William Barr made one threat against Donald Trump that no one knew about until now

William Barr’s relationship with Donald Trump collapsed at the end of their time in office.

But things were much worse than anyone could imagine.

And William Barr made one threat against Donald Trump that no one knew about until now.

One of Donald Trump’s great frustrations in office was FBI Director Christopher Wray turned out to be a pro-Deep State hack and Antifa apologist.

Wray did nothing to clean up the mess left behind by James Comey who used the FBI to conduct a politically motivated witch hunt into Donald Trump using the Russian collusion hoax as the pretext.

FBI Director Wray also stood up for Antifa claiming in Congressional testimony that “it’s not a group or an organization. It’s a movement or an ideology.”

At the same time Wray downplayed Antifa, Wray fed the false media narrative that white supremacists – likely all Trump supporters – were the biggest terrorist threat facing the country.

Wray and other Deep State mouthpieces made these claims despite the fact Black Lives Matter unleashed a campaign of terror in major cities across America that totaled two billion dollars in property damage and killed dozens of innocent people.

Trump had enough and officials invited Attorney General Barr to a meeting with Bill Evanina.

But when Barr found out Trump intended to replace Wray with Evanina, Barr left the meeting and threatened to resign in protest.

“When told of the plotting, Barr threatened to resign in protest,” Business Insider exclusively reported. “It was the closest Wray, who has held onto his position under the Biden administration, ever came to getting fired during Trump’s tenure, the person briefed on the matter said.”

That was the last time Trump seriously considered firing Wray.

Many Trump supporters would have loved to see the President sack Wray and given that Barr talked a big game about investigating the origins of the Russian collusion hoax, but did not follow through with sufficient criminal charges, Barr’s resignation would have been no great loss.

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