William Barr announced one investigation that could land this RINO behind bars

Donald Trump came to Washington, D.C. promising to drain the swamp.

Trump wanted to root out corruption regardless of party affiliation.

And now William Barr announced one investigation that could land this RINO behind bars.

One scandal that made Americans sick to their stomach was the report that North Carolina RINO Senator Richard Burr allegedly exploited his position as Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee to enrich himself at the expense of the American people.

In February, Burr sold up to $1.7 million worth of stock one week before the coronavirus Wall Street meltdown where the Dow lost 10,000 points over the course of a month.

What made matters worse was that Burr allegedly sold this stock after receiving a confidential briefing on the dangers the coronavirus posed to America.

Critics accuse Burr of publicly telling the American people the economy was fine and there was nothing to worry about while at the same time dumping his stocks to make sure he made his money before the market crashed.

But now there may be some accountability.

The Justice Department announced an investigation into Burr’s stock transactions for possible insider trading law violations.

The Wall Street Journal reported, “The Justice Department is examining whether lawmakers traded ahead of the market turmoil caused by the coronavirus pandemic based on confidential briefings they received, according to a person familiar with the matter.

As part of that inquiry, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has reached out to Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC), said the person.”

A Senator using their position of power to exploit a crisis for financial gain is exactly the type of swamp behavior Donald Trump was elected to put a stop to.

Americans don’t care which party a Senator who allegedly takes advantage of the coronavirus crisis belongs to.

They just want to see that the rules are applied fairly.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


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  6. How STUPID that these Republican A$$HOLES blatantly did this knowing the fragile lead they have now in the Senate which keeps the US sane. They DO NOT CARE about the country, only their own financial assets. What balls they all had, including the two women accused of doing this, too. Sheer audacity, arrogance, conceit and SELFISHNESS.
    This could be the thing that makes people want to turn the Senate DemonCRAP, and then the US is totally screwed. Great job, IDIOT Senators!

  7. Walt 14 you don’t have a clue what you are talking about! It will be best if you just shut up! Because you are just like lot of dumb people who continue to support Democrat! Even fool in NC will vote for a Democrat who doesn’t care about them! North Carolina rural area is nothing but a waste land! People who keeps re-election Butterfield! Because he BLACK! But has done nothing to improve their living situation. All this since 1990! And he built a million dollars Mansion on his salary of 174k! In Wilson NC! But the black race still HOLLOWING RACIST in these areas! Biggest problem is they still vote for him!

  8. It seems likely that many of those in Congress should be investigated for insider trading. How is it that a person goes to Congress with almost no money, Pays the costs of an office and home in DC as well as a home and office at their home district, runs for reelection each time and then after years in DC they are multi-millionaires.

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  12. This should be interesting to see how this plays out. There were many reported to be involved in the Coronavirus Insider Trading scandal most of whom I remember to be Democrat. Do we start with investigating a Republican then half way through expand to the Democrats OR do we leave them above the Law again?

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  15. All 4 should be in prison…..they should know better… isn’t this what landed Martha
    Stewart in jail. ????

  16. Burr needs to go. His time as Senator has only favored the very rich and he was one of the senators who prevented new evidence from being entered into the impeachment case against Trump that would have further sunk Trump’s standing as a US President, which is currently third worst after Buchanan and Andrew Johnson. Burr needs to be replaced by a Democrat so that the average North Carolinian can once again have a voice in how they are governed.

  17. Trump 2020!
    He will pull the plug!
    Democrats say, Democrats are for the people. Give me one example. Anyone? And while you are at it, give me one example of one positive thing Obama accomplished. Just one.

  18. He is not the only one that did it and they all need to be brought to justice for it. This has gone for far to many years. That is how you come in broke and a few years later you are worth millions. Why do think they do not want term limits.

