William Barr announced one big change that left everyone speechless

Since taking over for Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, William Barr has put his stamp on the Justice Department.

Many Americans view this as a welcome development.

And William Barr just announced one big change that left everyone speechless.

After the Justice Department reversed course and stated it would find a new rationale to include the citizenship question on the 2020 census, William Barr announced a big change.

A new group of Justice Department attorneys would now handle the case.

There was no explanation given for the shift.

Politico reports:

A statement announcing the move gave no clear rationale for the shift, but legal experts said the lawyers who’ve handled the multi-front legal battle for the Trump administration over the last 15 months were likely to face questions about their credibility in the prolonged fight, since they repeatedly told federal courts that there was an urgent deadline at the end of last month to finalize the language for the census questionnaire.

Now, Trump has ordered officials to keep pursuing avenues to add the citizenship question, even if it means delaying the decennial population survey mandated by the U.S. Constitution.

“As will be reflected in filings tomorrow in the census-related cases, the Department of Justice is shifting these matters to a new team of Civil Division lawyers going forward,” Justice Department Kerri Kupec said. “Since these cases began, the lawyers representing the United States in these cases have given countless hours to defending the Commerce Department and have consistently demonstrated the highest professionalism, integrity, and skill inside and outside the courtroom. The Attorney General appreciates that service, thanks them for their work on these important matters, and is confident that the new team will carry on in the same exemplary fashion as the cases progress.”

Previously, the DOJ told the Court that the census would go to press without the citizenship question after Chief Justice Roberts betrayed conservatives by siding with the Supreme Court’s four liberals to block the question.

But in his decision, Roberts held that if the administration could come up with a new rationale for the citizenship question, he would allow it to be included in the census.

The previous group of attorneys ignored this part of the ruling and instead waived the white flag of surrender.

Replacing them shows Barr intends to continue this fight and end it with victory.



  1. The first time the demomarxists regain the congress and presidency–Amnesty to all who are in the USA and full voting privileges will be granted. President Trump is doing a legal end run around the supreme court –the other courts and their injunctions and will get statistics and information about all people in the country from every federal agency. Do not have to worry about folks lying or giving no answer. It is a long time coming–a federal spread sheet on everyone with all information. Anne Coulter in her book Adios America had to get the information from these agencies because the Bureaucrats do not want this information to be divulged. They know there would be Hell to pay when the taxpayers in the USA see where their taxes are spent.MAGA

  2. Kurt, If AOC was walking a dog without a license, the dog catcher would have a hard time figuring out which one to throw in a cage.:^)

    • He can’t its a life time appointment the only time a chief Justiice or any justice be removed from the supreme court is b death,retirement or impeachment and there is no grounds for impeachment.Special thanks to George W Bush who appointed him.

  3. I support having the ‘citizenship’ question because it is a reasonable question to ask and a graphic we need to know. How can we protect ourselves from over zealous politicians if we do not know the numbers we are dealing with? The census is used to set the number of representatives from each state. If it is incorrect, the number of representatives in Congress is skewed.

  4. what good is the censous if you don’t know how many legal americans they are ,might as well just list everyone as illegal alliens

  5. I don’t think that the illegals will check yes because if they do and ICE finds out then that’s a crime and they will be deported for committing two crimes one for coming here illegally and one for checking yes to being a citizen. I say send them all home DACA included.

    • Pat, word has it that starting Sunday, up to three million may be sent packing. But as Trump has said he doesn’t care about the word getting out, I wouldn’t bet on it not actually starting on Saturday. :^)

  6. want get rid of illegal aliens change or get rid of the fourteenth amendment
    we have no slaves anymore to anybody that gives birth to a child and is not
    a citizen of the U.S.A. that child is not a citizen of this country. Unless one parent is a citizen of this country. Even if the birth certificate says born in the U.S.A. and town and state the birth certificate states non-citizen of the U.S.A. and citizen of a foreign country regardless because they came here illegally.

  7. Every ten years, the United States government is required by law to complete the Census and count every person in the country. But even something as typically bland as the Census has become controversial under Trump. His Commerce Department is attempting to force households to disclose their citizenship status.

    This will discourage non-citizens from participating—and could result in the loss of everything from health care funding to congressional representatives for immigrant communities.

    Trump’s “all important citizenship question” — the one that will demand respondents tell the government whether they or other members of their household are U.S. citizens — is nothing more than an intimidation tactic.

    A question about citizenship status hasn’t appeared on the survey in decades and is designed to scare away immigrant families and historically-disadvantaged populations from participating in the count. And when these groups are under-reported, their communities — citizen and non-citizen alike — won’t get the funding or electoral power they deserve.

    That’s not a “radical left” talking point.

    In fact, two federal judges concluded the addition of the question is unlawful — one even ruled it unconstitutional. Independent research shows millions of Latino residents would be undercounted in 2020 if the question was added to the survey.

    The Census will determine where $800 billion in federal funds goes — which communities get funding for schools, investments in infrastructure, and more.

