William Barr is sitting on a smoking gun that is seriously bad news for Barack Obama

Attorney General William Barr’s investigation into the Obama administration’s Russian collusion hoax is nearing its end.

All of Washington, D.C. is sitting on pins and needles waiting to see what Attorney General Barr’s findings will show.

Everyone got a hint when this key Senator dropped a bombshell that William Barr is sitting on a smoking gun that is seriously bad news for Barack Obama.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham expressed his support for Attorney General Barr declassifying documents surrounding the FBI obtaining a FISA warrant to spy on former Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

Graham stated his belief that these documents will show the true extent of the criminal wrongdoing committed by the Obama Deep State.

The Washington Times reports:

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham urged the U.S. attorney general to declassify a number of documents in connection to the inspector general’s probe of the Justice Department and FBI’s surveillance of the Trump campaign in 2016.

The South Carolina Republican asked Attorney General William P. Barr to release documents concerning Carter Page and George Papadopoulos, both of whom served as foreign policy advisers to then-presidential candidate Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign and were caught up in special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe.

Mr. Graham also asked for communications between FBI and Justice Department officials discussing the credibility of Christopher Steele, who authored the unverified dossier and made contact with the press.

“In order for the Inspector General to be able to present the most complete results of his investigation into Congress and the American people, certain documents will need to be declassified and released to the public,” Mr. Graham wrote in his letter.

Trump supporters have long wondered when the President’s administration would declassify the documents about the Obama administration spying on him.

Now that the Mueller investigation is over, the President can’t be accused of interfering by declassifying these documents.

President Trump granted attorney General Barr the power to declassify documents as he saw fit.

Trump supporters hope Barr makes use of this authority.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. This declassified documents and a dollar may get you a cup of coffee at McDonalds. Why declassify or waste the time and money if we never prosecute real criminals in the US? Gen. Flynn was convicted of perjury by this trashy bunch of homesteading DC baby killers but his was a real mistake, not crime. He couldn’t recall an exact date 3 months after the fact in a supposed informal meeting and the FBI held it against him and he was charged and it stuck. Crying liberals don’t get punished! Anything that touched the first black man is off limits.

  2. Ah, there it is! The leverage against the fake house impeachment saga. Is the house posturing to impeach Trump? Yes! Do they need to call in those witnesses and have meetings and councils and all that BS? Nope, but it’s eyewash so as to present to America that President Trump has committed a crime and now he is being punished how the system was made to work. No, just bull zhit because they don’t need a reason other than they control the house and can do it. Tax dollars at work. Here we go now these two shits fired today starts the re-election season for 2020. Our system is a scam and we can’t change it without violence.

    • What is it with you people who are so eager for war and violence? So, if your dear leader loses this next election and all his syncophants are sent packing, that would justify your killing fellow citizens, because they don’t agree with your twisted view of the world? So are you Taliban or Al Quaida?


  4. While I am all for the release of the damning information on Obama, Hillary and co-conspirators, I can see where the Attorney General may be a little reluctant to go forward. Barr could be the 2019 version of Kenneth Starr. Granted Starr didn’t do anything illegal or immoral, but thanks to the liberal press and Hillary “Stand By Your Man” Clinton, he became one of the most hated men in America.

    Personally, I hope Barr goes forward boldly and exposes Obama and his Deep State Goons for what they are – criminals.

    • Remember one thing: THIS is an extremist right wing BS blog in line with Alex Jones’ Infowars. In other words, total BULLSHIT.

      • Well we will see babe when it hits the fan. Places like this are often the only place to get the honest truth because I sure can’t get it on CNN or main stream outlet. It’s all so slanted against Trump it’s sickening. I can see right through it. If these folks broke the law and looks like they did, they should go to prison.

        • Bob, I’ll take a stab here and venture to say I doubt Suzie appreciates you calling her babe. And you think this site isn’t horribly slanted toward your dear leader? You think the Fox opinion people are not a propaganda machine? The nonsense on this site is beyond ridiculous most of the time.. always some dramatized piece of nothing. So many of you are so blinded you wouldn’t recognize truth if it were two inches in front of you… which it is. Yes, CNN has people I won’t even watch, but the fact is, if you listen to the words coming out of your dear leader’s mouth, without any commentary… he’s a troubled, immature child.

