William Barr made an announcement that was bad news for Barack Obama’s Deep State

Donald Trump was waiting for this day.

Attorney General Barr had set in motion a series of events that exposed the Russian collusion hoax.

And William Barr made an announcement that was bad news for Barack Obama’s Deep State.

On Thursday, the Justice Department made the bombshell announcement that it was filing a motion in federal court to dismiss the charges for lying to the FBI against former National Security Advisor Lt. General Michael Flynn.

The Justice Department previously released documents showing how the FBI sought to set up Lt. General Flynn after initially deciding to close the investigation into Flynn colluding with the Russians because the Bureau found no evidence to support the charge.

Attorney General Barr committed to pursuing this investigation wherever the facts led and the end point was clear – the FBI and Obama administration pursued Flynn not out of any legitimate criminal predicate, but because of a political vendetta against Flynn and the Trump campaign.

In an interview with CBS, Barr explained that contrary to the Fake News Media narrative, Barr did not decide to drop the charges against Flynn to do a favor for Donald Trump.

“I’m doing the law’s bidding. I’m doing my duty under the law, as I see it,” Barr declared.

Barr explained that from the very start his commitment was to upholding the law and seeking the truth.

And in examining the Russian collusion probe Barr arrived to the unmistakable conclusion that the whole thing was a hoax designed to take down Donald Trump.

“I made clear during my confirmation hearing that I was gonna look into what happened in 2016 and ’17. I made that crystal clear,” Barr added. “I was very concerned about what happened. I was gonna get to the bottom of it. And that included the treatment of General Flynn,” Barr added.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Mr. William Barr, Sir, I agree with every word you have said, keep going, and give Mr. Durham and Tom Fitton’s Judicial Watch Team all of the Constitutional Help they need! The PLCSAII Democratic Party need to learn that all of those Illegal Immigrant-Aliens Just Can Never Be Any Type Of Burden Toward/Against/Upon “We The Legal Citizens/People And The Legal Immigrants Of The USA!!!

  2. Judge Sullivan just couldn’t wait to jump on the lefts bandwagon. So much corruption within the Judiciary being brought out into the open. We now see corruption in FBI, DOJ and now the judges themselves reveal how deep the rot has been allowed to grow and fester.

  3. Vote Trump 2020 and vote out Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff Nadler, And the Squad They are ruining our country they are traitors and should charged with treason, put them in jail after they do their time send them all to Iran see how they like the way they are trying to turn our country into. deport the Obamas they are traitors too I would never vote for Michelle she no better than Pelosi

  4. We must reelect D. Trump in 2020. If we don’t all the hard work and progress to recover our country will be for not. Obama ruined our country in numerous ways. Any democrat that gets into the office of the President of the United States will pull us back down to recession levels. Democrats think and even say that they are smarter than the republicans and should run the country. What arrogance ! Vote for Trump….get others to get our and vote for Trump.

  5. Affirmative John, the young Obama was turned over to a pervert Communist for moral support. Naturally, more than half the public of the United States was fooled by a Muslim Communist Fag who divided our great nation more than ever before since the Civil War & that’s his New World order.

  6. Obama was a red diaper baby as was Valerie Jarret and the fat Axelrod puke. All come from a family lineage of actual, documented communists
    Frank Marshall Davis was Obama’s real father…a man on the FBI top 5 commie watch list from the fifties and forties. A Chicago Communist party member. He is the “Frank” Wacky Barrack revered to 14 times in his book. Obama’s mother was a mentally ill mud shark. All true. All documented. Remember Barry refused to have his DNA compared. To Frank Marshall Davis’s offspring.

  7. I’ve been advised that by today indictments will be coming from the AG concerning the major players that orchestrated the reversal of the 2060 without cause. The people charged all worked in concert to take down the President of the USA. The charges may include treason and attempted assassination of the POTUS. If the justice department with the backing of the law has the clout to withstand the media storm directed against it for bringing forth these charges we might even have a trial and perhaps a long overdue execution for treason against the USA. If any deep state reform is going to happen it will take the severest of punishments to communicate from the top to the bottom of our government that extra political actions against a lawfully elected President have the severest consequences.

  8. We must reelect Trump so that Barr can finish draining the swamp.lf stink finger joe wins the entire investigation will be shut down.

  9. I pray obama gets in big big trouble
    As far as I’m concerned, he should never have been president. I don’t believe he was actually a citizen of our country.

  10. You are right Bob, and one of them already did. James Baker… Durham has already turned him, he doesn’t want to go to prison & there’s some people sweating Silver Bullets and throwing up, dame their bad luck…Not…

  11. Get your popcorn ready folks.
    The demuckrats are going to regret the day that they conspired with the bad apples at Oblunderer’s DOJ to attempt a coup to overturn the 2016 election. Gonna be interesting to see who flips first.

  12. I just don’t get it. Why does our government leave in Congress, people who spew forth “HATRED” daily of the United States. These people are supposed to be taking care of the U.S not bad mouthing it, trying to cause problems. The real abusive ones are the Muslims, OMAR / TLAIB / and the “wannabe” CORTEZ. These kind of Anti-American “nitwits” should not have been installed into our Congress. Have we no “safeguards” for our Fed offices?

  13. Does this site censure comments? I made a comment that wasn’t printed then attempted to make the same comment and it too was not printed.

