William Barr just agreed to do the unthinkable

The Democrats and Attorney General William Barr were locked in a major test of wills.

Some leading Democrats even demanded Barr be thrown in jail.

But on the eve of their biggest battle, William Barr agreed to do the unthinkable.

Democrats were scheduled to hold a contempt vote against Attorney General Barr because Barr refused to violate the law and turn over secret grand jury material to Congress.

This led to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler teeing up a civil contempt vote against the Attorney General.

However, hours before the vote, Barr and the Judiciary Committee struck a deal to provide unredacted material from the obstruction of justice section of the Mueller Report to the committee.

The Daily Caller reports:

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler reached a deal with the Department of Justice (DOJ) Monday, one day before the House is set to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt for not complying with their subpoenas in regards to former special counsel Robert Mueller’s report.

Nadler released the news just two hours before the hearings were set to start, saying the committee would “hold the criminal contempt process in abeyance for now” due to the cooperation from the DOJ. The entire House was expected to vote Tuesday on a resolution that would hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt for not complying with the subpoena, which will reportedly still take place despite Nadler’s statement.

“I am pleased to announce that the Department of Justice has agreed to begin complying with our committee’s subpoena by opening Robert Mueller’s most important files to us, providing us with key evidence that the Special Counsel used to assess” obstruction, he said in a statement released Monday.

The specifics of this deal are still vague.

By demanding the underlying evidence of the obstruction probe, Democrats have signaled once and for all that the collusion aspect of Mueller’s investigation is a dead end.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


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    You take Obama for instance, Kenya Born, Indonesia Raised, and a very intelligent man, Ayers Parents put him through Harvard, but he was still African, and lacks something in his DNA that White People have, that gives them the intestinal fortitude to do things the right way! You think about the very first African, descendant of slavery, who was put into THE TOP SPOT, above anyone else on earth, he should want to do it right! No Obama, he was put into office by people who wanted to bring America down! They picked the son of one of their Communist Cult Comrades that happened to be Obama’s mother!

  2. The DNC is a Criminal Organization and everyone, especially them, knows it! When you allow descendants of slaves to be included in American Politics you turn into a third world Country!
    Descendants of slaves, hate America, and White-Americans, and just like a city taken over by descendants of slaves, the white people move out, and the City turns into ruins! Not because some descendants of slaves aren’t smart enough to do it right, they lack something in their DNA to keep them honest, and responsible, and they sorely lack integrity! They are just different, and no matter how much some of you Chicago anarchists want to make them the same as us, it is impossible!

  3. This is an imaginary farce, which began after HRC, and BHO, were given the green-light, by the DNC, to rig the Presidential Nomination Election and stole the Nomination from Bernie Sanders! Because HRC was going to be a false-store-front, for an Obama third-Term! Obama is the only classless Ex-POTUS, to stay in DC after his time was up, but he failed to get the job done, and left a lot of dirt that could put a lot of people in jail. So they had to do some quick thinking and HRC only cares about her name, she couldn’t care less about America, she’s already proven that, she wants to be rich and not let Slick Willie, one-up her! Obama figures it would be a quick turn-around, but the criminals didn’t think about the Electoral -College! Yes, the dumbasses cheated, and still lost!
    So, Two people, who could be brother, and sister, because they are both evil, and despicable, John MCCain and HRC, both hate Trump very much, so being the scum that they are, they went in search of a lie! And no, you can’t obstruct a made up lie, that these criminals did to get even with Trump! Obama, and HRC, (MCCain is dead, he’s out) used a known false Dossier that they purchased from a foreign spy to trick a Judge to get a warrant to spy on Trump and his family!
    They committed espionage, and Treason, and must be burned at the stake on national tv! As a deterrent!

