William Barr just put the final nail in the coffin of this terrible Obama legacy

Donald Trump was elected to undo the damage Barack Obama inflicted upon America.

Democrats and their allies in the Fake News Media sat in nervous anticipation as to how that would play out.

And now William Barr just put the final nail in the coffin of this terrible Obama legacy.

No state has fought harder against the Trump administration’s efforts to unshackle the American economy by rolling back Obama anti-American regulations than California.

California colluded with four automakers to undercut the Trump administration rolling back Obama’s fuel efficiency standards.

So the Department of Justice – led by Attorney General William Barr – announced it would launch an anti-trust probe into the automakers as well as the administration stripping away California’s ability to set its own fuel efficiency standards.

Politico reports:

The Trump administration is opening new fronts in its legal war with California and much of the auto industry over clean air rules, taking steps toward punishing two of the major opponents of the president’s efforts to roll back Obama-era regulations.

The administration’s tactics include an expected effort to strip away California’s authority to set its own air pollution standards for cars and trucks, as well as a new Justice Department antitrust probe into four automakers that are voluntarily cooperating with the state’s clean air goals. The administration also warned California on Friday that its attempt to circumvent the administration’s rollback of federal rules is illegal.

All three actions represent a striking escalation of pressure from the administration, and come weeks after President Donald Trump publicly rebuked the “politically correct Automobile Companies” that are resisting his efforts to let them produce more gas-guzzling vehicles. Ford Motor Co., Honda, BMW and Volkswagen announced a voluntary agreement with California this summer to meet the state’s air pollution goals despite the Trump administration’s proposal to freeze fuel efficiency standards at their current level.

California has turned into a rogue state.

Its Attorney General routinely sues the Trump administration over policies that crack down on illegal immigration.

They hand pick Obama judges in California to hear their cases because the Democrats that run California know the Obama appointees can be counted on to hand down decisions that thwart Trump initiatives.

And many Trump supporters are thrilled to see the administration fight back against California on this front.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Amazing how Ca-lee-a-for-knee-ia has changed from a hard working state, to a state that is now ‘of the idiot, by the idiot, and for the idiot. Must be a smelly turd of the ‘movie’ dis-industry.

  2. One of the major problems nationwide is that people can’t stop and listen to what other average people of either party are saying. There are many more average midline people in both parties than in the government itself. Get rid of these idiot radical politicians in government that have served so long they can’t tell good from bad or right from wrong. They all need to be voted out if they have served more than 4-6 years. There has been no work accomplished except what Trump has struggled mainly by himself against all odds so far in his administration. And the terrible reporting of the news media hasn’t helped either. I’m 100% for MAGA!

  3. All Trump has to do is follow my suggestion. See if he allows
    North Korea to drop it’s Nukes on the San Andreas fault line it will solve two problems. See North Korea could brag about their Nuking America and all those MORONS and Wacko liberal Idiots would with any luck be dropped into the ocean never to bother the world again.

  4. I wasn’t born in California but like living here even though I don’t like our state politics. Those who knock California definitely have a point but please don’t link us all as anti-Trump liberals. I’m a staunch Conservative and am very pleased that Trump is our President. I’m definitely behind the suit against California concerning not allowing his name on the ballot. Very un-Constitutional. Praying that the suit wins.


  6. In 1964 in California Jessie Unrue pushed for our part time legislature to become full time giving as reason more efficiency and better management of the legislation. Well we now see how that ended up, and remember in California legislature they wrote checks without any money to back them which Barbara Boxer was the worst offender. This was the beginning of how they treated their full time in the legislator. All the in house perks were just beginning, we now see how efficient they became. They have thrown out the constitution and the bill of rights, our liberty in California has dwindled our taxes are out of this world and they have ruined property values to the point now one can afford to live here anymore. The Democratic Communist party lied to us to get that full time Legislature and they have ruled California like their personal fiefdom, using tyranny as a weapon. We are truly being thrown to the wolves and hopefully in 2020 we can regain some of our historic place to go where the sun and waves make living in California the place to be. Vote Red, vote all Democratic Communists out of office once and for all.

    Yes we certainly can look back to 1964 as a date to remember

  7. Hey Fred Amirault, do you live in West Virginia or Ohio ?
    100 to 1, you are an Operative of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization, and reside in CA. In addition, you’re not too bright.

