William Barr made one announcement about a criminal arrest that will leave you speechless

William Barr’s tenure as Attorney General has been defined by taking on Barack Obama’s Deep State.

Barr has battled every Obama narrative on the former President and his policies.

And William Barr made this announcement about criminal arrests that will leave you speechless.

One of the biggest myths Obama and his pro-open borders allies pushed was that mass migration and open borders posed no danger to public safety.

That was a lie.

William Barr and the Department of Justice released new figures showing the arrest of noncitizens for federal crimes increased 234 percent over a 20 year period.

Noncitizens now make up 64 percent of federal arrests.

Breitbart reports:

The number of federal arrests of foreign nationals, that is non-United States citizens living in the country, has more than tripled over the last two decades, new Department of Justice (DOJ) data reveals.

A report by DOJ finds that while federal arrests of U.S. citizens rose just ten percent between 1998 and 2018, federal arrests of non-U.S. citizens rose about 234 percent over the same period.

For example, in 1998, 63 percent of all federal arrests were of U.S. citizens, while non-U.S. citizens accounted for about 37 percent of all federal arrests. In 2018, about 64 percent of all federal arrests were of non-U.S. citizens — accounting for 24 percent of all federal drug arrests, 25 percent of all federal property arrests, and 28 percent of all federal fraud arrests.

U.S. citizens, on the other hand, make up a small minority of federal arrests today, accounting for only 36 percent of all federal arrests in 2018. The data is not broken down on how many of these U.S. citizens are naturalized citizens, foreign-born, and how many are native-born U.S. citizens.

Democrats and their allies in the media promote this narrative that all immigration – illegal or not – is positive for America.

To Democrats, immigrants are hard-working, salt of the earth pillars of society, where as American citizens are bloodthirsty, drunken, and drugged up, drop outs.

This is the picture elites in America paint of immigrants and their fellow citizens.

But the numbers back up Donald Trump’s claim that open borders leads to crime.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Most comm’s Here ARE WAY 0ff Topic,
    Please Stay ‘Focused’. thank you.
    > AG Barr Has ‘fallen’ re Comey/ Epstein.
    > doesn’t matter ‘what political party’
    you may support. The ramification(s) Affect ALL,
    Whether 0r Not, you Realize what IS Going 0n .

    • just writing outloud here, but I do sincerely hope that when the investigation of epsteinholes’ death is complete the perpatrators are democrapo clowns along with the democrapo clowns in the swamp and in the house of non representation.. oh and the rino scum bags that campaign GOP and vote commie….

  2. You are obviously dim witted, Obama played golf nonstop, took vacations nonstop. Obama tied the hands of business, put regulations on businesses and that’s why they left the USA. Remember when Obama said “Trump must have a magic wand, those business are NEVER coming back”? HA HA HA, steel, mining, oil and gas are booming. Educate yourself and investigate and stop watching the FAKE propaganda news that Obama allowed to lie to us.

  3. Our LYING EX SCUMBAG VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN has been telling a story since 2008 about a heroic solider who rappelled 60ft down a trechouis mountain side under heavy enemy fire to save the life of a brother solider who had slipped n fell and was to injured to climb back by himself! Joe tells the story of how a GENERAL asked him to pin a medal of VALOR on the heroic solider who risked his life to save his brother. In JOE BIDENS MENTALLY DISTURBED WORPPED sick mind the hero solider refused the medal & he told JOE he was just doing his job that soldier would later be killed by enemy fire. This proves once n for all JOE BIDEN is MENTALLY UNFIT to be the President of the United states!!

  4. Please Please tell me what has he done, except try to line his own pocket. to
    benefit himself and his family, Obama brought us out of a Resection, please tell me what has he done, except play golf, most of the time.

    • Wilma, It looks like you just read CNN or MSNBC or other news channels that twist the news, mislead the mesage or brief on the issues, Here is some of the matters the President is working on, forget about immigration and the other domestic issues, it is for the sake of all American to properly Deal with china, Iran, the EU and others, it is about time to persuade fair agreements, these are tough times for everybody, somebody has to do it, this is a fight for dominance, personally, I believe Mr. Trump has the character and ability to achieve this job. somebody must stop dancing around and stand up before is too late and may be this is the time for it. Get informed what the previous president did in reference to this issues and then write again.

      • Mr. Trump has no character. His greed in dealing with China is costing average folks a lot. His fd up tax break, which is temporary ,is negated by his tradewar and the great wall that Mexico is paying for. I have followed previous presidencies and you can not actually tell me that Trump is anything but a liar driven by his own huge love of, himself. Do you think he gives a crap about you? Unless you are incredibly wealthy, he could not care less. He isn’t thinking of the people, he is thinking about himself. He should not be a leader if he continues to deny global warming and climate change. By the way, what kind of freak says we should nuke hurricanes? He took an oath to protect our earth for future generations. He sure isn’t doing that either.

        • I just my kids school clothes
          I assure you Mam
          It was more possible. Bought with cash on budget. I’m a Comsumer and your a liar
          During the Obama years I would have to Combine School Clothes with Christmad and only get Supplies
          I 💞🇺🇸Trump Economy
          Tax Down
          Wage Up
          Real Job
          Your a Fool for spreading your Lies

        • Tammy, maybe you might want to learn a couple things. First off, learn about a sense of humor, as Trump likely said it in a joking manner. Second, if he was serious, he also would have been in the company of someone who knew something about weather. The idea to first use an atomic bomb to disrupt a Hurricane was first proposed in 1956. It was put forth by a USAF meteorologist named Jack Reed. Reed also was involved with the Pacific A-Bomb tests of that era so also knew a bit about them. https://nationalinterest.org/blog/buzz/drop-nuclear-bomb-hurricane-one-person-thought-about-it-other-trump-76181

        • Oh no Tammy!! Time to quit listening to the Fake news channels!! You need to start hanging around more educated people. Those who really tell you the truth. I hope you will listen to those who understand all the dilemmas this country was in due to 8 years of undermining our nation by the former administration. So much for any President to deal with…yet, President Trump is doing it…making the borders more secure, although the Dems do everything they can to obstruct….and giving babies a chance for life….and helping to right the economic wrongs…(the nation is thriving, by the way) and all of this benefits the entire nation….not just a select few. As for digging for gold for himself and family…he gives his entire check to a charity each time he is paid. He should be lounging at a beach or golf course, but he wakes up to face the garbage he has thrown at him – ungrateful and ignorant people! I pray he will drain the Swamp of DC so that everyone will see how the Dem Party has ripped off the American people (hopefully for the last time.)
          TRUMP/PENCE 2020!

