William Barr has this ace up his sleeve to shut down the Democrats’ impeachment plan

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are inching ever closer to pulling the trigger on impeachment.

Despite Pelosi’s public claims of reluctance, everyone in Washington, D.C. knows trying to remove the President from office is her endgame.

But Attorney General William Barr has this ace up his sleeve to shut down the Democrats’ impeachment plans.

Democrats have one more card to play with the Mueller Report.

They can subpoena the special counsel to testify about his findings.

However, Mueller is still an executive branch employee.

And that leaves the decision of allowing him to testify with President Trump.

And in a White House event on health care, President Trump announced Attorney General Barr would make the final call.

CNN reports:

President Donald Trump reversed course again Thursday that he will leave it up to Attorney General William Barr as to whether special counsel Robert Mueller testifies before Congress.

“I’m going to leave that up to our very great attorney general. He’ll make a decision on that,” Trump said, adding that Mueller’s report has come out and it is done.

Over the weekend, Trump tweeted, “Bob Mueller should not testify. No redos for the Dems!” But an administration official told CNN’s Jim Acosta that Trump was merely “expressing his opinion,” and was not necessarily expressing intent to block Mueller’s testimony.

Trump cited the price of the investigation, the number of “angry Democrats” investigating, and the documents the White House and campaign provided, saying “nobody” was more transparent than he was.

Democrats have tried to make hay out of a fake “cover up” scandal they invented surrounding Barr’s handling of the release of the Mueller Report.

Letting Mueller testify – and forcing Mueller to confirm under oath that he did not find anything in Barr’s summary of his findings inaccurate – would take the steam out of that phony narrative.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I can hardly wait for the Barr/Durham report to come out, sometime this spring. Hopefully, some of these people will be going to jail!
    John Durham was involved in putting away a former Boston FBI official, Mr. John J.”Zip” Connolly. (Commentator Howie Carr always refers to him as “Zip,” for working hand in hand with the late Boston mobster, Mr. James “Whitey” Bulger.)
    I will put my faith in Mr. Durham, to be able to put some of these people behind bars. In order to build a rock solid case I am aware that it will take some time to put it all together.

  2. Hey Joe and Garry,
    It looks it’s time for both of you to change your diapers,
    They’re so full that it is running out of your mouths.

  3. Garry you must be working for the demorats using whatever crap on here like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. But remember that the Russians put out ads on Facebook while the dimwits are going on sites like these to influence votes, which they won’t get (nice try). However I would suggest that you read the book “The Creature from Jekyll island” because unless you are one of the Rothchilds, JP Morgan’s, Rockefellers then you are nothing more to them than a useful idiot.

  4. Garry: There is no way, as a practicing Christian, will I ever endorse or support any agenda of the godless, blue, democratic, Anti-Christ party.

  5. Sorry Garry, anyone following your advice would have to be insane! You are one of the blue deep state establishment traitors or you wouldn’t be giving such stupid advice.
    Guess we’ll just keep on voting Red, independent, libertarian or for anyone that is a PATRIOTIC AMERICAN like President Trump and not a traitor like the new world order puppets & deep state establishment traitors and don’t think we are likely to find a PATRIOTIC AMERICAN running on the democratic ticket. Think the democratic party is ready for the morticians and for the military tribunal trials as enemy combatants and execution after they get their due process fair trial!!!!

  6. Bob, I agree. But I keep coming back for guys like Joe the Plumber as it is a chance to laugh and see humor you don’t get on TV . Kind of puts a smile on my face. Yes he does make me laugh but at the same time I feel sorry for him that he has to live in that horrible world that he has chosen to live in.

  7. Come on now Joe, You did not say ” a legion of gun nuts like you ”
    You said and I once again quote you ” Sarge you probably have a bunch of weapons. Two totally different things. What I find is you are the liar and unable to remember something you said five minutes ago. Thus proving your two brain cells do not work.
    I truly feel sorry for you.

  8. Dear Joe the Plumber, first I find it offensive that you take a name belonging to a real Joe the Plumber. The one that originated the name. Maybe you should use what little brain matter you have, thats’ if it works and come up with a name that fits you , maybe Adolph, Nikita, Vladimir, Gangis, those seem to fit your personality.
    Now on to one of your posts. You called AG Barr a Nazi. Open your eyes and see the real world in fact you were looking at Fat Nadler when you saw a Fat Nazi.
    Also would you please tell me what AG Barr lied about in the hearing. Not even the democrats are claiming he lied. Even Meuller agreed with his assessment of the
    May I give you some advice, take those two lonely brain cells and give them some of mommies milk and come back when they are capable of seeing the real world. Oh please stop driving stock cars the world has more than left turns.

