Will deplorables make the NFL great again?

The NFL took a major hit after players began their anti-American anthem protests.

The Liberal media was all on one side, while fans were on the other.

But the league just realized they forgot one key thing . . .

Football is an integral part of life for many Americans.

But while many Americans love football, there are two things they care more about: God and Country.

And when NFL players protested during the anthem, they were asking football fans to choose between the NFL, and their country.

For most patriotic fans, it was an easy choice.

These fans overlap strongly with Trump’s base, which the NFL clearly forgot.

To make things worse for the NFL, Hillary’s announcement that she supports the protests likely sounded the death-knell for their anti-American display.

Having someone so truly divisive and despised as Hillary voice her support for your efforts is enough to take the wind out of any movement’s sails.

Not only that, but NFL coaching legend Mike Ditka strongly condemned the anthem protestors by saying:

“If you don’t respect our country, then you shouldn’t be in this country playing football. Go to another country and play football. If you had to go somewhere else and try to play the sport, you wouldn’t have a job. … If you don’t respect this flag and this country, then you don’t know what this is all about. I would say, adios.”

And then finally, after Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones and Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross announced they would bench players who protest during the anthem, it appears change is coming.

Roger Goodell just sent a letter to all 32 NFL teams signaling the end is near.

In it he states:

“The current dispute over the National Anthem is threatening to erode the unifying power of our game, and is now dividing us, and our players, from many fans across the country.
“Like many of our fans, we believe that everyone should stand for the national anthem. It is an important moment in our game. We want to honor our flag and our country, and our fans expect that of us.”

At an owners meeting on October 17-18, reports indicate the NFL is expected to implement a policy that would require players to stand during the national anthem.

The current manual states that players “should” stand, rather than “must,” and therefore was interpreted as a suggestion by players, rather than a requirement.

What are your thoughts about all this?

If the NFL does put an end to the anthem protests, would you go back to watching?

Vote below and then sound off in the comments!


  1. How many Black atheletes have you seen helping in the Black areas
    of the cities. they make millions and don’t spend a dime on poor
    black childern. when the NFL dies and the millions disapier,
    then they will be sorry.

  2. I see it starting up again, and I remember Toby Keith’s song Courtesy of the Red White and Blue…

    So as far as I am concerned they can just fold up shop, take their itty bitty balls and just go home.
    Because Americans won’t stand for another shucker punch from the back.

    Plitical Correcness has run amok too long.. time to rein it in and back The Country not just the whiny snowflakes of the Black Movements because there are more then just two colors.. and TEAN is American. Kneel before the Cross but Stand for the Flag, Anthem and Pledge. that’s if the racist players can remember them..

  3. Agree 100%…. and I don’t give a damn if somebody call me a racist… because is not a question of race, is about like you said integration and participation… What we have now in the sports looks to me like Black Supremacism…. Why?…
    Must finish, and must finish now…

  4. I think we need more “diversity” on ALL teams to reflect the racial make up
    of the country! Integration is what we need. Maybe a lot LESS black faces on these teams and more
    Asian, Latino, and Caucasian faces. You know that would be “fair”, since everything has to be fair. Before you balk at the suggestion, what if all the black faces were white faces, THAT would be racist
    wouldn’t it?

  5. The athletes of the NFL must stand properly and salute the flag and the national anthem (NO LINKING OF ARMS as this creates linkage to their political views that caused the decline of the NFL and NOT TO INSULT OUR INTELLIGENCE with anything else). It will take a long while to earn the NFL Fan’s respect back. Kaepernick with his cops-as-pigs socks and other un-American symbols is a very poor example to emulate.

  6. They (the Athletes) should stand and salute the flag properly (NO LINKING OF HANDS as to still try to create linkage to their protest issues) and do it right. Linking of arms doesn’t fool us. It is going to take a while to earn that trust back of the fans they betrayed.

  7. Blacks used to only make up 30% of the lineup in the NFL. They now make up 70%. That was very serious error on the part of the NFL teams. Unless they replace their sullen, anti-American, anti-White players with patriotic white players, they’ll be screwed forever because the tolerance of Americans for BS is ZERO, and blacks can’t seem to control their inclinations to create trouble!

