William Barr just revealed how he plans to expose Barack Obama’s worst crime

William Barr is not messing around.

The Attorney General is making his plans to investigate the Obama administration’s “Spygate” scandal.

And William Barr just revealed how he plans to expose Barack Obama’s worst crime.

Since day one, the Fake News Media accepted as an article of faith the intelligence assessment of four agencies that Russia interfered in the 2016 election to help Donald Trump.

Notably, former National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers failed to sign on to that claim.

But many Americans have raised questions about if that was really true, or whether a bunch of pro-Clinton partisans in the Obama administration cooked this finding up.

And now it appears Americans may get an answer to that question.

The New York Times reports:

Justice Department officials intend to interview senior C.I.A. officers as they review the Russia investigation, according to people briefed on the matter, indicating they are focused partly on the intelligence agencies’ most explosive conclusion about the 2016 election: that President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia intervened to benefit Donald J. Trump.

The interview plans are the latest sign the Justice Department will take a critical look at the C.I.A.’s work on Russia’s election interference. Investigators want to talk with at least one senior counterintelligence official and a senior C.I.A. analyst, the people said. Both officials were involved in the agency’s work on understanding the Russian campaign to sabotage the election in 2016.

While the Justice Department review is not a criminal inquiry, it has provoked anxiety in the ranks of the C.I.A., according to former officials. Senior agency officials have questioned why the C.I.A.’s analytical work should be subjected to a federal prosecutor’s scrutiny. Attorney General William P. Barr, who is overseeing the review, assigned the United States attorney in Connecticut, John H. Durham, to conduct it.

The Justice Department has not submitted formal written requests to talk to the C.I.A. officers, but law enforcement officials have told intelligence officials that Mr. Durham will seek the interviews, two of the people said. Communications officers for both the C.I.A. and the Justice Department declined to comment.

The idea that Russia executed an organized effort to boost Donald Trump at a time when no intelligence service around the world thought he would win the 2016 election strikes many as preposterous.

If anything, Russia’s goal was to sow discord.

Barr wants to learn more about the shadowy sources the CIA used to help put together the assessment that Russia acted to boost Trump’s candidacy.

Were they as highly placed as the Deep State insists?

Do they even exist at all?

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Bill BARR= Obama/clinton / Lynch/and the OBIMBO high up admin CLOWNS that will experience HIGH level of LOST SLEEP daily and are getting UNHINGED at the Thought of WHEN IS BARR GETTING TO THEM … OH yeah it is COMING!

  2. Actually, the Dead bodies are from Moffia godmother H.R.C. in her now 6 decades-long histories some 87 have been QUESTIONABLE DEATHS including 2 of her paid Water Gate Break In Thieves …

  3. Mssrs. Barr and Durham had better not go on any hunting trips as did Antonin Scalia. If they do, they are likely to be found dead of sudden heart attacks or strokes. I wouldn’t put anything beyond the deep state or the rest of the left, including such illuminaries as Clinton and Obama (with help from a Soros).

    • As badly as I want to see the affirmative-action idiot in prison, I worry about Barr too. The democrats are known for dead bodies around them.

      • Actually, the Dead bodies are from Moffia godmother H.R.C. in her now 6 decades-long histories some 87 have been QUESTIONABLE DEATHS including 2 of her paid Water Gate Break In Thieves …

  4. I call B.S. on the whole damn thing. For this 1 reason. Russians gave Hillary 145 some odd million dollars. So they already had her in the back pockets. Case closed. She took bribes and payoffs from Foreign countries.
    This is against our Gov. laws. The Witch with a B needs to rot in PRISON FOREVER

  5. could i just say
    Obamma was not in sync with America and with the American people–
    for all those 8 years our AWESOME Republicans did not create waves or threaten him all the time–now 2019 like what the Democraps are doing now just because they lost to AWESOME President TRUMP and
    Awesome VP Mike Pence–they are so hate filled–LOVE is what is needed and work together which WE THE PEOPLE want cut the BS Democraps and earn your pay and work together like you are supposed to do–why dont you pay us taxpayers back for all the money you blew on a stupid witch hunt–pay us americans back now or leave Democrap party

  6. EVERYONE, please stop the racial/racist references to Obama. It only weakens the argument and encourages his supporters. I agree that he was born in Kenya and was not raised in an American environment and therefore cannot relate to “being American”. That phrase means nothing to him and he should never have been elected.