  9. Gregory Sullivan, when they start saying we don’t need guns I always quote the Japanese admiral that lead the Pearl Harbor attack, ” We can never attack the mainland of America, there is a gun behind every blade of grass”
    and that is the reason for the second amendment. Well maybe to stop the idiots in DC from taking or freedom from us I think that is a good reason also. Well maybe to stop an illegal from invading our home, yes that counts too. Come to think about it my ancestors had a really good idea when they came up with #2. thanks guys job well done, always thinking ahead.

  10. LOL… Barr is playing a deadman’s hand. The Supreme Court… even heavily slanted to the Right will NOT allow the DOJ…and what is now a LIAR and sycophant of the sitting president (aka Pinocchio) to use Executive Privilege to impair a Congressional inquiry that has separate and distinctly different roles and standards of evidence than the DOJ in a criminal investigation. It is by nature, under the US Constitution a political inquiry. Executive privilege is the constitutional principle that permits the president and high-level executive branch officers to withhold information from Congress, the courts, and ultimately the public.

    This presidential power is controversial because IT IS NOWHERE MENTIONED IN THE US CONSTITUTION.

    That fact has led some scholars (Berger 1974; Prakash, 1999) to suggest that executive privilege does not exist and that the congressional power of inquiry is absolute. There is no doubt that presidents and their staffs have secrecy needs and that these decision makers must be able to deliberate in private without fear that every utterance may be made public. But many observers question whether presidents have the right to withhold documents and testimony in the face of congressional investigations or judicial proceedings.
    Executive privilege is an implied presidential power that is recognized by the courts, most famously in the U.S. v. Nixon (1974) Supreme Court case.

    There are generally four areas that an executive branch claim of privilege is based:
    1) presidential communications privilege;
    2) deliberative process privilege;
    3) national security, foreign relations or military affairs, and
    4) an ongoing law enforcement investigation.

    To enable the executive to withhold whatever information it wants would be to establish a bad constitutional precedent – one that would erode a core function of the legislative branch and upset the delicate balance of powers in our system.

    There have been proposals in Congress to develop a clear statutory definition of executive privilege. Yet no such legislation has ever passed and it is unlikely that such an effort would reduce interbranch conflicts over access to information.

    VOTE BLUE and end the INSANITY!

  11. I agree 100%. The Dems have proven how unfit they are to run the country, with the hatred of our President, and their complete disregard for the safety and well being of the American people.

  12. su, BINGO! My sentiments exactly about Joe. He probably gets paid a small amount for each comment he posts, but he gets his REAL $$$ from the comments folks make to him. That my hunch, anyway….

  13. Eric, Barr made NO redactions to Mueller’s report. He simply summarized it. ALL redactions are from the Mueller committee and were made to protect people that were mentioned in the report but have “committed” no crimes. This is why the Dems, who subpoenaed Barr, have no ground to stand on.

  14. Now Joe , your just mad your on the losing side of things once again , A Liberal simpleton , your that for sure , Far Left Wing LOONEY Tunes are special , A special kinda stupid !!

  15. Curious George the ape is worse than a racist, he is a sycophant and ass kisser of the mobster criminal Trump.

  16. Mr Steve Volkle, Sir, I am with you, my B-day is 2 days after Income Tax Day, The Legally Elected US President Mr. Donald John Trump 2020 MAGA Make America Great Again 2020 MAGA TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP 2020 MAGA MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP …………..

  17. If google doesn’t publish this, who died and made google dictator ,for life?
    It is ver5y painfully obvious that the party of Donkey, An ASS,has zero interest or intensions of agreeing with President Trump on anything, no matter how the Nation is i n need of it! It is with this in mind that5 I say, Ignorance is fixable with education, but only Heave3 n ca n fix stupind in anyone!

  18. Barr is GREAT. It’s nice to see someone on the republican side along with President TRUMP FINALLY grow a pair and stand up to the DEMOCRAPS. God help us if the DEMOCRAPS win in 2020. Election day is my birthday and there would be no greater present than President TRUMP getting reelected.

  19. Ole Joe the Plummer, has been eating too many Tide Pods for candy again, has him dreaming again!

  20. I think the liberals were trying to get Barr to say they don’t use the term “spying” (instead they wanted him to say he /his department uses the term “surveillance”)…that way when charges were brought up on spying on Trump their defense is How can you charge with spying when you don’t use the term (much like the deal with Killinton and extremely careless instead of extremely negligent BUT BARR did not fall for that trap.

  21. Don’t you all think that the reason the Dems are so mad about it being called ‘SPYING’
    is that it would fall under a military tribunal instead of the court system? They should all be on a plane to Gitmo.

  22. Joey your one stupid left wing Looney tune , your the perfect example on how Liberalism effects ones common sense and reasoning abilities , your brainwashed , well , let’s just say brain dead Joey, a Plumber you , I think not , now the crap floating down in the plumbing , yeah that’s you !!