    The Census will set electoral representation for a decade. In 2021, after all people are counted, the Bureau will give each state its new population data. This data will determine the number of U.S. House seats each state receives and further inform how the people responsible for drawing maps draw new districts. That’s your representation in government!

    The Census is, in so many ways, the foundation for our democracy and it’s on the line because of the current Administration’s reckless actions.

    If the Census data states receive in 2021 isn’t accurate or reliable, it’s not hard to see what will happen: Funding and voting representation will be skewed for a decade, hurting communities who need help and support the most.

    We can’t let conservatives get away with this. The census has a MAJOR impact:

    It will determine Congressional Districts for the next 10 YEARS.
    It will determine which areas receive more federal funding.
    It will be used as a power grab for Republicans to RIG elections.

    Three judges have already ruled the citizenship question unconstitutional. It is more than a population count. The Census determines the distribution of political power and money from the federal government to our communities. When we aren’t counted, our communities don’t get their fair share.

    There’s too much at stake. Democrats are the last line of defense to protect the Census.

    • This article is obviously skewed. It is quite logical to ask people about their citizenship status. I suppose many will lie about it, it’s the democrat party modus operandi.

      • Why? Is a crime to state your citizenship. If you do, so what, Democrats want you to lie about your Status! If you are illegal, you probably have not paid into a system for your future here. Social Security, etc. Democrats would let people tap into a system they haven’t paid into.. Not fair to those that have.. When Illegals show up at your borders, give the basics with a time limit. Tent cities can be set up, just the basics Not public housing, health, cars, food etc. this encourages Illegals to stay and reap the benefits, You can not put your own citizens last. This is happening all over America and will not be sustainable for Americans. Those Countries are not at war, There is food , work, a life in America where they are trying to stay forever, they like all the freebies and life of not working, plus they have many, many children that have to be housed, fed and clothed, and medically treated for diseases, that had been wiped out here in the States, putting our families at risk. Watch out for your own 1st.

        • You are right on that with the millions of illegals coming in, America will be unsustainable. We simply cannot absorb them and they have no intention of becoming Americans. They just want what they can get from us and send what money they get back to wherever they came from. They are leaches and it is not fair to those who want to come here legally. Send all illegals back where they came from!!!!

    • It’s a basic question our government has the right to ask. It was removed from the census during the Obamas’ reign for the same reason the Dems don’t want it added. VOTES. The same reason they want open borders and illegal immigrants. VOTES. The same reason they are promising free handouts. VOTES. The liberals are not the party of any people save themselves. They will say anything, do anything , promise anything. Why? VOTES!

    • All my life we were asked citizen question on every document also B/W, M/F, that is until the last president who eliminated it. This is why we have countries and citizens of that country.

    • The citizenship question has been included for as long as I can remember, “UNTIL OBAMA TOOK IT OFF” TO GAIN MORE POWER FOR THE LIBS…..

    • The Democrats want non citizens counted to get more representation in the House. Amendment XV clearly states “The right of citizens of the United States to vote…… Nowhere does it say non citizens may vote, resident legally or illegally. IT’S IN THE CONSTITUTION. NON CITIZENS ARE NOT ELIGIBLE TO VOTE! Fifteenth Amendment. Read it.

    • PLEASE OPEN YOUR EYES and see who is actually “working” the system here. The question requesting the status of citizenship has purportedly been on the census until Hussein Obama had it removed during his Administration. Your infamous DemonRat Party has been pushing against this question because they want illegals to be counted for political demarcation assessments. Do you doubt this information? If so, allow me to remind you of the 100 percent affirmative response to the question posed at the second DemonRat debate when they were asked which of them would allow illegals to have “free medical” services. The litany of twisted facts you submitted fails to acknowledge that the DemonRats you stand with are willing to subordinate the needs of thousands of homeless citizens in favor of illegals. And why would your party do such a dastardly thing like this, you ask? It’s for no other reason than to obtain votes in order to facilitate additional power in local and federal government. And if this sounds incredulous to you, then consider the DemonRat push to do away with Border walls and eliminate illegal entry as a violation of our law.
      Please note that the “inhumane cages” at the Border facilities were built by the Hussein Obama Administration. And in closing ask yourself this question; Why did Hussein Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and other DemonRats change their stance from publicly opposing illegal immigrants to encouraging people to break our laws with enticements and offering to protect the illegals from ICE.
      E. Luna

    • Vasu…You have no clue what you are talking about!!!!! Your ignorance is profound. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE CITIZENSHIP QUESTION!!!!! So you are for illegals and open borders. WHAT PART OF ILLEGAL DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?????????????

    • Marxist Judges ruled while the Dissenting Judges called the Democrat Marxist Progressive Judges for their ILLEGAL OPINION.

      Either you are new, illegal or Marxist because you ignorantly refuse to ACKNOWLEDGE the historical reality that Citizenship Questions have always appeared on the Census UNTIL 2010.

      The Marxist Muslim removed the Question. Oh, seems like someone is TRYING TO REVISE HISTORY.

