What this Democrat Senator said on CNN about Trump just crossed the line

The rhetoric employed by Democrats is beyond extreme.

It’s beginning to get dangerous.

And one Democrat Senator just stepped over the line with what she said about Trump on CNN.

Hawaii Democrat Senator Mazie Hirono appeared on CNN to discuss Trump attorney Rudy Guiliani’s interviews that were conducted on both Fox News and CNN.

Guiliani made the completely factual statement that collusion is not a crime and the left seized on that to push the story that the Trump team was admitting they’re guilty.

That’s when Hirono deployed her extreme rhetoric by suggesting the “noose is closing” around Trump’s neck.

Breitbart reports:

BLITZER: You know President Trump has repeatedly claimed there was no collusion, now his lawyer Rudy Giuliani is arguing collusion isn’t even a crime necessarily, so what does that signal to you?

HIRONO: I think that the noose is closing. You know Giuliani is like a loose cannon, so is the president frankly. Conspiracy is a crime and obstruction of justice is a crime. And it all points to how important it is for the Mueller investigation to continue.

BLITZER: Donald Trump Jr.’s lawyer, you just heard says they are fully confident the accuracy and reliability of the information that has been provided by Donald Trump Jr. and various investigations. Based on what we’ve learned, do you think that reflects the information he provided to your committee during his Q and A session?

HIRONO: I know that during his sessions with us, not just with our Judiciary Committee but the entire Trump family as far as I’m concerned has not been forthcoming and so at this point everybody’s credibility in my view is questionable. Clearly Giuliani’s credibility is shot, even as he goes ahead and attacks Michael Cohen who he said was a great guy not too long ago.

Liberals continue to fantasize about murdering Donald Trump.

But it’s no laughing matter.

Last summer a deranged Bernie Sanders follower attempted to assassinate more than a dozen Republican members of Congress as they conducted baseball practice.

Hirono’s rhetoric may be a figure of speech, but as Democrat politicians employ more violent language, their base is matching loose language with unhinged acts of madness and violence.


  1. She must have eaten something in Hawaii that had the rat worm. I understand it affects your brain. In fact most of those DemocRATS seem to have been infected!

  2. Carl you are an absolute bottom dwelling idiot. It is better to keep ones mouth shut and let people think you are stupid moron, than to open it and remove all doubt. and that is what you dis lunatic, suffering from TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME. DON’T LIKE MY COUNTRY, GET THE HELL OUT .

  3. Who cares what that Japanese Senator has to say..She is following what the others are telling her what to say about Trump..

  4. Time to lock&load! Fight the real fascists Ayers, Holder, Obama, HRC, Soros, all of the Corruptable FBI, CIA, NSA, ATF, and rats who aided, and abetted the coup, plotted by Ayers, and Dorn, to put a foreign born, one-term, absentee Chicago Hood-Rat, Islamic, street corner anarchist, family friend, into the People’s House! The DNC knew it, chose to support it, and are guilty of treason! HRC, and BHO, rigged their own party’s presidential nomination election because they made guarantees to foreign investors, and leaders, based on self confidence that HRC would be the next POTUS, in name only, to give BHO his third term!

  5. Charles: If my memory is correct the Mullear investigation was to look for collusion between the Russians and the Trump Organization or with Trump himself. In two years it has NOT devulged if they have even found any. Yes, the investigations have come up with other crimes and their have been admissions. But tell me, if you were sent out to do something, and you did everything but that, what would people think other than you never found anything and are just stuffing your pockets with things you never were sent out to find. I also ask you, have you been a perfect Angel all your life and absolutely have done nothing wrong, no moving violation no matter if you got caught or not? We are not a perfect people, we are human. On the other hand, how does a person get away with all the questionable and illegal activity that the Clinton’s have and skirting the laws of this country that Obama did with the Pallets of money he sent to IRAN?

  6. I’m laughing, not at our duly elected President but at your ignorance regarding what Pres. Trump has accomplished.

  7. What does God have to do with the largest Coup ever perpetrated on the United States by Bill Ayers, and Bernadine Dorn?

  8. I believe that threatening the POTUS is a Federal Crime. Where are the charges FBI? Why can’t the FBI actaully for once do the job that they were created to do?

