What this Democrat did during the national anthem will have you seeing red

Thanks to Colin Kaepernick, the national anthem is now a scene for political protest.

Democrats embraced Kaepernick and political pundits expected someone to echo his protest at the Democrat Presidential debate.

And what this Democrat did during the national anthem will have you seeing red.

Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan is at the bottom of the polls and struggling for attention.

Ryan has had trouble creating his “moment” during the debates, so many critics have accused him of trying to manufacture attention during the national anthem by refusing to place his hand over his heart while the Star Spangled Banner played before the second Democrat presidential debate.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Tim Ryan was the only Democratic candidate who did not put his hand over his heart during the national anthem at the second round of primary debates. The American flag was being presented by a local Veterans of Foreign Wars post.

Fellow candidate Marianne Williamson at first did not have her hand on her heart, but she eventually placed it there halfway through the anthem after glancing at the others.

According to the U.S. flag code, when the national anthem is played, “all present except those in uniform should stand at attention facing the flag with the right hand over the heart.”

Barack Obama, then a U.S. senator for Illinois, was criticized for the same thing in Iowa in 2007 when he was photographed with his hands clasped below his waist beside Democratic primary rivals Bill Richardson and Hillary Clinton, who had their right hands over their hearts.

Ryan did not take a knee as Kaepernick did.

But his protest during the national anthem was unmistakable.

However, it ended up backfiring.

CNN never asked Ryan about his national anthem protest so Ryan’s attempt to score political points by disrespecting the flag was all for naught.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Every word you spoke brought tears to my eyes and pain to my heart, and fear to my brain. Tell all of the democrates to put their brain on. And that assumes thay might have a brain.
    God bless America , land that I love stand beside her and guide her. I remember Kate Smith singing that so very often.

  2. No good white-folks are ruining the whole world. They are demons in pink skin. Just look at the stuff they post on here, they are like lice on a greasy head white-folk, everywhere. hahahahahahahahaha

  3. VOTE!

    Get you family to vote.

    Get your friends to vote.

    Get EVERYONE you know to vote.

    Get rid of CRAP pols AND their illegals.

  4. Don’t bite Mama. Look at his name, then the way that he writes and expresses himself. A troll looking for a racist comment.

  5. He is a power hungry wannabe looking for a sponser. Hey Tim, George isn’t fussy, he might even take a turncoat like you.

  6. He said 57 ifin I remember correctly,that’s exactly how many Muslim states there are,he had the number right just wasn’t counting American states

  7. I believe that we earnestly need to pray the Trump and the Republicans continue on. Pray and act at the voting booth.

  8. If you remember Tim Ryan started out and ran as a Republican and got elected as a Republican. after he got elected he announced that he was switching over to the Democrats. He turned he back on the very voters who elected him. Now, he refuses to honor the National Anthem. I have to believe that his personal agenda is to bring harm to the people of this nation because I totally believe that he will turn against the rest of us as well.

  9. Fernando, I’m intoxicated W/ Right & Wrong!
    You Are ‘intoxicated’ W/ Stupidity & Liberal
    Ignorance. Anything Else ???

  10. YOU, mister, WILL SEE ‘blustery’ AFTER
    4 More YR. POTUS. GO POTUS !!!
    & ya know what?, ‘rescue Birds ARE w/ POTUS
    LOL HaHaHAAAA.. You should ‘hear’ them when
    Potus ‘speaks’ / & YOU Should Hear ‘them’ When
    Libs speak . LOL! WHEN Hillary spoke cpl yr Ago,
    ‘they’ SCREECHED !!! omg, was amazing.= THEY KNOW !!!
    (MORE Truth/REALITY than the Stupido (followers). &&&
    Stupido ( false leaders) Against USA as soveriegn COUNTRY
    ARE ‘Just Plain EVILE’, & ‘WE’ KNOW ‘it’. goodnite.

  11. Yeah four more years of blustery foghorn leghorn….say a lot and do nothing. Donald Trump is as useless as a back pocket on a t shirt.

  12. Indeed He Is John!! Sorry to say, he’s one of our disgusting reps here in Awesome Ohio!! I have written & E-Mailed him SEVERAL times & he keeps saying WE need the ‘illegals’! NO…HE needs them. WE NEED Him Gone!

