What this black preacher said about Donald Trump left jaws on the ground

The Fake News Media has spent the last two weeks pummeling Donald Trump with accusations of racism.

But then a black pastor stepped up to microphone to address the topic and everyone went silent.

And what this black preacher said about Donald Trump left jaws on the ground.

After weeks of the Fake News Media lying about the President and falsely claiming that President Trump was a racist, the President’s supporters had enough.

A group of black pastors met at the White House with the President and addressed the issue head on.

Reverend Bill Owens slammed the smears and claimed it was “hard to believe” that anyone could think Trump was a racist.

The Daily Caller reports:

Reverend Bill Owens said Monday that he finds it “hard to believe” that President Donald Trump is racist after attending a meeting at the White House with other “inner city pastors.”

Trump revealed on Twitter that he would be meeting with the pastors, an event that was not initially on the president’s schedule. It is unclear if the event was added after critics accused the president of racism for tweeting that Baltimore, MD is infested with rats, and is a place that “no human being” would want to live. Owens claimed that the event was scheduled over a week ago and that it was not meant to be damage control.

Owens pushed back on the characterization of Trump’s comments about Baltimore as racist. Owens, who is 80-years-old and the president of the Coalition of African American Pastors, said “I know[s] [racism] when I see it.”

“I find that hard to believe that Trump is racist,” Owens told reporters, adding that he thinks the president could do more to speak out against racism.

The Fake News Media thinks smearing Donald Trump as a racist will swing the election in favor of the Democrats in 2020.

That’s why you have a drum beat of fake news reporters – all of whom are Democrat Party activists – falsely claiming Donald Trump is a racist.

Fake news reporters think this will turn off enough suburban voters and will allow the Democrat candidate to win in 2020.

Do you agree with Reverend Bill Owens? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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  22. Thanks for getting it right, Ruth. I used to look forward to reading The New York Times every Sunday, It was a ritual! Cancelled it a few years ago as I felt like they were trying to brain wash people. Rev. Owens is so brave to stand up for the truth. With Donald Trump, what you see is what you get! This is a harsh period in our nation where law abiding citizens like you and I have finally received a voice of truth from Rev. Owens and President Donald Trump. God bless America and all its people who seek justice and honesty.

  23. Praise and thank God for the truth. Thank you Pastor Owens for having the courage to come forward as there are many Black men and women in America who understand, but don’t have your courage yet believe that we can no longer support half truths about politics and what is “really going on in our country”,including the lack of “equality and quality of life” for millions of hard working silent Black voters (especially single women who are heads of household) and struggling to survive raising, supporting and educating their families.

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  71. RedIdiot…What he said is the truth. but you have no idea what truth is. You deny anything that doesn’t fit your hate-filled mind.

  72. You are extremely sick and need lots of help. Jesus is there for you if you ever want Him. But He forbids your sick hate.

  73. Vasu, you have no clue of the truth. That is very obvious. Just go away. This is a conservative Christian site and we don’t want you. You have no concept at all of what a conservative or a Christian is

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  75. It is very obvious that you know nothing at all about God. He created and loves ALL races, and He forbids your sick hate.

  76. THANK YOU, Reverend Bill Owens & Pastors W/ you.
    Amen.! Keep W/the Lord’s Work.
    POTUS DJT IS NOT a Racist. ___

  77. They really only know 2 words, racist and impeach. When your vocabulary is that limited, you can’t expect to much from them.

  78. Sam
    I thought about asking this twit why he ended all his comments with “hahahahaha” but decided against giving him the attention he is so desperate for. I decided (A) he is a foolish child, (B) he realizes how ignorant his comments are so he can’t help but laugh are himself.

  79. Melita-Lincoln before his presidency defended slave owners right’s. He stated that if he could save the nation by having some free, and some not, he would do that. If he could save the nation by freeing all, he would do that as well. And exactly WHOM idd the emancipation proclamation free? Answer – ONLY those in seceding territories – So really,
    no one at the time. Knowledge of history can be dangerous to long held incorrect beliefs (lies) taught in school systems.

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  82. Totally agree. President has done so much good for our country and people. Sadly the liberal media don’t want to tell the truth about him. I pray President will be reelected and continue making America greater. Also for the 4 squad congressman and most Democrats to be voted out. They need to do their job and support the President or resign.