      If you don’t understand why this is written into Articles 1, Section 2…it’s time for you to learn American History and our Constitution.

      The enemy has always been trying to overthrow our Constitution from the moment it was Ratified.

      Do yourself and us a favor. Quit expounding on topics that you have NO CLUE WHAT IS TRUE.

    • What is wrong with you???????????? I keep asking my self that of you. Constantly railing about something that should be asked. Tell me this please? Don’t you want to know how many people live in your house, or do you just let any one inter your home? ????????????

      • VASU: Your entire article is so full of untruths and inconsistencies that I have to believe you have bee radicalized by the Demomarxists. From reading carefully –your article I am surmising that you may be an Illegal alien yourself. You put too much faith in federal judges. They are mostly lawyers in black robes and not all of them are constitutional experts I see you used the Demomarxist words that you fear you may be cheated of your fair share. Be honest–You are yourself an Illegal alien aren’t you? Maybe Ice will be looking for you soon.

    • Vasu, why is it such a problem for the left? It was on the Census forms for a long time. Nothing illegal if Trump still had the DOC tell the US Bureau of the Census to put it there. While you seem to think Congress controls it, maybe you should take a close look at where Congress put the DOC and Census Bureau. Yep, that’s right, they put it under the EXECUTIVE Branch. So again, the left has shot themselves in the foot legally. Like they did under Harry Reid and now like they are about to do if Nadler gets his way.

    • The question was on the census until Obama took it off. You are incorrect about the question being unconstitutional–Roberts said to find another way to get the information and the President did exactly that. All federal agencies will co-operate and a dossier will be formed on everyone in the USA. Maybe we shall begin to see mass self deportations once all this information is co-ordinated to each person. I imagine there will be a lot of welfare cheats and Social Security cheats caught when these agencies begin speaking to one another.Go Trump Go Wilbur Ross.

  8. All I can say is one thing. If we get a dumbass libtard in office, our ships are all sunk and there ain’t no coming back. Gotta work hard to get Trump reelected and I mean work hard.

  9. This question was taken off by Obama. This determines the Electroial Vote in our Elections.Go Barr & 45…

    • Spot On!

      The new tactic by AG Barr’s attorneys will be centered around “Common Sense” as we need to know how many legal citizens live in the USA . . . and . . . is it 10 to 40+ million illegal aliens we are supporting against our better judgement. 😊


  10. Let’s see Obozo wanted the citizenship question removed from the censes and no one said a word as it helped the democrats acquire more representatives….now that Trump wants it returned all hell is breaking loose….mmmm

  11. Heh, heh, heh. The man will hold to his oath and perform his duties to the best of his abilities. Way to go ATTORNEY GENERAL Barr! To you I tip my hat!

  12. While we need to count everybody present, there are programs and benefits intended for citizens only. For that reason alone, we need to distinguish citizens from non-citizens. As for Roberts, we don’t need Souter redux.

  13. Trust the DEMON -RATS to fin d anything to bitch about. Reminds me of Jesus and Satan, ALl that Jesus is for Satan is against it. All that Trump is for the DEMON-Rats are against it! Is it me or????? That the Donkey is beginning to look more and more like an old Missouri mule? Now where’s that 2cx4?

  14. This is a no brainer. Only citizens should vote, only citizens should be counted. Only citizens have a stake in this country. All others are visitors or illegals. They have no right to be here or have any say in our political system. Not surprised at Roberts as he has a liberal streak that defies reason. If the President can do this by executive order, legally that is, then do it and do it now.

      • Three million rumored as a start starting Sunday. I say ICE, CBPP, DHS should start at the northern border and check everyone’s ID. If your license/state ID doesn’t meet the RealID requirements, you have to provide other proof. No proof, you get to visit a judge and tell them your story. If you are a resident alien, your “green card” is good enough proof. If you are an illegal from CA, your driver’s license should be taken away from you.

  15. Man of few words and when he speaks people listen. Trump’s pick for the AG was right on and we are out here as American patriots who are looking forward to the end result of his justice served. Can’t wait, go Barr!

    • How can you be a patriot when you are running away? Pushing against the wheel? running the wrong direction?

  16. Obviously the Obama hold-overs still polluting Justice presented this matter. Thank God for Barr. We may clean out some of the swamp yet.

    • There are 22 millions of illegal aliens living in our midst, syphoning out resources in health care, translation services, welfare and others…they all need to goi back to the countries iof their origins and apply legally and wait for their turn…as LEGAL immigrants do and did.

  17. The DOJ group … who are they? I hope that the new group is Trump-friendly. Are they? Trump sure has countless enemies. The suspense is killing me.

    Let MAGA!

  18. You go Barr! Looking forward to Barr saying MANY things that leave everyone speechless in the not too distant future.

    • Way to go Barr. I like your away of thinking. You are doing a great job. Keep up the
      good work. Keep doing what is right. Your reward is great.

    • I have to say something about big mouth aoc with nancy Pelosi aoc is a ignorant person she better watch out Nancy has the power is remove her dumbass from what she doing I have no respect for aoc she a real pos person

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