  23. A little humor for you. President Trump was out for a walk when he found an albino goose. He took the goose home, fed it, put a red hat on its head, and put it in a cage. The next morning he checked on it and noticed the goose had laid a golden egg. Here are the top ten responses to this story from liberal democrats:
    10) President Trump should be investigated for lying to the American people. He said it’s a goose and we’re pretty sure it’s a duck.
    9) President Trump should not be allowed to keep the goose without the approval of Congress.
    8) President Trump should be impeached because he conspired with Russia to hide the goose from the Democrats.
    7) President Trump is a racist because he only found a white goose.
    6) Donald Trump jr. should be investigated because we think he gave the goose water to drink.
    5) President Trump needs to show ten years of his tax returns so Democrats can investigate where he bought the feed that produced the golden egg.
    4) President Trump should be charged with obstruction of justice. Every time we ask him if it’s a duck, he says, “If it walks like a goose and quacks like a goose it probably has webbed feet”.
    3) President Trump is unAmerican because he put the goose in a cage.
    2) President Trump hates women because he wouldn’t let the goose abort the golden egg.
    1) President Trump is a Nazis because he put a red hat on the goose.

    For more great humor watch your favorite liberal news station, they report stories just as unbelievable and hilarious on a daily basis.

  24. If you would turn off CNN for 15 minutes and THINK FOR YOURSELF just 1 time … you would probably be the smartest person in your whole family. (maybe your extended family)

  25. Our country is being INVADED by ILLEGAL TRESSPASSERS and ILLEGAL CRIMINALS. If they stole your old wore out car you would want to put them in jail … they are trying to steal our country. If you want ILLEGAL’s voting in our election to weaken the legitimate vote, just pass out ballots to everyone in Mexico and let them stay home.

  26. You moron they can’t impeach President Trump … the IDIOTS only control 1 out of 3 branches of our Government. They can start the ball rollin, scream, whine, pout, cry like babies, nd jump up and down … but then again they’re already pulling all those crazy stunts.

  27. Let’s give credit where credit is due. O blah blah blah ma was the BEST gay Kenyan mooslom mobster ever to be elected President of the United States.

  28. I think we should ban automobiles because they kill more people than guns. Well not all automobiles just the 4 door Lincoln’s, the 4 door cadalic’s, and school busses … no automobile needs to carry more than 4 people. People should also sign an automobile registry. Every automobile should have it’s own windmill on top to produce it’s own clean power.

  29. President Donald Trump, man that has an authoritative ring to it! Let’s compare that to president Barak Hussein Obama, (just threw up in my mouth a little), I prefer to call him bathhouse Barry, anyway besides the name, there’s the whole racist side of that Muslim slimeball, when didn’t he inject race into everything? Oh and there’s his stupid, “you didn’t build that”, comment! Talking about Republicans, “getting in the back of the bus”. We reached a new low when we elected him into office. Finally we have a real president! Four More Years! Then we can elect his daughter for the next 8 years! Our first female president

  30. It is laughable that you use the name Joe the plumber, your buddy Obummer tried to sell him on his rediculous tax plan, something about ol’ Joe having to pay his fair share, this coming from a phoney who after his term in office managed to amass over a hundred and fifty million dollars! What has Obama ever done for anyone? Has he ever done an honest days work in his life? You Dems are kooky and really FOS. You have the nerve to use the name Joe the plumber, you probably would cry if you ever had to work a whole day in my job you big baby! Go away and leave the intelligent conversation to those of us who actually try and educate ourselves and work hard for a living.

  31. I want the people that are responsible for the
    fake Russian investigation, TO BE FIRED…
    It’s all fake news, old news.
    America is on the right track. We even got china
    in a hole, after 43 years.
    Orange jump suits, the new democratic clothing
    Line, in prisons near you.

  32. Joe Blow listen please . Insulting people is not a good reply. The Gunny wasn’t violent in anything he said and you, in all your resplendent glory, insulted Crystal saying that all people with her name and you admit you don’t know any , and therefore you lie, doesn’t have anything important to say ? Please read your replies before you post and you will find ambiguity in every one . I don’t even think you are a real person and are a bot with programed sayings that come out when someone presses a button . If some person says this, then say that etc. etc. Funny actually , and also, is there still a plumbing business alive today? Anyone can change a tap , plumb a house, and do everything themselves unless they are too busy working and then of course have to pay someone in your profession , but not you. You can insult all you like and I think it is just a game anyway and you’re baiting everyone because some of the comments you make are just meant to stir up anger . I happen to find them all very childish.

  33. I never met or heard anyone with the name Crystal that had a worthwhile thought, and you continue that streak Bradford

  34. There seems to be many Russian Agents on here and Joe is just one of them in a panic that Hillary the person they paid off to help her win the election. Why else would
    Russia give her a 140 million.

