William Barr caught Robert Mueller telling the one lie that could land him in jail

William Barr’s investigation into the origins of the Russia Collusion Hoax just took an interesting twist.

And now it’s the Deep State that is on the hot seat.

That’s because William Barr caught Robert Mueller telling the one lie that could land him in jail.

Attorney General William Barr appointed Connecticut District Attorney John Durham to investigate the origins of the Russia Collusion Hoax.

Fox News is reporting that, because of all the bombshell information Durham uncovered, his investigation expanded in scope all the way up to Robert Mueller’s appointment in 2017.

And, in the course of Durham’s fact-finding mission, Durham uncovered the fact that Mueller lied to Congress in his July 24 testimony by falsely claiming he was not seeking the vacant FBI Director’s job when he interviewed with President Trump on May 16.

On May 17, deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein appointed Mueller to special counsel and Donald Trump immediately claimed Mueller had a clear conflict of interest.

Mueller’s defenders in the Deep State and the Fake News Media howled that Donald Trump was lying, and they echoed Mueller’s lie that he only took the interview to give guidance on who the President should hire to replace James Comey.

Now Americans learned that is not true.

Robert Mueller brought multiple Trump associates up on charges of making false statements to Congress.

Trump supporters would like to see Mueller held to the same standard he imposed on those in Donald Trump’s political circle.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. The trump-butt-bumps dat post on here are on high alert for brown-nosing trump-ah-hump at full speed a head wit raw noses none stop, 24/7. some of dem jokers dream brown nosing. hahahahhaahhahaahhahaha

  2. Reportedly, 90% of the deep state are UNELECTED liberal Democrats. I think it’s higher than that. But what is TRUE is the FACT that the deep state has liberal, full of DemoCRAP government GOONIONS that should NOT exist! It is WAY past time to outlaw government GOONIONS! #OutlawGovernmentUnions! #OutlawGovernmentUnions!

  3. Please read “SUSTAINABLE: THE WAR ON FREE ENTERPRISE, PRIVATE PROPERTY and INDIVIDUALS”, Tom Deweese, Copyright 2018, Gold Dust Publishing. You will find out what has happened to this country.

    • mueller has still not answered for whitey bulger and john connolly crooked FBI GUY -CONVICTED AND DEAD.Whitey was going to blow the whistle on MUELLER with an interview and was killed 8 hours after his transfer to the West Va. PENITENTIARY. The Winter hill gang has agreed to talk about how Whitey gave up all the ITALIANS that both he and Mueller hated. Then it will fall about his stolen valor phoney Marine record. This guy was connected gov’t untouchable but Rrump does not want to be the stool pigeon on that either.Retired PD-FED-INTEL GUY.

  4. What’s this….Muleface , a liberal hack, caught in a lie..the FIRST liberal questioned under oath is caught in a lie….kind of like “poetic justice”…where is the early morning raid with CNN in tow to record/video the takedown of such a hardened criminal, just like Roger Stone was, by him

  5. I hope Barr has the nerve to indict all the liars but I’m not sure there would be enough single Democrats left to to get anything done. Oh…never mind. They don’t do any work anyways. The media might have more time to report real news since they wont have to come up with lies to cover for the partners in crime… The Democrats

    • Barr wont do anything. He keeps finding things that are felonies, for you or me, or even Roger Stone. But a demoncrap? To be charged with a crime? Yeah. Sure. Mueller will slide out from under this, as a snake slides along the ground.

  6. My guess is that no Democrat will be arrested, since i haven’t seen any Republican with the fortitude to move forward with this. I keep listening to Fox, Rush, etc. and they keep telling us there is plenty of crimes committed, but until we elect officials that believe in the constitution, all of this to me is a waste of time and money. I can’t continue to fund hot air, need to see 4 am wake up calls to the criminals homes NOW.