  9. Hirono, another disgrace, pathological, corrupt, crooked demoncRATs will rotten the entire Hawaii. God Bless our Pres. Donald J. Trump. These demoncRATS are so jealous of Pres. Donald J. Trump’s success in less than 2 years compared to their DISGRACE, CROOKED, CORRUPT, HUNGRY OF POWER & MONEY, PATHOLOCIAL SERIAL LIAR OBAMA, who enriched all other country’s except America. sold 20% American Uranium to Russia, Head of the resistant party, puppit of Soro as well as Russian. Remember 2012 when FAILED DISGRACE Obama whispered to Russian diplomat that Obama will be flexible with Russia after the 2012 election. Legal Law Abiding Immigrant supports Pres. Donald J. Trump

  10. Oh – Thank God (The …uh…White Christian Southern Baptist God, not those other Fake Gods, like Lutherans or Catholics…or Jews…or Muslims…or Hindus….or…) that the Republican Party has been an absolute model of Decorum and understanding in dealing with lesser mortals, and understanding the purpose of the Mueller Investigation and the multiple indictments and convictions it has produced. President ….(sorry – I can’t say that with a straight face) Trump has been MOST Reticent about his opinions. Do you think he could be a little more forthcoming so we could better appreciate his …genius and insight ….(more laughter, sorry about that…).

  11. I think she better take a good look at what has happen in that stat in the last few months. She better also take a look a what is fixing to hit there now.

  12. Hawaii Democrat Senator Mazie Hirono is so stupid she embarrasses the standard concept of stupid. How a lawmaker can not know that illegally crossing the border is illegal is amazing, but Hawaii Democrat Senator Mazie Hirono achieves it. Now she is blathering about something else of which she is woefully ignorant. I am very disappointed in the voters of Hawaii for electing this idiot.

  13. Wayne S, since you must be one of those left leaning anti-American, perhaps it would be a good idea for you to quit consuming so much oxygen while you wait for the mule face to find evidence

  14. There is no doubt that the left intends to kill the President and Vice-President and as many of their supporters as it takes to establish a peoples republic. This marxist pointy head from a pocket borough of mongrels and sodomites does not have to dissemble because there is no one left there with a functioning gag reflex or anal sphincter, so it is logical that we would hear salivating talk of a noose for the capitalist gaijin from her first.

  15. How did this bimbet ever get elected, she doesn’t have the brains to find her way out of a wet paper bag with both hands. Thought Hawaiis population had more brains

  16. Almost all of those indictments, have absolutely nothing to do with the goals of the investigation, and they have nothing to do with Trump. Yes, the investigation has revealed nothing.

  17. This IGNORANCE that is the Collusion charge belongs on Obozo and Hitlery. If there is any obstruction it also belongs in those Two Criminals Laps. I say this because both the HONORLESS IDIOT Mueller and that Criminal Scum Comey got into power at the FBI under Obozo.

  18. What the Hell does Hirono know about anything. She made a statement at an immigration hearing that “Our immigration laws were written by President Trump” She was corrected being told that our immigration laws have been in effect for many, many years long before Trump was elected President. He is only trying to enforce them. Hirono being a U.S. Senator from Hawaii said “I guess I am confused!” Really, just like most other DIMS in office




  22. What did you expect from a Japanese from Hawaii??? They’re sneaky and can’t be trusted…FDR was right.

  23. George not deplorable, actually deplorable does fit some of our Republican and Democrat politicians. The Uranium deal is a Hoax. The Uranium came from a Canadian Co. And was approved by 13 other people and agencies.

  24. Hi Mislead Truth Ruth. The so called dirt wasn’t found by Mueller. That all came from Paul Revere Nunes in the middle of the night. Along with the White House. Mueller hasn’t leaked anything yet. So We will have to wait till He is done with probe. Unless you are part of probe and seen material We haven’t.

  25. will the Liberals DomoRATS ever tell the truth– the only thing that the creep Mueller has found is the dirt from the FBI_DOJ_CIA_and most of the RATS of the Obama administration–everything pointss to them and the Rino McCain

  26. You can always tell a LIB by their pitiful use of the english language, not to mention spelling

  27. Wayne. Could be Russian yes but not Republicans. Could be Democrats yes. They sold×wink wink× uranium to Russia in bed with Russia and Iran and Muslim brotherhood a terrorist group

  28. As an Independent. I wonder which of you are real or Russian Trolls. I receive emails daily from at least 5 different groups. They are all right wing based. So common sense should make you wonder if any of these are legit. After reading these comments, I hope most of these aren’t legit. If so, then people really have been drugged down to the gutter. Maybe it’s Trumps fault maybe not. Maybe it’s just a Cult. And yes, name calling won’t bother Me, it just proves My point.

