William Barr announced one change that will leave Chuck Schumer fuming

Chuck Schumer and the Democrats have bet their entire 2020 strategy on making Donald Trump a failure.

And there is one fight they prioritize defeating President Trump over above all else.

But William Barr just announced this one change that will leave Chuck Schumer fuming.

The illegal immigration crisis at the Southern Border is an invasion.

President Trump and his administration are taking every legal step available to them to stem the flow of illegal aliens pouting over the Southern Border since Congress refuses to act.

Democrats won’t fix asylum loopholes because they believe if Donald Trump looks like a failure on immigration, then his base will stay home and the Democrat nominee will cruise to victory.

President Trump recognized that reality and ordered his administration to come up with steps he can take to stop this illegal alien invasion.

In response, Attorney General William Barr rolled out changes to asylum policy that prevent illegal aliens from requesting asylum in the United States unless they apply for asylum in another country they pass through.

Politico reports:

The regulation will be issued jointly by the Homeland Security and Justice departments, according to the notice Monday.

Asylum officers and federal immigration judges will be required to adopt the new standard when administering screenings to determine whether a migrant has a “credible fear” of persecution in his or her home country, the first step in certain asylum claims. The Trump administration contends the previous standard was too low and allowed migrants easy passage into the U.S.

Attorney General William Barr and acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan lauded the move in written statements.

Barr argued that the new measure “will decrease forum shopping by economic migrants and those who seek to exploit our asylum system,” but will still leave other routes to seek protection.

Democrats will surely sue, but this plan will stem the tide of illegal aliens storming across Central America toward the Southern Border.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in thins ongoing story.


  1. Schmucky Chuckie Shumer, Naggin’ Nancy, Nauseating Nadler, Shifty Shiff & consortes, a
    motley crew indeed! As they say…the company you keep…along with turncoat Romney.

  2. His sister’s cat killed a rat in Gordon’s presence. To overcome his fear of rats, Gordon cooked old Mr Rat and ate him. Google it.

  3. Mary: talking about ID, we bought tickets for the Caribbean cruise. Supposed to sail out last Sunday, Sep 1st, they cancelled it due to hurricane, and rescheduled for the 4th. We drove 5 and half hours to Miami and started to check-in, then my husband realized that he forgot our passports. They had us wait in the waiting room for half an hour then told us we can’t go, even though we showed them our FL driver licenses and Military IDs, still can’t go. We told our friend and our daughter to go and have fun, so they went. We drove back home another 5 and half hours. Yesterday we went back to pick them up, drove back and forth for 14 hours. Sad! Last November, our county (good thing it’s not Broward county) required ID and the clerk even checked my signatures to see if they matched. I’d hope Voter ID Will pass into law.

  4. OMG! A REAL fairy tale believer. Like that witch from the Eastern Star actually one the popular vote without 3 million illegals, being “harvested,” in illegal township, California.

  5. Robert, as far as I’m concerned, the Dims ARE the feces on the sidewalk! When fresh, they’re stinky, when dry, their dust blows everywhere to pollute everyone.

  6. Judy L., yes, polls must be monitored inside and outside. Trump and Judicial Watch (a watchdog group) are pushing hard for a Voter ID to prevent illegal aliens and the dead from voting.

  7. This is why we need to fill the Hill with real Republicans not RINO’s. Send the bad ones down the road kicking rocks. Then maybe we can start to fix some of the major problems we have in this country. If some get elected and need to be fired after on term then so be it. JUst get the country on the right path again and keep it there.

  8. gm, You nailed it. AOC is a liar and much more. The squad are all infected with the same hatred for our country, so who are they following? You are right. I think they are involved with Iran. I wish I could send them there. The MSM news did not truthfully report Trump’s statement about going ‘back to their own counties’. He continued with: ‘so they could learn how to fix things and come back and teach us’. Well, he was being nice.. I would just put them out with no possible return. They thought they were being so clever when they didn’t go to Israel.. They never were going there for the same purpose as the other Congressional members. Sneaky, cunning, deceiving, and highly prejudiced are not the qualities we should elect to Congress. They are not trying to run the country for all Americans. They want to tear us down and insert their anti-Christian, communist, big government into our lives. So sick of this SQUAD.

  9. Freedom vs Communism!! We all better know how important this vote is for Americans and go vote! I would want the polls heavily monitored too. Communists are not known for telling the truth..

  10. I’d like to snap those silly glasses in half. I think he wears them just for effect anyway. Probably gets them at a cut-rate drug store.

