William Barr gave CNN the rude awakening they were dreading

Attorney General William Barr is conducting an investigation into the origins of the Russian collusion probe.

President Trump granted him the authority to declassify whatever documents he sees fit.

And that led to William Barr delivering the rude awakening that CNN was dreading.

The media usually delights in publishing government secrets.

Reporters win Pulitzer prizes for stories that reveal classified information.

But now that William Barr is about to declassify documents that show the truth about the FBI and Obama administration conducting a political investigation into Donald Trump, the press is suddenly very worried about revealing state secrets.

William Barr laughed at this flip-flop in an interview with CBS.

The Daily Caller reports:

Attorney General William Barr accused the media in a new interview of being uninterested in finding out about the origins of the Trump-Russia probe, and of shirking their duty as watchdogs for the public.

“Normally the media would be interested in letting the sunshine in and finding out what the truth is,” Barr said in an interview with CBS News. “And usually the media doesn’t care that much about protecting intelligence sources and methods. But I do and I will.”

Barr was discussing his plans for declassification of documents related to the surveillance activities against the Trump campaign during the Russia investigation.

President Donald Trump ordered the heads of various government agencies, including the FBI and CIA, to provide materials to Barr. He also granted Barr the authority to declassify documents as he sees fit.

The decision generated heavy criticism from former intelligence officials, TV pundits and some journalists.

The Fake News Media used to revel in leaks of classified information.

Washington Post reporter David Ignatius helped kickoff the Russian collusion narrative by publishing a column containing an illegal leak of classified information that the then-incoming national security advisor Michael Flynn was picked up on surveillance calling the Russian ambassador.

There was nothing improper about the call, but the Fake News Media and the Deep State framed it as evidence the Trump campaign was in cahoots with the Russians.

But now that documents will be declassified that help Donald Trump, the media has lost its appetite for knowing all of the government’s dirty secrets.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Barr is America’s last stand against the corruption, that all of America knows has taken place. Barr will be, with Trump’s help, the nation’s last defense for proving that virtue, honesty, compliance with the laws, is still the mindset and will of America. The democrats have forsaken this. Schumer, pelosi, lee, lewis, cummings, harris, omar, cortex, hirono, sherman, booker, johnson, feinstein, and the rest of the democrats have sold out America’s legacy as a nation of laws, a nation of justice.

  2. “Journalists” of today should be very ashamed. Their predecessors actually did investigation and wrote revealing stories. Today’s media flacks do nothing but provide propaganda for the Democrat Party leftists. Pitiful!

  3. Numnuts Of America I’d rather have that “monster mobster” in the white house than have a far left communist pig like Barblockhead Oblah Blah there

  4. Just remember this folks. Barr worked for Bush, that alone makes him suspect. Trust no one who worked for 44 and barely trust anyone who worked for Bush.

    • We listened to your extolling the attributes of Barack Hussein Obama, of James Comey, of Loretta Lynch, of Brenner and Clapper, of Hillary Clinton, of Jeff Sessions and now you think Mr. Barr isn’t fit to serve, well, I support ANYONE whom you democrats don’t approve of as your track record STINKS! William Barr is by far the best we have in the Justice Dept. and perhaps he will clean them out along with the FBI, CIA, DOJ, CONGRESS, AND ALL THE POSERS AND HANGERS ON FROM THE EVIL DEEP STATE.

  5. I am hoping AND praying that Barr is not an undercover plant like Sessions!!!
    If he doesn’t get this straightened out and find the bad actors, our country is doomed…The Progressives have worked for DECADES to get these people into the innerworkings of our gov’t entities and it will take a long time to weed them out.
    DRAIN THE SWAMP and VOTE in 2020!!!! AND DON’T become apathtic again and trust the gov’t with blind faith

    • I actually agree with the mass “declassification” It’s long past time. I spent a little over 20 years with the Komitet (KGB) digging out and exposing (NOT leaking) information like this. What trump has granted Barr will be a tremendous help to us showing the corruption evident in the government of America.

    • I think Barr is on the right track. He calls it like it is. Hopefully he can expose all the hateful democrats. They never stop when it comes to the lies they are telling.
      God can see through all the mean hateful lies they are telling on President Trump. Not a word is true. They are acting more like Hitler.

    • I don’t know if I agree with your comment, or if I think it might be the other way around. In any event, it puts the fake news outlets in bed with the democrat party.