  8. I never had a poor man sign my paycheck. Oh that’s right. You want big daddy government to wipe your ass for you. A green snowflake. Go drink the green koolaide

  9. Hello Ricky, You speak of the coming Civil War, that is an ever-increasing Real Need, and One Of The Greatest reasons for a Civil War should be to rid our nation of God Hating Muslims. When one considers all the reason for a need for Civil War ridding our Nation of ALL MUSLIMS should be the number one REASON FOR WAR. If not then our Children and grandchildren best kiss Freedom and The Worship of The Only ONE TRUE AND LIVING GOD, goodby. Muslims are in my opinion which also agrees with The Holy Breathed Word Of God (King James Version Bible (KJV)), cannot and will not ever live beside Christians in peace. Please take not og God’s Word.2 Corinthians 6:14-18 King James Version (KJV)
    14 Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?

    15 And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?

    16 And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people.

    17 Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.

    18 And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.

  10. Lets make the rich live by Toledo, and 3 miles from a oal power electrical generatingStation,It took a whole 9 Months for me to get acute Asthma. Spent the net 4 years in and out of the Hospital. Regulations are nessesary to live a helthuy life, Period. Only bad for the bottom line of the rich

  11. Sad but true. But running away is no way at all. It accomplishes nothing but giving our beautiful state to those miserable democrats. 1

  12. Don’t run away. STAY and fight
    for our Great State to become RED AGAIN. Running away doesn’t accomplish
    anything. The more You run the more they accomplish. Then they win.1

  13. Oh I’m sure they’d want hitlary to be their prez………or maybe it’s her that wants to be their prez………………………

  14. Army Vet, 🙂 Great reply!
    Thank you for your service to our Country. Patriots appreciate our military for all they do and are willing to do!

  15. Robert Koch, The RedMan, is a fake Native American and a racist, and “it” is a liberal troll. “It” would be scared within an inch of its life if anybody knew all about it. It has insulted a lot of people with its lies and racist remarks…….so, fear of anyone knowing its identity is understandable!

  16. Larry, I and others realize there are American patriots in CA. The “others” are in power, they speak their policies and agenda (as well as their outrageous crap) so loudly no one can hear you good folks. I hate you live under such circumstances but, stand strong in your convictions. No one knows what tomorrow will bring……..good things for you, I hope!

  17. Redman, I thought that you liberals were all about political correctness, among other things. Why are you misappropriating the culture of American Native Peoples by calling yourself “Redman?”

  18. Original Anna,

    CA is a border-state and as such is defined by state borders as well as Federal borders. Please tell us how our Constitution defines who rightfully exercises control over state-borders, federal borders, and hybrid-borders!

  19. Tell me our forefathers didn’t save us from another civil war? The electorate college is standing strong in its reasoning for existence. As i have said before California is, has and will continue to overthrow the American government, our republic and society as a whole and world wide. Do a head count on Non observant powerful Jews in California and you can trace back the dissension to who got this started. Those Baal worshippers will pay the price and i hope it’s now. Screw Cali, let them secede and then we will wipe them out and take it a back.

  20. Hey The RedMan I see when I click on your name it brings me to a page that says This site can’t be reached What in the f**k can you be hiding? Must be that payoff from SOROS AH hahahahahhahaahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhaaaaaahahhahhhahahhahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahaha

  21. The RedMan I feel sorry for you Where do you get your money from to get internet access? Have you ever worked a day in your life?Don’t forget that half pint in your back pocket! Ah hahahahahahah

  22. Scott 27: If you truly believe in the Constitution and have read it and see what is given to the federal gov’t and what is given to the states are different. CA has no authority over U.S. borders and illegal immigration which is left literally to the President and the military as a federal issue. Also declaring yourself a sanctuary state or city is illegal due to that is also left to federal gov’t especially when the state is refusing federal laws over what is given to the federal gov’t having their laws over state laws in such Constitution givings. Emmissions into the air from anything is also left to the federal gov’t as emmissions concern the whole U.S. The Constitution is being shredded by the democrats not by Trump who leaves our court system to make the final decision as written in the Constitution when differences and no settlements in arguments occur.

