William Barr held one meeting that is bad news for Donald Trump

Attorney General William Barr received praise from Trump supporters for taking on Barack Obama’s Deep State.

But storm clouds are gathering.

And William Barr held one meeting that is bad news for Donald Trump.

Attorney General Barr caused heartburn for Trump supporters this past week when Barr marched across Capitol Hill presenting Senators with a proposal for new gun control.

Barr’s proposal included a ban on private firearm sales and a national gun registry.

Politico reports:

Trump deployed Barr to speak with senators last week about potential legislation, including Sens. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Pat Toomey (R-Pa.), Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), John Kennedy (R-La.), Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) and John Cornyn (R-Texas). Barr, together with Eric Ueland, the White House legislative affairs director and a veteran Senate staffer, met with the senators, according to sources familiar with the talks.

“I would say that not everybody in the White House is supporting the president trying to engage and make something happen,” said Manchin, a key Senate negotiator on gun legislation. “But he’s still the president, and I think he’ll make it happen.”

Barr has earned rare Democratic praise over his efforts on gun legislation. Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), a vocal critic of the attorney general, described Barr’s role in negotiations as “constructive.” Graham, a close Trump ally, also said that Barr has been helpful with the negotiations and has “been trying to bring the law enforcement perspective to the table.”

Barr and Ueland floated a proposal, according to two Hill staffers, that would expand background checks to all commercial sales and would create an entity to perform them. But Republican senators, including Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, have said they need to hear from the president directly before seriously considering any action plan.

The White House quickly distanced itself from Barr’s proposal once conservatives caught wind of what was going down.

But that did not stop them from questioning Barr’s role in the White House’s response to mass shootings.

During his confirmation hearing, Barr signaled his support for gun control.

And many Trump voters are worried Barr is pushing the President to support gun control that could cost Donald Trump his chances at re-election.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Thanks WFR,
    You correct in your statement. They have not Served our Country or abroad.so they don’t think like we do. I stand for Active Duty, Veterans, DoD/OSD,Civil Servants and all American Citizens no matter what color you are, that’s why we were all called (ALL AMERICAN). Any changes to the Costitution and Amendments should be a case against the people. See what’s best for all not for personel gain or their own agenda. Let’s leave the vote to people of this once Great Nation and see where it goes. Sign Petions go out and Vote. Our rights should not be trampled or infringed or or Right for free Speech any longer. If you have no purpose why even write on this comment page by inflicting Racist comments. We are all one people. When it comes to safety to our Great Nation our Military and Veterans will Stand Strong under our Oaths of position, their is a whole lot of us in every race color and religion. Also look at the statics on on gun violence the FBI just came out with a statistic less than 3% was attributed to Gun Violence. Their were other means of violence that were far worse. I am so tired of this bickering in our Government we need to come together as a Nation as whole by helping the needy,homeless,Veterans,elderly,Active Duty and the American Citizens of our Nation. I have seen alot in two Services of our once Great Nation. You need to take in consideration of the values of our citizens first and foremost stop trying to put your values on everyone else when you really can’t serve your constituent’s. You took an Oath of Office that should stand for doing the right thing even if no one is looking, but are we? this is going down very badly for everyone. In all my years on this Great Planet of ours this is the worst, this is causing discourse between all American citizens. We need ome common sense Leadership and stand up for our Nation just like your Oath says.

  2. Why give them credence going along with what they falsely claim to be? They are extremist illiberal fascists and Communists.

  3. There is not that much hatred towards President Trump. The democrat owned media pushes lies, twists statements, and quotes anti American sources. Democrat hatred caused one of their supporters to shoot and wound a republican politician at a baseball game. Attempted murder, now that is true hatred, wouldn’t you say so Nancy??

  4. So why is there so much hatred toward the Republican Party and their constituents by the democrats with their vial language and violence. The democrats are lying hypocrites.

  5. Please, don’t say that!! We’re counting on Mr. Barr..
    We can’t afford another RINO like McCain!!

  6. United States Supreme Court
    No. 14-10078 Argued: Decided: March 21, 2016
    The Court has held that “the Second Amendment extends, prima facie, to all instruments that constitute bearable arms, even those that were not in existence at the time of the founding,” District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U. S. 570, 582 (2008), and that this “Second Amendment right is fully applicable to the States,” McDonald v. Chicago, 561 U. S. 742, 750 (2010).If the fundamental right of self-defense does not protect Caetano, then the safety of all Americans is left to the mercy of state authorities who may be more concerned about disarming the people than about keeping them safe.