  19. Why isn’t he investigating the Dems involved too? Seems like Barr is a Democrat not a republican. He has yet to put any or investigate any democrats. There will be hell if the other Dems are investigated and given the same punishment. No more acceptable excuses because they’re a democrat. He should be concentrating on Schiff and Schumer and those who broke the Logan law.

  20. if burr has to resign then I believe all that was involved should have to resign to including the dems to.i believe the clintons nadler schiff pelosi waters Schumer and the rest of the dems need to be investigated and especially pelosi since her son is on the board of Burisma holdings.shes just as guilty as Biden’s and they all need to go to jail to .

  21. I think everyone of them are inside trading and all need to go to prison.. I don’t want anyone that does wrong to get away with it!! Stop the BS

  22. Adam Burr killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel when he was Vice President. I would like to see a dual between Trump and Pelosi using the Impeachment pens in a dual to the death…I already have the measurements for Pelosi…Shoe box will work.

  23. Yes, Democrat or Republican, need to be accountable!! Prosecutors must do what is right to any one acting illegally!!!

  24. If any of you believe these backstabbing piles of Schitt will be held accountable, I’ve got some prime real estate on top of a volcano I’ll sell ya. They blather on about investigating, but the only ones doing it, are the criminal dems. It’s getting ridiculous. Piglosi puts in the bill for 25 million dollars for 525 house members. That comes to roughly 47,000 dollars. We, well, a few of us, will get 1200. Now, why is that? I think its time for a massive overhaul in how these grifters get to take advantage of us. But, it wont happen until it’s too late, and the left steals all 3 branches of government out from under us. You watch what happens. And will the GOP do anything about it? Nope. The real question is. What will we do about it. I think nothing, as per usual, because that goes against everything we think. But, it’s also why Commiefornia and now Virginia are gone. We just keep turning the other cheek. Well, I got news for you. Jesus said turn the other cheek. But, he also said to turn your plowshares into swords. Meaning, turn your cheek once. Then, if he keeps coming, beat the evil out of them. He certainly didnt mean for us to be punching bags.

  25. DWA. I think enough is enough, commit a crime. serve the time, but come on now, lets the weed the swamp out with all the Criminals, that continues time after time and nothing happens and I’m talking about mostly Democrats especially the Clintons. As long as we keep them in office, what do you expect? Can’t drain the swamp unless “WE Pull the PLUG

  26. Hope this rino goes to prison for this. Also need to weed out all of the rinos in the Republican party.

  27. Just another priviledged “RICH” SOB……They ALL think the rules are for everyone but them. This country is “lead” by the worlds “biggest scam artist”

  28. I’m with Denny. Hope he gets out of it. They don’t do a damned thing to the Clinton crime family

  29. Charge, remove, detain, try, find guilty of insider trading and sentence to prison, so sick of the rich and/or powerful profitting off of the misery of us peasants.

  30. Sorry to rain on your collective parades, but recent history has shown that there hasn’t been any meaningful investigations that lead to jailing any of these corrupt dem politicians. They can talk about Burr’s investigations or Lindsey Graham talking about starting investigations then he never does anything. Never has. It’s all a smokescreen. How long have we been talking about the corruption of that moron from Minnesota who married her brother to get him in this country and the money laundering and yet nothing ever happens. Just one example of many. Same with the senators who dumped their stocks to save on a massive loss with insider info. Nothing will ever happen to these corrupt politicians. And yet I’ve lost half of my modest portfolio because I don’t belong to an intel committee. It just makes me sick.

  31. Burr should have known better. But I don’t see why what he allegedly did was a crime. I’ve gotten rid of vehicles that I felt was going to give me trouble and nickel and dime me to death. I hope he gers away with it.

  32. Great! It’s about time, now let’s keep going and get the rest of the swamp dwellers: Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Schumer, Waters, Clintons, Bidens, the squad, etc… just to get you started. Bring justice to these crooks and show the American people that justice isn’t dead (has just been asleep) and will hold all of these perpetrators accountable.

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