  35. You are a FAKE NEWS moron Joe, a pathetic imbecile. Brainwashing works for people apparently of low IQ that just repeats what FAKE NEWS says. RESEARCH, you spew stupidity and lies. Rachel Madcow, is a delusional twit who talked about Russian collusion for 2 years, and there was none, nada, NOTHING. Thats why the ratings of the deep state news agencies is sinking. People are waking up to the truth and lies DEMOCRATS spread like a plague.

  36. joe the plumber: Why do you make statements which everyone knows is not true? And mostly you know it also?

  37. Joe, you idiot, The crooked FBI led by Trump hating democrats set up these people to insure there were connections as an insurance policy for Hillary!!!! Clinton Foundation paid for the dossier, FBI leaked it to the press, using then the news articles from the FBI leaks in the press to then tell the FISA court they were verified. Have you even listened to Popandopalous and how this same corrupt Hillary loving FBI set him up. You are a brain dead follower of a criminal party that cares less about Americans, but only their bank accounts.

  38. Don’t forget that the commie dems voted against the civil rights act of 1964 and the also voted against the voters right act of 1965. The dems didn’t want the blacks to have the right to vote.

  39. You must be talking about Hillary? The Clinton Foundation got millions from the Russians, Bill got paid $500,000 for an hour speech in Russia. Sounds like the Clinton’s colluded with Russia. The Ukraine story is also just about to unfold. Democrats are furious that Trump is draining the swamp and it is deep. Just can’t wait until those criminals Comey, Brennan, McCabe, Clapper, Bruce and Nellie Orr, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page Lynch, Obama, Clinton’s, and the rest go to trial for treason. I wonder if there is a democrat that is not criminal. Throw in satanic Hollywood and the pedophiles, all liberals.

  40. Joe you are a demented leftist with Trump Derangement Syndrome. Nothing constructive to post.

    AG Barr has established a Special Prosecutor, U.S. Attorney John Durham to investigate and prosecute the Obama regime spying. A number of people including AG Lynch lied on the FISA application 5X, 5 years for each.

  41. Mueller is prohibited by law from making ANY derogatory, insinuating,liabil,accusatory comments about anyone he did not charge.

  42. The Democrats like you Joe the dumber plumber are the ones that backed the Nazi’s, the KKK and Jim Crow. Research and get your head out of the sewer pipe. You spew your liberal nonsensical propaganda on here quite often, just like CNN you are nothing but a mouthpiece for deep state criminals that need useful idiots like you to back them while they work for only themselves and their bank accounts. Clinton Foundation made millions from Russia off American uranium given to the Russians, there’s your damn collusion, and Ukraine has a story to tell also. STFU puppet until you research!

  43. PLUMBER JOE. Just ‘Fix’ the Pipes.
    DON’T SMOKE THEM, 0K? geez.
    Your ‘blunt’ IS MODIFIED, u know, rite?

  44. Hey Plumber Joe, Just Fix the ‘pipes &
    plumbing’ would ya. Some States W/flooding
    Need your Help. You are No good here.
    Do Something!

  45. Really sick and tired of Demoncraps getting elected to Congress and Senate and doing nothing but spending tax money on illegal investigations, sitting around thinking about impeaching the President, and acting and looking like a bunch of jackasses. You are there to full fill an oath you took to uphold and defend the Constitution, not run this country into the ground by doing nothing fruitful except lining your pockets.

  46. Joe, what about the following demonrats ? Hilary, bill, comey, clapper, brennan, strozk, bruce orr and nelly, what about lying mule er who is involved with uranium one, gosh the list is long . Wake up man so you too can see better.

  47. Joe, what about the following demonrats ? Hilary, bill, comey, clapper, brennan, strozk, bruce orr and nelly, what about lying mule er who is involved with uranium one, gosh the list is long . Wake up man so you too can see better.

  48. Kudos Gerard for laying this out the way you did. Unfortunately though, the Dems won’t be able to get past your first sentence. They don’t have the comprehension skills or the attention span to understand what you wrote.

  49. oh o my hell i would love to have jot the plumber alone sometime soon to show him some body respect ( broken bones )and more and i am 78 years old ha ha be fun ten bears

  50. Hey Joe the so-called plumber and The Old Dog excrement should hang signs out your homes titled “This house in a gun free zone” and see what happens. The Demoncrats and the left have a hidden agenda of repealing the second amendment to our constitution while deceiving the American People into thinking that making it harder and harder to get them will stop murders and criminals from getting them when they get them from the black market or by any other illegal means where they can’t be traced and certainly NOT AT GUN SHOWS. There are more than one gun for every man, woman, and child in this country out there so they need not get their guns from legitimate sources you dumb idiots.

