Whistleblower revealed a Barack Obama crime that will have your jaw on the ground

Barack Obama’s crimes during the 2016 election are coming into focus.

The former President spied on Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign.

But a whistleblower just went on Fox News and revealed a Barack Obama crime that no one knew about.

George Papadopoulos was at the center of the Obama administration’s spying on the Trump campaign.

His administration dispatched two undercover agents to gather intelligence from Papadopoulos about the Trump campaign’s supposed involvement with the Russians.

But on Tucker Carlson’s program, Papadopoulos revealed the spying went on even longer and was far more extensive.

Papadopoulos told Carlson that he was under surveillance while working for Ben Carson’s Presidential campaign and that he believes the Obama administration was spying on multiple GOP campaigns.

The Daily Caller reports:

In November of 2015, upon the same month that I was going to the Ben Carson campaign—because people forget that I was on Carson’s campaign before I joined Trump’s campaign—I was living in London and I had been approached by high-level State Department officials and even the CIA in London,” Papadopoulos said.

He continued, “They invited me to the U.S. embassy to meet with me and to basically probe me and to get to know why I’m joining the Ben Carson campaign and what the Ben Carson campaign was really all about. And the man who invited me was David Kovatch, who still works at the U.S. embassy in London. I think he’s directing the Energy Department over there. So clearly, by November 2015, I don’t think that Trump’s campaign was the only one that was under surveillance, quite frankly.”

“I think many of the Republican candidates probably had some sort of illicit surveillance upon their own campaigns, because it wasn’t just Donald Trump who was running for the presidency against Clinton…”

It may turn out that Barack Obama and his Deep State goons did not single out Donald Trump for spying.

They could have been monitoring every top-tier GOP presidential campaign for dirt that Hillary Clinton could use against them in the General Election.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  2. We can’t let them off with Technicalities. That’s why it’s taken time. They will be held accountable.

  3. Who cares where Odumbo was born? He spent his formative years in Indonesia, a Muslim country after his mother married an Indonesian citizen. That’s when they registered him in school as Barry Sotero. He then grew up learning all about his Muslime faith. Then his saintly mother asked her parents to take him to live with them in Hawaii because he was becoming “unmanageable”. The grand parents were well known active members in the communist party. So they completed his training according to their beliefs. He was definitely not raised as a normal American kid.

  4. He appointed over 2000 judges and God only knows how many EOs he wrote. Everything he did would be null and void! AND it was NOT Trump who started the birther thing – IT WAS HILLARY!

  5. Not this person. I vetted him, read everything I could find about him and said “He should NEVER be in any public office, especially NOT the presidency!

  6. Trump KNOWS Obama was NOT born here. He chose not to make it an issue during the election. Obama said in his book and in interviews before he ran for president that he was born in Kenya. Loretta Fuddy who “verified” Obama’s Hawaiian birth was murdered because she was about to spill the beans.

  7. He was ‘elected’ because of fraud.
    Clinton, probably, had the same fraud in place. This would explain why they were so UTTERLY SHOCKED when she lost.

  8. under Obama’s administration. china claims all south china sea is her backyard without the world reaction and punishment…

  9. Hillary Clinton…. should be hung for her treason acts, against this nation, and its citizens! Are any of you noticing, that nothing ever happens to a Democrat? This is the “Deep State” that Trumps talking about!They all have been selling our country and its land to foreignors and making millions off them.This is the “Globalist” movement, allowing our country to belong to the highest bidder! This is why the demonrats hate Trump so much, he’s hurting thier pocket books, and standing in thier way!

  10. There is. no statute of limitations on treason. What would happen if BHO was proven to be illegitimate? Every thing he signed or ordered would become void, including 2 Supreme Court justices.

  11. His mother was a citizen. However, she had not lived in the USA for several years before, and after Obama was born. According to the law, she had to reside in the USA for 1 year prior to the birth and 6 months after the birth for he to be registered as a citizen of the USA.

  12. Ted Cruz and John McCain were both registered with the US embassy from their respective posts, as required by the immigration and Naturalization Act. All Us citizens born abroad must be registered with the US Embassy within 30 days of birth. I was also born in Canada, by fluke of nature while my mother was visiting relatives in OKA. She registered my birth as required by law.

  13. A CNN Reporter asked his mother (in Kenya) if she was present during his birth and she said yes. So the reporter asked her she has been to the United States before and she stated No She had never left Kenya. Of course, even people in Kenya were proud that a Kenyan was the President of the United States. I know this for fact, I have been to Kenya on multiple occasions while Obama was in office.

