What someone on MSNBC said about the American flag will have your jaw on the ground

Anti-American former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick ignited a new national controversy.

Kaepernick convinced Nike to yank patriotic-themed sneakers with Betsy Ross’s Revolutionary War era American flag on them because he said the flag was racist.

And what someone on MSNBC said about the American flag will have your jaw on the ground.

The Fake News Media as well as prominent Democrats rallied around Kaepernick’s contention that the American flag is a symbol of slavery and oppression.

Presidential hopefuls Beto O’Rourke and Julian Castro applauded Nike’s decision and echoed Kaepernick’s smears about the flag.

On MSNBC, left-wing Georgetown University Sociology professor – and fake intellectual – Michael Eric Dyson – also rushed to Kaepernick’s side.

Dyson compared the image of the American flag to a Nazi swastika or the Klu Klux Klan burning a cross.

Breitbart reports:

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Live,” Georgetown University sociology professor Michael Eric Dyson compared the Betsy Ross American flag with the 13 stars representing the original colonies to the Nazi swastika and a burning Ku Klux Klan cross.
While discussing Nike canceling a release of shoes featuring the Ross flag after former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick objected, Dyson said, “It hails from the revolutionary period of this nation’s founding which was deeply embroiled in, you know in enslavement, of the owners of slaves, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and the like. But also it’s the recent use of this flag that has been the most opprobrious. Right-wing white supremacists have used it as a rallying cry for their own cause. None of these flags are set in stone. It’s the moral ecology of the time. Right now this flag has been used by people who want to pummel African-Americans, Latinos, Jews and other people, Neo-Nazis that want to claim that they have the true copyright on American identity. So why not choose a flag that is representative of everybody? The diversity of identities, ideologies, people of color and mainstream people who exist in this country? That’s the kind of blowback against the use of this particular flag…
…Dyson said, “Words matter. Symbols matter, too, Why don’t we wear a swastika for July 4th? Because I don’t know, it makes a difference. The cross-burning on somebody’s lawn. Why don’t we just have a Nike celebration of the —well because those symbols are symbols of hate. So we can take PC culture back.”

Millions of Americans were repulsed by Kaepernick, Democrats, and the media’s behavior.

The flag is a symbol of unity and American pride.

Instead, liberals are trying to trash it as a mark of oppression and racism.

The media is going along for the ride to try and minimize the political fallout for the Democrats.

We will continue to keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I hope every one remembers when #44s bed partner said they were going to fundamentally change the history of Our Country.

  2. This country went hell, when the draft was eleminated. That’s when we got Clinton and his crowd of cowards

  3. This alone should tell you how important it is to vote in 2020. Let’s keep America Great because if we don’t the alternate is those guys.

  4. The American Flag is 100% REPUBLICAN CHRISTIAN because Trump, Pence, Graham and the others say so and is proven true in the general society. Trump says to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT” and all is well!

  5. I think the American flag is a symbol of, “I hope I get a chance to kill those liberal son of a butches”. I bet if Kaepernick took a dick up the ass Nike and MSNBC would make a shoe and praise him on live news network coverage. May even call for a special report.

  6. if they don’t like 0ur flag or our country they can go straight to hell. I spent 40 years in the US Army Both active duty and active reserves. Only two things stops me from going back at 81 is I am past MDR for age which is 60. I will however will be glad to escort them to the Mexican border. SFC ret Joe Kellams

  7. Well the only fault with that analogy is that many people who were taken in battle weren’t dumb but were sold anyway. I don’t know if you are familiar with the Bible but Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers but later became second in rulership to pharoah.

  8. That would be a flag very similar to what we use today… 13 red and white stripes with 33 to 35 stars on a blue field. Only the number of stars and the pattern of stars changed. Hope this helps.

  9. Bill Littleton; Bravo! Thank you. But are you also aware that these deplorable , corrupt Democrats are also trying to rewrite history, through many avenues available to them?So learning true history may become non existent.

