What WikiLeaks just released is really bad news for Hillary Clinton

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WikiLeaks is not done with Hillary Clinton.

Pundits were shocked by their latest revelation.

And it’s really bad news for Hillary Clinton.


  1. Korean BBQ and hot pot falls into my fairtvoe friends and family sharing food in Asia! ..of course back home it goes back to cheese fondue!!

  2. Agree absolutely with the above comments–these narcissistic,megalomaniacal, self-righteous, psychopathic, ‘need’ to GO! Yes, it is time for the American People to rally together and put the pressure on the AG and DOJ to truly, viably go after these antiquated nut-cases and prosecute them. Put pressure on Congress. Tweet FOX news. Have the Ulternative News Sources–Social Media–getr the word out there. There is already enough evidence to call them on the carpet before the American People. Trey Gowdy and Chaffezt, Mr. Sessions–the American People are sich and tired of these self-deceived sycophants…it’s time for them to be held accountable–Yes, let’s get Barry S. Alias, Obama as well…Drain the swamp. Time fore them to go!

  3. People it is past time to clean the swamp ourself so, let’s get rid of all crooked dems and all crooked REPUBS by force if nessasry if they refuse to leave DC. Let’s help Mr Trump drain the swamp.

  4. With all the accusations flooding us, and still nothing is done, makes you wonder if the inmates are running the asylum. We know they have the “goods” on her but for some reason, they are maybe scared to bring charges. Is it because they are afraid of riots and looting and burning? We already have been thru that and are hardened against it. And there are supposed to be riot squads all around the country so that is covered. Personally, I would hook up those large hoses on fire truck and fire hydrants and let them have it. If they wake up half way down the block so be it. In other words, we the people, are just flat tired of this school play that is going on. arrest them, make them lose their jobs, or dropped out of college, who at this point cares? When you do wrong, you know it. And george soros will find other places to put his ill gotten money.

  5. this crap with the clintons, obama, holder, lynch soros and the rest of obamas gang needs to be dealt with. throw comey in with them. none of these people should have escaped conviction. all the American people hear and see is talk, talk, talk.we’re talking about some of the worst crime thugs in America and all of them are still out on the streets and running for offices.why is obama permitted to get away with an overshadow government? same for hillery who plans on taking trump down. our gov. needs to stop all this obama & hillery garbage against trump.these thugs are pushing for civil unrest in america and make it nearly impossible for trump to do his job.sent these a–holes to gitmo for life

  6. I wish they would just expose Hillary for the pedophile she is. The NYPD seized a computer from Huma Abedin/Anthonu Weiner’s home when investigating Weiner. That computer was shared by Weiner and Abedin. On it they found evidence that Bill was not the only Clinton slipping down to Jeffery Epstein’s “Pleasure Island” for the orgies with trafficked and run-away under aged girls. When this is made public Hillary will be done for good.

  7. It is well known that Obama was put into office to take our country down. He continues to try to do so behind the scenes. The liberals that he has appointed as judges and in the IC must be purged. Trump is the best thing to come along since Reagan. I’m convinced that he is not part of the elite establishment and will do everything he can to bring prosperity and integrity back to our country. The elite will not give up their power over the US and the world without a fight. Be thankful that we have someone like Trump who is trying to MAGA.

  8. all have to remember Obama wrecked our country for eight long years and made it the laughing stock around the world and he still thinks he is in office and still trying to destroy.everything Trump tries to do the Democrats block and if not the Democrats,Obama’s liberal Judges.Hillary should have been indicted long ago and now it is time to go after Obama as well..this maybe up the the people in America to do the right thing,pressure the Democrats and the rest by “We the People” taking control,that is the only way I see jail time for anyone of them

  9. Full agree, but it’s won’t happend, because our politician’s both side are corrupted like hell, it’s should law about how many term “serve”country in senate or any. NOT LIFE TIME FOR THEM AND THEIR CHILDREN. It’s sad Trump and his team wasted time to fight with idiot like:pelosi, shumer, obama, mccain and other retarted, who don’t want OUR Country recover from damage done by obama and all his ……

  10. They should lock her up and throw away the key…she is without a doubt the most dishonest fake embarrassment to the Democratic Party and set it back for years…deservedly so…

  11. Maybe we should make it manddetory that all politicians in the future must have served in the military and are retired veterans. I think more patriotism would come with that. I agree with James Zurlo 100%. I have been calling for indictments and trials but all they people in charge can do is complain that these dishonest shenaghagans are going on. So, it will be up to us, in unison to put the pressure on these “sitting on their hands” gov’t people doing these things. I know Judicial Watch is a great one to keep up with. Maybe we need to make a list of the good ones. I wouldn’t bother with the bad ones.

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