  14. Joe the plumber, unfortunately for you, Mary is correct. I was born the same year as Obama, on my Certificate of Registered Birth it says white, Indian, or Black. Those are the only choices for ethnicity Or as it states, Race. on Obama’s, the hospital Name being used was not used in 61, the name that was suppose to be Kapiʻolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital(name from 1931-1971) was not correct for the time, but it also states as Race, African American. Neither of which were used during the 50;s and 60’s when he was supposedly born. and some of the fonts were different.

  15. You’re delusional, even after Trump admitted his fiasco lie was wrong, you still believe he wasn’t born here. The old newspapers that announced his birth have been found that verified his birth at the Kapi’olani Hawaiian Hospital for Children and Women. Where do you hear these lies and why do you believe them? It’s lunacy from the right wing news that you watch. His mother was an American citizen so even if he were born outside the United States he is still a citizen who can run. You probably don’t know that Ted Cruz was born in Canada and John McCain was born in Panama. That is the truth.

  16. obama is a muslim destroved this country from the inside,and sold this country out to his kind of people, camel hearders in the mid east,

  17. B, you are correct about the birth certificate! When Obummer’s birth certificate finally surfaced, the heading on it was from a hospital that hadn’t even been built when Obummer was born…and that was the hospital that issued the fake birth certificate! Also, he has an aunt who lives in Boston, Mass. I saw her interviewed by a journalist who said he understood that she receives social security, and asked if she ever worked in the U.S. She replied that she had not, and the journalist inquired “Don’t you feel guilty accepting Social Security when you didn’t work here”? Her reply was: “No, it’s my God given right.” Oh, they know how to game the system! I suppose Obummer didn’t want to put her on welfare!!!

  18. Totally agree Mike W. When the FISA, Comey and OIG reports come out the world will see what criminals the democrats are. Trump didn’t update GITMO for nothing. Justice at last.

  19. Obama was both is Hawaii you imbecile, remember even your sick idol who spread that crazy rumor said that he cleared that up.

  20. Ruby, You are right. You know all it would take is to execute one for treason and the rest would leave DC like rats on a sinking ship.

  21. Marty, Are you deaf? He admitted he was born in Kenya. Not Hawaii. The rest I believe is true.

  22. Marty, your ignorance is showing. Even Obama said that he was born in Kenya. Are you calling him a liar?

  23. Obama’s mother was an American citizen.. unless she gave up her citizenship which needs to be checked out… Obama and his administration should be charged with treason but i doubt it will ever happen in my lifetime.

  24. Riddle me this? Why on Obama’s first day in office as President? Did he issue his very first Executive Order? TO SEAL ALL OF HIS PERSONAL RECORDS? Why would you do that? Because, you have something to hide that’s why. This is probably our most corrupt President in history? Time will tell the full story? And we will be stunned at the raw truth? Possibly our first case of Presidential Treason. That my friends is punishable by death. These are very serious allegations. God help us all. God is Protecting America and I am very grateful for that. Keep Praying Folks. ( Impeachment can happen even after you have left office.)

  25. They are all in it for the payoffs. Except Trey Gowdy, he has the same amount of money he had when he started in politics. When a medium income person goes into politics, and comes out a millionaire, what does that tell you? They are all crooked and massive liars.

  26. Marty no he was not and that has been proven. On a colored persons birth certificate in that error the ethnic was put as black. Make no mistake he was a bastard child.

  27. As has been said so many times Obama committed treason and should be tried for the crimes. Head of deep state a treason act.

  28. You are all right!!! lets see that the Democrats pay for their crimes and hope it’s not too late to get our country back on track, Make America Great Again it has been so long since it was great

  29. I’m betting that the next card will be the homosexual card. They might also do a two-for-one deal of past errors and play the “woman of color” card, but a heterosexual, Christian male doesn’t stand a chance.

  30. Actually, he does deserve a retirement package. It does not surprise me that he investigated all the GOP major candidates. considering that he had his history legally sealed for all college records, applications, course content, etc. he cannot claim he does not understand right of privacy. The retirement package he does deserve is at the graybar hotel. And not just for politicaly weaponizing government agencies. Also the gift of millions to Iran without congressional approval, fast and furious, etc.

  31. I get a kick out of you folks who say that the Obemmer is not American. He is. He was born in Hawaii, the illegitimate son of Frank Marshall Davis. Obama senior was hired to give some sort of credence to this bastard’s birth, and his grandparents pulled strings to get him a phoney birth cert and social security number .