  10. Michael Dyson and MSNBC can go straight to Hell! They disrespect out Flag, our Country, our President and all American patriots. My family and I are proud of our Country and proud to be Americans. Many in family have fought for this Country over the past 160 years and on many fronts defending freedom and justice for both Blacks, Hispanics and, whites from many nations. I am no different from the millions of American with similar backgrounds but Dyson and MSNBC are only echoing the words and thinking of a limited number of cowards in this Country that have access to a microphone and T.V. camera. I wish more people would choose to just turn these people off and learn history from factual and reliable sources.

  11. If You don’t like our Flag and our Country or what we do at the borders Then Get the Hell out nobody I mean Nobody wonts you here. And Stupid Football suppose too foot ball players making millions of dollars a contract when you leave the country that does not go with you I am a disabled vet who served 7+ years . in the service during vet nam an had food, bottles and rocks thrown at me in the 60’s because of people like you . people that we fought to protect scum that I see on TV as so called Democrats or should I call you what you sound like communists. You people make me sick to even look at you knowing the friends and brothers who died for freedom in WW1;WW2;Korea; Vietnam; Iraq and Afghanistan. I consider the Men an women that fought in those wars to be true Americans and lets not forget the Revolution, and the war between the north and south, I grew up in the Jim Crow South, and I had both black and whit e friends and we played at each others houses, and if one of us did something wrong we got our buts tore up and it did not make a difference whether it was a white Mother of one of my friends or a black Mother of one of my friends, and if I told my mother about it I would get a switching again also I would like tell one more truth for you so called phonies in the news and in certain offices, when you are with a platoon and in a firefight with a bunch of cong you don’t thing abought the black man on your right he has your life in his hands to protect as you have his to protect and the man on you left is oriental and he also is your protection along with you being his. I have seen a lot of blood and all I have seen is red. I had colon cancer a few years back and I bled out twice when my colon exploded while in the emergency room . I am 74+ now and I could not tell you whether my blood come from a Blackman are some other color but I am stil white and still not predjutice having spent so much time in the service where everyone is one color RED

  12. I agree with Rod 100%. The slave trade was started in part by Muslims in North Africa as well as certain African tribes. Even Native American tribes and Asians used slavery. Therefore, if one is going to point fingers, let’s get all the players involved. Slavery is not relegated to just one race. Yes, it’s vile and has no place in humanity. Yes, Democrats were pro slavery at
    one point, and sometimes I think it’s still alive and well in their line of
    thinking. Call it political slavery if you like, and it’s not directed toward
    any specific skin color. Skin color is used as a pawn, or an excuse for their failed agendas.

  13. Hence the reference his name gives us all, “Krapperdick”. He’s to busy at the fudge mart to pay attention to what really matters and he doesn’t care. Too much weed and meth in his early childhood development and his white parents probably didn’t whip his arse enough to get his life straight. He’s a scumbag that needs the Donny Donowitz treatment like every other POS liberal!

  14. Kamal Toe Hairyass is a stupid bigoted gun grabbing khunt. That’s the main point. She uses the poor poor pitiful me speech about her life being bussed to school. Too bad that bus didn’t drive over a cliff with her in it

  15. Rod had it mostly right. The warrior and smart clans sent us the dumb ones. Get it now? I don’t agree with slavery on any level . I’m just making observations.

  16. Kamala Harris dated and slept with willy brown, who was married at the time, in order to advance her career….she has admitted that she did just that


  18. Have any of these flag haters bothered to look at the history of the flag? Where did Betsy Ross, creator of the flag, stand on the issue of slavery, look it up you might learn something. Just search Betsy Ross it’s easy.
    My guess is that you would rather stay ignorant, it suits your narrative. In America you are free to be stupid and ignorant and run with the pack.