  29. Diane, you need to rest. Your head is about to explode. Take a day and come back tomorrow. I’ll be waiting…

  30. George, the deplorable- Nice that all you guys do is puppet the talking points from the day before that you hear from Breitbart and Faux AlmostNews. You are pathetic. Conspiracy IS a crime. Obstruction of Justice IS a crime. And 45 commits Obstruction every single day with his inane, angry tweets. He’s running scared right now and I don’t blame him. He’s guilty and acting like it!

  31. You’re the cult members who elected a reality TV star host (along with Russian interference). Now who is a moron?

  32. Jhn- Have known for quite some time now that you’re not worth my time or response. You can’t carry on a decent conversation or do you have the capacity to process any intelligent facts. I feel very sorry for you. Must be hard to get through each day with how ignorant you are.

  33. “Liberals continue to fantasize about murdering Donald Trump.” I reread the statements, and could not find where this was said by the Democrats. Don’t doubt it is in the mind of many, but I don’t think it has been publicly vocalized. Please do not spread vicious rumors.

  34. Because we should listen to a woman who doesn’t even know illegally crossing the border is against the law…..you know……as in ILLEGAL.

  35. Maybe you would like to donate your yearly salary to a charity of my choice. 135,000 new jobs more hispanics and blacks off the jobless roles. Keep your head in the sand. It makes it easier to kick your ass.

  36. Fact from Teragram. Fact for you to understand how foolish you look making stupid non-factual statements Scoot 27. Crawl back under the rock.

  37. This is very common Congressional behavior. They are in recess for the month of August. They are NOT coming back until September. When have they ever solved any problem in a timely manner.

  38. You Diane are a fool and as stated earlier, A fool never learns. I made NO remarks about President Trump relative to his innocence or guilt. unlike you I research facts before I make statements, and facts prove that Muller and his crew are so incensed that Hillary lost that they have lost any semblance of ability to seek the truth and be guided by law. They consistently make statements about things that have NO relevance to the investigation to cloud the truth. Someone did this 15 years ago and now we can associate him with the Trump campaign so lets go after him and if we can squeeze him hard enough maybe we can come up with a plan for prosecution, and we cannot look too closely at what we hope to see or we could see the truth. We all know that Muller does not care about the truth but merely the hope that he can confuse the courts one more time as the FICO confusion and false statements by FBI Agents and hurt President Trump. By the way, I can say that I speak ONLY after I am sure I KNOW the Facts. I speak facts, you speak illusions. I WIN!!

  39. Which campaign promises is he ignoring? All I can see is that he is really doing a terrific job at MAGA. He would be even further ahead if he did not meet with obstruction every single day from the defeated party.

  40. Stop the stupidity Diane. ALL the indictments were the act of a colluder named Muller. NONE of them were for anything to do with the investigation Muller is highly overpaid to do, and in fact for things that happened far before President Trump had a thought of running for president. The indictments are and were to create imagined charges that had previously been dealt with in the courts, for the sole purpose of scrounging up enough scared people in an effort to make his false and unfounded case. NO COLLUSION so Muller now tries for something else. Time Muller admits that he is so demented and hateful of God fearing Moral Americans and so incensed that his ol’ pal Hillary lost that he cannot and will not admit the truth.

  41. Manafort. Case from over 10 years ago. Thrown out once before. You are correct about something, Mueller is trying to write a STORY……fictional story. Sorry babe. No crimes……oh you know if collusion was a crime Obamass, crooked Hillary and DNC would be in prison…..

  42. Hope you’re ready for the truth to come out about the corrupt Trump Crime Family, too, but I seriously doubt it. Let’s see how much mental acuity you have to the truth about 45. Your at zero right now. You just keep making excuses for him.

  43. Jon, I certainly understand your disdain for the democrats, but please learn proper English and grammar before you write. You make God fearing Republicans look like fools with your scrambled page.

  44. George, the deplorable- You poor dumb person. I feel very bad for your lack of intelligence (and your spelling skills). Must be hard to get through life everyday because of your stupidity.

