William Barr is about to drop the hammer on Barack Obama in this huge way

Attorney General William Barr’s investigation into the Russia Collusion Hoax is heating up.

And Barr appears to have struck a nerve with Barack Obama’s Deep State allies.

Now William Barr is about to drop the hammer on Barack Obama in this huge way.

Barr and Unite States Attorney John Durham have been conducting an investigation into how the Deep State cooked up the Russia Collusion Hoax.

Durham’s move to expand his probe to events that took place after Donald Trump’s inauguration, and Barr’s suggestion that Durham’s probe is a criminal investigation, has members of Barack Obama’s Deep State terrified that Durham dug up massive amounts of wrongdoing.

This fear led some CIA analysts and officials to hire lawyers to try to save their hides.

NBC reports:

A review launched by Attorney General William Barr into the origins of the Russia investigation has expanded significantly amid concerns about whether the probe has any legal or factual basis, multiple current and former officials told NBC News.

The prosecutor conducting the review, Connecticut U.S. Attorney John Durham, has expressed his intent to interview a number of current and former intelligence officials involved in examining Russia’s effort to interfere in the 2016 presidential election, including former CIA Director John Brennan and former director of national intelligence James Clapper, Brennan told NBC News.

Durham has also requested to talk to CIA analysts involved in the intelligence assessment of Russia’s activities, prompting some of them to hire lawyers, according to three former CIA officials familiar with the matter. And there is tension between the CIA and the Justice Department over what classified documents Durham can examine, two people familiar with the matter said.

Democrats, Deep State operatives, and members of the Fake News Media are terrified of Barr’s investigation.

They know Barr and Durham are determined to expose the truth about what really happened during the 2016 election.

And that is bad news for former President Barack Obama and his Deep State allies.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I want to see Obama and his crooked accomplices get hung out to dry and get lengthy prison time doing hard time, not Club Med golf prison time

  2. Yo momma sad too. She miss yo daddy who ran off with another whore and made yo momma turn to prostitution to survive ahahahahaha

  3. AND ANOTHER MORON that believes what the lying media/democrats say without any brain activity what so ever…

  4. Anna, in Congress there are 2 reasons:
    Democrats = corrupt & mean as hell!
    Republicans = most are spineless cowards!

  5. The truth is Clapper Obama’s chief of Intelligence was given orders by Obama not to spill the beans on Obama’s Rusian collusion I have a copy of Clappers confession,& Brennan another Obama chief of staffer, hid Oben laden one of the papers sent me that story too. , but the real prblem is why did’t anyone from the Democratic party take any action against Obama , he commited treason when he was in the White house, & alot more too. not one Democrat took ant action, not Nacy pelosi, , nor Nadler, not Dick Durbin,Not Janet Napolitano, not a single soul. which tells every single American, they are attacking President Trump since the day he entered the White House to conspire to cover up coruption in the White House of the past in the Democratic party, this is not acceptaqble conduct. why aren’t they treating President Trump like all other Presidents??? Why doesn’t President Trump have the same powers all other presidents have ? Obama never followed the American constituion . He lied to the American people constantly. & Hillary waas corrupt decades ago in the Monica Lewinski issue, also they cited over 600 emails of Hillary’s why wasn’t anthything done about it????

  6. Pardon the red man.severely obese alcoholic that had nuttin better to do than spew jubberish.he really is a sad sole.

  7. You keep on saying “bad news for the democrats” blah blah blah and nothing ever comes of it. Instead of constantly talking about doing something, JUST DO SOMETHING MR BARR!!!!!

  8. Agreed, “h8aliar”, its nothing but B.S. from “Renewed Right.Com”, to keep us reading their propaganda! I would love to believe it, but I’m sorry, I just don’t buy it. All they ever report is bad news for the Dems. but then nothing ever happens.

  9. Welcome to the world of Left wing Progressive Liberalism, Those who demand we accept and conform with Political correctness, Multiculturalism, Diversity & Inclusivity, authors of the terms Islamaphobia, Homophobia, LGBTXYZ, et al. Keepers of the conscience of the free world, the morally superior, holier than thou, humourless cretins, totally and thoroughly indoctrinated.

  10. I am so bored with this we’re gonna get um, over and over and over and then nothing, nothing, nothing. More blah, blah, blah.. Sessions may as well still be in charge.

  11. ABC, LOLOLOLOLOL. The democrats and media DEPEND on folls like you to believe the propaganda they spew.

  12. jonathan scamover
    Obviously math isn’t your stong point, along side observation skills. You left out the illegal aliens and dead voters. So I will explain how this math works.
    Illegal aliens = 28 million votes approximately
    Dead voters = 7 million votes approximately
    Democrats 8•4 million times by 3 votes = 25•2 million votes.
    28 + 7 + 25•2 = 60•2.
    Answer 60•2 million votes approximately. If you reverse this math equation you will arrive at 8•4 million.
    60•2 — 28 = 32•2
    32•2 —7 = 25•2
    25•2 ➗3 = 8•4

    Maybe it’s the concept of millions that has stumped you. Too many zeros, which I find strange, considering the democrat party has a lot of zeros in it.

    Hey scamover
    What long, hard and f#¥ked you?
    Grade 3.

  13. PDW you are absolutely right! Serial Brain is Excellent. Q is back on a DOD (Department of Defence)server. I was watching Just Informed Talk I believe on You Tube and they think Q is part of the the Army of Northern Virginia Military Intelligence where Trump depends on their intelligence since the FBI and CIA are corrupt.

  14. X22 Report, RedPill78 and Just Informed Talk is good also. Best is qmap.pub. WWG1WGA ANd for those that thought and said Q anon was fake, why is Q back using a DOD server??????? Remember the Trump speech in Tupelo, Miss. He said we had our own forum, he meant Q.

  15. Democrats will now say when the indictments come that it was pay back for the impeachment scam. They will also try to say that videos, tapes, etc are deep fakes and that it is not them. They will have an excuse for everything. They are in PANIC mode, they know they are guilty and the swamp cannot protect them. There are 140,000 sealed indictments still to come. I’m ready with popcorn.