          • Trump/Pence 2020. These liebrats are just so full of kool-aid that they need to regurgitate so they can wake up from the lies of the demonrats. So sad that people do not want to acknowledge a better life for them now. Lower taxes, improvement of the economy, wall is getting built so illegals will not drain our economy.

        • “He took an oath to protect the earth”, I do not think so! he did take an oath to protect the constitution. “nuking a hurricane”, got a videotape or is this just more fake news. “has he done anything except line his own pocket”, does donating his salary fit the bill. wendy and tammy are drinking too much of the TDS kool aid, their words are worthless.

          • I assure you that President Trump is much better than the last 3 Presidents. Obama lied to the people about the health care, which is really a tax burden to the people, wherein they get penalized for not having Obummer care.. it is so expensive that people do not even use it because of the high deductible. Are you not better off with President Trump. I am.

        • You are so right, Tammy. How I wish Hillary and Barrock were still in power. When they weren’t lying, they were killing, and when they were’t doing those things, they were stealing from you and me and laughing under their breath about it. Yes, they sure were predictable. I could count on them to have the moral attributes of a jellyfish.

        • I assure you that President Trump is much better than the last 3 Presidents. Obama lied to the people about the health care, which is really a tax burden to the people, wherein they get penalized for not having Obummer care.. it is so expensive that people do not even use it because of the high deductible. Are you not better off with President Trump. I am.

        • When did he take an oath to protect the earth? He took the oath of office which is to uphold,protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. From all enemies forgien and domestic. he has not borrowed money from China to bail out American industries like Obama did driving our debt into the trillions.As for using a nuke on a hurricane that was first put forth in the late 1950’s.

          • John, if you actually knew anything about the Constitution and were totally aware of what is happening in this country right now, you would have a different view than that. This prez is gutting the Constitution on so many levels; he doesn’t understand nor have any idea about the history of this nation; he doesn’t read (his own admission) but he does get his news from right-wing, occasionally alt-right, channels, and he promotes and fosters hatred and division. What good is a decent economy if we have had to sell the very soul of ourselves and this nation to achieve it?

          • Scott…It was OBAMA who gutted the Constitution, which he hates. And it is OBAMA who fostered hatred and division. You are describing Obama. WAKE UP!! You have no concept of the truth and it is YOU who has no idea about the history of this nation. Public schools do not teach history. They have thrown out the truth. You are proof of lib indoctrination

          • To Scott 27. YOU ! Have 2 rows of
            ‘bone Spurs’In your Mouth.
            Go see Dentist. A ‘liberal dentist;
            “drill baby Drill”.


        • Reminds me of a line from Pulp fiction – “Just because you are a character ,doesn’t mean you have character” What has Trump done? Windmills cause cancer- has he fixed that issue? I WILL TYPE IN ALL CAPS TO MAKE MEESELF FEEL LIK I BE MUCKIG UH POINT – “WHAT ARE HAMBERDERS?” Fox said there are five countries in Mexico- please show a map. Gracias.

          • Mike, Pres. Trump has done a LOT for this country, the economy being just one of them. Open your willfully blind eyes and dare to see the truth

        • You are so pathetically stupid!!!! Trump NEVER said to Nuke hurricanes, QUIT watching fake news moron. Geez the mainstream media is lying to you fools and you lap it up. Watch John F Kennedy’s speech about a propaganda media and how dangerous they could be to America. Our media is no different than China’s, No. Koreas or any other biased fake banana republic media. Who owns all of the medias and social medias? They are pushing a false narrative that benefits them, them the NWO globalists that want us in the dark and stupid.
          As far as the wall, look up the LA Times which is liberal and look at how they investigated the illegal immigrants and the costs to LA and California!!!! 74% are on state and federal programs. You bitch about paying for a wall, you are already paying for them for food stamps, housing, etc. Wake up you look stupid or just liberal, both are the same!!!!

        • Tammy…WRONG!!!!! I am very low income and I just got an awesome raise. A liar driven by his huge love for himself??? You have perfectly described OBAMA, who lied his way into our White House.

      • Whois lining his own pockets? Donald Trump quarterly donates his presidential salary to different projects that interest him . If you mean Barr, think again. Obviously you are unaware of how hard lawyers work if they’re good ones and Barr is.You are so jaded it is affecting your ability to see good from bad. I feel sorry for you.

          • Larry, absolutely….he doesn’t even take a pay check (more tax payer $ to pay for the King/Queen style “retirement” of BHO and Mooshell! The D’s and some of our un-American people RINO’s hate this. Because all they do in DC is look for the next cash cow they can pass into law to line their own pockets with more $$….JUST LIKE THEIR LEADER, DOWN THE STREET FROM THE WHITE HOUSE IN ONE OF THEIR 3 OR 4 MANSIONS did and continues to do….B Hussein O!!! Nicest thingy that DT has done for us, IMHO, is, on a daily basis, he opens his mouth, speaks for me and mine….and we watch all the Democrats (not democratics) HEADS EXPLODE!

        • A scammer from a family of money grubbing criminals does not donate money.Why can’t he get decent toupees. How much money have you invested in Trump projects. Would you hire him to run your business ? Would you approve of a serial cheater,predator ,closet homosexual of dating a friend or relative? Do you find trump Airlines to be bigly? What is a hamberder?