  4. Check the dates on Mueller’s report that shows when he found NO COLLUSION. No collusion means that no crime was committed. Now they want to find and charge obstruction of justice on a crime that was never committed. How can you obstruct justice when they have already found that NO collusion crime was committed. Just look at all of the time and taxpayer’s money that went into this collusion witch hunt. President Trump knew there was no collusion with Russia, and that’s just what Mueller found, no collusion. I still have to go back to exactly when the finding of no collusion was determined. No collusion crime committed. So now they embark on another witch hunt to see if there was obstruction in the hunt for a crime that was never committed. These democRATS are so sick.

  5. There is already a penalty for working. Called Taxes. It’s like the Cigarette tax or the Obamacare Individual Mandate. It discourages people from doing what the Democrats consider unacceptable. If you work, we’ll make you pay us for doing it.

  6. The only way to eliminate the carbon footprint is to end all life on earth including humans. Are you volunteering. Clearly you have been drink the koolade in some alternate universe if you believe what you wrote.

  7. The obamanation administration committed Seditious and Treasonous acts with spying on political opponents and then attempted a Coup against President Trump. It is past time to hold those responsible and bring them to Justice.

  8. & I’m really NOT “sorry for you”.
    Just Go & live what’s rest of your life,
    & hopefully W/out ‘spreading’ so much ‘hate’.
    Don’t DIE W/ ‘hate’. Good ‘Luck’?

  9. ha ha Briggs.
    But ‘open borders’
    for ‘cheap labor/ Dem votes
    Will Never Increase ‘minimum wage’
    & ppl just don’t ‘Get that’.
    Among ‘other’ things. PPL NEED Info
    & THINK. GOOD PPL on this Site.
    The ‘haters’ Are Lost & ‘mixedup’
    In their minds.

  10. To Scott27

    Jack Handy
    JUNE 16, 2019 AT 7:28 PM
    Your ‘latest’ meme Is
    “I’m sorry for you”… Come on, give
    it a rest, old dude. Be “sorry” for
    Yourself. Why do You ‘unload’ on
    everyone else for your shortcomings &
    Ignorance to Denial of ‘Facts’.
    You’re getting Senile. a Pity Indeed.

  11. Your ‘latest’ meme Is
    “I’m sorry for you”… Come on, give
    it a rest, old dude. Be “sorry” for
    Yourself. Why do You ‘unload’ on
    everyone else for your shortcomings &
    Ignorance to Denial of ‘Facts’.
    You’re getting Senile. a Pity Indeed.

  12. This was a coup attempt regardless if no blood was spilled. All people involved need to be tried for Treason and convicted and punished for Treason which carries the death penalty, at the least life in prison.

    What was and is being attempted is an overthrow of the people’s will. It’s still going on in Congress. Nadler is making up crimes for impeachment.
    I tell you this, if Trump is impeached or removed from office their will be a revolution in America. Not the likes since 1775.Our military would have to fire on American citizens to stop the revolution. Congress and Nadler, Pelosi, Shummer,and the Clinton cabal will get their due.

  13. 100% correct Harold. Not enough people are saying this. Barr and all the people who will be responsible to investigate are sugar coating the crimes committed. They won’t use the word Treason. It’s almost like the “N” word when it comes to being said.

    This was a coup attempt regardless if no blood was spilled. All people involved need to be tried for Treason and convicted and punished for Treason which carries the death penalty, at the least life in prison.

    What was and is being attempted is an overthrow of the people’s will. It’s still going on in Congress. Nadler is making up crimes for impeachment.
    I tell you this, if Trump is impeached or removed from office their will be a revolution in America. Not the likes since 1775.Our military would have to fire on American citizens to stop the revolution. Congress and Nadler, Pelosi, Shummer,and the Clinton cabal will get their due.

  14. I think they should raise the minimum wage to 40.00 an hour, why stop at 15? I think all the illegals should get paid for not working at 20.00 an hour. They can be monitored on how many hours they sit on their couch at home and get paid accordingly. I think that every decent wage earner making 40,000+ should be forced to give 50% of their money to the illegal immigration fund. Which would provide Social Security, Medicare and all sorts of freebies. After all Americans exist to provide for the illegals don’t they? If you make your living by starting a business you didn’t do that. Someone else helped you according to the best President America has had Barack Obama.
    Americans should also hand over all their guns because as we all know a Government would never oppress the people. NAH! Not in America.