    • Well, the U.N. only cares about our country for money and a place to meet. It seems like the U.N. has been going towards the left for quite a few decades and our administrations did nothing about. I feel like the Muslims are trying to take over the U.N. also.

      • They probably already have! UN consistantly sides with them, and Barry is attempting to become their head leader….just another step closer to world domination for him!

  6. LOL,the lefts hypocrisy regarding classified information would be laughable, if it wasn’t so transparent, and delusional. The numerous leaks during the Mueller probe were all from Liberal “Demoncrats” suffering TDS. Most of them classified. Who do they think they’re fooling?

    Perhaps now, William Barr will get to the REAL Root of this fake narrative and indict the “Real Criminals”. Let’s start with Hillary Clinton’s exposure of classified information on an unprotected, in-secure server, which violates a National Security Statute that explicitly exempts INTENT as a defense. You listening Comey?

    • Might as well start building a new prison as by the time all those involved from the Obama administration, the DNC, and Hiillary’s campaign that were involved would fill any we already have.

  7. Question: What do you get when your put the following together?
    Chicago, Obama, New York, California, Clinton, Pelosi, Shummer, Baltimore, San Francisco, Seattle, Philadelphia, CNN & Lemon, MSNBC & Madcow, Nadler, Schiff, Waters, Hirono, Sanders, DeBlasio, etc.
    Answer: “THE PLAGUE” Defined as “a pestilence, affliction or calamity”.

    • I love this. This is the best thing I have read in a long time. You need to share this with all Americans 🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉💯💯💯💯

    • Laws are made for every one to follow. They have violated our rule of law castigate them all and apply justice to all of them. I am sure that the American People will finally be glad to see the results of justice appliescas it should br. No doubt that they will try everycway to undermine those hones people doing the investigations by throwing roadblocks in front of them. I wouldn’t even by surprise to them use violence as one of their tool in preventing the investigation. I pray that this will be done and may God bled those faithful and trustworthy In representing the people of their right to seek justice against all those who feel they are above the law..

      Should it be necessary It won’t be so hard to en,it’s loving patriots to give aid . I never hav3 any doubt that this will not be carried out if need.

  8. General Flynn was convicted of telling what many called a minor lie to the FBI. Why don’t I hear about indictments of all those who started this bogus investigation and fed it for 2 and a half years. Waste or millions must be repaid or paid by hard time in prison. I demand blood. Enough with this PC garbage.

    • Well P-Low-C gave herself a pay raise to $223,500?, I’d say just take the money out of the Dems salaries until it is “Paid in Full”? I’d love to see a vote on that!
      The Dems have put California over $3 Trillion in debt, including “Unfunded Liabilities”. Each taxpayer now owes $440,000 for their share of the National Debt.
      Include “Unfunded Liabilities”, and it’s an astronomical $690,000!!! WOW!
      Shame most “Liberals” are not “Taxpayers”! I’d love to see Obama get out his checkbook and pay his share! Does anyone know where Obama got the $8 Million plus for his Hawaiian estate? And his Chicago estate, which he bid $1.6 Million?
      And how is he now worth $40 Million??? His salary as POTUS was $400,000 a year. So 8 years that’s 3.2 Million. Doesn’t compute.

      • Nope he is terrist came to America with all intent to take us down and stoked millions hell they all have mr president trump
        Needs to make every last one of them
        Pay anything back that doesn’t compute their is no way he has commented high TERASON along with the rest of the denomsrats terrist group and so has CNN take them all DOWN sir and put them all
        In PRSION and get them
        All for high TERASON and by the constitution of the United States of America put them death usejng the death penalty amen amen amen

    • I want to see the people involved with what they did to Flynn, get and give back to Flynn everything he lost plus interest, then put in Gitmo.

  9. CNN is the worst rating national TV news. Half-truth and half-lies all the time.

    Suck to be them. Obviously FAKE news. The National Enquirer tabloid hold more truth than CNN! Whoo! It sells Big Foot/UFO stories but less lies than CNN. Amazing results!

    • Most of them news were fake. I was in Iraq a year in 2004, and 18 months in Afghanistan 2010, I saw nothing or heard nothing like they were reported.

      We don’t watch any of those medias, especially cnn, msnbc. We bought a TV box for 250.00, take it where ever we go (places where they have internet). Save almost $100.00 a month for Dish, Direct TV, ATT or Spectrum. We only watch true news from OAN, or sometimes watch Fox with Lou Dobbs and Tucker Carlson, Judge Jeanine.