  13. The Demorat party knows Most of America is Fed Up with all their Bullcrap, They Want Open Boarders to get as Many Illegals as they can get away with.. A lot of Dem Voters have crossed over.. They have seen the light, the only way They can stay in office is to get more people…ILLEGAL ONES. What Dirtbags the Democrat Party has become. I Believe Obumma had A lot to do with That…Thank God that Bum is Gone…With the Help of God, Hope Our Whole Country Turns RED Nov. 2020… HERE COMES ALL THE “DEPLORABLE’S” ON TRUMP TRAIN…WHOO.. WHOO!!!

  14. Very Well Said, Heidi Oelgart, From A Proud Fellow Deplorable, Thank You And All The Wonderful Proud AMERICAN DEPLORABLE’S on this Page…GOD BLESS The USA..

  15. i mean, ‘THEY LIE’ when ‘they Say,
    ‘they’ support USA.
    Needed to ‘clarify’.
    Also, that jerk ‘appears’ To Be a
    ‘Kasich student’.

  16. Please! Obrokeback didn’t even know how many states in our union let alone how to act like an ALPHA president…. MAGA!

  17. I think all of these democrats should be kicked out of office and send them to Iraq. They do not deserve to live in our country. The most BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.

  18. A lot of changes have taken place since the 40s. It is no longer permissible to say the Pledge of Allegiance anywhere, especially in schools. Apparently you can live in this country and not have allegiance to it; you can dis the Flag, the Anthem, and anything else that might suggest you love this country. All the haters should move to Iran or elsewhere and see just how far they get dissing the country and its leaders. This is the greatest country ever conceived by man but we have these Democrats constantly telling us how rotten it is. It will become rotten if they get in power and let all the riffraff enter with no restraints.

  19. Do people like him and O’Rourke, who invited football kneelers to the debate, think that this kind of action wins votes? They don’t seem to know which way the wind blows; didn’t the NFL suffer from low attendance during the time of those creeps who refused to stand for the anthem? I think the majority of Americans are/were offended by such outrageous actions.

  20. Each and everyone of these scumbags needs to be vote out by the people of their respective states. Vote and support term limits in congress!


  22. AMEN to this. God has send us Donald J Trump – now we all know how much corruption there is in this country – and the swamp still needs more draining. We the people have to stand up and VOTE VOTE VOTE for this amazing man. The BEST president we have had and will have in 2020 – make this the banner year – take house and senate and let’s move the Trump train in high speed along….I am a proud deplorable with lots of my friends in the same basket..
    Heidi O

  23. mike, as a four year vet, i can tell you not only me, but my two kids grew up respecting that flag they would have kicked his ass right on that stage without me having said a word. they also visit their grandpa and two uncles buried at a va cemetery without me telling them. they stand at attention, put their flags out when it should be out. people of ohio there’s a colin within sight….. next bibles, flags gone.

  24. We have already lived through the misfortune of having one President who loathed Old Glory. The girlish little laddie who proceeded President Trump made a habit of protecting his groin at the site of Old Glory. He was filmed doing this several times. For almost 9 years we saw this disrespect toward flag , anthem and Law inforcement personnel. Tim needs to keep his day job.

  25. Jay Inslee, your idiot governor? Are you talking about the only candidate of the 10 that lit up the stage last night? The one that described our most pressing issues and happens to be the only one that has done something to help? Me thinks it is you, Blondhorsecrazy, that is the idiot and who appears to be deaf and blind while you throw gas on the image of the dumb blond, you remind me of Gracie Allen at her dumbest.

  26. If you’re looking for all the treasonous people in this country. Look no further their standing on stage right in front of you.

  27. No respect for God or the American flag by Ryan,no way this man for president.He should hang his head in shame.

  28. Who is he? Where is he from? Why does he matter? Some jagoff that does not respect our flag, and he wants to be commander and chief? Go back to cooking class.

  29. Well Ryan you really screwed up and now we know you, by God you were lucky to get away with this at this event because there was a VFW color guard present and when I was in a VFW color guard at a presentation when it was over and you did not show respect for the Flag some of us would have approached you later on and asked you if you had a problem!!!! But remember we were vets and did something for our country.

  30. The far left kissing kittens Democrats have no respect and simply are too young to remember a time Veterans Day in NYC was a parade down 5th Avenue.
    This all started when the government declared it was okay ,in protest, to burn the American Flag. CHANGE THAT AND MAKE IT A CRIME….????