  16. I believe Q and everything he has posted has come to to pass. The evidence, documents, news articles, investigative reports, emails, etc, etc Indictments are coming both politically and crimes against humanity. Hollywood, CEO’S, the elite rich, entertainment, etc. Yes I want to see early morning raids also, and after all Bush and McCain got what they deserved we just didn’t get to witness it.

  17. NOTHINHG is ever gonna happen to ANY EFFING DEMOCRAT, no matter who the AG might be. Republicans and their appointees are spineless nincompoops. And I can’t even say “I’ll believe it when I see it,” because I don’t think anyone will ever see a “Hammer” dropped on BO (initials kind of say it all) or any of his fellow traitors. And I wish Renewed Right would stop it with these phony headlines.

  18. Sharon have you READ the transcripts from the fake impeachment testimony? LMAO, it shows they have nothing. Vindman even tried to falsify documents. Schiff the liar and the corrupt dems spoon feed the public one sentence from and entire transcript and useful idiots like yourself think it was credible quid pro quo evidence, but it is not. If you actually read the entire transcript you would see that there never heard a damn thing, or disagreed with Trumps foreign policies. Trump is the president if they did not like it they should resign. We did not elect a bunch of over paid bureaucrats!!!! We voted Trump in for his policies.


  20. Sharon the dreamer, Your entire comment proves one thing! You are totally uninformed, truth is all these witnesses have been able to testify to is their own personal opinions and they were fearful of this or that looked bad, etc. That is not evidence, that is hearsay and supposition! Little lady, see how far you would get in a court of law with anything that has come out of these hearings! You would hear a lot of, “I object your honor” from the defense with the judge saying “sustained”!
    You can impeach him in the House but, if you do there will be a “real trial” in the Senate and this kind of do-do will not work over there! He will be acquitted in the Senate and the voters are going to be mad at you Dems for this whole charade and you are going to lose it all in the 2020 elections!

  21. He was groomed by the CIA, his college paid for by a Saudi Prince, friends with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, Parents both communists as well as grandparents, both parents spoke Russian and were tied to the CIA. Just wait until you find out he is gay and Michelle is a man born under the name Michael Robinson. The kids are from close friends and they would NEVER submit to a DNA test. Probably neither would Chelsea Clinton who’s real father is Web Hubbell an attorney who worked with Hillary at a law firm in Arkansas.

  22. Steve
    Look up Serial Brain 2 . In 2016 I received an email from a group calling themselves Q, saying that the plan to remove corruption from the US government has started and will be made public just before DJT becomes re-elected.

    Q and DJT has played the Democrats, thanks to Q, DJT knows their plans and has put countercontrols in place. There won’t be a senior democrat left in the democrat party or a democrat presidential candidate either in 2020.

    This is all part of the plan to drain the swamp. Spread the truth about the democrats elites corruption.

  23. The criminals have been running our country for years, Clinton’s, Bush’s, Obama which is 7 terms totaling 28 years or the swamp in charge. Why are they so afraid of Trump, because he is not a politician that has been stealing from America like they have. This is now a criminal investigation by the Attorney General, not some FBI or CIA clowns that was in bed with the Clintons. Horowitz, Barr and Durham are looking into Clinton Foundation, the entire Obama aaAdmin that was corrupt, Brennan, Clapper, FBI. The contacts with Epstein have not even been released either. Indictments are coming and then we will see who the liars, leakers, and criminals are!

  24. What truth and fact come from ANTIFA member? Sure show how much education they have! Which is hardly any! Even CNN play the tape of Joe Biden claim he got that SOB FIRED. Trump had every right to find out the TRUTH! IT OUR LAWS BUT NOT ANTI- AMERICAN LAWS!

  25. Are you talking about Adam Scfiff the pathological liar? He said had had proof 2 years ago about Russia collusion, if that was so, why is Trump still in office? Oh thats right the whole damn thing was a DEMOCRAT HOAX!!! The proof of democrat corruption, collusion with Ukraine, pay for play, quid pro quo is very well documented and more coming out every single day by John Solomon, Sara Carter, Q, interent sources, YouTube, X22 Report, Patrit Hour, Red PIll, etc QUIT WATCHING THE FAKE NEWS THAT HAS BEEN LYING TO YOU FOR 3 YEARS.

  26. TRUTHLESS AND FACTLESS, Hey Diane, if any of you trolls had truth and facts we could handle it. Here’s your stupid playbook; you Dems accuse DJT of a whole litany of things offering no proof! We respond in loud protest stating you lie! You reply and want our proof he is innocent! What is wrong with this picture? You were the accusers so you either lied or accused without proof! Your accusations, you must prove, we have nothing to prove!

  27. lies and opinions
    Look up Serial Brain 2
    DJT knows everything about the democrats plans. Not long before William Barr and his team start serving justice out to the Russian collusion coup organisers.

  28. TRUTHLESS AND FACTLESS, Are you really so sheltered and uninformed you have not seen the video of Joe Biden demanding a Ukrain official be fired or 1 billion dollars in aid would be withheld?

  29. Dude. Its screen name is ABC. Where do you think it gets its news from? You think it actually has a brain and looks for itself?

  30. Yes, but what are we doing about it? We know what the left is doing. But we, are doing nothing. I’m actually ashamed to be conservative anymore, because it means we gather round the keyboard, and furiously type how were gonna do this or that, but, what do we do? NOTHING.

  31. Pastor Agnostic, Writing of a village, your village wants their idiot back, uh that would be YOU!
    God will get you for your atheistic and frivolous use of “pastor”, you heathen village idiot!

  32. I didn’t either, I was as scared of him as I was Hillary since he had democrat leanings. But I can tell you he has done more for the citizens of the US than any president in my lifetime. He has my support wholeheartedly, and he is assured of getting my vote.
    If your choice had gotten in, all this democrat collusion would have been swept under the rug, or as she likes to say, ‘wipe it with a cloth’.