          • No Mike you approve of a non citizen being president and selling out our country to China that’s who you would hire and a child molester better known as Obama

          • You are hilarious, closet homosexual= Obama and Michael, Sexual predator= Bill Clinton (dozens of women accused him of rape), criminals= Clinton’s, money laundering Clinton Foundation, why do the Haitians hate the Clinton’s? How many Clinton associates or witnesses have ended up dead? Research useful idiot, look that up from Saul Alinsky’s book” Rules for Radicals” who by the way was a mentor to Barry and Hillary!!!! You are a puppet useful idiot!!

          • MIke…???? Are you really that stupid? And, YES, Pres. Trump DOES donate money. And PLEASE explain just ONE thing that makes him a criminal.

    • You are either blind or you choose to be ignorant of facts.
      This is caused from lies being spread by the Mainstream Media and other leftist in Hollywood with the assistance of the Democrats.Tey pulling your head out of the sand and find out the truth. The garbage perpetrated by the left is set up by Globalist Elites who care only about power.

    • Yep Wilma, you’re correct! Obama played more golf than any other president in my lifetime! And they took a lot of trips on taxpayer dollars! It seems that democrats do that, take a lot of taxpayer funded trips….to many foreign countries…..example, March 2009 -June 2010, democrat Nancy Pelosi used Air Force aircraft for 85 trips -206,264 miles.
      thank God for President Trump, he is trying to clean up the mess.

    • He hasn’t arrested anyone in the deep state. He even let Comey off the hook once already. I’m sure he has plenty of evidence against the clintons, the obamas, the trash in obamas regime, etc. Yet NO ONE has been arrested. Is he protecting them?

      • Not Trump’s job to arrest anyone, that’s all on the DoJ to act on. Sessions failed, Rosenstein (as interim) failed, and now it’s up to Barr. Problem being that some possible charges may have gone past their statutes of limitations. I’m pretty sure, though, most on the right would still like to see Obama, H. Clinton, Comey, Lynch and others be indicted for their more than apparent crimes. Some of those charges bordering on treasonous actions.

    • Obviously you rode the short bus to your special needs school. Most teachers are trained to stop children from banging their heads into the wall. So it’s obvious your brain damage occured in the pre school years.

    • Am I being linked???? NO ONE can possibly believe that is true! Yet, if you are an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT, OR you are just BRAIN DEAD! OBAMA’S LEGACY is one of Failure, Humiliation, Loss of Jobs, and My Favorite, OBAMA PHONES! I NEVER wanted a “cool COWARD” for President, I wanted LEADER! The Man was a Great Prayer, as long as the TELEPROMPTER was there! He was the Worst thing that EVER happened to the BLACK POPULATION!

      • Trump can’t read. Will Trump University re write text books to tell students about British airports that Washington attacked.? Obama seldom stared at a teleprompter and everyone has used one .What about Captain Kangaroo? Why won’t anyone tell me what a hamberder is.?

    • You are one stupid biddy if you think obozo ever done anything good for this country!! He tried for 8 years to turn us into a Muslim country, because he is Muslim. I have Muslim friends who are citizens here and they love our way of life. They told me from the start that he is Muslim. And I don’t think anyone has played more golf than obozo. And all those lavish vacations around the world that the fraud and his family took, what seemed like every month. GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!! Another thing, how did odumbo get filthy rich in 8 years. I will tell you, stealing every way he could.


    • Wilma, it was Obama who played golf all the time! He was only interested in lining his own pocket. In addition to all of the wonderful things President Trump is doing for America, I suppose you’re aware that he donates every bit of his salary to organizations that he things would benefit from extra money.

    • Wilma, what is a resection?
      Nevermind, it’s apparent that you have no clue and that your sort will never admit how terrible obama was for this country in every aspect.

    • Lol you have no idea what’s going on please go to the kids table the adults are trying to talk here or better yet go outside and scream at the sky

    • Wilma a resection? Barack was a lazy piece of Sh#t He is corrupt and had several issues with money being sent to corporations whom a few months later were bankrupt. You look him up in a dictionary you will find his picture next to words like scandal, radical,a do nothing President, and yes by the way his free govrenment give away’s that the US taxpayers funded for 8 years

    • Obama didn’t bring you out of nothing he said you better get used to 1-2% GDP growth because he sold the country out to China

    • You are obviously dim witted, Obama played golf nonstop, took vacations nonstop. Obama tied the hands of business, put regulations on businesses and that’s why they left the USA. Remember when Obama said “Trump must have a magic wand, those business are NEVER coming back”? HA HA HA, steel, mining, oil and gas are booming. Educate yourself and investigate and stop watching the FAKE propaganda news that Obama allowed to lie to us.

    • My Dear Wilma
      One of the first things that Trump did was kill the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) which would have sent more jobs overseas. Think about that please.
      Then he started to take on these other unfair trade deals (NAFTA). Understand that these weren’t just Democratic gimmicks, but was supported by profiteers on both sides of the aisle, which is the real reason behind the rise of the Never Trumpers in the Republican Party. They are motivated by greed and would sell their grandmother down the river to enrich themselves.
      I would sincerely like you to just take some time to think about these things.

  5. Mike Ticket, your way of thinking sir is exactly what is wrong with our country! Maybe you should spend some time on your stats of the great Republics and history of this country and do a fair appraisal of both sides! You and your way of thinking is exactly why America was founded and the people left where they were! To get away from people who think like you do! This is America, read the Constitution, live by it, that is what this country is and why it has survived, now you seek ways to change it from what Americans founded this great country for, to get away from people whom think like you do!! America would not last if it were changed to your way of thinking! This country will never now to the likes of you!!

    • No I disagree, Bible teaching changed the way I think. Is to think like you, than one day GOD woke me up. It’s not hard common sense really, but I understand like bible says, wisdom comes only from GOD! Book learning is not wisdom! So I don’t exspect you to understand it at all, you have no wisdom!!!!!