    • They “tell you there are many crimes committed”, with no specifics, evidence, or backup? And you accept that at face value……..
      I notice in this article that Fox sneakily confuse the words “seeking” and “interview. Mueller said he did not “interview” for the position. But Fox says he lied about not “seeking” the interview. So they had to put different words in his mouth in order to imply there was any lie. Typical Fox. Tricky. And you fell for it.
      If you don’t watch them ALL, you only get HALF of the story. It cracks me up that even MSNBC puts on heavyweights who have “been in the room” like General McCaffrey and Col Jack Jacobs as commentors, while Fox puts on wild eyed, hair on fire conspiracy theory ranters like Dan Bongino. Huge difference in gravitas.

  7. Hell, the USA may be a rich Country but we can’t afford enough investigators to track down all of the scams and conspiracies and then what judge would we bring them in front of? Where would we find a non biased judge? Too bad we can’t treat traitors the same as we could during the Revolutionary War. Where does Obama fit into the picture. Exactly at the top and why? Because he has a certain little card that separates him from every other President. But to attempt to overthrow the Federal Government is high crimes.

  8. Howie is the trouble with this country. The Swamp wasn’t just created 3 years ago. It has been in existence for some time and has poisoned this country. It was in existence under Obama and was a tool of his. It is still alive and in need of total destruction which likely will take years. What people like Howie Think is it is okay to cheat, lie and stack the deck if his side does it. Let’s look at what Biden did. He got kickbacks and that money undoubtedly actually came out of our pockets in a round about way. A question: How did Obama’s wealth go from about one million before he became President and he is now worth over 40 million.

    • Sonny, the swamp has always been there, it’s a matter of applying laws and traditions to keep it under control. Trump is turning it into his own personal CESSPOOL. He has NO regard for law and tradition, never has in his whole business life. Corruption is a way of life in NYC, it’s who you know and what influence you get by political contributions, Trump has admitted it in public. Now, he has stacked the DOJ with his flunky/enabler Barr and surrounding himself with only suckups that support and enable his insane, narcissistic ego. (C’mon, what US president has EVER said anything like “in my great and unmatched wisdom” the other day, on his betrayal of our Kurdish allies?)
      Hunter Biden was a private citizen at the time, 2014, and I don’t like any of this stuff with politicians’ kids getting special “opportunities”. How do you rationalize 14 preferred “trademarks for Ivanka Trump from the Chinese GOVERNMENT (not a private company like Burisma) ALL THE WHILE WORKING AS AN OFFICIAL ADVISOR TO TRUMP??????? That is way, way, way WORSE. And you have to go back to Obama? Most of his money was made selling his book. And yes, ANY politician at the highest level is going to get PREMIUM investment advice, and probably has advantages in connections, intel, and knowing what laws or regulations or companies are doing, that most of us do not. Comes with the territory, get over it.
      But when they go over the line, start asking foreign leaders for help in getting dirt their political opponents, privately AND publicly (!!!) they are BREAKING US LAW. It ain’t any more complicated than that. Look up what the Federal Election Commission chairlady said on that subject earlier this week.

      • One point of contention is Bill Clinton signed a treaty with the Ukraine back in 1999 allowing our two countries to share information and work together to investigate corruption, which means Trump had full authority to solicit their help.
        Now I realize Biden is a candidate so it looks politically motivated but that does not detract from the validity of the treaty and it’s application.

    • He claims it was with his “book deals”….has someone write a book about any subject get it printed sell a few hundred copies and declare it “A Best Seller” and claim you received 40 million in revenue (bribe money laundered)n….that’s how it is done in the liberal world.

    • Not the way I read it. Fox cleverly mixed the words “interview” and “seeking”. Mueller said he did not “interview” for the job. And the FOX LIED and said he lied about not “seeking” the job. Fox is really sneaky.

      • When Mueller was interviewed by congress it looked like he didn’t even write the report, and hadn’t really read it. That was my impression.

          • Mueller did not write the report himself, he was the lead investigator, heading up the team that did the fact finding inquiry. No doubt he plenty to do with it, reviewed, edited, etc. Listen, smartass,, with your little one liner NOTHING comments and insults, READ THE REPORT FOR YOURSELF, YOU LAZY JERK. Then you try to sell the notion that there is “nothing” in it. I’m no genius, but I have done the work. You obviously have not. Your opinion is worth LESS THAN NOTHING, BECAUSE IT BRINGS NOTHING IN THE WAY OF FACT, EVIDENCE, OR EVEN LOGICAL ARGUMENT. YOU ARE A LAZY FRAUD, as so many of you thug types on this site. You won’t. You WALLOW IN YOUR IGNORANCE.