  33. Your village called. They want their auto-lobotomized idiot back. He keeps the crows and ravens out of the grain.

  34. Along with the hundreds before me, we will believe it if and when it happens. Personally I think it will be scrubbed af any wrongdoing

  35. This is what Trump was elected to do:hang the treasonous Kenyan Communist,the Clintons,Clapper,and all the rest of the deep state traitors!!!!!

  36. Ed you outlined quite succinctly what as happened to America. This has been a road well traveled albeit very slowly these last 60 years+ but it is seeing fruition right before our eyes. The agenda of the left sees no bounds in wanting a new America in their dedicated ideology to accomplish the transformation. They won’t be content till the America we have known for 250+ years is made over.

  37. ALAN J BARNES, Well you are obviously a drunken fool to be totally disregarded! Put the beer bottle down puscle gut, you have had a few too many and it’s past your bedtime!

  38. florcarri, All these young Dems so on fire to impeach DJT have never been through impeaching a successful President as I have. No matter how impeachment turns out – you Dems lose in 2020 AND beyond!
    When it happens remember what I told you! 🙂

  39. one good thing TRUMP is not leaving office .He is a much better human being than any of dems.NOTHING BUT A BUNCH OF HOODLUMS.TTTHE WILL GET WHAT THEY DESERVE.

  40. And you want to replace Trump with Biden who admitted on camera he is crooked.
    Worse than being repetitive.

  41. His admission was that he bribed the Ukraine government by threatening to withhold money, which is exactly what you are accusing Trump of doing.
    You are an extremely dishonest person and everyone here can see it.

  42. Our 3rd World Country
    Welcome to the Un-United Sates of America! They have WON! We have been “fundamentally transformed”.
    We are now tribal. We are black, Asian, LGBT, victims, “undocumented”, an alian, poor, or you name it. We speak ANY language WE please and must be treated just as an American citizen even tho we are not citizens and must be provided with translators, health care, legal services, etc.
    We have a ‘right’ to ignore and disagree with any regulation or precedent. It is our Human Right and trumps (no pun) ALL
    We used to accept elections but no more. That only worked for over 200 years but we know better now. So as a country we, even a President, can no longer be trusted to even talk to another person, party, even a country without that conversation being completely ‘open’ and thus subject to any and all interpretations persons from you I or anyone with any Interpretation.
    “So, the reaction to growing illegitimacy is not sexual responsibility, but abortion. The reaction to drug addiction is safe injection sites. The solution to the breakdown of the family is for the state to set itself up as an ersatz husband for the single mother and an ersatz father for the children. The call comes for more and more social programs to deal with this wreckage. And while we think we’re solving problems, we are underwriting them. We start with an untrammeled freedom and we end up as dependents of a coercive state on whom we depend.”
    William Barr

  43. abc
    Vindman is a Ukrainian. Just because he migrated to America doesn’t mean he’s an American patriot. I have read about him and I believe that he is putting Ukraine before America.

    Why was vindman engaging in unsanctioned foreign policies discussions with Ukraine officials, behind The president’s back.

    I think that Donald Trump has a duty to investigate corruption by USA politicians and creepy joe biden was blackmailing the Ukraine government to stop an investigation into corruption.

  44. Where did you hear all these lies, I forgot, you are a liberal who believes all the lies from the left. Look at the truth.

  45. Every trumpeter I’ve encountered have been loud ,boisterous, obnoxious, UNEDUCATED UNAMERICAN, brain washed MORONS, just like their false GOD.

  46. Your statement is a bold face lye. His admission that a corrupt prosecuter was trying to put a corrupt label on an American. Sounds like a play out of LYING JACK ASS Trumps play book.

  47. Dang Dimbs, just go away. Our biggest enemies are you. Ears Obama has been at the very source of trying too ruin our country, and have to admit, he’s really a great ghost. Glad the truth will be exposed against these traitors.

  48. Crystal I concur with you, perhaps that is one reason that Pelosi is rushing the Impeachment, before the CRIMINAL CHARGES come out from BARR and Dunbar’s investigation. I can’t wait for that. Muslim Obama, and the balance of the LYING DEMORATS OFF TO JAIL, and treated the same manner they treated the conservatives. I hope LYING PENCIL NECK SHIFTY EYE ADAM SCHI^T is kicked out of the WH, along with his COMMIE FRIEND NERVOUS PELOSI. God Bless President Trump, God Bless America. TRUMP/PENCE 2020. President Trump loves this country and has accomplished more than any other president in history.

  49. Your last sentence is a bald faced lie. There’s plenty of evidence.
    Biden’s admission on camera is at the top of the evidence.

  50. Mueller said there was no Russian collusion so scratch that off the list.
    They have texts from Lisa Page and Peter Strzok conspiring to attack Trump, and Comey admitted to leaking information to his friend, so the deep state is real.
    Nobody has been able to show a constitutional violation on here so scratch that off the list too.

  51. We are NOT afraid ! You guys continue to fumble all the times in the past you CLAIMED you were going to nail someone – – like the Clintons and Whitewater, like the Clinton Impeachment, Begazi, Hillary’s emails etc. – — you guys are about as scary as a limp noodle. Like Hillary took on the entire GOP group at the Bengazi hearing and beat all your “best.” Now Trump has a legion of flunkies, mostly picked because they kiss is HUGE ass.

  52. The fun has already BEGUN!!! With the impeachment inquiry having witness after witness testify to how Trump broke the law, withheld military aid to Ulkraine to EXTORT or BRIBE their help in getting dirt on his political opponent, PLUS there is some evidence Trump did the same thing in China. We may be witnessing the first time in USA history that a president is impeached AND removed!!! Trump is much more of a crook than Nixon!!!

  53. Sure mounting evidence that the “Hammer” is dropping another direction on someone else.
    Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman will say he was so troubled by Trump’s phone call with Ukraine’s President that he reported it to a superior.
    The National Security Council’s top Ukraine expert plans to tell House impeachment investigators on Tuesday that he was so troubled by President Donald Trump’s July phone call with Ukraine’s President that he reported his concerns to a superior, according to a copy of his opening statement obtained by CNN.
    The expert, Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, plans to say he felt an investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden and the Ukrainian natural gas company connected to Biden’s son, Hunter, would undermine US national security. Trump pressed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for such an investigation multiple times during that July 25 call. There is no evidence of wrongdoing by either Joe or Hunter Biden.