      • Dan T., Mike Riker needs to be locked in a 8 x 8 padded soundproof room with Maxine Waters. Maxine and Mike have a lot in common to talk about but think about how tired he is going to get looking at her face and he will get sooooooooo tired of listening to her! Oh his pain and, nobody will hear him screaming!

  6. Where the hell is Gislaine Maxwell???
    She is as guilty as Jeffrey Epstein!!!
    Where did she disappear too?
    She should have been arrested & charged with sex trafficing crimes too, & she was Epstein’s groomer of young girls aged 12 to 14 children hired out for sex.
    How sick does one have to be to do this????

    • Perhaps she is touring with Al Sharpton, who owes the IRS thousands in back taxes while traveling around the country denouncing President Trump and his supporters. I can no longer fathom why working class Americans have their wages garnered to pay small IRS back taxes while people like Al Sharpton are left “untouched”, even when they owe thousands instead of a few hundred. Since the death of Epstein, the Justice Department has turned its attention towards Epstein’s co-conspirators, with Maxwell at the top of the list

      • Old Al owes millions, NOT thousands. His entire sleazy career is based on bilking gullible blacks and stupid whites. If he is a reverend, then I am the Pope!

        • Wilma Lovelace, You know as well as the rest of us do that if President Trump owed any taxes it would be out all over the place, the Dems would be trying to put DJT in jail and already have impeachment proceedings in progress!
          There is no law mandating President Trump turn over his tax returns!
          Al Sharpton however does belong in jail, can you tell me why he is not?

        • Why do you not see a psychologist, your a really sick puppy, no one could be as ignorant as you. Wilma Lovelace. Trump did more in 18 moths than Obama did since he was born, The this Obama gave us was bull shit just like you. Please give us a break and go hide some where you simpleton lunatic. Maybe we should get to dig decDes back into that sneaky lying sack of poop Obama’s past as they did to Trump you moron.

          • Wow, nice rhetoric, sounds like someone else we all know. What’s the point of that? I’m interested in seeing his taxes too. We know he is filthy rich, what’s to hide?

    • THAT’S WHAT I SAY, Mark the wiser. WHERE IN
      THE ‘F’ IS MAXWELL ??? ‘THEY LET her’Run’
      &That includes AG Barr. THIS IS ‘Just Awful’___

    • First BLACK “president”–FAKE. His mother was a white whore and no one really knows who his daddy was.
      beto–hispanic –FAKE
      biden–sane–FAKE. I have dead worms in my yard more sane than biden.
      Growing theme–dimocrats are FAKES.
      Who votes for dimocrats?– FAKE BRAINS


  7. I guess what the Deep State really is is that all of these people on the Left deserve No say,I am not a fan of Roe versus wade, But. I am of aniversal Health care, since we are about the only nation not to give everyone a chance at health.Poor people are no immigrants. Most of us are not criminals. ABeen asking for years, and no one can really say what Specifically they say, and do. Maybe the problem is that they tell the Truth, You are allergic to that

    • Poor Americans certainly DO have access to health care. Just try getting into a hospital urgent care service area. You will find that a common cold has the same importance there as a cut off finger (happened to my uiband) Advice? Bring your lunch – maybe dinner, too. and a change of bandages..

      • Fay Butler,
        Most of us had health care that we were satisfied with but, when Obama stepped in & gave us health care for all then everything went to Hell with the health care system. Those of us who had decent coverage had to support those who didn’t have health care. We were told & ordered by our government to pay for those who couldn’t afford heath care or didn’t want to pay for their health care out of their own pockets. Everything changed under the Afordable Health Care Act given to us by O/dumbo & the Democrat Party.

        • The ObamaAffordableHealthCare was in large measure patterned after mASScare of Massachusetts signed by Governor Mitt Romney after being passed by the legislators in mASS.

          Romney’s disastrous failed run for the Presidency was in large part the reason why Ms. Barack Insane Obama was able to fuel the fire of racism after he won.

          The people of Utah gave Romney a Senate seat and he is now recognized as a GOP – – RINO. A classic Trump Derangement Syndrome affected person that is on display for USA Conservatives and Patriots to despise.

          • Tammy, then you need to check out other options. My insurance has no monthly premium and is very affordable. There was no way I could afford Obamacare. But I am doing okay with what I have

      • Poor Americans have Medicaid. It did not cost me a penny when I was on it. There is no way I could ever afford Obamacare. I now have private insurance that isn’t so bad.

    • In most areas, they have community healthcare services for those who can’t afford health insurance. Many of those places also have county hospitals. Perhaps more should be invested in free county services (with federal assistance) instead of the govt running healthcare.

    • Fred Amirault, Do you really think America should have universal medical insurance because the rest of the world has it? Man, don’t you realize people from all over the world, who can afford it, come to America for medical treatment because they would die waiting for “bad” medical treatment and surgery in their own country! Poor people in America who have no medical insurance have Medicaid or can go to an emergency room for service. People (wealthy or poor) in America have always had the best medical care in the world so, why on earth would we want to have worse medical care? Would that answer be, so the Dems can have more government control with universal health care?
      You liberals are sure hung up on America being “like the rest of the world”. I know you can’t help it, that’s part of being “globalist”, right? Right!
      You liberals keep up the good work, conservatives love winning, we never tire of it!

      • I am right back where I was before Obama care, my insurance is more my deductible is 6 grand and they dont cover a lot . I find myself thinking, “I wonder if my insurance will cover that?”

    • Fred, higher taxes pay for that healthcare, and from the Democrats’ plans, how many do you think could manage a decent living on 30% of their income,especially with the income shrinking due to unchecked immigration?

    • They have better access to health care than the rest of us, and we pay for it. When it comes to Universal Health care, all that means is the Fed. government can control what care you can and can’t get. If you are elderly Dr can say he needs a hip replacement or liver transplant, or maybe treatment for Ca. Along comes the people who look at your age, or your general health, and say no he’s to old and these things are to expensive so we won’t pay for it. Just give him pain meds, until he dies. There are other countries that have it and wait times to be seen, by Dr. are so long Cancer patients die before ever being seen. The other problem is the plan doesn’t pay Dr.s what they feel they should get so they, won’t see people on it or they quit practicing medicine altogether. That leads to longer wait times to be seen and probably substandard care, because there are fewer Dr.s to see patients.

