What the California Governor just did to stop coronavirus crossed one unthinkable line

The coronavirus outbreak continues to rage across America.

Citizens are sheltered at home to try and slow the rate of infection before it overwhelms the system.

And what the California Governor just did to stop coronavirus crossed one unthinkable line.

California is one of the major coronavirus hotspots in America.

50 percent of the cases across the country are located in just ten counties.

In the Golden State, Governor Gavin Newsom sent a letter to the Trump administration warning as many as half the state’s residents could contract the virus in the next eight weeks.

And late on Thursday night, Governor Newsom went beyond the social distancing measures recommended by the administration to lockdown the entire state by issuing a “stay home” order restricting movement except to buy food, prescriptions, and go outside for exercise as long as people maintained distance of six feet from one another.

“We need to bend the curve in the state of California,” Newsom declared. “There’s a social contract here. People I think recognize the need to do more. They will adjust and adapt as they have.”

“Home isolation is not my preferred choice . . . but it is a necessary one,” the Governor continued. “This is not a permanent state; it is a moment in time.”

This is an extreme measure.

Nations like Italy, Spain, and France instituted harsh lockdowns as the coronavirus overruns their healthcare systems.

Other states includine Illinois, New York, and Connecticut are following suit.

Newsom’s order – which is listed as being “for the time being” came after the Mayor of Los Angeles ordered the city to lockdown until March 31.

America has never seen anything like this virus or the harsh steps taken to combat it.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. What do you expect from a nephew of Nancy Pelosi, brains not going to happen its there way or the highwayhe needs to be removed also.

  2. Jake, interesting comment, that would RID us of Devin Nunes, another “scum bag” like Trump!!!!

  3. I wonder what is happening in Mexico and Central America regarding the coronavirus? What is their incidence? What are they doing about it? And what is happening with illegal immigrants coming in? We are not hearing anything about that. Most illegal immigrants go to CA, so are any coming in with the virus and seeking treatment? What are illegal immigrants adding to our healthcare costs for this virus? Lots of questions with SILENCE for answers….. Funny thing about that.

  4. If you notice, it’s the Santuary states that have the most cases. Remember, they just had their funding yanked. Convenient, isn’t it. Trump’s actions actions have been correct. Something we didn’t see from muslim Barry. Pelosi/Schumer are blocking help for Americans. Pelosi wants billions for planned parenthood. That’s not a virus situation. Planned Parenthood also had a lot of their funding pulled. What PP gets comes back to Dems in donations.

  5. This whole virus lockdown is good education for the young folk. It gives them a little taste of what it’s like to live under communism, even though living under communism is far worse than what we will go through as a country. We have been spoiled and it’s about time the democrat voters gets to see how most of the rest of the world lives – in constant government lockdown.

  6. Kinda wondering–Are the so called representatives (more like rulers) of places like l.a. or frisco going to take this time and get the excrement out of their streets or are they STILL going to be too busy to take care of the pan-demic situations that have BEEN there looooong before china sent us their best wishes

  7. Police state control. Libs have wanted an excuse for a long time. Emperor Xi in Peking just handed them one.

  8. Hey smarten up you should follow your advice. You’re a simple liberal idiot. Just like Julio and snott27.

  9. Don’t include all of Californians////Many of us here are conservatives…..Stop making blanket statements about people. That is just unintelligent. Blessings, Maxine

  10. Build the wall: around california. Then gas the damn place. There is nothing of value in that hell hole state and we dont want any more sleazy californians moving to other states. They just bring the same stupid schiff the ruined california with them.

  11. Julio- that is for you to watch. Stop spreading lies. You sack of crap! Thanks and God Bless!!

  12. This is my opinion only this is called pestilence.. Not pandemic. Everyone should read the Bible. Revelation is a great read.. This is the beginning of the end. Get your life right.. You think this is bad. Just wait.. If your are true believer then all this that is going on shouldn’t bother you. God Bless you.

  13. You can bet your sweet bippy that Governor Gruesome and the rest of the CA legislators are not wanting for anything. They are getting what they want regardless of what the regular citizens need.

  14. The right wing nuts on here are right out of Infowars with their conspiracies and defense of the criminal President. Now he has killed people saying that this was a hoax and a Democrat plot when his skeleton staff are terrified of the mobster but did tell him months ago to prepare for the possible, and probably pandemic which now we are all in. He failed at this as he has in countless ways, the economy was built under Obama, not Trump. Find the Facts.

  15. So, does that govoner want to pay my bills?.. Oh,…how about my rent??…Oh,…how about my food?…That govoner is stupid!!….Get real ass hole!!



  18. Its a shame the ILLEGALS/hollyWEIRD/athletes getting tested whether they have sympthoms or not but not the US citizens!! That is why we have a shortage of tests!!

  19. Lisa, you are absolutely right!

    As for Julio the Puta, and Snott27, The little twat, please go to New York and mingle with a large crowd.

  20. Neither the U.S. Constitution nor the CA Constitution gives this Governor Newsome the legal authority to require anyone to stay at home.There is no statute that mandates a penalty for going about one’s daily life, regardless of this overblown hysteria involving a coronavirus. Unfortunately, with most stores, restaurants, amusements, sports, and gatherings closed down, there is no place to go.Ergo, one’s home, except for food shopping or medical reasons, is the place to be. Even one’s friends are paranoid about visiting each other.
    The statistics relating to this virus does not justify breaking the back of the American economy and putting millions out of work.

  21. I wonder if the number or infections correlates with population per square mile. If so, it might provide some quidance with regards to future urban planning.

  22. I hope this means the feckless Hollywood celebrities and producers have to stay at home too !!! Or are they above the law in California ?

