William Barr just handed the Democrats this devastating defeat

Donald Trump’s appointment of Attorney General William Barr could be a turning point for his Presidency.

Barr has taken the fight to the President’s enemies.

And William Barr just handed the Democrats this devastating defeat.

Lawless Obama-judge Jon Tigar recently went rogue and reinstated a nationwide ban on Donald Trump’s new asylum rules which would prevent illegal aliens from entering America for asylum unless they first requested asylum in another country deemed safe.

Previously, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals narrowed Tigar’s nationwide injunction to apply in just Arizona and California.

But Tigar staged a judicial coup and reimposed his own injunction claiming he heard new evidence from attorneys representing illegal aliens.

The Justice Department immediately appealed and the Ninth Circuit smacked down Tigar by temporarily lifting his order.

Politico reports:

A federal appeals court has temporarily lifted a nationwide injunction against President Donald Trump’s effort to deny asylum to immigrants who enter the U.S. after passing through another country.

Acting at the request of the Trump administration, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals issued an administrative stay Tuesday night that put on hold the injunction issued Monday by San Francisco-based U.S. District Court Judge Jon Tigar.

The temporary hold implemented while the appeals court considers a longer stay essentially restores the legal situation that existed prior to this week, with Trump’s policy blocked only in the Ninth Circuit, which includes the border regions of California and Arizona.

That allowed the administration to implement the new policy in New Mexico and Texas, barring rulings from other courts as litigation over the issue ricochets through various courts The Trump administration has asked the Supreme Court to step in on an emergency basis to allow officials to carry out the Trump policy as announced in July. The high court has yet to rule on that request.

Under William Barr’s leadership, the Justice Department has taken a stronger stand against judicial tyranny.

They refuse to accept lawless Obama judges imposing their political beliefs and are fighting back against the Left’s chief means of resisting Trump and his agenda.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Well, Ocasio-Cortez laments the electoral college, but it is a good thing we have it, because it prevents people like her from turning the USA into “Greater California.” The electoral college not only prevents a “tyranny of the majority.” It also prevents a “tyranny of minorities” that band together to form a majority I call the COAG [Coalition of the Aggrieved]. It is supported by Antifa, which is bankrolled by George Soros.

    It is ironic that “tsoros” means “troubles” in both Hebrew and Yiddish.

  2. The Truth is Indian Tribes fought and enslaved other Indian Tribes all the time, not to mention what they did to the Mexicans. So don’t give me any crap about how PURE and
    Noble the Indians were. They were every bit as nasty as any White man. !!!!!!!!!!

    • Yep__ & i have comm’d previously, of
      ‘terrible acts of Indian to Indian etc.
      PPL NEED to ‘know History, Before saying/
      inking Stupid.

  3. Why temporary again? Just impose it and be done with it! Come on Supreme Court Justices this is a no brainier, the ban is legitimate and has America’s National safety as it’s core platform. We cannot allow anymore immigrants into our country from those countries designated/named on the ban-list, period!

  4. Let me get this straight. The baby slaughtering party wants to impeach President Trump in the House because they can. But a little pissant judge can screw with authority above his pay scale and nothing can be done. BS! The bar association from the states in which those rogue judges live and work are no better. Trash backing trash. And what are they fighting for so called asylum seekers? What’s the scam? Obama had stricter rules than Trump does and no crying there. I believe enough evidence is in and liberals just want to complain. Just keep on crying!

    • Do not judge people until you know them. I am a white woman who crocheted many hats and mittens and a blanket for one of the Indian Schools up in the Northwest. These kids were beautiful and they loved the hats and mittens that took many hours for me to crochet for them. I even gave them choices of colors. They sent me pictures and I will cherish them. So please stop insulting me and many others who are not racists. You can’t generalize your judgments on everyone, or he who has the last laugh might find you are the racist one carrying old demons.

        • Well, I’ll tell ya something, while Bunny is doubtless a worthy and a good person, dead head red mung is anything but. A soros troll, he spreads filth wherever he posts and there is never anything but ad hominem attack and Hahas ad nauseum (his true purpose for existence, if any). What good does that sort of thing accomplish? It is the epitome of purposelessness, low and vile.

    • Yeah RedMan I don’t think so. They call Trump a liar. He said awhile back for us not to worry because although Dems. wield power in the Congress , Trump’s power is in the courts. He is stacking the courts with Constitutional loving Conservatives. All the hype of impeachment , and pushback on the wall and illegals , and DACA, by the Dems. is just a formality. The Conservative judges Trump is appointing are now setting up to silence the Democrats. Conservatives are winning more and more every day. He wasn’t lying at all.

  5. Stay strong, remain resolute and be patient. The unrelenting negativity surrounding the Trump administration is proof that progress in draining the swamp is real and effective. Winning is fun! So will watching the hysteria on election night November 2020 when the MSM declares POTUS Donald J Trump has won a second term. MAGA!

  6. The Judicial system in THIS country has gone to pot and I do not mean Literally. If the
    Government and these so called Lawyer politician would stay out of this election, and if we had more honest politicians like Gowdy and the judges for judicial watch. We can’t count on the people in the political whelm who we elected their only in it for the money,gratuities.and the prestige,other wise in it for themselves.

  7. It is unreal to me that these politicians are not hearing the voice of the citizens!!! These Democrats and liberals are getting away with not being Constitutional and lawful, and we the citizens are just being ignored!!! We the citizens need to put these politicians in their place for they are suppose to be represent the people but they don’t they have become dictators not representatives and it is up to us the citizens to remove these clowns out of office and show them that they are not final say in are country!!! It really is sickening to hear that these politicians are being called are leaders, for they are not are leaders they are supposed to be representative, an other words the voice of the citizens and nothing more and we better let these politicians know it!!!!

    • I can’t see how the Democrat’s could ever want Obama for a third term and he differently not be made a Supreme Court judge. We have tasted some of his policies while he was one of the worst Presidents we have ever had. He is so self centered and a faithful communist, I could just see laws that he would pass. I hope hell freezes over before that happens.

  8. Tigar, fail especially when he tried to go back in time,
    when obama was a crook. Some people just don’t get it! that includes a delusional judge that only sees in one direction.
    Tigar Is probably at a boiling point about now.
    We need to drain the swamp.
    TRUMP IN 20/20

  9. Tigar needs to go, when a judge does whatever he is told to do he can no longer be a judge. This judge not only used his power to change a decision, when that got turned he went even further and tried a different method. This one judge or any one district judge should not be able to control a whole country.

  10. SCOTUS just gave Trump a victory on asylum rules. Justice Clarence Thomas is calling on his fellow justices to reign in the regional Obama judges whose jurisdiction is not nationwide and they are encroaching upon SCOTUS’ own jurisdiction.

    • Maybe maybe not if the Democrats can turn out the minority’s/younger voters he can be beaten. If a minority/woman is on the ticket it will drive turn out. Whole election will turn on who can turn out the voters.

  11. Obama still trying to rule for his new 30 million dollar home. Hope the Muslin rots in hell for what he has done and keeps trying to do to take this great country down to the middle east level. Worst person that’s ever been elected to office. If he wasn’t a half breed he never would have been elected in the first place. Sorry piece of trash.

    • Obumm lost ALL CREDIBILITY. THOSE WHO still follow him, are blindly lucking his rear end.
      And idiotic mind-controlled ppl like you are so MK Ultra- you don’t know the difference of right from wrong!

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