  9. Barr also needs to investigate Mueller for his part in the uranium one fiasco, he needs to follow thru with an indictment on his lies to congress serve him with the same justice he served a lot of people when he was running the illegal investigation on Trumps involvement with Russia muller knew the investigation was bogus yet he made in last over two years taking the taxpayers money

    • WRONG. Uranium One was signed off on by 9 different departments before it was approved. BY LAW, NONE of any of that uranium was ever allowed to leave our country. And funny you should mention the cost of the Mueller report effort. Manafort ALONE paid back 46 million in reparations to get his sentence reduced, which was more than TWICE what the whole Mueller report cost. MUELLER MADE THE US MONEY. Look it up. Educate yourself.
      Amazes me that so many folks have to go back on these old stories, long since resolved, while Trump is breaking laws EVERY DAY. EVERY. DAY.

      • If President Trump broke so many laws, day after day, then why didnt Mueller find anything? He had so much time and money. And, what was it? 14 Trump hating liberal attorneys? And they found NOTHING. So, why dont YOU go educate yourself.

        • I HAVE done the research, and read Mueller’s report, Barr’s bogus summary, and Mueller found PLENTY. 126 documented Russian agents in contact with the Trump campaign. 6 of Trump’s top people in jail, found guilty of lying to investigators about all those contacts. That is obvious collusion. If the contacts were so legit, why all the LYING? Risking jail?
          And then Trump’s own White House counsel, Don McGahn, described 10 instances of pretty clear Obstruction (even the ATTEMPT to obstruct is a CRIME) in his interview with Mueller. The only reason Trump was not charged was because OLC rule forbids accusing or indicting a sitting President. The only real remedy is impeachment. Although with just how wacky Trump has been lately, asking foreign leaders to investigate his political opponents for his personal benefit, and this latest NUTTY abandonment of our Kurdish allies in Syria are begging for a 25th amendment solution. He is NOT a great “president”. He runs around breaking laws (emoluments clause in the Constitution, right from day one) and making messes everywhere, and never actually fixes ANYTHING. He is a NUT CASE.
          Btw, genius, The Mueller report cost 20 million or so. Paul Manafort paid 46 million in reparations to reduce his sentence. So MUELLER MADE THE US MONEY WITH HIS INVESTIGATION. Look it up for yourself. EDUCATE YOURSELF.

    • Barr is the one who PERJURED himself in front of the House Judiciary Committee, when he said there was no pushback from Mueller to Barr’s (bogus) “summary” of Mueller’s findings. IN FACT, he had gotten a letter from Mueller STRONGLY OBJECTING to Barr’s summary of Mueller’s work as being “misleading” to the American public. It’s all on the video of you want to see Barr LIE, and Mueller’s letter is in the record.

        • Sorry, you need to keep up. That dossier was deemed “mostly credible” by the Brit sources that sent it over. And Mueller was proven RIGHT in investigating the Russian collusion that Trump’s people engaged in. 126 documented contacts between Trump’s top campaign people and advisors during the campaign. Trump Tower meeting to get dirt from foreign sources on Clinton. 6 of Trump’s top people GUILTY of lying about all their contacts, and serving TIME IN JAIL for the LYING. If the contacts were so legit, why all the LYING and JAIL TIME? These are FACTS. Not just a one sentence bark with NO facts, No backup. And Trump is STILL asking, extorting, suggesting, soliciting, and welcoming help (now from the CHINESE!!!!??!!!) from foreign sources. The Federal Election Commission chairlady said the other day that even making those REQUESTS is an ILLEGAL ACT by our “president” (in his “great and unmatched wisdom”, hahahaha-what real president would talk like that???). Face it. Trump is MENTALLY ILL, and unfit to serve. I’m done with impeachment. I want him out, 25th amendment style. His latest whimsical betrayal of our Kurdish allies is the latest, INSANE act by a wack job “president”.