  19. James, how dare you call someone else unamerican when your comments are totally unamerican. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. You should crawl back under a rock. You bring shame to the human race.

  20. The idiot child Keery was anything but an honorable man. He flew to France and encouraged the Vietnamese to continue fighting while Kerry returned to America and worked to get the US to surrender unconditionally, he did this while still in the US Navy. His actions then and current are blatantly treasonous and deserving of a public execution.

  21. Every neo-nazi and white supremacist is a registered Democrat.
    The Democrats in the past did not accord minorities to be human let alone having rights. Today’s Democrats view minorities only as a tool to be used to further their agenda and ideology.
    The Democrat party has fostered and encouraged racism and bigotry from their beginning to the present day.

  22. Very well said Rod. It is those ignorant of history who rant and rave and in some case often commit violence. Thank you

  23. I’m sorry Jim, but I honestly don’t know what you are referring to about kamala Harris & willy browns willy. As for the ungrateful useless bastard taking a knee to protest some kind of BS, in my opinion he is only protesting the fact that he is a no talented looser that no one wants around. So his solution is that America has wronged him. He’s a piece of manure that needs to be put out of his misery.

  24. There’s nothing to any of them. Just ignorance enough to lie about out FLAG. Then there’s the media, they have to have something to spew their hatred about, so they’ve sunk low enough to attack the flag. The whole lot should be removed from this nation and taken to Iran, am sure they’d flourish there.

  25. Colleen Krapinherknickers takes a knee for things other than protest the National Anthem – Think Kamala Harris and Willie Brown’s willy.

  26. Is it colin or colon.What an idiot. I’m sure he speaks from Experience, all those years he spent as a salve. Grandstanding because they think they’re all that

  27. Remember the IDIOTS OF THE 60’S? Well they all grew up and now are the SAME IDIOTS NOW OF THE 21s Century TEACHING IN THE COLLEGES TODAY and now are disparaging there 60’s crap into the 21s Century! Threy were IGNORANT THEN AND STILL ARE EVEN MORE SO!

  28. Carol:
    There are no longer history classes taught in our schools.
    The subject of American History and the accompanying patriotism has been replaced with some foggy notion of world status and twisted facts.
    It has been demonstrated that some college students don’t even know who or why we fought for independence.
    The sacrifices of our patriots are largely unknown because it hasn’t been taught.
    he generation called “Snowflakes” take everything for granted and think that their mere existence qualifies them for everything they desire free of charge.

  29. Richard:
    It will NOT b one political party ! If that ever comes to pass,it will be the democRATS vs. the filthy muslims that they allowed to join their ranks.
    The Ds are trying to get back into power by promising everything to everybody. Everything will be FREE, WHEE! and be paid for by those dirty rich people that give everybody jobs.
    Think about it, Snowflakes ! How many people are you prepared to hire and pay the minute you graduate with your FREE diploma ? Or are you looking for one of those dirty rich people to hire and pay you for the “wonderfullness” of your FREE education ? Most things are priced according to their actual value, even recreation. What is your FREE education worth if everybody has one ?

  30. As I see it, the best and most effective way to silence the Dems is to remind everyone to vote for Trump and continue with the Republican who will run after his next term is up. Eventually, these misfits will be gone and America will have a chance to correct the damage today’s Democrats have done to this great country.

  31. Carol:
    In their thirst for power, the democRATS have opened their once proud party to filthy muslims who have their own agenda. The democRATs are desperately looking for new voters. The muslims are against every aspect of a free society and are looking to force shariah law on to America. They will vote with the democRATS until their agenda comes up and then they will abandon the democRATS and vote in favor of shariah.

  32. Angelo :
    Your comment was so good I had to put forth the extra effort to read it because of your use of all caps. That is not shouting. It is confusing to the reader and loses it’s power through repitition. It is much better to capitalize selected words or phrases to make your point.
    But anyhow, sorry for the lesson, but THANKS AGAIN for your comment.