  11. Looney Linda, Obviously you rode the short bus to your special needs school. Most teachers are trained to stop children from banging their heads into the wall. So it’s obvious your brain damage occured in the pre school years.

  12. The only way Herr Drumpf will win again will be with his handler, Putins’ help which he once again asked for months ago.

  13. All Trump supporters will be out to vote, and many independents and even Democrats that see what the Democrat (Communist) party has become will vote for President Trump or stay home.The choice is freedom versus Communism, it’s that simple.

  14. Wow, your ignorance and hate are profound. You attack Pres. Trump but it fine with you that extremely corrupt Hillary lies every time she opens her mouth and muslim traitor Obama lied his way into our White House. Wake up.

  15. Well I think that Crying Chuckie Schumer is going to be sorely disappointed come November 2020, because there is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, that will stop President Trump’s voters from coming out to vote. In fact I think they are going to be shocked by the sheer amount of voters who turn out not just to vote for President Trump, but to vote for Conservatives up and down the ticket! Notice I said Conservatives and not Republicans? Because we need to get rid of the RINOs and replace them with true Conservatives that will help President Trump throughout his 2nd term. And we also need a strong base for Mike Pence or whoever decides to run in 2024. So Crying Chuckie better get his hankie out because he is going to be crying all night long!

  16. Gm 5jul19
    Abolish democrats rat infestation party of corruption, ICE excels in their performance but democrats want open borders so that drug cartel money finds its way into their pockets, as well as illegals will be taken better care off than american citizens whom they would like to replace with cheap labor, it benefits dems. in every way possible. And, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Justin Amash, Linda Sarsour & others would like to invite their friends from the Middle East to come through the borders to assist them in subversion, sedition and treason as the democrats have been doing for the past three years, we the people are a witness off, the never ending attacks by dems. and no work being done in the House accept milking the cow dems. are good at.

  17. DR 11jul19
    We need every democrat and some republicans whose names of corruption leading up to and since Jan/2017 have contribute to and have revel in sedition, treason and subversion as evidence by news media and street declarations across this country be charged to fullest measure of the law as displayed by many democrats and republicans circus performance openly captured by media past three years, These politicians and their families and associates set to defame their implications and depth they have gone to attack innocent parties to crime and brought false charges they committed on a daily basis led to divisions across states with willful intent to cause harm and character assassination of their opponents to face the law and victimize them with fear and political threats and challenge their adversaries unjustly, to browbeat those less fortunate and target all those who oppose their ideologies have themselves not practiced what they preach are themselves break the law to their whims and fancies to cover their corruption and greed are threatened by, not working for the people who elected them to do their dutiful day to day business except milk the cow 24/7 tax payers loss.


  19. This has always been the law. We just haven’t been upholding our immigration laws or international standards, which is the first country you enter after fleeing your own is the country, is the counyy that you have to ask for asylum. 95% of the people entering the US are not asylum seekers, they just are coming here because of our political nonsense, free housing, food, etc. They no there is a political fight going on in this country, radicals who want open borders and the rest of our citizens who are not being represented properly. Our politicians, especially the Democrats, in my opinion should be held responsible for every death of an American by an illegal alien. This is out of control and they refuse the fix our immigrations failures.

  20. Hillary Clinton , George Soros and barracks obama. Are the re son the dems have gone nuts in our country. They are being controlled by the 3 I mentioned.

  21. my name Frank and I support you all the way as is my family
    thanks you for your great service. GOD BLESS YOU & PROTECT YOU.

  22. its not unconstitutional as it is an international agreement for asylum seekers thats not being enforced, now it is…

  23. the cockroach the cockroach
    la cucaracha, la cucaracha

    can no longer walk
    ya no puede caminar

    why does not he have
    por que no tiene

    because he is missing
    porque le faltan

    the two back legs
    las dos patitas de atrás

  24. I am just going to knock your choice of words, but not your message.
    Treason is only applicable when this country is in a declared war.
    Otherwise it is sedition. It may not sound as good but it is more accurate.
    So their actions are subversion of our Constitution.