  45. OH Diane. As the old song goes, WHEN WILL THEY EVER LEARN? I know it is hard for someone with your mental acuity to see, but the facts are out there with the exception of the 33,000 emails that Hillary forgot about, which will be out on August 28, 2018, by court order. The ONLY reason Hillary isn’t and hasn’t been charged is that she had. “Friends”, in high places, like Coumo and othes Strozk in the FBI investigating, like the fox watching the hen house. Things will change after August 28th and for Hillary and her crime crew not for the better. Yes, a lot of money was spent but with the FBI having their highest ranking officials protecting Hillary and her criminal associates it was or should have been a pre-ordained conclusion that until someone pushed hard enough to make a case nothing would happen. You can trust this: The truth will be out soon and it will show a clear pattern of crime and cover up on the part of each of the actors.

  46. Oh George, the deplorable- Mueller is building a story, therefore a case. He’s definitely not done with Manafort. Other indictments are bound to come. He’s squeezing Manafort, you dear dumb schmuck, because he wants him to flip. Manafort will spend the rest if his deplorable life behind bars and hopefully so will the Trump Crime Family.

  47. Then why wasn’t Hillary indicted? Guess you have no clue (no surprise there) with how an investigation goes. Mueller is building a case. He knows he can’t get to the Russians, but he’s building a case against the Trump Crime Family and the fat slob, himself. The next shoe to fall will be when Mueller indicts those Americans who helped Russia. That’s going to include Roger Stone, Donnie Jr., Jared Kushner. He will proved a case for conspiracy and Obstruction Of Justice (45 obstructs Justice every single day with his inane tweets). 70% of sane Americans know 45 guilty. It’s just you cult members who keep your head in the sand.

  48. No there are not any Republicans there and God is not happy with them as I expect the volcano you have a massive erection I’m pretty much wiped out most of the islands along with the majority of Democrats. It’s how he eradicates the evil that beseeches us.

  49. No there are not any Republicans there and God is not happy with them as I expect the volcano you have a massive erection I’m pretty much wiped out most of the islands along with the majority of Democrats. It’s how he eradicates the evil that beseeches us.

  50. You make a fantastic point, one that might bare investigating full. I speak of your “conservatives …, taxes …,”etc.

    Can The People, without vote but by petition with enough signatures, call for the end of the fiasco? Done properly in the modern era, similar to a poll but with obviously more stringent guidelines a kin to voting, would The People have the legal and/or constitutional authority to shut down heir mueller and his little group of left wing Gestapo thugs.

    I am more than willing to sign, vote, what ever it takes, and demand that all expenses and salaries incurred be reimbursed by the players and proponents of the witch hunt.

  51. Good grief! This whole post is ignorant. Yeah, 38 indictments of 32 people plus 3 companies, 5 guilty pleas and Paul Manafirt currently on trial amounts to NOTHING? Get your head out of your a** wake up and pat attention or choose to remain ignorant. It’s your choice.

  52. If this rhetoric keeps on the majority will revolt and they will be lost liters. As if there not prosecuted by law for crimes against America there is only uncivil action of which they think there immune to. Even former seals have been sending up the warning to them and they do not head it. Let the card fall where they may. There not in charge of anything the people are.

  53. If this rhetoric keeps on the majority will revolt and they will be lost liters. As if there not prosecuted by law for crimes against America there is only uncivil action of which they think there immune to. Even former seals have been sending up the warning to them and they do not head it. Let the card fall where they may. There not in charge of anything the people are.

  54. So , when Clintoon was impeached did he step down or serve prison time? Take a civics class meathead. You must have slept thru your last one.

  55. Unfortunately, when a democrat does something illegal,nothing seems to happen. Lois Lerner (IRS)got a bonus and a six figure retirement for the job she did.Hillary, nothing. The people who erased the server after a subpoena, nothing. For a conservative/Trump supporter, they break the door down. It’s sad.It’s a tough battle to fight peacefully. Unfortunately for this country, most conservatives are good law abiding citizens.

  56. Since the Mule-ear fiasco hasn’t produced ANYTHING in about two years, and since Conservative Capitalists pay the BULK of taxes that are funding this FIASCO, and since we CONSERVATIVES are calling for its END, Ms. Hirono and Schumer and Schiff and Rosenstein should volunteer to PAY FOR THIS CIRCUS out of their OWN POCKETS!