  51. Your use of the term “cons” is an offensive slur that refers to Conservatives which I find both objectionable and revealing of your political interests and biases. If I might enlighten you as to the false choice you present, permitting Mueller to testify about either Barr’s letter to Congress or the Special Prosecutor’s Report on Russian Collusion by the Trump Campaign is 1. unnecessary by legal statute, 2. inverts the legal and moral lines of authority within the DOJ implying that Barr is inferior to the Special Prosecutor, 3. that Barr is illegitimate because he was appointed by Trump though confirmed by the Senate or 4. can’t be trusted to tell the truth about a document that the Congress itself can review with 1% redactions to reach its own conclusions, 5. Or to do his duty as Attorney General to reach a conclusion that Mueller failed to make re: sufficiency of evidence to indict or Not for Obstruction of Justice, 6. perpetuates the hardy Leftist perennial trope that “it’s not about the crime but the seriousness of the charge”, 7. gives Mueller another public platform to a man whose ethics and tactics are not beyond reproach, who in fact should have shut down the “investigation” shortly after perusing the empty file on Trump-Russia Collusion, 8. aids and abets the reeking corruption in the “swamp” of the (Obama) Administrative State’s surveillance project to spy on the Trump Campaign based on a phony, unverified, Intelligence report, referred to as the Steele Dossier, paid by the Clinton Campaign to Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS, 9. Legitimates the Criminal acts of those CIA, DOJ and FBI senior appointed officials who knowingly submitted and signed a false and incomplete FISA application while lying under oath that the application was verified, truthful, and complete to the FISA Court to permit surveillance of Trump officials, in an attempt to smear an opposition party candidate, while planting false evidence of collusion by agents leaving a trail of bread crumbs to be discovered latter by the daring do Special Prosecutor team, to undo the 2016 presidential election by a impeachment proceeding and a show trial based on fabricated evidence much like Stalin in the old Soviet Union.

    I know it’s hard for Dims like you to empathize with “cons” like Mike Flynn, Carter Page or George Stefanopoulos, but do try to put your self in their shoes and ask what it must have felt like to be the subject of an unjust investigation, interrogated by partisan FBI and Prosecutor’s team for a process crime that should never have been investigated in the first place.

  52. I really believe that Joe could not get into high school. His comments smack of a grade schooler. He needs mental health care more than he needs an education.

  53. Joe, it would appear that you are the filthy mouthed commie. Reread your stupid posts. You should be ashamed of your comments.

  54. Joe…I would ask you this question…Obama went to school in 1991 and used aid money obtained from his statements he was a foreign exchange student. Later he produced a document and said he was a natural born citizen. Now one of these is a lie. So, which one was it?

  55. Joe the plummer: The entire Steel dossier is a lie. What rock have you been living under? You need to read more and gather some facts before you make false statements.

  56. The act of entering illegally is considered a misdemeanor for the alien BUT as indicated below it is a felony to help them stay.

    Section 274 felonies under the federal Immigration and Nationality Act, INA 274A(a)(1)(A):
    A person (including a group of persons, business, organization, or local government) commits a federal felony when she or he:
    * knowingly assists illegal aliens due to personal convictions.
    There are other rules to be followed but notice that the one above is a felony not a misdemeanor.

  57. Joe the Plumber you don’t make too much sense. we got our taxes reduced, we got a raise in social security, and we are thankful for it. Your relatives are making 1.5 million so to me, they are those upper crust that you say got relief from the tax cut. Yet, they had to pay more. Good for them. Maybe they should have been paying more all along so us poorer folks could feed our own families, without having to go on Medicaid or foodstamps.

  58. Joe….suck on your own Plumbing!!!????????
    Far left people would like a free blow job from you and all the illegals would like a freebie to.

  59. Eric you used the word “if”. An iffy word. IF a buzzard had a bugler in his ass there would be music in the air.

  60. No census no gerrymandering. Joe you need to take a high school government class and pass the class, it might improve your valuation of the America.

  61. AG Barr did not have to release anything, it doesn’t matter what anyone says, the dems will keep this up until the 2020 election hoping to turn Trump supporters against him. The redacted parts can not be unredacted unless ordered by the courts but the dems won’t take Barr to court to get it unredacted. The dems decided they won’t have Mueller testify because they saw that the Republicans said yes, we want Mueller to testify because we have questions that we want answered. Democrats tried to get Russia to help take down Ronald Reagan. There is a reason, three years ago I walked away from the democrat party and now we see democrat voters also walking away from the democrat party. If people would really shut up and listen to what the dems. have been saying. One came right out on CNN and said we need to impeach Trump now or he will win re-election (that came right from a dem. Senator) Deems really have never stood for this country, they cheat, lie and steal as a way to stay in power and I was awoken to the truth thanks to sleazy Berry Obama

  62. Joe the Plumber , you’ve let your mouth overload your butt , your nothing but a loud mouth Puss , spilling out anti American Trash and hate , yes all of you sneviling Liberals need to leave or be hauled out of the USA , EITHER WAY IT DOESN’T MATTER WHICH , YOU CHOOSE JOEY THE COMMIE SEWER DWELLER ,RONNY REAGAN SAID IT BEST , LIBERALISM WITHOUT A DOUBT , IS THE RUIN OF ALL FREE NATIONS , WELL , PRESIDENT REAGAN NAILED THAT DEAD CENTER IN THE BULLSEYE , THAT’S A FACT !!