  54. What kind of drugs have you been on? You have no idea the dangerous position Obama put this country in when he made the nuclear deal with Iran

  55. We must give Mr Obama credit however. Born into a poverty stricken village in Kenya and yet won 2 terms as US President. It would surely take a genius to arrange for the forgery of documents to be accepted into Harvard Law School and win a Senate seat from Illinois. And then winning two terms as US President is icing on the cake!! Not even the slightest trace of a Kenyan accent either!! Yes sir, that’s a bona fide genius at work.

  56. Yet the Democrats wiped the floors with the Republicans in 2018 Congressional race. The math just doesn’t add up with so few living Democrats. What gives?

  57. Yes Crysral, maybe there is a Santa Clause.
    I just hope that when the facts come out, the demoloons are treated in the same manner as they treated the conservatives – early morning raids, off to jail in your pajamas etc.
    Maybe then the Democrats, the paid trolls, the lamestream fake news will wake up.

  58. Reagan was up to his neck in Iran-Contra. He believed that John Rambo was a real person and often referenced him in his speeches. I will admit that he won the historical battle of the giants when he lead us to victory over Granada.

  59. Do you folks think that Trump will surpass 30,000 misleading statements and outright lies before he is impeached and removed from office?

  60. “Tension between the Justice Dept and the CIA”? This has become a criminal investigation and AG Barr and US Attorney Durham have every right to see those documents. This is just another sick attempt to hide what they’ve done, and to whom they’ve done it. American’s voted out the status quo and now these people are desperately trying to cover their asses, hence the “impeachment inquiry” being done behind closed doors. Grab the popcorn folks, it won’t be long before Obama and Hillary are implicated as main actors in the Russian collusion scandal…….
    We all must make sure that President Trump wins re-election and drains the rest of the swamp.

  61. Absolutely Crystal , this is how they would run our country by dishonesty deception immoral practice, one lie after another. And no one questions them ! The truth is coming fasten your seat belts this going to be good !

  62. Bar probe into the 2016 elections have now officially turned into a criminal investigation giving Durham subpoena and grand jury power. Democrats are really going to lose it now because they know that Bar and Durham found criminal activity into the crooked corrupt democrats.I can’t wait to see what crooks go down in the Obama admin. That pompous ass Obama gloating about his presidency had no scandals. HAHA

  63. Nonya
    Please don’t be like fake red racist manbaby.
    See how fake red racist manbaby posts rants. ignorant, bigoted, hateful, racist rhetoric.
    Don’t be a fake red racist manbaby.

  64. Hey Bigjoe
    There’s not that many democrats in America. If you take the 62 million that voted and then remove the 28 million illegal aliens votes. The seven million dead democrats voters and divided the remaining 25 million democrats votes by 3. (Number of times each democrat voted) you would have just under 8.4 democrats. That’s around 7 to 1. That’s why the democrats are against voter ID cards. Not because it’s racist but because it will show the true ratio of democrats to republicans.

  65. if that is the case than bring it on I am tired of waiting either bring Obama and his administration to trial or close the case.

  66. Obama will leave the US and head to a country where they don’t have extradiction, and let others take the fall. The worm will skip away, scot free.

  67. Barrack Obama is a crooked Chicago thug that somehow got elected president. Obama needs to go to jail for being a traitor and a disruptive factor that has caused the taxpayers millions of dollars. This bum is a true obstructionist in the literal sense of the word. Put this bastard in jail asap!

  68. Just remember that communists are atheists and do not deal from the heart on issues. Telling lies is what the devil has always felt comfortable with as do His puppets.

  69. dr jd
    They did use violence to sort out their political differences from the 12 April 1861 to 9 April 1865, it was called the American Civil War.

  70. Alan J Barnes you are either a paid troll, or totally delusional. Your comment is full of lies. Why do you lie? You must get better informed, of it is possible. TRUMP LANDSLIDE VICTORY 2020 KAG

  71. DEMOCRATS ARE VERY AFRAID. They do not know what there enemy is doing, who we are and what we are planning if they go further with this seditious coup d’ etat. We who are Trumpsters are quiet law abiding peaceful people, we have endured much verbal abuse, however, attack us or our president and watch what happens.

  72. Thats right, and if president Trump filed an illegal tax return im quite sure the IRS would be right on top of it. So all you ass wipes cant stop fretting and worry about your own tax returns.

  73. You don’t know dictators if that’s what you really think, and are not a aid troll. President Trump is the best President America has had. Obama and his administration will most likely be executed. Traitors must be prosecuted for us continue on as a constitutional republic. Obama almost got by of robbing us with that choice. TRUMP LANDSLIDE VICTORY 2020! KAG

  74. Im discussed I share the same name as you Richard aka dick. Go back to your snowflake loving libturd hole in the ground and sniff paint thinner like your mommy when she wax pregnant with you.

  75. So true! The dumbest bunch on the planet. Too bad they are not so dumb as to lose their way to the polls, though. Big problem. Though perhaps we should check IQ’s before registering folks.

  76. You are simply stupid and most likely on tax Payer dollars to lazy to work, Stupid is as Stupid does listen to Tom hanks, Stupid.

  77. LOOK OUT RICHARD,,,,….your intelligence ( Or lack thereof ) is showing and really not making you look very bright.
    In fact, sticking up for Obama and the others mentioned is just plain DUMB as will be shown when the facts are all out where we can see them.

  78. Such a true and statement none of the low life in WASHINGTON and their follows are just so full of hate.

  79. Rebecca you are so disgusting and full hate just like DICTATOR IN WASHINGTON who does nothing and try’s his damdest to tear down President Obama who brought the country back from going over the edge into a deep depression

  80. President Trump is not legally obligated to show his taxes for one, and the ONLY reason the democrats are so desperately trying to get them is because of their hopes that he has had any business dealings with Russia before announcing his candidacy for President. The democrats are desperate because the President cannot be bought and does not play by the corrupt rules of the DC elite.
    Why don’t you stop crying about his tax returns and demand that this asinine “impeachment inquiry” be done the way the Constitution says it is to be done. By holding a vote in the House of Representatives.
    PS Name calling is very immature and does not do any favors to your character Dale….just food for thought.