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  86. Trump is not racist. What he is is “not for sale”, like he said when he ran. They have nothing he wants and they sure can’t pay him off. How many Commanders in Chief have you ever heard of donating their yearly wage to a deserving charity? They hate him because they can’t own him. He owes allegiance to no one but those he chooses. The establishment hate him. Good business men and leaders care about results. They don’t care about color, what they do care about is if you do your job and don’t create problems.

  87. Hey, slick-lick-em-rick. white-folks are the one’s doing all of the stuff you, and dan push. Look back down into yo no good white-folk history. hahahahahahhahahah



  90. Democrats and fake news hate when people of color speak their minds and form opinions contrary to theirs. This is not Reverend William’s first rodeo. He and his group have spoken out before regarding these false incidents of racism
    My heartfelt thanks and respect to all of them.

  91. Let’s not kid ourselves! Take away the rhetoric and lies of racism
    and what do you have? No excuses to do your part. Liberals want women in combat units. They say they have to meet the same standard. Look up the APFT score and see if it equality. For the most part American politics is all Hypocrisy and lies. No one will tell the truth and I wouldn’t give you ten cents worth of lead to solve the problems. We deserve what we get.!

  92. Rastus, Great Analytical Ability you have to see through the Liberal Elitists of this Country. The Democratic Politicians, The Lying Fake News Media, and Ignorant People are trying to mold your Opinion! They are trying to control the Black Communities with Rhetoric ONLY to get your Votes. In Fact They have NOT done much to Improve the Blacks in this Country’s Plight for decades now. Trump is at least Listening, Caring, Trying, and making progress in spite of the Liberal Democrats Road Blocks!!! I am Proud to have you as a Fellow American Patriot!!

  93. Redmans brain ran down the inside of his whorish mamas leg when he was conceived! A really stupid idiot to say the Least!! Hahahaha

  94. These Democrats seem to forget that African Americans would have been in slavery forever if it were not for Abraham Lincoln,the very first Republican President!!!!! It’s the Republicans who freed the slaves,not the Democrats!!!!!

  95. WE BLACKS WILL BE HAPPY VOTING FOR TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TRUMP 2020!!!!!!!!!! REDMAN YOU AIN’T BLACK!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE A DUMMYCRAT HONKY MAKING THE REST OF US MAD!!!!!!!!!!!! WE GOT BRAINS!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU GOT NONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! QUIT WHINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE ALL VOTING TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. The Democratic/communist party was responsible for segregation and Jim Crow for over one hundred years in this country. I went to a segregated school in my youth and all public officials were Democrats. In the deep south even dog catchers were Democrats, from the end of the civil war until the late 60’s. But, no one today seems to call them out for it. All Democrats are racist and evil liars.

  97. How does the idiot know people,s culture/ skin color,thru a computer.Don,t even argue. It,s obvious he,s ” affected”.( and I have a mentally-disabled disabled son,so I don’t throw those words around lightly).Majorly unhappy person.

  98. forgot LBJ who signed the Civil Rights Act, President Kennedy who federalized the Alabama National Guard to guard Afro-American children as they began integration in the schools there. President Truman had an executive order which ordered all military branches to integrate. It is interesting you neglect these facts, rant and rave about the so called liberals and forget that Mr. Trump stated some Nazi are good and has the support of the KKK and the Neo-Nazi. Also, issues such as immigration, enviornment, universal heath care and care for the poor are moral issues based on the teachings of the Bible. The only thing you do by your ranting and ravising is to cause disunity in our country; something Mr. Trump ia an expert in.


  100. Hey Mr. Red man Hahahahahah better hope your local funny farm doesn’t find out about you as they might hall you away in a straight jacket as anyone who says this continual crazy laugh athon is considered mentally disturbed and needs to be committed as they might be harmful to themselves and others

  101. I wouldn’t worry about what President Trump has done in his life – he has to answer to God for that, just like you have to answer to God for your bias, hateful, judging of a man who has done more for America has than the previous President, who managed to tear apart this beautiful country and continues to do his dirty work! Be careful what you wish for – if you really are a pastor, you should know better!