  63. stop the lunacy never vote for a democrat again…..they only want power and will no nothing for americans…

  64. Did the democrats deny it when Barr said everyone running for office speaks with other governments who are looking for favors, so that is normal for politicians and is not illegal.

  65. It’s funny you say that. The investigation of Trump is over, no matter what you think. Now, Barr is beginning the investigation of Hillary, Obama, Biden and many other democrats for Colluding with the Russians by creating a fake dossier to overthrow a sitting President.

  66. That just proves how stupid the democrats are. If they took everything away at a certain income, who would keep working when the reach that point. Less taxes would come in.

  67. The democrats do have a copy of the full report, so what are you talking about. Do you really think that the public should see confidential info. If you release the full report then even the Russians will learn how we investigate and that would make it much easier for the Russians. Why do democrats want to help the Russians.

  68. At least he didnt tske the 5th like Lynch and all the Clinton cohorts
    And hecdidnt lie….he just didn’t tell the dems what they wanted to hear.
    Whiny sore losers still crying over the 2016 election.

  69. Joe you are a dumb ass commy demogog that needs to be in HELL. The gunnys can put you there bud.

  70. I agree with you gunny Lew. The demogogs hate this great nation andd are on a power trip. They lost ln 2016 and will lose again in 2020. Hate will eat you alive and will not prevail. Love this great nation or get the hell out of my area. SEMPER FI USMC RETIRED.

  71. Well done, Joe.
    The gun nuts are now on the defensive, and, like Polyphemus, are lashing out in their blind, impotent rage.

  72. Why are cons afraid to let Mueller say under oath what his opinion of Barr’s rewrite is? If Mueller is willing to say that Barr captured the essence, the truth, of Mueller’s words, then the Democrats ought to move on. But if Mueller says under oath that the Barr redactions and rewrite mischaracterize the Mueller report, then the Democrat investigations should shift into high gear.

  73. Joe the Plumber, Where do you get your uneducated remarks?? I guess when you watch the ENEMY NEWS NETWORKS. Are you bright enough to see that the dossier was a document UNVETTED by the head of the crooked FBI that got an illegal FISA WARRANT!! Can you even listen and understand what “paid for by HRC AND THE DNC”, means. It means the whole thing was a “set-up” by the criminal cartel of CLINTON AND FRIENDS. It’s not so much that you dems don’t believe any of that, it’s sad that you WON’T TAKE THE TIME TO REALLY SEARCH FOR THE TRUTH, INSTEAD OF TAKING THE ENEMY NEWS NETWORKS WORD FOR IT!! ESPECIALLY WHEN YOUR COUNTRY IS AT STAKE. THE OBUMMER ADMINISTRATION SET UP THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, KILLARY PAID FOR IT. COMEY AND LYNCH AND HOLDER covered it UP! Wake UP, PEOPLE!!!!!!! And Joe, using Nazi’s, even joking, is in bad taste after what those people did to millions of people.

  74. Wrong again Joe. The republicans did not pay or it. It was done after the GOP members dropped FusionGPS. Pull your head out of the toilet and take a breath of fresh air. The swamp is about to get an enema thanks to Barr. Even Clapper had to admit that by dictionary definition, the FBI did spy on the Trump campaign. And this will make Watergate look like child’s play

  75. Heck, not even that big. Maybe one peanut.
    Nadler, Schiff, and Swalwell sounds like a slip and fall ambulance chasing law firm. And any law degrees between them had to have come out of a Crackerjack box.

  76. There were No voters suppression. That was a lied. There are several reasons democrats won, 1st,they had multiple billionaires fund a lot of money to pay for bringing people to the poll. 2nd, they lied about President Trump will take away the stupid Obamacare when in actuality he was trying to repeal and replace it with better one, but he failed by one thanks to McCain. But at least he removed the penalty for the uninsured who can’t afford but had to be penalized. 3rd AC, who worked with Burnie the last election, got a name for herself then got funded by George Soros among other things. Democrats never play fair. Never!