  81. I believe Obama and his misled team who are falsely accusing Trump for no just cause but hatred, exceeded boundaries, way too far to deserve being taught the day lesson.

  82. I think Obama over-dared the whites, and took the US government for granted. It’s high time for his lessons!

  83. Totally fact free speculations to try to obscure attention from Trump’s many derelictions of responsibility and constitutional offenses. Continuing the obstruction that Barr engaged in to distract from the conclusions of the Mueller report of obstruction and collusion by the Trump campaign and administration. Keep looking in the caves of the non-existent Deep State which is undermining the misguided and incompetent Trump and colleagues.

  84. Scott27, Now, you are the “good” kind of IMPOSTER!

  85. And how do you know that none of those young females are not posting here? Peeping or stalking them, perhaps? You merely post infantile insults without a clue.

  86. I think Barr has his own problems right now protecting himself on his actions with Giuliani, Trump, Pompeo and others. The testimony going on right now in Congress is very damaging for Trump and his lawyer, Giuliani.

  87. Careful, Gregory, some people will know you are racist, and I am sure you would like to deny it, since it would show your lack of intelligence and class. Some conservatives are not racist, and may disagree with Obama on policies . . . but you clearly would have objected at any move Obama did, including taking our economy from the Great Recession of 2008 and putting us on a path of one of the longest recoveries in our history.

    It is no wonder virtually no African-Americans, Hispanics, people of Jewish or Islamic faith, or very few women support the GOP. Mostly a party of old white males who are bitter, nasty and venomous like snakes.

  88. I have, in fact, probably been banned from more of your reality adverse illiberal fascist sites than you illiterates would be able to read.
    Though I do appreciate that sites like this actually support freedom of speech by not banning other points of view, no matter how ridiculous, for us to debate or ignore as we wish. The perpetually offended snowflakes on your sites would be constantly running for their ‘safe spaces’ if that were to happen.

  89. You are a fake Scott27, just like there is a fake Dan Tyree. It was Democrats that passed the Civil Rights Act – – – championed by Democrat LBJ.

  90. You should know better, 82nd – – “treason” only applies when their is a declared war and someone aids and helps the enemy. We do not have a declared war. You sure advocate for violence quite a bit, don’t you?

  91. Willy, as Lincoln tried to teach you . . . . .”with malice towards NONE, with charity towards all . . . .. ” – – that lesson you never learned, did you?
    No wonder Jewish people support Democrats in high numbers! Are you a neo-Nazi or just a classic one?

  92. Haven’t seen her posting here so far. I’m referring to your sister-in-government of your cult of progressivism.

  93. Actually, even though I am a Democrat and liked Ike, I have to admit that Richard Nixon was exceptionally bright – – and got one of the highest scores in the history of the New York bar exam. Nixon did many good things, but what tripped Nixon up was he INSECURITIES and his EGO. It is a lesson that should be learned by all presidents after Nixon, was that one’s ego, despite ones intelligence and skills, can lead you down the path to criminality and your own downfall. Of course, we have the biggest egotist, narcissist in the White House who always claims he is the best ever, and has “unmatched wisdom” and never listens to his advisers. His ego led Trump to think he is above the law, and there are a lot of parallels on what Nixon did to get re-elected with what Trump has done to get re-elected.

  94. Alaska woman, I was surprised to learn recently that in the Woody Guthrie museum, there was a whole section based on hating Trump – -but it was not Donald Trump, it was for Fred Trump, his father! Woody lived in NYC at one of Fred’s properties and found Fred to be a racist (charging much more for black residents and others) and Woody wrote many of the terrible things that Fred did. Fred was arrested supporting a KKK rally in NYC, and was a known white supremacist. His son, Donnie clearly followed in his footsteps as you so noted in the government having to file charges against Donald in his real estate practices which they said was racist.

  95. Wow, you sure fell for Schiff’s so-called parody transcript of the call that he leaked to the press, didn’t you.

  96. And you are not smart enough, thank GOODNESS, to realize that if some young females were to look at this Patriot Pulse site, they would definitely make sure to avoid ever being a Republican Trump supporter, that likes to call females to “B” word or any of the other vulgarities. I am ENCOURAGING your crassness, Donnie, because Trump only has 2/3rd of women are opposed to him, and we want that number higher by the 2020 election!!! Spew the venom and malice away, Donnie.

  97. Yes, Willy, it could cause your tiny brain to maybe, either explode or maybe even GROW if you saw another point of view, right?!? Have you ever read or posted on a liberal website, or would that be too much for you to handle?

  98. whoa, Marion. If I have seen it once, I have seen the “Democrats” name twisted and manipulated over 100 times. And the first time Micheal twists your party’s name and you seem to wig out and be thin-skinned. Rarely have I ever seen the word “democrat” used on this post versus alterations and ridiculing.

    Michael, I have a question, though. Who are these guns you have loaded for? You said “locked and ready,” which is very concerning since we do not resolve political differences by violence but by voting . . . who are you ready for?

  99. Some of the candidates, I think, have been honest, the fake hispanic ‘Beto’ with his gun confiscation, Fauxcahontus with the 70-90% tax rates. And all are honestly clueless on how they will pay for all the ‘free’ stuff they’re promising.
    That’s why they have so little chance of being elected, as voters are increasingly seeing that Trump is the only valid choice.

  100. The news is moving quickly, so this must have been drafted a few days ago. It is Barr that needs to be worried about his legal status as both Trump’s phone call and testimony by state department officials are implicating Barr, Giuliani, Pompeo and even the VP in their roles in illegal activities in the Ukraine and the withholding of military aid to the Ukraine. Barr was implicated numerous times (6?) in the summary of the phone call of Trump and Zelenskyy. As Giulianni’s associates have been arrested, and Giuliani’s role as a NON-government worker doing many of the things he has done, Congress is asking connections. It was Nixon’s attorney general who tried to protect Nixon that went to prison . . . . and Barr may be following suit.