    • I do not think you could call Obama’s election a precedent. The black citizens of the USA got what they wanted the first black president and now we must all deal with the clean up of the most corrupt,dangerous presidential administration in the history of the USA. His credentials were from the birth on a complete fraud on the USA voters. Everything he said was a lie. I knew before his election that he hated the USA and was a communist/fascist. It will be years before the damage he did to the USA is cleaned up and the debt he put us into repaid. We see from the new House of Reps the damages from electing muslima immigrants into our legislative branch. One will not accept the U.N. decision about the partition of Jordanian land to form a homeland for Jews following WW2 and has a foul treasonous mouth . The other is a criminal with a lying mouth. But of course the Koran demands that muslims lie to infidels.

        • We The People are responsible for our Government. It is OUR doing. It is time we stop pointing fingers and make sure we don’t make the same mistakes agai: 1.) MSM should be silenced.
          2.) MANY independent investigators should be hired to do background checks on any potential elected official.
          3.) We all need to sit in our local courtrooms and get to know our Judges!
          4.) We must speak to our neighbors about our value systems Some things are wrong, AND we cannot legislate then… i.e. haters gonna hate
          5.).MONITOR AND CONTROL what your SCHOOLS are FEEDING your CHILDREN!
          (One student with a Doctorate degree came
          home and announced that we WON the VIETNAM WAR!????????????! WHAT!? (ThIs is the “education” his mother was working two jobs to pay for!
          Today’s teachers were taught by yesterday’s communists. Keep your children away from the Line of FIRE!

          • But we did win VIET ~ NAM the then-new left NEWS media lost it by the LIES they reported as the TRUTH to the fools back home . . . Then too add in the left slant of the J.A.P. & Whalla ! you have the mountain of lies one can’t get over …

      • I agree with everything you said. I simply believe it works against us when some people use racial slurs. When that happens it, the slur becomes the focus, and distracts from the issues. For example, if I mention the four letter acronyn for the former German Nationalist Party, then my use of that acronym becomes the focus and it is likely that my message will be blocked.

        • They really can’t help it because it really is a racist reaction to a pretty milk toast 8 years. Bush nominated students of Great Depression to run economy which cratered from bad tax policy and bad wars and Obama kept them and they got us out of a very bad recession and the Country had the longest continous job gain and positive GDP in our history, Bravo.

        • Sir. You speak truth, but bear in mind a great deal of these comments are by a handful of people who are paid trolls and shrills, earning money to purposefully say these things to make the pro-nation-state Republic loving Americans,( from all nations, all races, all tribes, all families, and creeds), look like the projective people they are: haters, murders, rapist, perverts,law-breakers, anarchist, communist, bullies, punks, thugs, criminals, elitist, globalist, satanist, lucferian, would-be lords and gods, rulers of the heavens and the earth.

        • So says the champion of all Muslim causes. What is your excuse for them throwing gays off of rooftops? Testing gravity!

      • And now the women want the first female president. Hello Elizabeth Warren. If you think Chavez and Maduro in Venezuela were bad, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!! There is nothing she can’t screw up!!

      • Excuse me…. Obama is not black… he is 1/2 white, 1/2 black but not totally black.
        Obama was elected as President (fraudulent voting) and America received 1/2 white, 1/2 black President that done 1/2 of the job…. In my opinion, Obama was a half ass president.

    • Totally agree with you! Our government should revoke Obama’s pension and cancel his “security detail”! Along with the above, he shouldn’t receive all the pomp & ceremony that would accompany his death! The man is a fraud and so is Mchelle Obama!