  77. “You don’t remember how scared Americans were about another Great Depression the last year of Trump’s Presidency. You are either lying, totally uninformed or an idiot.” Looks like you need to look in a mirror. Trump still has a year to go before he is up for reelection. And 6+ years till he leaves office

  78. Getting rid of can also mean putting people like AOC on a plane to Venezuela to get rid of them. And not letting them back in when they figure out how nice they had it here. Now that shows you can get rid of someone without killing them. By the way, when is batty Ginsberg going to self-deport like she said she would if Trump was elected. And how about all the Hollywood “stars” who said they would leave too? Maybe we should put them on the bus with the illegals and ship them across the border too.

  79. Had Hillary won the election and became president, all these schemes to stop Trump by all means would be swept under the rug. The CIA, FBI, AG planned on keeping their jobs, so they had to work hard at all cost. George Soros owned most MSM, that’s why all their reports had been nothing but lies. Notice any positive report from them about president Trump’s accomplished so far? None. They call president Trump obstruction, yet, they’re the ones refused to fund for the border. They THANK GOD AG Barr will get to the bottom of this and prosecute all involved starting with Obama & Hillary.

  80. Why did the Republicans lose the House last election a few months ago? This despite GOP voter suppression and gerrymandering

  81. Joe the “Plummer” needs to have someone with a plunger to suck the poop out of his skull, but then he wouldn’t have a brain which he’d be better off without one.

  82. You don’t remember how scared Americans were about another Great Depression the last year of Trump’s Presidency. You are either lying, totally uninformed or an idiot.

  83. Learn how to spell water. You probably are a Russian, you have to be a commie or a Nazi who idolizes Trump, the Mobster-in-Chief

  84. The worst dictator that ever came our of New York, where most normal people know he is an egomaniac, sexual assaulter, who doesn’t pay his bills.

  85. Getting rid of Americans implies killing, you cannot be that stupid or such a fake Jones.

  86. I said there is a legion of gun nuts like you, Teri. They make you feel tough don’t they.

  87. Yes, I agree. No to the theocracy of the god of Moloch demanding infant sacrifice and worship of homosexuality and obsiescence to the worshipers of the moon god.
    Oh, and you mean Putin’s puppets: BHO and HRC.
    God, are you leftist traitors despicable.

  88. The dems are the ones that are burning the top %. Trump can’t stop all the BS that they are doing. Dems are trying to pass laws that will put a cap on income. All money earned aver the cap will go to the government to use as they wish.

  89. Maybe they should move to a rational state that doesn’t have a state income tax. But if they are STUPID enough to give New York dumpster state their money, DON’T BLAME PRESIDENT TRUMP. But I’ll give credit where credit is due … O blah blah blah ma was the BEST gay Kenyan mooslom mobster ever to be elected President of the United States.

  90. Joe the Plumber : hahahahaha….what a loon ! Just stop…I’ll spew coffee all over the screen.. ..I see you never leave your fake sources of BS.

  91. Where do you live? Commiefornia, a large city, or you moved from one of the above to try to infest the rest of the country with your stupid rambling.

  92. Jimmy Tucker : “Jail for all..” he says. Do you even realize that includes you? ha !

    Plus who’s gonna pay for “jail for all”…Lol ha ! Do you think before you post??

  93. You are truly brain dead! What part of a British spy who was paid by Billery Clinton & the DNC and in tern paid Russian agents known to him, to plant fake stories about Donald Trump in Russian newspapers so that said fake stories could then be used as “source material” to compose a dossier of lies which was then used by rogue FBI hacks to SPY on candidate then POTUS Trump in a more than two year Muller investigation that turned up absolutely ZERO proof of “Collusion”. Now currently you BRAIN DEAD people are engaged in a mass phantasy concerning non-existent “Obstruction of Justice”. READ THE 98.25% un-redacted Muller BEFORE you make a BIGGER FOOL of yourself!

  94. Joe , I knew you were left over from WW2. You are a true Nazi and it is laughable anymore . Everyday there is something new and I know now how liberals are born . Flies cum on a rock and the sun hatches them.

  95. He’s not Putin’s puppet…so that makes you wrong…ha. He’s trying to get this country on track…with all the left, liberals, lying lib media riding like leeches on his back. Two plus years, 24/7…and you wouldn’t last 10 minutes under that.

  96. “The steady hand of Oblamer”…ha…and what background did he have for that? None. His cronies lead him by the hand for most of the 8 years, until he could coast the bicycle in by himself. And your 1% comments are typical liberal media BS.

  97. Something up her sleeve going to be another 9/11 her and Pelosi need to go all Pelosi brain cares about is getting rid of Trump one track mind wish we the people could vote her out

  98. …and where did Sarge state that he would use any weapons or kill people? Joe the Plumber is a typical name-caller that tries to slander someone by put putting words in their mouth…things they never said. Nice Try… ha.

  99. Barr is a fat Nazi who didn’t tell the truth at the Senate hearing and lied about the basic premises in the Mueller report. He is a Trump ass kisser.