  15. Redhawk, you obviously don’t really have a clue what it is going on in the world. I’m sorry for you. And, by the way, it’s whores… with a w… not hores.

  16. Seriously, Sharon? You “heard” and now you spread that garbage. This is a huge part of our problem today…. you “heard” it from whom… your sisters best friend at the salon, who overheard it in a conversation with another’s brother??? What total nonsense. But somehow, ignorant people will believe and spread that completely unfounded BS and most of the folks on this site will believe it and spread it… What horrible excuses for a human you are.

  17. True, but we also deserve to see the documents leading to the Trump Russian Collusion hoax, now FBI director Wray is refusing to release documents as we feared, you sneaky lying rotten rat Obama is being protected by our Obama criminalized federal agencies, Wray jump shipped and joined the scumbag deep state still working for treasonous Obama. There is a rat to be indicted, but it ain’t Trump, it is your hero.

  18. When it’s all said and done I hope it all goes public. Then we will see the Democraps not want to have the information out there. They will be made out to be the biggest bunch of fools to walk the face of the earth. Like they say BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU ASK FOR YOU MAY GET.

  19. YOU, Mr. vasu, Absolutely DO NOT
    *DESERVE* to have Access to Grand Jury
    Info. BY LAW. Nor ‘general public’.
    You display ‘inept’w/lack of Law Knowledge.

  20. Why don’t you go ahead and get rid of fossil fuels,farting cows, planes,trains and automobiles,and passing a law prohibiting anyone but a dirty dawg Democrat from holding
    public office while you’re at it…also don’t forget to send everyone a check every month even if they don’t want to work (which will be everyone)…We’ll worry about what we’re gonna eat after we get all these rules passed…Damn,don’t that sound like the life of Riley…gonna be nice….

  21. The American people *deserve* to see the entire unredacted Mueller report! What is the Trump Administration hiding, besides Trump’s tax returns?!

    The Democratic Party platform should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy.

    Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

  22. Robert and bozoz… you want a war; and to kill people merely because they have different views than you?? Seriously? What patriots and true Americans… NOT. Idiots like you are dangerous to this nation. If you feel that way, I hear isis and the taliban are looking to hire.

  23. Turn about is fair play! And most of the crap they are trying to pass is not legislation normal people want anyway! Bunch of freaking weirdos that want to kill babies but save baby turtles and want to protect the environment but most use one cup coffee makers that pollute the environment to the max! The wonderful wind turbines kill hundreds of birds and the solar panels are toxic waste already filling up land fills! Kind of like the light bulbs that are supposed to last for years but don’t and have mercury in them! Bunch of idiots being led around by their nose rings by bureaucrats/left wing looney tune politicians with no concept of reality! Hypocrites with a HUGE capital “H”!!! You sir are the one not doing your research! Or only looking at one side of the coin!!! Obama knew the law well as a lawyer and circumvented it at every chance putting in pen and ink changes to regulations that damaged and shut down business after business! But idiots like you that say do your research, are NOT doing it as you only look at what fits you stupid left wing ideological narrative!

  24. Of course he did but Foxnews carried the statement and Trump and lowlife George. Can’t spin something in real time!
    We all heard what Trump said in real time..

  25. And I cannot wait to repay them for all the corruption and collusion they have done against President Trump and America. These democrats are evil dirty corrupt communists and their jig is just about up. I want to see all of them standing against the firing sqaud wall and those who object to the firing squad can go to the gallows. All in all they are guilty of treason.

  26. Either the political pimps got out of office or the orderlies @ the nursing home are outside having a blunt while on break.