  8. I have been a Steeler fan for years. I am now nearing 81. I will not watch another Professional Game. I am a Veteran, and most men in my family have served our Country with PRIDE, starting with one of my GreatFather that served in the Revolutionary War.

  9. I feel that there are several things that need to be worked out, like all of the government money that they get. The fact that they contribute to liberal campaigns, that should be done personally [thru the players org.]. One thing these guys need to realize is that we all have to follow laws our whole lives, and they do too. Once they become rich they think they are above the law, so they go out and do stupid things that get them in trouble. The law is the LAW.

  10. Afraid to discipline who? If this is about disrespect and honoring the flag then it’s past time to give Ollie North the traitor the discipline he should have received, a firing squad. He not only disrespected the flag and country but all of the men and women serving in the Med at their battle stations when he did his dirt. Instead, he got an honorable discharge, wrote a book and received millions to run for office just like the traitor McCain who sold out his fellow POW’s for favors. How about the trans that gave out top secret info? You fill in the blank….. they weren’t disciplined because they were afraid that __________. Disrespect in battle in my book is even more egregious! But then evidently you don’t care about the civilians that died when a civil aircraft was shot out of the air as a result of Ollie’s actions nor the increased danger they faced. Where was the NFL, NBA, MLB or the trash media when this Happened? It’s past the time to begin a meaningful dialog because the racists don’t want it to end.

  11. They can shove their donations you know where…Veterans do not need alms…many of them need help, yes, but from the heart… Shove it !!

  12. Yes… plan something different to do in advance ….. Don’t allow that football became a drug to you family…
    You, me, and everybody else don’t need the NFL to be alive… Use your imagination…. You don’t need to a dictator.
    But, is your family, your tribe….and you are the Chief…but not to impose anything you want…
    You are the Chief… so no need for orders… only outsmart them… Worked for me very nicely for years…
    Now, they are on their own…but I still practice with my grandchildren…. LOL…

  13. its about time the USA people wake up and see what is happening in this country. There is nothing but double standards. If a white person does or says something wrong they are FIRED if a black does the same they are given a (2) week vacation.Wake up AMERICA!!! The owners of the NFL are just as guilty as the players kneeling. They are afraid to discipline them because winning means more than RESPECT to our country. The owners can leave this country also and dont let the door hit you in the rear. Go to another country and live get out of here.We will NRVER miss you JERKS.

  14. All respect for the NFL is gone and gone for good. There’s no turning back now gentlemen. You have made your bed, now lie in it. Good-bye

  15. The NFL has shot themselves as far as I am concerned. Especially after finding out the NFL players union is donating money to Black lives matter and two other organizations supported by

    enemy # 1, George Soros. Look it up. I am not kidding.

  16. Too little too late this should have been stopped when Kapernick started this crap last year what the hell did they think was gonna happen?! Signed disgusted and fed up with NFL

  17. I’m thinking that the majority of people go to these extravaganzas and spend outrageous amounts of money in order to escape the drudgery of everyday life at least for a few hours. To drag politics, a major contributor of that drudgery, into the event makes their attendance merely a way to blow a good deal of discretionary income in a way that would best be blown elsewhere.

  18. No,they should cancel the rest of the season, can ALL the players that knelt, and tell the rest to think about next year because it could be the last.

  19. I do believe that if the playeers get their attitudes corrected and receive some kind of DISCIPLINE that hey missed growing up that we could possibly come back to a close proximity of the game as before

  20. I won’t be going back irregardless of what they do. They have shown their colors that evidently run deep in their character. What I don’t see is character. These SAB’s have been ruined by college and football making them believe they are something special and like politicians think they are above all. They are just peons with a big billfold that most can’t handle.

  21. I think you summed up the entire situation very eloquently and precisely. My sentiments exactly! But… what to do with your own family? Leave my own house during a game they want to watch? Turn into a “dictator” and say no more football for them because I’m angry with the NFL? Those would be MY only options. Any suggestions?

