William Barr has his sights set on the one piece of evidence that is bad news for Barack Obama

Attorney General William Barr’s investigation just took an interesting twist.

Barr’s set up interviews with two Obama Deep State agents that could blow the case wide open.

And William Barr is about to uncover the evidence that has Barack Obama sweating bullets.

Attorney General Barr and United States Attorney John Durham are conducting a serious investigation into the origins of the Russia Collusion Hoax.

Barr and Durham’s investigation flew under the radar, but tantalizing tidbits leaked out such as Justice Department officials telling NBC News that Durham found “something significant.”

Now, former CIA Director John Brennan let it be known Durham plans to interview him and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

The Daily Caller reports:

U.S. Attorney John Durham intends to interview former CIA Director John Brennan as part of his investigation into U.S. intelligence agencies’ activities in the Trump-Russia probe, according to NBC News.

Brennan told NBC News, where he is an analyst, that both he and James Clapper, the former director of national intelligence, are sought for interviews with Durham’s investigators. The interviews, should they occur, would signal that Durham is expanding his investigation.

Attorney General William Barr appointed Durham to oversee an inquiry into U.S. agencies’ Trump-related intelligence-gathering activities earlier this year. Barr said he was not satisfied with official explanations about the origins of the investigation into possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russian government.

The FBI opened an investigation on July 31, 2016 into whether Trump associates were colluding with the Russian government to influence the 2016 election. The special counsel’s investigation found no evidence of a conspiracy or that any Trump associates acted as agents of Russia.

Usually targets of investigation are the last people interviewed if they are even interviewed at all.

Prosecutors want to gather all the evidence they possibly can to build their case before speaking to individuals they believe may have committed a crime.

And Durham’s investigation is not just a fact-finding mission.

Barr described it as having the powers of a criminal investigation.

That could spell bad news for Barack Obama and his Deep State allies.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. But the House parliamentarian told Gaetz he is not allowed to attend the hearing because he does not sit on either the Intelligence, Foreign Affairs, or Oversight panels, which are the official committees conducting the impeachment inquiry.

  2. it isn’t. just my reasons for not getting a job, as I have been asked, or why refusing to work really does not apply to me.

  3. and I really can’t talk. or walk. I can barely write my name. i’m typing with one finger since I can no longer use both hands to touch-type

  4. I worked until my stroke. I’ve been told I still went to work after my memory failed. between july 12th and when I woke up from my surgery in that October I have a very spotty memory.

      • He’s just angry that he didn’t get the amnesty and all the free everything the Democrats promised to get him to come here.
        And if he was paying any attention at all, he would realize that it is the Communists he is in support of.

  5. I’ll bet you a thousand cookies to one that not one of the perpetrators of this farce will ever be brought to justice, let alone be indicted. We are being played just like always. The leftist, liberal, progressive fake news media told their viewers for a couple of years Trump is going down, his downfall would be soon. Now it is the other sides turn to play the same game misleading their viewers. Roswell Hannity.

    • VOTE RED …If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

      • Its going to be very, very, difficult to take our country back, considering so many people want the free stuff, and believe that they arent getting a fair shake. They work 0 to 20 hours a week, and think they should be driving a Ferrari. Its absolutely disgusting people think this way. A man like President Trump works 100 hours plus weekly, and they should have to give it all to the state for redistribution amongst the dregs of society. Nothing short of a real civil war is going to fix this, and the left knows it. That is why they have already started beating and stabbing little old ladies and men.

        • It breaks my heart to think of all of the young men of my generation who died in Vietnam fighting communism and now we have communists in our govt. (i.e. Bernie, Brennen, the squad and many more). Not only are they running for president, they are already entrenched in our govt. Obammy dragged our country so far to the left with his free stuff mentality, I don’t see how we can ever get it back to the middle

          • Dee we will be forced to fight communism here at home. We the people can be unstoppable. It’s up to us. Benjamin Franklin told people that we have a republic and it’s up to us to keep it. I’m all in.

    • You sound like one of those people that has a sh!tty ass life and can’t take care of yourself so you lash out at people and call Trump supporters names.
      Tell me I’m wrong.

  6. no. It will be unconstitutional if the case is never presented before the senate. that is when the president gets his due process.

  7. I don’t refuse to work. I can’t work for medical reasons. before my stroke I worked for about two months in my dark time.

  8. i’m 67. medical reasons forced my retirement in 2011. you are welcome to suggest jobs I could do. I can’t walk. about 3/4ths of my body was affected by my stroke. I can’t really talk. I can barely write my name. I am incontinent and must urinate once an hour. feel free to suggest jobs.

    • And just how is that Trump’s fault, or ours? It sucks, yes, but surely you could find a better way to deal with it than to lash out on blogs, which does you nor anyone else any good.

  9. yet trump PROMISED the jobs would not be outsourced. my quibble is not so much they were outsourced but that Trump made a promise a smart man wouldn’t have made.

  10. go ahead. before his next presidential run. unless he can’t have another presidential run because of the Constitution.