  27. The Democrats have really lost their minds with all perverted and sick policies they want to impose on us Americans, and this collusion and conspiracy hoax that they all made up is going to kill their party forever!!! There Trump bashing and hatred for Trump has brought out the evil in them and made them show their true colors, these Democrats have shown us all just how much there hatred for Trump is for when these Democrats say they hope we have a recession or that someone assassinates are president these are really sick people!!! Just the policies that these Democrats want to impose on us is sick enough killing babies, open borders, supporting illegals and giving them all kinds of benefits and rights, and to allowing sexual perversion to be taught to are grade schoolers is completely insane!!!! These Democrats really are out to bring down are country, and how anyone can not see these facts needs to get mental help!!! The media also pushes this sick ideology on to us, and I just can not believe that any American is for all these attacks on are liberty, rights, history, traditions, and are Constitution and are laws!!! But I guess we will all see what happens comes the 2020 elections won’t we!!!!

  28. Maybe the info he is going to release will show some really bad stuff against the Dems and the FBI and CIA. Maybe Nadler won’t be so glad it’s released. I hope that’s just part of Barr’s strategy!

  29. Scott27: Examples? Proof?

    You have to call on MORE than your TDS to make your statement valid. Look, I know President Trump isn’t perfect. He declared bankruptcy and “escaped” paying some bills he should have. His relationships with females has not always been a “proud point.”

    But he is saving this Country. Flaws and all.

    Scott27, remember General Patton. Patton was a strange man too. But he also saved Western Civilization. Sometimes Providence calls upon the most SURPRISING of humans to accomplish super-human goals. To me, Trump PROVES that God has a sense of humor.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  30. Never judge the “ability of Barr” to circumvent the Dems. Barr is actually much smarter than they are. The thing I love about Barr is that “he just doesn’t care” what anyone says about him. He just continues “trucking along.” By hiring Dunham, Barr has tapped a BULLDOG to go after the Dems.

    If I were a Dem, I’d look at Dunham’s picture. I would NOT want to be on the opposite side of him…on anything.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  31. Then the demacrates should put there voice to be heard and vote these demacrates pukes out of office and start putting the ones in there that will uphold the Constitution and work for the American people. Instead of corruption of our government. And hold each and every one of them accountable for their own actions.

  32. The NBC Shill Stephanopolous or whatever his name is has spun President Trumps statement
    to suit the Dumbocrats by asking about a “foreign entity” calling the Potus with Dirt and whether He would notify the FBI
    Potus answered He would listen and if for instance Norway called and had info He would listen and if warranted would notify the FBI ! no other Country was mentioned !
    What’s the harm in listening? It might be a matter of National security so anyone would listen and notify the FBI especially thr President !!

  33. Jesse 45: I could not have said it any better sir you hit right on the nail these fools have no shame and they are bringing the country down they have been working on it for 40m or 50 years and finally they have succeeded I only hope there is time for a reversal but KI doubt very much!!!!!

  34. More like TREASON .. they are all PIMPS and POLITICAL HORES only out for “POWER” WEALTH ( illegally gained) and want to END the REPUBLIC

  35. Nothing positive for the country, Rickster??? They are doubling down on efforts to protect our electoral system.. particularly after your Dear Leader said he would consider oppo research from foreign spy agencies. But then what is law to that guy? There is none. Also, the House has passed more than a 100 pieces of legislation that are sitting on the Turtle Man’s desk. It’s the Senate that’s not doing anything but twiddling their thumbs. At least do a minimal amount of research please. It’s the adult thing to do.


  37. What the dems are doing is a crime. They don’t want other things looked at so they keep stirring with the same items. Some of congress are receiving pay to keep the border open. Some are envolved in criminal activity. Eventially you will see congressmen and women retire before they are investigated for their crimes and other envolment.

  38. The IG report is out is over 500 pages. I do not know this might be a ser up to wait fir the leaks to start?

  39. They will get there just reward and I don’t think it will be far from these days . I THINK THE Democrats have played there last cards and hope they are the ones to go to prison not our Wonderful President Trump. he is the greast PRESIDENT OF MANY YEARS THAT WE HAVE HAD.