          • Scott, it is unbelievable why you say these things about Trump. You have been brainwashed by someone or have so much hate it has altered your sense of right and wrong. I was a democrat most of my life until the last several years and seeing how they have become so corrupt. I know some of the republicans are also, but as a hole, it seems all of the democrats are. So I changed, first to independent, then when Trump announced that he was running I became republican. I know he loves our country because he is a business man, he knows what it takes for a country to be successful, unlike those career politicians, or what I call parasites, who have always lived off the taxpayers, and don’t know how to create jobs or anything else. I also work with our military all over the world and I know how he loves and respects them, unlike that fake, obozo, before him. And they like Trump too , but had no use for that fake.

      • You can say wantt you want about Alex Jones, though KNOW, that everything he says is true. When he’s wrong, he admits it, though when he IS wrong, it’s always a part of what he says.Not the whole story

        • Everything Alex says is true, Rick? Can I interest you in some beach-front property I have in New Mexico? I’ll give you a deal. But that aside, you apparently believe the school shootings were false flags and never happened, as Alex says? What a maroon.

      • Susie your so full of TDS you can’t see how corrupt the Obama administration was. Think about it do you think Hillary was going to run the country with petofile Bill and do a good job come on.

      • Why are you on here then? Are you so ABSOLUTELY STUPID you can’t go somewhere else? Better yet, planes leave here everyday. Buy a ticket.

  5. We need a major investigation of the HOAX AND FRAUD that was the Obama administration.
    The only apparently legit Obama birth certificate is Kenyan and they claim him.
    All his records that have been secreted should be put before the public.

  6. Obama needs to answer for the disruption to our country’s history. He purposely came close to bankrupting our great country specifically using Rules for Radicals written by Saul Alinsky a fervent disciple of his. Lastly he gave comfort to our enemies by giving Iran illegally millions of dollars in cash that can now be traced back to him due to Iran’s terrorist uses.

    • Say Mr. or Ms. or Mrs. Will de Seve, The US AG Mr. William “Bill” P. Barr, Is Investigating What That Bunch of Ignorant One Sided Progressive Liberal Democratic Donating Mueller And Weismann Un-Special And Infamous Investigators, What They Did NNNOOOTTT Bring Into The Light For All To See!!!

  7. At this point, everyone is tired of people in ‘high” places, breaking our laws and NOT being punished. If this is another one of those, ALL CREDIBILITY, in our Justice system will be lost forever.

    • Anyone that doesn’t believe Obama knows everything about the fake Russian dossier is just plain dumb! Obama was the puppet master, and Loretta Lynch and James Comey and everyone below them were his puppets. One text message between, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page even stated that the president (Obama) wants to know everything we are doing.
      This was nothing short of election rigging by Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Hillary Clinton and others!
      Current FBI director Christopher Wray, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Huma Abedin, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Susan Rice, James Comey, Peter Strozk, Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe, Rod Rosenstein Robert Mueller (Uranium one) Eric Holder (Fast and Furious) and Barack Obama and many more belong in prison! Every one of them needs to be arrested and prosecuted for treason against the American people and the United States of America!
      Firing or allowing these criminals to step down and collect pensions paid for by the American people must stop and it must stop now! No one is above the law!
      Now that the Mueller witch hunt has concluded after nearly two years of wasted time and over 25 million dollars of taxpayer money squandered chasing a pack of democrat’s lies and even though some brain dead democrats still want to waste more time and taxpayer money chasing their tail, it is time for republicans to grow a spine and go after the democrats and the party of corruption, like Senator Lindsey Graham has proposed.
      Every democrat named herein should be arrested, prosecuted and sent to prison for life!
      The FISA court knows that they were lied to, why haven’t they said anything?

      • FISA COURT Judges were in on it = unbelievable script of information that is required to be verified, skipped over bc everything was funded by HRC = the rigging of Democrat party’s primary elections on behalf of HRC, submissions to FISA COURT required role playing for a price, known FAKE Golden Showers Russia Dossier = PEEPEEGATE, an Absolute Embarrassment to our country. Perverted minds think alike = Prostitutes were paid in Russia to urinate on a bed that The Obamas slept in.
        Yep, that should make the American people Vote for Hillary Clinton, who obama endorsed – for the US Presidency.
        After all, Big Mike is so ugly, that any attention drawn to its face, shows enough teeth for a guerilla in disguise. Jingle, jangle.