          • Well, better get used to him, cuz hes getting 4 more years. Then, we will overturn the 2 term as, and keep him President until he dies of old age. Then it will go to Don jr. Then a grandson, and so forth. We call it the Trumpian Dynasty. Nice ring to it, huh? We think so too. Now, please move away before your head pops.

      • Barr didn’t mislead the American people about Russian collusion, which was supposed to be the point of the investigation. Even though it looked like Mueller never even wrote his own report he did say there was no evidence uncovered of collusion so Barr didn’t lie about the most important part.

        • Wrong. There were 126 documented contacts in Mueller’s report between Russian agents and Trump’s top campaign people/advisors. 6 went to jail for lying about those contacts. THAT IS COLLUSION, RIGHT THERE. They couldn’t tie it to Trump personally, he kept an arm’s length distance, even in the Tower Meeting. But he SURELY knew what was going on, and controlled the whole thing, that’s how he works. And Mueller wrote to Barr two days after Barr put out his bogus “summary” that suggested “no collusion proven”, and point blank told him he was “misleading” the American people as to what was in Mueller’s report. And then Barr lied to the House Judiciary, under oath, that there was no pushback from Mueller about Barr’s bogus “summary”. The Mueller report is public. You can read it for yourself. Don’t take PERJURER BARR’s word for ANYTHING. Do the work. do the research. See for yourself.

      • Its hilarious how you think your so much smarter than all these attorneys. I mean, maybe you should go do the prosecution. Sounds like you have all the answers. How you like my screen name?

        • All what attorneys? In fact, I’ve hired many attorneys over the years, and with some exceptions (guys who were well connected, solid, well respected, good negotiators) most attorneys really aren’t all that smart. And a LOT of them are sleazy, one step above crooks themselves.

  10. Barr is Trump’s puppet; he is not the Attorney General for Americans people; if you
    dumb asses can’t see that, you are Trump’s dociles.
    Trump – the Lying King!!!
    Trump has lied 12,420 as of October 1, 2019. Evangelicals; where in hell
    are you?
    Not until someone with balls, Republican or Democrat get square in Trump’s face & tell this President he is not a Dictator, he will continue use the Constitution document as his toilet paper.
    Trump’s ass need to go behind bars and take all of these FAKE internet so-call news outlets with him (Renewed Right, Patriot Pulse, Patriotic Viral News, Family Survival, Conservative Zone, America Liberty Report, Republican Pundit, and other bullshit news that came out the gutter when this moron became President).

    • The DOJ is doing what should have been done in the first place! Trump is not a lire that lied 12,420 times! We need him in office to get the Democrats in line as I fought for this Country and do not want to give it up to what the Democrats want it to be free everything and that is a lie!

      • ok, David, maybe it was only 12,419 lies. The guy even lied, on camera, about where his father was born. He lies and misleads every single day. And thank you for your service, but did you really fight for a country that now turns its back on friends and allies? And one where the president has no accountability to the law, the Constitution, or anyone? Or one where the attorney general is merely a lapdog for a cult leader and is not concerned about the nation? I hope that’s not what you fought for.

          • You like having a lying, BSing, wack job for a fake (put in by Putin) “president”, who says stuff like “in my great and unmatched wisdom” ???? What kind of nut job talks like that?????

        • Snott27 really? A commiecrat trying to invoke the constitution? You asswipes don’t care at all about it. Just trying to change it to push communism.

          • Even Liz Warren clearly states she is a CAPITALIST. WE ALL LOVE the free enterprise system. But there is need for regulation and controls. Otherwise we have these crazy boom/bust cycles like we had under W Bush.
            And tell me, why do only the RICHEST Americans get their income tax rate CAPPED at 35% (which they never pay anyway)???? Why do THEY get a CAP when the rest of us pay a graduated rate from 0% UP TO 35%??? Is that fair. The best, luckiest Americans should WANT to give back more, into the system that has fostered their success. Under Eisenhower, the top rate was 91%. THAT is what built the Interstates, got us to the moon, etc. etc. etc….