  25. Here we go, the ninth circuit will say it’s not Constitutional because they always say everything that comes through the Trump administration is unconstitutional. Then the Supreme Court has to give them a reading comprehension exam and back again we go. Could our forefathers ever imagine our courts fighting against the security or well being of the country. Our system was made to benefit all citizens and but the Baby Murdering Party works non stop to cause division. They can always say Trump is guilty of mistreatment of non citizen foreign criminals committing a crime to enter our country illegally but they never come up with any suggestions to help solve their problem. But the problem is backfiring on them. They’ve been helping black and brown people flood into the US to increase their dependent voting base. The Dems bought the Whitehouse for Obama to show the people of color how devoted they were to buying their vote and now they can’t stop the flow without showing their true color. Now, the black and brown skin are grouping in areas and beating out the white establishment Dems like Cortez did. Now, Cortez is giving advice to the Dems on the front running Dem Joe Biden. Imagine that and the mess they ha e created for themselves. The only way to overcome this as a white candidate is like Beto is trying to do. Over sell it!

  26. I see a sign the petition link below this article. Tell your Governor you want illegal immigration to stop. What a joke! Since when is California going to not ignore federal law. Then the 9th Circuit judges will lie to fit the Baby Murdering Scum Party’s Agenda. I saw where some media trash had targeted the co-owner of Home Depot. He just turned 90 or 92. Anyway, after the left wing trash targeted him for not supporting their illness he said, “when you do as much for mankind as me.

  27. All we ever hear from Democrats is criticism not a single one of them have produced any action that might reign in this invasion. In other words all talk and no action must be their moto. However we should not expect them to come up with anything to stop it as that would lower their votes on election day.

  28. If these DEMON-RATS insist, INSIST reisting, thwarting, and obstructing, when can this be called TREASON? What’s the fullest penalty for treason?
    R.I. P. They have not changed one bit, from running all the South pre- Civil war, to firing the first shot on Fort Sumter, rto inventing and supporting, and being part of the KKK, setting up the Jim Crow laws, and then blaming the the right for it all!AHH history is truth history revisioned is but a lies! But that’s what the dems are very, very good at! Drinking toilet water indeed!

  29. This is an invasion. Trump needs to FREEZE ALL immigration, from anywhere. The libturd dems will scream, but if you shout ALL immigration down they will have to come to the table. SEAL the border and sh00t any who trespass. Force the dems to the table. Now, not months from now. This is foreign interfearance in our country, and it MUST be STOPPED!

  30. That is a great idea. Court right then, no waiting decideing right at that time. But no matter what President Trump does the democraps are going to fight tooth and nail. You know for a President that has no help the last two years, he accomplished more than obama did in eight.

  31. Democrats have gone to the “Dark Side”! They all must hate Americans because they will not help fix the immigration laws in the US. Democrats are calling American citizens racist because we disagree with statements coming out of the mouths of 2 Muslim Congresswomen, AOC, and one other black Congresswoman.They are morons and imbeciles. I beg you all to make America great again.


  33. You are 100% right anytime you remove a countries flag and run up a foreign flag you are stating that you have captured said territory and the people of said territory have the right to take up arms and defend their land with deadly force if necessary!

  34. The truth in the pudding. THEY RAISED A MEXICAN FLAG IN AURORA COLORADO! this good citizens is an act of war.send the national guard and active personnel in, and deal justice accordingly.

  35. Same here snooky. O have worked since the age of 16. Worked two jobs many years to put my daughter in nursing school. Paid to the system over 36 years. Get nothing except Social Security. Injured my back severely unable to work. I was a workaholic. I have had several back surgeries. If l could just stand and walk on my own l would find me another job. Living like this is depressing.


  37. Some great ideas here. The other option would be to deport them along with the illegals they are protecting.

  38. Why is this not obvious to everyone??? You hit the nail squarely on the head. Arrest all these idiots who believe that everyone who is NOT a citizen of the USA should be first in line for anything and everything. Our grandparents, parents, veterans and all citizenry MUST come FIRST. When there are no veterans living on the streets of our cities and no children are hungry; Only then can we consider sharing with NON-citizens.

  39. Tom & Dan add aiding and abetting criminals to those charges for another 10 years tacked on to the other!!

  40. I totally agree with both Rose and Joann. WE HAVE to fix our system and help our vets and our homeless.

  41. So very true. Even as far back as 1995, Bill Clinton gave a lengthy speech about immigration and the importance of having a “Rule of Law

  42. The Federal government needs to arrest all these Mayors and Governors from sanctuary states and cities and take them to the Federal Supreme court of the country and if they lose they all should be removed from office and then sentenced up to 20 years in prison for treason and unconstitutional policies and acts, for these politicians are misrepresenting the the citizens of their states and cities period, they have become dictators not representatives!!! For any kind of constitutional law to be changed it is not up to a few politicians to do it, for it should be put up as a vote by the citizens to make period!!! These politicians do not have the power to make changes to our constitution without the vote from the citizens first!!!