  102. Thanks too years of Conditioning, each generation is taught to HATE ANYONE & EVERYONE, WHO ARE THE LEAST BIT DIFFERENT THAN THEMSELVES.
    Thus, you get nothing but Hate issuing from the mouths of their youth to the seniors of each generation of Democrats !!
    We’ve all heard the stories, ( If you grew up on a farm, ) that a wise farmer will not mix breed of Chickens in the same pen, The reason: the chicken will pick the Different one too death .!
    However, that is how animals act, one would think that HUMANS WOULD BE BETTER,? I guess not, after reading now those Fake News Reporters Attacked our President. Thank God that these Preachers had th bugs too tell the TRUTH about our PRESIDENT. Don’t you wish everyone did, ?.

  103. I wrote a comment and it said I already had said it before–never have even seen this story before so guess they sis not like what I said and erased me off.

  104. Being call a racist by the left is a badge of honor. If they can’t win an argument on principle their last like of defense is to call you a racist.


  106. How come all of you ignorant DEMONIC DEMONCRATS are so long winded, you talk and talk and talk. I have never heard one of you say anything worth listening to.

  107. Tuskegee Airmen, black pilots, flew their Mustangs, to escort B-17 bombers to bomb Nazi targets in Germany in WW II. Despite the fact that they were discriminated against at home, they were true American heroes. They despised the Nazis and everything they stood for! I salute them.

  108. This “expert” leaves a lot of room for actual facts which he insinuates and offers no proof. Just another nut ball lib.

  109. I still await one of you dem party supporters, to using correct, non-sluring Engish,
    explain exactly Trump is a racist. Statements about inner-city Baltimore as rat-infested
    are true. Ditto Cleveland and several other major US Cities. How can a mere statement of fact be racist? for too many years, decades, Dem leaders of these cities have done very
    little to improve the plight of their citizens, except blame others for their situations. So many issues. Starting with non-education of millions and worthless
    excuses why this education is not taking place. From the silly Ebonics idea several
    decades ago,, to the failed NYC ISD “privilege” ideas today, there is a general and gross lack of responsibility of actually dealing with these issues.

  110. HEY Max Lucado.
    Congratulations it appears you have renounced Jesus as Savior all for the sake of selling some more books. Standing with leftists who hate and denounce Jesus, and publicly have stated that they want to convert America to Islam. Way to go Max. Do you also agree that beheading Jews and Christians is a good and acceptable way of life. Well I think we just discovered who one of the anti-Christ’s prophet is. You have come out clearly and plainly in support of Satan. You know God has used kings and leaders to achieve His goals in the past. You of course know who Cyrus and Nebuchadnezzar are. But you prefer the satanic left and the plans of satan.

  111. Colleen, I give you credit for reading that short boring story. I deleted it after the second sentence. Also, your reply was great and hilarious…

  112. Oh vasu
    Hop back in your closet & come back as your feminine side Nancy, she’s just as ignorant as you, but definitely don’t use up so much space on these sites cutting & pasting. Your a bore!

  113. You are so full of it. What did Obama do in eight years. Divided the country, bowed down to foreign countries, gave affordable health care to who. It raised the price of insurance for the working class. So the Democrats are the answer. I dont think so.

  114. Oh please! Look at all the blacks and women he has appointed so far! If he was racist that would not have happened! It so happens that the people are of color. He is comparing about an issue not the people.

  115. Faithful America, a Christian organization, says:

    “Donald Trump is holding himself out as a strongman whose toxic stew of racism and fear-mongering will ‘make America great again.’

    “This is idolatry, plain and simple. Christians follow a savior who suffered death on a cross, not a ‘winner’ who espouses violence and domination as the path to national salvation.

    “Jesus told us to welcome the stranger and the refugee. Trump wants to build a giant wall and ban all Muslims from America. Jesus fed the poor and hungry. Today, politicians run for office with the Bible in hand while trying to take away food stamps. Jesus was a great healer – and yet today, every single ‘Christian’ candidate for the Republican nomination wants to strip Americans of their healthcare. Our Lord and Savior welcomed all to his table, stood up to corrupt authorities, brought good news to the poor and dire warnings to the rich. But in America, Christianity has become synonymous with vandalizing mosques, shooting up Planned Parenthood clinics, and gay-bashing.”