    • Herbert you are a huge part of the problem. Why don’t you go do some research of your own and not just spew stupid talking points issues by your Soros’ bought masters? Be an independent thinker!

      • My guess is that most of the posters on here don’t have the guts to get the story from the other side, and just get their “research” from one side. And then come on an echo chamber comment section, their little safe space, and pump eachother on the “truth” they have found. If you don’t watch some CNN or MSNBC every day, you are a fraud, pure and simple. You HAVE to get both sides, or you are only half informed. It’s just the way it is. I watch them ALL. Every day.

        • Howie, You are correct in that one should remain objective and be open enough to see all angles or perspectives from all sides and then make up their own minds as to who is the most trustworthy. I know, because I’ve done just that,quite often really, before finally coming to the conclusion that I’ll take my president any day over all of them. The more I picked up on their shenanigans in how a story was being presented by them or listened to Adam Schiff lie outright to the American pubic on National TV, not once, but several times, see how the DEMS are not following the house RULES in the constitution regarding initiating a formal impeachment against a president, (not an inquiry like they are doing whereas no due process is afforded anyone) the more they made up my mind for me on who to believe more.

          • Sue, that’s why the huge walk away YouTube program started. Hundreds, maybe thousands, by now, of people walking away from the democrap plantation. Now, is it funny how theres no walk away program for Republicans? Makes a person think. I wonder why theres not a huge outcry from conservatives leaning republicans? Maybe Howie will know, since he seems to know everything.

          • Oh my, my view is different. Fox news brings on shouters like Dan Mangino (sp?) and Pirro, Dobbs, and Hannity ALL DAY LONG, spouting crazy conspiracy theories with accusations, never any documents or evidence for backup. And MSNBC is bringing on heavyweights like Gen McCaffrey, Col Jack Jacobs, and Admiral Stavridis to comment on the issues of the day, men who have actually “been in the room” making crucial life and death decisions in the field in command of our forces. Fox is a lightweight, opinion, “entertainment” network, 90% Christian right, and Republican propaganda talking points. But I listen to what they have to say, along with Newsmax, OAN, etc. Both sides make valid points at times. And then I sort it out for myself. I generally go with what the Generals and Admirals say, not so much the crazy, wild eyed shouters that just suck up to Trump.

        • Howie, while you’re pulling numbers out of the air why don’t you make it Trump lied 12 million times? Maybe it was 12,000,000+ lies.

          • Check ANY of the watchdog sites, Politico, Factcheck, etc. etc. They have the list. You can do that much to EDUCATE YOURSELF, right? i don’t make this stuff up, but even I can do a little research, and see that they back up what they claim.
            You are just in denial, or a Russian troll, or something. Yours is the snarky, smarta$$ response that says nothing, accomplishes nothing, really adds NOTHING.

        • Howie Dunn. Duin. You been “duin” Obama’s husband again? Old Big Mike loves a good fudge packing. The brown clown gonna get mad at you, cuz he dont like to share his husband. You remember that Ellen DeGeneres Show, where Big Mike thingamajigger done cum untaped, and was flopping all over the place, while Mike was dancing and prancing around the stage like a fool. Old Ellen’s eyeballs done popped outta

      • Ancient history, I’m embarrassed for you that you have to go way back there.
        Do you remember when Bill Barr PERJURED himself in front of the House Judiciary? This our AG NOW, a perjurer, way MORE than a “wingman”, who LIES to Congress to shield his “boss” (remember he is supposed to be an independent, working for US, the PEOPLE) from his high crimes and misdemeanors.

    • Hey Little Herbert, you are clearly an INBRED Operative of The Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization and a LIAR.
      You INBRED’s have been choking the chicken so long you wouldn’t know the truth if it came up and bit you on the ass.
      Good Luck with your B.S. for the next five years or maybe longer.