      • Happens all the time to me! I have this extremely insane bad habit of telling the truth on the 🐀party of Thugs… Makes them sweat twinky droppings out of their rear-ends!

      • Of course, Google censors. Does a bear s–t in the woods? And all the power mongers put their bots in motion to troll forums like this and spread their lies.

    • Yup! Did the same to me. It’s quite obvious. If they don’t like anything you say that is negative? But. Isn’t even foul mouthed. Just because it make the loser party of Democrat’s look bad! It doesn’t get posted! So yes! That is censorship period! It’s a one way street with Goo Goo!

  8. A lot of negative people posting here don’t realize
    that when you are connected to the web, internet,
    You are like a bright light in a dark room.
    Anyway, Willam Bar will defend the American people, and we need to continue to back him any way we can.

  9. Democrats are quick to defend, abortion, illegal immigration, sanctuary cities, gun control, releasing criminals and allowing them to vote, job-killing regulations, fake climate fraud, homosexual storytime, gender bending, political correctness, voter fraud, erasing history smashing statues, kneeling during the national anthem, Antifa violence, America hating, reverse discrimination, welfare, oh and they want to ban straws, what a platform to run on, America wake up, really, who would vote for them?


      President Trump, through his UGLY RACIST RHETORIC has inspired a hateful racist to shoot and kill 22 people in El Paso Texas.

      And within 24 hours after that shooting a second mass shooting in Ohio that killed 9 more people

      Justice will catch up and haunt President Trump and his supporters for many years to come.

      Because of Muellers testimony in the investigation of President Trump, he can now be arrested after his term is up and because of this TRUMP NEEDS TO BE IMPEACHED NOW

      Because President Trump tried to defy the Rule Of Law by ignoring a court order NOT to add a citizenship question to the census he sent a message to all Americans that it is Okay not to obey the laws of the United States.

      Trump is supporting brutal dictators, targeting Muslims and other minorities with hateful policy, and bringing out the very worst divisions in us.

      Trump is blocking the FULL Mueller report from being released to the public with the help from his appointed AG WILLIAM BARR.


      It terrifies me to see President Trump make America more like those corrupt dictatorship regimes through out the world.

      I’ve watched him fire officials investigating him, launch a full-scale attack on our free press, and even call for his political opponents to be locked up in jail.

      He’s praised the world’s most violent dictators — and he’s even suggested his term as President should be made permanent.

      I’ve never seen the kind of all-out assault on democracy that the Trump administration has unleashed over the past year.

      His administration has targeted immigrants and refugees and separated children from thier parents.

      Thousands of children – some as young as 18 months – have been taken from their parents at the border at an average cost to American tax payers of over 700 million dollars per year.

      Every time I turn on the news I’m hit in the gut with another way President Trump and his Republicans are derailing our country.

      They’re eliminating our environmental protections in order to sell our oceans and national parks to oil corporations.

      They’ve abandoned the American people. They’ve relentlessly chipped away at President Obama’s legacy. And their only concern is how to help themselves and enrich their friends.

      Trump has spent the better part of the last years undermining the special counsel’s independent probe into Russia’s interference in our elections. He has fired his advisors that disagree with him.

      He has pardoned a convicted racist in Arizona and someone who leaked classified information in the Bush administration.

      Republicans gave and are still giving enormous tax cuts to the wealthy putting them far from paying their fair share of taxes.

      And they expect the middle class to make up the missing tax money needed to run the country by gutting health-care, Social Security and other vital Social Services.

      Millions of people rely on these services just to survive.

      These attacks go way beyond battles over civil liberties and civil rights; they are attacks on basic tenets of democracy — checks & balances, the rule of law, and separation of church and state.

      When republicans use gerrymandering and voter suppression to so-called “win” elections, it has nothing to do with “winning” anything.


      When they think that they are going to loose an election because the majority of Americans think that their agenda for the United States is bad, then they just block people from voting in order to protect their agenda and greatly benefit themselves and their corporate billionaire CEOs.

      Trump said while he was campaigning that



      Refusing to act on climate change….

      Encouraging violence against journalists….

      Legitimizing white nationalists…

      Cozying up to dictators like Putin and Kim Jong Un…

      Slashing Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security…

      Attacking the right to vote…

      Declaring a phony national emergency to pay for his border wall…

      Separating children from their families at the border…

      Banning transgender servicemembers from the military…

      Appointing radical right-wing judges…

      Lawmakers in any political party who are doing NOTHING to stop Trump MUST be voted out of office.

      CONGRESS MUST ACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Mike, your ignorance is showing. You have no clue. Pres. Trump has done a lot of good for this country and what you said is either outright FALSE or your take on it is just completely WRONG!!! MOST of what you said is not true. And as for separating children from their parents I guess it was fine with you when Obama did it. And it is the fault of the PARENTS who brought them there!!!! What part of ILLEGAL do you not understand??????? Refusing to act on climate change???? Just what is he supposed to do?? Climate change is NATURAL and has been going on ever since this earth was formed. There is nothing we can do about it. Phony emergency???? Are you really that stupid??? THERE IS AN EMERGENCY!!! It is very real. Those people pouring over our border ARE NOT immigrants. They are INVADERS!!! You have been totally brainwashed by your sick hate-filled lib leaders and you blindly believe their lies without question. WAKE UP!!!! Get out of fantasyland and face reality. It is not Pres. Trump’s fault. The dem party has only hate and lies to offer you. And you have fallen for it.

        • I can’t wait to see your head explode when Donald Trump wins the presidency and the Republicans take back the house and hold the Senate. Ruth Ginsberg is dying a slow agonizing death. We will appoint another conservative justice. It’s going to be popcorn time when William Barr and the Senate release their reports to the people. Lots of your communist heros are going to jail for a long time. You defend criminals yet you project hate towards Americans who actually have a job and pay taxes the support your worthless existence, you’re a sad excuse for an American.