    Conservative Christian pastor Max Lucado commented on Trump:

    “He ridiculed a war hero. He made mockery of a reporter’s menstrual cycle. He made fun of a disabled reporter. He referred to the former first lady, Barbara Bush as ‘mommy,’ and belittled Jeb Bush for bringing her on the campaign trail. He routinely calls people ‘stupid,’ ‘loser,’ and ‘dummy.’”

    And the pastor wasn’t done there. He continued, “Such insensitivities wouldn’t even be acceptable even for a middle school student body election. But for the Oval Office? And to do so while brandishing a Bible and boasting of his Christian faith? I’m bewildered, both by his behavior and the public’s support of it.”

    Conservative Christian Matt Walsh similarly blogged:

    “He’s a serial adulterer who abandoned his family (twice) to shack up with younger women. His ex-wife once alleged that he ripped out chunks of her hair and violated her. We don’t even need to get into alleged ties to the mob or financial scams or his confession that he bribes politicians. He can’t speak semi-coherently about the Bible, he has no understanding of basic Christian teaching, he thinks Christianity does not require us to ask for forgiveness, and our relationship with Christ can be measured using polling data, but does he otherwise carry himself as anything resembling a Christian?

    “I see a guy who lies constantly and blatantly. I see a man who changes his positions and his principles at the drop of a hat. I see a deeply immature man who insults people on Twitter but lacks the courage to face them in person. I see someone who fashions himself ‘politically incorrect’ but is really just a cruel and bitter old man who thinks it’s funny to mock the disabled. I see a man with no honor who launches vulgar attacks on women and then lies about what he said. I see a phony who brazenly exploits the fears of the American public. I see a guy whose recklessness and greed drives his businesses into bankruptcy, and I see a guy who tries to silence journalists when they report on it. I see a guy who jazzes up the crowd at campaign rallies by bragging about his money and threatening to throw protesters out into the cold without their coats. And so on.”

    The Democratic Party platform should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy.

    Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

  116. And the very Two Top Names On AMERICA’S MOST UNWANTED LIST are the names of both d & m. trump! mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM, mrs. White House WORTHLESS WHORE!

  117. The real racists are the left. Racist has tge new definition of anyone who does not have the same values and beliefs as the radical left. I am a racist, i love our country, i respect men and women in the military and our police, i stand for our flag. I cant stand anyone who does not show respect to the US.

  118. Agree. The political agenders of both parties run deep. The more you research the more imbedded the motives become. The losers are the common folk. You know the hard workers, families, elderly, disabled whether young or old.
    Flood the country with people that want a better life also want freebies. Why? The powerful will not suffer for their policies. Who will? Americans needs to pay attention. Research. Review statements and records. Remember to follow the MONEY.

  119. Bing, you nailed it square on the head. The lefties are without a doubt the true racists and I said this yesterday. The Demonrats have used the word racist so much that it lost all its meaning…

  120. Redman, your about as stupid as Forrest Gump.Your like all liberal brainwashed pot smoking idiots in this country.. Your a good reason why I would support legal abortion. Cause that’s what you are. AT LEAST YOUR BRAIN.

  121. So, true.. it’s time that the real racists are exposed. The entire democratic loser party. One idiot made a comment comparing Trump to George Wallace. A true racist..problem is the dumb ass didnt know Wallace is Democrat. LOL..Slavery was born to the racist southern Democrats. I know. My grandfather was one. Valdosta, Georgia. 1960s .hard to believe that the good black folks have been lied to and swindled all these years.. DEMORATS QUIT PULLING THE RACE CARD EVERYTIME YOU GET CALLED OUT FOR YOUR MISDEEDS..

  122. Jack Gajda: You’re welcome! I wish this fool would go away.But, just a spoiled child, he will do anything for attention. And he truly represents the Democratic party….

  123. REDMAN . . . why are you called Redman . . why not blueman or greenman or yellowman. If you actually knew your black history then you would never vote democratic. Even the great Martin Luther King knew his black history and thats why he was a registered Republican. Abe Lincoln was a Republican President who wrote the Emancipation Proclamation for all Blacks. Can you tell me one Democrat that ever did anything for black people besides Obama who gave out free phones. Actually I am a race-est and proud of it. I love race cars and everything that goes with it. I have loved race cars all my life and am proud to be a RACE-EST.

