What this Democrat Senator said on CNN about Trump just crossed the line

The rhetoric employed by Democrats is beyond extreme.

It’s beginning to get dangerous.

And one Democrat Senator just stepped over the line with what she said about Trump on CNN.

Hawaii Democrat Senator Mazie Hirono appeared on CNN to discuss Trump attorney Rudy Guiliani’s interviews that were conducted on both Fox News and CNN.

Guiliani made the completely factual statement that collusion is not a crime and the left seized on that to push the story that the Trump team was admitting they’re guilty.

That’s when Hirono deployed her extreme rhetoric by suggesting the “noose is closing” around Trump’s neck.

Breitbart reports:

BLITZER: You know President Trump has repeatedly claimed there was no collusion, now his lawyer Rudy Giuliani is arguing collusion isn’t even a crime necessarily, so what does that signal to you?

HIRONO: I think that the noose is closing. You know Giuliani is like a loose cannon, so is the president frankly. Conspiracy is a crime and obstruction of justice is a crime. And it all points to how important it is for the Mueller investigation to continue.

BLITZER: Donald Trump Jr.’s lawyer, you just heard says they are fully confident the accuracy and reliability of the information that has been provided by Donald Trump Jr. and various investigations. Based on what we’ve learned, do you think that reflects the information he provided to your committee during his Q and A session?

HIRONO: I know that during his sessions with us, not just with our Judiciary Committee but the entire Trump family as far as I’m concerned has not been forthcoming and so at this point everybody’s credibility in my view is questionable. Clearly Giuliani’s credibility is shot, even as he goes ahead and attacks Michael Cohen who he said was a great guy not too long ago.

Liberals continue to fantasize about murdering Donald Trump.

But it’s no laughing matter.

Last summer a deranged Bernie Sanders follower attempted to assassinate more than a dozen Republican members of Congress as they conducted baseball practice.

Hirono’s rhetoric may be a figure of speech, but as Democrat politicians employ more violent language, their base is matching loose language with unhinged acts of madness and violence.



  1. She must have eaten something in Hawaii that had the rat worm. I understand it affects your brain. In fact most of those DemocRATS seem to have been infected!

  2. Carl you are an absolute bottom dwelling idiot. It is better to keep ones mouth shut and let people think you are stupid moron, than to open it and remove all doubt. and that is what you dis lunatic, suffering from TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME. DON’T LIKE MY COUNTRY, GET THE HELL OUT .

  3. Who cares what that Japanese Senator has to say..She is following what the others are telling her what to say about Trump..

  4. Time to lock&load! Fight the real fascists Ayers, Holder, Obama, HRC, Soros, all of the Corruptable FBI, CIA, NSA, ATF, and rats who aided, and abetted the coup, plotted by Ayers, and Dorn, to put a foreign born, one-term, absentee Chicago Hood-Rat, Islamic, street corner anarchist, family friend, into the People’s House! The DNC knew it, chose to support it, and are guilty of treason! HRC, and BHO, rigged their own party’s presidential nomination election because they made guarantees to foreign investors, and leaders, based on self confidence that HRC would be the next POTUS, in name only, to give BHO his third term!

  5. Charles: If my memory is correct the Mullear investigation was to look for collusion between the Russians and the Trump Organization or with Trump himself. In two years it has NOT devulged if they have even found any. Yes, the investigations have come up with other crimes and their have been admissions. But tell me, if you were sent out to do something, and you did everything but that, what would people think other than you never found anything and are just stuffing your pockets with things you never were sent out to find. I also ask you, have you been a perfect Angel all your life and absolutely have done nothing wrong, no moving violation no matter if you got caught or not? We are not a perfect people, we are human. On the other hand, how does a person get away with all the questionable and illegal activity that the Clinton’s have and skirting the laws of this country that Obama did with the Pallets of money he sent to IRAN?

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