  22. I can’t wait to see goddell walk out on the stage for this years drafts,if he thinks it was bad last year ..wait. altho what I would like to see more is no body in the audiance

  23. These overpaid, pampered, snowflake malcontents don’t know, “as they say”, on which side their bread is buttered. Goodbye NFL!

  24. the players really don’t give a hoot about the fans. I seem to remember some years ago the players went on strike, and one time tv showed a player pushing a fan around who didn’t agree with what the players were doing

  25. Connie – – – I mostly gave up on nfl when they allowed Vic the dog killer to return to the playing field.

  26. 1st – the nfl already has a written policy that coaches-players-owners must respectfully stand with right hand over heart and facing the American flag during the playing of the National Anthem. The nfl imposes all kinds of restrictions on uniforms and fines for behaviors (such as Tebow’s) while quietly ignoring this rule. Now, suddenly (due no doubt to shrinking bottom line) the nfl is going to “create” a rule requiring proper etiquette during the National Anthem. Bro, that’s a BIG piece of BS.

  27. I have “unpatriotic” friends that still watch Football. 20 of us would all gather at my house Thursday nights and all day Sunday with barbecued ribs and a spread of food like you’ve never seen when I found out they were still watching football they no longer come to my house they no longer eat my food and I no longer keep their company. As far as I’m concerned with the NFL even if they start standing up and putting their hand over their heart it is an empty gesture only because their contracts eventually are going to reflect how they screwed up. I have said all alone since the very beginning that these stupid players didn’t even bother looking around when they signed those contracts as far as I’m concerned everybody especially now I’m not good for s*** Sharpton said it’s a plantation environment you know what those players knew exactly what they were signing and that basically they were signing away their rights to open their freaking mouths or protest during work hours. My only question is if we get to the Super Bowl one of the largest sponsors of the NFL during the Super Bowl is Anheuser-Busch. What are they going to do. And as far as getting Hillary Clinton to back your protest is asinine she is the most hated woman in America. It really didn’t help them at all. From what I have read There were 38000 empty seats in one of the stadiums of the games played last weekend now if you average which I’ve learned is higher that an NFL ticket even for a crappy seat is $50 or more but if you everidge $50 per ticket and multiply it by 38000 and that one game the owners of those two teams lost 1.9 million dollars and that doesn’t include food beer and souvenirs. You want Unity you want cohesiveness by the players kneeling and locking arms only proves one thing they have Unity between them not to their country and they obviously don’t want Unity if they would stop all this foolishness and get tested even though I think NFL is done then maybe people could get to the real problems in this country. I will be watching the first few minutes of as many games as I can catch this weekend and I’m saying only the first few minutes to see if anybody Neil’s puts a fist up or locks arms and Al Sharpton can kiss our butts. He says he doesn’t want his tax dollars going for this and going for that and only for his selected causes. Well then maybe he oughta pay over a million dollars in taxes that he owes the United States of America. Sorry for the epistle

  28. I love Mike Ditka’s comment – because I am convinced he means it. Roger Goddell on the other hand seems to be looking for damage control.

    It should be laid out in no uncertain terms that players MUST STAND AT ATTENTION FACING THE FLAG, HELMET IN HAND & NO BS BLACK POWER FISTS OR ANY OTHER CRAP. Any violators are banned from the league permanently. I am with those that would like to see a number of these players banned right now as examples. There are ringleaders who are working with and channeling $$ to subversive groups like 2ndVote or whatever their name and BLM. There is no room in this nation for black racists or any others.

  29. No we need a public apology from Rodger Goodel and a hefty donation to the disabled veterans from him and every player that took a knee

  30. My family is comprised of 3 generations of addicted NFL football fans. We were as bad as any drug addicts, spending a fortune on game tickets, flying, driving & staying in hotels all over the country to see games. All of our households purchased Direct TV’s NFL ticket & oh so much NFL gear & merchandise. NO MORE! We have all kicked the habit & moved on.