  101. What has that got to do with a damn thing we are talking about, fool? You’re losing and will never recover, so wake up to the corruption,no matter what side.
    Or is your blind hatred so deep you’re totally blind, like most dems.

  102. King OBOBO sent blankets to the Ukrainians
    to FLATTEN those RUSSIANS ! Of course he got out of his BUDDY VLAD’s way in Syria TOO !!!



  105. Maybe you are happy that Obama bailed out big corporations such as Solyndra with our tax money and caused our national debt to inflate from $8,000,000,000,000 to $20,000,000,000,000.

  106. You are clearly ignorant of just how badly Obama did the people of Illinois. Because of his corruption and affiliations, we are now under more than $120,000,000,000 of unfunded debt and our property taxes and business taxes continue to skyrocket to offset said debt. It is not about racism or we wouldn’t have elected him to senate. He is an evil and vile person who has stolen everything he could from us and then convinced the rest of America that we all were racist if we didn’t vote for him out of being politically correct.

  107. Patiently waiting for Obama and Hillary to be prosecuted for their treason, and to trade their $5,000 suits for new, orange D.O.C. jumpsuit for the rest of their lives. Gitmo is too nice for them. Maybe a black site in Alaska so they won’t feel the tropical heat ever again

  108. VOTE RED …If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

  109. What’s this about Tulsi Gabbard being a Russian Asset? Hillary has totally lost it. Gabbard is a Dem, but she’s also a veteran fighter pilot who served in the middle east. Then there is Mayor Pete. Both a veteran, AND Gay. Both Tulsi and the Mayor are still in it.

  110. I hope that Barr doesn’t just get Obama but also gets Hillary and alot more into prison for a very long time, for we the citizens of this country want these people in prisonnif they are guilty which most Americans think they are guilty!!! This would put an end to the Democratic party forever and an end to the fake news stations like MSNBC and CNN and many others news reporting stations and it would bring us back to honest reporting and a honest government!!! Their is already an investigation going on in the State of Illinois by the federal government for voter fraud and many corrupt dealing by the Democrats, and they have already found a great deal of all the corruption and a lot of it is in Chicago and down state!!! I can’t wait for this to be done in all of California and New York!!!

  111. President Trump will be re-elected in 2020. The New Angry American Communist Party is self imploding with the deep state. Fun times.

  112. Demoncrooks don’t want voter I.D. because they cannot vote more than once with voter I.D. — Ditto for non-citizens and illegals who aren’t supposed to vote, but do anyway.

  113. Dee, just kike Alynsky and his mentor Goebbels told them, blame the opposition for that which they, themselves are guilty.

  114. A heads up on the Alaska psycho, that really is one you’re better off ignoring. Got to where it was commenting with that drivel on every post I put on Disqus, across multiple sites, until I finally blocked it. And WordPress doesn’t seem to have a block option.

  115. The first two slave owners in the United States: one was black, one was white. (Google it). Blacks in Africa sold their bretheren to white slave owners. In the 1960’s and 1970’s there were govt. projects that housed blacks. I bet Trump’s black tenants had it better than govt. housing. Get over it Alaska bit$h. RACIST RACIST RACIST. People are sick of hearing it. What about black people like you that hate whites?

  116. Only 588 incidents of sending classified emails on an unsecured server, with 38 other people involved. Nothing to see here, folks.

  117. Mark, that’s the old racist Democrat thinking. If a person has any black blood at all, he is black. Though if Obama Sr. actually is his father, he would be, at most, 1/4 black, since Sr. was half, or more, Arab.

  118. Your foul language says you do not respect yourself, let along other people. Please develop some maturity. You embarrass yourself and defeat any point you are trying to make.

  119. The threats against Obama have been ongoing since the day he was elected. They simply serve as additional evidence documenting that Trump is a racist. That documentation begins with United States v. Trump, NY, 1973. That case was settled, however the settlement was a sham, it was violated 200+ times.

  120. I have never understood Obama being black??? his mother is white ! so does that not make him half white and half black? but he wants to be black because it fits his cause??? I want to say he is white!!! that would make him ??????????

  121. Well, after the whole country caught cnn lying
    advertising came tumbling down, and now you tell me about fox
    news is a factual news source.
    Documents are fun to read, you should try it.
    Go Trump in 20/20

  122. Show some kind of evidence to your, you’re,
    yer, yun claims. I haven’t found anything on bar, or his team,
    I bet you can’t even name one thing based on facts?
    You know the stuff that supports a claim!
    Quote/ facts has no feelings.

  123. It’s taking longer because they keep coming up with more detrimental information on the crooked Dems that they are having to increase their investigations to follow all leads that will lead to treason on many dirt Democrats.

  124. They already tried to distract this investigation with the impeachment hoax….also distracted from Epstein’s murder….and accomplices from the Deep State. How convenient of them to try to cover their hides once again. Dems are pure evil!

  125. The Bamster was an extremely and proven weak leader.
    He left a Legacy of Lunacy.
    His Administration is now getting exposed as he was truly “leading from behind.”
    As they say, the truth does [eventually] come out.

  126. The Bamster was an extremely and proven weak leader.
    He left a Legacy of Lunacy.
    His Administration is now getting exposed as he was truly “leading from behind.”
    As they say, the truth does [eventually] come out.

  127. Proof of Adam Shiftless lies: The parody he made up before the transcript was released which was a total lie. Congress has tabled this one for censorship.

  128. Barr gave Comey a pass for lying to congress. Lets face it, do you really think he is gonna charge Brennan and Clapper if he didn’t charge Comey.

  129. As I recall, he was impeached. The Senate did not kick him out, but he was impeached by the House. Hillary was the subject of long hearings held by a Republican led committee and the whole issue of her emails was just re-investigated by Barr’s Justice Department and she was not found to have done anything criminal.