  31. Libs and dems want to treat every person in the United States of America like old people involuntarily committed to a rest home, “Just let us take care of everything, you just go to this little room and sit by the window staring out mindlessly and let us make all your decisions for you because you aren’t capable of making your own choices and aren’t mentally capable of making the choices WE KNOW you should be making”. THEY KNOW better than everyone else what you need.

  32. i can understand the issue soetoro never was a citizen, born in kenya, never really was a senator, nor president, a muslim, a queer, just put ryan in same boat. being dems neither have a brain either……

  33. Yep … Bad form, RYAN …

    Ryan was certainly one of the lesser lights last nite … suspect he will fade into the national sunset in the very near future … plus his “deed” is now ammo for the other hopefuls to blow him off the stage.

    The Wednesday nite action was far superior to Tuesday’s show. It was great to see Kammie and Biden under fire, and watch the Governor of Washington emerge onto the scene. He is just what the Democraps need in their future: accomplished & articulate.

  34. All the people that you mentioned that has not respected the flag or National Anthem, has lost most of their brain power that gives us the difference between right and wrong.
    One other thing we know about them is they are NOT fit for any office in the US.

  35. I have absolutely no idea how my e-mail address got on here. Oh, well, I’ve been meaning to change it anyway…

  36. Liberals and demoncrats, “Trust the government for your income, welfare, healthcare, children’s (re)education, and to tell you your country should be shamed, you should be ashamed, what to say, what to hear, what to think, just turn over all of your income and submit to us…TRUST US!”

  37. I guess the rules have changed but back in the 40’s the proper thing to do when the national anthem was being played was to stand at attention. We did not place our hand over our heart. This was preserved for the Pledge of Allegiance. I remember listening on the radio to ball games and other event and the national anthem was being played our whole family would stand in the living room.

  38. The dems have nothing but hate and lies. That’s to be expected since they have thrown God out and have no morals. NO ONE who disrespects, God, country, flag, or military should be in our government. They are very dangerous to our freedom. justme@premieronline.net

  39. If you can’t respect the anthem, or the flag that represents all of us, why run to represent any of us? Americans come from all over the world, our flag, our anthem are what unites us all into one culture. If you disrespect that unity you in fact deny America as a union of all these culture; those who disrespect the flag, and our anthem stand for divisiveness and non-integration, they are the true haters of all America stands for and anyone who subscribes to their philosophy does not represent Americans and should be barred not only from running for, but holding any office in these United States of America, period!

  40. The Dims dont have a clue, they spent half their time attacking Biden rather than talking about the issues.Its plain they are a desperate band of losers Trump 2020

  41. I honestly thought it would be my Idiot Governor that would pull that stunt. Jay Inslee, of Washington state, was asking the other day if the National Anthem would be played at Debates. These people are pathetic & solely pandering to Radicals. The Demoncrats have lost their way about America. I wonder which cartel pays them best?

  42. Stand! Salute! Sing! Support our military! Pay homage to those whose ultimate sacrifice was their last full measure of devotion! In God We Trust! One nation under God! Proud to be an American! Respect! Give thanks! HAVE GRACE! ????????TRUMP????????KEEP AMERICA GREAT????????2020!

  43. Tim Ryan should have been disqualified for not having his hand over his heart! He’s running as a presidential candidate. This shows Tim Ryan is not a patriot?? Cannot allow Tim Ryan to participate in the presidential campaign.

  44. So tragic, you must be anti American to be a Democrat today, especially if you are running for President. Will the American people really elect people who hate everything about the USA as President? NO!

  45. Really nothing these liberal pigs do or don’t do surprises me. I am only surprised (well not too surprised) that they aren’t in prison already.

  46. Just goes to show and exhibit what an elected member of Congress will do to get re-elected. Simple, he sold out the majority of Americans to be a party “drone” absent of thought, respect for the country, along with being a flunky to the Democratic party. A waste of human flesh with the only value to be fodder for crocks.

  47. I say if a member of any party disrespects our Flag, Country, Military should be removed from office. ASAP…

  48. What we see is what we get. There’s no other explanation for the disrespect for America the Dems are to us. Honestly how could you vote for him even if he has some good ideas and challenges Berni. Still not right what he did. He showed his colors and could you7 see any of these Dems standing up to putin or little Rocket man. LOL

    Please don’t be foolish when it comes time to vote Dems cross your party lines. You might not agree with all that trump has to offer and many of us don’t either but at least he has balls and is a negotiator and not afraid. Both sides are terrible whats going on and it needs to stop and no Dem has the grit to be able to stop it they are the swamp.

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