  32. How can this imposter have a birth certificate from a hospital before it was built, all his documents that are sealed need to be unsealed and exposed.
    Obama is a wahhabi Muslim, one of the worst kind of Muslim. He gamed the system
    and became foreign national or US citizen depending on advantages he needed.
    How could he have been vetted, we have serious problems in our security system.
    Obama the traitor and illegal alien should not have lived here much less become president. THIS STINKS STINKS STINKS.

  33. nothing the illegal kenyan criminal did surprises me , it was 8 years of corruption and treason against our country , funny how the kenyan freak could waste 10 trillion dollars wioth out 1 word said about it and trump asks for 5 billion and the worlds coming to an end

  34. Obama has nothing to worry about as he is a Demoncrook and Demoncrooks always get a free pass thanks to Hollywood and the Marxist media. If your a Demoncrook you are innocent until proven guilty. It’s the other way around if you are a Republican.

  35. If Obama is not American, came into American University as a FOREIGN STUDENT, the Democrats pushed him into illegal office. He wrecked our Constitution and should not be receiving any retirement from the US. Enough is enough!

  36. THE “DNC-MAFIA CRIME FAMILY GAME”…….In 2008, both Obama & Hil-liar-y were competing for the candidacy of President…….the DNC had to chose which “token” they wanted to play. It was a choice between the “race card” and the “woman card”……the DNC played the race card and then went on during Obama’s term, to continuously divide America, Race against Race. Then came 2016, DNC fulfilling their promise to Hil-liar-y, launched the “Woman card”, and we now are experiencing WOMEN AGAINST MEN. And, so you have so many FALSE ACCUSATIONS against men. (I agree, some may be real, but Kavaugh??NO!! & Trump does not hate women! IT’S THE DNC, PLAYING THEIR CARDS? WHAT NEXT, THE TRANSGENDER CARD? DNC SOLD OUT AMERICANS!!

  37. Mr. Merlin Wood, in the USA, it is Illegal and Very Unusual To have Two Different First Names And Four Different Last Names, like Mr. Barry or is it Barak Hussein Soetoro alias Soebarkah alias Dunham alias Obama!!???!!

  38. If Obanawere white, and Republican he would of been e exulted fir treason, but Obama could put six slugs in a 90 year old grandmother and win citizen of the year for committing the crime, our legal system on the federal level I’d a joke even the enforcer Agencies are run by Obama criminals.

  39. Barry and the Clintons have a connection going back to when he was in Chicago. I had never given much credence to many of the conspiracy theories involving these them but there truly are far too many pieces of evidence being brought to light to ignore. We all knew they were crooked as a dog’s hind leg but this is actually frightening. If these are substantiated they need to be tried convicted and shot. The same for any that aided and abetted, and for those that had less involvement twenty years at a federal maximum security facility. For crimes against our nation and citizens, anything less would not serve justice.

  40. Mike W on the money. Love seeing Barry and his cronies start feeling the vise that is about to be turned up on them. It’s criminal what they have done. Barry never took time out of his golf games to visit the boarder. The man was a complete empty suit!!!!!! Zero accomplishments!!!

  41. Obama was the most racist and egomaniac president in the history of this country. He was the most corrupt president also. He allowed Russia to take over Crimea, paid off billions to the mullahs of iran. He allowed Russia and Iran to get their feet in Syria which will be forever!! He sold the Uranium one back in 2010to our most dangerous hostile country –Russia. In 2008 campaign he called the debt of the country was un-American and morally wrong. And yet in 8 years he doubled the debt!! how unpatriotic is this. I am really afraid if the Democrats win in 2020 all the crooks, criminals of the Obama group will and their crimes will be swept under the carpet!!

  42. Hey libs, how did that great social experiment work out for ya ( us)? His whole administration should be in Guantanamo.

  43. OBAMA

  44. Barack Hussein Obama was one of the most corrupted presidents ever served in the WH. I think he is really the most corrupted ever. I know Bill Clinton and his wife, the shadow president were equally bad.

    Obama learned how the Clinton couple slithered thru the US government system. He must have thought that they can steal the election, but … oops! Trump ultimately won.

    Trump came. He saw. He conquered.

    Now Obama and Hillary must be exposed. We can’t stop investigating. We need to know how deep the rabbit hole goe.

  45. Their lying, cheating, stealing and payoffs are over. They have had their heaven on Earth now their hell on Earth is starting. Satan will have his own. They are his own. They will pay.

  46. By the time they are done exposing Barry – whoever the hell he really is – the Democrats may well be done forever. The two main parties will be the Republicans and Independents. There is a reason he tried to have all of his records sealed away. There is also a reason that Hillary was quoted as saying “If that f**king Trump wins we’ll all hang.” Stay tuned – it’s about to get real interesting.

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