  130. Truth-Teller (oxymoron) You wouldn’t recoginize the truth if it hit you like a pile of sh#t on your head because you have drunk the CNN, MSNBC Kool-Aid for too long.

  131. Nobody in the Trump administration or Barr is going to jail either. At least they are not scum liars like the demoncrits

  132. When is someone going to obtain Barry Sotoro’s application for college wherein he declared himself a foreign student (as opposed to being a U.S. citizen) and his lousy college transcripts?

  133. I agree, they will drag this out forever and hope that everyone just forgets about it and moves on. The pit bull, evil, scummy demoncrits always come out unscathed. They win by accusing the Republicans of everything they have done themselves and get away with it because the news media covers for them. Nothing ever came of the IRS scandal, Benghazi (all of them took the 5th amendment) or fast and furious gun operation in Mexico. Eric Holder blew off a subpoena by congress, no follow up. Most of the Republicans in congress are a bunch of deep state, spineless, entrenched career politicians, just in it for personal gain, just like Pelosi, Waters and the other scum.

  134. Let’s just say that President Trump did threaten to withhold Military Aid from the Ukraine? To me, that would be like a grain of sand in a sandstorm compared to what the Democrats are doing and have done over the past three years against Trump and the American People! Most investigators know that sometimes it takes a threat to get “Bad Guys” to cooperate. Biden and son are criminals just like the Clintons and the Obamas and Trump had every right to push the leaders in the Ukraine to cooperate in his investigation of the Bidens!

  135. I guess y’all know government protects its own. Don’t be looking for anybody to be indicted or go to jail. That’s not how Washington works.

  136. The only hammer he drops will be on his own foot! He had Commie dead to rights and did NOTHING! Cheap talk doesn’t feed the bulldog! I hope that I am wrong!

  137. Smarter than you I caught your post earlier. I must have misunderstood you being sarcastic with snott27. Sorry about that.

  138. Because half of us want capitalism + freedom while the other have want nanny state communism and serfdom.
    that’s why we fight.

  139. Obama is deciding which of his cabinet members he can blame the entire crime on then if I were that person I’d ask for witness protection because we all KNOW what the Democrat solution to break of ranks is.

  140. Does anyone here realize what would happen in this country if the Trump administration not only went after Obama, Hillary, Brennan, Clapper, Biden, Rice, and all the other traitors, but actually attempted to lock them all up? There would be riots like this country has never seen. Cities would burn and people would be looting till the cows came home. I say let’s get it done and damn the protesters. If they get crazy and start breaking the law, start shooting. It wouldn’t bother me one bit.

  141. so once again democrats trying to hang trump for what oboma and his band of criminals have already done , using a foreign country to interfer in our elections

  142. The way you keep referring to Trump as a “pussy grabber” tells me that you’re obviously a little light in the loafers. Are you having a bad LBGT day?

  143. He said he had irrefutable proof that Trump colluded with the Russians and that he would be revealing it soon. He was waiting for the Mueller report to come out and was betting that there would be evidence that he could say he had and was going to submit to the public. But something happened on the way to the Mueller report and we found out there was no collusion. Now maybe amongst your circle of friends that wasn’t an outright lie by Schiff but to rest of us that can think clearly and don’t rely on the media to tell us how to think we see nothing but lies from that demented weirdo.

  144. somethings i cannot understand ,why are we fighting each other over power ,we are all GODS children, red ,black, pink yellow,white does not matter,GOD blessed this country why are so many people trying too tare it down.that boggles my mind, wish someone would help me understand,GOD help us.

  145. Yo momma gots nigga breath from suckin’ long rods all night, and bubba gumpa shrimpo cream on her ass. Best yo go wash it off now hahahahahahahahahaha

  146. Why don’t you and your little friend Red Man go outside and play and stay out of grown up conversations!!!!!!

  147. You CIA clowns are a laugh a minute. Tell your Daddy, No Nuts Brennan, he’a got a cot in the Federal Pen with his name on it.

  148. Prove he’s a liar. Nothing documented he has lied !! But you pussy grabbing buddy trump has told over 12000 whoppers

  149. You need to put an end to the misery of us rational people and as a severely psychotic person end your wretched life.

  150. Treason of the highest order on the part of the illegal alien Kenyan “Butt Pirate Bathhouse Barry Osama” and his entire administration and any and all judges appointed by the Democratic (i.e.) Communist party, execute them all.

  151. need not worry about this McPain part. God took care this murderer who killed 26 sailors onboard the Carrier Forrestal in 1967

  152. democrats want to talk about russia and what they have done to our elections but when obama was president they were our partner and saviour. hillay hit the re-set button and was an american hero,obama told putnin’s right hand man that when he was re-elected he would have more power to team up with him. in the liberal news reports obama and hillary could do no wrong.

  153. red man: agreed the rich white movie stars and ball players that won’t give you the time of day.then you have the rich white men george soros,bill gates,zuckerburg,tom steyer,warren buffett that is billionaires and democrats that wouldn’t spit on your grave. then you have all those rich cheating and lying congressmen and women that are ultra rich and white like chuck schemur and nancy pelosi that wants to throw you peanuts for your vote.

  154. These right wing loonies get all their propaganda from Fox and Freaks, Sham Hannity, and Flush Limpballs.
    They wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked them up along side their brainwashed skulls. Sad !! Their pussy grabbing leader tells a lie every time he opens his mouth !! Republicans have dumbed down their base beyond help

  155. before any action put forth by Barr and Durham, they should prepare a group of US Marshalls assembled in short moment notice so none of these criminals flee the country, confiscate their passport, their bank account, and financial records. once they are in prison cell guarded by the US military, there should be a military tribunal since this is a insurrection, sedition, treason, and worst of all attempt coup against this nation and our duly elected POTUS Trump. very first people to corral are the leader of this coup, george soros, and exusurper blacky and his moos partner michael for fraudulent. after this, go after the whole california demorat official from the governor down to federal and states officials for bribery, racketeering, and fraud.