  57. I have been asking the same question about conn’s three liberals especially Derosa and Blumenthal.

  58. Diane. By the law crooked Hillary did break theLAW. It got swept under the rug by streak and Comey and others. But guess what it’s back under investigation. Lol????????????????????

  59. Diane my dear left looney. Manafort is on trial for something over ten years ago and was dropped by the judge back then. No other crimes. Nothing to do with Trump. Collusion you poor little dimwits keep looking for us NOT A CRIME. If it were Crooked Hillary and DNC and yes Obamass would be in prison. So sorry to burst your bubble…???????? but keep your TDS going by all means

  60. George the deplorable, yes I am ready I hate liberals I hate communist I hate liars I hate thieves I am locked and loaded ready to protect my family and myself and my friends I’m with you 100%

  61. The indictments against Russians are laughable. Mueller did that for show, he has no intention of actually questioning them or prosecuting them. Just like those indictments against the Russian and Dutch companies who sued Mueller and proved they weren’t even in business during the campaign. Mueller has not provided proof of any collusion against TRUMP. But Hillary received campaign funds from Russia and other foreign countries. That is collusion!

  62. And CNN interviewing Senator Hirono from Hawaii show how tone deaf they are. This lady made an ass of herself during an immigration hearing referring to our immigration laws as Trump’s law. The ICE official had to quote from our long standing immigration law as to what illegal alien means!! How in the hell does such amoron get elected????

  63. Etta- Oh, how sad fir you. If you believe 45 gives a rat’s a** about you OR this country, you’re dumber than I think you are. 45 only cares about one thing……himself. The walls are closing in on this corrupt criminal and he will have to resign (just like Nixon) or face prison time. Can’t wait until they boot his fat a** out of office. He’s such an embarrassment to all of us and the entire world knows it!

  64. Scott27, you’re a walking talking joke how many golf games did Obama play your Muslim God out of one year he probably stayed in office three or four days and vacation. All the time on our money his wife took a separate jet you know the thing with the big bulge in the pants he had family members who are getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a year how about his mother-in-law she made more money watching his dog and you’d make in a lifetime you are an idiot

  65. David- I will assume you were just as pis*ed with The Benghazi investigation when Trey Gowdy spent over $5 million, or the Hillary’s email investigation ($30million) and neither one got any indictments, guilty pleas or convictions. Not true fir this corrupt Trump administration. Plenty of indictments, 5 guilty pleas and Paul Manafort is currently on trial. At least Mueller got something to show for it.

  66. Obama did a great job of screwing up America. Trump is cleaning up Obama’s mess. Trump is getting things done. Shut down Mueller!

  67. These immature liberal idiots just can’t accept the fact that trump beat hillary. Look libs. he has nothing in mind but to make America great again, thats all, its sad that hillary’s deplorables are the only ones to believe that.

  68. Scott27…stop drinking blue coolaid. Obamass ducked. My country is doing so much better with out dems in charge and if they would stop crying for one frigging second and stop blocking everything, my country would even be better. Expand your little circle get facts somewhere else beside CNN the communist news network. Question are you moved out of your mommy’s house yet??

  69. The Lib nut retards seem to put another sorry ass no nothing on CNN every day trying to connect to their dwindling audiences. The Senator from Hawaii was reading scribted questions and as she said was confused- more like clueless!!! And these are the public officials that are screwing up the country obviously the voters in Hawaii were lied to just like everyone else has been by these no nothing fools

  70. oh sure, Gloria. And how deep into that world of alternative facts are you, anyway? How can anyone be so gullible and clueless? I’m sorry for you.

  71. how much is ex president obozo and moochelle security costing the taxpayers as they jet around the world?????????????????????

  72. R D Dukes….you are correct. The left has nothing but aahhhhhhhhhhh!!! They have nothing to say that might make sense. I understand my dog more than a Lidtard

  73. CYN You are absolutely right. This woman did not even know that it was against the law to enter the US illegally and that Congress passed a law against it.

  74. Hay Patrick tell us just one of his lies you are just like the CNN reporter w go said that Trump lied 147 times but he couldn’t remember just one.