        • Climate change is the curent liberal euphemism for ‘Global Warming’, but here are some uncomfortable facts for those who believe in ‘fairy tales and ‘fake news’, e.g. Mars, Jupiter and Pluto have ALL shown evidence of ‘Global Warming’ with Mars warming up faster than Earth. Also, since ‘Global Warming is supposedly a result of carbon being returned to the atmosphere by HUMANS, wE MUST HAVE SENT AN AWFUL LOT OF people to these other worlds. Pretty good trick since we have, so far, only landed on the moon a handful of times. And, btw, NATURAL sources of carbon, including volcanic activity, forest fires, and animal flatulence return 256 times as much carbon to the atmosphere as HUMAN sctivity. ‘Nuff said.

          Sean Parnell, MSGt, USAF, Ret.

          • Sean:
            What about the melting ice caps on the planet Mars? If I recall that planet is devoid of all life.

      • We are doing a good job Mikey. Tell your skank Diane to quit contradicting your in some of her posts. Look at her on this site. Yes, I know you. Trump 2020!!!!

      • So where did individuality go?
        This shooter wasn’t a robot, he is a individual
        who did the shooting.
        No one sent the special mind altering beam his way, he just decided to do a horrible crime.

      • Wrong! Democrats are praying for a recession, they don’t give a rip about the American people, they hate God, patriotism, newborns, clean, crime free cities, jobs, families, energy independence, freedom, fair trade, truth, the founders, they hate the Bible and independent thought, they hate when you stand for rightousness. The Democrats want to take away freedom and turn this country into Venezuela, proof? Look at all the states that are run by these liberals, they are rat infested trashy, with poop and needles. Tents abound in these cities, people who once had jobs are now homeless, you know who you don’t see on the streets? Migrants have moved into the available housing. This is the wake of Democrat leadership, Nancy pelosi doesn’t care, she’s living in luxury, kinda reminds me of Saddam Hussein, he lived in palaces and his people starved. Violence by illegal against Americans goes unpunished while they defend the influx of these Invaders. F the liberals, let’s take back our country and make cities livable again. These liberal bloggers are liars, Donald Trump is my hero, I will say it again, Donald Trump is my hero, my hero my hero, my hero!

        • Dems pray??? They have thrown God out, so shouldn’t think they have anything to say to Him. Unless they pray to satan, who has taken over their party.

          • Wilma Lovelace, From the looks of your comment, you need someone to care for you. I noticed you did not take issue with a single thing in George’s comment except that President Trump is his hero. That’s good Wilma, I agree with George’s comment also! Oh no, too late to change your mind now, you agree, it stands! So are you old, a fool or just an “old fool”? Want me to guess again……..? Please don’t make me………….. 🙂

      • stockpile a whole lot of the Liberal syrupy punch you’re drinking, you’ll need a big, big, supply when Trump is elected again in 2020. The entire Democrat field is a bunch of clowns.
        MAGA Trump 2020

        • Stephen, Oooooooooo Weeeeeeee, I glanced at a couple of lines and the length of that fiction novel and scrolled on past it but, I got so sticky I am still washing it off. That dude is already stocked up on concentrated punch syrup because he knows he will need it after the election! I just wished he didn’t get it all over what he is writing………….danged sticky mess………..yikes!

      • Mike, you sound like Someone that doesn’t have any money or credit. Usually When someone post all lies, and without researching those lies, you appear to be uninformed of what’s happening.
        You probably have something to lose, because of the democratic

      • Mike Mike Mike, your nose is growing, even you should know the difference between a steaming pile and shinola, you can’t possibly believe all that bovine scat you’re spewing. You do realize you and your family will feel the same pain all of us will feel if we elect another clown like Oh Bummer. Think about your family! Please get help with the removal of your head from your behind. It’s nice and fresh out here.

      • That is the biggest compilation of written garbage I’ve ever read in my life. Keep on telling lies, trying to frighten us with false info, and threatening us, it won’t matter one bit. You and the rest of the Liberal robots are going to be left holding an empty bag in 2020. You’re lucky, though, we don’t go around threatening, scaring and trash talking Libs the way you do us and our President. You are regurgitating lies because all of you swallow the party line and don’t think nor research for yourself. Garbage…and you eat it up.

      • Mike do you and your wife Diane like living in Texas? That’s a nice area y’all live in. Of course Houston area is loaded with libturds. You two should fit right in. Have fun spreading your commie crap.

      • @Mike Riker, I have a box of Rocks that is smarter than you are. Everything you said is either an outright lie or just totally off the wall. Trump has done more Good for this Country in less than 3 years than Obama did in 8. Wake the H*** UP. You may not like Trump and that is your right but to outright LIE about him is B.S.

        • Yu people are really really cruel…..NOW NOW CHILDREN….aren’t we all rational adults? heh? Most of you don’t know shitt from shinola. How about you couldn’t pour water out of a boot if the directions were printed on the heel…..
          I’m just dreading the upcoming pre election and election yr….so so negative and all the $ being spent but monkey see monkey do…..par for the course!
          ‘help wanted not hiring’ how many yrs have these signs been posted at restaurants Malls box stores……where are people getting their $? mom n dad? inheritance? deal’n drugs? crime? trafficing? prostitution?
          From where I stand and live, there’s a underworld of deception, corruption defying justification. WE ALL KNOW WHAT’S WRONG PUNDITS POLITICIANS
          One thing is certain…..’its much much better to change your own behavior than to try and change the behavior of others’

      • Re. “Mike Riker” (Likely a COWARDLY ALIAS!):


        With a DIRECT RESPONSE to his LIE-FILLED, DELUSIONAL rhetoric!

        It’s OBVIOUS that he/she/it IS A SAD, PAID, SORORS-TROLL-FARM… REJECT!

        (With quite a bit of [pitiful, PATHETIC, wasted] “free-time” on his/her/it’s “hands”!)