  156. That’s exactly what the democrats have in mind. That’s why roe v wade is such an important issue with us. That’s why we created the KKK. And fought so hard against the civil rights act. And that’s also why we only want to disarm the white law abiding citizens. That’s why Bill and Hillary called Jesse Jackson a goddamned n—-er behind his back. And that’s why Biden was shocked that Obama was clean and articulate.

  157. Totally agree and if you remember the Kavanaugh Senate hearing for the Supreme Court, Lindsey Graham specifically asked Kavanaugh about the precedent of military trails for treason. Remember the patriots want to get these criminals on the most severe crimes. McCain was already put to death for treason. Look at the interview with Kasich on CNN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIbf6wB8LSU
    So I do believe it is going to happen, its all about nailing these traitors to the wall.

  158. That’s exactly what the democrats have in mind. That’s why roe v wade is such an important issue with us. That’s why we created the KKK. And fought so hard against the civil rights act. And that’s also why we only want to disarm the white law abiding citizens. That’s why Bill and Hillary called Jesse Jackson a goddamned n—-er behind his back. And that’s why Biden was shocked that Obama was clean and articulate. Want to hear more. There’s plenty more where that came from.

  159. Charges and at least long prison terms would be great would love to see Obama and Clinton frog walked to prison or standing in front of a firing squad

  160. Yea but have you ever noticed Facebook changing words or the spelling of words? There is no bias on facebooks spell check, just type in the word President
    You get (is. Omar. Obama)

  161. I think hes a 12 year old playing on his mamas computer because he has no friends. He ought to hook up with the other 12 year old Red Man.

  162. Yea Scotty, and we need more abortions too so we can stop the jigaboos before they grow up to rob gas stations and liquor stores hahahahahahahahahaha

  163. Completely agree. Unless Barr actually arrests the criminals at the top of this filth, nothing will happen. Have a lot of doubts about Barr.

  164. And I hope they do get brought up on charges of espionage and treason which carries no jail time it’s a mandatory death sentence

  165. Are you really this stupid? Its the democrats that don’t want voter ID’s for blacks or Hispanics!THey think your too stupid to be able to acquire a voter ID. It is the democrats that push welfare, food stamps, etc., through higher taxes. Common sense should tell you when Republicans cut taxes so does the free stuff.
    Your ignorance in stunning, because the democrats are the ones pushing the Green New Deal and that includes blacks like Kamel Toe Harris and Corey Booker aka Spartacus. Your statements are so racist it’s disgusting.

  166. I’ll say it again. We are being played by these guys and the conservative media the same way the leftist, liberal, progressives and their media played their followers. Every day, every week, claims of exposure and indictments of the perpetrators, and reports coming out showing the proof, then nothing, nothing, nothing. Hannity leading the way. The Maddow of fox news.

  167. Just because Obama and his people are no longer in office does not prevent the law going after them for being a deep state and trying to do a coup on the sitting president of the US. As they like to say no one is above the law.

  168. Not the way to do it Daniel. Voting him out of office and away from the limelight will hurt him more. Violence does not lead to anything good.

  169. Don’t blame that poor crack pipe for Osborne’s stupidity. The sad thing is we can’t wait till that hammer falls and stupid people like this clown seize to exist.

  170. That’s right. Dumb jigaboos are stupid. They get ID for welfare and handouts, but not for voting. They need the government to wipe their asses for them. That’s why we need a good man like Trump.

  171. It be the rich racist white folk that keep the black man in poverty. Tellin’ him he too stupid to get voter ID or take care of himself so he need whitey help. Black man better vote for whitey or else he don’t get no more free crap and get kicked off the plantation, and no reparations either.
    Maybe black man might even die from global warming if he don’t do right and vote for whitey.

  172. Robert B……You may be right . . . but these chumps are guilty of treason and conspiracy to commit a crime, just for starters! Hillary’s crimes must be looked at in a certain way . . . one must first consider if an unknown guard in the White House is guilty of the actions/deeds Hillary has done. Also, this unknown guard is a Trump supporter too!!! If the unknown guard is found guilty of the deeds and actions done, THEN SO IS HILLARY . . . SIMPLE ! ! !

  173. David Osborne……..Shut the hell up! Of all the idiotic things to type, did you even graduate or are you still in grade school?!?

  174. Shot? Won’t happen. However, since they are all complicit in sedition, they should spend the rest of their lives in prison at hard labor, preferably making gravel out of boulders.

  175. Shh red sook
    The adults are talking. Maybe when you learn to spell and put together a sentence together in a comprehensive way, you be part of a meaningful conversation. Until then, just keep trying, you might get there one day.

  176. I as a voter look at one thing…DJT has done more to work for VOTERS interests than the entire LEGISLATIVE BRANCH OF CONGRESS. The CONGRESS has investigated and stagnated the nation for 3 years. Politicians elected promised to work WITH our president to legislate. But that was a lie…exactly what has CONGRESS completed?

  177. We the people are waiting for the deep state actors to go to jail. They have not only ripped off the tax payers, but also commited treason against our great country. Many of them should and will be shot after being tried in a court of law. We will take back our country. When people talk about how wrong our country is they should move out.

  178. Julio, yo momma lika the bubba gumpa shrimpo cream on her face and ass, and humpty dumpty pumpin’ all night long HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  179. How ironic – the community organizer who had to surrender his law license to avoid prosecution for lying on his bar application – could end up in prison for crimes he committed as president. Soon many will be saying “Hey he’s half white” to deflect guilt for voting for and supporting him. There are reports that he is not even really half black. No one believe that Barack Obama Sr. is Barry’s biological dad. IF Frank Marshall Davis is Barry’s real daddy – then yes Barry is half black and 100% American citizen. IF Barry’s real daddy is Muhammed Sabuh then Barry is NOT half black nor an American citizen. You can use your favorite search engine and find side by side comparison photos of Barry – Obama Sr. – Davis and Sabuh. There have been reports over the years about Barry spending a lot of time in the tanning booth and keeping his hair short to appear “more black”. Also if Davis is Barry’s real blood – Davis was a well known communist as was Stanley Ann Dunham and her parents.

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