  14. Evelyn is Scott!!julio is a bot and you knuckleheads keep responding to him.where is the red man?told you he would be gone.nobody is invisible..all liberal leftist must be eradicated.next week,big big news coming.hide lefties,hide well.your day has almost arrived

  15. If every politician in DC did their job as impressively as AG Barr no deep state would be allowed to form! He knows what his responsibilities are and he isn’t afraid to do what is needed. That is what we need from all in leadership positions! Seems the ones who are e!ected have forgotten promises made to get them into office. Once there they seem to feel they are untouchable and do not have to answer to anyone. Wrong!

  16. Most of the posts here are great. We all want Truth, we want the Democrats OUT, we wand the Deep State and Berry aka obama and the rest of the lying bastards to go to jail. Well, except for those that have committed High Treason. They get executed (it’s the only sentence for that crime). However, ALL of you have left out one thing. For this to be successful we MUST include GOD (YHVH). I pray to our Heavenly FATHER that this will come to pass. I pray that we ALL Christians will work to put GOD back into ALL things. I pray this in Jesus’ name! AMEN! Will ALL of you pray with me? Will ALL of you help to put GOOD Christian men into ALL elected offices?

  17. This is a complicated disinformation campaign and it fits like a glove when it comes to PR campaigns from intel communities . This whole thing has now been exposed as those in the intel and law inform dept. that have said publicly that Flynn was guilty and Trump was colluding with the Russians have been exposed as saying privately that they have NO EVIDENCE of any Russian connection th Trump or Flynn. Classic disinformation from the deep state and there is no disputing these facts

  18. Eve & Julio are the reason our country is in trouble. They are liars themselves and they continue to spread and believe the DNC talking point lies and the fake media.
    Ok, now Gen. Flynn has been cleared, it is time some of these creeps in FBI, DOJ and the deep state go to jail. I will not believe things will get better until some one pays a heavy price for their crimes.

  19. Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama is America’s Marxist Criminal and a Fraud.A Black spot on America,like a cancer.

  20. Eve Bryant
    It’s ppl like you is how the demon raps were let go thus far. You are a disgrace to this country and plan on moving ASAP you don’t want to be here when the 💩 hits the fan cuz it’s resly gonna be stinky. Deep state stinky. We the ppl know what soreass and obummers and all the deep state have been up to even before the terrorist was president. It was a long time coming plan. Bummer went to college to learn how to bs and talk and soreass kept him up the whole time. This plan prolly took twenty years in the making. They were counting on the young and uneducated and the poor educated to pull this off. Everything bummer did is really nun and void being he was illegally president. You have to be born here to become president. So everything he did should be wiped from record and all the deep state needs to go to jail . It was an elaborate plan that almost worked. So to all who think the demoncrats are great can go down with them. The only reason they are fighting with nothing to loose is they have everything to loose. They were all paid to take America down and it hasn’t happened yet. And they owe the kingpin! They all got rich by… vote the demoncrats out it’s our only hope . Let’s leave something great for our children and grand children.

  21. William Barr and Donald Trump should
    go to Jail ??
    For WHAT
    & ACTUALLY !!!!

  22. I do think that this is the START of the beginning of the end of THE DEEP STATE.
    For the FAR LEFT it is only going to get worst,a whole lot WORST.
    They are going to need a good lawyer, all of those who tried to remove a duely elected President of the United States of America
    I would to see that all involved in ORANGE JUMP SUITS.

  23. It is good to a man of integrity in the office of A G
    (“TOP LAW DOG”) of the United States of America.

  24. William Barr needs to start chopping wood from the very top down. Otherwise the stinking progressive criminals will just keep on doing what they want.

  25. Anyone who thinks or believes Obama and his cronies are honest people need to have their heads examined, as their brains are no longer in their heads…

  26. Sorry Juan, no harm meant. I have Hispanic friends I work with that come to my home and trust. But this guy I don’t care much for him.

  27. I’m applying for the executioners job, I will gladly flick a switch, pull a lever, be a one girl firing squad for Obama, Killary, Comey gang. No payment wanted!

  28. evelyn – why? because U dont like them exposing UR so called bigoted, moronic leaders?
    julio – is there a video “telling” Ukraine to fire or else? mmmm ignorant moron dont go toe to toe with specific fact on one incident, or else you lose. stick to the principles and you can debate. or are you free loading already.
    james 75th … – being retired military i agree with your comments except the beaner — . way past that time, remember not “all beaners” are named julio or laredo (u might be a redneck if ….) blacks use the name julio,

  29. When the Democrats put the Chicago thug into the Office of President,they were directing this violation as a wreck for our Constitution This idiot was suppose to spend 8 years trying to bankrupt America so their Communists Rulers could take over our government. We are now seeing what the illegal alien from Kenya was really meant to do to our country.

  30. Evelyn B., poor thing, seems to have an advanced case of TDS and the virus known as TAADS(Trump and Associates Derangement Syndrome). She and her commiserating lefty colleagues have a difficult time facing facts. And the truth.

  31. Well beaner I would say no, since bleaching out E-Mails and Hard Drives of classified information is a felony. In which it was against government protocol to be sending classified information on personnel E-Mails to start with. But of course Hillary can commit crimes without any repercussions like illegals that have committed felonies in our country & then released.

  32. yes or no. is there a video of Trump asking the ceiling for Russian help finding Clinton’s emails? I consider that collusion.

  33. we executed the Rosenbergs for less damage to our country than Obama and the Clintons have done.

  34. Some idiots have posted on this site that the deep state doesn’t exist. What say you now?

  35. Could this be why Michelle has been reluctant to run for president?
    Maybe she knows her husband is in trouble.

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