  7. What are you talking about? Are you repeating what the dumb-o-crats are saying. Trump is racist.he has done more for minorities than any other president. He is cleaning up their neiborhoods. Bringing in New businesses. Giving them school choices, drug treatment. Job opportunities, training ECT. Just like he has done in New York. Nobody wants to remember that. With all rewards he has received from the African American and Latino neiborhoods.

  8. Say, Mr. US AG Mr. William P. Barr, Sir, ({[“‘Don’t You Know, That It Is ILLEGAL To Take Away Or Infringe On We The Legal Citizens/People And The Legal Immigrants Of The United States Of Americas Rights And Freedoms, Especially The 1st And 2nd Amendments Right’s And Freedom’s'”]})!!!!!!!

  9. They never in their live win another presidency ! Never anymore!that’s the last chance!they are taking the country !

  10. They never in their live win another presidency ! Never anymore!that’s the last chance!they are taking the country !

  11. Trump supporters in Congress are COWARDS

    THEY  KNOW EXCATLY  what  kind of person Trump is and
    THEY KNOW EXCATLY  the injustice that Trump is thrusting upon  our country and the world. 

    But they are too afraid of Trump and his threats to tell  him to STOP.

    So they are allowingTrump to do anything he wants to do without any regard for the Law.


    “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion … People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love … For love comes more naturally to the human heart than  its opposite.”

  12. The Don has the 20-20 election won already that is why the Dems are making so much noise .They cannot beet him at the poles so they are trying to beet him in the back allies . Just my thoughts but I think the IRA is a terrorist organization .The President will have to move away from them
    the only ones crying about racism is white extremists .they keep bringing it up

  13. This almost sounds like a racist remark. Who really believes that racism is a one way street? Without the white folks, this country would have continued to be a bunch of tribes until Germany, Russia or China would take it over. This is not saying everything the white people did is good, but the result is the most powerful and free country in the world. If you think any other country is better, we have built no walls to keep you in.

  14. I will never register any of my guns the government can kyss MEG I RAEV that’s Norwegian for well I think you might know

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  17. I have talked to several ultra liberals, that told me that theres a plan going around, so that when nationwide red flag laws go into effect, they are going to make that call on every conservative person they know. Whether they have guns or not, doesn’t matter. Let the cops sort it out. They said guns will be off the streets within a few months. They are just waiting for “the signal”, and it will begin. And they said, since theres no penalty for being wrong or flat out lying, makes it a no brainers. Nice people we have in this country, huh? These “people “, for lack of a better descriptor, say, it will happen so fast, we wont be able to stop it.

  18. Gene. How can it have an adult conversation, when it doesn’t even know what restroom to use? Its probably one of them 57 made up sexes they think are real. It is a joke. Its mom wishes it wouldve aborted it, and is trying to get the government to allow 250th trimester abortions.

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  20. The problem is, they are of liberal mindset, so they know better. They know we shouldn’t be able to have our own money, because they know how to spend it better. We cant have guns, because the plan they have is better. And, they dont want us to read that pesky document, the constitution of the USA. Because, they know better, and how else can they govern with an iron fist, if you can fight back. 2nd amendment says well regulated militia. I think that we the people need our own military, that has the same fighting capabilities as the one the government is going to use against us. We should be able to have everything they have. That is really what the words mean. A well regulated militia. It is going to be Trumps biggest mistake, to even look like hes thinking about doing this. He is right, about the fact that he could shoot someone on live tv and still win, but this is the line that will cost him 2020, and the dems and rinos, and Barr, know it very well. Rudy, you need to let the president know, this is his “no new taxes” moment.

  21. Any time you EVER filled out a 4473, you have “registered ” yourself and your firearm. If not, why do the government need the make, model, and serial number?

  22. Barr says Comey is guilty, but will not even attempt to bring charges. This is all I need to know about him. He is a traitor. He will blast over the second amendment, of shall NOT infringe. What part of that sentence does the fat weasel not understand. Anyone that works across the aisle, is a traitor. You notice that you NEVER see libs work across party lines? So then, we should not either.

  23. You’re an idiot. Our guns keep the government from taking over. Look at the commie country or Mexafornia and there dumb ass laws. Ask them about no freedom when they lost their guns. Dumb Ass

  24. My brother has a great idea that no one else has suggested.How do I get the great idea to Mr.Barr or President Trump?