    • You’re a moron, you’re the one who can’t see the truth. None of this has been true since the beginning like you wanted it to be. Holder was a lap dog for that pos Obama and their crimes. Obama left our men to die in Benghazi and lied to cover their azz. Their was also fast n furious and the border officer that was killed with one of those guns but that didn’t bother you. No country had it has any respect for that pos Obama they know he’s a criminal and a stupid one, they even made him exit the azz of the plane he wasn’t worth bringing a staircase. Educate yourself before you make anymore dumb azz statements.

      • 50 year staunch Republican conservative. Wrong again in your presumption, there, genius. I just have a lot of love for the REAL GOP, where honesty, integrity and honor count for something. The present wack job of a fake “president” (put in by Putin) is a total, total embarrassment to the Republican Party. Remember, he spent 30 years as a Democrat in NYC when it served his personal political purpose. He is stone liar and BS artist, a con man, (as Marco Rubio is on record as saying repeatedly-look that one up). He is RUINING the GOP for decades to come. Took a while to get over Nixon’s damage, this will be even longer, because Trump is so much WORSE.

    • Herb,it’s brain dead low information liberals like you that are ruining our country. Why don’t you get out! Obama was the one who thought he was a dictator..

    • Your statements are not only obnoxious, they are absurd. You are so far out in left field, i bet you think the world is flat. You need to be committed to a mental institution.

    • What hell hole did you crawl out of I assume you are one of those radical Demie commies Please leave this country and make one of your own in a deserted island and all you liberal abortionist commies can do all you hatred there and vote Hilary as your corrupt new President or better yet let the Minnesota congress woman that married her brother and is a ISIS supporter be your next President you obvious want corrupt people running this country, you sicko you really think that we would of had a better 4 years with her and the Dems running th e W.H. get your head out of their as…s you just might learn to breath some fresh air an your brains might be able to breath and think correctly do some research about your Dem party you might learn from all the corruption they have done through out history.

      • Trump is the most corrupt fake “president” in American history. Breaking laws all over the place, asking foreign leaders to get dirt on his political opponents for his personal benefit. That is ILLEGAL, according to thte Federal Election Commission chairperson the other day. Trump has ALWAYS been corrupt, 10 times as corrupt as the Clintons. Trump University found to be a FRAUD.
        The Trump Foundation was accused by the NY attorney general, Barbara Underwood, of “functioning as little more than a checkbook to serve Mr. Trump’s business and political interests,” and of engaging in “a shocking pattern of illegality”. FACT.

    • And you gained your knowledge from CNN, MSNBC, etc., that really reflects on your ability to offer a well thought out answer. How many lies does it take for you to believe that the phony narrative is true?

        • Social communist liberal , that’s you Howie . If you believe the shit coming from the Liberal Crap Factory , Adam Shit head is Liar and damn traitor , along with the rest of that liberal scum over in old DC .

          • Nope. You presume wrongly. 50 year staunch conservative Republican. I just don’t like one little bit what lying fraud Trump is doing to my party and my country. The other day he actually said “in my great and unmatched wisdom”, talking about Turkey, where he has DISGRACED America, in abandoning our staunch Kurdish allies to Erdogan’s tender mercies (reports of 100 Kurd DEAD already today with Turkey attacking). Now kind of man talks like that? A narcissistic, megalomaniac does. He is your fake “president” (put in by Putin), doing Putin’s bidding. He is a nutjob flunky for Vlad. Hillary was right in the debate, as it turns out. He is Putin’s PUPPET. And he is an “agent of chaos”, making messes everywhere, all over the world. We will be decades undoing the damage he has done, and is continuing to do. Deal with the reality.

        • Howie…I DO watch them all…for about four years now. It’s very challenging! I have not yet come to the same conclusions as you have…but I don’t denigrate you OR your claims. At this time, I still support Trump over the alternative. When you challenge tenacious, long-held beliefs, you’re going to pay a price, I guess. I’m still for Trump…but keeping my eyes wide open.

    • Herbert – stop being political – try being honest yourself! I was not a Trump fan. But since he has become the president, I have watched him. I find him to be an incredibly intelligent person. I have yet to see him say anything that is not true! Some of the things that he says seem to be way out there, but then a few later, what he says is proven to be the TRUTH !