  124. The Democratic Party hates Trump so much that they fight AGAINST anything that would help the nation. Trump did the voters in Baltimore a favor by bringing out the truth of the conditions there! Everytime he brings out the truth, the Democratic Party SCREECHES “Racist” when THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY THEMSELVES PRACTICE!!!

  125. Linda, I planned on writing something similar yesterday but, I never got around to it. Thanks…

  126. Well Said Rob Jones! You are Right on Target! Democrats complaining about the Problem they refuse to solve. They would NOT approve more money for the Children and Border. Not Just Hypocrites; but, Liberal Democrats are CRAZY Hypocrites!!!

  127. Since the Pelosi led Congress has been in session, NOT ONE sensible measure has been passed to rebuild the infrastruture of this nation. Sen Harris was down in the Valley
    recently distributing fake news about kids in cages, and poor housing conditions, YET
    at the same time, voting against Trump’s budget calling for additional housing. If ever
    a President has had to deal with a do-nothing useless House of Reps, it is Trump.

  128. Yes, they do hate the President. He is an outsider and he doesn’t play their political games. They all set up there on their holier than thou seats in “our” Congress and “our” Senate and try to make us believe that what they do is in our best interest. They are all just as bad as someone cheating on welfare. There is one big difference and that is that they are getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by us, the American tax payer, to tell us how stupid we are. It’s just like Nancy Peloser said: “They are deplorable and know nothing about how the government works. We know enough to know that you all aren’t there for “our best interest”.

  129. Ignore The Dead Beat Redman. Just looking for attention here because his Mommy and Wife are Sick & Tired of changing his diapers and feeding him his Bottle up until recently! CAN YOU BLAME THEM!!!! lol Seriously, do NOT Respond because to him because he can spew Garbage like a Town of Dump Trucks. You just energize his warped sick mind by responding. I Love the Color BLUEEEEE!!! Focus on intelligent discussion which can bring about Positive change! Maybe he will go away and get a real JOB, but I doubt it!! He likes a Free Handout by the democrats! Pathetic!

  130. In regard to Redman-simply illogical nonsense, slurs with nothing to add to the conversation. Turn him off, ie, ignore. Many of the housing developments across this nation are not fit for habitation. They are nothing more than a blight on our nation –
    children who grow up in this kind of environment suffer severely. I would hope, at some point, that the useless heated exchanges fall way to more sensible discussions about how to improve our great nation.

  131. Thank you Marshall as I know that the President is NOT a racist! The Dems are just using this to try to get all the people to vote Democrat.

  132. Shirley Nigh: You are absolutely correct. I made the mistake of making a comment to him. But not again. And he is also not a person of color either. Just a fool acting the part very well….

  133. To The REDMAN > > Believe that you use this handle because of your addiction to Red Man tobacco which is a poison to both one’s mind, soul, and body.

    There is a solution to you addiction in the person of Jesus Christ who gave his life as a a payment for your sin. He wants a personal relationship with you. Accept that truth and then confess to someone that you have and you will escape the Lake of Fire which is eternal damnation.

    This is being given to you in love!

  134. Touche Marshall & Kudos to You my Patriotic friend. I Respect your Opinion having Lived it. I guess ALL your Hats will remain at Home lol. Racist is just another Lying Mantra by the Liberal elitist. It’s to bad because President Trump is doing his part to help those Minorities who have been just paid Lip service by The Democrats for so Long! Liberals Got the Talking part Down and have proven they do NOT give a darn! President Trump has The Doing Part Down! BIG Difference and Trump is Exposing them for their IN ACTIONS of getting Nothing Done!

  135. 98% of the white-folks who really pink, and have brown spots later, are some of the worst terrorist in the world who live deep in denial of their inbred racist hearts. Now watch how they post back to my post, while in denial. hahahahhahahahahah.

  136. I was a civil rights worker in 1964, in Mississippi. I saw what racism did to black people. We started the very first Headstart program. It was called “The Child Development Group of Mississippi”. I was the Health Officer. If Donald Trump is a racist, I’ll eat my hat.

  137. I see and hear a lot of talking heads try to Twist President Trumps words into something negative, such as racist. “Infestation” is not a racist term, a Nazi term or a white supremacist term. Come up with 1 thing that the President Trump said, tweeted or wrote that was racist, etc. You won’t find anything except in your own sick mind.