      • this was all part of the plan to bring this country down and it would have worked if HRC has won ,but remember we are not out of woods yet very Republican living or dead must get out vote Trump in 2020 and all the commies on the dems side must be voted or the country will not servive

    • Remember when Bill Clinton met Loretta Lynch on the tarmac in Phoenix? I believe he threatened her! She certainly shut down the Hillary Clinton email investigation and told Comey to call it matter!

    • You are so correct. The elite are dividing us, so we dont realize what crimes they are committing against us. We must get over our stupid differences, and see who the real criminals are. They are robbing us blind, laughing at how stupid we are, and amazed at how easy it’s been to enrich themselves at our expense.

    • I agree Terry, they certainly know they were lied to, so why haven’t they said anything? Both Comey and McCabe signed off on the FISA applications claiming if by no other way the word, Verivied was printed at the top of the dossier, knowing full well that the dossier was unverified and the FISA judges could charge the agent or agents with perjury, so why haven’t they?

      • Certainly you have noticed by now that if you are a Democrat you are above the law and will NEVER be charged for any wrong doing be it purjury, lying, theft, or even murder and child molestation! On the other hand conservatives are constantly fighting false alligations fron the left and being put away or harrassed to the point that they lose everything they have in life for whatever ridiculous reason the left may come up with. There will NEVER, let me repeat that NEVER!!!, be an arrest made of any Democrat for anything, FISA abuse or anything else be damned!

  8. Space must be at a premium under Barr’s butt what with all the things he is sitting on, especially his hands. He has a record of NO indictments with none in sight.

  9. There is only one suitable form of justice for the crimes committed against the genuine patriots of this nation by both the Obamas and the Clintons a very slow and painful death.

    • You know until a punishment of such severity as death is passed and carried out, politicians see the justice we seek as a joke as something to play with. Stringing up Obama and Hillary would shut down all of the crap .

  10. I have to believe that this is going to turn out well, but I don’t want it to happen until right before the election, if it happens now the media will do their best to quash the story. If it happens during the debates Donald Trump can use it for his benefit and it will be more effective. Even if all these deep staters are found guilty, chances are they won’t be prosecuted. Right now the most important thing that can happen is that Trump is reelected!

    • Trump will not be re elected. He should, but the left has gotten the cheating down to an artform. They will never allow him to win again. They just didnt expect so many to vote in 2016. That will not happen again.

  11. NOTHING will happen to this disgraceful so-called former president. Just like nothing will ever happen to the Clintons or any other dishonest, deceitful Democrat. Let’s face it folks. We have a 2-tier justice system. One where the self-appointed “elites” get away with everything, and where the “little people” get crucified.


    • You’re right. Until that happens, I don’t bother to read the articles proclaiming doom and gloom for past crimes. Just show me someone doing a perp walk and I’ll consider reading the article.

    • Look at the Refuse Fascism trial in LA hung jury and they are going to retry them.
      Also look at how the Feds went after the doctor who was dropping water and food in the desert another hung jury still up in the air as to if they are going to retry him

      In addition look at how DC went after the inaugural protesters. Now here is what you have to ask yourself how many people have been murdered by the Democrats or leftists and how many have been murdered by the white extremists.

  12. Bla, bla, bla… How long has Barr been in there now? I am tired of hearing about who did what. Not one person has been held accountable. Not one person is in prison Not one person is in court. If you are not going to do anything about the crimes, why do taxpayers pay those who are supposed to enforce the law? There is a reason the people don’t trust the government. Talk without action. Crimes without justice.Ralph

    • You know why nothing will be done to hold the coup conspirators accountable? The answer is Barack Hussein Obama was one of the co-conspirators to illegally get rid of a dully elected President Trump. Barr and Trump know that the charge of white supremist and racism will come down on them if any criminal charges are brought against Barack Hussein O.

    • I agree. This is all BS. All these deep state criminals will get away with it as usual. Nobody has the cajones to take them on. I think President Trump is totally on his own, nobody at DOJ will do a damn thing to bring these criminals to justice.

          • And that is WRONG! The words they twist and abuse specifically state that it does NOT apply to foreigners and non-citizens! It was to insure the children of freed slaves WERE citizens by birth. NOBODY ELSE!