  25. Registration is only for one reason….and it ain’t gonna happen….Real Americans will never comply….Neither will criminals so it’s pointless unless you plan to lock up half the country.

  26. I would ask all in government to read the constitution and the amendments. Specifically the second amendment which states “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” It appears they don’t know the meaning of the word infringed. Maybe they should look it up. I think any infringement on my right to keep and bear arms would be considered UN-constitutional. Just my opinion.

  27. Phil G., I would say MJ is an expert in one thing! It is expert in letting its mouth overloads its “behind”! I agree with you all ex’s…. Military, FBI, Law Enforcement, CIA, Special Forces, plus Game Hunters, Competition Shooters, Recreation Shooters, etc. are on the side of the Republicans and would literally make “mincemeat” of the Dems. Picture what would happen to Antifa, BLM, and any other Dem domestic terror groups when pitted against our “Militia”!
    The Dems need to get real and stop with any remarks of violence and mayhem. I don’t want a war and they sure as hades don’t if they want to live and do well!

  28. Nothing likeTerrorist threat’s huh? If that were true? It all comes down to who is the experts? I’ll bet it’s not you? Which means your the first one to go down in flames! Especially. If you were to pull that on s lady I saw on 3 Gun Nation. Break a record being the fastest woman on the planet! 3 targets in high heals at 25 yards in less than 3/4 of a second! I’d like to see you pull your weapon on her????? ????????☠️ ???????????????????????????????????????????? I’m not bad myself? But. You are talking out of your ass going up against an expert! Let’s put it this way? You are dead meat! One reason is most Conservative’s practice and are experts, Ex Military , Ex CIA Ex Black Ops , Ex FBI , etc.. Not only that? We are the majority! You loser’s are not! Gee ? I wonder why pretty much all these guys say,” If there is a Civil War? It won’t be long!” Studied we’re done too! The Democrat’s would lose miserably! Despite that stupid movie that came out? Where the Democrat’s are hunting Conservatives? Oops! Wrong scenario! Fantasy doesn’t count! That’s where all you Commies live? In your polluted minds! One good thing? You polluted minds are not the majority! Only 26% of the population. I’d call it a slaughter in the making. Maybe? After it’s all over! The real movie of fact will be made. Facts , truth , evidence, proof and reality are not your Commie Democratic beliefs or morals for that matter. You and you cult stink up the place with your rhetoric! I mean stink up the place. Ever heard of duche?

  29. AG William Barris an old Bush/Clinton/Obama hack and supporter of the British Empire uber alles. tell him to shove it and nail the 9-11 perpetrators or take him to GITMO and waterboard him for a week.

  30. At least it’s cleaner to lick guns that the white globalists’ anuses like you are, moron! Lay off the crack pipe, the loss of brain cells is becoming more and more apparent.

  31. What would you expect from a Pantiefa beta male so indoctrinated into hating his own ‘whiteness’ that he has delusions that he’s black?

  32. Just look at the post on here. Nothing but coward, racist white-folks who whine day and night about guns. They worship guns more then the Creator God. Only to ignorant to trust Him, and His will being done. They are pure cowards who keep the divide, and racism going in the world hiding behind guns, and stupidity.. hahahahhahahahahahahahhaha

  33. Hey, original anne-boo. It was all white-folks no matter what you say. You white-folks even hate on other white-folks like greasy headed devils. hahahahahhahahahahah. Jes look at yo post on here and other ones. Tramp. hahahhahahahaha

  34. I support William Bar 100%, but why is it taking forever to prosecute this crime wave of democrats?( just asking )
    Any type of gun control will lead to more gun control.
    I will refuse to comply with any gun confiscation, because of our 2nd amendment. This is America, and it’s the democratic party that is ruining it for everyone.

  35. Do they think that the criminals are going to comply with these rules stop blaming honest gun owners with the problems that are done by criminals . Keep the criminals that have gun crimes in prison. that would stop a lot of gun crimes. And for the Democrats they just want to control Americans.

  36. It is beyond my understanding why any person who claims to be an American Citizen would not want to honor our 2nd Amendment. It has been proven over and over that the only way to deal with a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun. Any American who reads and is able to understand the data should immediately understand that our 2nd Amendment is a good thing. To me our 2nd Amendment means that every Citizen of the United States of America should be able to carry a gun for his or her protection without a concealed permit. What is our Constitution for other than to follow? There should be no squabbling or arguing about it, it’s the law of the Country. The 2nd Amendment clearly states “Shall Not Be Infringed” which to all of us law abiding gun owners that means there shall be no law enacted which goes against it or infringes on the rights of us Citizens to keep and bear arms and to carry those arms without having to have any other permit besides our 2nd Amendment.PERIOD.

