When Joe Biden reached into his pocket everyone noticed something terrible

The corporate media is hiding something about Joe Biden.

But it’s becoming impossible to ignore.

And when Joe Biden reached into his pocket everyone noticed something terrible.

The press treats Joe Biden with kid gloves.

Reporters routinely ask Biden about what flavor ice cream he eats because they know Biden will not struggle with an answer and has a scripted one prepared.

But on a recent trip, a reporter asked Biden about the recent cyberattack where hackers hit 1,000 businesses around the world with ransomware.

It was likely the biggest attack of its kind in history.

And early reports indicated Russian hackers carried out the cyberattack.

This hack came weeks after Biden claimed to have strongly warned Russian President Vladimir Putin to put a leash on hacking groups in Russia after one outfit shut down the Colonial Pipeline.

Putin clearly dismissed Biden’s warning as feeble words from a weak leader.

When the reporter asked Biden about the cyberattack, Biden appeared to not have any idea what was going on and froze twice appearing disoriented.

Biden then reached into his jacket pocket for an index card that Biden appeared to read talking points off of.

Joe Biden is already the oldest President ever to assume office.

Biden’s cognitive decline is apparent for many to see.

The incidents where Biden looks confused and lost are starting to pile up.

And it’s leading many to wonder if Biden will step aside in 2024 instead of seeking re-election.

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