  33. Andy:
    Ypou are 100% dead on with your comment, although the means of expression may be a tad rough.
    The democRATS have welcomed filthy muslims into their party in order to swell their ranks in their hate of PRESIDENT TRUMP. They gave no thought to the muslims priorities or agendas in their thirst for power.
    They,through the fraud obama*, have allowed foriegn, quasi religious, influences into our government.
    They must be resisted, strongly. Now instead of asking, is a candidate Republican or Democrat, you must also ask if the candidate is muslim. If so,they must NOT BE ELECTED !
    Their actions in changing our society into a third world, shariah compliant bloody mess must be stopped !
    *Lower Case Intentional

  34. James like the rest of the left are either insane or just plain stupid or both. Martinez

  35. james…YOU are extremely SICK!!!!! Pres. Trump loves this country and has done nothing but good for it. It is YOU and all other dems who are the cancer!!! You attack Pres. Trump but it doesn’t matter to you that the Clintons and Obama are very corrupt and anti-American. American values??? Do you even know what they are? NO, you do not. You have no clue. American values are the morals and freedoms our founding fathers gave us. But you have no morals and hate our freedom if you supported Obama. Obama is a muslim traitor who hates our freedom and sides with our enemies

  36. dems are very sick creatures. They have only hate and ignorance. They hate everything this country stands for. They know nothing at all about our history or our founding fathers. They should all be deported to the commie country of their choice. There is no place for them here.

  37. Eric, your ignorance is profound, as always. THST IS FALSE!!!!! Try reading real history. It is the DEMS who created and have been proud leaders of the KKK, and it is STILL the DEM party!!! YOU are a fool!!! Robert Byrd was a DEW!!!!

  38. R.L… Your ignorance is astounding. It is clear that you know nothing at all about our history. Stolen Africans?????? Really???? It is the AFRICANS who went and kidnapped OTHER AFRICANS and SOLD them into slavery!!! And there were many blacks that owned slaves, with the one owning the most slaves being BLACK. Try actually reading history.

  39. Linda…But that is exactly what they are doing, rewriting history. They can’t stand anything this country stands for esp. that it was founded by Christians. They despise God. satan owns the dem party

  40. explain…You’re right, you don’t understand. You have no concept of the truth, but just show your extreme ignorance

  41. These liberals have gone off into the wild blue yonder!!!! My father served in the Army Air Corp and then the Air Force for 32 years, fought in WWII, Korea and went to Vietnam while the fighting was going on. He retired as a Maj. Gen. and is buried in Arlington. He would have broken the TV set having heard that comment. These “journalist/media” are disgraceful and about as un American as you can get. I can’t stand to even have their channel on for 1 second, but others watch it and believe their bull. So sad and pathetic.

  42. Vasu…political freedom??? Really??? Try again. Our founding fathers came here for RELIGOUS freedom. They came here to be able to worship God as they chose. Our freedom comes from God.

  43. Correcting…it is obviously YOU who needs to be corrected!!!! That is FALSE!!!!! Pres. Trump has done NOTHING wrong. PLEASE provide proof that he is a traitor. YOU CAN’T!!!! Take your sick hate and lies somewhere else

  44. Explain…YOU are extremely SICK!!!! That is FALSE!!!! You know absolutely NOTHING at all about those who support Pres. Trump. I know HUNDREDS of his supporters and NOT ONE of them is a neo Nazi or white supremacist. Take your sick hate somewhere else!!!!

  45. James Barry
    You are one stupid snowflake prick. Wrap your head around what Kappernutts said at first. He kneeled against percieved police brutality against people of color. Now he is citing all colonial america as racists. That was probably true given the times, but then again the whole world was, so any one that had a different view was a anomaly. Bye tbe bye, very important piece of information all you anti white, reparation spouting sad excuses for humanity overlook: Betsy Ross was a “Friend”; a Quaker. Quakers were at that time the ONLY oragaized group who openly and totally spoke out against slavery and the right of slaves to be men. Unlike your Democratic party which designated them to be two thirds of a man. So instead of celebrating our nation, its first national flag and the person who designed and sewed it with her own fingers as a matter.of pride and her contribution to ALL men being free, you and others who want to kiss someone’s ass just because you were not born black choose to sully her name and drag the first flag of liberty through the mud. God Damn you to hell and every one of you pasty ass kissing traitors!