      • You along with every other stinki vile mouthed punk will very shortly get to see just who’ll be grabbing his/her ankles.
        In all my 68 glorious years I’ve never heard and witnessed first hand all you crybaby ass punks exhibit such jealousy as
        as now for THE ONLY non politician rule of law America FIRST Potus of late and watched all those rubber gummed lyin ass sissy politicians a long time.
        So rant ,hate all you like punk cause now ANYBODY repub or demo that can’t clearly see TRUMP WILL GET IT DONE. …dont give a damn what is launched at him personally cause he’s got a set and will proudly go to any extreme cause he like millions of other real good folks got sick watching HIS/OUR country go down the crapper and STOOD UP FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS his mistakes made long past heading on with only good karma.
        He’s got us ALL even you folks with TDS disease going strong better than even Reagan did and
        WILL keep keeping on.
        And to think all we needed was a strong businessman who had a set not a slit.
        Get on THE train or get run over

      • I have an idea, give the Courageous Border Patarol your address and phone number so you can take care of these poor children whose family, trafficers, etc brought them here for us to take care of. Are you a school teacher who now has no room in her cla ssroom to take care of our children???

      • OMG, you really are delusional. as I was reading your post I thought it was a joke ,I thought at the end you were going to describe the liberal-left.

      • Mike, facts will set you free but what you push belongs in the septic tank.
        First fact, the El Paso shooter has said he had those ideas before Trump even came into office. Now explain the Warren supporter who did the Dayton shootings.
        Second fact, Trump has no say in the Mueller report and AG Barr is within the law as to not releasing it. In fact, it was CONgress that wrote the law that said grand jury info could not be released without a judge’s orders.
        Do you want to try for a third strike? Well here you go. Gerrymandering has another name. It is called “Redistricting” when the Dems do it. And the recent SCOTUS ruling which went both for the Democrat’s and the Republican’s lawsuit was that it was a State issue and not in the Federal court system’s right to interfere.

    • Spoken like a true Democratic Liberal idiot who refuses to tell the whole both sides of the story. what about the shootings in other states, the killing of schoolmates and young children at three schools, the constant weekly shootings in Chicago, a city with the strictest gun laws, etc. What about the racist including rhetoric against police by Obama, the biased news media, the other Dumborats, the Hollywood Calfornicate “who cares what they say” bimbos. Do your research before you address an obviously more intellectual group of Americans who care about this country instead of trying to garner votes at any cost.

    • The 1,000,000s of chemically brain altered who are made extremely mentally deviant after alteration of their brain chemistry in combination with being exposed to digital information carried on a frequency that alters their thought procescthat much more becoming of age to vote each year that is who.

  10. I don’t reply to that faggot Mr. Hahahaha**** white folks asshole. When he’s not here he likes that big ole black dick up his pooper.

  11. Mike Otrok:

    Just a side note. Tens of thousands of PREVIOUS DEMOCRATS are leaving the Party. They are sick and tired of being lied to by Mainstream Media.

    Don’t take MY word for it. Check out #walkaway.

    We will welcome you here!


    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  12. The conservative narrative only works if you count every illegal as the same thing, from the salt of the Earth working man to the murdering child rapist.

  13. Obama gay CIA hand picked commie,Muslim.Oh yes don’t forget Big Mike.$65,000 tax money spent on his Delivered PIZZAS.👹

  14. this article forgot to mention these were FEDERAL non-violent crimes, always associated with smuggled drugs, illegal immigration, contraband, etc. Of course non-citizens (does NOT mean illegals) would be charged, because they are the ones coming into this country. If you look at state and local crimes, 97% of these are committed by US citizens, and these are far worse – murder, massacre, rape, robbery, and other violent crimes. Name one massacre with a gun that has been committed by a non-citizen; they are all white supremacist US citizens, usually Trumpies.

    • What difference does that make Paul. About 40% of people in federal prisons are illegals. Illegals are killing about 10 citizens a week. If your kid becomes one of ten you will be saying if we had secured our borders this would not have happened. I f illegals only kill one citizen year the is one to many that could have been prevented. I don’t want people here who are taking jobs from Americans and stealing money from tax payers that were meant for US citizens. If you want I help them find you a family in Mexico or El Salvador or Guatemala and send them money every week to help them live. Give your money not my money Paul.

    • Hey Paul Williamson,
      Looks like you are obviously well educated on justice issues . . . how about sharing your source of information (if there is a source)

    • Oh Paul, Paul, Paul. You are not correct. Most are on pharmaceutical medications for depression and the side effect is that of possible suicide or homicide. The drugs are lethal for all involved. Oh and the left wants to pay for more of this to be available.

    • Paul. What planet are you living on? Seriously ….. you are very confused about the truth!
      Please get help for your TDS asap! Facts are not your strong point, and remember no one is
      entitled to their “own” facts!!

    • You are a fake news unverified democrat. You can’t back that up and some of the mass shootings and one of the most recent was a pro Elizabeth Warren fan. Keep drinking that Kool-aid.

    • Hahaha Paul… Sorry the majority of people by skin color that commit crimes are not white supremacist or trumpies dumbass.. that’s why there’s many many blacks locked up and many more Brown Hispanic Mexicans locked up look at California prison system alone..der… And drugs and smuggling rapes and murders have occurred by illegals just as well and they shouldn’t have been here to commit those crimes nor are they the responsibility of the taxpayer after they do

    • Paul Williamson: White supremacists are KKK which was founded by the democratic party so get off the Trumpie remarks and change it to democrats. The KKK until the sixties controlled he blacks through terror and hangings and when the temperature of the country started turning against them the democrats jumped into the civil rights movement to regain control over the blacks as proved by the democrat controlled cities and gettos the blacks live in. Democrats twist the truth and hide it for their convenience and people like you instead of studying history listen to the democrat controlled media.

    • Paul, if you are so concerned for them, why not take a few of those nice MS-13 people, with their ‘spark of divinity’, into your home and take care of them, then let us know how that works out.

