University sociology professor Michael Eric Dyson compared the Betsy Ross American flag with the 13 stars representing the original colonies to the Nazi swastika and a burning Ku Klux Klan cross.
While discussing Nike canceling a release of shoes featuring the Ross flag after former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick objected, Dyson said, “It hails from the revolutionary period of this nation’s founding which was deeply embroiled in, you know in enslavement, of the owners of slaves, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and the like. But also it’s the recent use of this flag that has been the most opprobrious. Right-wing white supremacists have used it as a rallying cry for their own cause. None of these flags are set in stone. It’s the moral ecology of the time. Right now this flag has been used by people who want to pummel African-Americans, Latinos, Jews and other people, Neo-Nazis that want to claim that they have the true copyright on American identity. So why not choose a flag that is representative of everybody? The diversity of identities, ideologies, people of color and mainstream people who exist in this country? That’s the kind of blowback against the use of this particular flag…
…Dyson said, “Words matter. Symbols matter, too, Why don’t we wear a swastika for July 4th? Because I don’t know, it makes a difference. The cross-burning on somebody’s lawn. Why don’t we just have a Nike celebration of the —well because those symbols are symbols of hate. So we can take PC culture back.”

Millions of Americans were repulsed by Kaepernick, Democrats, and the media’s behavior.

The flag is a symbol of unity and American pride.

Instead, liberals are trying to trash it as a mark of oppression and racism.

The media is going along for the ride to try and minimize the political fallout for the Democrats.

We will continue to keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. I hope every one remembers when #44s bed partner said they were going to fundamentally change the history of Our Country.

  2. This country went hell, when the draft was eleminated. That’s when we got Clinton and his crowd of cowards

  3. This alone should tell you how important it is to vote in 2020. Let’s keep America Great because if we don’t the alternate is those guys.

  4. The American Flag is 100% REPUBLICAN CHRISTIAN because Trump, Pence, Graham and the others say so and is proven true in the general society. Trump says to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT” and all is well!

  5. I think the American flag is a symbol of, “I hope I get a chance to kill those liberal son of a butches”. I bet if Kaepernick took a dick up the ass Nike and MSNBC would make a shoe and praise him on live news network coverage. May even call for a special report.

  6. if they don’t like 0ur flag or our country they can go straight to hell. I spent 40 years in the US Army Both active duty and active reserves. Only two things stops me from going back at 81 is I am past MDR for age which is 60. I will however will be glad to escort them to the Mexican border. SFC ret Joe Kellams

  7. Well the only fault with that analogy is that many people who were taken in battle weren’t dumb but were sold anyway. I don’t know if you are familiar with the Bible but Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers but later became second in rulership to pharoah.

  8. That would be a flag very similar to what we use today… 13 red and white stripes with 33 to 35 stars on a blue field. Only the number of stars and the pattern of stars changed. Hope this helps.

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