  75. Lois, you and the left want constitutional right taken away from us. 1st and 2nd and 4th from us the right side. Republicans. The proud deplorables. You need to wake up. You are in the wrong side of freedom and the rule of Law…#walkaway

  76. Lois.. Stop living on the blue coolaid. Get info from more than just you friends,if you have any, stop watching cnn the communist news network and expand you brain, if you have one…..#walkaway

  77. Patriot. If they antifa (which are actually the fascists) bring guns. 1st its illegal to carry guns in California 2nd I guess civil war will start. If you are a patriot I’m sure you ate prepared to defend our country. I and all my Deplorable friends are locked and loaded..

  78. Oh, c’mon, Tom. You looked that up. I’m surprised someone of your obvious intellect and ability to articulate a thought knows how to spell IQ.

  79. No kidding. Your tax dollars should be going to add on to mr. trump’s already $72 million for golf trips and growing his businesses.

  80. or maybe it’s love of America and not wanting it to fall further victim to a lying, cheating, tax-dodging, military service dodging, con man.

  81. Well at least trumps so called lies are doing great for my country. Unlike the sell out lies from Obamass…sold out to Russia, Iran and money to terrorist group that has front of education. Obamass was terrible, he is the one who divided this country…

  82. If only we could. We need the freedom caucus to keep getting info on why and how this started. All the redactions are to hide the illegal demorats who started this #CrookedHillary

  83. I keep wondering what Sewer theses Liberal sewer rats crawl out of,they are full of ignorance and hate

  84. Enough of “trial by big mouth” !
    If you have evidence of crimes commited by the President,
    Get it in front of a Grand Jury and get him charged – if not after
    2 years and $17 million “pissed away” – then shut up and end this !!!!!’nnn

  85. why do we have idiots like this making decisions for me a taxpayer. why do my taxes pay this idiot. let’s clean the swamp.

  86. Its officials like this that show me just how corrupt the DemoRats are! They will do Anything to prevent Trump from doing anything good for our country. Vote Republican. Keep the lying, corrupt, pedophiles out of D.C.

  87. Democrats wanted a black president to create divide in our country over race , they forget what happened the last time this happened , but sorry to say that I believe that the outcome is going to be the same

  88. Michael, no one is saying she can’t speak her mind, only expressing their opinions. To paraphase Ben Franklin, “it is better to hold one’s tongue and let people think you ignorant than to speak and remove all doubt.”

  89. Sorry to say but with many of the democrats in office they feel no need to discuss anything. They seem to think that whatever they want it should be given to them without question. With too many it is greed motivated wants on both sides. How many politicians enter office only well to do means and leave millionaires? I don’t say poor because if you are poor you don’t stand a chance of getting elected.

  90. Hawaii right? Probably knows the truth about obuma’s birth and is running scared; afterall, we all know about the woman that signed off on what was “supposed” to be his authentic certificate, died in a “convenient” plane crash just weeks after signing it. Playing it up for the deep state. Just another ignorant, brainless democrat that doesn’t know her arse from a hole in the ground.

  91. The left is committing TREASON and no one seems to see any need to stop it. It was once a VERY SERIOUS CRIME…WHY ISN’T IT STILL A SERIOUS CRIME? WHY IS IT IGNORED? TOO MANY TRAITORS IN CONGRESS?
    Definition of TRAITOR
    1 : one who betrays another’s trust or is false to an obligation or duty
    2 : one who commits treason

    Definition of TREASON
    1 : the offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance or to kill or personally injure the sovereign or the sovereign’s family
    2 : the betrayal of a trust : treachery

  92. Does anyone remember when Guliani defended Comey just after he was fired saying “Comey is a smart guy and they made a mistake” just after President Trump decided not let Rudy be part of his team?? Love the guy but don’t trust him and I wish he would just shut up – oh wait He’s Italian – NOT GONNA HAPPEN lol – we Italians don’t do that

  93. i agree and i am against trump but this political bs has to come to an end, i am against trump because of his lies to america and his solution is that they dont do [ this is my interpretation from him] to threaten them when all he does is pull republicans in an office, why not pull all of them together and take a weekend argue it out til you all come to a mutual ground and end the bs and follow the constitution of 1 government

  94. The rhetoric is crossing the line. You did hear the latest, didn’t you? Antifa and the rest of the scum are going to protest Trump when he goes to California and they said to bring guns. So, what happens if Trump supporters get shot? Will the police still stand down? Will anyone pay for it? Maxine Waters and the rest need to come out and say they were wrong and that conservatives have a right to free speech. I contacted a few Senator’s and asked them if they could do anything to stop the hate speech. Never heard anything back. Not surprising to me! I love America and there is no place better to live but because of the democrats it is turning into a hell hole. I watched the video of her and she is an idiot. So how many illegals are running to Hawaii? God help us All!