  100. I am betting that Rep Omar does the Muslim thing and shows up in Congress with a bomb attached to her to blow the place up!

  101. Sarge, you probably have a bunch of weapons, are you going to start the killing against non-Americans and Democrat, you are a sick bastard, and no patriot with that language.

  102. I might be a satirist but Trump is a satanist Rene, what are you doing here, with your name the conservatives will want to go after you right after the Muslims, no offense but it is true.

  103. The dossier has proven to be true for many reasons, nothing has been disproven, read something besides Nazi rags.

  104. Don’t you read John, I mean not right wing rags or Nazi propaganda. The dossier included many contacts that Trump’s campaign had with Russian, Carter Page, Flynn’s paid trip to Russia, Trump’s plan for his Moscow building, remember Trump saying he had no businesses planned for Russia. That was one of his 10,000 lies so far. Worst of all was information about Russia’s attack on our election, I guess you don’t care as long Adolf Trump got elected.

  105. Repulbicans paid for the dossier first Ingram. Read something besides right wings rags and websites. Watch something besides Fox, and listen to moderates rather than Limbaugh and Hannity and the other Ingraham.

  106. You sound like a broken record of a liberal parrot. Time for you libs to get out of the way, since you cannot lead or follow.

  107. Isn’t it Illegal for a state to Harbor Illegals? I thought it was a Felony? If they do it they should be Locked Up – they are criminals.
    What is the matter with us and the GOP – get rid of these unwanted/non=Americans like the Democrats & Liberals….

  108. Trump greatly lowered inflation-causing regulations and his tax plan and repatriation of foreign profits into the U.S. economy have sent it soaring with increases in pay for workers rather than just administrators as happened under Obama. We are not in a new war, Trump moved our embassy to Jerusalem when his predecessors promised to do this but wrote themselves waivers.

    All my workers and superintendents, even those who did not vote for Trump in 2016 are sending donations and will vote for him in 2020.

  109. Mr. Tucker, we get it. You detest Donald Trump. I would ask you a simple question: Your Democrats have welcomed in hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants who have diluted the wages of working people and consumed billions of welfare and school funding that SHOULD have gone to Americans.


    How can you support a political party that actually HATES working Americans who supported Democrats for 200 years.

    With “friends” like Democrats, you don’t need enemies.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  110. Joe, Joe, Joe….. nothing in the dossier has been established as factual… take you head out that dark place and take a look around… even the dumbocrats best fixer staffed with biased attys, 26 months and over 35 million tax payer dollars established otherwise… you’ve been drinking the cool-aid too long, it was just a left wing/MSM dream and now it’s over….

  111. THE

  112. Nothinbg in the dossier has been proven to be untrue but quite a few things have been proven to be true, learn the facts.

  113. Man From Grey, Hi I agree with what you said that Obama and Hillary cannot be untouchable. They will not be untouchable someday soon as they will have to face our Creator, Jesus on Judgement Day and he will judge them and take good care of them.

  114. I belive nothing is going to be done before election time and after that it will be a moot point because the demorats are going lose control of the house people are just tired of there bull crap

  115. I would love to see chipmunk cheeks Nadler & over his head Swalwell go one on one with AG Barr, he would eat them for lunch.


  117. I will vote for Trump. Not that he helped creating a good economy for America, but he is innocent from day one. It’s a good thing that we all learned that it was a fake dossier that intended to create a treasonous coup against the winner of the presidential race. Very, very serious situation we are seeing so far. Even the liberal media hide the truth.

    The corruption in our national government is a national threat. We have to punish the corrupters. Yes, Obama and Hillary MUST be prosecuted. No exception. I don’t give a rat axx if Obama was the first black President in US history. Imagine Hillary winning the presidency would make her the first female president, but her heart is black and evil. We the people should always vote for a person that loves America and the constitution.

    Obama and Hillary cannot be untouchable. We gonna ram the law up in their axx.

  118. The dems r not stupid, they r desperate! They must continue 2 deflect & with the help of the propaganda outlets
    (MSNBC/cnn/wapo/nyt/huffpost etc. they r quite successful. However the noose that the propaganda outlets spoke about last yr. & earlier in the yr., is now tightening around their necks. The attention of the “useful idiots” must b kept on POTUS. If it shifts 2 the Democratic cabal their crimes will b exposed. All stops must b used 2 hold criminal charges from being filed against the traitors. At least until the 2020 election, Then they can have the misinformed vote 4 them b4 they guillotine drops.

  119. When will the Democrats get the message that it is them we want removed from office and not President Trump? These morons really are Dimwits.

  120. When will the Democrats get the message that it is them we want removed form office and not President Trump? These morons really are Dimwits.

  121. The Liberals can wish in one hand and do you know what in the other hand , see which one fills up first , that’s right Dem’s , what’s that smell !! God Bless America and President Trump

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