  138. I rest my case. Redass is a phony jigaboo. Just someone trying to get attention. Probably a snot nosed kid. Really funny. Stupid coon wannabe. His mother probably blows white men for crack money

  139. David Carlisle >> Thanks for your analysis. I wholeheartily agree with it.

    It makes me wonder if ALL, perhaps most, in the Abortion Industry are Racist. I know that abortion is about eugenics and MONEY and the racist element is a strong factor.

    The Apostle Paul wrote there is no longer Jew nor Gentile when a person accepts Jesus as Lord and Saviour. I believe that Scripture points to the TRUTH that there are no longer Color factors in a believer’s mindset.

    As the Declaration of Independence also states “All men are created equal!”

  140. You sound like your heart is black, but your hate has you blinded by the light called white. My family is brown, Black, yellow and white and I love them all. Your hate, bitterness and unforgiving spirit will send you straight to hell if you don’t repent. ????????❤️????

  141. The RedMan: I ignore stupidity, ignorance and hate. So you are not worthy of any comment from me other then me to say, you are no man!! Just a fool which you demonstrate with each and every of your comments…. Your mother must be so proud…..

  142. No other President has stood up for “people” like this one. He doesn’t care what color you say you are, if you’re wrong he will tell you. Love his boldness and matter-of fact approach. I’m voting for him again, and yes I’m black.

  143. Why do you “call yo self” CDO. when you know in yo black heart dat you’re a white-folk racist in denial. There was NO truth in yo tramp mama wahe she made up her mind to have yo kind. hahahahhahahahahah

  144. Redman you are a JOKE and here’s a Heads Up for you and your compadres!!! The Party is Over for the Deep State Swamp and Liberal Democrats and Lying Fake News Media like CNN!!! REAL Breaking News CNN, ALL you Anti Americans have Been Exposed and Justice is about to be served. So we can IGNORE The RedMan’s Ignorance because he has Nothing of Importance to Say! Nothing but nonsensical BABBLE!!! Watch The RedMan in 2020 as he will become even Redder when Trump cleans House in 2020. Then It will be 4 of the Most Glorious Years American Patriots have ever experienced! The RedMan will Become The RedderRedestRedMan along with the Other Liberal Democrats! Watch and Learn the Errors of your Talk and Ways Redman.

  145. Our Duly Elected President Trump doesn’t see any color, except Red, White, and Blue! Our Beloved American Fag!???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ! The Democratic Party was the Party of Slavery! A Republican President Abraham Lincoln went to war set all People free! Maybe that why they no longer teach American History! Look it up!

  146. I think if Democrats just come out and say they hate Trump it be more truth rather then beat around the bush with worn-out racecards

  147. Our Duly Elected President Trump doesn’t see any color, except Red, White, and Blue! Our Beloved American Fag!???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ! The Democratic Party was the Party of Slavery! A Republican President Abraham Lincoln went to war set all People free! Maybe that why they no longer teach American History! Look it up!

  148. Have you looked at your DNA lately , you’re a disgrace to your
    own mother , shame on you.

  149. I bet you’re a real old tramp, “under yo brown spot skin”. Nasty Nancy. You will soon die and go into hell in denial wit yo black heart like 98% of white americans. hahahahahhahahahah


  151. Ignorance and provocative language is typical of the left. When one can’t competently discuss facts instead of playing the race, fascist or personal insults it simply defers to said ignorance. Your remarks red man displays your own hate filled prejudiced views which has no value in any intelligent exchange.

  152. The Redman if you are so proud and are defending the black race and call all “white folk, pinkies” racist then why is your call name THE REDMAN not BLACKMAN! I find it racist of you to call your self THE REDMAN!!!


  154. I don’t know why you people are even responding to “The Red Man”. He obviously is only making himself look like more of an idiot than he really is. Just let him spout off all he likes. Nobody with any good sense would take anything he has to say with a grain of salt.

  155. The Redman if you are so proud and are defending the black race and call all “white folk, pinkies” racist then why is your call name THE REDMAN not BLACKMAN! I find it racist of you to call your self THE REDMAN!!!

  156. Clint Weeks; Thank you for sharing!We know there so many Black Americans can see what the Democratic party REALLY stands for. And it’s certainly not our country, our values or any of it’s people.Just power and greed..