  46. You have to be absolutely insane if you view the Betsy Ross flag in the same light as the swastika.

  47. Amen and God bless America. Please help us oh Mighty God and save this nation once again! Change the thinking of these that need a head change and attitude towards America and our history!

  48. So if disagree with the quarterback views then I am anti-American, that is liberal, so Democratic, and hypocritical, typical Liberal they are the the most racist and hypocrites, just like a spoiled little kid that doesn’t get his way throws temper tantrum and calls his detractors names and insults them instead of listening and talking reasonably on the matter to either find equal grounds to disagree with each other.

  49. James Barry, you sir can choke on a 8==D.Cancers been around for hundreds of years and so will Americans who want to be free of your communism. Hug a root jerk off.

  50. Dyson? Dyson? A vacuum cleaner maybe, a college professor definitely not! Betsy Ross was not a slaveholder, and certainly, the Union Jack, the Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese flags are symbols of slavery, as well. Perhaps the Sudanese flag still represents slavery. So to morons like Dyson, Kaepernick, and the demonrats in Congress and the Media, you should just keep your anti-American mouths shut or suffer the consequences of the people.

  51. Early on in our Country’s history, there was a means that dissidents used to get the attention of the Crown. Particularly during the time of the Stamp Act. A few of the British tax collectors were tarred and feathered and when the time for the act to be enforced, no tax collectors could be found. Some in the news media and idiotic professors would look good in a coat of tar and feathers.

  52. Just because you don’t like what the quarterback did doesn’t make him anti-American but your objection to him even doing it does make you anti-American.
    Remember Trump and his supporters are a cancer that is Eating away our American values But we all know there’s going to be a cure found for cancer

  53. If Michael Eric Dyson was on the ground rolling around on fire I wood not even PISS on him to put it out

  54. Congrats President on giving America a ‘Great 4th July” you are making AMERICA GREAT AGAIN-The DemRats are anti-American-Anti-Flag-they want us to become a communist country that they rule-never happen! GOD BLESS AMERICA & PRESIDENT TRUMP!!

  55. I’m certainly glad that this played out this way. To give Nike any creds for this shameless play would unconscionable. This company is pure representable crap. This POS and this company deserve one another but not a sou from any honest person.

  56. That is the reason you don’t understand you are undoubtedly stupid like the rest of democrats

  57. They most likely would like to see the rainbow flag, which is the most deviant as it symbolizes the decadence of those who have no morals at all…

  58. The turnout for the Fourth of July was amazing.
    The people got a first hand look at some amazing aircraft.
    President Donald Trump has taken this opportunity to
    show us the real meaning of what’s it like to be free.
    This should be a wake up call for the anti American freeloading
    Lost souls that just don’t get it.

  59. I’ve said it before. Those in the media and that ex football player. If they all feel that way about this country then they should and I’m sure mine and others permission to leave. They are all acting as if this is still the 18th and 19th centuries. Plus the fact none of them have an education and definitely no History education. This is the politest way I can tell them to shut up. I dare them to prove to me that I and others are wrong.

  60. And a great many Democrats are homosexuals and lesbians and Bi-sexual’s as well as illegal immigrants & child molesters & in general perverts of one fashion or another so whats your point?

  61. go ahead, nobody cares really what you think.
    You can point in every direction, except the difference
    or leave. The re-election for Trump will go down in
    history. SO—-have a great day in AMERICA!