  23. This extreme was take pa with Obama because he was a democrat. The news barely gave it 5 seconds of air time. They basically forced Trump to do this because then he would be a murderer and not care. I think it’s goi g way overboard. Democrats love this. Tanked the economy so they can try to level playing field for elections. They love those illegals so it was only a fact that they would be inundated. I hope they give the ventilators to legals first. I know horrible to say but we do pay, they don’t. The democrats want to take control of everyone especially the Ca elected. This is a dream come true and everyone should take notice. I hope the people of Ca sees this and votes republican.

  24. I’m not positively sure of the numbers but I believe the diagnosed cases of Wuhan flu in the United States is a little over 5,000 cases and the death toll is 60-70 I’m not sure how many have been hospitalized but put those figures with the 2009 swine flu which was known as H1 N1. Over 60 million Americans were infected, almost 13,000 died, and over 300,000 were hospitalized. No schools closed no restaurants closed no businesses shuttered their doors and windows the NBA continued on the NFL continued on the NCAA continued on, and obama never missed a tee time.

  25. CoVid-19 will go down in history as a mass Psychogenic Hysteria Pandemic rather than a true health threat. The numbers don’ add up and data doesn’t lie. The Lame Stream Media owns a significant Sept in driving this. Shut ‘me down. More erroneous disinformation from the media. They’re a hindrance not a help.

  26. Scott27:
    Remover this president and administration and insert Chinese Government and most would then agree with you.

  27. Idiot Newsom’s so called Stay At Home order isn’t going to accomplish anything but increase the frustration and panic. Democrats don’t give a damn about the citizens.

  28. Has anybody else noticed that the corona virus map in CA is primarily red along the left coast from SF to SD. Does not extend into the central valley yet. Maybe this will clean out the left wing vermin infecting this state. Go outside Newsom visit your homeless camps, I’m sure they would like to see you in person.

  29. If China had been proactive this would not be as serious. Also if they had not been a developing a biological weapon it would not have happened at all.

  30. Well isn’t this amazing? When Obama was president, ONLY 12,460 people died from the “Swine Flu”. He never issued one “Stay Home” order! It was just “Business as Usual”. Now Donald Trump is POTUS, and what a difference. So far only 300 deaths, but you would think half the population had died? Like Joe Biden saying “150 Million” Americans have died from being shot? Take temps with an infrared thermometer, temp normal, you don’t need a test. That takes a few seconds. The sick ones need tested and possibly quarantined. Now the Illinois Gov. blames Trump because he has not prepared for any emergencies. Like their “Gun Control”, only 138 shot and killed, over 1,300 wounded in February this year in Chicago.
    What a bunch of politicians, can only fatten their bank accounts.

  31. The despicable thing here is that this did not have to be having this degree of impact. No, it couldn’t have been entirely prevented but the ineptness of this president and administration and their lack of foresight has made it much much worse than it needed to be. And every single day, experts are correcting and explaining reality to the guy.

  32. Granted this is uncharted waters, but did you notice the sanctuary States are in the worse situation. Does that make me racist?

  33. May not be a virus at all in California. They need to clean their streets and disinfect the whole state. This is sad that their congress people and house of rep. Don’t give a shot about them. California needs a big change

  34. The Dems are responsible for the homeless problem as well as the great numbers of illegals in California which has helped to cause the virus to spiral out of control. Is it any wonder the state needs to take such drastic measures but the blame for that falls squarely on the shoulders of our Governor and the Democratic politicians? They have made the problem worse here and we all have to suffer in this State. And as someone pointed out, the illegals are using up our resources at the expense of citizens. That is absolute insanity!

  35. Their already treated better than America citizens. When a Federal Agent can’t go into a state run government facility(courthouses) to arrest a convicted foreigner on a warrant, my rights have been thrown out the window…Civil Liberties??? Better check it!!!! Sua Sponte…

  36. What is going to happen in the “sanctuary cities?? Will the illegals be treated the same as Americans and use up resources needed by Americans?? How many American lives are the left willing to sacrifice to uphold their illegal actions and prove something to someone??
    Let’s have a few answers and comments. I want to know how America feels.

  37. This is a good idea. Especially older people. We don’t have any idea who is infected. This virus lives on cloth and skin surface 3 days. Metal surfaces 7 days.
    Would mail be a threat? Does the machines that has blue light, that kills bacteria, Kills virus?

  38. Wyatt, I realize you are speaking to us from an entirely different plane of existence as in the ethereal world, but Julio is a male name not a female name, not saying I disagree with you in your attitude to psychotic Julio just pointing out Julio is a description as in defines a male going through puberty and I thought it was the English equivalent of Julian.

  39. Mexico needs to create a big vacuum to suck all the components of a terminal viral pandemic plague that floated into United States airspace such as Julio the foolio.

  40. What is he doing about the Homeless?? I mean they live in squalid conditions and this will allow this virus to spread unchecked. So unless it is his plan to let all the homeless die.

  41. julio, it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak up and remove all doubt. You prove yourself to be a fool every time you post

  42. Old Julio can’t be honest! Still living under Obama watch! And the corruption Democrat party. I guess she doesn’t like to talk about Obama! I am sure he would do nothing about this coronavirus! Because he would hope to turn AMERICA into a third world country! But Trump is trying to keep AMERICA safe and sound!

  43. be that as it may, trump, through his budget and fiscal policies, made this country more vulnerable to any pandemic.

  44. People living in those Crowded Rat Nests they call Cities should stay AWAY from Everyone until this crap passes and it will. stay away for a couple of weeks or risk going out for stupid stuff to be your last time VS a lifetime of being able to do it.

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