          • “Soros was born in Budapest in the Kingdom of Hungary to a prosperous non-observant Jewish family, who, like many upper-middle class Hungarian Jews at the time, were uncomfortable with their roots.” Hungary threw Soros out. THEY wouldn’t put up with his nonsense! We are way too tolerant, but only if you are a Democrat!

          • Ruchard, you are WRONG!!!!!!! Try reading history if you know how. And birthright citizenship needs to be STOPPED!!!!! Wake up.

    • I am with you, actions speak louder than words. I feel another mueller happening. A big let down when no one pays the piper. Until this two tier justice system is abolished I will not be a fan after all I am from Missouri and our motto is SHOW ME.

    • When Barr was appointed AG I though MAYBE justice would be restored. Perhaps Clinton, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Lynch, and other Obama comrades would be arrested and prosecuted. Now after seeing the weak report that FINALLY came out from IG Horowitz there is reason for alarm. The Deep State is still in control from all appearances. Their reach is deep and potent – if you don’t think so, ask Jeffrey Epstein.

    • Totally agre! I’m sick of them escaping charges! If anybody had doe ‘‘tis to the Democraps, there would be charges and prison sentences!!

  13. …all the folks mentioned in these documents and what they said and did should be heard by the people to make up their own minds on how Democrats run the government…but all these people in these documents know what is in them and what they said and did, but none of them look worried or even showing any sign of attempting to leave or hide; that shows you that it will more than likely end in nothing done to imprison any of them…

  14. I read the first few paragraphs and stopped. it’s the same old thing. OH so much evidence that will makes the dems shiver in their boots. Barr will not prosecute anything. We saw that with Comey. Comey was the most indictable out of all of the criminals. So why am I not hopeful that the American people will see justice.

  15. Mr. President, we must protect our 2nd Amendment rights Because if God forbid that your not the winner in 2020 we must be able to protect all Americans from the Democratic totalitarian regime that will want to kill all Christians and Catholics as well as the Jewish people of our Country.

    • It’s called a 1775 Revolution. We are under more oppression from a Tyrannical government than our Founders were. Their enemy lived across the ocean 1000’s of miles away. It’s 2019 and our enemy lives next door.

      • No Gerald not like 1775 try 1860 possible run up to a civil war. However it will not be like the last one our ancestors fought think of Serbia, Rwanda or Syria. That is what the next one will be like.

    • You’re actually on to something here. The unfortunate truth about today’s crop of Demo-Nazi Pedo-Crats is that they’re outright Stalinists. And a Stalinist regime does not function in the midst of any kind of dissent.

  16. “All of Washington, D.C. is sitting on pins and needles waiting to see what Attorney General Barr’s findings will show.”

    Why not release the unredacted Mueller report?

    What are they hiding?

    • I think you overslept vida vici, Mueller didn’t even know what Fusion GPS was you idiot, lol! Didn’t you even watch the soap opera play out or were you too busy writing uninformed blog noen novels? Sheesh, try getting informed, before you spout off!

    • Because Vasu, there is a law against doing so. It can only be done on a judge’s approval as it contains Grand Jury information. Now if you and the Congresscritters don’t like that, too bad. CONgress wrote that law because they didn’t like the Starr Report being released. Now it has come back to bite the Dems in the butt. Just like most things the Dems in CONgress do.

  17. Now is the time to make the decision to give this to a military tribunal and take it out of liberal DC and in the hands of swamp dwellers there. This is national security issues that should engage the military. All the evidence in the world at this point could not indict a democrat. It will be the Jim Comey Hillary Clinton comedy drama show revisited. No more theatre. We want indictments for treason.

    • I was wondering about this also and thought of the numberous trials moved from a particular district due to “prejudice”. Is there anything keeping these trials from being moved out of DC?

  18. Why why why is it that I have tried to post truth and this site would not post it but they post everything that a total racists like Redman post? He is full of hatred and is racist against white people and should be banned from this site.

  19. To the REDMAN : hey COMMIECRAT stop hiding behind the native American jargon, you should tell the folks the truth about your self.
    He uses REDMAN but should use the letters in this form:
    RED(read commie pink)MAN
    and under their rules it should claim to be lacking balls, pussy , and any other equipment to reproduce it self!!

    FELD HURE !!!!!

    SHALE !!!!