      • No past president or their families should be afforded security detail.. If they want it, they pay for it not taxpayers.. Wasted money as usual with Congress.

    • Agreed. If you google Obama on utube with reference to Kenya, there’s a video of him agreeing he was born in Kenya & went to Hawaii @ 2 months.
      Also Sheriff Joe of AZ researched the birth cert & handwriting analysts in Italy say it’s forged & identified the child it ghosted

    • I agree, He would be a perfect president but with the Toxic Demomarxists I doubt if he would want to put up with all of crap shoveled out by the demomarxists.

  7. Spygate is not obama’s worse crime. His worse crime is becoming president even though he is not a U.S. citizen at all, much less a natural born citizen.

    • Bingo!/That is the exact obstructed info remains obstructed! He had been ALLOWED to hoodwink our entire Country. Even with the mountain of evidence both Hillary and Obama walk free! Why?

      • Maybe because they did such a good job. Not a single indictment or conviction in 8 years. Now contrast that fact with the number of indictments, convictions, guilty pleas and resignations for malfeasance.

        • BOTH Clintons have been extremely corrupt since their days in the Arkansas Governor’s mansion. And Obama’s goal was to have everyone dependent on government for EVERYTYHING, which Hillary would have continued. Obama hates everything this country stands for, esp. our freedom. He is Muslim. Islam is our enemy. There is no freedom in Islam

        • It is a violation of Federal law to pay ANYONE for any reason in cash from the US Treasury. Obama sent $1.4 BILLION (I’ve also heard $1.7 billion) in CASH to the Iranian mullah. I demand a full accounting for every cent of that money. How much of it went into Obama’s private Swiss Bank Account? How much of it went into John Kerry’s Swiss Bank Account? How much of it went into Hillary Clinton’s Swiss Bank Account? Or was that to Hillary Clinton’s “Foundation”? Is that how her “Foundation” grew from $100 million to $2 Billion while she was Secretary of State?

          • So sad when people do not check out facts. The money was Iranian funds on deposit that was kept when Iran took our embassy hostages in 1978/1979. It was returned as part of 8 nation agreement with Iran which put nuclear inspectors in Iran and prevented any nuclear activity for 10 years. Because of banking restrictions, the transfer of Iranian Funds was illegal thru banking system.

          • “The money was Iranian funds on deposit that was kept when Iran took our embassy hostages in 1978/1979.” The cash transfer was still prohibited under US law and the money should never have been returned. It should have been kept for restitution to the victims of Iran.

        • No indictments for collusion though, only tax BS. Odumbo had more scandals than any administration! FAST AND FURIOUS GUN RUNNING (HOLDER HELD IN CONTEMPT); IRS TARGETING CONSERVATIVES; BENGASI; HITLARY’S EMAILS just to name a few. The delirious snowflake libturds will never accept the truth, they’re hatred of Trump is greater than their love of country. I’m a disabled combat vet that gets real irritated at the snowflake ideology!

      • That’s what Trump is trying to do .. get judges in place that WILL be fair and prosecute but the Dems are hindering that every which way!!

    • The Obama adminstration was the most corrupt, underhanded and illegal presidential adminstration in the WORLD, think about that for a moment “In the World”
      Third world countries don’t have a thing on the corruption that was running amock under Obama, he should be executed along with other top intelligence officials…..but don’t for Hillary Clinton, the Devils own

      • Isn’t it funny that Cruz was born of an American Mother in Canada and nobody on this site seems to make the connection to if Cruz could run for President then so could Obama and there would be no need for subterfuge?

        • There WAS INDEED a “connection” that was brought up when Cruz was “running” and brought up SEVERAL times.
          BTW if I am not mistaken, I believe the “rules” are BOTH parents have to be “natural born” U.S. citizens as well as the “child”. The DEMOCOMMUNISTS are the ones that “spun” it to say what THEY wanted it to say, to shove in who THEY wanted.
          OBUNGHOLE went to “school” as a FOREIGN student if I recall.