  37. That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard Chuck…do you honestly thing criminals and gangs are going to abide by such…they will lute, rob or by on a black market…any kind of gun regulation what so ever is constitutionally illegal and your proposal is rock bucket dumb…but I would say that most consertative patriots already have 10’s of thousand rounds of ammmo..YOU must be a gun grabber yourself…what a dumb statement to make…

  38. The left wants to ban guns because they know that will help yo get one world order.
    America, would you wake the hell up. This is the reason for everything they do.
    We loose our guns we loose our Constitution. Our country to sold out people like pelosi.

  39. Also, there is the likelihood of a person wanting to disarm a potential target as a prelude to mayhem, robbery or worse by saying that the target “menaced” him with his/her gun. New Yorkers have been subjected to the Sullivan Act for over 100 years.

  40. The anti-gun crowd will eat their words if they ban all firearms and someday they will get their doors kicked in and the feds with guns drawn will tell them to surrender or die as they did it In Waco TX and Ruby Ridge. That’s what the communists did in the former USSR in which 53 million people died as the public there had no weapons to defend themselves. To those gun grabbers, I’d rather be a “coward” as they call us than a dead unarmed moron. Our founding fathers wrote the second amendment to keep our government in check in case it gets too big and tries to take our freedom away from us and turn it into a dictatorship, but the gun grabbers are too stupid to realise this. As the saying goes “fear the government who fears your gun”

  41. This is how you grow gov.! Who is going to do the compliance checking? Hire 10,000 more ATF bureaucrats? Another BILLION dollar branch of gov.!

  42. It is not a good idea to impose any situation involving gun control if it does not include everyone. Number one on the list is the gangs, mob, and criminals. You impose these rules and gun/background checks on these folks first and get them to agree with it, then i would say you have the right to ask and I do mean ask for us to abide by the law. The first and only rule there is and that’s the 2nd amendment and I do believe you or anyone in government can change that without our vote. You forget you guys work for us and because a few sissie ass folks you will bend over for them and forget the majority.

  43. Of the last 20 mass shooting only ONE could have been prevented by a Universal Background law. These kneejerk reactions to rush some legislation through does nothing to stop anyone from committing a crime. Blowing a place up is easier than using bullets and a match and some gasoline would take a few too. Want to ban all those too or make people have a bg check that own them? What happens to the parents who purchased guns for their 8 year old at Christmas? What about those who purchased firearms as an investment and plan to leave them to their children and grandchildren when they pass on? What’s to stop a neighbor who for years has let his dogs poop on other neighbors lawns and had words with them about it, from calling and saying his neighbors are mentally unstable? You’re approving of those in power to gain more power over the dumb sheeple. That is the force behind these kneejerk reactions. ‘Never let a good opportunity pass.’

  44. Of the last 20 mass shooting only ONE could have been prevented by a Universal Background law. These kneejerk reactions to rush some legislation through does nothing to stop anyone from committing a crime. Blowing a place up is easier than using bullets and a match and some gasoline would take a few too. Want to ban all those too or make people have a bg check that own them? What happens to the parents who purchased guns for their 8 year old at Christmas? What about those who purchased firearms as an investment and plan to leave them to their children and grandchildren when they pass on? What’s to stop a neighbor who for years has let his dogs poop on other neighbors lawns and had words with them about it, from calling and saying his neighbors are mentally unstable? You’re approving of those in power to gain more power over the dumb sheeple. That is the force behind these kneejerk reactions. ‘Never let a good opportunity pass.’

  45. Of the last 20 mass shooting only ONE could have been prevented by a Universal Background law. These kneejerk reactions to rush some legislation through does nothing to stop anyone from committing a crime. Blowing a place up is easier than using bullets and a match and some gasoline would take a few too. Want to ban all those too or make people have a bg check that own them? What happens to the parents who purchased guns for their 8 year old at Christmas? What about those who purchased firearms as an investment and plan to leave them to their children and grandchildren when they pass on? What’s to stop a neighbor who for years has let his dogs poop on other neighbors lawns and had words with them about it, from calling and saying his neighbors are mentally unstable? You’re approving of those in power to gain more power over the dumb sheeple. That is the force behind these kneejerk reactions. ‘Never let a good opportunity pass.’