  20. There is so much evil racist cover-up in the white-folks house of crooked leadership until it should really be called “demonic capital hill” by right, and should be changed after trump the hump leave to crooked hill. OLD TURTLE McConnel should be the first one to go ta prison, then lying, nutty, racist, greasy head trump. Den come and round up all his brown nose followers and grease em down wit their beloved AR15’s like the racist lice baits dat they are. hahahahahahahahahahaha

    • Your AR-15 versus my Remington 30-06 deer rifle any day! If you want to life in a world like the Nazi’s had, them move to Europe, it’s under Mr. George Soros control. Wait until you live under a dictator, and we’ll see just how “Necessary” you are. I’ll keep my Guns, God, and Freedom!

      • Bama Bill, His AR-15 vs my M1 or M1903/M1903A3 Rifle. At the range where the M1/M1903 can be effective his 5.56 rounds are worthless. That is why the military still has the M14 in service. Because the .308 and the .30-06 round have nearly the same ballistics and can reach out and touch someone in a hurtful way. Load the M1/M1903/M1903A3 with the original spec ammo and you are talking a range of 1000 yards effective point shooting and 3000 yards for volley shooting. There are recorded kill shots with the M1903 and the M2 Ball ammo at 800+ yards and it is a lighter bullet with a lessor spec powder charge than the original military .30-03 round. In your deer rifle, it would have the same or better reach with accuracy. Now if he really was daring, I’d even put the M1903A3 chambered for the .270 Win against his AR-15. There the M1903A3 in .270 Win has an advantage of about 90 ft/sec and 200 ft-lbs of energy over the .30-06s with 150 grain bullets.

    • NAH! Redman is a 15 year old on mommies PC whenever she goes grocery shopping. Her main staple is banana’s to feed her pet monkey.

    • Redman you are a lieing piece of shit like all the rest of you communist MFers.. Yo all should all hang from the nearest tree. Assholes!!!

    • Well Redman you sound more RACIST then anyone else. You said “Demonic capital hill” which demonic is another name for democrats or as I call them demonrats. Did you understand that. You are a real loser.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      • Oh and by the way, Redman, that report was updated to include the latest incident in Odessa, TX…so it is current. Please note the races of the shooters!!!!

  21. Now that it appears the TRUTH based on proven FACTS are about to be made PUBLIC, let’s all just hope that justice, real justice is served on all those who have been responsible for the LIES, the FABRICATED UNTRUE STORIES, the ones responsible for the COVERUPS, regardless of how high up in our government it goes, regardless of how important and powerful one may be, no excuses, no deals, just good old fashion real justice…All who were involved MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE! We must do this, and quickly, if we are to ever be:
    We are thee greatest nation on Earth… BUT, we cannot exist with a two tiered justice system…🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️

    • Well, DC. it would take 98% of the white-folks in, or at the racist white-folks house to prison. However, as long as racist white-folks lead by white privilege, america is a “shi+hole” nation because of crooked racist white-folk leadership dat live deep in denial of their black hearts, and because of dat, america has never been “great”, just powerfully crooked. And those brown nose white-folk followers of trump the bump on americas butt knows he crooked, but are willing to take the country into hell because of evil white american pride. hahahhahahahahhahahahah

          • redidiot, it is YOU who belongs to satan. You prove it every time you post your sick hate and racism. God forbids both. Have fun in hell.

        • It is not “White Privilege”, it is “Education and hard work”. I have no problems with Orientals, Spaniards, and am proud to have a man from India who really is “Black”, not brown, as my friend. He is intelligent, well dressed, clean, polite, and a hard worker. It is not the color of the skin. Look at Chicago, please. This year over 1,800 people have been shot. Yet only “ONE” assailant is listed as “WHITE/Other”. over 80% are blacks, less than 15% Hispanics. Dealing drugs, and “Playing Ball” are not the most successful occupations. I’ve had colored friends that were very nice people. We worked, ate, and did anything together. When other blacks were upset that we visited their home, they stood up to stop any violence. Y’all just get your act together and learn! You want a good paying job? Then learn how to do ONE!

      • You are perfectly free to go live in another country you are so unhappy. Please, go right ahead…..oh, right…..none of them offerthe free ride on taxpayers’ backs like here!

  22. Let’s hope AG Barr makes the best out of this situation , put that smoking gun right up where the sun don’t Shine , up yours Obummer / Barry the Traitor

  23. If Barr has a something on odumbass he should proceed. Make that idiot sell his big house to stay out of the Big House. Oh I forgot. George sorass would fund him.

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