    • And yet they still survive, you know why? its because anyone who pays for Cable- pays for them whether we want to or not. I called my cable company, I can stop paying for the history channel, sci-fi channel, even the hallmark channel if I don’t want it, but I cannot cut out CNN and not pay for them!
      Why is that?!

      Maybe we should all demand they allow us to choose any channels we want or don’t want instead of forcing a package on me, oh yeah, Fox News is constantly (mysteriously being blocked by my cable channel that when I call they say, we are aware of the problem and are working on it.- They have been working on it for over 6 months now and I am forced to live stream it online.)

  10. I hope the deep state and media like cnn gets exposed – get caught in their lies and collusion. I hope people go to jail/prison

    • We can only hope that a “class action” lawsuit by American TAXPAYERS can bankrupt several “fake news” outlets.


    • I agree with you Sharon. A National Protest is what this nation needs right now. ALL the Trump supporting voters need to rise and be counted. Where is the Tea Party when we most need them?

      • Oh, Alan, we will rise and be counted on election day, I just pray all the illegal votes can be sorted out of the mix!
        As for the Tea Party, they were done away with by Obama’s IRS. The Dems/libs (including social media) cheated in every way to get rid of them, that is why you suddenly could not find much of them after 2011.

  12. Never thot hating another American would ever come to pass. And that is the secret…another AMERICAN…they are NOT.

  13. BARR just ENDED the C linton N ews N etwork last crumbs of CREDIBILITY….Now that BS NBC is Scratching MAD COW may be they will fill up some sPOTS for more Commies on the air

  14. The people that are from the liberalism, anti American
    Web sites, come here just to argue, with the true Americans
    That want the president of the United States Donald Trump
    To drain the swamp.and to get rid of the stupidity that has put America in a sad state.
    I wish the democratic liberals, delusional, anti-American swamp
    Fillers, would take a hike to your nearest library to read up
    On the history of America, and read once and for all, that you
    are not wanted in this country, bye!

  15. It’s for sure CNN will be done 1st, Steff. They are firing more & more staff every day. Eventually they won’t have anyone to even open the doors.

  16. In the 2020 Election, let’s vote and have a Majority of Conservatives in the House and Senate along with President Trump. This will help to bring forward the “Agenda” that the People elected President Trump to accomplish along with the Border Wall.

    • The problem with voting for conservatives in the House for 2020 is the GOP won’t run them! They purposely choose squishy RINOs, which is partly why they lost the House to begin with. The normal incumbency rate of reelection is ~95%, there’s no f***ing reason for the GOP to lose 42 seats last year! Of course, the mass retirements were also a big factor, that killed the incumbency edge for them.

      • The GOP is a collection of pussies. Go along to get along is their motto with few exceptions. You are right, there is no way that the GOP should have lost 42 seats.

    • We can talk all we want about change and voting. It all boils down to are you and will you vote. Talk at this stage is cheap

    • We can only hope that will happen. As of now, according to the polls, Biden would defeat Trump. Maybe those polls are like those for Hillary before the election. She was supposed to be a shoo-in, and she was certain that she had the presidency in her hands. The people decided otherwise; we have to make sure every conservative votes in 2020.

  17. Bsrr is a short time has become as corrupt as the Mobster-in-Chief. His lies and his evasiveness in the hearings to protect the criminal Trump he did for 40 silver coins and a place of infamy as a footnote in the history of the United States. Read about his dishonesty when is was Attorney General under senior Bush. Plain and simple, Trump asked for help from the Russians, he and his campaign gladly received it and more than 140 contacts with the Russians were made by his campaign staff, and remember they all lied about it in their original testimonies.

    • really? This is stunning information and it should lead to the immediate expulsion of Trump from the office of the Presidency. Such behavior is unbecoming of a president.

    • I doubt that you have any information to justify your position and like the press make stuff up to make yourself feel good about your decisions/position. Let the truth come out and I feel very confident that you and your liberal cronies will see that it was all about trying to defeat president Trump and that they will be left holding the bag. There is a large order for orange jumpsuits being prepared – in several sizes to fit the ups and downs of Hillary’s weight!

    • Good job President Trump & William Barr!!!! Lets clean up this swamp carefully, completely, and as quickly as possible!