  62. I believe Colin Kaepernick, the Democrats, and the liberal media missed their history classes in school. Our Country was a fledgling nation being oppressed by the British when that flag was created. Does anyone remember “taxation without representation”? How about the Boston Tea Party? How about the Stamp Act. Does any of this ring a bell or has the fact that history is barely taught in school today made these people completely ignorant? This flag helped rally people around the idea of a free Country. It had nothing to do with slavery. I hope they will all stop showing their lack of knowledge about this flag. It is embarrassing to hear what outlandish statements they will make next.

  63. Mr. Hughes and Mr. Drake. You guys know what you are talking about. You need to replace Dyson at Georgetown. Dyson is a vacuum cleaner isn’t it and what do vacuum cleaner do?,,,,

  64. Idiots! Admitting this and posting it as a rebuke only makes msnbc less that others in the msm fake news! Stupidity once lost will take more than a generation to recoup. Dang fools using their sickening catchphrase “everything you need to know” should be an alarm in everyone’s mind that someone else is deciding what YOU need to know. When did you give up that right? Can I decide what “you need to know”? They have suckered too many people, brainwashing others into what “they: (fake news) need to know”! How in the hell does someone or something else ever determine “what we need to know”?

  65. Get out of my Country and take your commie rhetoric to China or Russia were you will be at home in your 10 by 10 cell in the middle of Siberia.

  66. I’m ashamed and feel so very sorry for these fony hypocritical morons that call themselves news anchors and professors. This country would be there totally doomed if we really had to face a natzi dictator like Hitler today. This bunch of weak kneed pansies at MSNBC and CNN are great at name calling. Old Glory represents the greatest nation ever founded. That’s what I see when addressing my flag. I wonder what this hypocrites see when they look at all the those white crosses in our National Cemeteries. I’m sure all those fine veterans would really be proud to hear their commentary. If it weren’t for this fine country much of the earth would be speaking German today. Believe it or not Old Glory is respected all over the earth. The media is not only the Enemey of the People but also the Flag that represents us.

  67. It interesting that NO ONE mentioned the Native American, yet this dumb ass Dyson mentioned everyone else. If there was ever a flag that represented oppression and committed the most atrocities on those people, it was the US Flag.
    Do I show disgust for the symbol of American freedom. No. I was born in European country under the Nazi’s regime, which became a communist block. I served in SE Asia and Korea with honor and respect for my flag, yet when I returned to my adopted country, was spit on at the airport and called “baby killer” by my own countrymen WHILE IN MY US MILITARY UNIFORM. It is the less than 1% of this Nation, that have served that fought to keep us under one nation, under God, of which I have pledged allegiance to my flag. To all those who kneel in disrespect have forgotten the Pledge of Allegiance that used to start the day at school.

  68. Linda I can’t answer your question because I might get arrested and put in jail. It’s along the lines of what Maxine Waters said she would like to do to Trump. That should happen to all Commie Democrats. That’s the only way to eradicate the cancer that is killing this Country.

  69. The flag is a symbol of what the country IS. If you are a One World Government supporter then any “nationalistic” symbol is something you want to do away with as soon as possible. No other country currently in the world or any country that has ever existed in history has (or had) a better ratio of positive attributes over negative ones. If you eliminate the monuments erected to honor the events and/or the participants in our history you clear the deck for the implementation of the New World Order without any contrary information from the documentation of history.

    To be successful in removing everything other than YOUR idea of how the country should be run, you have to convince the majority of people that the negatives of our country far outweigh the positives, thereby making a radical change in the fundamental beliefs of our society seem to be an absolute necessity.

    Goodbye to all the historical figures, goodbye to all the historical events, goodbye to the dream of the founders of this country. Into the vaccuum generated will seep the radical ideas of the New World Order.

    R.I.P. USA…..