  40. Fools keep stirring the pot and inviting their sorry constituents to violence.The Democratic party is the greatest threat to our citizens, government and even our civilization. It is truly an insidious evil that preys on weak minds and souls. There is no respect for anyone, values, integrity nor freedom. This grandstanding for more “information” is nothing more than a stall tactic built around their plan to take 2020. Then the A-holes want to vote themselves a raise? Can anyone please tell me one thing they have done in the last ten years to deserve it? What they do deserve is a damn hard kick in “the “Nadlers”!

  41. Lee, he didn’t give them anything they didn’t already know about. I believe he’s just playing with them while waiting for the IG report.

  42. the thing is, those morons (demorats) could have seen those documents at anytime a long time ago and chose not to. They just want to leak their cherry picked info from them to the press. To bad that fat ass nadler didn’t crook the other day he fainted.

  43. If they can not find a way to SELECTIVELY use parts of the information to change its meaning (like they did when they omitted two sentences from the transcript of a certain phone conversation thus changing the entire context of the call proven when what they released was compared to the full text released by a judge) to somehow make it look like Trump did something wrong they will simply MAKE UP something again like they did to start this whole mess.

    Any normal investigation ends when it is proven the warrant was issued based on FALSE information especially when those presenting the information to the courts to get the warrant KNEW it was false at the time.

  44. I don’t believe that AG Barr would break the law, so he must be doing something to make it so it won’t be breaking the law. He is also much more cleaver than Nadler, so Nadler may not be getting what he wants but I would imagine AG Barr will be getting what he wants!!!

  45. The only new info is the Grand Jury investigation’s will be revealed Illegally! Those involved will be exposed. So the reality is they are wanting to know if they are being investigated? Damn! I sure hope so? That should really rattle their cages. Then what do they think they are going to do about it? Oops! They’ll be exposed.

  46. Don’t give up on Barr yet. He may have something up his sleeve besides his arm. Nadler may be falling into a trap that he is too stupid to realize he is being pulled into. There are ways of making documents so that you can tell when someone leaks it and who it was.


  48. Before Barr releases anything new, he needs to have everyone who will get a copy of the newly released info to sign a confidentiality statement that none of the info will be leaked. You know the Dem’s are going to leak. If and when the leak occurs, Barr would then turn the case over to the DOJ & FBI to investigate who leaked and then prosecute them and ALL LEAKERS of the new info!

  49. BTW, for your info: “If consumed, americium-241 is excreted within a few days and only 0.05% is absorbed in the blood. From there, roughly 45% of it goes to the liver and 45% to the bones, and the remaining 10% is excreted. The uptake to the liver depends on the individual and increases with age. In the bones, americium is first deposited over cortical and trabecular surfaces and slowly redistributes over the bone with time. The biological half-life of 241Am is 50 years in the bones and 20 years in the liver, whereas in the gonads (testicles and ovaries) it remains permanently; in all these organs, americium promotes formation of cancer cells as a result of its radioactivity.[29]”

    This stuff is in smoke detectors, you know. “Do you want cream and sugar in your coffee, Ma’am?”

  50. “Dems have their voter mobs and donors screaming bloody murder for a pound of flesh and those hate fueled imbeciles don’t realize the flesh that turns up will be their own.”

    Truly profound.