  43. Yep. These judges did not follow the laws. They are NOT above the laws.

    Even the ancient kings acknowledged the laws that were beyond them, they respected it. Why can’t the Dem leaders/activist judges do the same?

    Arrest them now. No one is above the law.

  44. I love the way that Trump can figure out the dems thinking and then know ways around them…. TRUMP 2020 all the way!!!!

  45. Debra we can deplete their numbers WHEN they get braver (or more stupid) and up their attacks. Stay armed no matter what!!!!

  46. I wonder if “Fish & Game ” could declare open season & no limit on certain types of vermin ??? ..>

  47. Not one Democrat running for 2020 will call for Antifa to disband.We the American people need to stand with our brave President.We will not have let commies take our country over.Mayors,Governor’s,whoever,HRC,All Dems need stopped.USA.????????????????????????????????

  48. Right on, Dan! And I might add they are not ONLY trerspassers, they are CRIMINALS as well because by illegally crossing the border they are violating our LAWS!! And how can people who don’t belong here and try to force their way across the border by any means, have RIGHTS?? They are entitled to nothing….not even food and clothing but we are forced by the Dummycraps to dole out tax money to permit them to live like kings while we, the real American citizens, get NOTHING free. Beyond deplorable!!

  49. well that’s the stupidity of democrat logic , but everyone knows it’s the democrats standing in the way , fighting trump on everything he does and says , but he is still getting the job done , they thought by lying to the people , that hillary was going to win in a land slide we would stay home and they lost big time , same thing is going to happen , and they have nothing but clowns running for president

  50. These Democrats also want these Illegal to keep coming into The US so they can get the Illegal Vote and Illegal is just that Illegal.

  51. Just a few short years ago, Schumer, Obama, and whole host of others stood behind the podium and claimed the illegals was an invasion on America. Now they and other Democrats are singing the opposite tune because a Republican is in office. Now, it’s quite simple THEY ARE LIARS AND TRAITORS TO AMERICA SUPPORTING TYRANNY AND THE OVERTHROW OF A VALID GOVERNMENT AND THEY DON’T GIVE ONE RATS A## ABOUT YOU IF YOU ARE NOT A DEMOCRAT.

  52. I agree with you Joann….enough is enough…our children’s children and beyond will be paying for these stupid policies of the past. Time to say – “We will not pay for one more illegal. Immigrants, yes; but illegals who disobey our laws, NO!!” Come the way our ancestors came…wait your turn…and the wait may be long…but if it is too long for them, then they need to go to another country. The USA owes so much money, we are in debt in the trillions (maybe more). Until we get our bills paid, we cannot take on more debt…that is just common sense. Our own poor need assistance…and Americans should come first.

  53. The Democratics move there lips there is no truth to there words ! Nothing but big lies; so then can steal the power from the American people for there own agendas! So they can stay in power and sell out America! Our President made his money as a successful business man! Democratics are taking bribes filling there pockets with money! Selling out our country!

  54. That is a brilliant and beautiful way to go. Your hired. Can I be the “axe man”?

  55. Quit calling these invaders immigrants. They are NOT invited guests. They are aggressive invaders & it is time to not allow them to have any right to sue America, or any American.

  56. Ron..Well I am so glad you’re not making any decisions. This new law is exactly why Trump is the best President this country has ever seen. 2000 Illegals Deported and 30 Million Illegals to go! Yea and the demented Democrats want to give 30 Million illegals free healthcare do away with Ice and decriminalize illegal immigration. Can you say Open Border Democrats.. Just what every American has always wanted to pay for illegals healthcare. No one in their right mind will vote for the far left Radical communists Democrats!

  57. What that guy before said. Makes common sense. More judges…handling every seeker of asylum immediately…giving final determination after a thorough investigation.

  58. I think America needs to Start Having Asylum Hearings the Minute a Illegal Immigrant says they need Asylum? Instead, of allowing them into America to wait for a Trial or Court Date. ( And the OLD Asylum Cases can continue as we are handling them now.) Just Set-Up Court for anyone coming in from TODAY FORWARD. Decide on the spot if they can claim Asylum. If not send the back to the Country they came from. WE NEED A DECISION ON THE SPOT. … Begin this NEW PROCESS NOW.

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