      • Obama lived in Indonesia and went to public school in that country that only allowed ciitzens of Indonesia to go to their public schools. Obama’s mother must have given up US citizenship for herself and her son. It would be interesting to see if Obama got a Fulbright scholarship at Occidental College as being a foreign citizen. He could not remember the name of the hospital in Hawaii where he claims he was born. In a Harvard Law School publication Obama said he was a Kenyan. You don’t make mistakes about your citizenship. Than Obama spent $2 million in legal fees to keep all his birth records and school records private so no one could see what they actually say about his citizenship. The certificate of birth released by Hawaii is NOT a Birth Certificate. A B>C. is a legal document and Cert. of Birth is not a legal record as it is often issued even to people who do not have a Birth Certificate record of being born n Hawaii. His grandmother apparently testified she saw Obama born in a hut in Kenya. That hut is a National Historical monument now.
        The Certificate of Birth issued for Obama by Hawaii is a forgery. The green zigzag background lines are missing where Obama’s information was inserted into someone’s elses documnent and they whited out the background lines to insert Obama data. ALso two typewriters were used to prepare this forgery. You can see the different type , different spacing of letters and different heigth of where letters were typed. It was declared a forgery even by a professional forgery expert who worked for the legal firm that was paid by Obama to keep his birth records private. Now that he is o longer president why can investigators get access to all of Obama’s records?

        • Hahaha, I cannot remember the hospital I was born, did not have much of a memory on day one. President Barrack Hussein Obama father was Indonesian and they met at East West Institute in Hawaii.She worked for a NGO in Indonesia. Anyway, this 2019, grow up into present you Russian Troll.

          • So anything that happened in the past is just fine with you. Nothing need be done about it. Your ignorance is astounding. Crimes should be punished. But guess you don’t care as you have no morals. sad

          • I know what hospital I was born in. I also know what hospital my children were born in Hawaii over 40 years ago. I know what their birth certificates look like. I know their birth certificates are nothing like what Obama had forged.

          • Check your facts troll, Odumbos’ father was born in Kenya! Can’t remember the hospital you were born? probably ’cause you were hatched bird brain.

  8. Democrats hate AG Barr and his new Special Prosecutor John Durham because their “god” the Fascist-in-Chief Obama will soon be revealed. A scandal far greater than Watergate is being investigated and prosecuted. These investigations will take time.

    We must give Barr time to fully do this job. We must re-elect Trump!

  9. Also! Investigate uranium one deal and fast and furious. Corruption Runs Deep…. Stay Safe….. We the People need to know just how Deep. Lockum Up. No one’s above the Laws.

  10. President Trump, PLEASE make sure the Secret Service is up to the job of protecting you and your family. Also, PLEASE make sure the Secret Service is protecting Barr and his family and his team members. The Democrat elitists will stop at nothing when he is getting too close to them.

    • You all know that Nancy Pelosi’s father was connected to the Mafia. Could be still a connection with all these people dying when they are to testify. Strange huh?

      • The Clintons are no better. Look at all the people that have had untimely accidents when they tried to tell their story. One committed suicide with two bullets to the back of his head. Now that is a neat trick.

        • Paulnam67
          Don’t forget the guy that mysteriously was killed lifting weights at the gym. Weights fell on his neck and head…he was not using them; shot while out for a morning jog in upscale neighborhood. No robbery, no rape, no suspects; automotive brake failure in vehicle less than a year old and under 10,000 miles; shot in back of head. Two rounds, suicide; 30 year old dies of stroke in golf club parking lot. No witnesses; Alcohol poisoning. Character witnesses claimed victim was a basic teatotaler; died under suspicious circumstances on vacation Italy; Died under suspicious circumstances Greece; Died under suspicious circumstances Mexico; pilot dies in aircraft mishap. Plane determined to have engine and electronic controls malfunctions despite have gone under FAA yearly AND air mile inspections two weeks previous. There are FORTY SEVEN unfortunate souls to date that are known of to have had run ins with the Clintons. All have died and over eighty percent under “highly suspect or unusual circumstances”. Most were about to testify, some were bad blood over business deals, some were political or co worker connections. ALL had some tie to them. Their names, deaths and involvement are a matter of public record. Tell me what the odds are. Warren Buffet is almost 90 and a good but hard business man. I wonder what percentages he has of acquaintances passing so terribly. Cross a Clinton, eventually they’ll ger to ya.