  51. Technically, I think this “coo” (coup) would qualify as “sedition”, not “treason”, but both are very serious crimes.

  52. Yes they, the Clintons. have been investigated. Most of the inner circle that knows the secrets are scared for their lives so in each of those many investigations NO one gave up any information. Do you NOT see the leakers over the past 2 years, they were always giving fake info to the press about Trump. These people couldn’t wait and they were all HRC or Obama appointees. But NO one gave any info on the Clintons over the past 20 years. That is because too many people ended up like Seth Rich and DC still won’t touch that crime, Their Law enforcement, DC cops, won’t reopen and won’t touch it until the anvil drops on the Wicked Witch that is HRC. That is WHY trump was hired – to get rid of the Nadlers, Pelosies, Schumers, Feinstiens, Max Maxine and her hubby banker, and a whole host of minor bit part PLAYERS like phauxahontas, (1/1032 native – my @$$). We need representatives that are willing to work “FOR THE PEOPLE” not against

  53. Barr has a big surprise for Nadler and his cronies! Barr will not break the law just to suit the Demonrats. Barr is smarter than that and has the SCOTUS to back him up.

  54. So you want them to be martyrs? Naw. Use the $$ you would oherwise have to spend on legal fees to support decent conservative candidates.

  55. Oh. Believe me. Nadler and his whole crooked mob are going down. It is merely a matter of time. The war is soon coming.

  56. None of the Witnesses that were going to testify against the Clintons ever got the chance to do so because they all committed suicide.

  57. It’s coming out, and it’s big enough for a movie.
    Not knowing the laws of the land is against
    the rats. If bar gives anything, it’s probably not
    even related to want the rats want.
    I think bar is trying to pull a big rat out of its hole
    to get a bigger rat.
    Queen rat hillbilly hillary is probably going down big time.

  58. I am not worried about any of Barr’s disclosures. Whatever he discloses will be legal. Barr is no “old fool.”

    He is an expert at their political game. The Dems won’t find anything particularly “helpful.” More than 98% of the report has already been exposed.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  59. The RINOs got nothing on The Hag because they didn’t want to and it was Obama’s DOJ & AG! They didn’t even ask her 2 simple questions: 1) Who ordered the stand down? 2) Where was Obama during the 7+ hours of the ordeal?

  60. Only reason Barr agreed is he knows the only ones that’ll get screwed here are Dems. This is our side calling their bluff and they’re stepping in it big time because of their desperation. All the radical commie Dems have their voter mobs and donors screaming bloody murder for a pound of flesh and those hate fueled imbeciles don’t realize the flesh that turns up will be their own. We win, they lose!


  62. By democraps who not going tell us the truth about anything they dont 2 bullets to back of the head get real there was no investigation into Hillary at all John hickman

  63. They already had this stuff but wouldn’t take the time to walk to another building to get it. Funny though, I’m smart enough not to mess with the guy that is about to busy me up. Nadler is not.

  64. I hope You are trying to make a joke ? All the corrupt Criminality that occurred during the years when Slick Willy was Governor of Arkansas would be enough to put the Clinton Crime Family in Prison for over 1000 years

  65. Vasu have you even looked into the laws on what you are saying? It is against the Law to let out any Grand Jury proceeedings and Nadler is even asking for the names of those on that Grand Jury group. Maybe you need to understand the law before saying things as stupid as you did . Barr according to the law can not give out that Information Moron!

  66. The Clintons are swamp dwellers and, as swamp dwellers, know where many of the bodies are buried, actually and metaphoricly. That does make a difference. If I ever get charged with anything big or small, I hope it’s the House Republicans that come after me. They’re gutless and just want people to like them.

  67. Barr isn’t going to give the little nut cracker anything. He’s biding time to get the Hillary papers in order to get her ready for jail. Barr isn’t stupid. This is a game of minds and Nadler doesn’t have one.

  68. Everyone needs including the Democrat leaders and even the liberal commenters here know that everything is pointing at … Hillary.

    She should be in jail now! Ask the Bernie Sanders voters that saw how Hillary stole the nomination. Is that enough to convince you that Hillary is the head of all criminal activities including the Clinton Foundation that hardly donate the money to the charities?

    Hillary is evil. She cannot be untouchable. She’s not above the law.

    Throw her to jail now.

  69. In the first Place would some one explain to Me how Nadler can find Barr in contemt for Not breaking the Law? What Nadler and His Comity wanted Barr tpo turn over is a on the Book Law against what Nadler was demanding.