  46. The common ground is this. Don’t put burdens on me because of others. Background checks have their purpose, but for ammunition? I think not. That sort of thing could become registration. Remember Hitler? That’s what started with him. Personal freedom is something to be guarded at all costs.

  47. Donna, I can remember showing my driver’s license to show I was 18 to get a handgun (which I did). One had to be 16 to buy a long gun, 18 to buy a handgun, 21 to drink and vote. Go to California. They have 10 day waits, and buying ammo requires a background check. Oh, the shooter at Virginia Tech used 10 round magazines.

  48. AG barr needs to worry less about gun control and get on with the at hand. We want to see this Mueller, Clinton and that stuff settled. He also needs to move on the Democrats and their refusal to accept rulings and getting two bit judges to issue subpoenas and orders that the President has to tie up the court system fighting.

  49. They are to damn dumb to get the picture.Guns do not kill people.The trigger has to be activated by a force.The force is all the problem.Go after the force and leave law abidders alone.All guns are safe in the hands of good people.

  50. I’m a 79 year old Vet in the service I carried a 45 and was often issued an M14 among other armament that were made for the purpose of killing and protecting. When I was discharged I had no need of these items, but I am a firm believer in the 2nd amendment and the right to own and bear arms. Especially in this day and age, but some were an agreement must be reached that every one can abide with. The guns themselves do not kill but the person behind them and the ammo. As a suggestion the sale of high capacity magazine and control of the sale of ammunition with back ground checks would at least help stop the numbers of souls killed in these attacks. It is every citizens right under the constitution to bear arms but does the constitution cover high capacity magazines and ammunition. We must reach a common ground to many people are dying needlessly.

  51. You, un-like the other loser white-folks on here, have spoken the truth. “there sure are plenty of republican white-folks going to jail”, but “no democrats, what the heck”, huh. anna-boo. hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  52. Redman: White supremacy is a democrat thing. It the democrat party that invented the KKK which is now white supremists people. The republican party with Lincoln and the Civil war ended slavery not the democrats who invented the KKK to keep control of blacks in the South. And it is the Europeans who came to this country in doves that built this country not the Indians living in the tents of their days and not the Muslims who were bringing blacks into slavery from Africa.

  53. Mr Barr is welcome to his opinion just like anyone else and as long as they are transparent open to public scrutiny I am all for it, that is what a Democracy does. But it better abide by the Constitution and laws, unlike out right confiscation. Have a national registry for high powered rifles, or bazookas, or tanks, but not for shot guns, pistols, and be sure it is confidential to protect the identity or pay the price with a law suit and make sure this National Registry only allows exposing one name and not open to anyone other then?????? Every day I read where the Government has the right to reliese any private information it has at its disposal. And that is wrong!

  54. Real M Dale is blinded by liberal propaganda. Just like many others that’s showing their bottom feeding opinions. Take notice that more of them are crawling out of the sewer. They are running scared. We got this.

  55. If you cannot have a high capacity magazine, what are you going to do when an ‘OUT-LAW’ has one? ‘Out-Laws’ do not follow laws! If you have to get a ‘permit’ from the government, then it is no longer freedom, it is government control. The British out-laws fire arms and 72 people were killed in 1775 for refusing to give up their guns…that’s how the war started. In 1935 Hitler praised the total gun registration law by saying, “We now have a much safer community with all guns registered.” Then he murdered over 6 million. THAT’S WHAT OUR LIBERALS WANT TO DO! REGISTRATIONS AND PERMITS ARE UN-CONSTITUTIONAL AND WERE NOT ON THE VOTING BALLET…SO THEY ARE NOT THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE! OUR CONSTITUTION WAS VOTED INTO LAW BY THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE.

  56. Ok gun licker posed as a red man. You sound just as ridiculous as Shelia Jackson Lee saying that AR 15’s should be banned because their heavy as 6 full moving boxes and shoot a 50 caliber bullet because she held one once. She’s a prime example of why poorly informed pols shouldn’t be making gun laws

  57. Instead of worrying about gun control how about Barr start arresting people for what they have done against Trump. It seems gun control should be left to Congress while arresting people for what they have done to Trump is Barr’s job, well, I thought it was. There’s been nothing but investigations but no arrest. So far Comey is living the life of Riley instead of being in jail. What the heck, there sure are plenty of republican people in jail for nothing to do with trying to keep Trump from his legal election but no democrats for trying to kill Trump’s legal election. Apparently this is no longer Barr’s job, so then, who’s job is it.