    • How can you say this. With what proof are you coming at this with? CNN, MSNBC, they have been proven to be biased and make the story fit their agenda. I really wonder how people come to the conclusions they arrive at. Did you read the Mueller report? Have you seen the evidence Sara Carter, Gregg Garrett, John Soloman, and many other pundits have reported and they aren’t making falsehoods up to fit their own agendas? Just sit back and observe how this is going to unfold and I fully believe it’s contrary to your beliefs as of now.

      • Blinders off, you should quit wasting your time on these low lifes’. You will never convince them of anything, their heads are made of pure cement. I just use sarcasm and agree with them, they don’t know the difference. But just to piss them off I usually add, Trump is a genius, live with it.


      • Blinders off, you should quit wasting your time on these low lifes’. You will never convince them of anything, their heads are made of pure cement. I just use sarcasm and agree with them, they don’t know the difference. But just to piss them off I usually add, Trump is a genius, live with it.

      • Keith, I think k nutty gunnuts guy is just trolling this site, & intentially saying the most ignorant things he/she can come up with so people will give this child attention. This person must be lonely living in his mommies basement with only his keyboard as his friend.

        • Colleen, you are a sick creature, read a book and watch real news, not Fox and listening to Hannity and Limbaugh, Levin and all the other right wing liars. You’re obnoxious, how could any decent coworker of man deal with your hatred and stupidity.

          • Typical liberal, calling names is all he can think of to do; he certainly can’t defend his position with facts.

    • Where on EARTH do you get your information from????? Cartoons????? You are SO WRONG it’s truly amazing that ANYONE with only 4 active brain cells could even believe those lies!!!! I truly feel sorry for you!!!

    • Numbnuts, I mean Gun Nuts. You talk like you are a authority about the wrong doings of Pres. Trump. Where do you get your information? Who are your resources? I could say you wear your mothers panties. That you are a pedophile. But I have no proof just like you. NO PROOF! You belong in a mental facility with only your pecker for entertainment.

      • I read the Mueller report, I doubt you can get through it Alan. EVen you could read it you would be shocked, believe me.

    • Sorry Sir, There was no evidence to that effect. It was democrat Muller that investigated for2 years and spent 40 million dollars hiring 17 democrat lawyers to investigate and fond nothing in the with hunt.
      It actually was the democrats that were dealing with Russia and the Vatican money raising by Pelosi going on. This needs to be looked at by Barr to get the full truth.

        • If Mueller is a Republican, why did he choose all Hillary supporter Attorneys for his staff? Was he trying to make sure they would come up something “criminal”?

  18. Thank You to Atty Gen Barr for cleaning this mess up. Gotta Love Ya. Btw I think you’d make a great President

    • You’d probably be right, Robert Davison!!! And the other sound is scrubbing the hard drives!!!! The ONLY way to catch a bad guy is by total surprise…NOT telling them you are coming at 3 P.M. on a Friday!!!

  19. Looks like all the BS from CNN and the rest of the MSM are going to have all their lies displayed for all the users to see. It’s about time. Their ratings are extremely low now. Does anyone want to guess how low they can go before all of them go belly up?

    • These Republicans must be pretty shrewd to be so corrupt for so long and not be brought to justice. We should give them what they deserve real soon and let the democrats run the country. They have proven to be corruption free and fair and they should be given a chance to run the country.

    • Sledge, most care, don’t know of any Republicans care as they seem to care about protecting themselves from Trump’s wrath, filling their pockets, just helping the wealthy while stepping on the poor and middle class.

      • Democrats are so concerned about the poor and the middle class, they simply ooze with sympathy for the poor. Tht’s what defines the democratic party, their fairness and ethics and their concern for the poor and the middle class. They were doing so well under the Obama regime. Things were running so smoothly and Trump had to come along and ruin everything, the bastard. Well what can you expect from a racist homophobic anti feminist bigot. Those dam despicable voters voted for Trump and everyone knows they should have elected Hillary. Republicans, go figure.

      • Are you deranged? Have you checked the economic growth in the US, or you don’t check for yourself? You just swallow whatever you hear and then regurgitate it later?

      • Gun Nut…as they say in the old country…I wouldn’t PISS on you if you were on FIRE! Do the world a favour and take the PIPE!

    • I care about this country, more than you because we have a monster mobster in the White HOuse and you like the racist egomaniac thief.

  20. AG BARR
    (is in effect)

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

    PS TRUMP/BARR/2020

  21. As someone else said on another comment board – “The American people are treated like mushrooms – kept in the dark and fed lots of manure – and the main stream media is the manure.”

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