William Barr got one request about Hunter Biden that is bad news for Democrats

The Senate Homeland Security Committee released its report on Hunter Biden’s corruption in Ukraine and in other foreign business dealings.

In it, Americans finally learned some terrible truths about Hunter Biden and his shady financial transactions.

And now William Barr got one request about Hunter Biden that is bad news for Democrats.

On Fox News, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul declared that the results of the Homeland Security Committee’s report were so disturbing that he was forced to send a criminal referral to the Department of Justice so they could investigate the allegations against Hunter Biden.

“I think riding on Air Force Two and doing business is illegal. I think that is against the law, and probably a felony. I think it’s illegal to take money from a Russian politician’s wife, $3.5 million. Was it reported accurately? I think the only way to determine the actual legality of this is to have it referred to the Department of Justice. So, I’m going to send the report over. I don’t know if the whole committee will vote for it, but I’m sending the report, tomorrow, to the Department of Justice, and we’re asking for a criminal referral,” Senator Paul stated.

Hunter Biden rode on Air Force Two with his father on a trip to Asia so he could cut business deals in China with a bank connected to the Chinese Communist government.

And the report uncovered new information that Hunter Biden received $3.5 million from the wife of the ex-mayor of Moscow, who is also a close confidante of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

That is an example of a tangible financial connection to Russia that the Fake News Media hunted for, but never found with Donald Trump.

This is worthy of an investigation and Senator Rand Paul is pushing to make sure the American people know all the facts and that Hunter Biden is held accountable if guilty.

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