  31. Think about it this is the only nation that would but up with their bull crap, if they stand now it is only for the money NOT for love of this nation

  32. My sentiments exactly. I have stated for 30 years that these monkeys should only be paid minimum wage with a piece of the gate. If they win, their gate percentage goes up. And if they lose, it goes down.
    If they do anything out of normalcy they need to be fired. And if the negro felons league (NFL) thinks something deviant is “normal”, that does not excuse them from termination. If these freaks couldn’t chase a ball, they would be as worthless as most of their brethren. And that goes for all the ball chasers. Instead of watching ball chasers, I have more important things to do, like inventorying my dishes.

  33. Hope Goodell likes eating Hotdogs instead of Steaks once the Fans money dries up for the NFL. God has compassion, I don’t!

  34. The networks are in lock-step with that criminal George Soros. There will have to be apologies from the top-down and a total airing of the National Anthem before I consider going back. I’m pissed and there has to be a stand taken against this evil activity.

  35. No NFL football for me ever again. College and high school football are more relevant to my life anyway. I feel these NFL ingrates are way overpaid anyway. And they do not even appreciate the country that makes their BIG money possible. They are GONE as far as I am concerned.

  36. How come when someone gets caught they always say I really did not mean this.It worked for Clinton so far,but it all comes out in the end,Im’m done with NFL.

  37. The only owner that had the players standing was Jerry Jones. They took a knee before it was played, but not during.

  38. Players should not be forced to stand, Its ther patriotic duty
    to stand . They should cancel the rest of the season, and let
    them reflect on how they feel about this country, then come back
    next year refreshed in ther thinking.


  40. They need to pay for their actions. If they’re standing up on the “outside”, they’re sitting down on the “inside”. It’s hard to teach adults elementary respectfull traditions. No, they haven’t learned their lesson yet. More punishment needed!!

  41. I don’t…
    Roger Goodell is a hypocrite… he is worried about the 44 millions he will lose if this continue.
    Screw Roger Goodell and screw the NFL….
    Plenty of football games to watch, colleges, locals, etc….
    Screw this SOBs…. They are done for me and my family…

  42. No, the games I have watched lately go right to the kick off, the Network or NFL have omitted airing the National Anthem all together. It’s very sad, disrectful and a disgrace and then I change the channel.

  43. As a veteran I will never watch a football game when these players are disrespectful to stand for the anthem, many people have fought and died for this country.
    Go to hell you ingrates.

  44. forgive them when they do not repent for what they are doing they will stop but it will not be a a heart thing it will be a financial thing let the nfl die watch college football it is better anyway

  45. Of course. George Soros is the Biggest supporter of treachery today. He funds anything ANTI-AMERCAN. Sad about your family though, I suppose their support for ANARCHY must hurt but at least your conscience is clear. Are they Fantacy Football players?

  46. Until the players that performed these disrespectful acts are punished or fired, I will not watch. Disrespect for authority is why young black men are shot by white policemen. These young men have been taught since they were little kids they didn’t have to do anything whitey tells them. These black players were further reinforcing the very reason these men are being shot, so they need to see that their are consequences to disrespecting authority.

  47. No. They showed me that they didn’t care and now it’s our turn to show them we don’t care about them and their ignorance.If they do stand it’s only because someone told them too and that’s not good enough for me.We should make them pay for their ignorance to the men and women who died so they can make millions playing a game, it’s time to bring them down to our level making $15.00 a hour.

  48. We’ll see what happens this Sunday. The NFL players have already alienated much of their fan base – many of whom won’t come back. As for me, I’ll give them one more chance. But if there are any more demonstrations of any kind, I’m done.

  49. Although I’ve never been a big football fan the rest of my family are, and unfortunately they don’t share the wrath I feel at the disgraceful disrespect of our country and flag… they still watch football. However, it’s been a long time since I’ve heard anyone sing our National Anthem, and I’m wondering if they even dare to AIR it, for fear of another backlash from fans when the players continue to kneel. Has anyone been keeping up with this issue at the beginning of a televised game and actually seen them still kneel? I’m interested in knowing if the networks have been financially reimbursed to “politely omit” that part of the game.

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