    • Paul, I think you have your facts wrong. The shooters may have been citizens but most were Democraps (Anti-Trumpers).

      • Actually it’s more violence from the right. I know that Trump is not literally responsible for the violence but he knows his words are permission to some, to behave badly. He encourages violence and he knows exactly what he’s doin

        • Tammy Stark, Yes, I have been intending to tell President Trump to stop encouraging and directing Antifa in their “bad behavior”!

          Seriously, this is a domestic terror organization everybody knows about and when they will do what, unlike mass murderers who strike without warning. Antifa could be stopped if somebody would get the kahunas to do it!

    • A report by DOJ finds that while federal arrests of U.S. citizens rose just ten percent between 1998 and 2018, federal arrests of non-U.S. citizens rose about 234 percent over the same period.
      How did this happen? You know these poor old illegals didn’t do all those crimes.

  15. it’s time for you lefties to gang up on the obomas and tell them to spread their wealth with the little people seeing how they wanted the middle class to pay for the poor , if they can buy a 124 million dollar mansion , they can aford to give to the people they told us o give to , i really think it’s time to investigate how the obomas are making those millions , i bet the terrorist muslem brother hood is still fundi ng them along with iran , who they gave billions of our tax dollars

      • Have you ever seen a plastic straw that has impaled a fish. I did. In one side and out the other. It was a permanent part of this poor fish. It must make for a shitty ass life to have a straw become part of you. Straws are really not all that important to you or me but some sea life might feel dif. To a fish a straw can be a death sentence. Do you really need one?

        • Tammy Stark….I find it ironic that in California you cant get a straw, but you get get a free syringe to shoot poison into your body., then become a drain on tax payers for your …illness. Sick and backwards.

    • I see you are projecting again. I have found that the ones pointing the fingers at others, calling names and generally behaving in a massively childish way are the ones that fit the names that they call others. Perhaps you should look in the mirror the next time you scream names and point fingers.

        • Wilma Lovelace, No Wilma, AG Barr won’t find Democrat criminals in the Whitehouse, they all left when Obama left, remember when BHO left the Whitehouse? You do remember, don’t you?

        • Wilma, why would he do that??? Pres. Trump had nothing to do with it. Please name ONE thing he has done that is criminal. You can’t. He has done nothing wrong. You need a lot of help with your hate. Please get it

  16. Was it the laziness of Obama or just his abject hatred of the USA that he did nothing to protect the sovereignty and the citizens of the USA?

        • Redman..I support President Trump and I’m with a legal immigrant who filed his paperwork in came the right way and is waiting his turn in line.. you can’t even spell nor create a sentence that makes sense..hahahahaha.. obviously you’re nowhere near on our intelligence level..ftard

      • President Trump is the best thing that’s happened to America in a long time! Look at all of the wonderful things he has done for all of us: white people, black people, and brown people…all races, creeds and colors… and in less than two years!!!!!!!!! He’s now having to deal with all of the horrible things that Nobama did or didn’t do for America!!!

        • Please Please tell me what has he done, except try to line his own pocket. to
          benefit himself and his family, Obama brought us out of a Resection, please tell me what has he done, except play golf, most of the time.

          • Poor Wilma, I understand it’s hard for you, yet it’s that inability to accept reality that’s pushing so many voters away from your Democrat party.And desperately fighting to keep the border open trying to replace those voters isn’t working out.
            It’s really going to be a sad sight when they lose control of the House, and the party slowly finishes desentigrating.

        • What has he done? He rolls back regulations for clean air clean water, he rolls back protection for endangered animals, he is failing the future generations by denying climate change, he is taking back his tax break with the trade war and by forcing Americans to pay for the wall he swore we would not pay for. The great tax breaks are temporary unless you are rich. What has he done for us

          My insurance costs more with a higher deductible and covers less. What exactly has he done for us?

          • Tammy Stark, Blah, blah, blah, lies, lies, lies! Tell you leadership to work with President Trump and watch America flourish. You obviously don’t understand about prioritizing. First President Trump had to pull America’s economy up by the bootstrings and create jobs for all the people who had no jobs and were living off our welfare system which was draining our taxpayer funds. He had to do some things you Dems hated to get America humming. America was crumbling around our heads! What happened during the prior eight years should have been a lesson that the Obama policies were not working and DJT had to do things differently and make changes. You don’t understand, won’t ever understand because, you don’t want to understand!

          • Climate change is a huge hoax brought to the fore front by NWO globalists. In the 70’s we were going to have an ice age by 2000, never happened. If you research the history of the earth you will see that geologically there have been rise and falls in earths temperatures. Obama admin. will go down as the most corrupt and criminal president in history, that’s what Obama brought us. Iran got billions that WE paid for, Hillary got off free for all her corruption, FBI, IRS and DOJ corrupt weaponized agencies under Obama, etc, etc. Ask yourself how these politicians became multi millionaires on $200,000 salaries? Obama left office a multi millionaire but came in office under a million net worth! Biden’s family making millions off China and Ukraine!!! They have worked for themselves NOT us Americans. The sooner you wake up and research facts the smarter you will be. You are just a useful idiot for the NWO elites!!!!!

      • Projecting again, Mike? Goebbels did say to ‘blame the other side for that which you are guilty’, I see you are following that to a t.

      • Mike Otrok, I hope if you have children they find and read the nasty vile things you write to people. They would be so proud (not) of their dad.

      • Mike O…..what sort of mother would raise a son that is so vile as you? Your behavior reflects the type of parents that you have/had. Are they really that trashy? Do you really hate them that much? Clearly they did not teach you respect. And if they tried to, and you didn’t listen…..shame on you!

      • Some times I wish white people were half as racist as you morons say they are because if they were then we could kill a could of million of you low IQ minorities and shut the other ones up lol. No I’m glad it’s onky people like you that are racist that way you can’t do anything but talk crap because if you did we would lol you and you know it that’s why you’re all talk and no action

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