  70. Libra, the communist didn’t create removing history from their people, that was something that your forefathers did to all the slaves that were brought to this country illegally. Separating husbands from wives, children from parents and denying over 30 million stolen Africans from speaking their language, knowing and sharing their history prior to coming this country originated long before communism was created. So before you spin this to be about communism, please pick up a book and understand the history of this country. I love our country and everything that we stand for, but our history and the continued denial of the Right to the institutional effects of what slavery did and continues to do is just one of the major problems of our country. By the way, the very ideals of this country allows her to be criticized and evaluated so she can always strive to be her best. Open your mind and your thoughts to opinions that are credible stings different then yours. Pointing out the inequities that exist in our country doesn’t make people anti-American.

  71. Don’t forget, these liberal professors are the ones brainwashing our children and grandchildren.

  72. I think these people need to find another country to call home if the “United States of America ” is so damn bad.

  73. The nineteenth-century Ku Klux Klan was founded by gentlemen of education and erudition, who used classical Greek ideas and models to form an organization intended to stand up to oppression by the government of the day and to stop the debasement and perversion of Southern culture by the criminal underclass of the day. We must avoid the excrescences of criminal violence and religious bigotry grafted after World War I onto the second Ku Klux Klan by racists like Thomas Dixon and William Simmons and their Democrat friends and admirers such as Woodrow Wilson, Hugo Black and Robert Byrd. Similarly, the swastika was a benign and noble emblem through much of human history and was only perverted by Hitler and his henchmen, so this must not be allowed to impugn the motives and actions in the near-communist takeover after the First World War of European Christian and patriotic groups such as the Austrian Heimwehr, the German Freikorps and the Spanish Falange. Those two traditions are what we need to transfer to this country as Obnoxious Kotex, Barney Sandberg, Fauxcahontas and Kaballah Harris and their Antifa storm troopers go violently for the throat of the American republic.

  74. A fact about the Democratic Party that these idiots either failed to pay attention to in school about American History or are trying to hide the ugly truth, is the Democratic Party started the Civil War in in the 1860s because they refused to give up slavery (a k a. didn’t get their way) AND were the party of the KU KLUX CLAN. A Democrat also assinated the Nation’s greatest President…Abraham Lincoln. Their black cloud of evil has returned… so what can we all do to put an end to the Party of Satan once and for all!

  75. I don’t understand where this statement comes from. I contributed to President Trump on the first day that he announced he was running for President. Almost all of my friends are also his supporters. Not one of them could be called a nazi for a member of the KKK. Are you sure this isn’t fake news?

  76. I am a naturalized citizen. Dems beware, I’ll leave you to rot if injured in a traffic wreck

  77. Study your history Eric, and i mean FACTUAL history and not the common crap revisionist history that is taught in schools and colleges atm.

  78. What branch did you serve in. John Kerry is an intelligent, articulate, honorable man that has dedicated his life to public service. What have you done, besides run your anonymous mouth. Pick up a book and learn something about the true history of this country.

  79. Dumber than you is correct!You can kiss the ass of Trump supporters. You and your kind Antifa Anarchist, anti American POS are the swastika turning over cars burning, and looting crowd.All of you need a one way ticket to North Korea. Trump supporters work for a living , have advanced degrees, love American and the flag that millions have already died for, so you hump, you are truly a dumbass.

  80. KKK is a Democrat thing so what is this “professor” talking about. Is it worth spending a fortune to send your children for higher education and all they get is indoctrinated. Parents who pay the tuition should complain and if this person is not fired, pull your children out. They will be better off without that kind of “education.” If we all stood together, we could wipe out all of this nonsense we are now tolerating.

  81. He and Kaperdick need to get on their
    knees and make a statement. Sometimes it is better to give than to receive.

  82. Wrong. You are thinking of the traitor Pyongyang Donald aka lil dee trump.

  83. I don’t understand. A lot of trump supporters are neo nazis and white supremacists. Comparing the flag to a swastika or a burning cross should make many of you happy.

