William Barr just handed the Democrats this devastating defeat

Donald Trump’s appointment of Attorney General William Barr could be a turning point for his Presidency.

Barr has taken the fight to the President’s enemies.

And William Barr just handed the Democrats this devastating defeat.

Lawless Obama-judge Jon Tigar recently went rogue and reinstated a nationwide ban on Donald Trump’s new asylum rules which would prevent illegal aliens from entering America for asylum unless they first requested asylum in another country deemed safe.

Previously, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals narrowed Tigar’s nationwide injunction to apply in just Arizona and California.

But Tigar staged a judicial coup and reimposed his own injunction claiming he heard new evidence from attorneys representing illegal aliens.

The Justice Department immediately appealed and the Ninth Circuit smacked down Tigar by temporarily lifting his order.

Politico reports:

A federal appeals court has temporarily lifted a nationwide injunction against President Donald Trump’s effort to deny asylum to immigrants who enter the U.S. after passing through another country.

Acting at the request of the Trump administration, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals issued an administrative stay Tuesday night that put on hold the injunction issued Monday by San Francisco-based U.S. District Court Judge Jon Tigar.

The temporary hold implemented while the appeals court considers a longer stay essentially restores the legal situation that existed prior to this week, with Trump’s policy blocked only in the Ninth Circuit, which includes the border regions of California and Arizona.

That allowed the administration to implement the new policy in New Mexico and Texas, barring rulings from other courts as litigation over the issue ricochets through various courts The Trump administration has asked the Supreme Court to step in on an emergency basis to allow officials to carry out the Trump policy as announced in July. The high court has yet to rule on that request.

Under William Barr’s leadership, the Justice Department has taken a stronger stand against judicial tyranny.

They refuse to accept lawless Obama judges imposing their political beliefs and are fighting back against the Left’s chief means of resisting Trump and his agenda.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



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  6. The UNDOING of the 9th CIRCUS District Court could be one of President TRUMP biggest contributions for years after his Second term in office

  7. Indeed Bill, you are correct. In it for the $$. Clintons started with nothing and Obama who never had anything is now owning a multi million $ home. Seems a personal “foundation” Is the way to hide it all.

  8. District judges do not have jurisdiction over the entire country, logic dictates. Why anyone entertains a ruling issued by a district judge that goes outside the bounds of the “district” is beyond dumb. Talk about over reach and incompetence. Honoring fatally flawed judge rulings hints of either incompetence or corruption at the highest levels.
    This needs to be corrected, and soon.

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