  95. Barak Obama was accepted as a foreign aid student.

    A US citizen would be exempt.
    Liberals are exempt of these restrictive laws.

  96. Exactly! How did she ever get elected ? I don’t think she was even embarrassed when she was corrected about her lack of knowledge about US immigration law. And she probably believes Obama was born in Hawaii too. Liberalism is a mental,disease !
    MAGA. Trump,2020 ????????????????????????????????

  97. This old slob doesn’t know her butt from a hole in the ground. She was so confused in the hearing with Pompeo yesterday she admitted she was because she doesn’t know what she is talking about. She thought children were being separated from parents due to a Trump edict when it is actual law. This is why Congress cannot do its job…they don’t know what their job is! It isn’t to obstruct and lie.

  98. This WITCH has been hit on the head so many times falling off a surfboard that whatever brain she may have had at one time settled in her ass. The end result is she is a senator. I am sure the voters in Hawaii can do better than this ignoramus.

  99. What is anybody going to do about it. There should be an immediate arrest for lying and cheating to the American people, an immediate cease of any pension and benefits to the entire family. Also, once it had been affirmed by a court all appointments he made, and laws he signed must be cancelled.

  100. demo-commeys just will not accept the face that no intelligent person believes anything they say

  101. isn’t this the same person who was “confused” to learn that coming into the United States illegally is against the law – and it’s not a law that was created by President Trump! Democrats will elect any idiot – I guess birds of a feather…

  102. This from someone in her position who doesn’t know the laws of the United States. Shame what the libtards will elect. All in the same basket. God help AMERICA!

  103. Only Idiots and Morons listen to the Democrats anymore!!!!!! They are not to be trusted – they lie, cheat and are corrupt…. The lefties and Mueller have nothing on Trump – they are afraid of his success….

  104. This should be public news for all the world to see…OBAMAS BIRTH CERTIFICATE…TRUE FACTS…

  105. Why haven’t the Dems checked out the fact that the Hospital listed on Obama’s copy of his birth certificate didn’t even exist until several years after his birth and Kenya was not an independent country/state,but still a Providence of the Great Britian empire. So, no, Obama was not born in Hawaii. His only connection to America is that his mother was born here, but not his father. So he can’t be a natural born citizen. Also, since he came here as a foreign exchange student,that shows he is not American. Then he goes to Canada to have his name changed from Barry Soreto to Barack Obama. Who knows who he truly is? Not an American, for sure!

  106. If they could all spend their TIME Focusing on their own False and, try to improve themselves, we will all be BLESSED! Especially our be loved America, She will be GREAT Again! Then, they might be able to understand our President Trump BETTER! Their Hatred towards President TRUMP is NOT ACCEPTABLE

  107. Hawaii confirmed Obama’s birth certificate as “genuine”. That’s how low the liberal Hawaiians are. I think we should check the 1960s Hawaiian certificate print-out to match Obama’s.

    By the way, Hinrono don’t deserve the honorable title senator. Another sore loser that can’t even appreciate the real presidential qualities we see in Trump. Obama was clearly a novice at his first inauguration.

    Suppose she made this threat to cover Maxine’s sins.

    No one in the Democrat Party believe in decency and respect any more.
    Can the congressional ethics committee expel Maxine permanently? We must set this example before it gets worse.

  108. Dittoes, all Hawaii representatives and senators have TDS. Hawaii republicans will make a comeback and support POTUS 100%.

  109. If Trump had been guilty of even collusion the mueller team would have immediately pounced on it. The lefties can’t afford the successes of Trump. They have nothing on him but gasps of hope that one of their preposterous accusations will turn public sentiment against Trump. So far, they have nothing.

  110. It doesn’t matter to me one way or another, yes, no, or maybe so, maybe not…!!! It could go either way my brother or sister in CHRIST, I just look at what happening now and “GOD IS BLESSING” the policies and procedures of this administration, where he didn’t bless the previous one…!!!

  111. Hawaii Democrat Senator Mazie Hirono is just another chronic sufferer Trump Derangement Syndrome, and the primary symptom is designated as “cranium rectalitis”

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