  157. Reverend Bill “Jesse” Owens ran in this race proving that he and POTUS are NOT racists.

    The Apostle Paul wrote through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit that we must run in a very speial race. Winners get a Trophy. Both Reverend Bill “Jesse” Owens and POTUS appear to be in the race, but are not racists.

  158. Since, by Planned Parenthood’s own records,the majority of women that suffer an abortion are minority races the victims of abortion [as it prevents a LIVE (minority) BABY from being born are minorities and President Trump DOESN’T SAY SAVE ONLY WHITE BABIES he ISN’T RACIST!!!! [99% of Democrats support the use of abortion, calling it ‘healthcare’ (it’s NOT healthcare for the BABY it’s MURDER). How is ending a minority baby’s life by abortion different than ending a minority adults life by shooting or lynching?)

  159. So it is about a label remember when your people were considered hethens maybe you still are you havenot evolved yet

  160. I can only agree with pastor Owens. Yje most of those reporters do NOT know how to correctly use that word and neither do the most of those on the left(democrats & liberals alike) They use that word like it was supposed to make everybody shame President Trump, but what they apparently do not realize is that “when they use it like they do, it really does NOT sting, like they think”…
    Instead it make those, who use the word look bad……….

  161. You are so right! I’m a southerner and we have better relationships with different people than Baltimore or most of the large cities. Maybe we know what love one another really means.

  162. Sir, thank you for your post.

    I am an older white woman 69 yrs. I am not racist.
    Take Care and thanks again.

  163. Redman sounds like you are another Democrat trying to paint conservatives with the raciest paint brush. your just another know nothing liberal .

  164. You are spot on!
    Everyone with a working brain knows that President Trump is the only president in many many years that has actually made life better for EVERYONE!
    TRUMP 2020


  166. Absolutely! The Democrats can’t handle their own racism so they blame our President for being a racist which is totally untrue. They still can’t handle the thought that President Trump will be reelected.

  167. I am a Black American who voted for Democrats up until Barack Obama reelection. I completely agree with the Pastor,that the Democrats are playing the race card as they always do as they have nothing to offer Black Americans and the only way to keep their votes is to always cry racism. Well some of us have are now aware of this and we are rejecting the Dems.This President have done more to move the economic needle forward for Black Americans than any Democrat. .

  168. The RedMan you’re a racist because that is the only thing you can talk about. We are supposed to be working toward unity, and not trying to stir the pot.
    See how easy it is to point a finger at someone, like I just did. Forgive me I get tired of finger pointing, harmony is much more constructive. God Bless

  169. First, I doubt you are what you say…using the vernacular you do is a put on. And, if you truly were a person of color you would remember the words of Dr. Martin Luther King…echoed by Dr. Ben Carson…basically, judge by content and character because we are all the same under the skin. That’s my credo….why don’t you try it instead of shouting your printed script…racist!

  170. What did the 800 BILLION $ STIMULUS accomplish???? Where did that $ go besides Obamas new jets& limos?????


  172. Trump is not a racist. That preacher is right. If you believe the fake new you are really an idiot. Trump has done more for black people than any other president. Obama did nothing for black people, he did nothing in all 8 yrs in office, for blacks are any one else. Worst president we ever had.

  173. President Donald J. Trump is not racist but, all the Douchenozzles that are calling him that are the TRUE racists…

  174. Why under former pres. “Black lives matter” when in reality all lives matter?
    Why under the former pres. this concept is not so prevalent anymore.
    The present pres. must be doing something good.

  175. i have never read are heard any thang that president trump has said about anyone that sounded racist, the democrats allways scream racist because they are all racist,.they acuse everyoneof being and doing exacllywhat they are really doing

  176. U b one dumb ass monkey and dumb as a rock. Please learn to put a simple sentence together should be simple because you are definitely simple.

  177. I am discussed that our President is called a racist. He has done more for the black
    community than Obama did. The religous community,better stick together or we are going
    to lose our country.

  178. You are so RIGHT. I am so sick and tired of hearing “racism”, many of the folks shouting this word are the Worst racists I have ever seen and heard. They promote hate, discourse in communication and are trying to tear this country apart. Please go away you haters.