  11. weren’t there like 30 some odd hearings on Bengahzi with no wrongdoing found? sounds like a witch hunt. and wasn’t the 150 billion just returning seized assets? and didn’t trump finally end up admitting he wasn’t from Kenya: there have been numerous claims of finding a non U.S. birth certificate but none has ever been founded?

  12. Obama still released voluntarily released his taxes before his elections. what he does, now, as a private citizen probably does not violate his oath of office.

  13. I am 67. can’t walk. incontinent. need to urinate about every hour. have only near complete use of one hand and arm. my earning days are pretty much behind me.

  14. i’m 67. I’ve been about as close to death as I am likely to be until I finally die. I have seen there is no heaven or hell. so, no, I am not nervous.

  15. As the saying goes, the truth does[eventually]come out.
    The truth is now evolving with the forthcoming IG report and show the entire Obama administration were fraudulent with Benghazi, only $150 Billion in cash to Iran, spying on candidate Trump, Lois Lerner and the IRS scam, Hillary’s actions, etc. It will also show that this cool smooth talking dude was in over hie head.
    These plus many other factors will reflect, Obama’s “Legacy of Lunacy” and more telling is his clear and total lack of leadership. Wake Up America 1

    • Yup you are right. The obama legacy with be the carter legacy. Both watched america slide into doldrums and both claimed to be better off humans then the rest of us. Both were replaced by republicans who fixed the issues and economy. Democrats hate the parallel and hate the economy both Reagan and trump created.

    • Semper Fi to your truth., but add that Obama, aka the Kenyan flash, was not entitled to serve as Pres. nor was he qualified. He is and was a ruthless little incompetent turd and did more to divide this country than any politician in our history. I hope he hangs.
      I supported this turd for election and re-election but would not support him were he to run for volunteer dog catcher.

  16. as far as know Obama released his taxes. I don’t recall a single republican asking for release of his taxes before his elections. were there any?

    • Actually you are wrong. Obama did not release his taxes. And the reason was that vh he did not want people to know how much michelle was making at the fake jobs that were given to her for being a senators wife and later a president’s wife.

      Much like hunter Biden michelle did well off the coat tails of her husband

    • Why, do Obama, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, etc. now live in million dollar plus houses, all on govt. salaries? Joe Biden, fifty years as a congressman,now a millionaire, all on a govt. salary. Don’t any of the insincere, hypocritical democrits ever ask themselves that question. Trump was already rich before he became president; he is not doing this for the money, he has actually lost money not doing business deals.

    • Obama didn’t earn much as a “Community organiser” so for sure had nothing to hide after that, and as a member of the House of Representatives. But now he is a multi, multi millionaire, it would be interesting to see what he is paying.

    • Obama played it poor until he stole some of the Iran money and made his money from fraud after he left. (Of course he got a piece of the big money from “QUID PRO JOE”

    • He released his taxes, maybe, like his birth certificate, his educational records and other records still inaccessible. Why don’t we bring all of this stuff into the light of day and see what happens. Should be fun.

    • I am 79!! I worked all my life … I have to be satisfied with my SS which I EARNED by working. I guess you drew disability SS first and then regular SS. You are entitled to what you get as I am… Maybe you could make phone calls for a democrat runner for Congress…that would help you. As for me and my family we will trust in God first and let him help us reelect Trump!!

    • The paper work for those jobs is lying on nutty nancy’s desk. Even demonrats are asking her to get it voted on so it can be signed and SHE WON’T. Put the blame where it belongs – do NOTHING demonrats. The President can only do so much. He didn’t know how anti-American the demonrats and rhinos are. I did. They don’t care about US. They only care about themselves.

    • You really cant blame trump for jobs moving to mexico. That is a legacy of the clinton administration.

      Trump is working hard at getting our economic environment attractive to businesses. He does need the democr as ts to stop scaring away investment

    • julio laredo, Some committee hearings have ALWAYS been behind closed doors.
      The biggest objection to what Adam Schit is doing is, he is withholding transcripts of daily meetings and everything else he can from EVEN Republican committee members, it is supposed to be secret and yet Schit is leaking to the public what he sees fit which are things out of context, maybe just one sentence or a phrase from a sentence, he leaks to sway the public opinion against DJT! The Republicans are not leaking. An attempt to impeach a President has never been conducted as this one is. President Trump is not being allowed a defense much less information to know how to defend himself. In America even a person with a traffic ticket has a right to defend themselves.
      Something is wrong with this picture, trying to overturn a duly elected President behind closed doors who has no opportunity to defend himself. Your hair would be on fire if Donald Trump was a Democrat President!

    • Those were fact finding missions NOT trying to deprive our President of his due process rights. Coaching witnessess behind closed doors, not being able to face your accusers, and secret hearings based on hearsay from spies, led by that moron Adam Sch*tt are UN-CONSTITUTIONAL. Read it some time.

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      • Notice how they publish this commie scum and his porno responses, but tell conservatives they will not publish their comments for almost any reason

      • It’s hard to believe how long the deep state has operated under our noses…Trump has split them up real good.
        Now they are fighting among themselves.
        So every time obama takes a dump in his mansion, he will probably think about all the mistakes he has made.