  23. I,was born and raised in California. I,am a stanch Republican. This state is nothing like it once was .I hate liberal Democrats.Most of them came from other STATES. Thanks to UNIONS HOLLYWOOD, AND FAKE NEWS WE’RE THE TOILET OF AMERICA. THERE STILL MANY FINE REPUBLICANS HERE. I,KNOW A DIVIDED COUNTRY CAN NOT STAND .MAY GOD HAVE MURCY ON US.I,JUST WONDER WHAT WILL START THE COMING CIVIL WAR.

  24. So we build a wall between CA and the rest of the country however if you kick Ca out of the Union CA contributes 13.9 %of total US annual GPP take out their economy and see what it does to US GDP.

  25. dont p[aint every body on the same brush in callifornia as you say there are still some of us that are strong republican members i will wote for d trump next election steve

  26. dont p[aint every body on the same brush in callifornia as you say there are still some of us that are strong republican members i will wote for d trump next election steve

  27. Agree 100% Some people are just out of touch with reality so there`s nothing that can be done. We will just call them dems GOD`s special people for now.

  28. I am almost a loss for words…I think it is you that is confused concerning the principles upon which this nation was founded. It doesn’t sound like you are that educated on the subject.

  29. Not simply your governor but a majority of your state and nationally elected officials. Sad to witness the decline since my days of living in a once great state through most of the ’60s and helping elect RR as governor. Best wishes in standing strong against the tide, Linda, that has taken it over with ALL of the liberal nonsense.

  30. No, I’m one of those educated people who actually understand the Constitution and how it’s being shredded almost daily by this band of reality-TV cons. I care about this nation. Either you don’t, or you’re just horribly misinformed and don’t understand what’s really happening.

  31. How about we just give California to azzhole Democrats and make all them live there and swim in creepy shi-thole of lifestyle they like. I will stand with Trump 100% and yes I am voting Trump AGAIN 2020

  32. Say WHUT?? You are obviously one more of the deluded people on the left who fails to understand the principles upon which this nation was founded and which have made our nation the freest and greatest nation since nations were begun!

  33. Bill Barr is merely another syncophant who has zero understanding or conception of what he’s actually doing to the integrity of this nation.

  34. idiotman doesn’t deserve responses from anyone. I try to ignore his ignorance. He in no way represents any Native American I know (and that includes me).

  35. Unfortunately, it has been proven that CA won’t slide into the ocean for another 10,000+ years. I don’t plan on living that long to find out if it will really will fall off the shelf. 🙂

  36. Bill Barr is an American hero; President Trump has done more for the average American than any President previously including the “scandal free” Obama administration. California should get an assist in helping it secede as it has said it wanted to do previously. The state is an embarrassment and the nation would be better off without it. Eric Holder, after he is investigated for treason, can run for President of California.

  37. Stop all federal aid to CA. They demand to be independent. Fine! let them be. Stop all federal funds to CA! They can also keep the illegals whom they want. Put shutoff date on SS and medicare and medicaid. They demand illegals be safeguarded from ICE, Fine! Keep them. They are not to leave CA.

  38. Please cut off the federal funds from the Sacramento bunch!
    Yes, I live there but as long as Newscum is in office, CA doesn’t deserve a dime of federal monies.

  39. There are parts of California that are very conservative and very beautiful. Just round up all the dems and illegals and send them all to Mexico.

  40. It would make cars extremely expensive and unaffordable for most people to purchase an automobile to comply with the higher mileage standards that are demanded here and make them uncompetitive as people wouldn’t buy them anyway as they’d be too pricy. The price of a car is high enough as it is that’s why.

  41. Legal or not cut off their fed funds ! they dont worry about breaking mans or Gods law so give them a little bit of their own medicine

  42. why does rolling back mileage standards make America great? just makes American cars less competitive.

  43. In California you are more likely to become sick or die from discarded used needles – exposure to raw sewage – or one of the previously eradicated – in this country – diseases coming across the border with the illegals staying in the sanctuary cities.

  44. There is no question that California is a rogue state with a corrupt government that is greedy to take our money for their own uses, including fraud, such as the “high speed rail to nowhere”, and a definite lust for power. I live here and see a lot of tax money wasted. We have high school students who can’t count change, who are not good at grade school level English, and so on. For education, in effect, we pay the price for a brand new Mercedes, and are given an unrestorable rust bucket.

  45. William Barr doesn’t seem to be afraid of defending. Our President. I hope they don’t do something horrible to him. It seems like not many keep going long after they support the best President that’s ever been in office as far as I can tell. Even better than Regan. I love Trump

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