  58. MJ say thanks to your son for me for service to our country. But it’s not the magazine at fault. It’s the finger on the trigger. And ar15 rifles are not military weapons. And they have their uses. Some people like to competition shoot with them. And yes, some people hunt with them. And they are excellent for home defense. It’s happened near my home against several invaders. No one has a moral right to ban them, and good luck enforcing any ban. And they wouldn’t stop there. Next it would be our pistols and shotguns.

  59. Jes look at all of the whining post put on here by a bunch of greasy headed, brown nosing, trump babies. All they do is whine about nothing but stupidity amongst dem selves, and hate other white-folks. Why do they love to kill other white-folks by mass shootings, and den play crazy. They even teach their nutty brats how to be ignorant as well. They are to stupid to realize dat trump is leaving em in 2020 to go off into Russia wit nothing butt love. These are the same whining, loser white-folks who ruined america. hahahahahhahahahahahaha

  60. Ok gun licker posed as a red man. You sound just as ridiculous as Shelia Jackson Lee saying that AR 15’s should be banned because their heavy as 6 full moving boxes and shoot a 50 caliber bullet because she held one once. She’s a prime example of why poorly informed pols shouldn’t be making gun laws

  61. Dale, No anger from me toward you! My anger is reserved for sane reasonable people with enough intellect to comprehend words in a sentence. To date I have found few Democrats who qualify to receive my anger and you are not one of them. The thought of being threatened by the likes of you makes me laugh! 🙂
    I may be old enough to be your parent or grandparent and have done a lot of thinking and reasoning in my time. I will admit, I do get a little frustrated every time I realize, “there are none so blind as those who will not see”! And, that quote describes you to a “T”……

  62. Sarcasm? Ok, I’ll take your word for it. But God help a republican that would say something like that about a democrat. Take notice that I never joke about killing people.

  63. The real reason lady gerald is using the word “coon” is because dat is what he was raised on as meat, and his inbred family started calling him “coon” because he loved the balls of the coon in gravy. He ah coon bandit. hahahahahhahahahahahaha

  64. THE REAL M.

    Thank you for your reply.

    I have learned a lot from what you said.

    Your reply, full of anger, shows that I struck a nerve in your brain that makes you feel threatend.

    That’s okay because a sudden realization of the truth will do that.

    And this is good because it shows that you are begainning to think for yourself.

  65. Dan T., Abso-freakin-loutely! That’s why right now “illegal conceal carry” areas are just easy pickings for shooters.
    If law enforcement is unable to locate and take out snipers we would still be vulnerable to that kind of shooters anytime and anywhere! There is nothing 100% and perfect in this old world!

  66. Ok why do you need military weapons. Dan my youngest son is a Lt. Colonel in the AF before he and my grandkids left for the deep Pacific we talked about this his comment which I respect he stated if you want to stop the mass shootings ban the high capacity magazines.

  67. Are you making threats MJ? You can’t legally shoot someone because they pissed you off. Maybe you need to be under red flag law. Also you might find that we take a lot of killing. But dick heads like you would be back shooters. Want to try us?

  68. Donna Laos, All states are not networked with the main computer and all information in all the states is not current and up to date. In a perfect world, they would all be current and accurate and we would instantaneously know if anybody would pass or be rejected in the background check. That is what MUST be done for background checks to work, no matter what new laws are passed!

  69. Will Triebel, I can definitely go along with your suggestion! I know if I was a bad guy, I would hesitate to do a mass shooting thinking everybody in the place had a concealed weapon! Gun free zones are an open invitation to mass shooters and who in hades had the idea to have gun free zones in the first place?

  70. dale, your coon about bankrupted the country. By the way, what did your coon ever do. He was a community organizer. That coon couldn’t run a hot dog stand with out federal funding. The economy is doing great, unlike the 8 years of your food stamp, welfare coon

  71. I remember when you bought a gun you would wait weeks for a background check before you could actually get one. Now with computers it is instant. Maybe we are rushing through to fast

  72. Want to see the majority of shootings and violence stop? Pass national concealed carry, and end gun free zones.

  73. Barr has been anti-2nd amendment for years. And an Ar-15 has probably been used in self-defense or stopping mass shootings more than they have been used in actual mass-shootings. Ban alcohol, it kills way more than guns……wait, they tried that.