    • Hey julio
      No one has the right to have access to someone else’s tax returns. Unless they work for the IRS.

      Donald Trump would have had accountants and tax agencies working on his tax returns. These accountants and tax agencies would have filed Donald Trump’s tax returns as per the tax laws at the time. The IRS would have also scrutinise his returns.

      This just another attempt by the democrats elites to discredit Donald Trump. It will be so funny.
      if and when the democrats do get access to Donald Trump’s tax returns and find nothing.

      Donald Trump isn’t playing hardball because he has something to hide. Donald Trump is doing this to show the American citizens that it’s part of an attempted coup from the democrats and deep state.

      Russian collusion— epic failure and waste of money
      Stormy Daniels— epic failure.
      Tax returns — this will be an epic failure.
      Ukraine phone call— this will be an epic failure.

  17. Democrats have wasted millions of dollars in chasing the Unicorn that holds the key to President Trump’s removal from office: both of which are figments of the malevolent imagination of Democrats! They failed with Comey and Mueller and now seek to convince their minions that a conversation between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky produced a “Quid-Pro-Quo” for President Trump. Having read the articles or impeachment and reasons for impeachment, as are written in The Constitution, I found no mention of “Quid-Pro-Quo” and find the actions of Pelosi and fellow Democrat leaders treasonous.

    • Now julio r laredo, You can’t know that, if you Dems can do things “in the dark” so can the Trump team!
      Right? Right!

        • Dan T., I know, I have seen his uneducated comments….I actually wrote that hoping to reach some low information people. That is what is on my mind when I comment to %$#@&*# trolls. I know I can’t reach them but, maybe I can someone else.
          I’m working with a plan……:-)

    • stone cold -yeah. Genius? I’m not seeing it. Did you run for President? Get NK to stop threatening us? Just about bring COMMUNIST China to its knees? Get members of the UN to start paying WHAT THEY OWE? No? You didn’t do any of that? Then what have you contributed to this country?

  18. are you joking? why do you think America is respected, again. and have the Carrier jobs outsourced to Mexico come back?

  19. Everyone on this site loves each other so much we should all get together for a meet and greet. I wonder who would get their ass kicked first.

    • The people that wrote trash about Trump are Obama assuckers Obama was a pos in the white house and still a pos Trump as done more for this country than any scumb bag pos demorats has you don’t like this president Trump then get the f out of this country you dam scumb

      • So am I hearing you right if I am not a tRUMP supporter I should leave the country. My question for you is then why didn’t you leave when President Obama was in office. One more thing if the DOTARD is so great why did we flip 40 seats in the house during the mid-terms. Just saying.

          • Imagine what Don will say to his brethren when he loses in 2020. He may declare some sort of national emergency and stay in the WH until the military removes him. All this
            illegal” voting nonsense needs to go away unless there is one shred of fact published on FOX or anywhere else.

        • MJ, Obama lost 12 senate seats and 64 house seats under his reign so you might want to stop calling people names, otherwise it just makes you look like a no-nothing jackass. Maybe you should try to act more like Dr.J.D.

          • Debbie Downer, About all we can say about “old JD” is he is a troll with a little nicer tone and language, other than that a troll is a troll is a troll! All trolls have the same “end game”….same message, different delivery!

          • Fellatiobama lost over 1000 elected seats across the country during his illegal tenure. The Kenyan Kokksukker is by far the least successful Kenyadent under whom the American People have ever suffered. He raised the median household income by $973 in eight years. Trump has raised it by $5000 in three years, and by $7000 if you count his tax cut of his first year.

        • I beg to differ with you on the comment that she died two years ago as Hillary R Clinton is alive and well and considering running for president yet again. She’s got to be a masochist or like a three time loser…a pregnant prostitute driving an Edsel with a Sanders sticker on the bumper. lol

        • mj
          I think it’s more along the line that if you’re not happy living in the land of the free, you can always pack up and move to a country that suits your political beliefs. Maybe Venezuela or china. Just don’t go to Hong Kong there’s protests happening there. Something about pro-democracy. Something you’re against.

  20. Racist white-folks like trump-ah-hump, and his brown nose butt-bump followers will stop at nothing ruining the country, and up lifting the lying, idiot, trump. Wow, what a bunch of whining losers. hahahahahahaah

  21. I as a voter look at one thing…DJT has done more to work for VOTERS interests than the entire LEGISLATIVE BRANCH OF CONGRESS. The CONGRESS has investigated and stagnated the nation for 3 years. Politicians elected promised to work WITH our president to legislate. But that was a lie…exactly what has CONGRESS completed?

  22. What do the racist white folks say about innocent black folks?
    You too stupid to get a voter ID.
    You too stupid to make in on your own.
    You so stupid you need affirmative action to get a job.
    You better vote for whitey or else you aint gettin’ no more free handouts.
    You better vote for whitey or else you gonna die from climate change.

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