          • Excellent point…but might I add…the list is well over 100. Washington is a nasty place because the whole political thing is no different than a group of crime families…similar to the Mafia. The number of millionaires made just from being a Senator or U.S. Representative is overwhelming. And it’s under siege by DJT because he isn’t of that ilk.

  11. Hello!
    You know?… I’m with YOU! that’s OK! “U” guys have to understand….!
    Attorney’s BARR’, Attorney’s Nadler, plus Congress “POLITICIANS! all the same equal INCOMPETENCE! Hypocrisy & Cowardice! of course needs “Uncle Sam” payments & plus expenses ($$$$) So! friends again,.. no one going doing !NOTHING! Nada! CERO!
    It’s just “Game Baseball” the round ball continue hit and continue Running …!
    (in good !Cubano! Spanish ” La pelota corre! y PICA!
    Charlie G/Sr. Chicago Ill. ………………………………USA!

    • I have to believe there are still a few good ones left, and from what I’ve seen, Barr is a good one. I hope to God I am not wrong. If I am wrong then the USA is doomed to becoming another Venezuela. AOC, Sanders and their idiot cronies will see to that.

  12. his worst crime , witch one is that , all his crimes are treasonist, benghazi, irs, doj , fast and furious ,phony russia scanndle , giving billions to iran , supporting terrorist , they are all bad the way i see it

    • It is time for an honest man who could not be bought by the obama hillary administration. Dredge the dirty scumbags, bad for our country. Take them to jail and throw away the key

  13. “This is not a criminal investigation”.
    In other words, ain’t nuthin gonna happen to any Obama Clinton Cabal member.
    All Barr is going to do is file a report. And then everyone will vow to make laws to prevent this from ever happening again.
    We Americans will be just as disappointed in the Barr investigation as the kommiecrats are disappointed in the Mueller investigation.

  14. There is a reason that DJT has a 51% approval rating from the entire nation. While CONGRESS AND MAINSTREAM MEDIA HAVE LESS THAN 20% APPROVAL. When it comes to trust and honesty the corruption in politics…FORCES VOTERS TO TRUST DJT over liars.

    • Yep, someone should remind Pelosi and Schumer that Trump’s approval rating is way better than theirs. I personally am sick of a congress who does nothing but fight against the president.

  15. Have you noticed how Barr is keeping Nadler informed. Barr knows exactly what he’s doing and this and a whole lot more is going to erupt before 2020. Barr is one tough and intelligent man.

    • The National Security Advisor for Barack Obama, (until he got disgusted and left), was former U.S. Marine Corps Commandant, James Jones, 4 star Marine General, who had been formerly head of NATO.
      General Jones highly intelligent lovely wife stated, (I believe in her book), that Barrack Obama’s/Barry Soreto’s administration consisted of a “BUNCH OF CHICAGO THUGS”
      Early on, I sent James Comey and email advising Mr. Comey to be completely objective regarding the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s “LOSS” of highly classified emails, or if he did not the FBI would lose its status as the most trusted agency in the world. COMEY IGNORED MY ADVICE. COMEY SAID THAT HILLARY DID NOT HAVE THE “REQUISITE INTENT” AND THAT “NO REASONABLE PROSECUTOR WOULD DISAGREE WITH HE CONCLUSION. NOW……………….

      • Well said on the “Chicago Thugs.” Obama’s eight years have inflicted a serious wound on this country and it will take years to heal if at all possible. A terrible shame because voters thought they were doing the right thing. How naive and gullible of them. 2020 will be another election year plagued by naive, gullible and misinformed/ill-informed voters.

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