  179. So RedMan America was a great country under Obama? Don’t think so. He never accomplished anything during his terms. And of course as part of the party of tolerance you are most intolerant of any group in America. Would you please not support terrorist groups like ANTIFA. I notice your side likes to name call

  180. Your words is hate filled.

    Go ahead and laugh for now, but one day you will stand in front of Jesus Christ and have to give an account of you hate.

    It does not matter to me if Jesus Christ (God) is White, Black, or Brown. I love him, know matter what color. I have read that Jesus Christ is dark skin.

    If Jesus Christ that might be black/dark skin, died loving me a white woman, what does it say about you with your hate. It says that your God is Satan.

  181. You are so RIGHT. I am so sick and tired of hearing “racism”, many of the folks shouting this word are the Worst racists I have ever seen and heard. They promote hate, discourse in communication and are trying to tear this country apart. Please go away you haters.

  182. Yep, jo-blow-em. White-folks do tend ta changes colors a lot. One day you may be pink, den red, and in the end, blue-black, huh. hahahahhahahaha

  183. anybody that Knows Trump will tell you that he is a straight shooter and is for sure not a racist

  184. I am not sure why our powerful conservative voices that are given the microphone are always in some sort of defensive mode.Why do you press people simply state things like “Trump is not a racist, what do you think?’” Seems to me that it might be more effective to also take the opportunity to elucidate the truth. Why don’t you point out things like “true racists are those who are always pointing to race in every issue and who are constantly critical and divisive and whose policies and practices and cities are those which are most racially divided.“ Why is it we never hear pointed out that Al Sharpton’s vocabulary is only one word. Racism. What’s he doing constructively to try to bring racial harmony? We were having conversation about this last night. Conservative Texas is one of the most racially harmonious locales in the country. But Liberal Baltimore is one of the worst. I think the conservative press should “hit the nail on the head” a little more often.

  185. Well I’m a black preacher and I agree with the Rev., President Trump is NOT a racist, however the Democratic party is as well as Hollywood and the Media and Obama and Hillary and Bill Clinton. Do your homework and stop the madness, stop listening to and parroting the media and the talking heads

  186. Nah, gay-re. You are a typical white-folk dat live deep in denial of racism like 98% of white-folks in america. You are an ideal-idiot like old trump-ah-hump. hhahahahahahahahahaha

  187. Hey, lin-doe. 98% of white america are inbred racist. repub. or demo. white folks are white-folks no matter which side they favor. Even yo mama. hahahahahahahahaha

  188. More free thinking individuals need to step up and support President Trump. The truth needs to be proclaimed in the minority communities as well as Democratic strongholds. Democrats have left America, common sense and sanity long ago. Abandon that sinking ship.

  189. Rev.Owens spoke the truth. Also, relatives of the Late M.L.K. also clearly stated President Trump is not a racists or a bigot. But of course the haters will start posting this is fake news and they were paid to say these things. They will NEVER accept the TRUTH.Never…When I pointed out a new movement called “Walk Away”. Where African Americans are telling why they switched to the Republican party and their story behind their decision. A hater started spewing,”oh yeah, I wonder how much the Fox fake news paid them to say that”. It’s always a lie when someone speaks up for our President or our party. But the all powerful, never known to lie( HA, HA, HA)Democratic party is the correct party.Any party that advocates abortion even up to being born, will never be a party I support..

  190. The media must be exposed every step of the way with their cheap shots and lies against Donald Trump. They know that they are losing the battle to unseat him and are going crazy because of it.

  191. What President Trump has done to help African Americans runs circles around anything Obama has done for them. Those black preachers saw the light that Trump is nothing as the media portrays him and walked away from the white house perfectly satisfied that he is NOT A RACIST. There are many blacks who have worked for him and he paid them wages far above union scale and wish he hadn’t ran for office because they wish he’d be around so they could work for him again.

  192. The left is trying make political commentary and discourse racist which is extremely dangerous and more than disingenuine, it is insulting.

  193. The median that likes to tout itself as “main stream” is totally biased and certainly not mainstream at all. Their “reporting” is not even close to the truth. NBC and CNN and CBS see one one of the reasons that there is a racially divided nation beginning with Obama who was constantly turning everything into a racial issued.

  194. I’m glad that the people of color are seeing through the phony racist label the commiecrats use to brand their opponents with. But they won’t stop. Only double down. But Trump will clean their clocks in 2020.

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