  84. Interesting that the Proffessor, as a lefty, brought up the the cross burning of the KKK; but we know that the KKK was created by the Democrat Party as a way to keep the Black population in tow.

  85. So let me get this straight!!
    America is horrible & our flag
    Is also. Yet they want to give free healthcare to ALL ILLEGALS THAT JUST WALK INTO OUR COUNTRY.
    VOTE TRUMP 2020

  86. Goes to show you what As_ _ _ es there are at these”elite” schools. Similar to those two Demorats running. They are all clowns.

  87. Beyond nationalistic fervor, what are the ideals the flag represents? I once asked Fouad (the half-Russian and half-Indonesian study partner of my friend Chris when Chris and I were roommates in college), about his impressions of America, as Fouad and his family defected from the former Soviet Union in 1979 while Fouad was still in high school. Fouad spoke glowingly about the wealth and standard of living in the United States, and not a word about the ideals and political freedoms upon which this country was founded: freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, etc.

    “America did not invent human rights. In a very real sense… human rights invented America.” — Jimmy Carter

    “I saw courage both in the Vietnam War and in the struggle to stop it. I learned that patriotism includes protest, not just military service.” — John Kerry

  88. I would ask them which country has never had bad events in their history? And if they are English, French, Spanish, Portuguese or German in origin or some kind of communists I’d tell them to kiss off and shut up or move.

  89. The question is present….why would any parent pay for a Georgetown University class to be taught (very loose) to their child that is clearly against America? Pull your child, deny payment for the class, put the President of the University under a microscope and hold them accountable for a “tyranny” focused institution that unpins the American Constitution of a Republic. No money, no teachers, no worry send your child to an institution that supports America. It’s your dollars. As for the Federal Dollars, cut them off and let them swim on their own. Hope their alumni have enough loose dollars to float the institution forward.

  90. libra: Very well stated.Both my late husband and myself were in the military during the Vietnam war and now I see how low our country has fallen because of this sick, disgusting representatives of our government, it makes me ill.These Democrats know no shame or have a moral compass.And I don’t care how much these low lives hate that their evil Queen was not voted in, that gave them no right to disrespect our national holiday.Which I’m quite sure if they get a sitting president in 2020, this holiday will be replaced with New World Order Day!! GOD forbid….

  91. One of the ten planks of the Communist Party. Get rid of the History of a country so the young will not ever Know of the heritage and struggles for their progeny by their forefathers. It NEEDS TO STOP. What a slap in the face to veterans and first responders. It is insulting to Those of us who believe in the USA and her Flag and what She stands for. Shame-Shame. This garbage coming from the mouths of those most advantaged by what life in this country has handed them to be so disrespectful on July4th the nation’s birthday.

  92. They are absolutely disgusting. Everything about history offends them. Before you know it they will be burning all flags and all books to wipe history out. Gee, I think we were warned about these idiots years ago. One of the warnings was called “Fahrenheit 451” and another was “Animal Farm”. If life so offends them then they should just commit suicide so they don’t suffer and so we don’t have to look at them or put up with their stupidity.

  93. Honestly nothing these Democrat morons do or say surprises me any more. They are all disgusting Trump hating pieces of s**t!! I HATE all of them!!!

  94. That Dyson fool should go back to school and this time major in History!!You can not distort or rewrite history you jerks! What a disgrace that the Democratic party openly shows the disdain they have for our country!Have they have no shame? or moral compass?And then MSNBC has the nerve to spew this fake news and keep lying to the American people!This is the one time I wish our planet was flat.Because if they keep going left, maybe they would all fall off the planet. Wishful thinking I know.But one has to try to stay sane a mist all of all of this madness…

  95. The Democrats are all just pitiful. They all exhibit anti Americanism. They should all be voted out of office. Despicable human beings, and I use the term human beings as a pun. They are all idiots striving to be the furthest left. Do them a service and end their pitiful run for the presidency.

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