      • Give us one example, please. Yesterday he said he was abandoning the Kurds, our staunch allies vs ISIS, because “they didn’t do anything to help us in Normandy in the Second World War”. How is that “intelligent”???? IT’S NUTS!!! Trump is dumb as a rock, he is just good at BS, lying, making stuff up, and fooling people who really can’t follow more than one voice, and make up their minds ONLY after listening to ALL sides of the issues.

    • Herbert: Hey thanks for the list of alternative media sites. I heard of a few of them, but had no idea of the rest so will have to check them out. Thanks a lot.

    • You are an idiotic to think our President is not a great President. You sound retarded or must have learning disabilities. All the responders disagree with your take on our President. Back off.

  11. Dear readers if you happen to bump into a person that calls himself The RedMan. Ignore him/her as this person is a looney toon racist white hating asshole whose tweets are disgusting and not even funny. After you see them you’ll come to the conclusion that he belongs in a padded cell.

  12. Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus. Robert Müeller, Bruce Ohr, Jim Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Rob Rosenstein, John Brennan, Christopher A. Wray and Andrew McCabe have ushered in the new level of competency, integrity, honesty, transparency and trust to the FBI, CIA and DOJ.

  13. Let Mueller be tried for whatever lies seem evident but let us say he is innocent until proven guilty. At least let us not do to him what he did to Trump. The truth will convict him but we are not the accuser of the person but his words will accuse him if guilty.

  14. Robert Mueller’s entire career has revolved around lies and cover-ups. Look at his history. The left has long maintained that there were cover-ups regarding Ruby Ridge – Waco – The Murrah Building – 9/11 – guess what. Mueller was involved in them ALL. You might also want to look at when HSBC Bank was busted for laundering billions of dollars worth of drug cartel and terrorist money. The powers that be at HSBC even admitted guilt but were given a slap on the wrist. Mueller was involved in that too – so was Loretta Lynch – she was the prosecutor who let them off with a slap on the wrist. Eric Holder was a pretend attorney general – and Barry whoever the hell he really is was president. The Clintons were “given” $85,000,000 from “HSBC account holders” the records are no more specific than that. You try telling the government that some “account holders gave you $85,000,000 and see what happens to you. The way that HSBC laundered all of that money was to run it thru phony accounts set up by using real information obtained from former real account holders. So where did ALL that money the Clintons were “given” really come from and why?

  15. The truth always triumphs. If you tell a lie, then suffer the consequences. All of these corrupt people will have to answer for their devious and hateful behavior. Serves them right. Gruess Gott

      • The brown clown and his husband, Big Mike, are toast. Speaking of satan, I was at the San Francisco Zoo last week, and lo and behold, I came to an exhibit with the brown clown and his husband Big Mike in it. Barack was wearing a tux, and was drawing up some really fat lines of blow, while ducking his hubbies Big Mike’s rolling pin. Old Mike was screeching something terrible, about Barack not sharing his cocaine, and old Barry was laughing to beat the band. Kinda like a lunatic. Anyhoo, Big Mike finally blew a gasket, and started throwing feces at the people that were watching. Talk about hilarious. It was a good thing Big had opposable thumbs, so he could swing from the vines like an acrobat. The end.

        • Wow, you seem obsessed with brown, etc.. etc. might be a little glitch upstairs, there, bud. They are way gone, you know, right? We now have a Wacko-in-Chief in charge. No need to work so hard making up your racist little fantasies, but if it’s some sort of therapy for you, and makes you feel better about yourself, knock yourself out.
          Just kinda tells the rest of us that your brain works a little “funny”. Nothing new for a Trumpkin, who loves Trump’s satanic “agent of chaos” nutjob “presidency” so far. Never heard Barry say anything like “in my great and unmatched wisdom” like Trumpy did the other day. What kind of narcissistic megalomaniac talks like that?????? Your fake (put in by Putin) “president” does. Now that is just bizarre. He’s certifiable, a strong candidate for a 25th Amendment solution. MAGA=Moscow Asset Governing America.

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