William Barr infuriated millions of Black Lives Matter extremists by pointing out one fact

Black Lives Matter’s biggest enemy is facts.

None of the claims they make are able to stand up to actual evidence.

That’s why it was so easy for William Barr to infuriate millions of BLM extremists by pointing out one fact.

The most repeated claim from Black Lives Matter is that there is so-called “systematic racism” in policing.

They make this assertion every day and claim that anybody who disagrees with it is racist.

Even many Republicans, like Sen. Mitt Romney accept it as gospel out of fear of being smeared by people who would never vote for him and the fake news media.

But under the slightest scrutiny, this claim completely falls apart.

And Attorney General William Barr proved he isn’t afraid to call it out loudly.

During recent Congressional testimony, he was asked directly about it.

It all began when Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee asked him what he plans to do to combat systematic racism in policing.

Instead of entertaining her question, he simply responded back saying, “I don’t agree there’s systemic racism in the police department, generally, in this country.”

Needless to say, Lee was furious.

She fired back with police statistics out of Minneapolis, Minnesota that didn’t give any context.

“While Black people make up 19 percent of the Minneapolis population and 9 percent of its police, they were on the receiving end of 58 percent of the city’s police use of force incidents,” Lee said.

She neglects to include the fact that this disparity is explained by the disparity in racial crime, with black people being much more likely to be engaged in violent crime, largely against other black people.

If that is taken into account, it explains the exact reason for that, and other statistics claiming to show that police are more likely to target black people.

Lee refused to give Barr enough time to make this point, continually reclaiming her limited time.

While it was Barr who was brought before the committee to speak, the Democrats on the committee continually blocked him from speaking, instead allowing themselves to lecture him so they could score political points.

But even with that limitation, he was able to hit back at the falsehoods being spread by Democrats, like the idea of racism in police departments.

Barr truly stood up for U.S. law enforcement at a time where so many are attacking them.

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