  74. MJ, ever think that perhaps rather than need, we just want them around, just because those like you are so fearful of them?
    O’Rourke has, even if unwittingly, become a very good salesman for them.

  75. I got your cowardness. It is people like you that have ruined America. You must be a crook, illegal, or just a plain dumbass just like the other Demonrats.

  76. Hell , I’m sick of all this God damn stupidity , you Mj are a dumbass , you just don’t go down to the store and buy a AK-47 or a AR 15 , YOU Have to get special permits and a very strict background check , also nobody can purchase a fully automatic machine period , if someone is using those firearms , there not buying them legally that you can bet own ! So not selling them to the responsible gun owners isn’t going to solve the problem., Because then only the killer’s will have those kind of weapons , there going to find them one way or the other , no matter what , so get that stupid idea out of your simpleton mind

  77. Dale, You are stupid beyond words! You have been made totally permanently brain dead by the Democrat propagandizing machine!
    You lie when you say President Trump was attacked and ridiculed by EVERY Republican in Congress. The only Republicans who did were RINO from a RINO district. The rest were concerned about being re-elected. I invite you to PROVE that allegation and hell no, you cannot!
    DJT sure has the economy running like a smooth spinning top due to his “corporate” experience! That is more than you can say for BHO, right? Right!
    President Trump is putting America first before any decisions he makes about other countries. You should be grateful for this because BHO had America on a fast trip to destruction and DJT is having to play “hardball” to repair eight years of BHO damage to America and our economy!
    At lastly, I would like to see you step up in any Trump supporter’s face, call them a “coward” and tell them to get some “guts”! Your teeth will be coming out your mother’s behind from the intensity of the not so gentle tap to your ugly mug!

    #WalkAway to the Republican party, we need and want more good conservative Republicans!

  78. When IS AG William Barr going to start “taking down the Deep State”??? We’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting. I realize Obama packed the DoJ with left wingers but surely Barr has SOME who are patriots. GET going on putting these people in jail, Barr. A few names, in case you’ve forgotten: Hillary Clinton, Andrew Mccabe, Peter Strzok, Rod Rosenstein, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, James Comey, Robert Mueller, James Clapper, John Brennan, Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr, Christopher Steele, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, Susan Rice AND the BIG Kahuna hisself, Barack Hussein Obama. GET GOING, TIMES AWASTIN’.

  79. Ok tell me why you need AR15 or AK47 with high capacity magazines are folks so paranoid about. That the government is going to put you in a camp.

  80. Never to take GUNS away from any Citizen, unless that citizen has proving HIMSELF/ HRSELF unwothy for that kind of SERIOUS TRUST! Let eah accplicant’s HISTORY be the witness of each applicant’s Trust worthiness!

  81. Projecting again, Mr. Gribble? Why don’t you grow a pair and go tell him how you feel. He could probably use a good laugh.

  82. Why has no one fronted the law makers with the real problem of gun control? It’s not the citizens that have followed the law!
    It is the guns in the hands of the criminals that haven’t been background check, that don’t register their weapons! It is the mentally ill person that gets a hold of weapons to cause damage.
    A gun is just like a car, when it comes to death. It’s the operator behind the weapon that causes the actions. More people are killed and injured by cars than by guns. Yet there are no massive background checks done on drivers given a 2000lb metal bullet. Texting while driving causes more deaths than gun crimes, even DUI causes more death and injuries than guns. We have even made DUI a crime yet drivers still continue drive while under the influence. Do you really believe that the public would tolerate the confiscation of the autos and trucks because some one else was driving drunk? There’s no difference with guns, only the blind (idiots) will not see.

  83. It’s people like Trump supporters who blindly support a Corporate CEO/TV Show personality for president.

    Trump was attacked and highly ridiculed by every congressional Republican until he became the Republican nominee for president.

    His supporters are going to have nothing but regret and shame should Trump be successful at his goal of turning the United States into a corporate run dictatorship!

    Trump supporters are COWARDS,

    They know what Trump is and they know the injustice that he is thrusting upon our country and the world. 

    But they are too afraid to tell him how they really feel. SHAME ON THEM


  84. Barrs stance on gun control was well known a long time ago,why Trump did not confront him
    upon his confirmation about this issue is beyond me,Trump needs to put him in his place
    on this issue real quick or chance loosing the 2020 election.

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