  70. OK, but if one word of the Super secret, taboo, heretical, not for the eyes if peasents grand jury testimony gets out, Nadler can hire John Dean to keep his ass out of jail because it’s against the law and somebody has to go to jail.

  71. Na William Barr wasn’t headed to jail like Eric holder who himself was held in contempt of Congress he never went to jail. And the likely outcome would be a mere citation

  72. Have you read the entire Mueller report. Not simply scanned it, but carefully read it and the footnotes? Also, the Republicans have had eight years to investigate Sen. Clinton. If nothing of significance was ever made manifest what leads you to believe it’s still out there hidden under a rock. I’m not a fan of the Clinton’s but they have been investigated more than anyone else in America’s history, and there is nothing of significance to show for it.

  73. It amazes me to think these vile rejected criminals want to rule over a nation that hates those vile devils! What makes them think we will allow them the freedom to feel safe without looking over their shoulders?!

  74. Mueller, Comey, Lynch, and Hillary are all lawyers as are those that are part of the DOJ. We damn well better believe they all knew and were complicit in this subversion of justice. *****The 13 democrats Mueller that Mueller appointed to his council may also be complicit. Who knows how many more in the FBI and else where are all part of the coo to over-through the President and his administration. What I do do know is that those involved in attempting a COO are guilty of TREASON, and deserve the ultimate punishment for that CRIME against the government. HonorAmerican wrote….
    .and now we have: “13 hardened Democrats,TRUMP HATERS, some big Crooked Hillary supporters, TRUMP HATERS and Zero Republicans.” even a few who are not for him! Ha:
    The Democrats were ready to declare war if you dared to touch their Mr. Mueller or interfere in his “investigation”…… now will be implicated???

    covering for Obama .Hillary etc. .. thing? eh? while former President Barack Obama was in office, this same Konstantin Kilimnik worked with the Obama State Department and “delivered written reports to U.S. officials via emails that stretched on for thousands of words.”

    Solomon writes that the “FBI knew all of this, well before the Mueller investigation concluded.”

    And yet, Mueller and his team of Democrats chose to omit this key information about the Manafort/Kilimnik relationship in their final report.

    Sadly, this is the second time in recent weeks where Mueller’s final report contained a huge lie.

  75. Little billy barr realized he would go to jail as an American criminal. Apparently he didn’t want to be an American criminal. Good on him.

  76. Why do you think they’re doing this in the first place?! To protect their establishment ways and Obozo and Killary!

  77. What is it that Barr could have legally provided Nadler’s committee that he didn’t? What materials that Mueller requested from Trump that the President did not readily provide? There IS a cover-up here, but Mueller never looked in the right places. Hint: Everything points back to Crooked Hillary.

  78. All of the cowardly Democratic party should be prosecuted for obstruction of justice to America. They will keep up their continual bowl sheet to get Trump thrown out of office along with Mike Pence to overturn the results of the 2016 presidential election and ram Hillary Clinton down our throats which will surely cause a civil war and they will be on the loosing side. Duck Femocrats!

  79. I trust Barr. I’m not a lawyer, but he might not have a choice. As much probing by mueller and his killery fans turned up nothing. The commiecrats know they will never get Trump. It’s all about 2020. If I were Trump and got voted out on these lies, I would pardon 100 percent of federal felons.

  80. So they’ve badgered AG Barr into breaking ng the law to satisfy their delusions. Today will be remembered as the day law and order died. Justice us no longer blind it’s now dumb and stupid too. Get ready folks, the demwits just declared open season and the repubs ,as usual forgot to borrow their balls back,to fight it.

  81. Nadler should subpoena Obama, Hilary C and all of the deep state participants that COLLUDED to OVERTHROW our POTUS elections and after the election OVERTHROW our DULY ELECTED POTUS Donald Trump through various deep state TREASONESS, felonious fake dossiers.

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